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Exclusive Interview With Leo Zagami, Ex-Illuminatus, on Greg Szymanski's Radio Show

 part one

Part Two

Arctic Beacon -
(Posted here: Sunday, January 07, 2007)

 Please listen to:

The Entities - ASong from The Film The Great American Novel

Stuck In Babylon - ASong from The Film The Great American Novel

The Great American Novel=The Theme Song From The Film The Great American Novel

- Is the Illuminati's house of cards falling apart because of countries like Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea? Listen to Alex Jones interviewing Robert Gaylon Ross Sr., author of the famous "Who is Who of the Elite?" -
-, Feb 06, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 13, 2006)

Jerry Pippin Interviews Mr. X
- Mr. X, shown in the photo with Jerry on the left, was very leery and worried about someone finding out his true identity as he arrived for the interview. We made some small talk and immediately started rolling tape. Over the years, I have found this was the best way to get the story. Do it fast, clean and simple with point blank questions. What I heard was stunning. -
- -
(Posted here: Friday, May 26, 2006

Chemtrail Documentaries - Clouds of Death vs. Aerosol Crimes
[Video Evidence]
- The "Clouds of Death" documentary is an excellent piece of information, which is a mandatory watch for everyone who wants to know the truth about chemtrails. Please don't just skim through this article without either downloading or watching this 23+ minutes video (scroll down to the end of this article to do so). People NEED to know what is going on, because it is negatively affecting us all and slowly killing us. THIS IS DONE BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IN A SILENT WARFARE AGAINST ITS OWN POPULATION! Wes Penre -
- -
(Posted here: Wednesday, January 03, 2007)

Vaccination - The Hidden Truth
[Video: 01:30:30]
- This is the shocking but extremely informative video documentary "Vaccination - The Hidden Truth" (1998) where fifteen people, including Dr. Viera Scheibner (a PhD researcher), five medical doctors, and other researchers, reveal what is really going on in relation to illness and vaccines.
Ironically, the important facts come from the orthodox medicine's own peer-reviewed research. With so much government and medical promotion of vaccination for prevention of disease, the video is clearly devoted to presenting the other side of the issue that parents and others are not being told. -
- from, 1998 -
(Posted here: Saturday, September 08, 2007)


I AM AN ANIMAL - The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA
- On the frontline on animal rights we have Ingrid Newkirk, founder and President of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Just like Sheehan, she is a brilliant strategist, fearless and driven when comes to protecting and fighting cruel and unethical behavior towards animals. Despite, or rather thanks to, her controversial methods of exposing those cruelties, she gets a lot of Media attention. -
- by Wes Penre, Nov 25, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, November 25, 2007)

Antidepressants and School Shootings, Suicide, Addiction
- A shocking Compilation of Video clips showing negative side effects of Antidepressants. Suicide, homicide even to the point of school shootings. Best Case scenario you only experience Withdrawal and Addiction. My solution has not been medications/drugs but a company called Truehope:
- YouTube -
(Posted here: Wednesday, December 19, 2007)

An Evening with Lloyd Pie
Lecture on human origins and the Starchild Skull

- Lloyd is also the caretaker of the famous Starchild skull, and has written a new book about his eight years of struggle to get it scientifically tested to establish beyond dispute the precise genetic heritage of both of its parents. So far, extensive testing indicates that its mother was a normal human but its father was, in all probability, something other than entirely human. -
(Posted here: Monday, July 14, 2008)


Mr X died from a headache -

Click Hereto listen to an Interview with Mr X before he died about different group of aliens about how they created Humans through various cloning methods

Dead at 48 years old (December 2008)
Mr. X passed away shortly after Noon in a California Hospital after going to the emergency room the night before, complaining of a severe headache. He had a new wife and a new child and according to Project Camelot's Kerry Cassidy who had stayed in contact with him, he was quite happy.  When Kerry and I discussed this surprising death today, she noted that Mr. X never asked for money or fame, he just wanted people to know what he had found when he was archiving the secret documents. With this sad news once again the unknown cause and unexpected death of a whistle blower puts another road block in our pursuit of the truth. 
Jerry Pippin 
January 1, 2009    
Here is the audio file played by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan at the recent Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas. It is a recording by Mr. X relating much of the information he gave us in that interview at Twenty Nine Palms, Ca. in 2005.  
MP3 running time: 6 minutes, 40 seconds.  Windows Media Version
Interview with Jerry Pippin - It was a warm weekend in the high desert of Southern California, when we arrived at the motel in Twenty Nine Palms. I am always amazed at this landscape, a couple of hours driving time from Needles over a wavy, dip strewn two lane highway with not a house in eye sight. When we checked in, we left word at the desk for our Mr. X. He had checked in already, per our instructions under the name of Larry Dicken. We quickly went to our room, and Roberta Scott started setting up the recording equipment. The phone rang, and it was him. He and his wife would be down a few minutes.
Mr. X, shown in the photo with Jerry on the left, was very leery and worried about someone finding out his true identity as he arrived for the interview. We made some small talk and immediately started rolling tape. Over the years, I have found this was the best way to get the story. Do it fast, clean and simple with point blank questions. What I heard was stunning.
This man was locked in a vault type room with a guard slipping trash bags full of papers, envelopes and photos to him, all marked Top Secret and higher. He was not allowed out of the room until the late afternoon when the work day was over. He was not a military man but a civilian employee of a Southern California Defense Firm, and his tale is stunning.
He speaks of the evidence he handled that showed or documented "Tall Orange" ETs in charge, Grey ETs everywhere, communications between ETs and Air Force officers common place, the confirmation of the Roswell (Corona, NM) UFO crash and details about these alien beings that left little to the imagination. He even saw documents about a possible end of the world scenario....that's 2012! Was the photo, (right) from the Apollo 16 mission to the Moon among those photos examined by Mr. X? Is that a UFO or planet Earth?
His story was told with sincerity, and he was reeling off fantastic details in a matter of fact way. This is the stuff of which great investigative radio shows are made, and now you can hear it all. 

 MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 6 minutes, 45 seconds
Windows Media Version Part One - Windows Media Version Part Two
CLICK HERE to read the transcript of the interview.
Subsequently, Project Serpo Spokesman, Bill Ryan, and Film Producer, Kerry Cassidy interviewed Mr. X at an undisclosed location. Bill states: “Mr. X worked during the 1980s as an archivist of ET and UFO materials documenting alien-human interaction sanctioned by the U.S. government over the years, starting with Roswell in 1947 and continuing to the present day. His coming forward at this time is a courageous act of unselfishness on behalf of disclosure of the alien presence on Earth. We salute him and applaud his valor."  
CLICK HERE to watch this video.
The direction, videography and post-production editing was performed by the multi-talented Kerry Cassidy. Audio post-production editing by Rick Troppman, Jerry Pippin Productions Product Producer. 
This is the first production under the PROJECT CAMELOT banner (
In addition, to the above video interview, Bill and Kerry conducted a one on one recorded interview with Mr. X, which asks some more in depth questions. CLICK HERE to read this interview, which was transcribed and edited to the satisfaction of both the interviewers and the interviewee.
PROJECT CAMELOT has been formed in support of researchers and "whistleblowers," who challenge the current paradigm. Our aim is to provide safety in numbers and thereby establish a climate of trust and support across many disciplines, emphasizing the freedom to explore and take a stand for truth... wherever it leads. CLICK HERE for more information. 

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Mr X's written answers were in response to questions posed by Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy. Where his responses are in purple italics, this denotes his current personal opinion as opposed to information he is now reporting, recalled from what he read or saw in his archivist's work over twenty years ago.

What are you willing to share about yourself and your background?

I am in my mid-40s and live on the west coast. I have been in on the west coast most of my life, although I was not born here. I was an honor student in high school and editor of my yearbook. I am very mathematically inclined and scored 798 out of 800 on my math SAT test and was evaluated with an IQ of 165. I have an AA degree in psychology. I am very happily married. I have been in the field of graphic arts my entire life. I have been interested in UFOs and extraterrestrial life since I can remember.

I have had one sighting of an UFO aboard a fishing boat leaving the San Diego harbor, although I wish I would have many more. This sighting was of a silent craft, maybe 60 feet in diameter. It was covered with green lights all around and flew silently by at about 100 feet altitude over the San Diego harbor. No one else on the boat saw it, even though there were others on the deck at the time. I asked several others....."Did you see that?!" Their reply was, "See what?"

I am by no means an expert. I am just telling my experience. I have had a feeling about 2011 and 2012 since I was young. I even contemplated writing my own version of a book of truth long before I was involved in this project. I had concrete thoughts and beliefs about why we were here and how we got here. I could not believe what I was being taught in Sunday School. I thought, "If this is what life is about, why are we even here? This can't be the truth about life...."

Can you tell us anything about the kind of company you worked for?

All I can say is that it was aerospace. A large company at the time.

How did you come to be involved in the archiving job? When was this, and how old were you at the time?

I was about 24 or 25 at the time. This assignment took place in the mid-1980s.

All of the production personnel in my department were asked if they wanted to volunteer for some "special work that would take about 6 months". Several of us (I recall 5 or 6 out of the 30 or so) responded Yes to the question. We didn't hear any more about it for about a month, then two of us were selected for the project. I was talked to by personnel that were not from my department and given instructions by them. They did not have the usual badge that was required for employment where I worked. I was never briefed or debriefed with anyone else, including the other person that was selected for the work. I never approached that person during or after the assignment about the nature of his/her work on the project. My assignment was never talked about to that person or any of my managers or co-workers. My managers and higher-ups never questioned me about the assignment or the duties I performed during the time I was on the special assignment. It was as if I took a leave of absence from my department and returned about 6 months later. It was rather odd that no one in my department asked me where I was. It was as if they were told not to ask.

What was your reaction upon realizing what it was you were being asked to do?

I was never really told the exact nature of what I was to be doing. I was told of the importance of security. It wasn't until I started work that I realized just what I was doing. I had many feelings at that time. First and foremost, I was finally satisfied knowing that my beliefs were validated. I was overjoyed at that. I have always had a feeling that life was more than the church wanted me to believe. I felt that my life had purpose, that life on Earth had a bigger purpose and a bigger history. I felt secure in knowing that my beliefs were the TRUTH. Secondly, I felt privileged to be able to do such work. I was also a bit scared, being told about security from day to day. I did discuss my work with some very close friends, but none that worked with me. I also started reading all the UFO material I could get my hands on. It just solidified my satisfaction with knowing that I was in line with the truth about life. The literature I read, however, didn't always jive with the material I saw.

Some correlative literature that I read that did jive with what I was assigned to file: Majestic by Whitley Streiber, Hangar 18 (the movie), Starseed Messages (the author escapes me right now), various lectures I attended in the mid-1980s through the early 1990s.

What conditions were you working in? What was the nature of the security? Can you describe a typical day? What were the routines and procedures you were required to follow?

I worked in a vault. It was not underground, it was on the third or fourth floor, I can't quite remember. I reported to the front desk, signed in, and went to work. At the end of the day, I was searched, and signed out. I was told of the importance of security at least twice a week, usually upon leaving the room.

A typical day was reporting to my desk in a room that no-one else was allowed in except those that brought my work. I received a bag of materials, almost always documents, and most of them sealed. This was given to me by a person that was not allowed to open the bag. The bags were usually canvas and very heavy and thick. I signed for it and the delivery person left the room. I did receive some film cans, video cassettes (very large ones), and various other materials. I had bins that had a triple lock on them that I was to file these materials into.

When I needed water or a restroom break, I called the front desk, locked up all of the materials in my possession, and got an escort to the restroom or water fountain. I was not permitted to leave the "complex" until the end of my shift. Of my eight hours each day working, I spent about six actually filing. The other hours were spent signing in and out, signing for materials delivered and signing out materials to leave my room in boxes. I also had a lunch break for an hour, and food was brought to me to eat in my room. I did not eat with the others on this assignment. I do not know how many were doing the same thing. I just did my job and went home.

What kind of security clearance were you required to have? What non-disclosure documents were you required to sign? Did they have a limited duration of validity, or were they applicable for the duration of your lifetime?

I only had a Secret clearance, with a few extras attached for other projects I was working on during my duration with the company I worked for. I never had Top Secret, although there were a few in my department at my regular job who did. As far as non-disclosure documents, I only signed two official documents. One at the beginning and one at the end of the assignment. There was no mention of duration on either documents to the best of my recollection.

Can you tell us about your supervisors on the job? What were they like? Did they know what you were dealing with? Did they have higher clearances than yours?

The supervisors were plain clothes types. Very secretive. No badges that I could recognize as being from the company I worked for. I had no idea what clearance they had, but obviously higher than I did. They did not come into my room when I performed my duties. No one else did.

Who were the senior executives in the aerospace company at the time? Do you think they knew what you were doing?

I won't give names, but I do not believe that they knew of the nature of my work. I guess it was contract type work where they just occupied part of the building that was usually used by the company I worked for. Only I knew what I was seeing.

How did the work you were doing affect the overall mission of the company?

I don't think it did at all. We did work on Star Wars technology and other Secret and Top Secret projects, but I was not aware that what I did had anything to do with that. Some of the material I looked at was generated by the company I worked for, though.

Were they reverse-engineering spacecraft or producing any other technological innovations via alien technology? Since you left, have you seen their latest products? If so, does there appear to be any link to alien technology?

I was not aware of any reverse engineering taking place at the company I worked for. I just had a Secret clearance, though. There were many there that held Top Secret and above, and would have seen that kind of activity. I don't know if it happened or not, I just didn't see it.

How long did you do this job for? Do you know why the project ended? What work did you do after that?

The assignment was for about six months, give or take a few weeks. It has been so long I really do not have accurate recollection of the length of time on this assignment. I don't know if the project ended or not. I just know I was no longer asked to perform duties related to it. I resumed my regular duties after the assignment ended, just like it never happened, and no mention of it after that date.

Can you describe what material you saw and handled? What eras were the documents and materials from? What locations?

Reports, photos, media materials (tapes, films, video cassettes) and material from crashed saucers.

The photographs were of sightings. Close-up photographs of saucer shaped crafts. Hundreds of these. Some from space missions labeled NASA and NORAD. Old black and white ones and color ones. Some of ships emerging from (or entering into) water with no splash. Some with military men looking at them in the same pictures. Some cigar-shaped crafts. Some that looked like beams or bars. Most sort of blurry, but some with detail. Most detail shots had ships with no seams or windows. Some with lights and some with no lights. Some in daytime and some at night. Some pictures had crafts at a distance in formation. I could not recognize the scenery in shots that had scenery. I was by no means informed about the world of UFOs at the time.

Then there were documents. Most of them sealed, of course. Labeling included Secret, Top Secret, Top Secret Eyes Only, Confidential, and Unclassified. Some had markings of MJ-12 and MAJIC or Majestic. These were old from the late 1940s and typewritten with rubber stamps for the security markings. A couple even bore Truman's signature. Others were signed by military officials that I didn't recognize at the time. Most of the documents I received were report forms dictated by civilians and typed by research officials. These were labeled unclassified. The forms had no conclusion to the investigation of the sightings they reported, just the facts as told by civilians.

Some documents referred to material recovered at Roswell such as media disks (called something else, but I can't remember). They reported the contents of these disks such as views of star clusters and planets from unknown positions in space. They also indicated landing zones here on Earth. Most of these were nuclear facilities. Remember, this stuff was recovered in 1947, the birth of nuclear weapons development. They contained, as reported, aerial views of weapons facilities and silos where the warheads were stored. Sort of like a photo library of sorts, with symbols on the photos, the same symbols that were found aboard the craft and in the reported Yellow and Blue books.

Other documents referred to metal material that had extremely strong tensile strength. This material resembled "chrome-like foil." It could be crushed easily, but would return to a flat shape and have no creases. It could not be torn, although a nail could be driven through it.

