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Shock: Hollywood star Heath Ledger (right) cut a tragic figure in his last days on set of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in London over the weekend. Left: the last picture of the star, also taken on set

Heath Ledger (left) and Jake Gyllenhaal in the screen version of Brokeback Mountain.

Heath Ledger (left) and Jake Gyllenhaal

in the screen version of Brokeback Mountain.

Now it's Brokeback Mountain the opera
June 9, 2008 - 10:48AM

The New York City Opera has commissioned Charles Wuorinen to compose an opera based onBrokeback Mountain, the 1997 short story by Annie Proulx that became the basis for a 2005 movie that won three Academy Awards.

The opera is scheduled to premiere in 2013.

"Ever since encountering Annie Proulx's extraordinary story I have wanted to make an opera on it," Wuorinen said in a statement.

Brokeback Mountain is a cowboy romance about two ranch-hand buddies who start an affair when they meet on the fictional mountain in 1963.

The film starred Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger as the lovers.


June 9, 2008 - 10:48AM

The New York City Opera has commissioned Charles Wuorinen to compose an opera based onBrokeback Mountain, the 1997 short story by Annie Proulx that became the basis for a 2005 movie that won three Academy Awards.

The opera is scheduled to premiere in 2013.

"Ever since encountering Annie Proulx's extraordinary story I have wanted to make an opera on it," Wuorinen said in a statement.

Brokeback Mountain is a cowboy romance about two ranch-hand buddies who start an affair when they meet on the fictional mountain in 1963.

The film starred Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger as the lovers.


Heath's friend, 
Adam Sutton, 
the real gay cowboy

topic posted Fri, April 28, 2006 - 4:40 AM 

Heath Ledger's gay cowboy role model Adam Sutton got the documentary treatment on Australian Story this week: 

Since Adam Was A Boy - Transcript 

PROGRAM TRANSCRIPT: Monday, 24 April , 2006 

NEIL MCMAHON, PRESENTER: Hello, I'm Neil McMahon. In my work as a newspaper journalist, I meet a lot of remarkable people. But few have made the impact of the subject of tonight's Australian Story. Adam Sutton is a quintessential cowboy. A horse wrangler for whom danger and taking risks are a part of everyday life. But the biggest risk Adam has ever taken was to reveal a secret. And it has resonated throughout the bush in a most surprising way. 

ADAM SUTTON: I love the times when I'm out riding. Whether it be through the hills or through the trails, or even along the beach, and just taking it all in as it goes by. That inner peace. Life always hasn't been like it is now for me. I sort of had this hatred going on inside me. I had so much inbuilt anger that was huge and it'd kick off anywhere because of me not liking me. I know that the times I've spent with Archie and my favourite horses, my release was through them a lot of the time. I could explain things to them, silly as it sounds. Because they listen to you. Horses have taught me a lot about myself and about others. And I'm so glad that I found my passion, I found my niche And I love them, you know. And...I don't know what it would be, my life would be like without horses. You know, I really don't. I've had Archie for probably about seven years. I saved him with five other horses destined for the pet food market. From that day, there's a connection there. I loved him. Went, "Wow, good-looking horse." It's a great bond. It's like a bond you form with a person as well. And I can see it in him towards me too. So, it's a special feeling to know that how you feel about that horse is totally reciprocated by him. 

JOHN SUTTON, FATHER: It amazes me how much control Adam has over the horses. Yet, in his own life, sometimes things can be out of control. It's a skill that he's built up over the years. Archie knew nothing. And I could say that Adam knew nothing, really. Archie was his saviour. You could say that Archie was his saviour. 'Cause the work and the love that they both share together I'm sure has kept Adam alive, in some instances. Barb and I have got three kids. There's Adam, Leah and Sally. We are a close family and we've certainly been through the ups and downs. And I think that's what's gelled us together. 

BARB SUTTON, MOTHER: Adam was a very adventurous kid. I wouldn't use the word 'wild'. But full of life. He's always fun to be with. Always got something to tell you. Very loving, ready to listen. Always ready to listen. A bit of a prankster as well. 

LEAH SUTTON, SISTER: As a kid, Adam was a terror. He used to make Sally eat ants. 

SALLY WRIGLEY, SISTER: I'd forgotten about that. 

LEAH SUTTON, SISTER: Yeah. And snails. 

SALLY WRIGLEY, SISTER: He used to eat snails. 
LEAH SUTTON, SISTER: He used to eat snails in front of us. 

SALLY WRIGLEY, SISTER: We had a great childhood. Both my parents are unreal. There were some rough times when my mum and dad sort of, they split up for a little while and Adam really took that hard 'cause he was really close to Dad. 

JOHN SUTTON, FATHER: I am a Vietnam veteran, from the first intake. It's impacted on our life. I had trouble in my mind that I needed to correct. And I feel that length of time that I had to vacate from Adam was probably some of the times when he could have done with a bit of fatherly guidance. 

SALLY WRIGLEY, SISTER: Adam had troubles going through his teenage years. He was always the roughest, toughest, biggest larrikin. You know, one of the boys. He always had lots of friends. Everyone loved Adam. Always. Girls, guys, you know, mates. They were great. But you knew there was always something missing. A girlfriend. Everyone used to think, "Why doesn't Adam have a girlfriend?" He had girls - you know, people used to be my friend just so they could know my brother 'cause Adam Sutton was so hot. 

ADAM SUTTON: I wasn't experiencing the same feelings that mates were towards females. I was petrified, scared of it. I wanted to go there and I just couldn't find that sexual attraction that was needed. And I wanted to have that so I could be just like the rest. I did feel that there's something different here. "Why, why aren't I experiencing the same stuff?" And I thought to myself, "It'll kick in." You know, "It'll kick in." I was 19 in 1993 and my life changed in a lot of ways. I was out one day with friends, just waterskiing, socialising, doing what teenagers do. Having a few drinks and wanting to go in and get something to eat from town. Me and a mate jumped into my car, not thinking too much of what we'd had to drink that day. And, coming through a corner in a turn in a road that I'd driven a hundred times before, and the bang of the impact happened instantly without, I didn't even have a visual of the car that I hit. I remember, after the accident, hopping out of the car in, like, a daze. I realised the other driver had been killed. He's gone, he's dead. 

JOHN SUTTON, FATHER: I was devastated. I said to him that I knew what it's like to have taken somebody's life through my Vietnam experiences. I thought I could help him. But believe you me, he's got a lifetime to live with remorse. There won't be a day goes past that Adam doesn't feel some form of loss for that young man that he killed. 

