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Spectacular fireworks as France celebrates Bastille Day AFP

A spectacular fireworks lit up the Eiffel Tower in Paris as France celebrated Bastille Day and the 120th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower, the world's most visited tourist attraction. Images.

  • Inquiry into Iraq death sees British soldiers 'abuse video'AFP - Tue Jul 14, 1:45 PM ET

    A public inquiry into the death of an Iraqi man in British custody was shown a video of a British soldier screaming at hooded prisoners on Monday. The first day of the wide-ranging inquiry in central London heard that Baha Mousa, a 26-year-old hotel receptionist who died in Basra, southern Iraq, died after a "struggle" with two soldiers. Images of the video allegedly showing abuse by a British soldier.

  • Ex-Polish premier Buzek voted EU parliament presidentAFP - Tue Jul 14, 1:37 PM ET

    Former Polish premier Jerzy Buzek has been elected president of the European parliament, becoming the first deputy from the ex-communist east to preside over the assembly. Buzek, from the conservative European People's Party (EPP) won the endorsement of the parliament during the first plenary session of the new assembly's five-year term, following elections across the 27 EU nations from June 4-7. Images and soundbites.

  • France and India mark strategic relationship on Bastille dayAFP - Tue Jul 14, 10:53 AM ET

    France celebrated its 220th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille prison in Paris with a military parade and then a garden party at the presidential palace. Among the honoured guests Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and 400 Indian troops.

  • Crowd soaks up atmosphere of Bastille day paradeAFP - Tue Jul 14, 9:15 AM ET

    France marked the 220th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille prison in Paris with its customary military parade down the Champs Elysees. Spectators soaked up the atmosphere.

  • France to invest in defence, pursue Afghan mission: SarkozyAFP - Tue Jul 14, 8:25 AM ET

    France remains committed to maintaining its defence budget and pursuing its mission in Afghanistan despite the pressure caused by the economic slowdown, President Nicolas Sarkozy said after the annual Bastille Day military parade down the Champs Elysees avenue in Paris. Images and soundbites.

  • Lebanese paraplegic builds mammoth matchstick modelsAFP - Tue Jul 14, 6:41 AM ET

    A stint in prison left Toufic with a burning passion -- building mammoth models of the Titanic, the Eiffel Tower and other well-known monuments out of matchsticks.

  • Clampdown polarises Han Chinese and Uighur communitiesAFP - Tue Jul 14, 1:21 AM ET

    A Uighur specialist working for Human Rights Watch says China's clampdown on the Uighur community since 9/11 had deeply polarised the two communities.

  • Britain under pressure over Afghanistan troop deathsAFP - Mon Jul 13, 12:23 PM ET

    Britain's government faced calls to send more troops and equipment to Afghanistan Monday as a surge of military deaths prompted questions over the mission's purpose and resources.

  • Hitler musical satire hits BerlinAFP - Mon Jul 13, 11:09 AM ET

    A light-hearted musical romp, starring Hitler, a crazed Nazi fan and a band of Jewish New Yorkers -- "The Producers", the creation of comic genius Mel Brooks, has been a success on screen and stage. The musical, which opened on Broadway in 2001, arrived in Germany only this year, but has been met with critical and popular success.

  • Mapping the earth from the skyAFP - Mon Jul 13, 10:15 AM ET

    Ever wondered what goes into making internet mapping sites like Google Earth? AFPTV goes out for a fly with an airborne photography team.

  • British PM Brown under pressure over Afghanistan deathsAFP - Mon Jul 13, 8:33 AM ET

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown came under renewed pressure Monday over Britain's military involvement in Afghanistan after troop fatalities there overtook the death toll in Iraq. Eight soldiers have been killed in a 24-hour period as troops battle Taliban insurgents in troubled southern Helmand province in Operation Panther's Claw. Recent images of the operation.

  • Swine flu threatens Egyptian pork industryAFP - Mon Jul 13, 7:39 AM ET

    The pork industry in Egypt is in crisis after the government¿s ruling to slaughter the 300,000 pigs in the country. More than 100,000 people are directly linked to the sector. The Morcos family has been in the pork business for nearly 80 years but now its two farms have closed.

  • Japan's embattled PM set for August snap electionAFP - Mon Jul 13, 6:21 AM ET

    Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso, reeling from a key poll defeat, drew the battle lines Monday for an August snap election that could herald a major political upheaval in the world's number two economy.

  • Man on the moon iconic images 40 years onAFP - Sun Jul 12, 11:28 AM ET

    Forty years ago, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon, realising one of the oldest dreams of humankind and allowing the United States to get ahead in the space race against the Soviet Union. Archive images of the Apollo 11 mission.

  • Obama calls on Africans to fight tyranny, corruptionAFP - Sat Jul 11, 12:51 PM ET

    US President Barack Obama on Saturday condemned African tyrants who enrich themselves and orchestrate wars and urged Africans to demand stronger governments to give themselves a better future.

  • Turkish PM urges China to stop 'assimilation' of UighursAFP - Sat Jul 11, 9:30 AM ET

    Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged China to stop the "assimilation" of its Uighur minority Saturday, the day after he said the unrest in Xinjiang was "like a genocide." Reaction from the streets of Istanbul.

  • Economic impact grows as Honduras crisis talks end with no dealAFP - Sat Jul 11, 8:22 AM ET

    The economic impact of Honduras' political crisis is growing; the United States is warning it could sever 200 million dollars in aid and the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank have frozen credit lines for the impoverished country.

  • Life sentence in anti-Semitic murder case that shocked FranceAFP - Sat Jul 11, 5:27 AM ET

    A French court sentenced the leader of a Paris gang called "The Barbarians" to life in prison for an anti-Semitic murder that shocked France with its brutality. Youssouf Fofana admitted in court to the kidnap, torture and murder of a young Jewish man, Ilan Halimi, in 2006.

  • Thousands flee China's restive Urumqi after ethnic violenceAFP - Fri Jul 10, 12:24 PM ET

    Thousands of people flooded the main bus and train stations in Urumqi on Friday, with many fleeing because of deadly ethnic violence that has rocked this western Chinese city in recent days. The Chinese government said 156 people were killed and more than 1,000 others were injured in violence that erupted after a Uighur protest on Sunday.

