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(L-R) Katherine Heigl (Jim Spellman/WireImage); Beyonce Knowles (D. Venturelli/WireImage); Jessica Alba (Jeff Vespa/WireImage)

'99 Most Desirable Women'

Beyoncé Knowles, Jessica Alba, and Katherine Heigl compete for top spot on the annual list. » No. 1 is . . .

This poster which was prepared and released by the Holloway family after their daughter Natalee went missing is seen in this image originally made available by the Holloway family Friday, June 3, 2005. (AP)

A Holloway 'confession'?

A secret recording of a suspect in the Natalee Holloway case may finally reveal what happened. » Details


  • Earthquakes in Rwanda and Congo kill 30 and injure 350
• Kenyan crisis talks resume amid violence in western region
• Bush to send $3 trillion budget to Congress

Elements of budget
• Bill Clinton stumps for his wife in Los Angeles
2008 campaign
• Yahoo! may consider Google alliance, source says
• Take a sneak peek behind 'The Greatest Show on Earth'
• World 100m champion Maurice Greene announces retirement
• Super Bowl · NBA · NCAA Basketball · NHL · Soccer · MLB
Lewis Hamilton

Warning over racist taunts

The FIA have issued a warning to Spanish fans after Lewis Hamilton was subjected to racial abuse during a pre-season test in Barcelona. » More

Northern Rock branch

Rock rescue bids deadline

The deadline for rescue bids for Northern Rock expires today with a trio of possible deals on the table. » More


New emissions charge

Operators of lorries, buses and coaches that fail to meet low emissions targets will now be charged £200 a day to drive into London. » More

Optical illusions (Y! Video)

Mind tricks

See if your mind can resist being fooled by these famous optical illusions. » Top videos of 2007

• Afghanistan expels U.N., EU officials on security charges
• Flash floods in Sri Lanka displace more than 150,000
• Rescuers find three bodies, one survivor in Panama plane crash
• Dying Iowa voter confronts presidential candidates
'08 race
Target says December sales may decline
• U.S. braces for first wave of baby boomer retirement in 2008
• Will Smith angered by misinterpretation of Hitler remark
• NFL · NCAA Football · NCAA Hoops · NBA · NHL · Soccer

 • Faithful mark Christmas Day across globe
• 3 dead, 1 survivor in Panama plane crash
• Reward Sunni fighters, US commander says
• Nepal bridge collapses, 15 killed
• Poll shows peace pessimism
• Deposed PM plans return
• Sarkozy, girlfriend on visit to Egypt
• NFL · NCAA Football · NCAA Hoops · NBA · NHL · Soccer
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 • No End in Sight for Soaring Art Market
• Target Says Dec. Sales May Decline
• Plan Would Let Seniors Work to Pay Taxes
• Last-Minute Buyers Give Retailers Relief
• Stocks Extend Gains After Merrill Deal
• Oil Prices Rise on Supply Concerns
• Merrill to Get $6.2B Cash Infusion
• Foreign Buyers Snap Up 2nd Homes in US
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Google Videos 

Google Videos 

Click on photos below to see..
USA Weekly News Feature Video of Matera, Italy
Where The Passion of Christ was made...

New York International Theater, Film & Arts Festival

World Healines from:

Swan Lake (ABC)

Russians dance in tutus

Four Russian men in tutus take "Swan Lake" to frigid extremes. We don't know why either. » Watch video

Fidel Castro

Castro hints at retirement

Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro has suggested he might retire after nearly five decades in power. » More

Fabio Capello

A month to learn the lingo

England's Italian new boss Fabio Capello has promised to master the English language within a month. » More

Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly

More data goes missing

The Government has lost the records of more than three million learner drivers from a "secure facility" in Iowa. » More

Rhydian Roberts

Was Rhydian robbed?

Ofcom is looking into complaints from 'X Factor' viewers who claim they could not get through to vote for Rhydian. » More


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• Navy grounds 39 anti-submarine planes due to safety concerns
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New York, NY

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T (Team)

will leave no stone unturned when it comes to investigating Pollies and Powerbrokers, to help the average American  or Australian or amyone int he world in fighting for Truth Justice and the American Way
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Hushmail can protect you against a variety of security hazards.
When you are using Hushmail, the connection between your computer and the Hushmail server is protected by encryption. That means that if someone is eavesdropping on your Internet connection, they will not be able to read the traffic that you send to the Hushmail website

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New York International Theater, Film & Arts Festival

World Healines from:

Cleveland Police Detective Superintendent Tony Hutchinson holds the photograph used by John Darwin on his fake passport, during a press conference in Middlesbrough, England, Monday Dec. 10, 2007. Darwin, 57, who turned up alive five years after being declared dead in a kayak accident off Britain's northeast coast, was appearing in court on fraud charges for allegedly faking his own death in an insurance scam.(AP Photo/Scott Hepple)
Police said Monday they have charged with deception Anne Darwin, seen here 09 December 2007, the wife of a Briton who reappeared after more than five years during which he was thought to be dead.(AFP/File/Andrew Yates)The violent video game,
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (L) meets with troops at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.  Afghan troops fought their way into the centre of southern Taliban stronghold Musa Qala on Monday but encountered only light resistance as the rebels melted away, officials and the militants said.  As Gordon Brown paid a surprise visit to Helmand province, soldiers pushed into Musa Qala's centre on day four of a major operation to re-take the town.(AFP/Pool/Peter McDiarmid)

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Keith Olbermann on Rupert Murdoch MySpace...Keith Olbermann Rupert Murdoch MySpace Fox News Bill O'Reilly countdown my space
Tags: Keith   Olbermann   Rupert   Murdoch   MySpace   Fox News   Bill   O'Reilly   countdown   my   spaceTime: 02:11 More in News & Politics

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Murdoch, ironically days after Murdoch's papers and news agencies
slammed Rudd over the Anzac Day dawn service fiasco.
Recorded live from Sky News Australia...Rupert Murdoch

From: 1635B00
Tags: Rupert   Murdoch   Kevin   Rudd   Labor   Party   News   Corporation 
Fox   meeting   Sky   Australia Time: 01:23 More in News & Politics

Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism -- Trailer

Murder by Queensland's CMC and its officers of an unborn Child
Dan Bartlet
The Crime and Misconduct Commission of Queensland in Australia (CMC) headed by John David Hallahan, Michael O'Connor, Dan Bartlet, Ian Thomas

You all will  be proud of yourselves having succeeded in you wish to murder of an unborn child that one of the  CMC's  innocent victim's  was carring, before she was deliberately, callously, cowardly, wrongfully dragged into secret interrgation hearings by yourselves for no useful purpose, other than to help deliberately murder an innocent unborn child that the CMC's  innocent victim was carrying at the time.  
The CMC and its officers have stated that they were tapping the CMC's  innocent victim's phone and email for some time when they issued a notice of demand that the CMC's  innocent victim  be cross examined by the CMC at secret interrogation hearings about a subject that she simply knew nothing about, and could not be of any real assistance to what the CMC was investigating.
From listening to the CMC's  innocent victim's telephone conversations and reading her emails, the CMC and its officers clearly knew that that the CMC's  innocent victim was pregnant, when they had their corrupt police officer attend the CMC's  innocent victim's home to wrongly and falsely tell her that. in his and the CMC's oppinion, she was a criminal and was in a lot of trouble, and to serve the demand notice that the CMC's  innocent victim attend on just two days notice to the CMC, to be interrogated at secret hearings where only a high priced laywer at $1,600 a day is allowed to attend with her

A lawyer that the CMC's  innocent victim could not afford. Not many ordinary Australian can afford $1,600 a day for a lawyer to attend the CMC's secret interrogation hearings. As no one other than a lawyer is allowed to attend with an innocent victim of the CMC, the CMC's innocent voctim has no choice but to borrow the money to pay a high proceed lawyer to attend the CMC's secret interrogation hearings with them.
It is a fact that the CMC's  innocent victim spoke on her mobile phone 
(which the the CMC officers clearly admitt had been tapped by the CMC for a long time),  
on the Monday  and excitedly discussed her pregnacy.
 Then the next day, on Tuesday, with the CMC knowing full well the CMC's innocent victim was pregnant, the CMC had a corrupt police officer attend her home to serve the CMC's   demand for the CMC's  innocent victim to be interrogated, about a subject the CMC's  innocent victim knew nothing  about, and could clearly not be of any real assistance to what the CMC was investiagting.
The CMC's  innocent victim's unborn child is now dead, as a direct result of the malicious, deliberate and calculating actions of the CMC and its officers. 
Without  the wrongful actions of the CMC and its officers, that unborn child would still be alive today. The attached email warned the CMC and its officers of what they were doing was very wrong and illegal, but they continuted on this wrongful and illegal path to help murder an unborn child.
The INL News Group will now publish this email and information on the world wide web on as many  web sites as possible, and let the world know what these individuals and Queensland's CMC have done.

 They all should hang there head in shame for ever.