ADAM SUTTON: I was charged with culpable driving causing death, under the influence. It was a mid-range reading. 

JOHN SUTTON, FATHER: I think Adam was suicidal. We were extremely worried about his psychiatric state and at that stage, I'd already started counselling services with Vietnam Veterans and we agreed to send Adam along to one of the counsellors to see if they could help him. 

BARB SUTTON, MOTHER: I can remember getting up some nights going and just seeing if he was still breathing. I just really felt that it'd be any time and he would do something and just take his life. 

ADAM SUTTON: The day before the sentence, that was where it just got all too much for me. I came up onto this mountain, because this to me was the only way out for a huge situation to me. The torments from killing somebody, the prospect of going to jail, the inner torments of my sexuality that I had no idea about... Coming up here, this was the answer for me. I was here to jump off of here, and, um, because to me, that was the way to fix it all. And I was actually sitting down on here and had a little bird come up beside me and sit on a tree and sing a song, and just busted my bubble and brought me to absolute sobbing tears. And that bird was that one little thing that just... I saw the beauty in something so innocent and pure like that, and thought there's so much more to life than stopping it and ending it. It must have been eleven months going through court systems. My parents were really supportive. I think I pushed it away a little bit, and I didn't want to be pampered. "Don't tell me I'm OK, because I'm not. I'm a bad person because of what I've done." Dad gave an unbelievable speech in court about himself and Vietnam and knowing what it's like to take a life, and tried to convince the jury that his son's a good guy. To see your dad up there, um, saying the things he did... But the worst thing was I put him up there to say that, you know? For not the wrong... for the wrong reasons, you know? And, um, um... He said beautiful things that day. He says them all the time, though. So, it's good. I was given a 6-month sentence with a 12-month parole period. 

JOHN SUTTON, FATHER: He deserved to go to jail. He did. But he was in with a pretty rough breed, as a 19, 20-year-old. I think it changed him emotionally. I think it changed him psychologically. Probably not for the better. You know, not what a parent would want out of his child. I could see a sort of anger in Adam that was sort of manifested, I suppose, for the length of time he was in jail. 

ADAM SUTTON: After I was released from prison, I wanted to get away, run away, so to speak, and be somewhere where I wasn't known. I travelled to some of the remotest parts of Australia working on fishing boats, pearling boats, mines, properties, on outback Aboriginal community stations. During that time I got involved with rodeos. That got in me. I'm whoo-hoo, like this. The thrill and the excitement and there was also that, um... that rough side. And that gave me that, you know, sort of that sense of accomplishment. After the rodeo had finished, you know, there's always cowgirls hanging around. And everyone's having a few drinks and everyone's got their girl, and "Where's yours, Adam?" you know, and you'd have to go and pick up for the night. A lot of times what I would do is go and get drunk, and have an excuse, go curl up in your swag and go pass out for the night. And then if anyone was sort of chasing you that night, you always had the cover of "Oh, I was pretty drunk and had to go to bed early," you know? I was sexually attracted to guys. I was always looking at them, you know. And I tried to get that out of my head. All the time. But we used to have the best times and muck around and mates, and, you know, "Ya, ya, ya!" And it was good. But I always knew that, "Hold on a minute. I'm looking at this person in the wrong sense," you know? "And it's not right." I remember times when I had that self-hatred in me about how I felt about possibly being gay. I totally didn't want to accept it. Some mates and I were at a pub one night playing pool, then realised that we were in a gay bar. I'd never met a gay person before, or never knew that I had anyway. My head was spinning. And I had a guy come and try to hit on me, and it took me back, but I thought, "I can't let this be right." And grabbed the poor guy's fingers and snapped them backwards. prove a point to the people that I was with that "Hey, you don't do that to me." I started up my own horse business six or seven years ago, breaking in, pre-training horses, doing lessons. Sorting out people's problems with their horses and things. And they were my release of my love. But I held out hope within myself that somehow or other I'm going to find the passion in myself to be able to love a female correctly. And I did have ambitions and want to get married, have the family and live that life. 

JOHN SUTTON, FATHER: He was always going out with different girls on a weekend. But there was never the thought of, "I'm staying over at this girl's place tonight." He always come home. So that was a bit of a worry, you know? Never come home first thing in the morning smelling of perfume or anything like that. I'd talk to him about, was there anything that maybe might have happened in jail that turned him around? But it was always an anger that came out. There was always sort of "No! There's nothing wrong with me. Why do you ask me?" So it was always a form of denial. 

BARB SUTTON, MOTHER: And I plucked up the courage to ask him. I said, "Adam, are you gay?" "No, Mum, I'm not gay!" So he answered me in a way that I had no reason to doubt him. 

LEAH SUTTON, SISTER: Every time somebody would say something to him, I said, "No way. He's not gay. He's not, he’s just not ready to have a girlfriend yet." 

SALLY WRIGLEY, SISTER: "He's too busy with his horses." I remember saying that. 

LEAH SUTTON, SISTER: I can remember Mum saying, "No, he's just..." If Adam was going to marry, "He's going to marry something with four legs and a tail." 

ADAM SUTTON: Eventually I stopped riding rodeo, and after that, I picked up trick riding. And that was that next adrenaline rush, that next buzz. I've had quite a few accidents. It is dangerous. 
In 2002 I was lucky enough to be recommended to go down and work on the feature film 'Ned Kelly' as a wrangler. Then it was just "Action, action." The actors come out for their lessons. Heath Ledger came out. We had Orlando Bloom out there. So it was our job to tighten their nuts and bolts and get them riding right. I became friends with Heath through riding and being on set every day. He's great. Really good. Pretty easygoing, down-to-earth sort of guy. And easy to get along with. I was also a bit of a larrikin on set. I burnt my face off and I bogged a truck. And there was always some drama. They were always the people, before I looked at it - they're 'arty-farty' - but the way they see things is different, and I think they were quite broad-minded people. It's very hard to be completely yourself sometimes. Because people have a stereotype of what you should be like. My mates, um, were all homophobic. And you overhear these conversations. You know, "poofter this" and "gay guys" and blah, blah. And they're downgraded and talked badly about. I was presenting them me, this happy person, but inside, it was dynamo inside. And it scared me as well. You know, that aggression. Because I knew that that wasn't part of me. It's not part of my nature at all. 

ADAM SUTTON IN CAR TO FRIEND, LEIGH: Looking back now, that angry, violent, cranky person that I was could be set off with a hair trigger, you know? 

