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Cleveland Police Detective Superintendent Tony Hutchinson holds the photograph used by John Darwin on his fake passport, during a press conference in Middlesbrough, England, Monday Dec. 10, 2007. Darwin, 57, who turned up alive five years after being declared dead in a kayak accident off Britain's northeast coast, was appearing in court on fraud charges for allegedly faking his own death in an insurance scam.(AP Photo/Scott Hepple)
Police said Monday they have charged with deception Anne Darwin, seen here 09 December 2007, the wife of a Briton who reappeared after more than five years during which he was thought to be dead.(AFP/File/Andrew Yates)The violent video game,
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (L) meets with troops at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.  Afghan troops fought their way into the centre of southern Taliban stronghold Musa Qala on Monday but encountered only light resistance as the rebels melted away, officials and the militants said.  As Gordon Brown paid a surprise visit to Helmand province, soldiers pushed into Musa Qala's centre on day four of a major operation to re-take the town.(AFP/Pool/Peter McDiarmid)

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Keith Olbermann on Rupert Murdoch MySpace...Keith Olbermann Rupert Murdoch MySpace Fox News Bill O'Reilly countdown my space
Tags: Keith   Olbermann   Rupert   Murdoch   MySpace   Fox News   Bill   O'Reilly   countdown   my   spaceTime: 02:11 More in News & Politics

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Murdoch, ironically days after Murdoch's papers and news agencies
slammed Rudd over the Anzac Day dawn service fiasco.
Recorded live from Sky News Australia...Rupert Murdoch

From: 1635B00
Tags: Rupert   Murdoch   Kevin   Rudd   Labor   Party   News   Corporation 
Fox   meeting   Sky   Australia Time: 01:23 More in News & Politics

Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism -- Trailer


Around the World

Around the World FOX News

Train packed with holiday travelers derails in Pakistan...

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Yahoo! News Exclusive

60 Minutes

Exclusive video and interviews with top newsmakers from 60 Minutes.

Say What? FOX News - 1 hour, 45 minutes ago

The age of those suffering from hearing loss has gotten much younger

  • Across America FOX News - 1 hour, 47 minutes ago

    Precious piece of history goes on the auction block

  • Torture complex found in Iraq CNN - 2 hours, 46 minutes ago

    In Iraq, coalition forces find a mass grave and a suspected torture complex. CNN's Harris Whitbeck reports.

  • Is the DOJ Protecting Halliburton? ABC News - 2 hours, 57 minutes ago

    Congress claims that unprosecuted rape cases are apart of a larger problem.

  • The Spirit of Giving ABC News - Wed Dec 19, 9:52 PM ET

    Generosity toward Iraqi children may be helping to save American lives.

  • Man killed by Winnipeg police a former Canadian Forces member - Wed Dec 19, 8:57 PM ET

  • Why is Vladimir Putin Time's "Person of the Year?" ABC News - Wed Dec 19, 8:38 PM ET

    A look inside the country changed by the controversial Russian leader.

  • Sarkozy dating supermodel CNN - Wed Dec 19, 8:16 PM ET

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy's splashy outing with a supermodel is raising eyebrows. CNN's Jim Bittermann reports.

  • Suspected torture complex CNN - Wed Dec 19, 8:15 PM ET

    A suspected torture complex with chains hanging from walls and ceilings and a bed connected to an electrical system.

  • Time names Putin 'Person of the Year' Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 7:42 PM ET

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has been named Time magazine's Person of the Year.

  • Efforts to confirm Japanese whaling pact Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 7:35 PM ET

    Greenpeace is trying to confirm reports that Japan has agreed to stop the slaughter of humpback whales.

  • EU car makers face CO2 fines BBC - Wed Dec 19, 6:38 PM ET

    The EU is proposing fines on car makers who fail to meet targets for cutting emissions of CO2 from new vehicles.

  • South Korea's Lee 'in lead' BBC - Wed Dec 19, 6:23 PM ET

    Exit polls suggest conservative candidate Lee Myung-bak has won South Korea's presidential election.

  • Great President? FOX News - Wed Dec 19, 6:07 PM ET

    TIME magazine names Russia's Vladimir Putin 'Person of the Year'

  • Happy Ending FOX News - Wed Dec 19, 6:06 PM ET

    Arrival of family members who were lost in California mountains

  • US claims progress in Iraq BBC - Wed Dec 19, 5:48 PM ET

    US forces have achieved "significant progress" in Iraq over the last three months, the Pentagon has said.

  • UN to discuss Kosovo BBC - Wed Dec 19, 5:42 PM ET

    The UN is to discuss the future of Kosovo as ethnic Albanians in the province seek independence.

  • Kosovo deadlock talks fail CNN - Wed Dec 19, 5:34 PM ET

    U.N. Security Council is unable to break an impasse over Kosovo's future. CNN's Richard Roth reports.

  • Violent protests in Gaza BBC - Wed Dec 19, 5:22 PM ET

    Israeli air strikes have killed at least 12 Palestinian militants in Gaza, including an Islamic Jihad leader.

  • Dozens dead in Pakistan crash BBC - Wed Dec 19, 5:17 PM ET

    A crowded train derails in southern Pakistan, killing at least 56 people and injuring more than 120.

