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Hi there....welcome to

STUNTMAN: Jon Templeton will act as Hugh Jackman's stunt double in the film Australia. Picture: MEGAN BRAYLE


                 EARLY MORNING

Art by      Shizuko Kiyohara

                                                HIGH PLACE

Art by      Shizuko Kiyohara



Art by      Shizuko Kiyohara


Art by      Shizuko Kiyohara


Art by      Shizuko Kiyohara

  Art by      Shizuko Kiyohara

Art by      Shizuko Kiyohara

Art by      Shizuko Kiyohara

Art by      Shizuko Kiyohara

Art by      Shizuko Kiyohara

Black Swan and Baby Journal
Aleah loves this  beautiful  peaceful swan study
Listen to Aeah's soft and gentle while viewing the black swan and her baby

Aleah's soft and gentle music
"Stay True to what is You."
Örebro, Sweden

All songs written and performed by Aleah.
Aleah's soft gentle music
View My: Pics | Videos

Life & Death; So
urce & Creation; Light & Darkness; Pain & Bliss;
Love & Heartbreak; Inner & Outer Worlds; Depths & Heights;
Joy & Sorrow; Truth & Illusion; Will & Surrender; Beauty & Beast
Anima & Animus; Christ & Lucifer; The Goddess & God;
Dualism & Monotheism...Awakening; Grace.

The Cure, Slowdive, Katatonia, Lisa Gerrard, Cocteau Twins, A Perfect Circle, Rome, Dead Can Dance, Sigur Ros, Mazzy Star, Sisters of Mercy, Red House Painters, The Daysleepers, Radiohead, Ride , Fields of the Nephilim, Massive Attack, Tiamat, Ladytron, The Birthday Massacre, This Mortal Coil, Agalloch, Tool, Spiritualized, Nick Drake, The Mission, Paradise Lost, Mew, Placebo, October Tide, Loreena McKennitt, Portishead, Daylight Dies, Deftones, Elliott Smith, Porcupine Tree, My Bloody Valentine etc...

Efterklang Mirador

About This Video
animated music video for the Efterklang song Mi... (more)
animated music video for the Efterklang song Mirador. Directed by Hvass&Hannibal & UFEX.
Animated by Jens Christian Høgni Larsen & Nan Na Hvass. Mirador can be found on Efterklangs new album entitled Parades which is out now. www.efterklang.net // myspace.com/efterklang (
Added: October 13, 2007
Category:  Music
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From: Rumraket
Joined: 1 year ago
Videos: 14

1459 ratings
Views: 499,201
Comments: 786     Favorited: 1,914 times     Honors: 25     Links: 5

Channel Icon
From: Rumraket
Joined: 1 year ago
Videos: 14
About This Video
animated music video for the Efterklang song Mi... (more)
animated music video for the Efterklang song Mirador. Directed by Hvass&Hannibal & UFEX.
Animated by Jens Christian Høgni Larsen & Nan Na Hvass. Mirador can be found on Efterklangs new album entitled Parades which is out now. www.efterklang.net // myspace.com/efterklang (
Added: October 13, 2007
Category:  Music
Tags:   animated   music   video   Mirador   Efterklang   Parades   Hvass&Hannibal   UFEX   Nan   Na   Hvass   the   leaf   label   rumraket  

I met this young Black Swan couple about two years ago. They took care of one baby at that time and had hard time when the baby due to leave from parents.

Mother is always very sweet care and father is quite strict. Baby did not want to leave from parents. Father started force to drive away the child.

Then baby stuck to mother always. They started to go another pond near by and get back, sometimes with three together. Nearly one week later, almost dusk of one day,

While child swan was a little bit far away, parents suddenly flew away to leave the child alone behind. After this, the child was crying to wish finding parents.

Accidentally I saw this scene, I fed bread and few hours stayed together. Next morning I went to see the child but there is not. Then I went to original place

The child was there with mother. I think the child flew back at dawn. The child completely disappeared after few weeks from this happening.