ADAM SUTTON: I met with a good friend, Leigh, one afternoon, where it got to that bubbling point inside where it was like a volcano has got to pop. 

ADAM SUTTON IN CAR TO FRIEND, LEIGH: I remember coming down here to this spot and talking to you about it that time and nearly pulling the dashboard off and kicking and screaming like a kid in a tantrum. 

LEIGH MAULE, FRIEND: I could just see so much anger in him, and I started crying, and I said, "Adam, look, we really need to talk." He said, "Leigh, I'm in love." And I said, "Oh, Adam, that's so beautiful." You know. He said, "I'm in love for the first time." And I said, "Oh, you know, that's so special." And he said, "But Leigh, it's not with a...with a female." 

ADAM SUTTON: She cuddled me and laughed and said, "What are you worried about?" Something along those lines. And told me it's all OK and, um you know, just loved me, give me a big cuddle, and told me, "It's all alright." And then, um, it felt so good. It felt so good.

ADAM SUTTON IN CAR: Parts of that aggression left me that day. 

LEIGH MAULE IN CAR: You could stand taller. That was one of the words you said to me. So proud of you, yeah. 

LEIGH MAULE, FRIEND: I was the first person he told and I knew for a couple of years before anyone else did and I knew one day that he would come out and tell his family but it was just his little steps that he had to take to get the courage. 

ADAM SUTTON: The hardest thing for me was to tell my parents I was gay. And I knew in telling them I was going to hurt them. I came out to my sisters first. And they were pretty good. Shocked, I think. But also, they were happy for me. I told Mum. She broke instantly down into tears and, um, screamed at me and said, "No, you're not!" And I said, "Yeah. I think I am." 

BARB SUTTON, MOTHER: I had this dreadful fear I was going to lose my son that I know. I just thought, "He's going to change. He's going to take on a new direction in his life. Things are never going to be the same again." That was my big fear. I did have trouble talking with Adam for a while. I think my struggle was the fact that I had asked him and he said no. And the way I interpreted that, Adam had been lying to me. We looked forward to having an heir to the name. Um, that whole family picture that you have. 

JOHN SUTTON, FATHER: Barb's religious, and it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. And I think it took a long time to sink in. I was hoping that maybe there would be a turnaround. Maybe he'd found romance in some other man that, as soon as that was over, he would turn back to being heterosexual again. But, you know, that's not to be. 

ADAM SUTTON: It was a few years ago that Heath Ledger came back into town and he said, "I'm just reading a script and it's about a gay cowboy. It’s sort of like it's all about you." I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time on location with 'Brokeback Mountain', and it's an amazing movie. I could directly put myself in the shoes of those two people in that film. It was like my 'Brokeback Mountain' story, myself. 

NEIL MCMAHON, JOURNALIST: I met Adam three years ago. When 'Brokeback' came out and had the impact that it did, I thought the great untold 'Brokeback' story was that Adam's friend Heath was pretending to play a gay cowboy, and he was the real one and they were mates, and nobody knew. The story ran on the front page of the paper two days before the Oscars when Heath was nominated for Best Actor. It flew off the shelves and was a 5-year sales record. I think what touched people was his courage. The fact that anyone would be willing to put themselves on the line to that extent. 

ADAM SUTTON: Yeah, no, I was a bit apprehensive about it. 

NEIL MCMAHON, JOURNALIST: Not as nervous as I was. 

LEAH SUTTON, SISTER: Like, I was so proud. You know, I really was. 

ADAM SUTTON: This will help other people, maybe, in that predicament that I went through. 

NEIL MCMAHON, JOURNALIST: A lot of gay kids leave home. A lot of gay kids run far away. Some of them kill themselves. And I think for someone like Adam to stand up and do what he's done has got to have a huge impact on those kids out in the bush. 

ADAM SUTTON: It's good that now that our family has got so much closer since it. 

JOHN SUTTON, FATHER: This article coming out has really cleansed the whole thing. 

ADAM SUTTON: For sure. 

JOHN SUTTON, FATHER: It's drawn a final closure. 

ADAM SUTTON: Mm. Yep. For sure. It's fantastic. 

BARB SUTTON, MOTHER: It's very important. 

ADAM SUTTON: For us, for everybody involved with it, you know, it's really, really good. 

NEIL MCMAHON, JOURNALIST: I think Adam's parents have a much better relationship with him now purely because it's based on honesty. 

JOHN SUTTON, FATHER: There's a lot of regret that I feel that he had to lie. He had to sort of misinterpret his homosexuality. I wish I'd have been there for him more often in his adolescent years to help him through his troubled times. Give him somebody to talk to. Give him somebody to communicate with. I find more love from him now than I did then. And I only wish I could have been around him more often. 

ADAM SUTTON: Dad is an inspiration to me. Without his help, without him in my life, I couldn't do what I do. I couldn't do it. There are no words that I can put on that man. He's unbelievable. I've developed an amazing group of gay friends now. And it's opened my eyes from the person I was a few years ago thinking they don't exist and we're all out there. To see the way that a group of friends care for each other and are there for each other, it's pretty unique. I have been in one serious relationship since I've came out. I'm not in a relationship now. But I do hope to find that partner in life, soulmate, best buddy... It's good for me to see couples like that. It's good to see that side of a relationship, living together, and how it works. The dynamics are a little different. But the concept of two people loving each other hasn't changed. 

BARB SUTTON, MOTHER: I think the acceptances have taken place. I don't say I understand everything. But you love your children no matter what. 

JOHN SUTTON, FATHER: Yeah, ultimately, I think Adam will find a soulmate that he can sort of settle down with. And that's one of the things we'll have to accept when it comes. 

NEIL MCMAHON, JOURNALIST: I think Adam thought it would be a lot harder than it has been to live as a gay man in the bush. A group of us recently went to a country ball in a small town, and you wonder what the reaction’s going to be. There are a lot of people in society with extreme views on homosexuality who think gay people are perverts and deviants. But the reaction was amazing, nobody cared and they embraced us and we had a terrific night. I think the country has got to put up with Adam whether they like it or not. He's a country boy. He loves his horses, he loves the land, he loves the sky. And I could never see him going anywhere else. 

ADAM SUTTON: I'm now putting myself in touch with my feelings and my emotions instead of arguing with them. And that has made me a braver, stronger person because I now trust in myself, what I think, what I think is right and what I think is wrong. There is a stereotype cowboy sort of person. That rough and rugged ready-to-go sort of type. And there's your stereotype gay person. And I know that I've now been able to combine the two and break both moulds. And I look back and I think how silly I was sometimes for maybe keeping those secrets and bottling them up inside. Now they're out, it's a wonderful feeling.