Their families, friends and associates should be absolutely ashamed of these people, and the world generally, that read this information on the world wide web, will also be horrified of this horrendous crime.
 This horrendous crime has also been sanctioned by the Queensland and Australian Governments, who has also been warned, as a copy of the attached email was also sent to the Queensland Attorney General and also the previous Liberal Attorney General of Australia, that has now been removed by the Australian people at the recent 2007 Federal Elections.
The INL News Group will also fund an application in the Internatonal Court of Justice, to have these criminals brought to justice, as there is no doubt these criminals will be protected by their mates in the Australian Courts which is run by judges who are all ex-lawyers.
The CMC is run by Australian lawyers, who also one day could become judges who would then themselves be in the powerful position to protect corrupt laywers running the CMC..
I have been brought up in Africa and have seen some horrendous wrongful things happen, but nothing I have ever seen is as horrendous as what the CMC and its officers and appointed representatives have deleiberately done here, with their involvement of the murder of an innocent unborn child.

yours truly

Managing Editor of the INL News Group

The INL News Group note that, had the CMC's  innocent victim been the daughter of Rupert Murdoch, the most powerful person in the world today, controlling a majority of the world's mainstream media outlets, worth hundreds of billions of dollars, the Queensland's CMC would never had treated the the CMC's  innocent victim in this manner and the CMC's  innocent victim's unborn child would have still been alive today.
This is another example that there is one rule for the rich and powerful, and another rule for an ordinary  innocent victim, trying their best to live a normal and innocent life with their partner and new child due to be born, and find some basic happiness after trying to recover from a serious nervous beakdown in the last five years, which the CMC had full knowledge of, from tapping the the CMC's  innocent victim's telephone and emails for a long time

Crime and Misconduct Commission

Yes, the CMC protects corrupt police offices who live beyond their means and that can not provide any lawful evidence as to where their funds comes from, in particular large drug dealers that provide funds to support the employees of the Crime and Misconduct Commission to support our expensive life styles.. as the wages that the people of Queensland are simply not enough to pay for all our expensive life styles...

Yes, the CMC supports criminal behavour by police officers in Queensland, in fact anywhere really, as long as they have some sort of police badge we make sure they can continue their criminal behaviour without being harassed in their activities...if anyone tries to expose these criminal activities we have unlimited powers to drag them and/or their families into secret hearings that cost about $2,000 a day to pay a lawyer to attend these hearings with them, as we have made the rules such that only a lawyer can attend with the person we get our corrupt police to drag off the street on only two days notice into these secret hearings.. at the same time we are all paid large salaries by the people of Queensland and the cash we receive on the side from our corrupt police mates and other other criminal mates...

Yes, the CMC supports misconduct as long as it is misconduct by any of our criminal mates  employed in the Police Service and/or another Government Departments or other private criminals that are friends, who are prepared to offer funds to support our expensive life styles that the salaries we obtain from the Queensland Taxpayers do not cover... we specialise in supporting, protecting and encouraging the Queensland and Federal Police and others to import and sell illegal drugs and break and enter houses without a warrant to steal whole housefuls of furniture (as they did in Tallai) and steal the original manuscripts of books such as the Triumph of Truth (Who's Watching the Watchers) that was in the process of being published world wide by International News Limited in books and films and a TV series that would have brought a lot of world wide attention to our criminal behaviour of our corrupt police mates and expose our own criminal activities.. we simply had no choice but to break into that house with the help of our drug taking and selling mates and the Queensland Police, were we suspected this book could be stored.. after all we had to protect our livelihood and our business associates who provide our ability for ourselves to live beyond our means... we at the CMC of course can not be investigated as we are not going to investigate ourselves and we are the only ones with such power... we are simply untouchable and have a very protected monopoly in that regard


2008 New York International
Theater, Film & Arts Festival
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New York City,  News York 10012
19th January 2008 to 23rdFebruary 2008
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Meet Mr Wijat and his team at  the 2008 New York International Theater, Film & Arts Festival ( NYIT Fesival )
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"Myself, ERF The Worm, Marvin the Marvelous and my Super Hero son, Al Wijat, are all so excited about the 2008 NYIT Festival to be held at the Theatres, 45 Bleecker Street, New York"...Mr Wijat

The 2008 New  York International Theater, Film & Arts Festival
( NYIT Festival )
to be held at the Theatres, 45 Bleecker Street, New York
 from the 19th January 2008 to the 23rd February 2008,

Mr Wijat and His team, are now in the USA, as Supermans is retired
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Truth Justice and the American Way
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                             READ the
                             CONRAD BLACK A CLOSER LOOK

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Lord  Conrad Black    Richard Perle Hollinger International: Former Co-Chairman

For the Full Profile on Richard Perle click here for Right Wing Online

click here

Lord Black of Crossharbour

Conrad Black, the former press baron jailed for 15 years for fraud, makes the front pages of most papers. His rise and fall is summed up in the Independent ...