  • Case Not Closed FOX News - Wed Dec 19, 4:08 PM ET

    Investigation into Natalee Holloway's disappearance continues

  • Torture House FOX News - Wed Dec 19, 4:07 PM ET

    FOX obtains disturbing video from inside Iraqi torture chamber

  • Time Person of Year: Putin AP - Wed Dec 19, 3:55 PM ET

    Time magazine named Russian President Vladimir Putin its "Person of the Year.'' Others in the running for the honor included Nobel Prize-winner Al Gore and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. (Dec. 19)

  • Tintin thrives in Egypt, despite censorship AFP - Wed Dec 19, 3:48 PM ET

    The world over Tintin fans are marking the centenary of the birth of his creator, the Belgian illustrator Hergé. The roving boy reporter spent more time in the Arab world than anywhere else -- in four of the 25 Tintin books -- and despite claims of colonialism and "Orientalist" stereotyping, he remains a favourite read for locals there.

  • Putin Receives Time's Annual Nod ABC News - Wed Dec 19, 3:42 PM ET

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is Time's "Person of the Year."

  • Man killed by Winnipeg police was former Canadian Forces member: sources - Wed Dec 19, 3:31 PM ET

  • Off the Hook? FOX News - Wed Dec 19, 3:07 PM ET

    Joran van der Sloot's attorney responds to dismissal of case against Holloway suspects

  • First Australian Council with Rudd as PM Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 3:00 PM ET

    Today marks the start of a new era in Commonwealth-State relations when Kevin Rudd holds his first Council of Australian Governments meeting as PM.

  • Al Qaeda's No. 2 Will Answer Questions ABC News - Wed Dec 19, 2:34 PM ET

    Al Qaeda has invited journalists to send question to Zawahiri.

  • Calls to confirm Japan whaling pact Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 2:29 PM ET

    Greenpeace is trying to confirm reports the US has struck a deal with Japan to spare the humpback until the International Whaling Conference in June.

  • End draws closer for Bali bombers Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 2:04 PM ET

    Three Indonesians on death row for their rolls in the Bali bombings could be executed in just over a month.

  • Putin is Time's person of the year Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 2:04 PM ET

    Russia's President Putin has been named Time magazine's person of the year

  • Saving Iraq's children CNN - Wed Dec 19, 12:53 PM ET

    CNN's Arwa Damon reports on the state of Iraq's children and their desperate need for help.

  • Iraqi refugees return home AFP - Wed Dec 19, 11:25 AM ET

    Tens of thousands Iraqi refugees are returning home, hoping to re-establish their lives in their war-ravaged home country. More than two million Iraqis fled abroad during the unrest, mainly to neighbouring states Syria and Jordan. The governments there say supporting the population costs billions, but aid agences have warned that Iraq cannot support a massive influx of returnees. Still, with violence slowly receding in Iraq, tens of thousands are braving the journey home.

  • Sprouts' Christmas journey BBC - Wed Dec 19, 11:08 AM ET

    In the UK 370 million sprouts are eaten every year, with Christmas the busiest period for producers.

  • Europe's cars to 'go green' BBC - Wed Dec 19, 11:06 AM ET

    Car makers in Europe will be required to reduce the amount of carbon emissions from new vehicles.

  • Pakistan train derailment kills at least 56 - Wed Dec 19, 10:00 AM ET

  • B.C. man back in Canada after months in Dubai jail - Wed Dec 19, 9:59 AM ET

  • Former PM Thaksin's legacy lives on Reuters - Wed Dec 19, 8:58 AM ET

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    Garden of Eden

    Scientists are just beginning to uncover the mysteries of this isolated region.

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    Troubled streets

    Big cities struggle to meet the needs of the homeless, report finds.

    U.S. Armed Forces

    'Realities of war'

    Army deserter: Recruits should be told about the grimness of war.



    Garden of Eden

    Scientists are just beginning to uncover the mysteries of this isolated region.

    Video Report

    Disappearing Arctic

    The Arctic Ocean will be ice-free much sooner than expected.


    Yahoo! Music Exclusive

    Final bow

    Watch exclusive video of Celine Dion's last Las Vegas performance.


    KITT 2.0

    A cobra-branded Shelby Mustang will star in the new Knight Rider.


    ELECTION '08

    Tightening race

    Huckabee's surge has thrown the Republican race into disarray.

    Video Report

    Endorsement time

    Newspapers from Boston and Des Moines have picked their candidates.



    Elusive Wii

    Nintendo is offering rain checks for frustrated shoppers.


    Whopping bill

    A Canadian man is shocked by a $85,000 cell phone bill.



    The year's dumbest moments in business

    A look at the top foibles.


    Banking on a bonus

    Wall Street bonuses will be robust again this year.


    Video Report

    Bad business

    What effects will the steroids report have on baseball?


    Hall of shame?

    Roger Clemens' golden ticket to the Hall of Fame is in serious doubt.



    Garden of Eden

    Scientists are just beginning to uncover the mysteries of this isolated region.


    Fish give clues

    The tiny stickleback fish could shed light on skin color changes in humans.



