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The American Future: A History, by Simon Schama:

 What is an American?

While the 2008 presidential campaign is in full swing, Simon Schama travels through America to dig deep into
 the conflicts of its history to understand what is at stake right now,,,,

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STUNTMAN: Jon Templeton will act as Hugh Jackman's stunt double in the film Australia. Picture: MEGAN BRAYLE

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Imus backlash The Rutgers coach appears with a New Jersey pastor who is calling on talk radio's Don Imus to resign.
CNN's Jim Acosta reports (April 8)
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Wijat and His Team Working for Truth Justice and the Australian Way...
you can dance with a with a Wijat...but you can not stand on a Wijat's toes....
If you want the last laugh on pollies and powerbrokers..
see you all soon in the adventures of Mr Wijat..ERF the Worm, 
Super Hero Al Wijat and Marvelous Marvin...........
in Australia's Favourite newpaper.. the Australian Weekend News......

Homes for sale

Hips are finally launched

Home Information Packs have now come into force, amid claims the law governing them will be unenforceable. » More

A man drinking beer at home

'Pre-loading' booze warning

More teenagers are said to be 'pre-loading' on cheap booze before heading out for a big night on the town. » More


New doctors in 'chaos'

A 'catalogue' of problems, including cancelled operations, is emerging as 30,000 doctors start new jobs. » More


Jordan's gone 'ginger' nuts

Jordan has shown off her baby daughter for the first time - and expressed surprise that she has ginger hair. » More

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13th Dublin Fringe Festival Opened with a taste of surprises to come
One of the country’s biggest performing arts showcases opened in Dublin today.

Cast members from the smash hit La Cliqueat the famous Spiegeltent,


along with a mesmerising "water" peerformance by Russian groupDerevo,

at the Georges Dock, which was beautifully transformed, topped up with dance till you drop night with

Red, Hot & Brass with the first ever Brass Band Club night with Fanfara from the hills of Romania a revolutionary fusion of tradition marching music repertoire with hip hop, jazz and funk styles and the sound of Blasmusik by 11-piece Beat ‘n’ Blow from Germany.
Dance ‘til you drop’.....

Red, Hot & Brass - Photo Credit: Red, Hot & Brass - beat 'n blow 

launched the 13th Dublin Fringe Festival, which will see more than 100 shows in over 30 venues across the city.
The annual two-week event provides a platform for the most innovative and fresh theatre, visual arts, dance, live art, mixed media and music performances in the country. La Clique, which features a world-class roll-call of circus and cabaret performers including sword-swallower MisBehave and bathtub aerialist David O’Mer, opened tonight in the Fringe Spiegeltent, George’s Dock.
 The festival boasts an eclectic line-up, including a radical Stormont musical, bovine bone installations, freaked-up fire shows, lunatic clowns, crazy nuns and Buddhist monks, plus the biggest sell-out shows from Edinburgh and New York.
 Theatre buffs will also be well-served, with plays by Mark Ravenhill, Albert Camus, Moliere, Anton Chekhov, Stewart Parker and award-winner Declan Gorman added to the mix.

The Dublin Fringe Festival runs until September 23.

The World Famousleads the way at the opening of Dublins 13th Fringe Festival

The Crowd went wild at the World Famous , on set up on the Georges Dock for Dublins 13th Annual Fringe Festival. The lucky crowd that had tickets for the opening night of La Clique had comments like, " utterly amazing"...."we were just blown away by such a spectacular show..."  " we were so fortunate to be at the opening night of a show that our freinds have called the Greatest Show On Earth.....and one that can not be missed...."
Then the spetacular entertainment at the World Famous  kept the party goers dancing till they dropped to the sounds of 
Red, Hot & Brass with the first ever Brass Band Club night with Fanfara from the hills of Romania a revolutionary fusion of tradition marching music repertoire with hip hop, jazz and funk styles and the
sound of Blasmusik by 11-piece Beat ‘n’ Blow from Germany.
The crown just went mental dancing in every dance style one could dream up, stampinmg their feet and yelling when the music stopped after each performance for more... they just could not get enough........ 

Watch this space for live video footage coming up soon of yourself dancing the night away at one ofthe hot favourite venues at the Dublin Fringe Festival the World Famous. 
Spiegeltent 2007

16 nights of unashamed, unabashed, unadulterated sound and vision.