  • French FM slips up on pronunciation of Chinese UighursAFP - Fri Jul 10, 11:19 AM ET

    It can often be difficult to know how to pronounce far away places and people. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner slipped up on Friday when talking about the conflict in western China between the Han Chinese and the Muslim Uighurs. Pronounced wee-ghurs, Kouchner continually referred to them as yoghurts. Raw footage of the interview on France Info radio station.

  • Mosques closed in China's Urumqi with ethnic tensions highAFP - Fri Jul 10, 10:35 AM ET

    The normally bustling mosques of China's Urumqi city were ordered shut on the main Muslim day of prayer Friday with police out in force to prevent new outbreaks of deadly ethnic unrest between Han Chinese and Uighur Muslims. Images and soundbites.

  • G8 unfurls 20 billion dollar fund for food aidAFP - Fri Jul 10, 10:23 AM ET

    On the last day of the G8 summit in Italy, world leaders unveiled a 20 billion dollar fund to help feed the developing world as they were urged to help the poor survive the downturn.

  • Amnesty says Uighur identity is under threat in XinjiangAFP - Fri Jul 10, 7:54 AM ET

    Human rights group Amnesty International says the cultural identity of the Uighur people in Xinjiang is under threat, with children barred from mosques and education mainly in Mandarin Chinese. Interview.

  • Protesting the "wall of shame" in the West BankAFP - Fri Jul 10, 5:40 AM ET

    For some, Israel's wall which cuts through the West Bank is a key security buffer; for others, it¿s a symbol of oppression. The wall has triggered sharp criticism from international leaders and, every Friday, hundreds of people come to protest its presence.

  • New Real Madrid striker Benzema is inspired by RonaldoAFP - Fri Jul 10, 5:15 AM ET

    New Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema said Brazilian World Cup winner Ronaldo will be his inspiration as he looks to fire the goals to help the Spanish giants dethrone Barcelona in La Liga. The club officially unveiled the French striker on Thursday at its Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

  • Orphans flee Myanmar for uncertain refuge in ThailandAFP - Fri Jul 10, 1:30 AM ET

    Victims of a forgotten conflict: orphans are fending for themselves in a makeshift Thai camp after joining some 4,000 refugees running from a fresh offensive by Myanmar's military against ethnic Karen rebels.

  • Víctimas del sismo de L'Aquila no esperan nada del G8AFP - Thu Jul 9, 2:59 PM ET

    Casi 40 jefes de Estado y de Gobierno, y responsables de instituciones multilaterales están en L'Aquila, devastada el pasado 6 de abril por un terremoto que dejó 299 muertos. El primer ministro de Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, cambió el lugar de la reunión del G8 para mostrar solidaridad con las víctimas del temblor. Pero algunos habitantes de las comunidades del área no están tan seguros de que esta visita les signifique algún tipo de beneficio. Un informe de AFPTV.

  • How to develop solar energy?AFP - Thu Jul 9, 2:11 PM ET

    As the climate heats up, the world is grappling with how to produce cheap energy from renewable sources. A Californian company has found a way to offer cut-rate fees for installing solar panels.

  • Jean-Paul Gaultier honours stars of cinema in Paris showAFP - Thu Jul 9, 9:18 AM ET

    Jean-Paul Gaultier paid homage to the stars from the golden age of Hollywood in his latest collection shown in Paris.

  • Italy's quake victims not so sure of limelightAFP - Thu Jul 9, 7:46 AM ET

    World leaders have flocked to L'Aquila in central Italy which was devasted by an earthquake on April 6th. Italy's flamboyant billionaire Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi switched the venue for the meeting to show solidarity for quake victims. But some villagers in communities in the area aren't so sure there's any payoff for hosting the G8.

  • Urumqi residents shocked by extent of ethnic riotingAFP - Thu Jul 9, 7:00 AM ET

    Riot police and soldiers kept a strong presence in China's Urumqi city on Thursday after days of bloodshed, but residents remained shocked by the extent of the violence and said it would take time for wounds to heal.

  • Athens residents fight to preserve parksAFP - Thu Jul 9, 5:06 AM ET

    Athens is already one of the most densely built cities in Europe, and its inhabitants are engaged in a tug-of-war with authorities to win more green space. The so-called green revolt has borne results -- some parking lots have been transformed into gardens, and some construction projects have been stalled, or cancelled entirely.

  • World leaders gather in Italy for key G8AFP - Wed Jul 8, 1:21 PM ET

    The group of eight leading industrialised nations -- or G8 -- has opened a three-day summit in L'Aquila, Italy, to try to agree on climate change, global financial regulation, and how to engage with countries like North Korea and Iran.

  • Britain losing fight against swine fluAFP - Wed Jul 8, 12:11 PM ET

    Britain has abandoned efforts to prevent the spread of swine flu after an explosion of infections. With hundreds of new cases of the A(H1N1) virus confirmed every day and seven deaths, the virus is spreading faster in Britain than in any other European country.

  • Climate and finance: top priorities for BarrosoAFP - Wed Jul 8, 10:08 AM ET

    Arriving in L'Aquila for the G8 summit, the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso said on Wednesday that the European Union would continue to tackle climate change, and the reform of the global financial system.

  • Obama arrives in Italy for G8 summitAFP - Wed Jul 8, 9:22 AM ET

    US President Barack Obama said Wednesday it was important to pursue dialogue with Iran and North Korea to dissuade them from acquiring nuclear weapons as he flew into Italy for a three-day G8 summit. Images and soundbites of Obama meeting with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano in Rome.

  • French comic book creator Bilal to auction Animalz drawingsAFP - Wed Jul 8, 8:44 AM ET

    French comic book creator, artist and film director Enki Bilal is exhibiting 350 original drawings from his latest album Animalz which was released in March. The drawings will be exhibited in Paris throughout the summer before being auctioned off in September. AFPTV interviewed the artist at the exhibtion.

  • L'Aquila earthquake victims want more than G8 summitAFP - Wed Jul 8, 6:52 AM ET

    As the earthquake-struck town of L'Aquila in Italy welcomes the leaders of the Group of Eight most industrialised nations, the victims of April's devastating quake say they would have prefered more concrete help rather than an expensive summit. Images and soundbites.