    Failing all-nighters

    Survey: Students who don't study all night have higher GPAs than those who do.


    Fish give clues

    The tiny stickleback fish could shed light on skin color changes in humans.


    2008 OLYMPICS

    Expensive lodging

    Hotel room prices in Beijing during the Aug. 8-24 games have skyrocketed.


    Travel manners

    Delta Airlines offers air etiquette tips through a series of animated videos.


    Cynthia Tucker on Yahoo!

    'Doctrinal frisk'

    Back lash against Christian zealots takes an interesting form.

    William F. Buckley Jr. on Yahoo!

    Populist hour

    This time it is John Edwards.

    Odd News

    Video Report

    Fluorescent felines

    Scientists cloned cats that glow in the dark.


    Whopping bill

    A Canadian man is shocked by a $85,000 cell phone bill.

    Cancer Numbers Climbing

    Cancer Numbers Climbing

    ABC News

    There have been approximately 12 million new cancer cases worldwide this year.

    More Video on Yahoo!

    Yahoo! News Exclusive

    60 Minutes

    Exclusive video and interviews with top newsmakers from 60 Minutes


  • Castro hints he may retire Reuters - 1 hour, 1 minute ago
  • Bush supports Russia's uranium plan Reuters - 1 hour, 5 minutes ago
  • AP Top Stories AP - 1 hour, 40 minutes ago

    Here's the latest news for Tuesday, Dec. 18: Castro talks about power; McCain picks up endorsements; Japan steps up missile defense; Holiday sales looking sluggish

  • Castro Suggests He Won't Hold Onto Power AP - 2 hours, 1 minute ago

    Ailing leader Fidel Castro said in a letter read on state television that he does not intend to cling to power forever. However Castro did invoke the example of renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who is still working at 100. (Dec. 17)

  • Court Victory Is Big Win For Proposed Jamul Casino News 8 San Diego - 43 minutes ago

    A recent court victory could be the big jackpot win the Jamul Band of Indians has been waiting for. But there are still more obstacles to clear before the controversial casino is ever built.

  • Turning Up The Heat Increases Risk Of Fire News 8 San Diego - 2 hours, 1 minute ago

    They can be costly and even deadly. Firefighters are getting call after call about heater fires.

  • Local Veteran Takes Fight Over Bonuses to D.C. KDKA Pittsburgh - 2 hours, 4 minutes ago

    KDKA's Harold Hayes reports a local soldier who was ordered to pay back his signing bonus after he was wounded in Iraq headed to Washington today to make sure the same thing doesn't happen again.

  • Lt. Gov. Calls For Referendum On Gambling CBS 2 Chicago - 2 hours, 20 minutes ago

    Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn wants the governor to hold a referendum on a proposal to expand gambling in order to fund mass transit and other projects in the state. CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery reports.

  • Bears Fan Infiltrate Twin Cities For Monday's Game WCCO Minneapolis - 2 hours, 27 minutes ago

    Chicago Bears fans are coming from all over to see their team take on the Minnesota Vikings in Monday Night Football, Frank Vascellaro reports (1:09).

  • Two Couples Headed To Casino Killed By Drunk Driver News 8 San Diego - 2 hours, 31 minutes ago

    A fun night out on the town turned deadly for two local couples headed to some local casinos. It all ended suddenly when a suspected drink driver in a GMC Yukon plowed into their Toyota Camry along Highway 76 two miles east of Pala Mission Road.

  • Stores Struggling This Season ABC News - 2 hours, 1 minute ago

    The state of the economy is reflected by empty aisles in retail stores.

  • Diana wanted marriage 'like a face rash' Australia 7 News - 2 hours, 51 minutes ago

    Princess Diana was not serious about Dodi Fayed and told close friend Annabel Goldsmith she needed marriage "like a face rash".

  • Japan shoots down missile in space AP - 2 hours, 8 minutes ago

    In a first for a U.S. ally, Japan has destroyed a mid-range ballistic missile in space with an interceptor fired from a ship during a missile defense test. (Dec. 17)

  • Government to 'spy' on Japanese whalers Australia 7 News - 2 hours, 52 minutes ago

    The Federal Government is planning to use a modified P&O cruise ship to spy on Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean.

  • Obama aims to connect with rural Iowa AP - 2 hours, 22 minutes ago

    With Iowa's caucuses just weeks away, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama is hoping to boost his candidacy by winning over rural voters. AP's Rich Matthews has a closer look. (Dec. 17)

  • Vietnam vet finally on his way home Australia 7 News - 2 hours, 57 minutes ago

    The remains of an Australian soldier missing in action for 36 years are on their way home for burial.

  • Santa's Helpers Mail It In ABC News - 2 hours, 37 minutes ago

    FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service report a record holiday shipping season.

  • Near miss for two passenger planes Australia 7 News - 2 hours, 58 minutes ago

    It's been revealed two passenger planes almost collided over Sydney because an air traffic controller was distracted setting up personal computer preferences.

  • Cecelia Ahern's Fiction Paradise FOX Business Now - 2 hours, 37 minutes ago

    'P.S. I Love You' author (and daughter of Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern) Cecelia Ahern visits FBN's 'Happy Hour.'