Black found guilty of criminal fraud
Fri Jul 13,CHICAGO (Reuters) - A U.S. jury on Friday found Conrad Black guilty of criminal fraud and obstruction of justice in a grim Friday the 13th verdict that could send the former media baron to jail for up to 35 years.

Conrad M. Black [was] Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Operating Officer ofHollinger International Inc.. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Nixon Center.

He is known politically for his staunch criticism of the Liberal Party of Canada.

The issue of whether Black could accept a title in Britain was the most notable battle between Black and Canadian Prime MinisterJean Chretien- Canadian citizens cannot accept such titles without giving up citizenship and Chretien would not make exceptions. The National which had been launched by Black was not financially successful, and was sold to the CanWest chain then owned by Israel Asper.

For all the detailed research on all the world stories surrounding the trial and conviction of Conread Black go to -
the best vegetarian dating site!
Hi there....welcome to'

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    Some Old News from transferred to

    Watch the latest ITN news bulletin


    A seventy year old Australian Venture Capital Company Chapmans Limited (ASX code-CHP)
    which has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) since about 1970 announces purchase of 10% of

    trading as Smart Ventures
    The Australian Stock Market reacted positively to the news by pushing Chapmans shares up by 60% over a two day heavy trading session

    READERS COMMENT FROM Bill Manors of New York
    It sounds like from reading the web site the owners being 
    COMMUNITY FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP Pty Ltd trading as Smart Ventures that Smart Ventures owns billions of worth of business
    and real etsate deals all over the world, this makes a great deal for Chapmans Limited.
     Well done Borris Ganke and Dan Lanskey,
    the masterminds behind putting the deal together for Chapmans Limited.

     Such positiove news that Chapmans now owns 10% of a company that seems to be worth over one billion dollars, would give Chapmans an extra $100 million added to their balance sheet.
    With only 100 milion issued shares in Chapmans, this should make the Chapmans shares valued at over $1 a share from their current trading price of around 2-3c a share.
    It seems like Chapmans managing director, Borris Ganke, known in business circles as "THE OLD FOX", well known for his ability to get shares moving in the right direction-upwards of course, as he did with Offshore Oil and Poisden, during the Australian mining boom of the 1960's , is up to his old tricks again and turning Chapmans Limited into another Poisden for Chapmans share holders, with a potential rise from 2-3c to over $1 a share.

    Good luck and congradulations to those shareholders who had faith in Borris Ganke and his right hand man and new personal business advisor Dan Lanskey, who they say Mr Ganke will not move on any business deal without consulting Mr lanskey first.
    In fact I have many business friends in Sydney Australia, where Chapmans Limited has it's head office, and they say Mr Ganke is never seen without Dan Lanskey from 8am to about 12pm when they finally are seen leaving the Chapmans office in Elizebeth Street Sydney, after spending another long day plotting Chapman's next take over and business moves.
    No one can say they do not earn their money as the main managers and driving force behind Chapmans Limited.
    They certainly deserve the recognition and success that Chapmans Limited and its shareholders are about to enjoy.
    Again, well done boys, I have been a faithful shareholder of Chapmans for a long time after my business friends in Sydney recommended it just because they said Borris Ganke will eventually make someting happen with the company, and have seen the shares go between 2c and 50c, now finally they are set to move to over the $1 a share mark. 
    I certianly will not be selling then, as there is no doubt in my mind that when Chapmans lists on the London Stock Exchange next year, they will be over one English Pound a share, which is around $Aust2.50 a share with the current English Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate.

    Smart Ventures are not the only company interested in Chapmans Limited. International News Limited based in the USA, is apparently looking at a take over bid for Chapmans to use to head their expansion into the Australian media market with a hard copy Australia wide weekend newspaper called the Australian Weekend News and online real estate and business sales web sites in Australian and New Zealand called  and
    to take on