Click here to view video Clip of them song selected for
BrokeBackMountain - The UnTold Story
Grab Your Dreams and Run Boy -I'll See You by the Sea


 Stretch and the Melting Hearts from their new album that was launced
 at the Jazz Bar In Edinburgh on the 21st December, 2008

Another video clip from the Melting Hearts new Album

If you are wishing to find out more about the forth coming film BrokeBack Mountain The Untold Story
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Irish Born Singer Songwriter
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BrokeBack Mountain- The Untold Story.

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Jack Nicholson on drugs death of Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger: 'I warned him'

Warning: On hearing of Heath Ledger's death, Jack Nicholson said in London last night 'I warned him'

BrokeBack Mountain Lodge

Relax in the Brokeback Mountain Lodge

Annie Proulx tells the story behind "Brokeback Mountain"

Annie Proulx figured no magazine would touch her short story "Brokeback Mountain," the tale of two Wyoming cowboys whose romance is so intense, it sometimes leaves them black and blue. But The New Yorker published it in 1997, and it went on to win an O. Henry prize and a National Magazine Award. Now the movie version is a leading Oscar contender, with starring performances from Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal as Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist.

In a telephone conversation with the Associated Press from her home in Wyoming, Proulx, a 70-year-old Pulitzer Prize–winner, declined to discuss the origins of her two roughneck lovers, citing an upcoming book written with screenwriters Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana. Instead, she spoke about homophobia, her fascination with rural life, and the process of making Twist and Del Mar live and breathe.

AP: You've said "Brokeback Mountain" began as an examination of homophobia in the land of the pure, noble cowboy.

Proulx: Everything I write has a rural situation, and the Wyoming stories, in the collection Close Range, which includes "Brokeback Mountain," did contain a number of those social-observation stories—what things are like for people there. It's my subject matter, what can I say?

AP: Were you trying to accomplish something specific with this story?

Proulx: No. It was just another story when I started writing it. I had no idea it was going to even end up on the screen. I didn't even think it was going to be published when I was first working on it because the subject matter was not in the usual ruts in the literary road.

AP: You've said this story took twice as long to write as a novel. Why?

Proulx: Because I had to imagine my way into the minds of two uneducated, rough-spoken, uninformed young men, and that takes some doing if you happen to be an elderly female person. I spent a great deal of time thinking about each character and the balance of the story, working it out, trying to do it in a fair kind of way.

AP: How did you feel about seeing it on the big screen?

Proulx: It was really quite a shock because I had had nothing to do with the film. So for 18 months, I had no idea what was happening. I had no idea if it was going to be good or frightful or scary, if it was going to be terribly lost or sentimentalized or what. When I saw it in September, I was astonished. The thing that happened while I was writing the story eight years ago is that from thinking so much about the characters and putting so much time into them, they became embedded in my consciousness. They became as real to me as real, walk-around, breathe-oxygen people. It took a long time to get these characters out of my head so I could get on with work. Then when I saw the film, they came rushing back. It was extraordinary—just wham—they were with me again.

AP: What did you think of the performances by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal?

Proulx: I thought they were magnificent, both of them. Jake Gyllenhaal's Jack Twist...wasn't the Jack Twist that I had in mind when I wrote this story. The Jack that I saw was jumpier, homely. But Gyllenhaal's sensitivity and subtleness in this role is just huge. The scenes he's in have a kind of quicksilver feel to them. Heath Ledger is just almost really beyond description as far as I'm concerned. He got inside the story more deeply than I did. All that thinking about the character of Ennis that was so hard for me to get, Ledger just was there. He did indeed move inside the skin of the character, not just in the shirt but inside the person. It was remarkable.

AP: Would you characterize the story as groundbreaking?

Proulx: I hope that it is going to start conversations and discussions, that it's going to awaken in people an empathy for diversity, for each other and the larger world. I'm really hoping that the idea of tolerance will come through discussions about the film. People tend to walk out of the theater with a sense of compassion, which I think is very fine. It is a love story. It has been called both universal and specific, and I think that's true. It's an old, old story. We've heard this story a million times; we just haven't heard it quite with this cast.

AP: Have you gotten any response from gay organizations?

Proulx: No. When the story was first published eight years ago, I did expect that. But there was a deafening silence. What I had instead were letters from individuals, gay people, some of them absolutely heartbreaking. And over the years, those letters have continued and certainly are continuing now. Some of them are extremely fine, people who write and say, "This is my story. This is why I left Idaho, Wyoming, Iowa." Perhaps the most touching ones are from fathers, who say, "Now I understand the kind of hell my son went through." It's enormously wonderful to know that you've touched people, that you've truly moved them.

AP: Is that why you write?

Proulx: It's not why I write. I had no idea I was going to get any response of this sort. I wrote it from my long-term stance of trying to describe sections of rural life, individuals in particular rural situations and places, well, first the places. That it came out this way—it just happened to touch certain nerves in people. I think this country is hungry for this story.

AP: Why?

Proulx: Because it's a love story and there's hardly much love around these days. I think people are sick of divisiveness, hate-mongering, disasters, war, loss; and need and want a reminder that sometimes love comes along that is strong and permanent, and that it can happen to anyone.

AP: Do you think straight men will watch this movie?

Proulx: They are watching this movie. Of course, why wouldn't they watch it? Straight men fall in love. Not necessarily with each other or with a gay man. My son-in-law, who prides himself on being a Bud-drinking, NRA-member redneck, liked the movie so much, he went to it twice. Straight men are seeing it, and they're not having any problem with it. The only people who would have problems with it are people who are very insecure about themselves and their own sexuality and who would be putting up a defense, and that's usually young men who haven't figured things out yet. Jack and Ennis would probably have trouble with this movie.

AP: Do you think Jack and Ennis will come back?

Proulx: They're not coming back. There's no way. They're going to stay where they are. I've got other things to write. (Sandy Cohen, AP)


Comment from the INL News and USA 

Weekly News Team: 

Surprise.. surprise...thank's to CHANTEL ANGELINA's  new film script

BrokeBack Mountain- The Untold Story

Jack and Ennis  are coming back..