  • Bad communication blamed for SA fires Australia 7 News - Tue Dec 18, 12:33 AM ET

    A South Australian coroner has blamed bad communication by Country Fire Service volunteers for nine deaths in the 2005 Eyre Peninsula bushfires.

  • Commercial Comedian FOX Business Now - 2 hours, 38 minutes ago

    Comedian and commercial star Tom Cotter proves that business can be funny.

  • Centro shares drop for a second day Australia 7 News - Tue Dec 18, 12:32 AM ET

    Shares in Centro, Australia's second biggest shopping centre owner, have taken another hit and so has the share market.

  • Couple found guilty in modern day slavery case AP - 2 hours, 58 minutes ago

    A jury convicted a millionaire couple of enslaving 2 Indonesian women they brought to their mansion to work as housekeepers. The Sabhnanis were each convicted on charges ranging from forced labor to harboring aliens. (Dec. 17)

  • Deadly Shooting Is Apparent Case Of Mistaken Identity News 8 San Diego - Mon Dec 17, 11:07 PM ET

    San Diego police are investigating the early-morning shooting death of a woman in her home in South Park.

  • Dec. 17, 1971: Top Headlines ABC News - Tue Dec 18, 12:35 AM ET

    Harry Reasoner delivers the day's latest headlines.

  • Paris conference pledges $7.4B in Palestinian aid - Mon Dec 17, 9:19 PM ET

  • Rudy Giuliani Pt.1 FOX News - Tue Dec 18, 12:23 AM ET

    Former NYC mayor on his run for the White House

  • Afghan raid on insurgents a 'great success': commander - Mon Dec 17, 9:15 PM ET

  • Three Things: Secret Santa No-No'??s FOX Business Now - Mon Dec 17, 11:30 PM ET

    Three items that you should never give at work.

  • Did FW Apartment Demolition Release Asbestos? CBS 11 Dallas - Mon Dec 17, 8:27 PM ET

    Monday morning, bulldozers tore down a section of the Oak Hollow Apartments in Fort Worth.

  • Lieberman Backs McCain ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 11:03 PM ET

    Sen. Lieberman, the Democrat turned Independent, appears in NH with Sen. McCain.

  • Back By Popular Demand! Vodka And Bikinis Return CBS 2 New York - Mon Dec 17, 8:26 PM ET

    When a vodka ad featuring bikini clad women began making the rounds on the back of NYC buses, the MTA pulled the ad. But now, the vodka and the women are back.

  • Poor Holiday Sales Reflect U.S. Economy ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 11:02 PM ET

    Sagging consumer confidence looms amid housing crisis and credit crunch.

  • All Arabbers Now Have Homes WJZ 13 Baltimore - Mon Dec 17, 8:19 PM ET

    Many of the horses have been adopted by Horsenet, a horse rescue organization. Pat Warren reports.

  • Democrats Narrow Their Strategies ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 10:49 PM ET

    Clinton targets voters' soft sides, and Obama draws big crowds to small places.

  • 911 Tapes Released In Donda West's Death CBS 2 / KCAL 9 Los Angeles - Mon Dec 17, 8:17 PM ET

    Two women were with West, mother of hip hop star Kanye West, when she had a fatal heart attack. They tried vainly to do CPR. newly-released 911 calls show. Lonni Rivera reports.

  • Nightline: 'Straight Talk Express' Presses On ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 10:48 PM ET

    Amid recent backings, Sen. McCain speaks of political unity.

  • Teenager Shot In The Arm In Baltimore WJZ 13 Baltimore - Mon Dec 17, 8:16 PM ET

    The teenager's condition is not known. Captain Mike Perry reports.

  • Another Day, Another $6M for Ron Paul ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 10:42 PM ET

    Why the republican candidate is the unlikely darling of internet fundraising.

  • Tragedy Strikes Moorestown High Again CBS 3 Philadelphia - Mon Dec 17, 8:15 PM ET

    Students at Moorestown High School are dealing with a tragic loss for the second time in less than a week. Robin Rieger reports.

  • Finding the Perfect Trainer ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 10:40 PM ET

    With New Years around the corner finding the right workout is a great resolution

  • Table Game Test Run To Begin In W.Va. KDKA Pittsburgh - Mon Dec 17, 8:15 PM ET

    KDKA's David Highfield reports gamblers who will soon be able to play blackjack, poker and roulette just over the border in West Virginia.

  • The Eyes of an Executioner ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 10:37 PM ET

    The chief executioner of Virginia gives ABC a rare look inside a death chamber.

  • Frisco Police Ask For Help In Cold Case CBS 11 Dallas - Mon Dec 17, 8:14 PM ET

    Frisco Police have reopened a cold case six years after the crime.

  • Summary of Campaign Tactics ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 10:34 PM ET

    George Stephanopoulos discusses the strategies of the front-runners.

  • Police Hope DNA, Fingerprints Lead To Mall Killer CBS4 Miami - Mon Dec 17, 8:13 PM ET

    Boca Raton Police are out in full force over at the mall and the parking lot on where a child and mother were shot last week. The FBI has been called in to try to get a better handle on who the killer may be.