  • Wrestlers bring piece of Pakistan to DubaiAFP - Wed Jul 8, 5:01 AM ET

    Dubai is home to million of workers, mainly from southeast Asia. These immigrants spend most of their hours toiling away in thankless jobs. There is little time to relax, but when they do, watching a favourite sport from home is top on the list of entertainment

  • Hong Kong protest choir urge city to face the musicAFP - Wed Jul 8, 2:13 AM ET

    Hong Kong residents are turning their moans into music as part of an innovative protest movement called the Complaints Choir, which aims to vocalise their discontent through rhythm and song.

  • Tears and tributes mark Jackson's farewellAFP - Tue Jul 7, 10:14 PM ET

    A gold-plated casket bearing Michael Jackson took center stage Tuesday as hundreds of millions worldwide bade farewell to the King of Pop in the final curtain call of his glittering career.

  • Jackson family, friends bid farewell in privateAFP - Tue Jul 7, 5:36 PM ET

    Scores of Michael Jackson's family and friends arrived at a Los Angeles funeral home here Tuesday to bid farewell in private to the pop icon almost two weeks after his mysterious death.

  • Latest film in Harry Potter saga opens in LondonAFP - Tue Jul 7, 5:19 PM ET

    Thousands of Harry Potter fans braved torrential rain in London on Tuesday evening to catch a glimpse of the stars at the world premiere of "Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince". It's the latest film in the blockbuster movie series based on J.K. Rowling's best-selling books about the boy wizard.

  • Jackson's coffin at front stage at memorialAFP - Tue Jul 7, 2:40 PM ET

    Michael Jackson's glittering, gold-plated casket was placed at the front of the stage at a public memorial here Tuesday as a gospel choir sang. "We are going to see the King, Hallujah," sang the choir as pallbearers rolled the custom design casket to the front of the stage, flanked by huge sprays of flowers.

  • Armani dazzles with high octane haute couture showAFP - Tue Jul 7, 2:19 PM ET

    Italian designer Giorgio Armani on Tuesday unveiled a high octane glamour collection, which was a riot of rhinestones, sequins and gold and silver lame. Where the fabric itself did not shine, like wool or black velvet, Armani added a brilliant touch, like a necklace of silver baubles or a fancy zip. Images of Armani's haute couture autumn-winter 2009/2010 collection.

  • US war vets back in the saddle againAFP - Tue Jul 7, 12:08 PM ET

    Learning to live a normal life is now the main goal of many US veterans injured during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. A group of motorbike fanatics are back in the saddle again, despite dismembered limbs.

  • Putin, Obama seek entente over breakfastAFP - Tue Jul 7, 11:55 AM ET

    S President Barack Obama and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Tuesday sought to smooth out differences over a lavish breakfast feast marked by expressions of mutual admiration.

  • An 'iceberg' on the river SeineAFP - Tue Jul 7, 10:25 AM ET

    On the eve of the G8 summit in Italy, environmental group Greenpeace tied a life size "iceberg" on the river Seine, across the Eiffel Tower, in Paris on Tuesday to raise the world's leaders' awarness on climate change.

  • Islamist military parade in GazaAFP - Tue Jul 7, 10:10 AM ET

    Members of the small Islamist Al Ahrar group paraded through Gaza City on Tuesday to mark its two-year anniversary. It's the first military parade by an Islamist group in the Gaza Strip since the Israeli bombings at the start of the year. Images.

  • French FM demands release of French academic detained in IranAFP - Tue Jul 7, 9:58 AM ET

    French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner on Tuesday demanded that Iran release a French academic held for spying for nearly a week. Clotilde Reiss, a 23-year-old lecturer at Ispahan university in central Iran, was detained at Tehran airport on July 1. Iranian authorities accuse her of taking part in opposition protests following last month's presidential vote. Images and soundbites of Kouchner's statement.

  • Han Chinese protest in tense Xinjiang cityAFP - Tue Jul 7, 8:07 AM ET

    Thousands of angry Han Chinese armed with poles, meat cleavers and other makeshift weapons stormed through Urumqi in China's remote northwest Xinjiang region on Tuesday where 156 people died in weekend ethnic clashes. Raw images of Han Chinese walking through the city with makeshift weapons.

  • Football: Record crowd welcomes Ronaldo to Real MadridAFP - Tue Jul 7, 7:21 AM ET

    Cristiano Ronaldo said he had fulfilled a "childhood dream" as he was officially unveiled as a Real Madrid player before a record-setting capacity crowd of nearly 80,000 people at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Real acquired Ronaldo from Manchester last month on a six-year deal worth 94 million euros (131 million dollars) and he will reportedly be paid 13 million euros each season, making him the most expensive player in the world. Images and soundbites.

  • Fans ready for poignant farewellAFP - Tue Jul 7, 5:54 AM ET

    Nearly 9,000 of Michael Jackson fans won two tickets each to bid an ultimate farewell to the 'King of Pop' on Tuesday. As they went to collect their precious token, most of them admitted that this was the chance of a lifetime.

  • Uighur women demand release of detained relativesAFP - Tue Jul 7, 4:30 AM ET

    At least 200 Muslim Uighur women staged a fresh protest in China's Urumqi city to demand the release of detained relatives, two days after deadly riots.

  • Buddhism thrives as China relaxes religious policyAFP - Tue Jul 7, 2:08 AM ET

    Temples thrive, monks travel far and wide in search of enlightenment, the faithful fill the halls of worship -- after decades of atheist policies, Buddhism is making a huge comeback in China.

  • Exiled Uighur leader calls for international probes after unrestAFP - Mon Jul 6, 8:16 PM ET

    Exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer on Monday called for international probes into the deadly violence that rocked the restive region of Xinjiang at the weekend, which the authorities in China have blamed on rioting Muslim Uighurs.

  • Kids hit the books at Paraty literature festAFP - Mon Jul 6, 2:53 PM ET

    The Literature Festival in Paraty, Brazil, attracted thousands of children this year. Outdoor activities, theater presentations, story telling, and other events encouraged children to embrace the pleasures of reading.

  • EC President Jose Manuel Barroso previews G8 agendaAFP - Mon Jul 6, 1:42 PM ET

    The group of Eight summit opens on Wednesday in L'Aquila, Italy. The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso spoke about the need to face global challenges together.

  • French designer Stephane Rolland kicks off sombre fashion showsAFP - Mon Jul 6, 1:04 PM ET

    The haute couture shows for next autumn-winter opened in a sombre mood, with the fate of the house of Christian Lacroix hanging in the balance since it went into administration in May. The collection which will be presented on Tuesday could very possibly be the last. On Monday, French designer Stephane Rolland kicked off the week.