In an exclusive interview with 

CHANTEL ANGELINA had this to say about her new Screen Play, "BrokeBack Mountain- the Untold Story", 
which she is also turning into a novel,

"The storyline consists of highly manipulative characters who abuse each other to the point of betrayal, deception and fear to the extent of mistrust and paranoia until the truth is revealed at the end.  The audience will experience a chilling awareness that will alter their perception and take them by absolute surprise.......

Watch this space for news on...

"BrokeBack Mountain- The Untold Story"







Movie Review 
Brokeback Mountain 
Jeff Schade 

’Brokeback’ the Best Film of the Year

Love is something that defines humanity. It is something that, as humans, we cannot control. We can hide it, we can deny it, but we cannot control it. While sometimes love is something that causes us pain, it is the sole force that defines us as humans.
It is this notion of the power of love that takes center stage in Ang Lee’s heartbreaking, painfully raw and yet utterly simple cowboy drama, Brokeback Mountain. It is a film that is so masterfully created it begs to be explained, but yet it is one film that touches so deeply into one that is it times difficult to do that. It is a story that is often left untold by Hollywood, so far out of the norm, that a viewing is almost compulsory.

The film focuses on Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger, The Brother’s Grimm) and Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal, Jarhead), two cowboys who spend one summer herding sheep atop Brokeback Mountain, just outside Signal, Wyoming. What started as two strangers ensuring the safety of sheep, soon develops into a passionate love affair between the two men, an affair that they keep only to themselves. After their time atop the mountain has ended they go their own separate ways.
Ennis soon marries Alma (Michelle Williams, Imaginary Heroes) while Jake falls in love with, and marries Lureen (Anne Hathaway, The Princess Diaries). Over the next two decades they continue to see each other on occasion, but soon as their lives begin to change, their relationship must also change. As Jake tries to pursue Ennis further, they soon must both face the consequences of their actions, love and mortality.

While the story itself is likely controversial to many people, with its homosexual slant, it is at its heart, a more beautiful love story then most of what Hollywood can produce. That is not meant in a way to say that same-sex love is infinitely better then heterosexual couples, but rather is a compliment to the filmmakers. It is the way the film has been created, as brutal and honest, that allows it to succeed so well. It is in the simplicity of Brokeback Mountain that it succeeds. There are no sweeping camera angles, no state-of-the-art special effects and no rousing musical score. The viewer, however, in the end is left with more then what most movies can provide, a tangible result.

While the score, as mentioned, is not rousing, it is, once again, its utter simplicity that allows it to succeed to magnificently. The majority of the score is nothing more then a simple stanza repeated throughout the film. While in some films this detracts from the overall quality, inBrokeback Mountain, it once again adds to the overall character of the film. Composed by Gustava Santaolalla (Collateral), it aptly captures what the viewer feels. There are times when, along with the remaining production, the score so perfectly matches the emotions on screen that the film is literally, perfect.

There certainly are a few, albeit minor, flaws in the film. There are times when the narrative feels a bit hurried, and sometimes the editing is a bit distracting. Perhaps the greatest problem though is that the film has so much to cover, and even with a running time exceeding two hours, it is difficult to properly pace it without leaving some things untouched. The narrative tends to focus more on Enis and Jack’s characters, and as such they are very well developed.

Anne Hathaway and Michelle William’s characters on the other hand are not quite so lucky, and one can not help but feel distant, without any sort of connection to their emotions. Perhaps a bit more development for them would have been in order, though as it stands that is perhaps nothing more then a minor complaint. The cast overall though performs magnificently with their roles. A small role by Anna Farris (Just Friends) is perhaps one of the most memorable cameos, though there are others as well, including Linda Cardenelli (Scooby-Doo) and Scott Michael Campell (Flight of the Phoenix).
The screenplay, adapted from the novella by E. Annie Proulx, by Larry McMurty (debut) aptly captures the emotional content of the novella. While the source material is quite short, the film does not lag despite its long running time. In fact, it is a credit to the writer that he was able to adapt the story so well given such limited material. While that is not to say there are not occasional lines that are less then perfect, the majority of the dialogue is impeccable in most ways.

As a director, Ang Lee has a rather mixed pedigree. He directed the masterful, but somewhat empty Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and also the comic-book disappointment Hulk, among other films. This time, however, the result is nothing less then spectacular and as a director he manages the film with complete skill and near perfection. From the romantic camera angles, to the actor’s performances, he manages to capture an emotional quality on film that is rarely seen.

When the credits finally roll, and viewers are able to process the film, it should become clear to most that this is not a film that serves simply as an entertaining diversion. While a certain few viewers will miss any sort of lasting impact due to their inability to overcome a romantic story that is anything but politically correct, those that do, will certainly be affected. While the film is not perfect, it is a masterpiece on many levels. It is perhaps its utter simplicity, and the manner in which it portrays the utter humanity of its characters that allows it to succeed so magnificently. It is a film that is greater then the sum of its parts, a film that succeeds because it does not back down from the story it seeks to tell. Because of that, Brokeback Mountain is not only the best film of the year, but easily on of the best films of the past decade.

Brokeback Mountain is a Focus Features release. Rated R for sexuality, nudity, language and some violence. Running Time: 134 Minutes.

1686 out of 2032 people found the following comment useful :-
Two Men In Love at the Venice Film Festival, 3 September 2005
Author: bethlambert117 from United States

It was a real ordeal to get into the screening. The anticipation was palpable. The film arrived surrounded by a plethora of innuendo. "A gay western" "Heath and Jake's hot scenes" As soon as the film started every imaginable preconception flew out of the auditorium. This is a remarkable, moving and powerful love story. The setting is that of a modern western "The Last Picture Show" comes to mind. Ang Lee's attention to detail verges on science fiction. You can actually smell the place. Extraordinary. I'm not going to reveal anything about the story - Gian Luigi Rondi a legendary Italian film critic, revealed the ending to a television audience, what was he thinking?! - The film will be enjoyed much more allowing the story to unfold without having passages underlined and attention drawn to this or that particular. I felt compelled to write this comment because I'm overwhelmed. It has changed my perception, I must confess, about certain aspect of same sex love because I didn't think of same sex when I was watching it, I saw two human beings (amazing performances by both actors)I have the feeling "Brokeback Mountain" will make history, deservedly so.