  • MC Square Gives You Brain Power ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 10:22 PM ET

    John Nano discusses the MC Square device's mission -- to improve brain power.

  • Sun-Times Facing Drastic Budget Cuts, Layoffs CBS 2 Chicago - Mon Dec 17, 8:12 PM ET

    A memo from the editor e-mailed to the staff on Friday said newsroom positions would be eliminated, but company officials will now say which jobs or how many. CBS 2's Pamela Jones reports.

  • Anchor Arrested FOX News - Mon Dec 17, 10:17 PM ET

    Philadelphia newswoman accused of hitting NYPD officer

  • Death Penalty Off The Books In N.J. CBS 3 Philadelphia - Mon Dec 17, 8:11 PM ET

    Gov. Jon S. Corzine signed into law Monday a measure abolishing the death penalty, making New Jersey the first state in more than four decades to reject capital punishment. Robin Mackintosh reports.

  • Hollywood Nation: 12/17 FOX News - Mon Dec 17, 9:15 PM ET

    Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton get new bundle of joy

  • Behind the Veil Expanded Books - Mon Dec 17, 8:06 PM ET

    In KABUL BEAUTY SCHOOL, an American woman gets an intimate look at the closed world of Muslim women when she opens the first modern beauty school in post-Taliban Afghanistan.

  • Paul Oakenfold FOX News - Mon Dec 17, 9:13 PM ET

    Veteran DJ and music mixer releases new album

  • Australia doubles Middle East commitment Australia 7 News - Mon Dec 17, 7:47 PM ET

    Australia is doubling its commitment to bring peace to the Middle East.

  • Negotiation Breakthrough? FOX News - Mon Dec 17, 9:08 PM ET

    Striking writers use new strategy to get their demands met

  • Political Grapevine: 12/17 FOX News - Mon Dec 17, 8:11 PM ET

    Questions at Princeton University about why more people aren't defending a student who was beaten

  • The talk show must go on Australia 7 News - Mon Dec 17, 7:38 PM ET

    Late-night talk show hosts said David Letterman will strike his own agreement with the writers and Jay Leno will go back on air so his production staff can go back to work.

  • Bird loose in Senate Gallery CNN - Mon Dec 17, 7:40 PM ET

    A bird slipped through security at the Senate gallery. Folks get a bit of a start as the bird swoops through the room.

  • North America's snowstorms cause havoc Australia 7 News - Mon Dec 17, 7:37 PM ET

    Snowstorms in the US are causing havoc as people hit the road in the week before Christmas.

  • Hillary Appeal FOX News - Mon Dec 17, 7:11 PM ET

    Ann Coulter on Clinton campaign's new push to show the N.Y. senator's likeability

  • Food Police FOX News - Mon Dec 17, 7:10 PM ET

    Schools banning cupcakes from holiday parties

  • Australian Customs rescue sinking crew Australia 7 News - Mon Dec 17, 7:35 PM ET

    Australian Customs officers have rescued four people from a sinking boat.

  • Backing McCain FOX News - Mon Dec 17, 7:10 PM ET

    Senator Joe Lieberman crosses party lines to endorse GOP Senator John McCain for president

  • 'Nothing sinister' in petrol prices Australia 7 News - Mon Dec 17, 7:29 PM ET

    The competition watchdog has handed down the findings of its long-awaited report into Australian petrol prices.

  • GOP 2008 Race FOX News - Mon Dec 17, 7:07 PM ET

    John McCain gets a significant endorsement and Mitt Romney attacks the surging Mike Huckabee

  • Major Winter Storm Arrives In Sierra CBS 5 San Francisco - Mon Dec 17, 6:50 PM ET

    A strong storm has moved into the Sierra, and residents and businesses are preparing for the conditions. Rafer Weigel reports.

  • Recently divorced French leader seen with model AP - Mon Dec 17, 7:00 PM ET

    Recently divorced French President Nicolas Sarkozy doesn't appear to be hiding his latest love interest. He visited Disneyland Paris with supermodel turned singer Carla Bruni this weekend. (Dec 17)

  • Sheriff's Deputy Will Not Be Charged In Shooting CBS4 Denver - Mon Dec 17, 6:48 PM ET

    An off-duty sheriff's deputy will not be charged in the death of a man from Montana.

  • AP ShowBiz News: Leno, Dion, more AP - Mon Dec 17, 6:59 PM ET

    Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien will return to late night TV, singer Dan Fogelberg has died and Celine Dion says goodbye to her Las Vegas show. (Dec. 17)

  • Man Who Shot Rim Thief Is Heading To Prison WJZ 13 Baltimore - Mon Dec 17, 6:48 PM ET

    As a convicted felon, he was prohibited from owning a handgun. Kai Jackson reports.

  • 911 tape details attempts to revive Donda West AP - Mon Dec 17, 6:55 PM ET

    Two women tried to revive Kanye West's mother after she had a heart attack and stopped breathing, according to emergency 911 recordings released Monday. (Dec. 17)

  • Millionaire Couple Found Guilty In 'Slavery' Case CBS 2 New York - Mon Dec 17, 6:47 PM ET

    Mahender Murlidhar Sabhnani, 51, and wife Varsha Mahender, 45, were each convicted of all charges in a 12-count federal indictment, including forced labor, conspiracy, peonage, involuntary servitude, and harboring aliens.