Other documents told of alien biology. They explained that the blood of the aliens recovered had chlorophyll in it and it was probably used for a sort or photosynthesis. Their esophagus came to a point inside their chest, going nowhere. No stomach, but mention of a pancreas that functioned very differently than ours. The appendix was also mentioned, theirs having a purpose more complex than ours.

There was mention of a live alien recovered at the crash, but no mention as to where it was taken or what was done with it. No mention of where the craft parts were taken, either. Just mention of the items they found, including a big chunk of the ship still intact.

There was also some packages that were sealed that I believe contained parts, but I would be speculating as to what the contents were since they were sealed. I did get to see some of the foil mentioned, although a very small piece. I crushed it and it sprung back. The bulky packages were very light for their size. All of them were that way. It could have been mostly padding, but they were extremely light for their size. I could feel hard items inside, some of considerable size. I saw one piece of I-beam material with symbols on it. It was about 5 inches long and 1 inch thick, with no burn marks on it at all. It sounded like plastic when banged (gently) on the side of my desk. I could not scratch it. It was very exciting holding it. I thought to myself, "This is from another planet in another solar system, and I get to touch it!" I felt privileged.

There was several mentions of Zeta Reticuli in the documents about Roswell. I did recognize that from the Betty and Barney Hill story. There were some star maps, but I could not read them. There were also diagrams of the inside of the ship, including panel diagrams, electrical device diagrams and ship compartment diagrams. All of these were sketches. I also saw several pictures of dead and cut-up aliens. I would assume that these were autopsy pictures. There were also some film canisters (16mm size) that contained films. These were sealed except for one. I opened it quickly and looked at the images on the first few frames. The image was just words saying "Autopsy 3." I did not have a means of viewing it, so I put it away. There were no classification markings at all on the film cans.

There were also prints of some sort that seemed to be "screen dumps" of radar tracks. I only saw these one day, but there were quite a few of them. Some of the blips on the papers were circled and labeled "U" or "UFO", and some were several pages with time stamps on them. The stamps were like rubber stamps or stamps made by a time clock. That about sums it up.

Do you have any idea where the material came from, or where it all went to after passing through your hands?

The materials came from everywhere. CIA, Air Force, Navy, Army, DARPA, NORAD, DoD, FBI, and government officials to name most.

I have no idea where it went, but I am inclined to think it ended up in some secret warehouse on a base such as White Sands or Edwards or even Area 51. I think I was one of a few people that were organizing data and other materials for analysis by people in the know at that time. See more below, where I offer my analysis of what I was actually doing.

It was odd how I had to file things. Sometimes it was by type of materials (official letters, films, reports, civilian photos, military photos, NASA photos, etc). Other times it was by year, and everything in a certain time period was to be put in a single file, no matter what it was. The materials were put into boxes that were clearly labeled as to the category (such as "1950-1955" or "documents" or even "other media"). There were NO classification markings on the bags I received or the boxes that went out. The bags were either white (very soiled, I might add) or army green or khaki. I may have run across a few black ones as well. They all had at least two padlocks on them with long-winded combinations, which, I might add, were to be locked into the bags upon completion. Odd that the combos were locked in the bags after I was done. I received the combos at the front desk along with a list of serials for the locks. I had to look at the locks to be able to find the correct combination to open them. The locks were VERY difficult to open.

Please tell us – from the documents you read – about the most important aspects of the UFO/ET story.

Well, this will be a mixture of what I saw and the conclusions I have drawn from it. According to documents, they have been visiting Earth for over 50,000 years. They claim to have created the human as we are today by breeding with earlier versions of homo sapiens that were here before us. In other words, they are the missing link.

They also claim to have created our prophets to come and teach spirituality. The message of various religions have distorted the teachings of these prophets to be little more than a control device for the masses.

Documents told of more than 50 races of them, but the Roswell ones are the ones that make the aforementioned claims. They also claim to be created by a race of tall and skinny orange colored beings about 7 to 8 feet tall. They claim that their purpose is to spread life throughout the universe, and that there are many planets like ours with creatures that can be crossbred or lab-created to inhabit those planets.

I saw no documents that mentioned an alien agenda. The only documents that mentioned our relationship with them stated that we were still questioning why they came here and what they were doing. There were several documents that mentioned the unknown capabilities of the aliens and stating that their capability could be a threat to national security. There was also mention of "foo fighters" being an unknown type of aircraft possibly from one of our adversaries.

No mention of stargates or other time portals of any kind. Most of what I saw about the aliens was from the late 40s.

Project names and codes that I can remember.....MAJIC, MJ-12, Bluebook, Majestic and I believe a project with "shine" in its name. I saw very few project documents. Most of what I saw were first-hand reports of sightings from military and civilian persons.

Nothing about them being from our future, nothing about time travel, and nothing about them being hostile or benign. Just fears of what to do in case they are hostile in the form of questions.

The only locations I can remember are White Sands and Roswell.

Was there any material you handled but were unable to view? If so, do you have any idea what was it was?

Yes, most of what I handled was sealed. I was instructed to leave things that were sealed alone. I would say only 5% of the materials was not sealed or packaged in some way. Most of the sealed things were documents in envelopes. Some were packages and some were boxes, although the largest of the things I handled were those cumbersome video cassettes. Some of the cassettes weighed over 5 pounds and were sealed in metal crates or boxes. Some of the bags I received were in excess of 50 pounds. I saw a particular type of package on a few occasions that was just labeled "craft materials". Usually those packages were sealed and had some bulk to them. Several of them had disks in them the size of today's CDs or DVDs. One was open and I looked at the disks. They were silver like our DVDs and had a rainbow appearance to them, although they looked to be completely of metal and much lighter than our disks. They just had numbers on them and locations like Roswell and Los Alamos or the words "Upper" and "Lower" on their sleeves. The sleeves were made here out of paper. Possibly the location in the crashed disk where they were found, such as upper or lower deck locations. Just a guess on my part. They were always the same size, about 5 inches in diameter and silver, every one of them.

What was the total volume of material you handled throughout the duration of the project?

I would say I filed and categorized hundreds of pounds of material. At least 150 bags, given the minimum of one a day for 6 months. Some days I would go through 5 or even more, depending on the amount of items in them.

What were some of the most interesting things you viewed or handled?

The disks mentioned above and the documents about them. They told of landing in the very near future (2011-2012) and intervening in nuclear conflicts. The documents explained that the disks were viewed either on the ship itself or in a laboratory on a device from the ship. They also contained symbols that flashed across the screen that were not understood. This was mentioned along with a plan to try to decipher the symbols. They were the same or similar symbols that were found on some of the I-beams and other pieces that were found at the crash sites according to the documents.

Another very interesting part of my fact-filing mission was the material on the biology of the spirit or soul and the material on the history of man, including the mention of a Red, Yellow and Blue book. Not Project Bluebook, but a Blue book. The documentation on the ETs' science and beliefs relating to biological bodies was at the least fascinating.

The fact that they do not eat and have chlorophyll in their blood is a tough scenario to swallow, but given the next logical step in evolution, it could very well be a benefit. Imagine not having to grow food and taking nutrients from a sun (or suns) and gathering minerals and material from the atmosphere. Obviously a step toward "pure being" instead of spending our waking hours doing things to nourish and maintain our biological shells. The science of the soul and laboratory generated bodies along with the ability to switch to a new shell when needed is a fascinating concept.

We still forget when we die, and they don't. They do not regard their bodies as sacred or a possession like most human societies do. They do not understand our preservation of self since they really don't have a self. At least if they lose theirs, they can get a new one and no harm done. They regard our spirit or soul as equal to theirs. In fact, it is indicated in several documents that according to them, our spirit is the same as theirs. We just have more physical attachment to our bodies than they do. They also have been noted as saying that we choose to remain as Earth beings and come back life after life because we know our path and that is where we are supposed to be.


What kind of atmosphere did you work in? How did your co-workers respond to the "hot" material you were handling? How was your Secret clearance regarded among your co-workers? Did you work with anyone you knew was doing a similar job? If so, do you know who they were? Are you in touch with any of them now?

Only one other person in my department was chosen by the same people. I do not know what he/she did. I never saw them on assignment. My co-workers were not jealous of my Secret clearance, because they all had the same thing. It was required for my line of work. I will not divulge the identity of the other person chosen; that is up to him/her.

Do you have any unusual dreams, missing time, or feel at times you are "being led" in one direction or another in your life?

No, I experience none of the above. I do, however, feel that one of my purposes in life is to make others aware of the extraterrestrial presence in the universe and here on Earth.

I do have an unusual amount of ocean-related dreams, though. There are 8-10 places I dream of, and I revisit them from time to time in my dreams. My ocean dreams are always peaceful. The places in my dreams do not exist to the best of my knowledge. In most, the physical makeup of these places are impossible on earth. It's no wonder I love the ocean. I always have.

Have you ever been called in for a psych evaluation either on that job or afterward?

No, I have not. I was evaluated before taking my job at the company (and considered normal) but have not been evaluated since. I live a fairly normal life, except for knowing what I know, but I believe that is "the norm" too.

Have you had the same physician since that time?

Yes, I have.

Are there any indications that the intelligence agencies or military are currently aware of who you are, or want to stop you from telling the story of your experience?

Not that I know of. There are some that are probing around, but that's about it. Someone said that they knew who I was and have spoken to me, but that is just not true. I have never spoken to that particular person making that claim. The only people I have formally spoken to are Jerry Pippin, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy.

I think that there are many more people out there that know and DO more than me. There are others in high ranking jobs and positions that have much more access to what is going on today. I left the assignment in the mid 1980s, and I am just a civilian. I have never served in the military nor do I have a police record (that I know of). I would like to think the government is more interested in preventing terrorism than what I have to say. I'm a nobody.

Do you sometimes wonder if you are being watched or followed? Do you have any old acquaintances from those days that you see from time to time? Do friends or family know your secret?

I don't wonder that at all. I do not see any of my past co-workers nor am I in touch with them. And yes, several of my family members and a select few others know of what I have done and seen.

An interesting side note: There are plenty of people that ask if I believe in UFOs and ETs. When asked if I believe, I reply, "I don't believe, I know." 99% of those people start arguing that what I have seen with my own eyes doesn't exist.

It's a lonely place to be. Being denied your own experiences by others.

I have no proof, nor do I need any. Most people, if offered truth and proof right in their face would have some argument against it. It would be "fake" or (my favorite) "Photoshopped." The subject of ufology is poisoned with skepticism and jealousy because of plants of disinformation. Just look at the forums out there. They sound like immature kids fighting one another because....well, I don't even know the reason. Nor do I care. I know what I saw. I know what I know.

Do you ever feel you may have some submerged memories that might be assisted via hypnosis? Have you ever gone to a hypnotist or regressive therapist to access memories about this time about things you might have seen but don't recall?

No, I have not done that, nor do I feel the need to. I am satisfied with the knowledge that I have, and that others like me have also. I want to help in what ways I can to further humanity's growth to a more peaceful and aware future, but I do not want to go through hypnosis.

What do you think happened to the material after it left your hands? Do you have any idea where it might have gone?

Most likely to a warehouse to be studied or securely stored. I just know it was gone the next day I reported for my assignment. I did not see who took it or what kind of vehicle it was put into or even if it was taken off premises.

Is there anything about what you came across that you are not telling – keeping to yourself because it might be considered too outrageous, might reveal something about you, or might be valuable in case of emergency?

No, there is not. It's really no big secret. Lots of people are coming forward with the same sort of information. I might add: there was some woman that made a comment to Jerry Pippin about me being a "fake" because all the stuff I talk about is on various internet sites. My reply to her: Maybe it's on the internet because so many like me have experienced it.

And there are lots of us. We all have the same sort of story. We have no proof. We are ridiculed. We are denied that we experienced what we experienced. We are crazy, nutcases, insane, kooks....the list goes on and on. There are some in the know that like it that way. PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. That is what it's about. Well, we have about six years until everyone will know. The answers will be clear. The truth will be known, and the liars exposed. I just want to help. I applaud all who are out there being honest with their testimony.

Is there anything else we've not asked which you'd like to enlarge on?

Yes: my analysis of what my purpose was.

My conclusion on why I did what I did is this. I believe that I was organizing FACTUAL information only. I filed sighting reports by both the military and civilians. I filed thousands of photos, from all branches of the military, military and defense contractors, civilians, and from NASA space missions. I filed weaponry reports from the military from the 1930s up to the present at that time.

What I did not handle was paperwork or any other matters for alleged projects of cooperation with EBEs or races from other planets. I read memos, but only reporting memos with information on sightings and encounters, not on speculation of their purpose or our government's involvement with them. All the documents and photos and reports and parts from the Roswell craft were FACTUAL.

I just gathered and organized information. I think my purpose was to aid those in speculating and understanding the material gathered and to give those specialists an opportunity to learn from the material I gathered because it was organized. I helped our government to research by organizing the material to be gone through.

That is the only reason why I think I got any access to this material at all. I could recognize security markings since I was in the graphics department and knew the rules pertaining to that. I could easily separate things into categories because part of my regular duties was to file things in my department. We all had to. That is why they asked us to volunteer in the first place. We were already experts on the purpose of the assignment.

They just needed experts in documentation to organize and classify data, and that's what we did.

Why did you wait so long before coming forward to tell your story?

I think the answer is obvious, but since so many are coming forward, I decided to do my part in bringing the truth to the public. Others have made far more spectacular claims in their stories. I am NOT passing judgment on anybody else's claims. My material is down-to-earth relative to others' testimony.

I do believe that others' testimony and stories add to my knowledge because I have had only a slice of the big picture. I believe I was there to gather and arrange the facts and not the speculation, but for the purpose of later speculation and analysis.

What kind of response have you had so far from the public?

This is a tough question because the answer is wide-ranging. For the most part, I have had positive reaction to my initial interviews. There are some that have misunderstood me and think that when I said that there will be many deaths in the years 2011 and 2012, that I meant at the hands of ETs. This is not what I said or what I meant. The deaths will be attributed to war, natural disasters, and panic.

There will be a mass of information released that will shatter most of our core beliefs. Some will panic because their belief system will be shattered. Some will be angry because they have been lied to for so long. Some will think that the end of the world is here. Most will be confused at best about religious issues, since the truth will be told and that truth will shatter ALL religious beliefs. We will learn the true history of man through the ETs and the powers that be. It is inevitable. If the world stays on the track it is on – and I see no reason for it to change! – we will have to be shown the truth. And if those who run the world do not do it, the ETs will.

How has working with this material hands-on changed your worldview? Do you have a different point of view of the future due to the things you have seen?

This is the big one for me.

Yes, my worldview is changed. But my worldview isn't that different than it was before the assignment. I always knew something was not right. Why spend your life struggling to keep a shell alive? That is all we do. Think about it. We work for money. Money for shelter and food and fuel to keep our biological shell alive. We use the fuel to do more work to get more money, and to go and get food, which we spend at least 1/20 of our life eating. We sleep 1/3 of our lives to revitalize this shell. Those of us who are lucky enough to make more than we need can enjoy some pleasure, but for the most part, we all work to live.

ETs do not have a monetary system. We shouldn't either. I would be glad to do my job 8 hours a day for a simple life and transportation to get me to where I need to
get to do my job to provide for others. I do not like being controlled by oil or anything else, nor do I like having to destroy the atmosphere to get from point A to point B. We have the technology to provide free energy to the entire world in our hands.......just think about it. What a disservice to the citizens of the globe. Same with's all to control us and make us believe we are weaker than we are and have less choices than we do. And that's all religion. I side with NONE.

I believe that the ETs will try to lead us out of the mess we are currently in. I think it's happening already. 2012 is not that far off. We are fighting over what are billed as "religious" and "holy" wars. The earth belongs to nobody, and if we don't take care of it and ourselves as a whole species, we will not survive. That I guarantee. We will not be able to explore all the other worlds that are out there just waiting for us to visit.

The most important thing we can do as a species is to become more spiritually connected with our surroundings. We are powerful beings. We use less than 10 percent of our brains. The other 90% is there for a reason. We need to use it.