  • Russia, Obama clinch deals to revive tiesAFP - Mon Jul 6, 12:58 PM ET

    The US and Russian leaders Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev on Monday announced agreements on nuclear arms cuts and Afghanistan as they sought a new era in battered relations.

  • China says at least 140 dead in rioting by ethnic UighursAFP - Mon Jul 6, 12:51 PM ET

    China said on Monday that at least 140 people were killed when Muslim Uighurs rioted in restive Xinjiang region in some of the deadliest ethnic unrest to have hit the country for decades. Images of injured victims and security forces standing in the street.

  • Statues come alive in London's Trafalgar SquareAFP - Mon Jul 6, 12:42 PM ET

    London¿s Trafalgar Square has taken on a series of brand new statues to accompany its world-famous Nelson¿s Column. Except the new recruits are all living. Every hour, 24 hours a day, for 100 days, the square¿s vacant `fourth plinth¿ will be occupied by a different person who¿s free to do what they like with their moment of fame.

  • Russia, Obama seek new page in tiesAFP - Mon Jul 6, 9:42 AM ET

    US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev held talks Monday seeking to turn a new page in relations scarred by a series of disputes between the ex-Cold War foes. A joint declaration on replacing a key disarmament treaty is expected to be a centrepiece of Obama's two-day visit, along with a deal allowing US military supplies destined for Afghanistan to transit across Russia.

  • Army blocks Zelaya from Honduras as violence turns deadlyAFP - Mon Jul 6, 7:55 AM ET

    Honduran coup leaders faced further isolation Monday, after blocking ousted President Manuel Zelaya from flying into the capital's airport, where soldiers killed two of his supporters, according to police. Zelaya's plane swooped over the runway as military vehicles blocked it from landing.

  • Rights group worried about clampdown in XinjiangAFP - Mon Jul 6, 7:50 AM ET

    Human Rights Watch Asia urges Chinese authorities to address their ethnic policies rather than simply use repressive measures after some 140 people were killed in riots in restive Xinjiang region.

  • From street protest to art: graffiti show opens in ParisAFP - Mon Jul 6, 7:42 AM ET

    Once a form of protest or simply destruction of public property, graffiti has now entered the cultural mainstream. A major exhibit devoted to street art opens at the Cartier Foundation in Paris on Tuesday.

  • Clamp manga group give rare European interviewAFP - Mon Jul 6, 5:48 AM ET

    The renowned all female Japanese manga group Clamp were guests of honour at the Japan Expo exhibition in Paris over the weekend. The authors and artists gave a rare interview in Europe to mark the occasion.

  • Nigerian scam targets love struckAFP - Mon Jul 6, 4:03 AM ET

    Email scams emanating from Nigeria are one of the Internet's best-known swindles. Some offer to deposit considerable sums in your bank account, in exchange for a tiny service; others propose romantic encounters. AFPTV speaks to a victim.

  • Flip e a diversidadeAFP - Sat Jul 4, 7:04 PM ET

    A Flip - Festa Literária de Paraty - não reúne apenas escritores consagrados, ou conhecidos. Nas ruas da cidade histórica, artistas de todos os tipos e autores iniciantes, ou ainda não publicados, são um espetáculo a parte.

  • Feminine touch in Japanese manga culture hits FranceAFP - Sat Jul 4, 1:34 PM ET

    Japan's comics culture is somewhat special in that women play a real role in authoring and drawing cartoon albums. AFP went to meet some of the women behind Japan's manga culture and their female fans at the Japan Expo in Paris.

  • Battling Mexico's drug cartelsAFP - Sat Jul 4, 11:12 AM ET

    An estimated 10,000 people have died in Mexico in the last four years in drug-related violence, prompting fears that the country's cartel turf wars may spill over the border. The United States, the world's largest cocaine consumer, and Mexico are stepping up efforts to stem the cross-border flow of drugs and cash. AFPTV accompanies the Mexican army up to the border with Texas, where it is engaged in a fierce battle against the powerful cartels.

  • Blocked Palestinian hip hop artists face off via videoconferenceAFP - Sat Jul 4, 9:40 AM ET

    In the rhythm and rhyme of hiphop, many young Palestinians, like their counterparts across the world, have found a way to recount their tales, and their troubles. The genre is so popular it's even sparked a Palestinian hiphop competition. But because they cannot leave their occupied territories, participants in Gaza and the West Bank are forced to face off via videoconference. An AFPTV report.

  • Paris Hilton goes oriental with Middle East reality TVAFP - Sat Jul 4, 9:24 AM ET

    Paris Hilton is currently in Lebanon where she's shooting an episode of the Middle Eastern version of her TV reality show "Paris Hilton's My New BFF". This season is based mainly in Dubai. The US celebrity gave a press conference late on Friday to mark the occasion during which she talked about the death of US pop singer Michael Jackson and how she had adapted her show for the Middle Eastern market. Images and soundbites.

  • NBA star Tony Parker gives press conferenceAFP - Fri Jul 3, 4:41 PM ET

    NBA star Tony Parker gives a conference in the French capital ahead of launching his basketball camp for kids, the Tony Parker camp.

  • US Vice President Biden starts Iraq tripAFP - Fri Jul 3, 12:07 PM ET

    US Vice President Joe Biden was to hold talks with Iraqi leaders on Friday focused on bridging the country's sectarian divide ahead of a complete American military pullout in 2011.

  • UN chief pushes Myanmar junta on Suu KyiAFP - Fri Jul 3, 9:28 AM ET

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon began what he called a "very tough" mission to Myanmar on Friday, vowing to press the head of the ruling junta for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and other prisoners. Ban flew in to the military-ruled nation where he met with the leader of the military junta General Than Shwe as a prison court adjourned the internationally condemned trial of the detained Nobel Peace laureate for another week. Raw footage of Ban meeting Burmese officials on arrival in Myanmar.

  • Pakistan's Muree's Brewery thrives despite alcohol banAFP - Fri Jul 3, 7:06 AM ET

    Pakistan's Muree's Brewery is thriving, despite a ban on alcohol which requires non-Muslims to purchase a special permit. The brewery is taking special pride in its 21-year-old single malt whisky...