948 out of 1175 people found the following comment useful :-
Love Story 2005, 4 September 2005
Author: dboyleukgroup from United Kingdom

*** This comment may contain spoilers ***


The film was received by a long and heartfelt applause at the Venice Film Festival. I was kind of numb. Ang Lee, the magician, had dazzle his audience with another masterful trick. I'm not going to spoil the experience for you by telling you much about the film but as a way to share my own personal journey "Brokeback Mountain" inspired me to undertake, let me say that it's been one of the most unexpected emotional rides I've ever had in a movie theatre. A love story like no other, told without inhibitions, without cheap shots. With an honesty that is more unique than rare. Heath Ledger is, quite simply, extraordinary and Jake Gyllenhaal's commitment moved me and enthralled me. I can't wait to see it again.

939 out of 1216 people found the following comment useful :-
Ang Lee's Cowboys, 17 September 2005
Author: Donald Agustamarian from London, England

What an extraordinary accomplishment! Ang Lee presents us with something we've known about but we've never seen. Profoundly honest, stunning to look at, superbly acted. I could go on with the superlatives because I feel lifted by the experience. You've all heard the ins and outs of the subject treated here. Well, forget it, the words used are used words and do not apply here. "Brokeback Mountain" introduce us to something utterly new, daring you and me to be indifferent. The film is about us, really. Love as an unexpected blow that makes you find and confront yourself. Jake Gylenhaal gives a performance that you'll never forget. Michelle Williams and Ann Hathaway are incredibly good but the film belongs to Heath Ledger. I'm not going to talk about revelations or Oscar buzz, I'm just going to let you know that what he does in this film is so courageously beautiful, so truthful and so transcendental that his Ennis del Mar is bound to become a point of reference not just for us but for generations to come.

1047 out of 1438 people found the following comment useful :-
Powerful, Numbing, 12 September 2005
Author: Jamester from Canada

I just saw this at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to a packed house (with Ang Lee present for today's screening). And I have to say, it absolutely transfixed me and was worth the watch. Out of 24 movies I screened at the TIFF this year, this was the only one I rated a 10/10! Three things really stood out for me making this a stand-out of a film:

1) HONESTY: Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal really pulled this off. I wasn't expecting performances so real and nuanced, and was warmly surprised. Kudos, also, to Mr. Lee for making such a poignant and refreshingly honest film!

2) STORY: Great story-telling. In fact you're not actually being *told* a story. The story unfolds and the viewer watches what happens pulling you in. What a great experience! In fact, I want to experience this story again -- I'm going to look for the short story.

3) NUMBING: In a thought-provoking kind of way. I left the theatre digesting the story even as I sat on the streetcar thinking about the characters. I cared for them, and wondered what could/might happen to them after the screen went black. My mind was playing out scenarios and in that sense, it was numbing, in a thought-provoking, emotionally heavy way.

This is powerful cinema and is definitely worth checking out. It's the best Ang Lee film I've seen to date (I've seen most, but not all of his feature films).

689 out of 824 people found the following comment useful :-
The Heart Of The Matter, 16 December 2005
Author: marcosaguado from Los Angeles, USA

I didn't believe for a moment that the film could live up to the hype, or to some of the comments posted here, some of them read like love letters to the film, to the director and the actors. Well, now, after seeing the film, I feel like writing a love letter myself. The film took over my senses and transported me. The tragedy that envelopes the lives of Ennis and Jack is caused by an ancestral ignorance that is part of our DNA and if you don't believe me read some of the hateful comments posted here alongside the love letters. That's the heart of the matter. After the summer in Brokeback Mountain, Ennis and Jack go their separate ways and Ennis hits a wall with his fists crying, trying to destroy his longing, self loathing, guilt, horror. Imagine in a world without ignorance and therefore without hatred, Ennis and Jack could have celebrated their love and attempt an honest life together. Imagine also if things were the other way and heterosexuals were the dark minority, imagine falling in love with a girl and having to keep it secret, never been able to tell or to show publicly your love for her. Men like Ennis, and there are many, have to curve their own emotions and conform, entering and developing unhappy marriages and why? Read some of the comments here and you'll understand why. There is one that condemns the movie and what the movie may do for his kid and his vision of cowboys without actually having seen the movie! That's the heart of the matter. I will go and see the film again tomorrow, if I can get tickets, I'm taking with me a group of people that hate the movie already without having seen it. I won a bet so they will have to. I'm taking them to diner later to talk. I intend to report the results if you let me. But for the time being let me tell you, "Brokeback Mountain" is an extraordinary film. Jake Gyllenhaal, Ann Hathaway and the magnificent Michelle Williams give superb performances but it's Heath Ledger's film. He gives us something that nobody could possibly have expected because what he gives us is not only, honest and moving and powerful but totally and utterly new.


850 out of 1153 people found the following comment useful :-
Never Leave "Brokeback Mountain", 13 September 2005
Author: hermes1-2 ( from Texas, USA

*** This comment may contain spoilers ***


Unable to wait any longer for the official December debut of Brokeback Mountain, I flew from Texas to the Toronto International Film Festival this past weekend specifically to see the Canadian premiere of the film. It was truly one of the top two movies I've ever seen in all my 36 years. I had read the short story by Annie Proulx twice prior to seeing the film. The movie unfolded exactly as I had pictured the events and characters in my mind. Larry McMurtry and the author did well to portray the harsh lives of two very poor young men who had nothing but the raw beauty of rural Wyoming and themselves to bring them comfort in an otherwise unforgiving time in their lives. I was seriously moved by this movie. You'll find that it will be forever etched in your mind as it tends to haunt you afterward with a bittersweet yearning for that impossible, unfinished love the two men shared. If you have a chance to read the book, do. It will explain some of the scenes in the film that otherwise don't make sense. Seriously - this film will live with you for a long, long time.

1000 out of 1469 people found the following comment useful :-
A dream..., 3 September 2005
Author: RCharlesZH ( from Switzerland

I saw Brokeback Mountain at the Venice Film Festival (with Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hatheway, and Ang Lee in attendance)and it's been haunting me ever since. I had read Annie Proulx's short story in the "New Yorker" years ago and it haunted me as well. What is it about this story? It's a love story that starts out without love--and finishes with a love that never ends. Congratulations to the director and the entire cast, you did a great job. I wish you much success, although with the theme being so "delicate", it may have trouble finding a big audience in the U.S. The audience here in Europe, I can say, thought it was great.