I think we are going to have a hard time adjusting to knowing our true history, but in the end, we will be better for it. The universe will be ours, as it is for other beings. We will then learn to spread life through the universe like our ET fathers and mothers did for us to exist. We will meet the tall orange beings that created our ET fathers and mothers, and we will learn from them.

We will see beautiful planets with unusual life on them. We will understand the secrets for generating civilizations where there are none. We will be looked at as gods by other civilizations. In reality, we already are, we just don't know it or act like it. We have a lot to learn before we go on that adventure.

14 July 2006


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Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy

Video interview wiht Bill Ryan on Alien Activity on Earth

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chemtrail Documentaries -
Clouds of Death vs. Aerosol Crimes

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 05:55:26 AM


The "Clouds of Death" documentary is an excellent piece of information, which is a mandatory watch for everyone who wants to know the truth about chemtrails. Please don't just skim through this article without either downloading or watching this 23+ minutes video (scroll down to the end of this article to do so). People NEED to know what is going on, because it is negatively affecting us all and slowly killing us. THIS IS DONE BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IN A SILENT WARFARE AGAINST ITS OWN POPULATION! Wes Penre,


lifford Carnicom, one of the slicker CIA disinformants on the Internet, has been promoting a fake documentary on chemtrails in the past year or so and many incredulous and well-meaning people have been disseminating free copies of it, lately. Carnicom's 'documentary' is entitled 'AEROSOL CRIMES.'

Sure, his presentation is smooth and you won't see any fault with it unless you consider the underlying energy dynamic, which is to leave one confused and vaguely overpowered and hopeless, not to mention sleepy. Anyone who does a search on 'Chemtrails' will uncover many pages of references to orgonite devices and the global, grassroots network of many thousands of genuine activists who use it to heal the atmosphere, oceans and land. So, you can't conceive that Carnicom didn't know all about this when he was making the film. I understand that the film has undergone several makeovers since I saw it a year and a half ago, by the way. CHEMTRAILS: CLOUDS OF DEATH, on the other hand, which was made a couple of years before that one, remains current excepting that by the time CHEMTRAILS: CLOUDS OF DEATH was released the chemtrail program had just been eviscerated and neutralized by many thousands of orgonite cloudbusters.

The meteoric rise and growth of this grassroots orgonite movement is a modern phenomenon and it happened almost entirely via the Internet. Another phenomenon is the way it consolidated, every step of the way, and remained free of infiltration and subversion by agent saboteurs.

I've always been especially irritated by disinformation, especially when otherwise-intelligent people freely disseminate it, so I felt compelled to offer you this wonderfully informative, entertaining and empowering antidote to the present chemtrail disinfo campaign as a free download.

As you may soon see, the longer and boring, substance-free Carnicom film is an insipid, sleep-inducing imitation of the style and content, sans solution and hopeful outcome, of this genuine documentary, CHEMTRAILS: CLOUDS OF DEATH.

My wife, Carol, and I invented and made the first orgonite cloudbuster five years ago and our first efforts and all of our fortunes, since then, have been spent on internationally, personally demonstrating this new, global-healing technology, which actually grew out of our own earlier successful enquiries, combining orgonite with electromedicine to destroy parasites in the body and promote vitality.

Hence our commercial website: ',' which was set-up after we witnessed the profoundly powerful effects of the orgonite cloudbuster. I feel it's important to say that Dr Wilhelm Reich's success with his original cloudbuster in the late 1940s is what inspired this modified one and also the intelligent, systematic use of smaller orgonite devices for planetary and personal healing. Dr Reich also despised parasites, including the two-legged ones.

Chemtrails over Arizona


Five years ago, the international chemtrail agenda was approaching its zenith and countless millions of people had become chronically ill from these effective, airborne bioweapons and poisons. We only made our first cloudbuster in order to experiment with weather modification and to stop local political corruption (aim yours at City Hall or the local copshop: wink:) and it was only later that my old friends, Kathy and Tom in St Louis, who built cloudbuster number two, told us to watch what it instantly does to chemtrails. Some folks call this device 'chembuster' but in fact disabling chemtrails is only one of the beneficial, balancing effects of this instrument and a temporary one, at that. We rarely see chemtrails any more in our travels in North America, in fact. If you see a lot of spew in your own sky it's likely that someone (you?) has just put up a cloudbuster or has disabled a lot of the death towers in a day and the airborne occult/corporate dung beetles are trying to gauge the effectiveness of the effort.

When we recognized how powerful and effective these are in eliminating smog and transforming the atmosphere we realized, in the middle of 2001, that if enough of these would be distributed we might soon disable the entire chemtrail program and also end the accompanying artificial droughts which had suddenly plagued the planet since the late 1990s due to weather warfare, waged against humanity, since Tesla's death in 1945, by the London-based occult/corporate world order.

Chemtrails over Las Vegas


In May, 2001, our free instructions for making a cloudbuster were released and within a year a couple thousand of these were made by people throughout North America and in Europe and the chemtrail program was essentially finished by then. Before, you may recall, chemtrails, boosted by local HAARP (weather warfare via directional radio transmissions) tower arrays quickly spread to block out the sun and blue sky and flatten healthy cumulus clouds; since the summer of 2002, as I mentioned, everywhere we traveled here and abroad, the chemtrails are seen to disappear within minutes and even seconds overhead thanks to the dissemination of orgonite devices by thousands of socially accountable and responsible people.

That's when Carnicom and other disinformants started bemoaning the 'unstoppable chemtrails,' by the way, and in my view this was orchestrated in order to glean at least some psychological victories by making people finally notice these 'spiderwebs in the sky' and feel overwhelmed, even though they were disappearing about as rapidly as they were being spewed out. Before orgonite, the chemtrails very quickly blotted out the sky but now, they remain distinct for a little while before disappearing, so they're actually more noticeable to the Pajama People. Especially when they're made in loops and checkerboard fashion by up to a dozen white, unmarked spewjets ;-)

If it were in my power, I'd attach this header to all disinformation sites like Carnicom's, Rense's and Bell's: Abandon hope, all ye who enter here!

This is funny: when Jeff Rense started vigorously attacking orgonite cloudbusters on his popular, syndicated radio talk show for a couple of months almost three years ago, the number of cloudbusters jumped dramatically; then he abruptly stopped mentioning it and removed the reference material from his site. I bet those shows, too, are expunged from his archives. Orgonite cloudbusters are entirely harmless, of course, as many thousands of people know, firsthand. The other side still thinks we're all like rubes watching a shell game at the county fair and that may ultimately spell their demise before long.

Orgonite cloudbusters instantly transmute dead and deadly energy in the atmosphere into healthy life force, simply stated. The pipes extend the range of this activity very far up and around into the atmosphere, in fact. When you drop a three-ounce bit of orgonite near one of the new, omnipresent death towers you've changed the tower, itself, into a perpetual life-force generator within twenty minutes or so. This is something that has to be experienced to be believed, of course, and I hope you'll make that personal investment of time and energy to get the confirmations, as thousands of us have already.

All toxic material, whether in the human body or in the oceans, soil and atmosphere, exists in a matrix of deadly energy. The traditional science version of orgonite's dynamic is that a healthy environment has an abundance of ions; an unhealthy environment has a deficit of ions. Orgonite ionizes the toxic environment and thus neutralizes and then precipitates the poisonous material that was colloidally suspended in it. This is why smog rapidly disappears, even miles away, when you point a cloudbuster directly at it.

The film I'm offering here can be fairly understood as the state of affairs before the requisite number of orgonite cloudbusters became disseminated and it was DB's good faith, personal gift to this movement. He learned about orgonite cloudbusters some time after they started producing the documentary, in fact. I want to honor his continued commitment by offering you this film so you can digest it, then distribute it or at least share the link with as many others as you feel is appropriate.

The history of our planet for at least the past six millennia has been a history of exploitation by a few families who have banded together in corrupt secret orders to control and vitiate the world's natural, energetic and human resources. They seem to literally feed on human misery, in fact. The ultimate parasites ;-)

Most of what you'll find written about conspiracies on the Internet is disinformation, of course: 90% factual information baiting the hook, in each case and 10% lies which you're programmed by generations of brainwash protocols, if you're a Europoid or Asian, to eagerly swallow. I'm referring you to another free download, a small book, so that you'll get a piece of genuine, empowering information and I hope to God you'll start examining reality with an open, unprejudiced mind and get real information from books after this, if you haven't started doing that, yet.

If you've been a disempowered but well-intentioned chump for titillating disinfo and charismatic mummery (we've all been where you are, my friend), please read the free download of an outstanding conspiracy primer, NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, by Gary Allen. The author was murdered in the 1980s but the work remains a standard by which all other research journalism may be measured, in my opinion.

You may also purchase NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY.

CHEMTRAILS: CLOUDS OF DEATH is the film that DB secretly produced in Hollywood, then began freely distributing over three years ago when the grassroots, unorganized orgonite network was first getting established in the world. I'd love to tell you the name of this good friend of ours but I promised to keep that quiet.

Let me tell you an intriguing but true tale, though, while you're downloading the film, okay? It might help you understand some previously hidden truths, which we consider important.

You probably don't personally know me but you'll see that I've developed a good personal reputation over the years if you put 'Don Croft' into a search engine. Please consider what I'm about to relate with an open mind and reserve judgment, belief and denial until you've had a chance to corroborate it or not, okay?

DB was born to a mother who was sold by the Jesuits for $1300 to his Satanist father, who works for the CIA at a high level and was also a US Navy officer. Mother and father are both from Illuminati families and his mom carries the French, Merovingian bloodline that they all cherish and even crave. His father's family has some names that you'd recognize from your history textbooks.

He was born with a very clear pentagram formed by the lines on each palm, which indicates extraordinary, even unlimited psychic potential. This led him to believe that he was actually bred to be what he later became: an oracle for the Great White Brotherhood.

In that capacity he was rigorously and personally trained after adolescence by one of the dark masters, named Torkum Sassarian, who personally oversaw the creation of the hippie movement and the subsequent New Age movement. All of this is based in Theosophical masonry and DB, a natural genius who has boundless energy and enormous talent for metaphysical disciplines, quickly rose to the top, popularly-known levels of several secret organizations, including Scottish Rite masonry, Rosicrucian's and Theosophical masonry.

Chemtrails over London, England
Chemtrails over London, England


Until his mid thirties, due to extensive traumatic CIA dissociative programming from infancy, he believed that the Great White Brotherhood held the sole hope for humanity's very survival and it was his job to promote all of the subsidiary organizations and to recruit the unwitting into the New Age movement. He was one of Shirley MacLaine's psychic trainers, by the way, and meanwhile his alter, hidden (from him via hypnosis and periodic memory scrubbing) self was ruthlessly exploited to help develop and expand the seamy, cynical brainwash protocols that are the foundation of Luciferic, Theosophical metaphysics, which is the wellspring of the hippie and New Age movement, of course. Does this help you understand why so many people these days are suckers for faux-spiritual glamour and 'cosmic debris?'

His masters gave him access, as a very young man, to wealth, extensive formal education and companionship with lovely and submissive females and he appeared often on shows like Oprah, Art Bell's Coast to Coast & Rense's radio show. He wrote and published several books, including one that's still considered a valuable primer for understanding the human body's important subtle energy dynamics and is still sold on Amazon under his co-author's name. Otherwise every record of his existence had been expunged from public record, including the Internet, when he sent an introductory email to me in April 2002.

In that email he only told me that he had an invaluable gift for Carol and I and for the new orgonite movement but that I had to get it from him in person in Pasadena, California.

I traveled there from our home in Northern Idaho a couple of weeks later and we spent a few days getting acquainted. He needed to study my energy field up close and read my mind to make sure I wasn't part of an elaborate setup to take him down and I satisfied my initial curiosity about him and 'checked his credentials,' including the bullet scars on either side of his throat, his 33d degree Scottish Rite ring, some of the books he wrote, pictures of him with the New Age gurus that he was previously associated with and the 9mm pistol a CIA relative gave him as a genuine gesture of concern after he was shot. New Agers aren't generally armed.

Six or seven years before we met he had come to understand that the Great White Brotherhood is a satanic organization and that, essentially, everything and everyone he believed passionately in was false. An Illuminati oracle has to be kept from this truth so that his master can send him out into the ethers like a kite to retrieve information that the spiritually degraded master can't access. The Great White Brotherhood uses this retrieved information and it's subsidiaries, including the CIA and British MI6, to create disinformation and thus infiltrate and then corrupt the legitimately progressive movements and otherwise-discerning, inquisitive individuals in the world.

He began opposing them instead of supporting them and for years his former masters gave him a lot of slack, even allowing him to go on the lecture circuits with conspiracy authors and militia leaders and tell the public what he knew.

Torkum Sassarian had died right before DB woke up, by the way. He showed me a photo of a gathering of New Age gurus, with Sassarian in their midst, taken in 1987 on the grounds of the Masonic Temple in Sedona, Arizona. During that conference they were designing the mind control agenda that would be called, 'the Harmonic Convergence.' Present were DB, Sassarian, Gregg Braden, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Jean Houston, Shirley MacLaine, James Twyman and a dozen other people whose names I didn't recognize, including Goru Adachi, from Japan, whom DB mistakenly assumed was Ken Adachi, who is an Italian guy from Brooklyn.

It was another six years or so before DB consciously realized that this was not a gathering of self-sacrificing beings. He told me that Shirley MacLaine is a very sweet person, though a childhood product of one of the early CIA Monarch Programs. He also told me that Drunvalo was given his job after DB bolted in the mid 90s.

In the late 90s he researched and wrote an illustrated and well-documented expose of the then-new concentration camp and mass execution facility network that is in every state and province of North America and on the morning that he was to take the manuscript to a publisher he was shot through the throat by a CIA sniper and quickly drowned in his own blood in front of his family.

His wife got him to a hospital in time to bring him back from the dead but the hammer came down, then, and he was stripped of his horse ranch in the mountains above Pasadena, the successful chain of computer stores he established and ran which were employee-owned, and all of his fancy possessions. His bank accounts and other real assets were frozen, of course, because none of that belonged to him; they were just on loan from his masters.

His wife had to go to work to support the family because every time DB applied for a job the FBI visited the prospective employer and claimed he was an incorrigible felon and would likely harm someone or steal from the company.

When I met them they had transformed a rubbish-laden crack house in Pasadena into a comfortable, affordable home and I miss that place, which my wife and I visited several time in the coming year and a half.

Among the array of skilled professions that DB had mastered was film editor for Palomar Studios, during a time that he was in one of his post-graduate programs. During that time he met lots of other talented people in Hollywood and in the summer of '01 he approached some of them with a proposition to secretly make and distribute an expose of the chemtrail agenda. He was no longer under active surveillance by the CIA, FBI and NSA by then. In those days, before the Homeland Security Abomination, two surveillance teams (CIA and FBI) once drew their guns on each other in a grocery store when DB emerged from one of the aisles with his shopping cart ;-)

As I said, when he started the chemtrails expose he hadn't yet learned about the orgonite cloudbuster but strangely, right before that, Carol and I had mercifully left our first and only cloudbuster in Los Angeles, hidden by the freeway leading out of Hollywood.

We had just dropped a lot of orgonite into the most tortured of the natural vortices of coastal Southern California on our way through there to Washington State from Florida in early June. The sight of the dense smog there and witnessing the intense human misery, confusion and hopelessness of the people of LA tweaked our social consciences beyond what we could bear and we were already well aware of how dramatically orgonite transforms destructive emotions and revolutionizes human fortunes so we knew it wasn't a futile gesture.

DB and the other selfless conspirators succeeded in keeping the film project hidden from the predatory, unlawful secret police, who were, by then, omnipresent throughout our once-free country, especially that most thoroughly fascist state, California.

As soon as he emailed me he was thrown back under active surveillance/intimidation again, which is a pain in the butt, I can tell you, but is the quickest way for any of us to personally discover the existence of the blatant treason that has overtaken the United States and several other influential countries in recent decades. At that point the film only needed final editing, which he had started when we met.