Our dates for 2007 are the 8th to the 23rd of September 2007
Joined by Hennessy and the South William bar boys, this year’s late-night Hennessy Spiegelclub features gigs specifically programmed in response to the tent. One-off collaborations between music-scene behemoths, nights curated by the top names in Irish music, cult club nights from across the globe and premiers of shows from top international companies fill out the glamorous and seductive Spiegeltent

 About Spiegeltent

Spiegeltent 2007

Shows on at the World Famous Dublin  include:

 Click here to find all shows on at the 13th  Dublin Fringe Festival and all about what there is to experience in Ireland's  Exciting Historic Dublin

Sep 2007 21:00
Rouge Presents Malice in Wonderland Spiegeltent
10 Sep 2007 22:00
The Cat’s Miaow Spiegeltent
11 Sep 2007 22:00
Marlena Shaw & Mad Professor Spiegeltent
12 Sep 2007 22:00
The Blue of the Night Live Spiegeltent
13 Sep 2007 22:00
Pirate Sounds Spiegeltent
14 Sep 2007 10:30
Information Toolbox Spiegeltent
14 Sep 2007 22:00
Crazy P Spiegeltent
15 Sep 2007 15:00
Boogaloo! Breakdance, Hip hop & Streetdancing Showcase with Special Guest Deejays Spiegeltent
15 Sep 2007 22:00
B-Music Night with David Holmes Spiegeltent
16 Sep 2007 19:00
The Whistling Girl Spiegeltent
16 Sep 2007 21:00
Nightmares on Wax & WAXON Records Present Wax the Jam Spiegeltent
17 Sep 2007 22:00
Outré Spiegeltent
18 Sep 2007 22:00
Seasick Steve and King Creosote Spiegeltent
19 Sep 2007 22:00
Niwel Tsumbu & The Clear Sky Ensemble present The Big Bang Symphony Spiegeltent
20 Sep 2007 13:00
Afternoon Teadances Spiegeltent
20 Sep 2007 22:00
The Vertical Rhythm Club Spiegeltent
21 Sep 2007 22:00
Night at the Factory Spiegeltent
22 Sep 2007 22:00
Sugar & Soul with the Legendary Sweet Charles & his Band Spiegeltent
23 Sep 2007 21:00
Sunday Roast Spiegeltent

Knockengorroch Festivals
a world of music set in a natural amphitheatre

               September 14th to 16th 2007
The HairthThe Deugh

Knockengorroch Festivals were born from a love of roots music, and created with the express aim of rural regeneration in the Uplands of Scotland.

Pavarotti tributes pour in

Dame Joan Sutherland has hailed Pavarotti as one of the great voices in the history of opera [File photo].Dame Joan Sutherland has hailed Pavarotti as one of the great voices in the history of opera  (Getty Images: China Photos)

Tributes are flowing for legendary opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, who died earlier today in Italy after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Acclaimed as the greatest tenor of his generation, many former opera singers have lauded the 71-year-old for his outstanding career including performances in Australia. The former artistic director of the Australian Opera, Moffat Oxenbould, says Pavarotti will always be fondly remembered for his performances with soprano Dame Joan Sutherland in Australia. "He was always very complimentary particularly to Joan Sutherland and Richard Bonynge for that 1965 experience because ... he always used to say that he learnt how to breathe from Dame Joan in that season," he said. "He used to say 'I put my hand on her diaphragm'. He always used to say in so many interviews throughout his career he said that time was very special to him."

Great voice in history

Dame Joan hailed Pavarotti as one of the great voices in the history of opera. She performed operas including La Traviata and Turandot with Pavarotti, telling BBC radio there was "no question" he ranked among opera's greats. "I'm very sorry to hear he's gone, God bless," she said. "It was incredible to stand next to it and sing along with it," the 80-year-old Australian star nicknamed "La Stupenda" said. "The quality of the sound was quite different - you knew immediately it was Luciano singing." She added she had seen Pavarotti recently and he was "not the same person at all". Retired Australian opera singer Donald Shanks says Pavarotti was a master of his craft. "He had something very, very special about the timbre and the tone of the voice and he was such a larger than life character that it shone through in what he did with his voice," he said. The great tenor passed at his home in Modena, the city of his birth, with his wife, Nicoletta; his daughters, Lorenza, Cristina, Giuliana and Alice as well other friends and family by his side. In fitting with the approach that characterised his life and work, the maestro remained positive until finally succumbing to the last stages of his illness.