697 out of 893 people found the following comment useful :-
Broken by a film..., 27 December 2005
Author: undone001 ( from Texas, United States

I'm 23, and I find it hard to write this review. I saw the film exactly one week ago today and not a moment has gone by when I don't ache. It finds me in the shower; it haunts me in bed; it has filled my mind and clings to my thoughts, and it won't let up. I try to lie to myself, to find some solace by saying that it's just a movie, but I know better. Jack and Ennis are alive, and they represent so many aching people, so many untold stories. There is no contrivance, no manufactured importance; there are no tricks. Brokeback Mountain tells, with painful honesty and frankness, the story of two men's lives and nothing more. Whether you are gay or straight, it doesn't hit close to home: it hits you. Brokeback Mountain is a place we all most desperately yearn to go. It's where we can be free. It feels funny to say that Brokeback Mountain is my favorite film of all time, because I think it almost an injustice to call it a film at all, or to critique its incredible technical sophistication. Somehow Brokeback Mountain transcends that. I could hear a thousand speeches celebrating diversity or read a hundred love stories and not be absolutely broken in just two hours as I was after this film. I've never felt waves of nausea come over me as I did sitting in that theater, my face contorted as I watched truth and honesty spill from the screen and onto moviegoers who had no idea what they were in for. I am usually the first to point out bias, so I know my words might be mistaken for favoritism or blind loyalty. They should not. This movie will change your existence. I find so many things in my life trivial now in the wake of this film---for me, watching it was truly like having a near-death experience. And am I better for it? Yes. Broken and undone, but better. For once in my life, I feel hope, and I've seen love.

675 out of 976 people found the following comment useful :-
New American classic love story, 12 September 2005
Author: mattfg from Toronto

*** This comment may contain spoilers ***


I was lucky to get a ticket to the second screening of Brokeback Mountain at the Toronto Int'l Film Fest in September, months before the well-deserved hype kicked in. This is an absolutely beautiful movie. From a gay man's perspective, the love story was both satisfying and heart-breaking.

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal give equally moving and accomplished performances, although the story tends to focus more on Ledger's character. Heath is note perfect in this role. I didn't detect a false moment once from him. Regardless of whether or not he wins the Oscar, his performance in this movie will be watched and admired for years to come as a landmark in acting. I truly related to his character's internalized homophobia. Every gay man has been there before. In many ways, he represents the embodiment of shame and self-hate, a product of his American, western culture. The flashback showing his father take him as a boy to look at the dead body of some murdered gay man should be shown to every Christian fundamentalist out there who ever argued (and continue to argue) that homosexuality is a choice and that gay men and lesbians are nurtured by their environment. I've seen the movie three times now, and Heath brings tears to my eyes every time - he's so good. 

Jake is also incredible, sweet, nuanced, loving. He had the difficult part of being essentially the "love interest" rather than the main character. By the end, he personifies the tragedy of hopes that never come to be - as captured perfectly by Lee with the cut between the flashback of Jake's longing and beautiful face next to Jake 20 years later worn down by the weight of dashed dreams, wondering what could have been. This is one of those movies where you find that you fully appreciate both performances of the two men, Heath and Jake, equally, but perhaps one before the other over time. I was first blown away by Heath's performance, which seemed to eclipse Jake's performance - but over time, I've learned to truly appreciate what Gyllenhaal did here and how utterly perfect his portrayal really is. 

The other performances in this movie are all first-rate, especially Michelle Williams who is the portrait of vulnerability in this movie. She deserves all the accolades she's received for this performance. Anne Hathaway did well too with very little screen time, but knocked it out of the park with the phone call scene at the end (incidentally, the only scene her character even had in the original short story.) 

The movie should become both an American love story classic, as well as a gay classic. Glad to have someone of Ang Lee's talent take on a project like this. What an amazing man he is!

598 out of 885 people found the following comment useful :-
An amazing piece of cinema.., 12 September 2005
Author: qball_82

I was fortunate enough to see the North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. That was two days ago, and this film just wont leave my mind. Not that I'm complaining because this is what good cinema is all about.

Ennis and Jack, two cowboys who fall in love. As others have touched on, Brokeback Mountain is so much more than merely a "gay cowboy movie". It perfectly captures what true, unbridled love is all about and this love transcends any issues of sexuality or gender. "Love is a force of nature". Unfortunately for many people and indeed the protagonists of our story, society doesn't always view it that way. 

Kudos to Ang Lee who has not shied away from the material at all. This adaptation stays true to the original short story and the two lead actors fit the roles perfectly. Ledger and Gyllenhaal give incredibly strong performances but the supporting cast shouldn't be overlooked either, particularly a somewhat unrecognizable Michelle Williams. Solid work all around and with Mr Ang Lee's vision they have created an amazing piece of cinema that should not be missed by anybody. Without giving anything away, you are going to be moved by this one.

424 out of 600 people found the following comment useful :-
The Look Of Love, 20 September 2005
Author: abelardo64 from United States

I don't remember when was the last time I felt a movie like I felt Ang Lee's extraordinary "Brokeback Mountain". I can safely say it's the greatest, original American melodrama since the times of Douglas Sirk and I'm sure that even the great Todd Haynes would agree with me. His stunning "Far From Heaven" is an exquisite reproduction, this one updates and reinvents it without betraying it. My girlfriend had tears in her eyes and so did I. Heath Ledger's character spoke to me directly. And the word sex hasn't come into the equation yet. Love takes over the whole story and Heath Leger will be the dominating star of the next decade, if he wants to. Jake Gylenhaal is also superb but his character, nags,understandably so, but we know Heath much better than him and we're on Heath side. The buttoning of the shirt is already a landmark scene in my mind. I'm sure this film is arriving at just the right time. It will teach without preaching and many will learn.

200 out of 234 people found the following comment useful :-
Finally A Film Which Gets it Right, 12 January 2006
Author: nycritic

*** This comment may contain spoilers ***


It was only time before a film about two men in love would get the treatment it gets in Ang Lee's BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, since up to now, films had either skirted the subject, reduced it to a peripheral, sanitized version of itself or given it the eye-candy treatment only meant at making a quick impression in the "Gay-Lesbian" category. The simple yet deceptive story of two people who meet, fall in love, but are unable to fulfill their love has been done over and over again from the male-female perspective (i. e. IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, THE AGE OF INNOCENCE, BRIEF ENCOUNTER), but never involving two men, and never this brutally honest.

Of course, the dynamic of male love is different than male-female love only in genitalia. Jack and Ennis' first encounter while waiting for work, their isolation leading to each other's arms, is the stuff of every restrained romantic drama. The mechanism of two men falling in love here develops along the lines of homo-masculinity dictating patterns of behavior which both Jack and Ennis obey whether they know it or not. It comes to me as no surprise when, following their first sexual encounter (brutally executed with undertones of sadomasochism but true to the style of love involving alpha males), they revert to "not being queers" but cowboys who excuse "what happened" to liquor and "manly needs". Which of course verbalizes society's impositions of men having to be "men."