  • Russian Cold War bunker now a museumAFP - Fri Jul 3, 5:19 AM ET

    Beneath the Russian capital lies a town of its own: a maze of rooms and corridors built during the cold war in case of a nuclear attack. For the last couple of years, one of Moscow's nuclear bomb shelter has been turned into a new, interactive museum. The AFPTV went on a tour.

  • Coming back from the deadAFP - Fri Jul 3, 4:14 AM ET

    Researchers are employing ingenious means to solve the haunting mystery of near-death experiences. Are they real, or just imagination? A British hospital is getting equipped with foolproof equipment to test people who are clinically dead, but then come back. A French researcher has developed his own methods.

  • Surge in US job losses 'sobering' : ObamaAFP - Thu Jul 2, 6:04 PM ET

    US President Barack Obama said Thursday the latest surge in job losses was "sobering," after new government figures pushed the unemployment rate to a new 26-year high of 9.5 percent.

  • Video shows vigorous Jackson before deathAFP - Thu Jul 2, 4:21 PM ET

    A video released Thursday showed Michael Jackson vigorously practicing a song-and-dance routine days before his death, supporting accounts he had been in good health.FOOTAGE HANDOUT AEG LIVE.

  • US Marines storm south in major Afghan offensiveAFP - Thu Jul 2, 1:18 PM ET

    US Marines launched a major offensive into the Taliban heartlands of southern Afghanistan before dawn on Thursday as President Barack Obama's new war plan swung into action. Analysis from Kabul.

  • France's elite helicopter crews prepare for Afghan combatAFP - Thu Jul 2, 8:56 AM ET

    Three of France's newest military helicopters are due for imminent deployment in Afghanistan. The Tiger aircraft will be crucial in fighting Taliban militants who have stepped up attacks. In France, the helicopter crews are being put through their paces ahead of combat operations.

  • Machine breaks the daily grind for women in Burkina FasoAFP - Thu Jul 2, 8:18 AM ET

    It's a little machine, but it's had a big effect on the lives of women in Burkina Faso. Motorised grain grinders, funded by international aid, are freeing them up to focus more on children's education and money-making enterprises. But the machine hasn't broken down all barriers between the sexes.

  • Teen recovers after miracle rescue from Comoros jet crashAFP - Thu Jul 2, 5:59 AM ET

    The only known survivor of the crash of the Yemeni airliner clung to wreckage in the Indian Ocean for more than 10 hours before she was rescued. Her father spoke of how he was "split between relief and pain" over the rescue of his daughter and the death of her mum.

  • Statue park reminds Lithuanians of Soviet pastAFP - Thu Jul 2, 5:19 AM ET

    They're a throwback to a bygone era, but the Soviet statues in Lithuania's Gruto Park still draw a crowd. While for the younger generation, the huge busts of Lenin and Stalin are something of a novelty, for the older park visitors, they're a reminder of 45 years of Soviet occupation.

  • China's violin industry aims highAFP - Thu Jul 2, 1:37 AM ET

    The mass-produced violinsproducing heroic music during China's Cultural Revolution have given way to a new generation of sophisticated instruments. A handful of violin makers are even carving a name for themselves on the international music scene.

  • Amnesty accuses Israel of using human shields in GazaAFP - Wed Jul 1, 8:11 PM ET

    Amnesty International on Thursday accused Israeli forces of war crimes, saying they used children as human shields and conducted wanton attacks on civilians during their offensive in the Gaza Strip. Interview with Donatella Rovera, who led an Amnesty mission to Gaza and southern Israel.

  • A lighter bill at Parisian restaurants?AFP - Wed Jul 1, 1:27 PM ET

    Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but with the government slashing value-added tax for the restaurant business from 19.6 percent to 5.5 percent, the cost of a meal at one of its famous terrasses is set to drop.

  • Global economy, climate change on Swedish EU agendaAFP - Wed Jul 1, 9:23 AM ET

    Sweden took over the six-month rotating presidency of the European Union on Wednesday, vowing to tackle climate change and combat soaring unemployment in Europe following the global economic crisis.

  • Leprosy on the rise in India's slumsAFP - Wed Jul 1, 9:17 AM ET

    Leprosy was thought to be eradicated in India's big cities like Mumbai, but experts say it is now on the rise. Doctors are warning that urgent action is required for awareness and prevention, particularly among the populations of the sprawling slums.

  • North Korea faces hunger: UN reportAFP - Wed Jul 1, 7:46 AM ET

    The UN's food aid agency warned on Wednesday that North Koreans, and especially children, face a "critical" food situation as donations have dried up amid the country's nuclear standoff with the world.

  • U2 takes to stage in SpainAFP - Wed Jul 1, 6:59 AM ET

    Irish rock megastars U2 have launched their world tour in Barcelona before some 90,000 fans. The show was held on an immense stage that took up half the field at the home of the Barcelona football team.

  • Brain drain no more as young Nigerians returnAFP - Wed Jul 1, 5:49 AM ET

    More and more Nigerians, who had left home to study and work abroad, are choosing to return to their roots. With the credit crisis biting in Europe and the States, the phenomenon appears to be gathering pace.

  • Who needs men? A new social trend for Egyptian womenAFP - Wed Jul 1, 5:30 AM ET

    A cafe exclusively for women. In Cairo, women now have a place to socialise. It's a first in Egypt where "religiously correct" has become a de rigueur rule of society.

  • Zipcar becoming an American stapleAFP - Tue Jun 30, 4:57 PM ET

    Carsharing has seen enormous success in the U.S. and a handful of other European cities. Zipcar, a company that lets customers borrow cars straight from the parking lot, is becoming a way of life for many Americans. This is a voiced version of an AFPTV report.

  • Iraqis take control as US troops leave citiesAFP - Tue Jun 30, 12:44 PM ET

    Iraqis celebrated as their troops they took control of towns and cities nationwide from departing US soldiers six years after the invasion. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki laid a wreath at Iraq's tomb of the unknown soldier inside the heavily-fortified Green Zone.

  • Turkey opens new 'chapter' in EU membership bidAFP - Tue Jun 30, 12:39 PM ET

    Turkey opened another chapter -- this time on taxation -- in Brussels on Tuesday, continuing its long and torturous quest to join the European Union.

  • Italy train inferno kills 16AFP - Tue Jun 30, 12:26 PM ET

    Rescue operations are under way at the site of a train explosion in the Italian seaside town of Viareggio where 16 people have been killed and at least 36 injured. A train carrying liquid petroleum gas derailed late Monday, sending a fireball that engulfed nearby houses.