By June 2002, the film was finished and professionally mass produced on unlabeled CDs, which DB's personal, extensive network began mailing out, using the finest spycraft protocols such as hiding it in tool and clothing catalogues, to hundreds of people, including me. Not a single copy reached its destination, so a successful, alternative plan was launched to get it aired in Miami in the middle of the night on a popular commercial station on July 3, 2002. It was hoped that many more TV stations would air the documentary but, instead, each of the people who were involved with making the film were subjected to reprisals by the secret police and their stooges I think that sort of chicanery is called by an oxymoron: criminal justice. Nothing makes the people in this treasonous federal regime angrier than 'crimes against the state,' after all, and you and I call this, 'free speech.'

One producer was arrested after dirty cops in Ojai, California, clumsily planted cocaine in his brother's car, two were suddenly subjected to the worst of treatment by quasi-gov't IRS predators who seized their homes and assets and DB narrowly missed being ambushed by the Los Angeles Police Department after being set up to enter an acquaintance's home.

He paid attention to his intuition that day, thankfully. Instead of going inside he turned and walked away, past a dozen LAPD cops in SWAT gear who had quietly followed him. He cheerfully told their CIA-affiliated commander, 'Better luck next time!'

A few others in the orgonite network, including Carol and I, survived several murder attempts in the following year and a half but this movement is so widespread and decentralized by now that even the stupidest, meanest secret police and their jackbooted, bloodthirsty cop creatures know that harming any of us will only make this grassroots movement grow even faster and become more consolidated.

What doesn't kill us truly can make us stronger and the murder attempts were the best of all confirmations that we're doing a good job disseminating this empowering information.

The next phase in the development of the orgonite movement, which started right before the film was released, was disabling the millions of new 'death transmitters' that sprang up literally all around the globe in the fall of 2001, right after the feds blew up the WTC and perhaps sealed their own doom. We later found these throughout even the parts of Africa we visited where there are NO cellphones and to this day I cringe every time someone says, 'cell towers.'

DB has been exemplary in this effort, too. He disabled almost ten thousand of these new towers in the Los Angeles area within a couple of years and that's why you don't see smog any more in the movies that have been filmed in Los Angeles since January, 04 and his phenomenally successful personal effort is also a major reason why that part of California is getting plenty of rain for the first time in recorded history.

See: when you toss a 3-ounce bit of crude orgonite within a quarter mile of a death transmitter, the tower turns into a perpetual life force transmitter in about twenty minutes. Thousands of people are spontaneously doing this throughout the world now and if you'll turn resolutely away from the What To Think Network you'll witness their beautiful 3D results where you live and in your travels, as we have, and you may even want to expand and refine the process, yourself. You can sure do that!

Enjoy the film! I'm also privileged to be able to introduce you to this creative genius that I'm calling DB.

~Don Croft

The Documentaries ... Compare these for yourself and you'll see that 'Clouds of Death' offers you solutions while 'Aerosol Crimes' offers you only hopelessness.

Produced by DB

Click to begin loading:

File Size: 83,861KB
Download Time Estimate:

56K Modem: 3.3 hours
DSL Modem: 8 minutes
T-1 Connection: 10 minutes

Produced by C Carnicom

Click to begin loading:

File Size: 69,632KB
Download Time Estimate:

56K Modem: 2.8 hours
DSL Modem: 6 minutes
T-1 Connection: 8 minutes




'Clouds of Death' is also available as a Real Player File (76,632KB).


Vaccination - The Hidden Truth
from, 1998



Dr. Vera Scheibner (PhD researcher)


his is the shocking but extremely informative video documentary "Vaccination - The Hidden Truth" (1998) where fifteen people, including Dr. Viera Scheibner (a PhD researcher), five medical doctors, and other researchers, reveal what is really going on in relation to illness and vaccines.

Ironically, the important facts come from the orthodox medicine's own peer-reviewed research. With so much government and medical promotion of vaccination for prevention of disease, the video is clearly devoted to presenting the other side of the issue that parents and others are not being told.

Dr. MArk DonohoeThe result is a damning account of the ineffectiveness of vaccines and their often harmful effects.

It declares that parents are not being told the truth by the media, the Health Department and the medical establishment, with a medical doctor, Dr. Mark Donohoe, confessing that "It is a problem for me that I am part of a profession that is systematically lying to people".

Find out how vaccines are proven to have harmful effects to your health and why do we still have to be vaccinated although there is no real need for it. Although many people simply refuse to believe this, the impeccable documentation presented in this amazing video has changed the minds of many who saw it. (90 min).

Watch the video here: (01:30:30)

Wes Penre is the owner of the domain Illuminati News and the publisher of the same. Please also check out his MySpace website:


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Illuminati Confessions
by Leo Lyon Zagami
All you always wanted to know about the Real Story of the Illuminati

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Illuminati Confessions
www. -


Everything you always wanted to know about THE REAL STORY OF THE ILLUMINATI and the struggle between good and evil in the end of times, before the great surprise of 2012.

REAL STORIES AND DOCUMENTS about real Illuminati, evil satanists calling themselves Illuminati, Zionists, Freemasons, P2, GLADIO, Opus Dei, Jesuits and THE NEW WORLD ORDER.






1988 "Beat Romance" - Backstage / Lunatic Records - Disco Magic (Italy)

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1994 "The Numerical Value" - Music Institute (UK) / Music Institute (UK), Sharp (UK). (Listed as one of Tony De Vit Top 10 tracks of all time!)

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1998 "Roman Funk Front Vol II" featuring Daniele Baldelli / Pronto (UK) *

1998 "The Reality is very different EP" - The Young Brothers the Christian and Pulcinella (includes unreleased track by Luigi Pulcinelli / Pronto (UK) *

1998 "Mystic Voyages" - Leo Young, Laj, Mut Koru (limited 500 copies World Cup 98 release) / Pronto (UK)

1998 "The Scene was" - The Young Brothers & Vincencini Pronto Recordings (UK) *

1999 "The Roman Funk Front Vol. III" (DOUBLE PACK EP) - Leo Young & DJ Vincenzini featuring Daniele Baldelli, Mr Angel, and Sebastian Young /
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1999 "Let me be weird" - The Young Brothers & Vincencini featuring Baldelli / Pronto Recordings 010 WHITE LABEL ONLY (UK)

1999 "La b combination" - Leo Young / Sniff (France)

1999 "The Final Sax & Sex Version" - Young & Vincencini featuring M. Casale / Sniff (UK)

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1999 "The Afro Porn Adventures of Leo Young" - Leo Young featuring Mr Angel and Luigi Pulcinelli / Prosniff LP (UK) *

2000 "My Gitana" - The Leo Magic Orchestra / People records (UK) *

2001 "The poor brother of Pete" - Lee Tong / Lowlands-Surpise Records (Belgium) *

2001 "The Magickal Childe" - Leo Young/ Tummy Touch (UK), Baza (Russia) 2002 *

2003 " Cosmic" (remix) - Sedona vs. Roswell Leo Young / Eletrick Soul (New Jersey USA)


In 1997 Leo founds the Pronto Recordings record label in Brixton (London) and with the promotional help of Tony Rossano, who was at that time his press agent ( later involved in running Strut Records and currentely also a successfull dj ), he manages to launch the Pronto phenomenon worldwide, releasing between 1997 and 2000 a total number of 11 masterpieces known to many as Pronto Classics.


In December 1983 Leo gets his first radio show called DJ MUSIC on the local catholic radio station Radio Valle dell'Aniene run by the famous Vatican showbusiness priest Don Mario Pieracci now Monsignor Mario Pieracci now personal assistant of Cardinal Ruini ( This possibility was given to him because since the tender age of 1o, Leo was involved in catholic radio shows for kids, already showing his talent for entertainment and a big interest for dance music, which was very unusual for his young age. In 1986 while visiting the local hairdresser for a nice haircut (one of Leo's fixations), he gets to meet the director of a commercial regional radio, who had been listening to his show and proposed him a more suitable public for his music...and that's it! Leo starts the most successful show on regional radio, soon to be broadcasted by 5 different stations and called BABILONIA "MUSIC FROM THE FUTURE", a show that deliberately challenged the Italian radio establishment by broadcasting for the first time electro and early house music for 3 hours every day no-stop. In the meantime continuing his collaboration with his media mentor Don Mario on a TV show called VJ MUSICA for a local catholic TV. A very successfull show for this local TV which was re-run later on for many years by Don Mario for the bigger audience of his regional TV Rete Blu. The eccentric TV show featured Leo's very own personal pioneering experiments (1987-88) with the TV medium combining a sort of mad reality TV and music videos for a total of 93 episodes!

In 1990, after Leo became one of Italy's most respected DJs, he was invited by his dear friend Luca Cucchetti (currentely working on Italian RAI Radio 2) to join one of Italy's more successful dance music shows called CENTRO SUONO SOUND SYSTEM on the famous roman black music station Radio Centro Suono(, where only a year later he will be having as guests the famous English group the Prodigy (who published in 1995 one of Leo's most obscure releases on their own imprint CSMF).
In 1994 Leo hosted also for a brief period of 4 months a very funny night talk show on a local roman radio, and in 1995 he became part of the now famous HOUSE MACHINE TEAM and hosted shows on Swiss National radio COLOUR 3 .
For a few years Leo was involved with House Machine, a radio show that is broadcasted in several different countries and everywhere in Italy. Though he has been too busy to work for them lately, he still supports them and occasionally drops in.
Leo has also been the first foreign radio presenter to broadcast in Russia in 1997 with a 4 hours special dedicated to the history of dance music, and since then has become a popular figure in Russian entertainment with his last radio show being broadcasted nationwide by 54 radios! (Russia is a big place!).
Leo has also been hosting occasional shows on Icelandic National Radio with music. Working with two of Iceland's most respected comedians he finds that only Iceland can take his dark humour fully, so the rest of the world will have to wait until they are ready to appreciate Leo's comedy talents... the Great Comedy of Pan!
He has also been been guested in some of the most prestigious dance radio stations in Europe, like Kiss FM in London, where he also delivered a special mix show in the year 2000, and Kiss Fm in Berlin, plus many more occasional shows all over the place, like his very hilarious shows on national Norwegian radio NRK with Pål Strangefruit or on The Voice 104.8 (Oslo) with G-Ha. Let's just say that Leo is the only DJ to have broadcasted in every corner of Europe, from his native Sicily to the extreme north of Murmansk in the last 20 years.
For his achievements all over the world he has been awarded publicly in Rimini in 1998 from the Italian National Radio 2 (RAI) and from Italy's number one radio Dj and authority Claudio Cecchetto the SUPREME DJ AWARD as being one of Italy's 20 best Dj's of all time, something that finally made his family back in Sicily and his beloved mother in Rome proud. Soon after Leo was invited to RAI HQ in Milan to host as a very special guest Italy's number one show the Italian TOP 10, which that day reached nearly 3 million listeners! For several years Leo also collaborated with Italy's most successful commercial radio Radio Dimensione Suono ( His childhood friend Carlo Antonucci, who is now the Director, still remembers with joy those early days in their little studio were they started BABILONIA music that definately was the FUTURE...


As early as 1984 Leo was invited to perform his first DJ set in the garage of a friend that loved the dance approach of his radio show and wanted him to try something new by working with a crowd. Leo was already experimenting with Dj equipment since the age of 10 and thanks to a friend of his father, a famous bass player called Tony Wamsley (co-founder of FLYING RECORDS in Naples), he started to really love what club Djs were doing, mixing two different records at the same time for the first time in history. He made sure that Tony regulary sent tapes from legendary USA radios like PHILLY 99 FM in Philadelphia and WBLS in NY, sources of much of his early musical inspiration. In the beginning of 1986 another radio DJ and dear friend Carlo Antonucci lets him work for the first time in a club and that's it! A move that will change Leo's life forever, because soon after he will start to DJ all over central Italy. In 1987 he becomes resident of the historical club LEGENDS in London where VIP's like Mick Jagger and Paul Weller (spinning records occasionaly) use to dance to Leo's Djing! So how did he do it?
Well, Leo is the grandson of a very eccentric lady known to the public as the writer ANNE CUMMING and the actress FELICITY MASON . So who was this person that helped his grandson to become one of Europe's leading DJ's ?
She died in 1993, but her legacy and her work continues to bring admiration from all quarters. FELICITY MASON was one of the few living disciples of the master russian actor MICHAEL CHEKHOV ( and was described by her dear friend WILLIAM BURROUGHS (http.// as being the lady of the future... FELICITY MASON introduced Leo to the PET SHOP BOYS duo in 1983 who celebrated with him in 1986 the number one hit WEST END GIRLS on EMI in one of his famous pasta parties, where Bronsky Beat and other 80's icons were running around the place. Most importantly Felicity introduced him to BRION GISIN (, one of the most inspirational people of the BEAT GENERATION, inventor of the DREAM MACHINE and creator of the CUT UP TECNIQUE later on used by BURROUGHS for magickal experimentation. Felicity got Leo to spend a lot of time with this man who the Rolling Stones have always worshipped as a true Master, and that for Leo was another family friend that will inspire him for the rest of his life. In the meantime Leo's task as a disciple of this eccentric bunch was to cook pasta for the starving underground writer and dear friend Terry Wilson who wrote the celebrated underground novel D'Train and PLANET R-101 with Brion Gisin. Terry Wilson (, practicly living with Leo and his grandmother at that time also became another source of inspiration for the young lion pasta king and sorceror's apprentice.....Historical dialogues from that period can even be found in the record production of the famous BILL LASWELL ( fileunderburroughs.html).
But FELICITY MASON was also ANNE CUMMING. Leo Young's grandmother was also known all over the world for her outrageous books "THE LOVE HABIT" and "THE LOVE QUEST" and a real star of the sexual revolution. Most of all she was Leo's first manager and got him his first important DJ residency at London's most known 80's joint called LEGENDS (what an appropiate name for a place to start ...) Not only did she get Leo his first international Dj residency, but she also financed him in going to learn more about recording by becoming a student of the famous London production duo DOUBLE TROUBLE (remember them with the REBEL MC?) at the famous 80's North London DJ studio called NOISEGATE STUDIOS, where CJ MACKINTOSH was starting to PUMP UP THE VOLUME at that time ...history of house...
So in summer 1987 Leo was Djing at LEGENDS, and he was about to start a new night with MARK MORE (S-EXPRESS) and his friend FRANCO PRESTA, but unfortunately he had to go back to Italy where at that time you had to do an obligatory year of bollocks in the military before getting your passport back.
Hence Leo stays in Italy participating in the DMC Italian final and later becoming involved in creating the first rave in Italy together with his friends DJ Bismark and Enzo (Ragazzi Terribili). Leo was in fact officially recognized as the inventor of Italian raves by the Italian newspaper LA REPUBLICA (article by RICARDO LUNA summer 1990).
He worked a lot as a dj alongside Italian house legend CLAUDIO COCCOLUTO in the 1988 period (Crocodile...) before entering the airforce and becoming involved in running the variety department of the Ministry of Defence, a truly hilarious task that Leo had to follow during the day. However at night he was back in the clubs with a residency in the Club Dream with Marco Moreggia (Ragazzi Terribili), located in Via Veneto, home of La Dolce Vita which years earlier had seen his grandmother FELICITY MASON working for FELLINI, the king of cinema. And yes, that's why Leo is half Italian, half English. Leo's mother came to Italy with Felicity, who was working in the Italian cinema business of the 50's and 60's, and she found the true Sicilian man....Leo's father called Elio!
Between 1989 and 1994 Leo played in hundreds of clubs and raves across Italy and Switzerland until he decided to leave Rome for a more suitable international location like London (the city of his mother). The fact that he had been re-opening a church and using it as a venue for his Sunday morning personal House Mass disturbed the Vatican boys and it became clear that his work in Italy was starting to get too much attention from certain "authorities", not being very happy with this growing trend of Body and Soul...