  • Southern govs seek water sharing agreement AP - Mon Dec 17, 6:37 PM ET

    The governors of Alabama, Florida and Georgia say they're moving closer to solving a two decade long dispute over how to share water in a key river basin. The states have been in the grips of a drought. (Dec. 17)

  • Escapees Take Page Out Of 'Shawshank Redemption' CBS 2 New York - Mon Dec 17, 6:45 PM ET

    What's been the theme of successful movies like "Escape From Alcatraz" and "The Shawshank Redemption" has become an incredible, yet frightening reality at a New Jersey jail. CBS 2's Christine Sloan reports.

  • Russia's Presidential Outlook ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 6:36 PM ET

    Putin will accept the role of prime minister if Medvedev is elected president.

  • S.W. Miami-Dade Hate Messages Cleaned Up CBS4 Miami - Mon Dec 17, 6:44 PM ET

    Cleanup at a S.W. Miami-Dade home vandalized with messages of hate over the weekend. The homeowners painted over or had them washed off on Monday.

  • Saudi Rape Victim Pardoned ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 6:10 PM ET

    King Abdullah's rare move is a blow to hard-line clerics in the Muslim nation.

  • Man Arrested For Fatal Downtown Stabbing KDKA Pittsburgh - Mon Dec 17, 6:42 PM ET

    KDKA's Lynne Hayes-Freeland reports 53 year-old Vernod Johnson was taken into custody and charged with criminal homicide for a fatal stabbing at the Midtown Towers apartment complex.

  • Shedding Light On Self-Injury FOX News - Mon Dec 17, 6:08 PM ET

    Cutting, a form of self-injury, is on the rise with teens. Hear one woman's story of how she is beating the disorder

  • Police, Paramedics Miss Dead Woman In Car CBS 2 / KCAL 9 Los Angeles - Mon Dec 17, 6:19 PM ET

    The body of Shirley Lee Williams, 72, was found behind a deployed air bag in the wreckage of a car a day after a crash. Mark Coogan reports.

  • Butt Out? FOX Business Now - Mon Dec 17, 6:08 PM ET

    Alan Greenspan calls for homeowner bailout

  • Couple Say 'They Do' At Dodger Stadium CBS 2 / KCAL 9 Los Angeles - Mon Dec 17, 5:56 PM ET

    Josh Hunhoff and his bride Lindy said their "I dos" at home plate. Dave Gonzales reports.

  • Bi-Partisan Politics ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 6:08 PM ET

    Can parties find common ground to push forward legislation in 2008?

  • Freezing Winds, Heavy Snow Blanket Northeast CBS 3 Philadelphia - Mon Dec 17, 5:56 PM ET

    A pre-winter blend of snow, sleet and freezing rain cut visibility and iced over highways from the Great Lakes to New England, dumping up to a foot-and-a-half of snow, stranding air and road travelers and causing an airliner to skid off a runway.

  • Brawl breaks out in South Korean parliament AP - Mon Dec 17, 6:07 PM ET

    Watch a brawl in South Korea's parliament as members of two political parties duke it out over control of the speaker's podium. (Dec. 17)

  • Money 101: What Will Happen To The Economy In '08? CBS 2 / KCAL 9 Los Angeles - Mon Dec 17, 5:52 PM ET

    Homebuilders are expecting another tough year. Bob McCormick reports.

  • Staged Stunt? FOX News - Mon Dec 17, 6:06 PM ET

    'Flying Imams' Update: Mosque member says airplane incident was a publicity stunt

  • "Mr. Christmas" Is Ready For The Holidays WJZ 13 Baltimore - Mon Dec 17, 5:52 PM ET

    Granville Gilbert is 70 years old. Ron Matz reports.

  • Day-In-The-Life of a Fed Ex Package ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 6:06 PM ET

    How FedEx delivers 11.3 million packages to doorsteps before Xmas.

  • Money 101: Financial Help For College CBS 2 / KCAL 9 Los Angeles - Mon Dec 17, 5:36 PM ET

    The cost of a college education can be as much as a few hundred thousand dollars. Bob McCormick reports.

  • McCain Endorsement Boom ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 6:00 PM ET

    Joe Lieberman's thumbs up could swing independents to vote McCain.

  • Monte Vista Students Caught Hacking Grading System CBS 5 San Francisco - Mon Dec 17, 5:36 PM ET

    Monta Vista High School in Cupertino consistently ranks high on test scores, but now investigators are trying to figure out how a few of those clever students managed to gain access to the school's computer system.

  • Obama Rises as Iowa Front-Runner ABC News - Mon Dec 17, 5:56 PM ET

    Senator's appeal to middle class pushes him ahead of the pack.

  • Burlington Co. Woman Arrested For Husband's Death CBS 3 Philadelphia - Mon Dec 17, 5:35 PM ET

    25-year-old Kesi Cole of Burlington County was arrested and charged with murder in the stabbing death of her husband.

  • The Race to '08 CNN - Mon Dec 17, 5:47 PM ET

    The sights and sounds from the campaign trail are highlighted in this 'Race to '08.'