  • Airliner crashes off Comoros with 153 aboardAFP - Tue Jun 30, 12:10 PM ET

    A Yemeni Airbus jet carrying 153 people crashed into the Indian Ocean as it came in to land in the Comoros islands early Tuesday but rescuers pulled a child from the sea alive, officials said.

  • Out of Iraq's cities, US troops hold on to its prisonsAFP - Tue Jun 30, 11:42 AM ET

    US soldiers have left Iraq's cities but are not yet giving up the three prisons where they hold more than 10,000 detainees on Iraqi soil. The guards at those detention centres will be American for at least another year, while Iraqis are trained to take up the job. AFPTV reports from Camp Cropper.

  • Burkina Faso looks to GM cotton for growthAFP - Tue Jun 30, 10:23 AM ET

    Cotton-producing Burkina Faso is looking to boost its production by using genetically modified plants. It's aiming to increase its GM fields tenfold, to 118,000 hectares, making it the second sub-Saharan African country to take up GM agriculture, after South Africa.

  • When Greece tries to quitAFP - Tue Jun 30, 9:59 AM ET

    Greece, Europe's heaviest-smoking nation, introduces a tobacco ban in public places on July 1, its third attempt in a decade to stamp out the country's love affair with cigarettes.

  • Comoran activists say air crash was predictableAFP - Tue Jun 30, 8:19 AM ET

    Comoran activists say the air crash of a Yemeni Airbus A310 jet was predictable. The plane was carrying 153 people when it crashed into rough seas as it came into land in the Comoros islands early Tuesday.

  • Baghdad parties ahead of US pulloutAFP - Tue Jun 30, 4:36 AM ET

    Tens of thousands of Iraqis partied amid tight security in Baghdad on Monday night, on the eve of the US troops pullout from Iraq's urban areas.

  • Bangkok blind boy dreams of becoming a famous pianistAFP - Mon Jun 29, 11:35 PM ET

    Eleven-year old Oy dreams of becoming a famous musician while studying at Bangkok's School for the Blind. But it's an uphill struggle for Thailand's half a million blind citizens.

  • Integrating Iraq's anti-Qaeda militiasAFP - Mon Jun 29, 12:34 PM ET

    One of the reasons attributed to Iraq's improving security situation is the Sahwa, Sunni militia recruited by US forces to help combat Al-Qaeda. Now that American soldiers are preparing to withdraw from the cities, the Sahwa are undergoing training to join Iraq's regular army and police.

  • Obama's double debuts at Paris wax museumAFP - Mon Jun 29, 10:26 AM ET

    It's a sign of President Barack Obama's celebrity status. He's entered France's hall of fame, with the unveiling of his wax statue by the Grevin museum in Paris. The venue for this world premiere was none other than France's most famous monument.

  • US pullout a much-needed 'symbolic gesture' for Iraqis: expertAFP - Mon Jun 29, 8:39 AM ET

    For Loulouwa al-Rachid, a Middle East expert from the International Crisis Group, the US military pullout of Iraq's urban areas is a symbolic gesture long in coming but one that delivers a powerful message to the population.

  • Ousted Honduran leader denounces ouster by 'gorillas'AFP - Mon Jun 29, 7:15 AM ET

    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has insisted he is still president even though his Central American country's congress has sworn in the parliamentary speaker as the country's new leader.

  • Moonwalk tribute to Jackson at Eiffel TowerAFP - Mon Jun 29, 6:53 AM ET

    The Eiffel Tower in Paris was the scene for a giant moonwalk tribute to Michael Jackson with more than a thousand fans dancing together in memory of the late pop icon.

  • Radical settlers forge on with West Bank outpostsAFP - Mon Jun 29, 5:58 AM ET

    Despite strong US pressure to halt all settlement activity, Israel has approved the construction of 50 homes in the occupied West Bank. The Israeli government does raze renegade outposts in the West Bank now and again, but like the residents of Maoz Ester, the settlers vow to rebuild.

  • Latin America unites behind ousted ZelayaAFP - Mon Jun 29, 4:50 AM ET

    Honduras interim leader Roberto Micheletti imposed a nationwide 48-hour curfew after the army ousted elected President Manuel Zelaya and sent him into exile. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez denounced the "brutal and criminal coup d'etat" and demanded the return of Zelaya.

  • Oriental chic: French fashion designers rethink Muslim garbAFP - Sun Jun 28, 6:08 AM ET

    Make the abaya fashionable. That was the challenge the Saudi branch of department store Saks Fifth Avenue gave to 20 Western fashion designers -- to relook the black overgarment worn by Muslim women across the world.

  • Supermarket shelves still out of reach for Zimbabwe?s poorAFP - Sat Jun 27, 6:45 AM ET

    After years of chronic food shortage, the supermarkets of Zimbabwe's capital are full of goods, as prices stabilise following a decade of world-record hyperinflation. But most people are still unable to afford to go shopping and now President Robert Mugabe plans to revert to the local currency.

  • A look back at the life of Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop"AFP - Fri Jun 26, 11:19 AM ET

    Fans around the world grieved for "King of Pop" Michael Jackson who died of a heart attack on Thursday. A look back at the life of one of the most influential figures in pop history.

  • A clean plate for Mexican pottersAFP - Fri Jun 26, 11:06 AM ET

    Mexico is famous for its ceramic ware. While it's quaint, following in their fathers footsteps is a risk to their health. One non-profit program is encouraging potters to change their ways.

  • Male models heed catwalk callAFP - Fri Jun 26, 10:10 AM ET

    Ahead of men's fashion week, which is going on in Paris, hundreds of photogenic young men auditioned at the couture houses vying for a spot on the runway. AFPTV follows a group of models at Ungaro from the auditions to the fashion fittings, to the catwalk.

  • Tense Guinea-Bissau readies for voteAFP - Fri Jun 26, 7:19 AM ET

    Quiet campaigning has marked the period ahead of Sunday's presidential election in Guinea-Bissau, the chronically unstable west African state which has braved a recent spate of political assassinations, including the long-ruling president Joao Bernardo Vieira who was killed in March.

  • Hong Kong dancers "beat it"AFP - Fri Jun 26, 6:57 AM ET

    Hong Kong dancers pay tribute to Michael Jackson, saying he was a true pioneer and had a huge impact on modern dance and music.