Leo was also one of the biggest rave organizers and with his dear friends Chicco Furlotti and Mauro Tannino put together between 5000 to 10000 people every week with names like Derrick May, Juan Atckins, Joey Beltram, Dave Angel. Most of all he was the first person to bring UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE (including at that time JEFF MILLS) to Europe and discovering a very young talent called Matthew B, nowadays known as BUSHWAKA and many other techno kings of the future that joined him in those early years.
But he was also a lover of house music, introducing to Italy the concept of art/house club and bringing to Italy together with his friend Adriano Chiarini people like Gemini, Cajmere, Marshal Jefferson, Harvey (MOS), Bobby Konders, and many more and actively promoting house as a chilled midweek alternative to techno, but most of all launching the legendary Friday night house sessions at the UONNA CLUB in Rome with dear friend Dj Andrea Torre from Radio Centro Suono that included for the first time in club history (1990/91/92) art exhibitions and house music.

Leo and the arts include the amazing work done between 1993 and 1995 with the contemporary dance company of Enzo Cosimi called BLITZA OPENING,
which Leo and this famous dance company performed in the best theatres in Italy, and brought with great success also abroad at the internationally acclaimed center for modern arts in Paris le Bobur a work dedicated to the fragility of the hero.
Leo composed 45 minutes of music for this special event that brought him to Paris and the home of modern art, where years earlier he had been visiting with his friend Brion Gisin the famous DREAM MACHINE. It was like this that Enzo Cosimi described back then the papers that will bring us to Paris in March 1994: "heroism, supermanism, personal mythology, a vigorous prospective of the world. In fact, what is the definition of the hero in classical terms if not a chain of virile attributes? To begin with the hero is a loner. Alone, in as much he is superior to all. Without equals, because incomparable. Only by passing the borders, entering a stranger territory, he can find an enemy of the same caliber". (Leo moved to England soon after this performance).

In 1995 Leo also participated to IL FESTIVAL DEL CINEMA DELLE OMBRE taking place in the PALAZZO DELLE ESPOSIZIONI in Rome, where he performed with 5 musicians (including Paolo Modugno) a new film score for the 1924 muted classic "The Greed", obtaining great response from the film critics of the Italian newspapers the day after. This event was organized and put together by the mind of a great Roman intellectual called Stefano Ottaviani, "IL COLONELLO", who had always supported Leo's work through the years, as another dear friend of Leo, an eccentric Italian journalist called Dino D'Arcangelo from the prestigious La Republica.

In England Leo finds his first residency at the Mass, an ex-church in the center of Brixton and becomes involved with running his own DJ agency for a couple of years to help pay the bills and make new friends in such a competitive town. Soon after pushed from his talent to innovation, he starts to create another movement and joins forces with DJ Harvey, at that time resident of the Ministry of Sound to reshape the London scene with what Leo defines as Cosmic music, a kind of esoteric sound born in the north of Italy at the end of the 70's by Djs like Daniele Baldelli (Leo's music Master!), Claudio Rispoli detto Moz-art, TBC, l'Ebreo, and other pioneers of sound made in Italy.
Leo finds that the inspiration that Harvey and the other Djs of the Ministry of Sound get from people like Larry Levan or Ron Hardy is something they have in common, because Leo's respect for the Dj masters has always been of a religious nature, respectful of their position as priests of the new Aeon. This was a very interesting point of contact for moving them forward in the world of Cosmic music, and the Italian music masters that unfortunately never had the international exposure of Dj's like Levan who were working in NY. Leo starts promoting this Cosmic sound during his legendary pasta dinners and soon after starts a new night in London, COSMIC NIGHTS ABSOLUTELY NO HOUSE, although running for a brief time features as a revolutionary idea in the UK scene!
Who was on board playing those new vibes with Leo? Well, check for yourselves and make your mind up on how the so called NEW FUNK scene was born....
and obviously LEO YOUNG as the resident

Let's see what ID magazine actually said about Leo's night in the issue of AUGUST 1996:
"Light years away from the crap suits in afros and retro piss-up nights, London is spawning a cool subterranean disco, deep house and fusion scene. The sound is fucked up, abstract and dubwise grooves from old-school US gear like the Loft Classics bootlegs to new-school UK house labels U-Star, Matrix, Nuphonic, Atlantic Jaxx and Other. Check Cosmic nights for absolutely no house. Essentially these crews are playing dance with a quality threshold, avoiding Nu-NRG and Ecstasy to take everything that bit deeper."
Leo has played in the following London clubs between 1995 and 2002:
Bar Rumba
Ministry of Sound
93 East
The Mass
Happiness Stans
Notting Hill Gate arts club

and resident of the club SUGAR in Lemminghton SPA alongside friend and colleague the Rhythm Doctor.

In 1996 Leo starts to spread his Cosmic revolution around Europe with a new residency at the club TRESOR in Berlin playing regularly 10 to 12 hours sets!
In the same year he prepares his new album called Cosmic Land for TRESOR's record label KTM.
In 1997 he starts travelling around Scandinavia Djing regularly in Helsinki (FINLAND) and getting involved with the up-and-coming scene of Iceland. With his friends GUS GUS and Tommy White they start to promote the Cosmic sound, and the Cosmic man himself finds on this island a sort of second home full of intelligent people making intelligent music. He discovers the lost Thule always ready for party action, and they called it the island of the devil, so he loves it.
In December 1997 Leo arrives also in Russia for his first visit to Saint Petersburg, home of all the revolutions including Leo's up-and-coming Cosmic revolution!
Yes, Leo loves Russia & Russia loves Leo. That's why his latest album has sold more copies there than anywhere else in 2002, and Leo's favorite city after Rome is definitely Saint Petersburg.
Russia has also awarded Leo with a great honor. In February 2002 he was invited by the Russian government to play at the BOLSHOI THEATRE in MOSCOW, a truly historical event for Leo, dedicated to raise money for children victims of terrorism. The cost of the ticket was 1000 dollars per person and almost all the foreign ambassadors in Moscow attended the event which was also featuring legendary drummer Billy Cobham.
In 1998 Leo's Cosmic music master Daniele Baldelli introduced him to the Electronic Voodoo concept, and Leo starts a new branch of the Cosmic revolution soon after with a more up to date electronic sound, rediscovering his techno and electronic roots in his new base in Oslo (Norway), where he first started to play in 1998 thanks to the dynamic techno dj duo Trulz and Robin. From 1999 till now he has successfully been running ELECTRONIC VOODOO, a club concept that started at the popular club Sikamikanico in the Norwegian capitol with his dear friend Arild and spread across the whole of Europe with regular Electronic Voodoo gigs also in Saint Petersburg, Reykavik, London, Rome, Antwerp, Moscow and even Murmansk.... This concept residing until 2003 in the alternative club KILLYREGO in OSLO is definitely something more than only music. It's Leo's experimentation with years of experience that wants to create the ultimate dj concept of the future, in which he becomes the High Priest dj of electronic music, it's something he called at the time Electronic Voodoo.Now in 2006 he is one of the biggest representatives of Cosmic Sound in northern Europe and he simply defines his music as enlightened.

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Background: Leo Lyon Zagami, ex-member of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico - Masonic Executive Committee (MEC) of Monte Carlo. He was, until recently, a high level member of the Italian Illuminati, a 33rd degree freemason, a true insider and a high-member of the infamous Freemasonic P2 Lodge. He was the "prince", prepared to take over after the older Illuminati "king", Licio Gelli. He is of Illuminati aristocrat bloodline and therefore involved in the Illuminati Order since childhood.

However, Leo decided he'd had enough of all the evil he was exposed to, and a part of, and the horrifying Satanic, black magic rituals, mind control and torture that was going on inside the lodges, behind closed doors. So he left everything and fled to Norway, where he is currently residing. Since he left, he's been harassed and tortured and had his life threatened. He realized that the only way to hopefully stay alive is to expose to the world what he knows and make himself known. History shows that this is one of the best ways to survive, although nothing is for certain. Leo quickly started this website, Illuminati Confessions, where he reveals the secrets to the world, one by one. I strongly advise you to check it out and download it to your computer, in case they decide to silence him for good, and this website will be shut down. There is a lot of extremely important information here, and much of it can't be found anywhere else. Leo has also been a guest several times at Greg Szymanski's radio show and in many other radio channels.

Sicilian Mafia and Freemasonry (1/3/2008)

Some people who have recentely followed my work have been asking me a bit more about the relationship between the Sicilian Mafia and Freemansonry , in particular the connections with Ezio Giunchiglia and the P2. A good friend and close collaborator of Ezio Giunchiglia was infact Gran Master Giovanni Grimaudo of the Iside 2 Lodge, part of the infamous Scontrino Circle based in the center of Trapani in via Carreca that controlled 6 Lodges , Iside, Iside 2, Osiride, Ciullo d' Alcamo, Cafiero e Hiram plus a Secret Lodge known as Lodge C. 106&id=145&option=com_content&task=view The members of these Lodges were high level Vatican clergy , high level Mafiosi from all the main Sicilian Mafia Families and many politicians. Mafia and Freemasonry in Trapani and Palermo have ruled the scene for a long time thanks to people like Giuseppe Mandalari the accountant of Cosa Nostra Boss Toto Rina a High Level Freemason of the CAMEA ! Mandalari, "Gran maestro dell'Ordine e Gran sovrano del rito scozzese antico e accettato" basicly Grand Master of the powerfull CAMEA Grand Lodge recognized the very irregular but powerfull Masonic Lodges of Grimaudo in Trapani forming a masonic alliance with him under the P2 illuminati control of Giunchiglia and Gelli. Powerfull mafiosi Natale L'Ala was in Iside 2 (Isis 2) and politician Canino member of the Scontrino circle openly admited that their Lodges were full of Catholic Bishops and Government Ministers. But it was Mafia Boss Stefano Bontate a creation of the Jesuits that rebelled and founded his own Gran Lodge for a time as Grand Master known as the powerfull Lodge of the 300 or Lodge dei Normanni , but had he had to be eliminated because he didnt respect later the rules of the P2 illuminati who secrely driven the criminal hand of the Corleonesi. This secret masonic Obbedience was closed down after his death by rival Corleonesi Mafia Boss Bernardo Provenzano, another very irregular kind of Freemason but still a very illustrius Mafia Don. It seems that his recent arrest was connected to this little known episode of his Mafia career , a revenge of his Masonic Brothers for having shut down a few years ago the Lodge of the 300. The Trapani Grand Lodge Scontrino and Lodges like the Ciullo d'Alcamo are also interesting places were we find Pietro Fundaro' and boss Natale Rimi; Giovanni Pioggia, of the Mafioso faimily of Alcamo, Mariano Asaro , Mariano Agate head of the Mafia of Mazara del Vallo and so on... The Iside 2 Lodge was directely connected to powerfull italian politician Giulio Andreotti who went to visit them a few times , and P2 Lodge Master Licio Gelli , who even opened a Lodge for Giovanni Grimaudo as special guest in the spring of 1980. More interesting info about the connection between Mafia and Freemasonry can be found in this articles that also mentions the infamous CAMEA Grand Lodge and Iside 2 : scheda12t.htm mondiale.htm

Now we know about all these connections that link Mafia and irregular P2 Freemasonry but nobody is doing nothing in so called regular Freemasonry to change things and protect the name of respectable Freemasons , why is that? The problem is that so called Irregular Freemasonry constituted mainly of Secret Lodges , rules the masonic scene in Sicily were the Vatican illuminati of the New World Order have one of their most important bases.The last important international meeting of the Vatican illuminati Accademy of Giuliano Di Bernardo was held in Taormina last October, one of the most beautifull places on the island.. in the meantime the Mafia masonic Lodges keep to grow in Sicily, and now in Catania we have a brand new irregular Mafia Grand Lodge thanks to Brother Carmelo Di Bella directely linked to the infamous P2 and Rui Gabirro and secrely linked to the illuminati of Di Bernardo trough powerfull Brother Roberto Amato of the italian intelligence . He is behind the powerfull federation of Lodges close to the Vatican illuminati spread also out of Sicily , known as The Federal Grand Orient of Italy GOIF, this has become the true IDEAL of the new & revitalized Craft Masonic working close to the Mafia , let's stop it now! Check this document for pictures of Rui Gabirro and his Mafia Brothers at work in Catania (Sicily) : 0RGLE%20JULY%202006.pdf


(Gruppo di Logge e/o Triangoli al 21.09.2007 E:.V:. alle ore 15,00 della : - G:.L:.D:.I:. d:. M:.U:. P:.G:. - G:.L:.S:.I:. - G:.L:.R:.E:. - che costituiscono il GOIF-R . In arrivo la GL…..omissis, la GL…. omissis, la GL….omissis )



Lodge TOMMASO CAMPANELLA Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0003/GLDI MU PG

Lodge FIGLI DEL SILENZIO Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0004/GLDI MU PG

Lodge PERFETTA UNIONE Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0005/GLDI MU PG

Lodge VITTORIO COLAO Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0006/GLDI MU PG

Lodge FAUSTO BRUNI Or. Palermo Bolla N.0007/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le GIORDANO BRUNO Or. Catania Bolla N.0008/GLDI MU PG

Lodge LUDOVICO LASAGNI Or. Catania Bolla N.0009/GLDI MU PG


Lodge MINERVA 13 Or. Brescia Bolla N.0011/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le ELEUSI Or. Taranto Bolla N.0012/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le I 5 MARTIRI DI GERACE Or. Locri Bolla N.0013/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le GIOVANNI PICA Or. Vibo V. Bolla N.0014/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le BRUNO NARDINI Or. Verona Bolla N.0015/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le GIULIO MAZZON Or. Enna Bolla N.0016/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le ALESSANDRO POMA Or. Ragusa Bolla N.0017/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le JACQUES DE MOLAY Or. Siracusa Bolla N.0018/GLDI MU PG

Lodge FRANCESCO PETRARCA Or. Arezzo Bolla N.0019/GLSI


Lodge FERDINANDO REDDITI Or. Arezzo Bolla N.0021/GLSI

Lodge GUGLIELMO DURANTI Or. Arezzo Bolla N.0022/GLSI

Lodge DANTE ALIGHIERI Or. Firenze Bolla N.0023/GLSI

Tria.le LUCA PACIOLI Or. Arezzo Bolla N.0024/GLSI

Lodge FRATELLI BANDIERA Or. Roma Bolla N.0025/GLRE

Lodge ROMA Or. Cosenza Bolla N.0026/GLRE

Lodge CARLO GENTILE Or. Cosenza Bolla N.0027/GLRE

Lodge ANACLETO DEGLI ODDI Or. Cetraro Bolla N.0028/GLRE

Lodge W.A.MOZART Or. Bari Bolla N.0029/GLRE

Lodge GAETANO RUFFO Or. Roccella J. Bolla N.0030/GLRE

Lodge MARIO PLACIDO Or. Roccella J. Bolla N.0031/GLRE

Lodge RAIMONDO DI SANGRO P.DI S.S. Or. Salerno Bolla N.0032/GLRE

Tria.le G.FILANGERI Or. Napoli Bolla N.0033/GLRE

Tria.le GIORDANO BRUNO Or. Taranto Bolla N.0034/GLRE

Lodge ACACIA Or. Roma Bolla N.0035/GLRE

Lodge G.A.DI MONTEREALE Or. Roma Bolla N.0036/GLRE


Tria.le JULIUS EVOLA Or. Milano Bolla N.0038/GLRE

Lodge CONOSCENZA E VERITA’ Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0039/GLRE


Things never will never change in Italy and in Sicily untill we realize that the real Mafia power hides in the secret lodges of so called irregular Freemasonry connected to the Vatican were the true power lies , so let's bring further our investigations in the dark side of the Vatican illuminati and let's destroy the evil Sicilian Mafia.That's my wish for the New Year , let's expose the real Mafia! In the photo Licio Gelli and Giulio Andreotti.