London's Royal Opera House issued a statement hailing Pavarotti as "one of the finest singers of our time". "He was one of those rare artists who affected the lives of people across the globe in all walks of life," it said. "Through his countless broadcasts, recordings and concerts he introduced the extraordinary power of opera to people who perhaps would never have encountered opera and classical singing, in doing so he enriched their lives - that will be his legacy." "He had a unique ability to touch people with the emotional and brilliant quality of his voice. He was a man with the common touch and the most extraordinary gift. He will be truly missed by millions." British tenor Russell Watson told ITV television that Pavarotti had "without question" brought opera to a wider audience. "He was a complete tour de force, he was incredible, he lived life to the full," he said. "He was a big football fan, a real fanatic. Above and beyond all else, he had an incredible voice.


Mayor of Modena, Giorgio Pighi, says the funeral for the opera singer might be held on Saturday. "Pavarotti wanted to die at home. I saw him last week. He was very worn by the illness but he wanted to make conversation. We even spoke in the local dialect," the mayor said. Pighi honoured Pavarotti as "a person of unequalled genius".

McCann family in car Madeleine's family return

The McCanns have returned home and have repeated that they played no part in Maddy's disappearance.

 » More

Students jumping Best student bank accounts

Off to college or university this month? Take a look at the best bank offers and find the right one for you. » More

TV remote control Tories to ban plasma TVs?

The Conservatives are to propose banning plasma screens and energy-guzzling electrical goods.

» More

Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani 'snubbed'

Gwen has discovered she's on David LaChapelle's hit list of ladies he'll never work with again. » More

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    Leading provider of investment commentary, analysis and news.
    Diversified media company dedicated to providing financial news, commentary, data and services to corporate and financial dealmakers, their advisers and investors.

    DAS CONTRAS of the best bands to come out of Scotland this decade...." 
        ........USAWeekly News......... 
                               The Wickerman Festival
                 Scotland's Alternative Music Event

    The Tao of Everest Expedition 2007
    Giving dignity to those who did not return -
     Between 1996 and 2003 Ian Woodall had the privilege of leading
    four expeditions to Mt Everest, and was lucky enough to
    reach the summit on two occasions.
    Now during April and May 2007 Ian is returning to
    Mt Everest to bury two climbers
    who are lying just 350 metres below the summit -
    an Indian climber who died in the great storm of 1996 and
    Francys Arsentiev, who became the first American woman to climb
    Mt Everest without using supplementary oxygen but
    then tragically died on the descent.

Armed with pencil puppets and a webcam, James Kotecki doled out Web 2.0 advice from his college dorm room. It turns out that the politicians were paying attention.

Watch Video

AP - 1 hour, 46 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - President Bush breathed new life into the CIA's terror interrogation program Friday in an executive order that would allow harsh questioning of suspects, limited in public only by a vaguely worded ban on cruel and inhuman treatment.

AP - 1 hour, 5 minutes ago

NEW YORK - With the cleanup from a deadly steam pipe explosion expected to drag on for days, businesses in the "frozen zone" could lose hundreds of millions of dollars, a business leader said Friday.

AP - 1 hour, 46 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - President Bush breathed new life into the CIA's terror interrogation program Friday in an executive order that would allow harsh questioning of suspects, limited in public only by a vaguely worded ban on cruel and inhuman treatment.

AP - 1 hour, 5 minutes ago

NEW YORK - With the cleanup from a deadly steam pipe explosion expected to drag on for days, businesses in the "frozen zone" could lose hundreds of millions of dollars, a business leader said Friday.

AP - 1 hour, 46 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - President Bush breathed new life into the CIA's terror interrogation program Friday in an executive order that would allow harsh questioning of suspects, limited in public only by a vaguely worded ban on cruel and inhuman treatment.

AP - 1 hour, 5 minutes ago

NEW YORK - With the cleanup from a deadly steam pipe explosion expected to drag on for days, businesses in the "frozen zone" could lose hundreds of millions of dollars, a business leader said Friday.

More of this months and last months global news

Bush advisers favor current war strategy

 Enlarge Photo

WASHINGTON - President Bush's top two military and political advisers on Iraq will warn Congress on Monday that making any significant changes to the current war strategy will jeopardize the limited security and political progress made so far, The Associated Press has learned.