  • India¿s Tata Motors struggles to weather global recessionAFP - Fri Jun 26, 12:07 AM ET

    Tata Motors, maker of the world's cheapest car, the Nano, is stuggling to weather the global economic slowdown, while its expensive acquisition of luxury brands Jaguar and Land Rover is dragging down profits.

  • India?s Tata Motors struggles to weather global recessionAFP - Fri Jun 26, 12:07 AM ET

    Tata Motors, maker of the world's cheapest car, the Nano, is stuggling to weather the global economic slowdown, while its expensive acquisition of luxury brands Jaguar and Land Rover is dragging down profits.

  • Middle East neighbours keep an anxious eye on IranAFP - Thu Jun 25, 3:23 PM ET

    Iran wields great influence over the entire Middle East, but Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's regime is not universally popular in the Arab world, and seen as the number-one threat for Israel.

  • City of Lights is nectar for the beesAFP - Thu Jun 25, 2:55 PM ET

    Paris is the bee's knees, as one apiary specialist -- or beekeeper -- is out to prove. He has set up beehives in the centre of the French capital, saying the insects are happier, and their honey tastier, than their counterparts in the countryside.

  • Zimbabwean PM meets French ministersAFP - Thu Jun 25, 12:17 PM ET

    Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai met with French Foreign minister Bernard Kouchner in Paris on Thursday, on the latest leg of a world tour to try to drum up support for the "new" Zimbabwe.

  • Sex in the city: adult shops thrive in BeijingAFP - Thu Jun 25, 1:00 AM ET

    Stores selling sex paraphernalia seem to be on every block in many parts of Beijing, catering to what experts say is a swelling sexual revolution led by a growing middle class, particularly the younger generation.

  • The "new" Canadian Timber WorkerAFP - Wed Jun 24, 5:52 PM ET

    The myth of the rugged lumberjack, axe in hand and chequered flannel shirt, has become just that -- a mythical remnant of the past. Canada's timber industry today relies on immigrants from Africa and Eastern Europe, among other places. It's backbreaking work that some see as a jackpot because of the high pay.

  • West condemns Iran crackdown but Khamenei 'will not back down'AFP - Wed Jun 24, 4:35 PM ET

    REFILE OF THE VIDEO 85676 WITH A NEW NUMBER BECAUSE OF TECHNICAL PROBLEM. World leaders led by US President Barack Obama have condemned a state crackdown against protests in Iran but Tehran has brushed criticism aside, calling it meddling by foreign powers in its sovereign affairs.

  • Mideast foes mark three-year milestone of Israeli soldier's captAFP - Wed Jun 24, 12:51 PM ET

    Thursday marks the third anniversary of the capture of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in Gaza. Shalit, now 22, was abducted by Palestinian fighters in June 2006 after militants tunnelled under Gaza's border to attack an Israeli army post. Two other soldiers died in the raid. The conscript was seized at the age of 19 and has become a cause celebre in Israel, where military service is compulsory and many believe the government has a sacred duty to bring all its soldiers home. AFPTV interviews Gaza residents abo

  • Sarkozy reshuffles French cabinetAFP - Wed Jun 24, 10:28 AM ET

    Seizing on a surprisingly strong showing in the recent European elections, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has made sweeping changes to his right-wing cabinet. On Wednesday he chaired his first cabinet meeting after the shakeup.

  • Mobile phones mean business for Burkina Faso handymenAFP - Wed Jun 24, 9:09 AM ET

    The rapid rise in telecommunications across Africa has given rise to an equally big boom in the business of mobile phone repairs. In Burkina Faso's capital, many repairmen have set up shop near the main marketplace, helping service millions of phones in the west African state.

  • Reviving Saddam's Arabian stablesAFP - Wed Jun 24, 7:06 AM ET

    Saddam Hussein was known for his penchant for collecting luxurious palaces, but less well known was his collection of race horses. At his fall in 2003 he maintained stables with 150 pure-bred Arabian horses. Only around 15 have survived the intervening period -- but as security improves, some dream of giving them a new lease of life, at Baghdad's ageing racetrack.

  • Islamabad: a city under siegeAFP - Wed Jun 24, 1:28 AM ET

    Pakistan¿s capital Islamabad has begun to resemble a battle zone as the Taliban takes its war to the cities. Over 70 roadblocks give residents their first ever taste of serious traffic jams.

  • Iranian director says youth should be given reins of countryAFP - Tue Jun 23, 2:07 PM ET

    Award-winning Iranian film-maker Bahman Ghobadi, in Paris after being released from jail, on Tuesday called for the youth to take control of the reins in Iran.

  • Iranian Nobel Peace laureate Ebadi at EUAFP - Tue Jun 23, 12:12 PM ET

    The European Union welcomed Iranian Nobel Peace laureate Shirin Ebadi to Brussels on Tuesday, as the bloc also condemned the crackdown on protests in the Islamic republic. Ebadi, the winner of the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize, and her rights group, the Human Rights Defenders Centre, have given their backing to the popular post-election protests and called for an end to violence by security and militia forces.

  • Bordeaux wine fair hopes to beat recession bluesAFP - Tue Jun 23, 7:14 AM ET

    The world's biggest wine fair is under way in France's wine city of Bordeaux, with leading exporters and producers saying prospects for the sector looked bright despite the global downturn.

  • Iran police crack down on fresh protestsAFP - Tue Jun 23, 5:20 AM ET

    Iranian riot police armed with clubs and riding motorbikes fired tear gas on about 1,000 opposition demonstrators on Monday who braved an official ban to continue post-election protests in the capital.

  • Son of Shah supports protestorsAFP - Mon Jun 22, 2:55 PM ET

    Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late shah of Iran who was ousted in the 1979 revolution, took a firm stance in support of protestors disputing recent election results that reelected Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

  • France calls for release of Iranian NGO workerAFP - Mon Jun 22, 2:47 PM ET

    French minister for human rights Rama Yade called on Iranian authorities to release imprisoned NGO worker Sylva Hartounian. Rama Yade also expressed her alarm at the situation in Iran, saying "the repression is becoming more and more brutal."

  • Bolivian natives celebrate New Year, winter solsticeAFP - Mon Jun 22, 1:07 PM ET

    Several thousand people in Bolivia celebrated at dawn on Sunday the winter solstice at the pre-Inca Tiwanaku citadel, a time of year which also marks the Aymara Indian New Year.