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan


Cagliostro and the Prince of San Severo, two very important Jesuit agents from the past (12/14/2007)

By the way Cagliostro alias Giuseppe Balsamo was a relative of my Sicilian family (we have the same blood and ancestors in common ), that's one of the resons why the illuminati respected me so much from the begining. I heard about him when I was only 10 years old the first time from my father,he was known as the blacksheep of the family but also as a Grand Master of the illuminati . That's also why I had such a high position in the Memphis and Mizraim illuminati Rite of Freemasonry that conteins the misterious Arcana Arcanorum degrees. These 3 very special degrees were written by Cagliostro and the Cavallier d'Aquino who were disciples of the Jesuit trained alchemical Master Raimondo di Sangro, the seventh Prince of Sansevero : creator of the Alchemical Chapel : The Chapel wich is in Naples (Italy) is considered one of the most important rappresentations of the so called alchemical Great Work by the leading occult branches of the illuminati Order close to the real Masters of the Vatican, the Jesuits .Even Michael Aquino opened the first branch of the Temple of Set in Italy in Naples due to his admiration for the work of Cagliostro's hidden Master the Prince of San Severo. The Prince of San Severo was closely linked to the Jesuits as we said and arranged for Cagliostro to always have a Jesuit with him during his many travels accross Europe after he left Naples. The Jesuit Priest will go in front of him to the next village or city and get all the information Cagliostro will need for his so called magical powers of prediction to work better in front of the mass of brainwashed sheeps...using even confession as a mean of getting the most inside information the Jesuit priest was probably Cagliostro's closest collaborator and friend ,he was his hidden connection with the Jesuit Order that had been kicked out of the Vatican at that time. The work of the Jesuits and their many subversive plans to regain power in the Vatican structure became for the Count of cagliostro his daily life as a key illuminati Agent of that period. The link between the Ordo illuminatorum of Jesuit trained A.Weishaupt and Giuseppe Balsamo alias Cagliostro was quite natural and Cagliostro was immediately initiated in the Supreme Councill of 12 R+C of the Order at the highest position of responsability for the hidden plans to be accomplished. Napoleon was initiated in the illuminati Order by Cagliostro near Rome and the Count definetely payed a very high price for serving so well the Jesuits. The Knights of Malta became for a period the victims of this power struggle situation and with Napoleon they lost their island , so they later arranged for Cagliostro to be arrested in Rome , and sentenced to life in prison by the Vatican. But before that happened the Knights of Malta HQ's in Rome was used for a period by Cagliostro for his Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry meetings , and many in the Knights of Malta were working for the illuminati and the Jesuits even when they were considered enemies of the Vatican. It's quite interesting to think that A.Crowley was claiming to be a reincarnation of Cagliostro. ..but let's remember that it all starts and ends in Rome, Crowley and his disciples are still nowdays always closely linked to the Jesuits and the Vatican. In Rome the KHEM lodge of the OTO as been a very disturbing presence in last few years, their Master who died recentely in misterious circumstances called Alberto Moscato was a 3rd degree Knight of Malta very close to the Vatican and he introduced Willam Breeze aka Hymenaeus Beta to the hidden Vatican Satanic elite structure, the ones who perform the infamous Black Mass in the Vatican including the Jesuit General. I hope researchers will look more into the history of illuminati Masters like the Prince of San Severo o Cagliostro and find the clear links proven by historical evidence that they were illuminati/Jesuit agents.

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan


Vatican joins historic talks to end 950-year rift with Orthodox church (11/22/2007)

From The Times November 16, 2007

Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent and Paul Bompard in Rome The Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches took tentative steps towards healing their 950-year rift yesterday by drafting a joint document that acknowledges the primacy of the Pope.

The 46-paragraph “Ravenna Document”, written by a special commission of Catholic and Orthodox officials, envisages a reunified church in which the Pope could be the most senior patriarch among the various Orthodox churches.

Just as Pope John Paul II was driven by the desire to bring down Communism, so Pope Benedict XVI hopes passionately to see the restoration of a unified Church. Although he is understood to favour closer relations with traditional Anglicans, the Anglican Communion is unlikely to be party to the discussions because of its ordination of women and other liberal practices.

Unification with the Orthodox churches could ultimately limit the authority of the Pope, lessening the absolute power that he currently enjoys within Catholicism. In contrast, a deal would greatly strengthen the Patriarch of Constantinople in his dealings with the Muslim world and the other Orthodox churches.

Related Links Pope seeks dialogue with non-Catholic Christians Pope: Orthodox faith is 'not a proper Church' For sale: secret Vatican papers Pope Benedict has called a meeting of cardinals from all over the world in Rome on November 23, when the document will be the main topic of discussion. The Ravenna “road map” concedes that “elements of the true Church are present outside the Catholic communion”.

It suggests that means “be sought out” to set up a new ecumenical council, similar to those of the early Church which drew up the Nicene and other creeds, and to which Catholic and Orthodox bishops would be invited. Such a council would attempt formally to end the schism of 1054 between East and West.

If the proposals move forward, the Pope would be acknowledged as the universal Primate, as he was before the schism. Although it is not stated outright, he would be expected by the Orthodox churches to relinquish the doctrine of infallibility. The proposals could also allow married priests in the Catholic Church, as already happens in the Orthodox.

However, continuing disputes within the Orthodox Church between Constantinople and Moscow mean that there is unlikely to be agreement among the entire Orthodox community about reconciliation with Rome.

The document, The Ecclesiological and Canonical Consequences of the Sacramental Nature of the Church, has been produced by a commission of Orthodox and Catholic bishops and theologians that met in Ravenna in western Italy last month. The Russian delegate walked out of the meeting, an indication of the enduring disputes within the Orthodox Church.

Referring to the early councils of the Church, whose decisions are still central to doctrine throughout Christendom, the document adds: “In the course of history, when serious problems arose affecting the universal communion and concord between Churches – in regard either to the authentic interpretation of the faith, or to ministries and their relationship to the whole Church, or to the common discipline which fidelity to the Gospel requires – recourse was made to Ecumenical Councils.” These councils, which assembled bishops from Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem, are still regarded as binding by Catholics and the Orthodox in particular. “The means which will allow the reestablishment of ecumenical consensus must be sought out,” the document states.

The Catholics at the Ravenna meeting were led by Cardinal Walter Kasper, of the Council for Promoting Christian Unity. The Orthodox were headed by Metropolitan Zizioulas, of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

A delegate from Moscow blamed Constantinople for upsetting the talks, and the final text published by the Vatican was agreed without the input of the Moscow Patriarchate. After Rome and Constantinople, Moscow is agreed to be third in the hierarchy of “equals”, but it is still at odds with Rome over the Uniate Catholics in Ukraine, whose loyalty is to the Pope.

If the Orthodox were able to move closer to Rome, the Constantinople Patriarchate would have much stronger influence in its dialogue with the Muslim world in Turkey and beyond. Healing the schism would in effect turn Patriarch Bartholomew into an Orthodox “Pope”.

The document suggests that the Pope, always referred to in the text as “Bishop of Rome”, could be the “first” among the regional patriarchs. But this would be only as a primus inter pares, with his authority resting firmly on the support and consensus of the other patriarchs. “Certainly Rome could not be the absolute centre of administration, with authority over all the others,” Greek Metropolitan Athanasios Chatzopoulos, one of the participants of the Ravenna conference, said. “The ‘primus’ would not be able to do anything without the consent of the other Patriarchs.”

The great divide

- On July 16, 1054, Pope Leo IX excommunicated the Patriarch of Constantinople. The Patriarch, Cerularius, soon reciprocated, excommunicating the Pope

- Christianity has since been split in two, largely because of three words: The Nicene Creed of the Roman Church says that the Holy Ghost “proceeds from the Father and the Son”; the Orthodox Church claims the Holy Ghost originates with the Father alone.

- This “Filioque clause” was the official reason for the Great Schism, but other disputes would now need to be clarified before the churches could unite

Sources: Catholic Encyclopedia, Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, Britannica, Orthodox Research Institute

Read Ruth Gledhill’s blog


Sony Pictures is preparing a Hollywood blockbuster about Licio Gelli and the P2! (12/14/2007)

Yes Brother Licio Gelli Worshipfull Master of the Propaganda 2 Lodge as just signed a megacontract with Sony Pictures for a film on his life , a big production that will probably have in the role of the young Licio Gelli none other then the famous american actor George Clooney , as an older version of Gelli we will have instead Stanley Tucci.The director will be Olivier Dahan , a french director well known for having done a film on the life of Edith Piaf.

Taking care of writing the story for this film is David Black well known screenwriter and producer of Holywood TV series like LAW & ORDER or CSI MIAMI who will be spending soon a couple of weeks with Count Licio Gelli in his infamous headquarters of Villa Wanda, near the city of Arezzo, to learn the habits of this very secretive character and to realy get to know thw Worshipfull Master. The film seems to be a kind of last minute tribute from the Hollywood Freemasons and illuminati to the Puppet Master of Italy's darkest moments. David Black will also have to study Licio Gelli's 64 volumes of confessions kept in his villa and the screenplay is been closely monitored by Gelli's lawyer team that are all Knights of Malta and people very close to the Vatican.

When the italian press asked Gelli if the film was about the many italian misteries surrounding his work in the P2 , Gelli replied with a bronze face that all his work was done for the good of Italy and he mentioned that even his illustrius friend Francesco Cossiga (another NWO criminal also his superior in the Knights of Malta by the way ) said that the P2 was a lodge of historical value...obviously they forgot the fact that the P2 was involved in may criminal acts including being responsible of the 1980 Bologna massacre (Licio Gelli as been even condemned for this italian 9/11 kind of operation). Well Francesco Cossiga likes to forget such things as he used to be one of the Puppet Masters of Operation GLADIO in Europe and as always been a good friend and supporter of Licio Gelli's criminal activities. Activities that I have described in detail as Mr X (my nickname) with Agent Orange in the following web article: It seems very clear to me that Hollywood and their Vatican Masters want to make out of one of the biggest criminals of the New World Order the infamous Licio Gelli a hero for the new generations using George Clooney as their troyan horse to relaunch his image. So Gelli's Propaganda work as not ended my friends and actualy is trasforming now in an even bigger operation is becoming Hollywood Propaganda ! And knowing Count Gelli personaly I'm sure he is very pleased about it...especialy the vanity side with George as himself what do you want more from life...hi...hi...

The news is already around all the italian media as you can notice from the following: ?intenzione=viaggiarein&id_categoria=12&id=139942& id_sottocategoria=48&typeAsset=Articolo&tipologia= articoli&language=it ?id_doc=6488 cinematv/grubrica.asp?ID_blog=33&ID_articolo =571&ID_sezione=260&sezione=

Let's see what happens next in the expanding world of Hollywood Vatican illuminati Propaganda , after the Grand Master of the Accademy of the illuminati Giuliano Di Bernardo as been called to collaborate with Ron Howard for the film adaptation of Angels and Demons : and Brother Licio Gelli as signed a mega- deal with Sony Pictures so anything is possible, though I'm worried about the results of these propaganda films on the young genrations, the evil agenda of the illuminati as to always be in our minds when we gonna watch these films, and please let your friends and family read this article before they also get manipulated in a cinema near you, thanks to the usual suspects.

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan


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The following one is a temporary list of the interested parties in the TOUR OF HOPE.

I hope we can move forward and confirm some of you for the job of issuing a CHARTER OF HOPE in your city Asap.

The minimum amount of people requested to sign the Charter of Hope are six, WHY DONT YOU JOIN? Start with your friends and with all of us around the world a new movement for TRUTH AND JUSTICE in our government.

Lets become a MOVEMENT and ask publicly to the secret societies all over the world to disclose all their secrets, and to establish an OFFICIAL COMMISSION that can investigate these matters further for the benefit of mankind.

Lets become active and build the TOUR OF HOPE so in the future me and Greg Szymanski of Arcticbeacon, can come and visit you in your city to unveil in front of you the secrets of the New World Order.

We can find together possible solutions against the evil enemy, in this difficult times.

The names on the list attached have expressed their interest in the possible creation of a Committee of Hope in their town.


Leo Lyon Zagami




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Sicilian Mafia and Freemasonry (1/3/2008)

Some people who have recentely followed my work have been asking me a bit more about the relationship between the Sicilian Mafia and Freemansonry , in particular the connections with Ezio Giunchiglia and the P2. A good friend and close collaborator of Ezio Giunchiglia was infact Gran Master Giovanni Grimaudo of the Iside 2 Lodge, part of the infamous Scontrino Circle based in the center of Trapani in via Carreca that controlled 6 Lodges , Iside, Iside 2, Osiride, Ciullo d' Alcamo, Cafiero e Hiram plus a Secret Lodge known as Lodge C. 106&id=145&option=com_content&task=view The members of these Lodges were high level Vatican clergy , high level Mafiosi from all the main Sicilian Mafia Families and many politicians. Mafia and Freemasonry in Trapani and Palermo have ruled the scene for a long time thanks to people like Giuseppe Mandalari the accountant of Cosa Nostra Boss Toto Rina a High Level Freemason of the CAMEA ! Mandalari, "Gran maestro dell'Ordine e Gran sovrano del rito scozzese antico e accettato" basicly Grand Master of the powerfull CAMEA Grand Lodge recognized the very irregular but powerfull Masonic Lodges of Grimaudo in Trapani forming a masonic alliance with him under the P2 illuminati control of Giunchiglia and Gelli. Powerfull mafiosi Natale L'Ala was in Iside 2 (Isis 2) and politician Canino member of the Scontrino circle openly admited that their Lodges were full of Catholic Bishops and Government Ministers. But it was Mafia Boss Stefano Bontate a creation of the Jesuits that rebelled and founded his own Gran Lodge for a time as Grand Master known as the powerfull Lodge of the 300 or Lodge dei Normanni , but had he had to be eliminated because he didnt respect later the rules of the P2 illuminati who secrely driven the criminal hand of the Corleonesi. This secret masonic Obbedience was closed down after his death by rival Corleonesi Mafia Boss Bernardo Provenzano, another very irregular kind of Freemason but still a very illustrius Mafia Don. It seems that his recent arrest was connected to this little known episode of his Mafia career , a revenge of his Masonic Brothers for having shut down a few years ago the Lodge of the 300. The Trapani Grand Lodge Scontrino and Lodges like the Ciullo d'Alcamo are also interesting places were we find Pietro Fundaro' and boss Natale Rimi; Giovanni Pioggia, of the Mafioso faimily of Alcamo, Mariano Asaro , Mariano Agate head of the Mafia of Mazara del Vallo and so on... The Iside 2 Lodge was directely connected to powerfull italian politician Giulio Andreotti who went to visit them a few times , and P2 Lodge Master Licio Gelli , who even opened a Lodge for Giovanni Grimaudo as special guest in the spring of 1980. More interesting info about the connection between Mafia and Freemasonry can be found in this articles that also mentions the infamous CAMEA Grand Lodge and Iside 2 : scheda12t.htm mondiale.htm

Now we know about all these connections that link Mafia and irregular P2 Freemasonry but nobody is doing nothing in so called regular Freemasonry to change things and protect the name of respectable Freemasons , why is that? The problem is that so called Irregular Freemasonry constituted mainly of Secret Lodges , rules the masonic scene in Sicily were the Vatican illuminati of the New World Order have one of their most important bases.The last important international meeting of the Vatican illuminati Accademy of Giuliano Di Bernardo was held in Taormina last October, one of the most beautifull places on the island.. in the meantime the Mafia masonic Lodges keep to grow in Sicily, and now in Catania we have a brand new irregular Mafia Grand Lodge thanks to Brother Carmelo Di Bella directely linked to the infamous P2 and Rui Gabirro and secrely linked to the illuminati of Di Bernardo trough powerfull Brother Roberto Amato of the italian intelligence . He is behind the powerfull federation of Lodges close to the Vatican illuminati spread also out of Sicily , known as The Federal Grand Orient of Italy GOIF, this has become the true IDEAL of the new & revitalized Craft Masonic working close to the Mafia , let's stop it now! Check this document for pictures of Rui Gabirro and his Mafia Brothers at work in Catania (Sicily) : 0RGLE%20JULY%202006.pdf