Last year the couple had 5 babies at first. 2 disappeared in one to two weeks. Some body said it might be eaten by big eel.

They brought up with really tender care of three children and two children left the nest at first, almost one month later the other one disappeared.

This baby black swan was born early January. I named the baby“Rosy”, wishful for peace in the world as prayer of the New Year.
Click hear for Live Video One

Live Video One
No.1 (27.1.2007)  Howdo you do my name is Rosy. My food is mainly algae but I can not reach the bottom.

Click here for live Baby Black Swan Video Two

No.2 (5.2.2007)       :  My action is well communicating with my parents.

Click here for live Baby Black Swan Video Three

No.3 (12.2.2007)  :  Today is rainy day. I am guarded by my father always !

  Click here for live Baby Black Swan Video Four

No.4 ( 17.2.2007 )  :  Mother does very carefully to choose my foods.

Click here for live Baby Black Swan Video Five

No.5 (24.2.2007 )  :  Would you please see my environment . What a nice.....   isn't it ?

 Click here for live Baby Black Swan Video Six

                  No.6 (2.3.2007 )  :  
     I can stay alone and raise my neck in salutation for well come back to parents. 
                    I am very hungry. I have to be very strong.                            
     Rosy slightly wounded on left foot around 1 week sago. Tiny holel is there.
                       This is his leg band will be never disappear. 

 Click here for Baby Black Swan Video Seven

No.7 (10.3.2007 )  :  I have to take care of my feather but very sleepy.
                                     < Rosy's wing became a little bit bigger. >

Click here for Baby Black Swan Video Eight

N0.10 ( 18.3.2007 )  :  I can get my food from deeper water myself.
                                    < Rosy's body color became slightly darker.>

Click here for Baby Black Swan Video Nine

No.9 ( 24.3.2007 )  :  Flower is tasty too ? 
                                  I don't like big eel. But Mother is strong, Isn't she !   

Click Here For Baby Black Swan Video Ten

No. 10 ( 31.3.2007 )  : 
I and mother are an expert to keep balance. 
Please watch my wing.

Click Here For Baby Black Swan Video Eleven

No.11 ( 8.4.2007 )  :  I want to fly.....not,yet   Is this unreasonable  ? 

Click Here For Baby Black Swan Video Twelve

No.12 ( 14.4.2007 )  : How kind of god. I got more feather instead of downy hair.
                                    Can you here my flutter of wings.  Eh!  no ?

Click Here For Baby Black Swan Video Thirteen

No.13 ( 20.4.2007 )  :  My leg is weaker than mother ..?  Mother used leg & wing to step up on to grass is unfair.
                                    All right can do that. I don't stand up salutation to father --just lied down on grass. 

Click Here For Baby Black Swan Video Fourteen
No.14 ( 27.4.2007 )  :  My leg & wing is stronger. As consequently little one escape on my way.
                                    but sleepy time is no difference.

Click Here For Baby Black Swan Video 16

No. 16 ( 11.5.2006 )  : 
You might hear sound of my wingbeat.

Click Here For Baby Black Swan Video 17

No. 17 (18.5.2007 )  : 
I saw father claiming his territory.
        Well, Mum  I might hava to leave......?

             < I came back yesterday  afternoon to see
 how is Rosy. Isn't here at 3pm.
I was waiting from 3pm~dusk.
But never appears.
 I was expecting to see Rosy today  but not again.
I saw only relaxed Parents Instead.
I think parents became much clever about
bringing up their child than before. >
   Rosy and Parents started own their New Life 

 Some comments on Aleah's music

Is Online

9 Nov 2007 06:37

Tack för vänskapen!

Härligt intim sång, du lyckas förmedla mycket känsla. Naket, sårbart och vackert.

Mvh Fredrik/soultap
Cristiano Ferranti

9 Nov 2007 06:09

Thank you so much for the add!
What a voice!
Fantastic tracks...

Listen to mine if you have time...

even death dies

9 Nov 2007 05:40

Hej vacker!