Of course, things take a different turn and the heart wants what it wants. Once their work is done, Jack tries to keep their acquaintance alive but Ennis is so intensely closed and closeted to any possibility of emotions that he looks like he may implode at any moment and only once does he actually scream into his hat, bent over, as Jack drives away. The sound is a terrible, heart-rending puke of indescribable pain.

What follows is a series of brief encounters that become more intense as the years go by, but at the same time destroys two marriages and consumes then to the end. Love is an uncontrollable emotion, and when two people who belong together despite their gender cannot fulfill their dreams it's only a matter of time when things reach a head. Again, the constraints of time and space interfere: Ennis cannot see a life outside what he knows, again more a product of the trauma of seeing something horrible as a child, and Jack, not having what he wants, has to take to meeting other men in sordid locations and re-create a semblance of an affair with a man who resembles Ennis. In presenting these situations as they are and not trying to pursue change in its characters, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN is the love story that transcends gender, space, time, and proves that love -- even when tragic -- is universal.

Even so, will straight people see the message behind the story? I believe straight women (and a few enlightened straight men) will be the ones drawn to view the movie over a majority of conservative idiots who still hold the idea of two men locked in intimacy as being repugnant and are ripping their feeble brains out over the quasi "gay agenda" that BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN is trying to "convert people to homoesexuality". Sometimes it takes a movie like this which dares to take the risk and tell an unforgettable story rife in visual and emotional power -- true poetry in motion.

All of the actors in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN are flawless, and all of them have roles that in another story might have been bland stereotypes of predictable natures. Jake Gyllenhaal is smoldering longing at the beginning but becomes a broken man who explodes in rage when he realizes that twenty years have gone down the drain. Heath Ledger goes one better: his painful speech, furtive eyes, and inward body language expresses an overwhelming set of emotions which state that he'd never be able to be happy with anyone, and his final scene holding Jack's shirt comes more as an apology to Jack than an added moment of schmaltz. Michelle Williams plays a typical housewife who is witnessing something she can't understand. Linda Cardellini, who comes quite late in the film, initially appears to be just a waitress, but is the person who gives Ennis an advice about love. Anne Hathaway's role as Jack Twist's wife is much more tricky: is she aware of his gayness or is she really all about business and having a perfect home? I get the feeling her character knows more than she expresses, and her turning progressively blonde is a manifestation of her choosing to look the other way and live a life of bitter complacency, best expressed in her telling speech about how "men don't dance with their wives." If she only knew.

492 out of 832 people found the following comment useful :-
Loved it, 6 September 2005
Author: Igster from United Kingdom

I saw this film last night and loved it. It starts off a little bit worryingly - just a bit too brooding. But as it gets going the story takes over and becomes utterly absorbing.

It's a fantastic return to the Ice Storm aesthetic for Ang Lee. Lots of concentration on the minute and the things that aren't said.

Both Jake and Heath are fantastic in it. Quite surprising really. With Jake you think you'll find it hard to shake the his previous iconic roles, well specifically Donnie Darko. But he moves completely beyond that. Likewise Heath Ledger who brings a huge amount of power to a closed-up character who really doesn't that all that much.

All so terribly moving too.

167 out of 226 people found the following comment useful :-
Like a ton of bricks, 14 December 2005
Author: sfgrl from United States

*** This comment may contain spoilers ***


I saw Brokeback Mountain for the first of what I hope to be many, many times two days ago, and I don't think a minute has passed since the viewing when the film's brilliance hasn't permeated my thoughts. I find myself scouring the Internet, hoping to find anything that will remind of me of this monumental film.

Reading the user comments, I am struck by how many people feel exactly as I feel – like you have been hit like a ton of bricks and unable to stop thinking about it. I had read the short story several times before seeing the movie and thought knowing the story and its sad ending in advance would brace me for the film version. It did not. Instead, I think I was crying ten times as much because I could not bear for Jack and Ennis to meet their terrible fate.

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall are magnificent and if not for them (and the incredible work by Ang Lee), I think this film would have been a massive disappointment. Instead, days later, just thinking of Ennis and Jack's stolen embrace and kiss in broad daylight after being apart for four years is enough to make my heart skip a beat and my stomach lurch. Everything about that scene is perfect – Ennis' giddiness as he waits for Jack, how he skips down the stairs, the genuine embrace that quickly gives way to a clinch and kiss that seems to overpower both of them, their efforts to pull one another away from each other and Ennis' reluctance to do so as evidenced by his subtle but oh so honest hand gestures as he turns away from Jack so they can meet Ennis' wife. I've teared up just sitting here at my desk at work.

Heath Ledger's performance is the most amazing thing I've seen in years. I really just wanted to get onto the screen and hug him. Which reminds me of the effectiveness of the Cassie Cartwright character (which I don't believe was in the short story). Here is this man, Ennis Del Mar, who barely says a word and appears mostly downtrodden and at a dead end in his life. And yet, because of the depth and emotion that Heath Ledger is able to infuse into Ennis, this bubbly, outgoing and beautiful woman is completely in love with him. The magic, of course, is that this doesn't seem implausible. I loved Ennis, too. Judging from the audience, we all did. And his inability to reciprocate that love with anybody but the one person he perceives as forbidden is what renders this story among the most heartbreaking I've ever known.

I don't normally write reviews either, as many others have mentioned, but feel obligated to out of the deep sense of gratitude I have for Ang Lee, Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhall, Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway and, of course, the genius of the original short story and wonderfully adapted screenplay. This film is an instant classic that will be mentioned in the same sentence as all the great ones. Thank you for the bravery and skill that was exerted for our benefit.

P.S. I am already preparing myself for disappointment come Oscar time, but sincerely hope that BBM sweeps all categories. No other movie came close this year

Jack Nicholson on drugs death of Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger: 'I warned him'
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A revealing ? if ambiguous - comment made by Jack Nicholson hints he was aware Ledger was battling personal demons.

The acting veteran, who played the Batman's most famous Joker, said in London: "I warned him.?
The comment came as it emerged that police had recovered a rolled-up $20 note from the apartment.

Last days: Heath, in east London on 6 January, filming a Terry Gilliam fantasy adventure with model Lily Cole
The news of Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger's death in a New York apartment has caused shockwaves around the world, but it didn't come as a surprise to one Hollywood star.

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