  • Radical settlers vow to expand in West BankAFP - Mon Jun 22, 11:08 AM ET

    Israel's government is under strong US pressure to end its settlement building and destroy renegade outposts set up by radical settlers. One of those, Maoz Ester in the West Bank, has recently been dismantled, but its residents say they will defy the right-wing government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and rebuild.

  • Whale watching in NorwayAFP - Mon Jun 22, 8:50 AM ET

    To protect the whales that travel through the Arctic Circle, animal rights groups believe that they need to be better known. They've organized low-key, environmentally sensitive travel to allow tourists to discover the endangered animals in their natural habitat, off islands in the north of Norway. Refile of a previously offered AFPTV report.

  • Swine flu cases force closure of Paris schoolAFP - Mon Jun 22, 8:04 AM ET

    A primary school in the French capital has been closed after seven schoolchildren were diagnosed with swine flu. The infections are being traced back to a 10-year-old girl's school trip to Britain earlier in June. Health officials said the closure, due to last until Thursday, was a preventive measure against an H1N1 epidemic.

  • England women win World Twenty20 titleAFP - Mon Jun 22, 6:30 AM ET

    New Zealand captain Aimee Watkins said England were "leaps and bounds" ahead in women's cricket after the hosts won their second straight major final to lift the World Twenty20 trophy at Lord's on Sunday.

  • Pakistan win ICC World T20 titleAFP - Sun Jun 21, 5:13 PM ET

    Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka by eight wickets to claim their first major title in 17 years at Lord's on Sunday with all-rounder Shahid Afridi named man of the match. Captain Younus Khan dedicated the win to his troubled homeland before announcing his retirement from Twenty20 internationals.

  • Barroso, from Portuguese PM to EU chameleonAFP - Fri Jun 19, 12:50 PM ET

    He's dabbled in hard-left Maoism and led Portugal as a conservative, but what is likely to return Jose Manuel Barroso to the EU's highest-profile post is his ability to move with shifting political sands. An AFPTV profile.

  • Residents of Kabul still living in the darkAFP - Fri Jun 19, 7:29 AM ET

    It may be a part of daily life in the developed world, but electricity is a rare and valuable resource in Afghanistan. Despite receiving billions of dollars in aide, the vast majority of residents of Kabul still find themselves living in the dark.

  • After food crisis, Senegal aims to grow its ownAFP - Fri Jun 19, 6:30 AM ET

    Senegal was crippled by the global food crisis last year in which prices for basic staples shot up tremendously. Now the country has made it a national priority to bolster local production.

  • Mother sentenced in French "freezer baby" trialAFP - Fri Jun 19, 4:47 AM ET

    French woman who admitted killing three of her own babies was sentenced on Thursday to eight years in jail. Veronique Courjault had faced a possible life sentence after she admitted to smothering two baby boys born in secret at her expat home in South Korea in 2002 and 2003, and a third child born in France in 1999. Since she has served almost three years in pre-trial detention, Courjault could be eligible for parole under French law in as little as a year, her lawyers said.

  • Clos de Los Siete: a French wine in ArgentinaAFP - Thu Jun 18, 5:52 AM ET

    France's largest wine-making investment in Argentina has turned 10 years old. The "Clos de los Siete" project is a collaborative effort between seven French families, each with a chateau in the Bordeaux region. They share 850 hectares of vineyards in Argentina and now export their wine to over 40 countries.

  • Iconic French glacier retreats as global warming hitsAFP - Wed Jun 17, 6:30 AM ET

    The glacier at the foot of Europe?s highest mountain Mont Blanc is in danger of disappearing because of climate change. The ?Sea of Ice? is expected to retreat some 500-600 metres over the next couple of decades.

  • Albinos in Tanzania, targets of witchcraft-linked killingsAFP - Wed Jun 17, 5:05 AM ET

    In Tanzania, where belief in witchcraft is widespread, albinos have been targeted in a wave of brutal killings in the past year. They are being hunted down for their alleged magical powers.

  • Foreign men mountains take on ancient Japanese traditionAFP - Wed Jun 17, 1:11 AM ET

    Sumo may be as iconic to Japan as samurai and sushi, but a wave of foreign wrestlers have come to steal the show: the ancient sport hasn't seen a home-grown champion in more than three years.

  • Fifty jobs in fifty weeksAFP - Tue Jun 16, 5:50 PM ET

    Daniel Seddiqui has embarked on a challenge: to find 50 different jobs in 50 weeks in 50 states. This week, he's a cook in a Maryland restaurant.

  • When tribal life meets the curriculumAFP - Tue Jun 16, 1:05 PM ET

    At schools across Burkina Faso's northern Sahel region, classes are full at the beginning of the year, and empty out as the school year continues. Pupils become shepherds or farm hands, while some girls are pulled out by parents who marry them off.

  • Financial crisis hurts Dubai's foreign labour forceAFP - Tue Jun 16, 5:19 AM ET

    The global financial crisis has come to the Gulf emirates, and to its once-booming real estate sector. Thousands of labourers who had come -- mainly from the Indian subcontinent -- to work on building projects may now be expelled, or forced to work illegally.

  • Special police unit delivers babies in Bangkok traffic jamsAFP - Tue Jun 16, 1:23 AM ET

    Future mothers sometimes get stuck in Bangkok's notorious traffic jams on their way to hospital. But help is on the way -- a special police unit delivers babies on back seats -- anytime, anywhere.

  • Women?s Twenty20 cricket takes offAFP - Mon Jun 15, 11:41 AM ET

    Running parallel to the ICC World Twenty20 cricket tournament is the first women?s competition. The profile of the women?s game has been on the rise in England since the national side won the Ashes in 2008 and the World Cup this year. To help raise the profile of the game among young girls, local schools have each `adopted? a team.

  • Russians go tattoo crazyAFP - Mon Jun 15, 10:26 AM ET

    Body painting, miniature tattoos, colour as well as black and white designs -- Russia's international tattoo festival in Saint Petersburg, has a something for everyone.

    • Pakistan launches "full-fledged" assault on TalibanAFP - Mon Jun 15, 4:18 AM ET

      Pakistani security forces have launched a "full-fledged" assault on Taliban militants in the lawless tribal belt bordering Afghanistan. File of Pakistan Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud. Raw images.

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