  • Home Invasion Suspects Arrested In Berks County CBS 3 Philadelphia - Mon Dec 17, 5:35 PM ET

    Two suspects wanted for a home invasion in Montgomery County were captured after a police chase ended in Berks County.

  • New Hope FOX News - Mon Dec 17, 5:45 PM ET

    Scientists experimenting with stem cells from liposuction to rebuild breasts after



  • Raw video: Norwegians rescue stranded sailors AP - Wed Dec 19, 8:46 AM ET

    A Norwegian helicopter rescued all 12 crew members from a Russian freighter in distress in a strong gale on Tuesday off the Arctic port of Murmansk. (Dec. 19)

  • South Africa party picks Zuma as its leader AFP - Wed Dec 19, 8:43 AM ET

    South African President Thabo Mbeki was humiliatingly toppled Tuesday from the helm of the ruling ANC by arch-rival Jacob Zuma, the man he sacked as deputy head of state two years ago. After a bitter election contest which also saw Mbeki's chief lieutenants lose out in the battle for the other top posts in the African National Congress, Zuma was formally declared the winner after garnering around 60 percent of the vote. Voiced report

  • Zuma wins ANC leadership Reuters - Wed Dec 19, 8:14 AM ET
  • Kosovo and independence CNN - Wed Dec 19, 7:12 AM ET

    CNN's Alessio Vinci reports on the choices facing Kosovo and the risks of independence.

  • Scores die in Pakistan train crash Reuters - Wed Dec 19, 4:43 AM ET
  • Deadly train crash kills 56 in Pakistan AP - Wed Dec 19, 4:34 AM ET

    An express train crowded with holiday travelers derailed in southern Pakistan on Wednesday, killing at least 56 people and injuring another 150. (Dec. 19)

  • Australia gets tough on Whalers Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 3:28 AM ET

    The Federal Government says a spy plane and a boat will be used gather evidence against Japanese whaling.

  • Subiaco to be demolished Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 3:00 AM ET

    Now that a new stadium for Western Australia is to go ahead, Subiaco Oval is set for demolition.

  • Traffic tragedy for Aussie band Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 3:00 AM ET

    A Christmas road tour has turned to tragedy for Geelong heavy metal band The Red Shore. The popular band's lead singer and roadie were killed in a road accident.

  • Vietnam veteran returns home Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 3:00 AM ET

    After more than three decades, the remains of Vietnam War veteran Lance Corporal John Francis Gillespie have returned home from Vietnam.

  • Zuma replaces Mbeki in South Africa Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 1:38 AM ET

    South African President Thabo Mbeki has been dumped by his own party and replaced by former guerrilla leader Jacob Zuma.

  • Plan to end Japan's whaling efforts Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 1:37 AM ET

    The Federal Government has announced measures to end Japan's slaughter of whales in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica.

  • Vietnam vet is finally home Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 1:37 AM ET

    The body of Lance Corporal John Gillespie is finally home 36 years after he was shot down in Vietnam.

  • Sailors rescued in Russian waters Australia 7 News - Wed Dec 19, 1:30 AM ET

    Twelve sailors have been winched to safety in a dramatic ocean rescue off Russia.

  • Securing Iraq's oil CNN - Wed Dec 19, 1:25 AM ET

    CNN's Morgan Neill looks at Iraq's oil fields and examines whether security holds the key to Iraq's economic future.

  • Kurds return to Kirkuk CNN - Wed Dec 19, 1:24 AM ET

    Forced out by Saddam Hussein, Kurds are returning to Kirkuk, Iraq. CNN's Morgan Neill reports.

  • American at Hajj CNN - Wed Dec 19, 1:24 AM ET

    An American convert to Islam makes her pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj. CNN's Isha Sesay reports.

  • Bermuda goes to the polls Reuters - Wed Dec 19, 12:39 AM ET
  • Talk of the Town: Winehouse busted Reuters - Wed Dec 19, 12:36 AM ET
  • Colombian rebels to release 3 hostages Reuters - Wed Dec 19, 12:29 AM ET
  • PETA Breaks For Animals, Again ABC News - Tue Dec 18, 11:18 PM ET

    In a recent demonstration, seminude women packaged themselves as frozen meat.

  • 'Spiderman' climbs for protest CNN - Tue Dec 18, 10:25 PM ET

    A climber nicknamed 'Spiderman' scales a 29-story building in London to protest climate change.

  • Cell phones woo rural India CNN - Tue Dec 18, 10:24 PM ET

    Rural India is a cell phone hot spot. But to capture the market, prices need be kept down. CNN's Mallika Kapur reports

  • ANC votes for change CNN - Tue Dec 18, 10:19 PM ET

    Despite a checkered political career, Jacob Zuma is elected leader of the governing ANC. CNN's Robyn Curnow reports.

  • Japan intercepts missile CNN - Tue Dec 18, 10:18 PM ET

    A missile interceptor that could be used against North Korea is successfully tested by Japan. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

  • Analysis of Zuma win CNN - Tue Dec 18, 8:07 PM ET

    Tim Hughes of the South African Institute for Intl. Affairs discusses what the election of Jacob Zuma will change.