Njuter av din musik på min sida just nu....stämningen och min sinnesstämning passar på den just nu...det känns skönt.

Kram Lindblomma!
The Man Behind - Kym Skye - MY SUMMER OUT NOW!!!

9 Nov 2007 05:07

Thanks for the add. :)

I love your music. It's really good.


9 Nov 2007 01:31

Cooee my dear adorable friend Aleah,

how are ye doin' today, are ye ok? Ummmmm...it's almost weekend, right? Well, time to get ready 2 partayyyyyyyy! If ye don't know what to do or where to go, no problem, come here and join the party now. My Turkish friend Ahmet (DJ Kral, myspace.com/organic_beats) is spinning the records on Saturday night here in Koblenz/Germany, yeah SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER! :-)))

May ye have a good start into an perfect dream weekend, be blessed, stay safe, healthy and may all the good spirits be with ye. Loads of love, light, peace and joy to ye from Koblenz the city of confluence, city of the heroes in Germany, the united states of love.



Is Online

8 Nov 2007 12:33

Hello Su, thank you for the add and very very compliments about your beautiful voice!!!!

We are the CHIMERA, two italian singer who create music which fuses pop with the magic sounds of electronical, orchestral and ethnical music.

We love you so much and we are very glad to be your friends!!

Thank you. CHIMERA
R e f l e j o

8 Nov 2007 06:20

Hello ALEAH!

music music!

Cheers from REFLEJO!!
Mats Grundström

8 Nov 2007 04:41

Måste bara säga att jag gillar din röst. Fantastiskt uttrycksfull. Lycka till. Mats

7 Nov 2007 23:07

hello Aleah
thanks for the add
nice to meet you
love your voice and your songs so much


7 Nov 2007 19:54


Awesome project. Thank you for the add.

Experimental Doom greetings from Thailand.

Digital Angel

7 Nov 2007 16:09

thanx for the add!

7 Nov 2007 15:18

hiya, my girl emily thinks you are real nice and cute, add her on MSN and talk to her please! her msn address is emily24platinum@hotmail.com

7 Nov 2007 14:53

Thank You for your inspiration and harmony. The click to this site, gives me so much power, like a 1 hour meditation. RESPECT to your works!!
with love G.

7 Nov 2007 13:13

Thank you Aleah !
C. Blake Helms

7 Nov 2007 12:20

Beautiful work - Thank You

7 Nov 2007 11:59

Breathe...so good ;)

May all the love, wisdom and beauty shine radiant from within you always.

" always find time...kededsen.

7 Nov 2007 11:48

You can make a difference,
every single day
You can make a difference,
with everything you say
You can make a difference,
to that stranger on the street
You can make a difference,
with everyone you meet
You can make a difference,
by holding someone's hand
You can make a difference,
by taking a stand
You can make a difference,
to someone who is sad
You can make a difference,
and instead make someone glad
You can make a difference,
and make someone smile
You can make a difference,
by making it last a while
You can make a difference,
by making someone laugh
You can make a difference,
and help them forget the past
You can make a difference,
stop being greedy
You can make a difference,
and help those who are needy
You can make a difference,
by helping a friend
You can make a difference,
and be there till the end
You can make a difference,
to those who are near and far
You can make a difference,
no matter who you are
You can make a difference,
just by being YOU
You can make a difference,
with the simple things YOU do
Brian Cunningham-Dreamthemes music

7 Nov 2007 04:58

hi ya Aleah!thanks for the accept-my pleasure to request and your great music!you look really cool! hope you enjoy my music and feel free to join my mailing list..enter your email on my page-become part of the 'Dreamthemes street team' and you can download my player for your page.
have an awesome week and hope to speak soon!
Karolos Mavrogenis

7 Nov 2007 04:53

Thank U !! Great music, so much feeling in it... Great attitude and super face. The whole thing can only be a success, bless you! Karolos, pianist from Greece xxx

7 Nov 2007 03:58

Ja... jag vaknad nyss och såg att även Falun var dränkt i en vit sörja. Jag hatar vinter.
hilal-A.Q PKK!!