  • Missing girl's parents return to EnglandAP
  • Gabrielle aims at North Carolina coastAP
  • Pakistan tightens security for SharifAP 
  • Police: Israeli neo-Nazi ring bustedAP 
  • Texas officers slain answering 911 callAP

    A Chinese woman walks underneath a giant screen displaying a ocean life at a new shopping district in Beijing, China, Sept. 4. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)




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    Bad night's sleep Bad night's sleep Sleep apnea in children can cause health problems later in life.


    Smarter than apes Smarter than apesToddlers are faster learners than adult primates, a study finds.



    Travel with ears open Travel with ears open How to find podcasts about your next destination.


    'China Rises' 'China Rises' Beijing-based reporter Tim Johnson blogs on life in China.


    Georgie Ann Geyer on Yahoo!

    While we fight
    While we fightLook beyond Sept. 11 to find Middle East answers.

    Pat Buchanan on Yahoo!

    Buenas Noches
    Buenas Noches"Mexico does not end at its borders. Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico."

    Odd News

    In Yahoo! News

    Odd News Photos Odd News Photos See the latest out of the ordinary and unusal photos.


    The real reality TV
    The real reality TVMeet "lifecasters" who live their lives in front of mobile webcams.

       Lord Black of Crossharbour
        Conrad Black, the former press baron jailed for 15 years for fraud,
        makes the front pages of most papers.
        His rise and fall is summed up in the Independent ...

    Lord Black of Crossharbour
    Conrad Black, the former press baron jailed for 15 years for fraud, makes the front pages of most papers. His rise and fall is summed up in the Independent ...

    Black found guilty of criminal fraud
    Fri Jul 13,CHICAGO (Reuters) - A U.S. jury on Friday found Conrad Black guilty of criminal fraud and obstruction of justice in a grim Friday the 13th verdict that could send the former media baron to jail for up to 35 years.

    Conrad M. Black [was] Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Operating Officer ofHollinger International Inc.. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Nixon Center. He is known politically for his staunch criticism of the Liberal Party of Canada. The issue of whether Black could accept a title in Britain was the most notable battle between Black and Canadian Prime MinisterJean Chretien - Canadian citizens cannot accept such titles without giving up citizenship and Chretien would not make exceptions. The National which had been launched by Black was not financially successful, and was sold to the CanWest chain then owned by Israel Asper.

    Maude Barlow, the chair of the Council of Canadians [QUERY: still current?]is cited by Leiterman stating Black is known to "routinely intervene in editorial policy-making". [1] Leiterman also cites Radler, Hollinger's president, as telling Maclean's (2/3/92): "If editors disagree with us they should disagree with us when they're no longer in our employ. The buck stops with ownership. I am responsible for meeting the payroll; therefore I will ultimately determine what the papers say and how they're going to be run." [2] Hollinger also owns the Jerusalem Post. In September 2003 that newspaper advocated killingYasser Arafat. This was quickly raised by the Israeli Cabinet, but described by Colin L. Powell, Condoleeza Riceas "unhelpful" and by The Economist as "wrong".

    Israel has no law against foreign press ownership.

    For a full round up on what the papers around the world have said
     on Conrad Balck's Convictions click here.
    Also see:


    "..this last four and a half years has cost me just shy of seven and a half million dollars."..."Adler could be free in two-and-a-half years. (ABC TV)

    Comment from on the readers-
    Bill Sanderson of Coffs Harbour writes:
    " What ever opinion one might have about Rodney Adler and the wrongs and rights of why he was charged, found guilty, went to prison and had a complete fall from grace, as many other entrepeneurs have over the years, the one thing different about Rodney Adler was that he was virtually one of the few real venture capitalists in Australia, who was prepared to put his money where his mouth was, and financially back

                                     "a real Aussie having a go",


    The Week in Photos

    A Barstow, CA municipal vehicle used to transport special needs ...A Lebanese-American protester stands outside of the UN  building ...


    Photo Highlight

    Members of the Argentine cycling speed team take part in a training session for the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro.(AFP/Juan Mabromata)

    U.S. News


    Art on wheels Art on wheels

    Driving an art car just might win some friends and influence people.


    No more voting No more voting

    A dog is finally taken off voter rolls after three elections.



    June 29-July 5 June 29-July 5

    View a selection of the week's best photos.


    White curls out White curls out

    Some British judges will lose their wigs next year.



    No storming out

    The BBC apologizes to Queen Elizabeth over photo shoot.


    'A.I.' the clothes

    The producers of "American Idol" create a clothing line.

