Flip From Roof to Pool

Watch a 360 degree flip from the roof to the pool.

Jason Sells Machetes

What do you do when your career as a maniac ends?

Perfected: The Ann Coulter Song

A sarcastic tribute to the queen of bigotry.

Blake Lively on 'Gossip Girl'

Blake talks about her character Serena van der Woodsen.

Sponsored Video: People Think I’m a Statue

Everyone marches to the beat of their own drummer.


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Nokia handsetsSave on the latest Nokia handsets

Find great deals on the latest Nokia mobile phones - 8600, N95 and more.

Flights to ParisFlights to Paris

Compare offers from multiple sites, prices starting from £79

Office Zombies

It isn't too late to whip out a kick-butt zombie costume on the cheap.

A scene from Wanted

Exclusive trailer: Wanted

Wanted tells the tale of one apathetic nobody’s transformation into an unparalleled enforcer of justice. » More

White kangaroo

White 'roo wows zoo

Visitors are flocking to a zoo in Buenos Aires to see a completely white baby kangaroo in its mother's pouch. » More

Yahoo! Pulse

Emily Nakanda

Emily quits over 'attack'

'X Factor' finalist Emily Nakanda has pulled out of the show after she was caught attacking a teenage girl in a 'happy slapping' video. » More

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso

Alonso leaves McLaren

Lewis Hamilton will have a new team-mate in 2008 - former champ Fernando Alonso has left McLaren. » More

Nov 3, 2007 (AP)

Writers set to strike

What will the first Hollywood writers' strike in 20 years mean for your favorite shows and films? » Video

Werewolf's Hair

Hear some Halloween rock in the spirit of 'Monster Mash.'

Thad: Halloween

Looks like Thad is 'Sonny' with no chance of Cher.

Last Second Win

Watch as Trinity College takes the ball across the field with no time left on the clock.

Crushed by Velvet

What is real and what is TV?

Elevator Halloween: 2

The zombie infestation continues.

That's Illegal!

What you can't do in Florida while wearing a bikini.

The Year in Semi-Sports

Rocketboom brings out the best of the 'sports' videos from last year.

TV Squad Daily

Brigitte discusses Simon Cowell's lap dancing obsession.

Best Week Ever at the Office Convention

BWE's Brian Fass attends the first ever Office convention in Scranton, PA.

Vampires in Alaska

The Spill Crew discuss 30 Days of Night and why Blade didn't show up.

Halloween at the Office

Does everyone in your office dress up?

Instantly Awesome Jeans

Find out how some espresso beans and a cheese grater can add style to your jeans.

Seinfeld: The Implant

Jerry suspects his girlfriend has fake breasts.

Human Tetris Part 2

Are the contestants getting any better at this game?

Fish Wish

Sometimes you should just be happy with what you get.

Just Business

A grim story of crime and betrayal.

Unsexy Underwear

This viral ad offers an unusual solution for stopping war.

G.I. Joe's War

A war film done in stunning stop-motion style.

Fastest Hands in the Land

Can he really hit all five targets in less than one second?

Bizarre Halloween Pumpkins

Photo montage of creepy jack-o'-lanterns.

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