(Gruppo di Logge e/o Triangoli al 21.09.2007 E:.V:. alle ore 15,00 della : - G:.L:.D:.I:. d:. M:.U:. P:.G:. - G:.L:.S:.I:. - G:.L:.R:.E:. - che costituiscono il GOIF-R . In arrivo la GL…..omissis, la GL…. omissis, la GL….omissis )



Lodge TOMMASO CAMPANELLA Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0003/GLDI MU PG

Lodge FIGLI DEL SILENZIO Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0004/GLDI MU PG

Lodge PERFETTA UNIONE Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0005/GLDI MU PG

Lodge VITTORIO COLAO Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0006/GLDI MU PG

Lodge FAUSTO BRUNI Or. Palermo Bolla N.0007/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le GIORDANO BRUNO Or. Catania Bolla N.0008/GLDI MU PG

Lodge LUDOVICO LASAGNI Or. Catania Bolla N.0009/GLDI MU PG


Lodge MINERVA 13 Or. Brescia Bolla N.0011/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le ELEUSI Or. Taranto Bolla N.0012/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le I 5 MARTIRI DI GERACE Or. Locri Bolla N.0013/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le GIOVANNI PICA Or. Vibo V. Bolla N.0014/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le BRUNO NARDINI Or. Verona Bolla N.0015/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le GIULIO MAZZON Or. Enna Bolla N.0016/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le ALESSANDRO POMA Or. Ragusa Bolla N.0017/GLDI MU PG

Tria.le JACQUES DE MOLAY Or. Siracusa Bolla N.0018/GLDI MU PG

Lodge FRANCESCO PETRARCA Or. Arezzo Bolla N.0019/GLSI


Lodge FERDINANDO REDDITI Or. Arezzo Bolla N.0021/GLSI

Lodge GUGLIELMO DURANTI Or. Arezzo Bolla N.0022/GLSI

Lodge DANTE ALIGHIERI Or. Firenze Bolla N.0023/GLSI

Tria.le LUCA PACIOLI Or. Arezzo Bolla N.0024/GLSI

Lodge FRATELLI BANDIERA Or. Roma Bolla N.0025/GLRE

Lodge ROMA Or. Cosenza Bolla N.0026/GLRE

Lodge CARLO GENTILE Or. Cosenza Bolla N.0027/GLRE

Lodge ANACLETO DEGLI ODDI Or. Cetraro Bolla N.0028/GLRE

Lodge W.A.MOZART Or. Bari Bolla N.0029/GLRE

Lodge GAETANO RUFFO Or. Roccella J. Bolla N.0030/GLRE

Lodge MARIO PLACIDO Or. Roccella J. Bolla N.0031/GLRE

Lodge RAIMONDO DI SANGRO P.DI S.S. Or. Salerno Bolla N.0032/GLRE

Tria.le G.FILANGERI Or. Napoli Bolla N.0033/GLRE

Tria.le GIORDANO BRUNO Or. Taranto Bolla N.0034/GLRE

Lodge ACACIA Or. Roma Bolla N.0035/GLRE

Lodge G.A.DI MONTEREALE Or. Roma Bolla N.0036/GLRE


Tria.le JULIUS EVOLA Or. Milano Bolla N.0038/GLRE

Lodge CONOSCENZA E VERITA’ Or. Reggio C. Bolla N.0039/GLRE


Things never will never change in Italy and in Sicily untill we realize that the real Mafia power hides in the secret lodges of so called irregular Freemasonry connected to the Vatican were the true power lies , so let's bring further our investigations in the dark side of the Vatican illuminati and let's destroy the evil Sicilian Mafia.That's my wish for the New Year , let's expose the real Mafia! In the photo Licio Gelli and Giulio Andreotti.

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan


Cagliostro and the Prince of San Severo, two very important Jesuit agents from the past (12/14/2007)

By the way Cagliostro alias Giuseppe Balsamo was a relative of my Sicilian family (we have the same blood and ancestors in common ), that's one of the resons why the illuminati respected me so much from the begining. I heard about him when I was only 10 years old the first time from my father,he was known as the blacksheep of the family but also as a Grand Master of the illuminati . That's also why I had such a high position in the Memphis and Mizraim illuminati Rite of Freemasonry that conteins the misterious Arcana Arcanorum degrees. These 3 very special degrees were written by Cagliostro and the Cavallier d'Aquino who were disciples of the Jesuit trained alchemical Master Raimondo di Sangro, the seventh Prince of Sansevero : creator of the Alchemical Chapel : The Chapel wich is in Naples (Italy) is considered one of the most important rappresentations of the so called alchemical Great Work by the leading occult branches of the illuminati Order close to the real Masters of the Vatican, the Jesuits .Even Michael Aquino opened the first branch of the Temple of Set in Italy in Naples due to his admiration for the work of Cagliostro's hidden Master the Prince of San Severo. The Prince of San Severo was closely linked to the Jesuits as we said and arranged for Cagliostro to always have a Jesuit with him during his many travels accross Europe after he left Naples. The Jesuit Priest will go in front of him to the next village or city and get all the information Cagliostro will need for his so called magical powers of prediction to work better in front of the mass of brainwashed sheeps...using even confession as a mean of getting the most inside information the Jesuit priest was probably Cagliostro's closest collaborator and friend ,he was his hidden connection with the Jesuit Order that had been kicked out of the Vatican at that time. The work of the Jesuits and their many subversive plans to regain power in the Vatican structure became for the Count of cagliostro his daily life as a key illuminati Agent of that period. The link between the Ordo illuminatorum of Jesuit trained A.Weishaupt and Giuseppe Balsamo alias Cagliostro was quite natural and Cagliostro was immediately initiated in the Supreme Councill of 12 R+C of the Order at the highest position of responsability for the hidden plans to be accomplished. Napoleon was initiated in the illuminati Order by Cagliostro near Rome and the Count definetely payed a very high price for serving so well the Jesuits. The Knights of Malta became for a period the victims of this power struggle situation and with Napoleon they lost their island , so they later arranged for Cagliostro to be arrested in Rome , and sentenced to life in prison by the Vatican. But before that happened the Knights of Malta HQ's in Rome was used for a period by Cagliostro for his Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry meetings , and many in the Knights of Malta were working for the illuminati and the Jesuits even when they were considered enemies of the Vatican. It's quite interesting to think that A.Crowley was claiming to be a reincarnation of Cagliostro. ..but let's remember that it all starts and ends in Rome, Crowley and his disciples are still nowdays always closely linked to the Jesuits and the Vatican. In Rome the KHEM lodge of the OTO as been a very disturbing presence in last few years, their Master who died recentely in misterious circumstances called Alberto Moscato was a 3rd degree Knight of Malta very close to the Vatican and he introduced Willam Breeze aka Hymenaeus Beta to the hidden Vatican Satanic elite structure, the ones who perform the infamous Black Mass in the Vatican including the Jesuit General. I hope researchers will look more into the history of illuminati Masters like the Prince of San Severo o Cagliostro and find the clear links proven by historical evidence that they were illuminati/Jesuit agents.

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan


Vatican joins historic talks to end 950-year rift with Orthodox church (11/22/2007)

From The Times November 16, 2007

Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent and Paul Bompard in Rome The Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches took tentative steps towards healing their 950-year rift yesterday by drafting a joint document that acknowledges the primacy of the Pope.

The 46-paragraph “Ravenna Document”, written by a special commission of Catholic and Orthodox officials, envisages a reunified church in which the Pope could be the most senior patriarch among the various Orthodox churches.

Just as Pope John Paul II was driven by the desire to bring down Communism, so Pope Benedict XVI hopes passionately to see the restoration of a unified Church. Although he is understood to favour closer relations with traditional Anglicans, the Anglican Communion is unlikely to be party to the discussions because of its ordination of women and other liberal practices.

Unification with the Orthodox churches could ultimately limit the authority of the Pope, lessening the absolute power that he currently enjoys within Catholicism. In contrast, a deal would greatly strengthen the Patriarch of Constantinople in his dealings with the Muslim world and the other Orthodox churches.

Related Links Pope seeks dialogue with non-Catholic Christians Pope: Orthodox faith is 'not a proper Church' For sale: secret Vatican papers Pope Benedict has called a meeting of cardinals from all over the world in Rome on November 23, when the document will be the main topic of discussion. The Ravenna “road map” concedes that “elements of the true Church are present outside the Catholic communion”.

It suggests that means “be sought out” to set up a new ecumenical council, similar to those of the early Church which drew up the Nicene and other creeds, and to which Catholic and Orthodox bishops would be invited. Such a council would attempt formally to end the schism of 1054 between East and West.

If the proposals move forward, the Pope would be acknowledged as the universal Primate, as he was before the schism. Although it is not stated outright, he would be expected by the Orthodox churches to relinquish the doctrine of infallibility. The proposals could also allow married priests in the Catholic Church, as already happens in the Orthodox.

However, continuing disputes within the Orthodox Church between Constantinople and Moscow mean that there is unlikely to be agreement among the entire Orthodox community about reconciliation with Rome.

The document, The Ecclesiological and Canonical Consequences of the Sacramental Nature of the Church, has been produced by a commission of Orthodox and Catholic bishops and theologians that met in Ravenna in western Italy last month. The Russian delegate walked out of the meeting, an indication of the enduring disputes within the Orthodox Church.

Referring to the early councils of the Church, whose decisions are still central to doctrine throughout Christendom, the document adds: “In the course of history, when serious problems arose affecting the universal communion and concord between Churches – in regard either to the authentic interpretation of the faith, or to ministries and their relationship to the whole Church, or to the common discipline which fidelity to the Gospel requires – recourse was made to Ecumenical Councils.” These councils, which assembled bishops from Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem, are still regarded as binding by Catholics and the Orthodox in particular. “The means which will allow the reestablishment of ecumenical consensus must be sought out,” the document states.

The Catholics at the Ravenna meeting were led by Cardinal Walter Kasper, of the Council for Promoting Christian Unity. The Orthodox were headed by Metropolitan Zizioulas, of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

A delegate from Moscow blamed Constantinople for upsetting the talks, and the final text published by the Vatican was agreed without the input of the Moscow Patriarchate. After Rome and Constantinople, Moscow is agreed to be third in the hierarchy of “equals”, but it is still at odds with Rome over the Uniate Catholics in Ukraine, whose loyalty is to the Pope.

If the Orthodox were able to move closer to Rome, the Constantinople Patriarchate would have much stronger influence in its dialogue with the Muslim world in Turkey and beyond. Healing the schism would in effect turn Patriarch Bartholomew into an Orthodox “Pope”.

The document suggests that the Pope, always referred to in the text as “Bishop of Rome”, could be the “first” among the regional patriarchs. But this would be only as a primus inter pares, with his authority resting firmly on the support and consensus of the other patriarchs. “Certainly Rome could not be the absolute centre of administration, with authority over all the others,” Greek Metropolitan Athanasios Chatzopoulos, one of the participants of the Ravenna conference, said. “The ‘primus’ would not be able to do anything without the consent of the other Patriarchs.”

The great divide

- On July 16, 1054, Pope Leo IX excommunicated the Patriarch of Constantinople. The Patriarch, Cerularius, soon reciprocated, excommunicating the Pope

- Christianity has since been split in two, largely because of three words: The Nicene Creed of the Roman Church says that the Holy Ghost “proceeds from the Father and the Son”; the Orthodox Church claims the Holy Ghost originates with the Father alone.

- This “Filioque clause” was the official reason for the Great Schism, but other disputes would now need to be clarified before the churches could unite

Sources: Catholic Encyclopedia, Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, Britannica, Orthodox Research Institute

Read Ruth Gledhill’s blog


Sony Pictures is preparing a Hollywood blockbuster about Licio Gelli and the P2! (12/14/2007)

Yes Brother Licio Gelli Worshipfull Master of the Propaganda 2 Lodge as just signed a megacontract with Sony Pictures for a film on his life , a big production that will probably have in the role of the young Licio Gelli none other then the famous american actor George Clooney , as an older version of Gelli we will have instead Stanley Tucci.The director will be Olivier Dahan , a french director well known for having done a film on the life of Edith Piaf.

Taking care of writing the story for this film is David Black well known screenwriter and producer of Holywood TV series like LAW & ORDER or CSI MIAMI who will be spending soon a couple of weeks with Count Licio Gelli in his infamous headquarters of Villa Wanda, near the city of Arezzo, to learn the habits of this very secretive character and to realy get to know thw Worshipfull Master. The film seems to be a kind of last minute tribute from the Hollywood Freemasons and illuminati to the Puppet Master of Italy's darkest moments. David Black will also have to study Licio Gelli's 64 volumes of confessions kept in his villa and the screenplay is been closely monitored by Gelli's lawyer team that are all Knights of Malta and people very close to the Vatican.

When the italian press asked Gelli if the film was about the many italian misteries surrounding his work in the P2 , Gelli replied with a bronze face that all his work was done for the good of Italy and he mentioned that even his illustrius friend Francesco Cossiga (another NWO criminal also his superior in the Knights of Malta by the way ) said that the P2 was a lodge of historical value...obviously they forgot the fact that the P2 was involved in may criminal acts including being responsible of the 1980 Bologna massacre (Licio Gelli as been even condemned for this italian 9/11 kind of operation). Well Francesco Cossiga likes to forget such things as he used to be one of the Puppet Masters of Operation GLADIO in Europe and as always been a good friend and supporter of Licio Gelli's criminal activities. Activities that I have described in detail as Mr X (my nickname) with Agent Orange in the following web article: It seems very clear to me that Hollywood and their Vatican Masters want to make out of one of the biggest criminals of the New World Order the infamous Licio Gelli a hero for the new generations using George Clooney as their troyan horse to relaunch his image. So Gelli's Propaganda work as not ended my friends and actualy is trasforming now in an even bigger operation is becoming Hollywood Propaganda ! And knowing Count Gelli personaly I'm sure he is very pleased about it...especialy the vanity side with George as himself what do you want more from life...hi...hi...

The news is already around all the italian media as you can notice from the following: ?intenzione=viaggiarein&id_categoria=12&id=139942& id_sottocategoria=48&typeAsset=Articolo&tipologia= articoli&language=it ?id_doc=6488 cinematv/grubrica.asp?ID_blog=33&ID_articolo =571&ID_sezione=260&sezione=

Let's see what happens next in the expanding world of Hollywood Vatican illuminati Propaganda , after the Grand Master of the Accademy of the illuminati Giuliano Di Bernardo as been called to collaborate with Ron Howard for the film adaptation of Angels and Demons : and Brother Licio Gelli as signed a mega- deal with Sony Pictures so anything is possible, though I'm worried about the results of these propaganda films on the young genrations, the evil agenda of the illuminati as to always be in our minds when we gonna watch these films, and please let your friends and family read this article before they also get manipulated in a cinema near you, thanks to the usual suspects.

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan

Vatican joins historic talks to end 950-year rift with Orthodox church (11/22/2007)

From The Times November 16, 2007

Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent and Paul Bompard in Rome The Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches took tentative steps towards healing their 950-year rift yesterday by drafting a joint document that acknowledges the primacy of the Pope.

The 46-paragraph “Ravenna Document”, written by a special commission of Catholic and Orthodox officials, envisages a reunified church in which the Pope could be the most senior patriarch among the various Orthodox churches.

Just as Pope John Paul II was driven by the desire to bring down Communism, so Pope Benedict XVI hopes passionately to see the restoration of a unified Church. Although he is understood to favour closer relations with traditional Anglicans, the Anglican Communion is unlikely to be party to the discussions because of its ordination of women and other liberal practices.