    The producers of "American Idol" create a clothing line.




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    World's Ugliest Dog Contest

    News round up on New British Prime Minister Gordon Brown


    News round up on previous British Prime Minister Tony Blair

    ABC News - Fri Jun 22, 11:08 PM ET

    Tony Blair's departure from Parliament, and much more.

    • EU leaders agree on new treatyEU leaders agree on new treaty BBC - 36 minutes ago

      European Union leaders have reached agreement on a new treaty after two days of talks in Brussels.

    • Senate approves Energy BillSenate approves Energy Bill Reuters - 38 minutes ago
    • Is Chicago Satanic murder linked to standoff?
      Is Chicago Satanic murder linked to standoff? AP - 1 hour, 25 minutes ago

      The two men accused in a wild crime spree that included shooting a deputy and holding hostages in a bank are being held on bond. And, Chicago police are investigating the stabbing death of the man whose car was used by the suspects. (June 22)

    • Raw Video: Deer stuck on roof
      Raw Video: Deer stuck on roof AP - Sat Jun 23, 12:04 AM ET

      Watch and listen to the story of a deer rescue from a short roof at a university in Bellevue, Nebraska. Eventually, animal welfare workers installed a plywood bridge and the deer made its way back to the ground. (June 22)

    • Hillary Clinton Chats About Iraq War, 'Sicko'Hillary Clinton Chats About Iraq War, 'Sicko' CBS 2 / KCAL 9 Los Angeles - 44 minutes ago

      Sen. Clinton was in Los Angeles to attend fundraising events, where she is expected to raise a total of a million dollars. Dave Bryan reports.

    • Adults Only: Erotica LA Comes To LA Convention CenterAdults Only: Erotica LA Comes To LA Convention Center CBS 2 / KCAL 9 Los Angeles - 1 hour, 7 minutes ago

      Adult industry super stars like Jenna Jameson were on hand to sign autographs and meet fans. Lisa Sigell reports.

    Man smoking Is the smoking ban legal?

    Campaigners for the right to smoke are launching a High Court challenge over the July 1 smoking ban. » More

    Lily Allen Silly Lily? Allen is arrested

    Pop star Lily Allen has been arrested and questioned by police, but what has she supposedly done? » Find out

    Haymarket, London London terror attack foiled

    Police have defused a 'massive' car bomb in the heart of London's West End, thwarting a major terrorist attack. » More

    Post box Postal strike begins

    Mail deliveries are expected to be crippled as the 24-hour strike by postal workers begins. » More

    A Mercedes car which contained a suspected car bomb in central London. (AP)U.K. terror attack defused

    Police in London disable explosives found in a smoking vehicle. » Details

    Brad Pitt and George Clooney (AFP/File/Gabriel Bouys)Actors donate millions

    George Clooney says members of the 'Ocean's Thirteen' cast have raised millions for Darfur. » More to come?

    » More Entertainment

    (AP and Getty Images) Draft losers and winners

    Who had the best NBA draft, and who shot airballs?

    » Losers & winners
    1st round picks and analysis
  • 2nd
  • Knicks get scorer
  • Sonics 'big trade
  • Warriors' deal
  • NBA draft coverage
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    Pat the coffee shop owner doesn't let stress beat her (Capessa)

    Pat works 15-hour days at her coffee shop, but she doesn't let stress rule her life. » Her secret

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    Explosives-packed car defused in LondonAP

    LONDON - Police in London's bustling nightclub and theater district on Friday defused a bomb that could have killed hundreds, after an ambulance crew spotted smoke coming from a Mercedes filled with a lethal mix of gasoline, propane and nails, authorities said.

    Supreme Court to review Guantanamo cases

    AP - 11 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court, reversing course, agreed Friday to review whether Guantanamo Bay detainees may go to federal court to challenge their indefinite confinement.

    More rain forecast for Texas, Oklahoma

    AP - 33 minutes ago

    FORT WORTH, Texas - Flood-weary residents hoping for a reprieve from the heavy rain that has soaked parts of Texas may have to wait, as forecasts called for more thunderstorms Friday.

    Watch Video

  • 5 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq attackAP
  • US voices concern over 350 people 'disappeared' in Sri LankaAFP 
  • Court allows student's anti-Bush T-shirtAP


    Freddie Roman is flipped into the water by Joey Marrero in Concord, Mass., June 28, 2007. AP Photo/Elise Amendola

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