  • Amy Winehouse arrested Australia 7 News - Tue Dec 18, 7:43 PM ET

    Troubled British singer Amy Winehouse has been arrested in London and released on bail after an investigation into perverting the course of justice.

  • Rudd attends funeral for Clem Jones Australia 7 News - Tue Dec 18, 7:33 PM ET

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will be one of the many dignitaries from around Australia to pay tribute this morning to Brisbane's longest serving mayor, Clem Jones.

  • Drink With Caution FOX News - Tue Dec 18, 7:09 PM ET

    Is the state of California going too far to warn against caffeine drinks?

  • Common Sense: 12/18 FOX News - Tue Dec 18, 7:09 PM ET

    Personal responsibility is being banned in America

  • The Tragic Story of Maria Amin ABC News - Tue Dec 18, 7:08 PM ET

    Israeli hospital embraces extraordinary Palestinian air strike survivor.

  • PETA Outrage FOX News - Tue Dec 18, 7:07 PM ET

    Animal rights group has a bone to pick with dog rental service

  • Ambush in Afghanistan CNN - Tue Dec 18, 6:39 PM ET

    On 'AC 360,' CNN's Nic Robertson relives an ambush that haunts the men stationed at the far end of the war on terror.

  • Daredevil scales London building AP - Tue Dec 18, 5:52 PM ET

    A French daredevil scaled a London building to draw attention to global warming, two weeks after countries gathered to discuss climate change in Bali. (Dec. 18)

  • Spiderman protests climbing emissions Australia 7 News - Tue Dec 18, 4:01 PM ET

    The French dare devil nicknamed Spiderman has gone to great heights to raise awareness about climate change.

  • Russian freighter ran aground Australia 7 News - Tue Dec 18, 4:01 PM ET

    Twelve sailors aboard a Russian freighter have been rescued after their boat ran aground off their country's coast.

  • HARDtalk: Global Economy 1 BBC - Tue Dec 18, 4:00 PM ET

    HARDtalk Clip One: Discusses the credit crunch with Will Hutton, CEO, The Work Foundation; Gabriel Stein, Chief international economist, Lombard Street Research; John Ryding, Chief US economist, Bear Stearns, New York.

  • HARDtalk: Global Economy 2 BBC - Tue Dec 18, 3:52 PM ET

    HARDtalk Clip Two: Discusses the economy in 2008 with guests Will Hutton, CEO, The Work Foundation; Gabriel Stein, Chief international economist, Lombard Street Research; John Ryding, Chief US economist, Bear Stearns, New York.

  • HARDtalk: Global Economy 3 BBC - Tue Dec 18, 3:47 PM ET

    After years of plain sailing the US economy has entered treacherous water. A housing slump and a credit crisis have pushed America toward recession, the UK is already catching the fall out and the repercussions threaten to spread around the globe. Can the leading world economies avoid catastrophe in 2008? On HARDtalk, analysts of the British, US and world economies give their assessment.

  • Huge rat found in 'lost world' BBC - Tue Dec 18, 3:30 PM ET

    A giant rodent five times the size of a common rat has been discovered in the mountainous jungles of New Guinea.


  • Out in the Open? FOX News - Tue Dec 18, 3:11 PM ET

    U.S. says 'charity' group trains terrorists in Pakistan

  • 'Well Deserved News' FOX News - Tue Dec 18, 3:10 PM ET

    Joran van der Sloot's attorney responds to decision to close Holloway case

  • Mastering the art of belly-dancing AFP - Tue Dec 18, 3:09 PM ET

    The best and most famous Oriental dancers gathered in the Egyptian capital to learn from the masters of the craft. The ancient art -- known more commonly as belly-dancing -- is gaining in popularity all over the world.

  • 'Really Surprising' FOX News - Tue Dec 18, 3:09 PM ET

    Natalee Holloway's aunt is upset that Aruban officials are ending investigation into her niece's disappearance

  • $500bn from ECB to lower rates BBC - Tue Dec 18, 3:08 PM ET

    The European Central Bank has allocated money to banks at below-market rates as a way to tackle the credit crunch.

  • Mideast Turmoil FOX News - Tue Dec 18, 3:01 PM ET

    Hamas operatives killed in Israeli air strike on Gaza

  • Case Closed FOX News - Tue Dec 18, 2:45 PM ET

    Aruban prosecutors end investigation into Natalee Holloway's disappearance

  • Norwegians save Russian crew Australia 7 News - Tue Dec 18, 2:04 PM ET

    Twelve sailors aboard a Russian freighter have been rescued.

  • Annual Hajj in Saudi Arabia ABC News - Tue Dec 18, 1:23 PM ET

    Thousands of Muslim pilgrims make their way to Islam's holiest shrine.

  • Message From Castro? FOX News - Tue Dec 18, 1:22 PM ET

    Ailing Cuban dictator hints at upcoming retirement

  • Pakistani students battle with police AFP - Tue Dec 18, 12:39 PM ET

    Pakistani students protesting the rule of president Pervez Musharraf have marched on the streets of the capital for the first time, sparking pitched street battles with the police. Voiced report

  • Ancient Antarctic ice tells future Reuters - Tue Dec 18, 12:18 PM ET

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