    which is said in the industry to be worth a few billion dollars, because of the very profitable advertising revenue it earns each year from real estate and business for sale advertising. Both groups are keen to take over Chapmans for a number of reasons, which includes the fact that, as Chapmans has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since about 1970, it will be easy to have the company listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), which is effectively the second board of the London Stock Exchange. This move will open up the opportunity and interest for European, United Kingdom and USA investors and large superanuation, insurance and mutual funds to invest in Chapmans Limited, which now has interests in a diverse range of industries listed in the Smart Ventures portfolio, and the interesting investments Chapmans have already made in mobile phone accessories, mining, real estate and an Irish based new roofing system called New-Lock , as well as the media.
    Brett Goldsworthy the CEO of Smart Ventures seems excited about what appears to be effectively a merger of two venture capital type companies.
    Another USA based media company called the USA Weekly News Limited has just last week purchased 10% of the issued shares in Chapmans Limited, and is making noises of purchasing another 9%, which will bring their shareholding just under the 20% mark. It is understood negotiations are going on at present with some of the of the other large shareholders of Chapmans to purchase these extra 9% off market, so that the share price on the market will not increase too much in case they want to make a formal take over bid in the near future.
    If the USA Weekly News Limited purchases 20% or more of the stock it will be forced to make a take over bid for Chapmans. From investigations done by INL, this is also on the cards.
    Watch this space for further developments.
    It is INL's understanding that on the 26th of April 2007 the general manager of Chapmans, Dan Lansky with the managing director of Chapmans Borris Ganke, brokered and signed the deal for Chapmans to buy 10% of Brett Goldswothy's, Smart Ventures which describes itself on Smart Venture's web site
     the following way

    Stop Press:
    The original of this artilce came from 
    and appears to have been first published in January 2007
    A major Investment Group who are taking over USA company,
    USA Weekly News Limited

    the publisher of

    are getting ready to take over Chapmans Limited
     ( Austalian Stock Exchange Code is CHP),
    a little known venture capital company that has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since about 1970.
    The plan is to use Chapmans Limited to back door list
    International News Limited,
    which is expected to cause the market to value the 90 million issued shares in Chapmans at about $Aust5 a share.
       Once the take over is completed, CHAPMANS will be listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) on the London Stock Exchange, at which time, it is expected that Chapmans shares will trade around five UK Pounds a shares.
       This equates to about $Aust10 dollars a share.
       The future share price of Chapmans Limited is expected to be strengthened as the bidding takes hold by the fact that the top 20 shareholders control about 80% of the shares in the company, and very few of these large shareholders are keen to sell their shares under $5 a share, as they are well aware of the future of the company.
       In fact the managing director of Chapmans Limited, Borris Ganke, a well know veteran in the public company world, has at present an effective control of Chapmans through his personal shareholders and the shareholdering of another company he is managing director of, being Southern Cross Explorations Limited.
       Mr Ganke continues to resist any take over of the company and refuses to discuss the the sale of the 30% of the capital of Chapmans which he and Southern Cross Explorations control.
       Mr Ganke has made it clear that these shares are not for sale at any price and does not need the money as he owns a development property in Fiji which he estimates has a potential development profit of about $Aust500 milion. 
       It appears that Mr Ganke and his company Southern Cross Exporations Ltd, are there for the long term, to be involved with the move of Chapmans to the London Stock Exchange, where Mr Ganke is well known through previous companies he has been involved with on the London Stock Exchange.
       These previous companies have had capitalisations of around half a billion UK pounds on the London Stock Exchange.
      It is also understood that an oppositon camp of shareholders control about 30% of the share capital of Chapmans, and a smaller group control about 20% of Chapman's issued share capital.
       This only leaves about 20% of the issued share capital of Chapmans held by a lot a very small shareholders in small parcels from 10,000 to 200,000 shares.
       Very low key announcements have previously been made by the board of Chapmans about their aims to become involved in the media world, which have gone unnoticed by financial journalists in Australia.
       Mr Ganke is well known to be be a very conservative managing director who does not like to beat the drum too loundly until the ink is fully dry on final agreements.
       It is believed that representatives of AIM have already been over from London to approach Mr Ganke to request him to list Chapmans on AIM. 
      AIM is a part of the London Stock Exchange, which provides automatic listing to any Australian company that has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) for more than three years. Chapmans has been on the Australian Stoxk Exchange for about 30 years.
       It is believed that the plan includes asking shareholders to agree to allow Chapmans to change its 70 year old name name to International News Limited, which is at present registered in Australia and the USA, as the owner of valuable media newspaper mastheads and internet URLs estimated to be worth over one billion UK Pounds.

        The INL News is proud to announce that  Patrick Obi has been promoted to World News Administration manager for INL News.
        After spending many years working for various new oranisations throughout Africa, Patrick Obi will bring a wealth of experince and world news contracts to INL News.
        The INL News Team gives you a very warm welcome to Patrick in his new role as World News Admin Manager.
    Great to have you on board Patrick
                      From all the Staff at INL News

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