7 Nov 2007 03:38

thanks for the add!
Jesus Alberto Ponce du place at center of de moon

6 Nov 2007 22:25

merci pour l'ajout
i really like your music
y tambien lo bella que eres
Da Ole Man

6 Nov 2007 19:58

I'm Justa' Page In Space. I See All Things Beautiful, Yet You Amaze Me. My Greatest Gift Is To Be On This Side Of The Grass, Which Enables Me To See You. I Thank You For That & I Love You For Being My Friend.
Goddess of The She

6 Nov 2007 17:28

Thank you so much for joining my circle of light, your voice is enchanting!
lady robyn

6 Nov 2007 17:18

Falun är mörkt och kallt... annars är det väl kanon!
Hur är Örebro??

6 Nov 2007 13:21

Thanks for accepting the add! I am of swedish decent....and I would like to travel their someday! You have an awsome voice also the words have so much meaning...!!! Keep making wonderful music! Pam

6 Nov 2007 12:36

i await patiently so it's quite alright. and thank you love.
Giampiero Assumma Photographer

6 Nov 2007 09:08

thank you very much for your so wonderful music

6 Nov 2007 05:38

Thanks for the add My dear!!!
David Hoffmeister

6 Nov 2007 03:52

Hi Aleah,

Thanks for your friendship. I have enjoyed your songs immensely. Next June I will visit Sweden and Belgium again and then Ireland for the first time, and Ireland will be my 21st country of my global peace tours during the last several years.

Blessings of Love & Gratitude,



6 Nov 2007 01:53

have a wonderful day, beautiful aleah!


6 Nov 2007 01:30

Good morning Aleah,

I love the new demos and I can't get enough of your breathy angelic voice, keep it up darling! :-)))

May you have a great blessed week ahead and many happy hours with the ones you love my dear friend Aleah!

Much love and peace, many kisses and hugs from me to you always,


6 Nov 2007 00:18

Thanks Aleah..
Nice to know your music

5 Nov 2007 22:11

You put back up "Breathe"
That was the song that I fell in love with.
Alex Domschot

5 Nov 2007 21:33

Hope all is well with you.

5 Nov 2007 21:23

I think if you did a video it would be great. I'm sure there must be film talent in Sweden that you know...

5 Nov 2007 15:17

gods voice in disques regardless of any type of lyric. A rose by any othe name is yet a Rose.
Love you so
^ anger free is the key,we can't ever fool god

5 Nov 2007 13:11

Your a beauty as ur songs are!

5 Nov 2007 13:09

hey aleah i realy like youre solo projet and beautiful song

5 Nov 2007 12:45

Thank you for adding Breathe, Aleah!
I adore it. :)
Have a wonderful week.

5 Nov 2007 12:12

Hey aleah, just stopped by to say hello and let ya know i'm still listenin to the demo album on a regular basis, just love that stuff...peace...Jai

5 Nov 2007 11:50

Your music is my BREATH

5 Nov 2007 11:31

Ja, biljetterna släpptes förra veckan, verkar vara ganska stort intresse. Nu kommer man ju bara ihåg dom bra grejerna från förra kryssningen så suget finns ju iallafall, men som du sa förut, det ligger ju lite väl långt fram i tiden så det är ju lite svårt att planera. Jättefina nya bilder föresten!

5 Nov 2007 09:50


I just love your music and voice=)

5 Nov 2007 08:25

ooh lalalala mi lady grace... how beautiful you look in your new picture...

I'm going to get old and gray waiting for you on FACEBOOK Cummmoonnn :)

Love You Beauty

devil red

5 Nov 2007 08:24

Hi, How are you? thanks for adding me is an honor, Your voice is wonderful.

Come to México.

5 Nov 2007 08:22

All yoga asana photos superb....


5 Nov 2007 03:31

your Voice comes from Another World

5 Nov 2007 02:52


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