Unification with the Orthodox churches could ultimately limit the authority of the Pope, lessening the absolute power that he currently enjoys within Catholicism. In contrast, a deal would greatly strengthen the Patriarch of Constantinople in his dealings with the Muslim world and the other Orthodox churches.

Related Links Pope seeks dialogue with non-Catholic Christians Pope: Orthodox faith is 'not a proper Church' For sale: secret Vatican papers Pope Benedict has called a meeting of cardinals from all over the world in Rome on November 23, when the document will be the main topic of discussion. The Ravenna “road map” concedes that “elements of the true Church are present outside the Catholic communion”.

It suggests that means “be sought out” to set up a new ecumenical council, similar to those of the early Church which drew up the Nicene and other creeds, and to which Catholic and Orthodox bishops would be invited. Such a council would attempt formally to end the schism of 1054 between East and West.

If the proposals move forward, the Pope would be acknowledged as the universal Primate, as he was before the schism. Although it is not stated outright, he would be expected by the Orthodox churches to relinquish the doctrine of infallibility. The proposals could also allow married priests in the Catholic Church, as already happens in the Orthodox.

However, continuing disputes within the Orthodox Church between Constantinople and Moscow mean that there is unlikely to be agreement among the entire Orthodox community about reconciliation with Rome.

The document, The Ecclesiological and Canonical Consequences of the Sacramental Nature of the Church, has been produced by a commission of Orthodox and Catholic bishops and theologians that met in Ravenna in western Italy last month. The Russian delegate walked out of the meeting, an indication of the enduring disputes within the Orthodox Church.

Referring to the early councils of the Church, whose decisions are still central to doctrine throughout Christendom, the document adds: “In the course of history, when serious problems arose affecting the universal communion and concord between Churches – in regard either to the authentic interpretation of the faith, or to ministries and their relationship to the whole Church, or to the common discipline which fidelity to the Gospel requires – recourse was made to Ecumenical Councils.” These councils, which assembled bishops from Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem, are still regarded as binding by Catholics and the Orthodox in particular. “The means which will allow the reestablishment of ecumenical consensus must be sought out,” the document states.

The Catholics at the Ravenna meeting were led by Cardinal Walter Kasper, of the Council for Promoting Christian Unity. The Orthodox were headed by Metropolitan Zizioulas, of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

A delegate from Moscow blamed Constantinople for upsetting the talks, and the final text published by the Vatican was agreed without the input of the Moscow Patriarchate. After Rome and Constantinople, Moscow is agreed to be third in the hierarchy of “equals”, but it is still at odds with Rome over the Uniate Catholics in Ukraine, whose loyalty is to the Pope.

If the Orthodox were able to move closer to Rome, the Constantinople Patriarchate would have much stronger influence in its dialogue with the Muslim world in Turkey and beyond. Healing the schism would in effect turn Patriarch Bartholomew into an Orthodox “Pope”.

The document suggests that the Pope, always referred to in the text as “Bishop of Rome”, could be the “first” among the regional patriarchs. But this would be only as a primus inter pares, with his authority resting firmly on the support and consensus of the other patriarchs. “Certainly Rome could not be the absolute centre of administration, with authority over all the others,” Greek Metropolitan Athanasios Chatzopoulos, one of the participants of the Ravenna conference, said. “The ‘primus’ would not be able to do anything without the consent of the other Patriarchs.”

The great divide

- On July 16, 1054, Pope Leo IX excommunicated the Patriarch of Constantinople. The Patriarch, Cerularius, soon reciprocated, excommunicating the Pope

- Christianity has since been split in two, largely because of three words: The Nicene Creed of the Roman Church says that the Holy Ghost “proceeds from the Father and the Son”; the Orthodox Church claims the Holy Ghost originates with the Father alone.

- This “Filioque clause” was the official reason for the Great Schism, but other disputes would now need to be clarified before the churches could unite

Sources: Catholic Encyclopedia, Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, Britannica, Orthodox Research Institute

Read Ruth Gledhill’s blog

Cagliostro and the Prince of San Severo, two very important Jesuit agents from the past (12/14/2007)

By the way Cagliostro alias Giuseppe Balsamo was a relative of my Sicilian family (we have the same blood and ancestors in common ), that's one of the resons why the illuminati respected me so much from the begining. I heard about him when I was only 10 years old the first time from my father,he was known as the blacksheep of the family but also as a Grand Master of the illuminati . That's also why I had such a high position in the Memphis and Mizraim illuminati Rite of Freemasonry that conteins the misterious Arcana Arcanorum degrees. These 3 very special degrees were written by Cagliostro and the Cavallier d'Aquino who were disciples of the Jesuit trained alchemical Master Raimondo di Sangro, the seventh Prince of Sansevero : creator of the Alchemical Chapel : The Chapel wich is in Naples (Italy) is considered one of the most important rappresentations of the so called alchemical Great Work by the leading occult branches of the illuminati Order close to the real Masters of the Vatican, the Jesuits .Even Michael Aquino opened the first branch of the Temple of Set in Italy in Naples due to his admiration for the work of Cagliostro's hidden Master the Prince of San Severo. The Prince of San Severo was closely linked to the Jesuits as we said and arranged for Cagliostro to always have a Jesuit with him during his many travels accross Europe after he left Naples. The Jesuit Priest will go in front of him to the next village or city and get all the information Cagliostro will need for his so called magical powers of prediction to work better in front of the mass of brainwashed sheeps...using even confession as a mean of getting the most inside information the Jesuit priest was probably Cagliostro's closest collaborator and friend ,he was his hidden connection with the Jesuit Order that had been kicked out of the Vatican at that time. The work of the Jesuits and their many subversive plans to regain power in the Vatican structure became for the Count of cagliostro his daily life as a key illuminati Agent of that period. The link between the Ordo illuminatorum of Jesuit trained A.Weishaupt and Giuseppe Balsamo alias Cagliostro was quite natural and Cagliostro was immediately initiated in the Supreme Councill of 12 R+C of the Order at the highest position of responsability for the hidden plans to be accomplished. Napoleon was initiated in the illuminati Order by Cagliostro near Rome and the Count definetely payed a very high price for serving so well the Jesuits. The Knights of Malta became for a period the victims of this power struggle situation and with Napoleon they lost their island , so they later arranged for Cagliostro to be arrested in Rome , and sentenced to life in prison by the Vatican. But before that happened the Knights of Malta HQ's in Rome was used for a period by Cagliostro for his Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry meetings , and many in the Knights of Malta were working for the illuminati and the Jesuits even when they were considered enemies of the Vatican. It's quite interesting to think that A.Crowley was claiming to be a reincarnation of Cagliostro. ..but let's remember that it all starts and ends in Rome, Crowley and his disciples are still nowdays always closely linked to the Jesuits and the Vatican. In Rome the KHEM lodge of the OTO as been a very disturbing presence in last few years, their Master who died recentely in misterious circumstances called Alberto Moscato was a 3rd degree Knight of Malta very close to the Vatican and he introduced Willam Breeze aka Hymenaeus Beta to the hidden Vatican Satanic elite structure, the ones who perform the infamous Black Mass in the Vatican including the Jesuit General. I hope researchers will look more into the history of illuminati Masters like the Prince of San Severo o Cagliostro and find the clear links proven by historical evidence that they were illuminati/Jesuit agents.

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan

Warning to all corrupt freemasons (12/5/2006)



The group who are ritually abusing the children in Dr
Reina Michaelson's case appear to be the Ordo Templi
Orientis. You can actually visit their Australian website by going the Gaia Guys web site. The O.T.O.
regard Satanist Aleister Crowley's "Book of the Law"
as their guide to live by.

(The Ordo Templi Orientis website has been remodelled and certain things have been removed, including the Library and a particularly nasty and telling symbol. However you can still follow the links to the U.S. Grand Lodge to find Satanist Crowley's book of the Law, from which the below quote was taken.)

"Worship me with fire & blood; worship me with swords
& with spears. Let ... blood flow to my name. Trample
down the Heathen; be upon them, o warrior, I will give you of their flesh to eat! ... Sacrifice cattle,
little and big: after a child. Mercy let be off; damn
them who pity! Kill and torture; spare not; be upon
them!. fresh blood. The best blood is of the
moon, monthly: then the fresh blood of a child, or
dropping from the host of heaven: then of enemies;
then of the priest or of the worshippers: last of some
beast, no matter what. " (Book of the Law)


Schweigaards g 67
0656 Oslo


PER CHRISTIAN KROGH (Ordo Templi Orientis 5o Degree)
Adresse: Stortinget
Postnr: 0026
Poststed: OSLO
Telefon: 99 46 38 71
Mobiltelefon: 99 46 38 71

PHONE +47 63 82 73 29

Medical Staff
Oslo mil/Huseby
N-0016 OSLO

Phone +47 23 09 70 91
fax +47 23 09 70 58


Leo Lyon Zagami


Evil Illuminati cult in the UK exposed! (12/6/2006)

RW.Bro.Andrew D. Chumbley and the Cultus Sabbati legacy

RW.Bro.Andrew D. Chumbley and the Cultus Sabbati

RW.Bro.Andrew D. Chumbley (September 15,
1967-September 15, 2004) was an English writer, poet, artist, practitioner-theorist of modern magic, and Magister of the black magical satanic group Cultus Sabbati directely linked to the Vatican Jesuits. He died on his thirty-seventh birthday following a severe asthma attack in misterious cirmcumstances.
Chumbley published earlier a number of limited
edition books through his own private press Xoanon
Publishing, and a series of articles in various occult
magazines with great success; these conveyed aspects
of doctrine and practice of a tradition of sorcery he
defined 'Sabbatic Craft'. According to Chumbley the
term "describes the way in which elements of
witch-lore, Sabbath mythology and imagery were being
employed in the cunning-craft tradition into which I
was originally inducted".
His work is the work of a modern Mind Controller
using Witchcraft, fhe then claimed provenance from
pre-modern revivalist forms (the illuminati...they
were the source of this rubbish course).. His earlier
work was published in the Chaos Magic journal Chaos
International, and later work appeared in Starfire,
journal of the Typhonian OTO, and in the
long-established British witchcraft magazine The
Cauldron. Brother Andrwe from Essex was known within
the occult community and his books continue to command
very high resale prices in the satanic world. Daniel
A. Schulke succeeded him as Magister of Cultus Sabbati
a very dangerous Cult connected to the illuminati and
child sacrifice.A participant to such events mainly in
Essex is illustrius Brother RW Bro. Rui Gabirro who
joined the evil Sect during his period in the Societas
Rosicruciana in Anglia (the English iluminati).
Although Chumbley was mainly known for his involvement
with traditional English Witchcraft, especially that
of the county of Essex,his occult interests and
influences were extremely diverse and "The Duke of
Cabinda" was deeply involved with him, some say they
even practiced the XIo of A.Crowley togheter .Schulke
writes of Chumbley's interests, "Chumbley's magical
work spanned many fields of sorcerous influence,
including Sufism, left-hand Tantra and Petro Voodoo".
Some influences on his work are those of the
artist-occultist illuminati agent Austin Osman Spare
and Crowleys number one disciple
Kenneth Grant!!!
Chumbley respected very much and was familiar with
Grant's work and there was a contact between the two
magicians - at one time Chumbley operated an
illuminati OTO lodge that was affiliated to Grant's
Typhonian OTO. Spare's philosophy of the 'Kia' almost
certainly influenced the non-dual gnosis which is a
key element in Chumbley's system, although the
'Doctrine of the Void' (Shunyavata) is a foundation
concept of Tantrism, which is likely to have affected
Chumbley's work thorough the Uttara Kaula Sampradaya,
of which he was an initiate with Brother Nicholaj
Frisvold In The Azoëtia the concepts of "Will, Desire,
Beli and pure sorcery that lead to the sacrifice of
little children used by these dark illuminati Masters
to gain more power.The Cultus Sabbati should be
exposed by Freemasons and investigated by the Uk
police instead it enjoy's the protection of such
corrupt institutions.
For more info on the enigma of Andrew Chumbley you can
check yourself is presence on this infamous internet
publication for satanist:

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan


Leo on site's shutdown (12/6/2006)

QUOTE from

(Leo Young @ Dec 6 2006, 02:15 PM) 


Sorry, Unable to process request at this time -- error 999. Unfortunately we are unable to process your request at this time. This error is usually temporary. Please try again later. If you continue to experience this error, it may be caused by one of the following: -1. You may want to scan your system for spyware and viruses, as they may interfere with your ability to connect to Yahoo!. For detailed information on spyware and virus protection, please visit the Yahoo! Security Center. -1. This problem may be due to unusual network activity coming from your Internet Service Provider. We recommend that you report this problem to them. While this error is usually temporary, if it continues and the above solutions don't resolve your problem, please let us know. Return to Yahoo! 

Phil at Conspiracy Central Forums wrote back: OK... I'll send this Anthony an email and I'll ask him what on earth is going on. The files you received back may be infected with some kind of malevolant virus, trojan or something like that. Did you do a thorough virus and spyware scan over the material you received back from Squarespace? Good luck Leo and I'll get back to you on this...


The Illuminati Big Brother (12/6/2006)

The illuminati Big Brother is listening the illuminati Big Brother wants you, and the illuminati Big Brother actually already has you under his full surveillance. But we still accept this farse and this total violation of our privacy. And now they start with the censorship so how long do we realy have before officialy becoming SLAVES OF THE BEAST? Not along time Im afraid and you are not making it easy. Big Brother is listening: Government can eavesdrop on your life by secretly listening through your cell phone (NewsTarget) NewsTarget has learned that the FBI has developed a technique that can remotely activate a nearby cell phone's microphone, thereby turning it into a listening device. The "roving bug" technique was approved by U.S. Department of Justice officials for use on members of an organized crime family in New York that was getting increasingly suspicious of tails, wiretaps or other traditional surveillance techniques. The cell phones of alleged mobster John Ardiot -- considered by the FBI to be one of the most powerful men in the national Mafia's Genovese family -- and his attorney Peter Peluso, also an alleged mobster, were activated by this technique in order for authorities to monitor nearby conversations. U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that the technique was legal in an opinion this week, stating that federal wiretapping law was broad enough to cover the monitoring of conversations occurring near a suspect's cell phone. Nextel spokesperson Travis Sowders said the company was not aware of the investigation and was not asked to participate. The new method works whether the phone is on or off, because many phone models cannot be truly powered down without removing the battery. Some models, for example, will turn on from a powered-down state when an alarm is set. A 2005 Financial Times article noted that cell phone providers can install a piece of software on any phone from a remote location, allowing microphone activation, without the owner's knowledge. In addition to activating a mic, the software can also stop a display from indicating a call in progress, taking away another method by which a cell phone user could tell his phone had been compromised. According to counter-surveillance consultant James Atkinson, models from Nextel, Samsung and the popular Motorola Razr are particularly vulnerable to these remote software downloads. "If a phone has in fact been modified to act as a bug, the only way to counteract that is to either have a bugsweeper follow you around 24-7, which is not practical, or to peel the battery off the phone," Atkinson said, adding that some security-conscious corporate executives make a habit of removing their cell phone's battery when the unit is not in use. This is not the first time the FBI has commandeered built-in microphones as listening devices. In a 2003 lawsuit, it was discovered that the FBI was able to activate the microphones of automotive systems such as OnStar and listen to passenger conversations without the speakers knowing. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the practice was not legal, but only because the technique prevents the system from being used in an emergency.

The fact is that we all know whats going on by now in
 our circles, but to rebel openly against such evil
show seems to be the problem. Why is it that the majority
of our viewers out there act as true freedom fighters
only in theory , but they are far from it in practice.
Dont you want to genuinely give your life for this war
in the western world?
This will be  the most important war in history that
will decide the future of mankind not a joke , are you
scared of it ?...or Im I wrong about the mass of sheep
out there...

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

PS:1984 is now!


From my very good friend Abdullah Aymaz (12/7/2006)

 Enough with the fighting! It is high time to stay away from acts that would lead to inter-religious fighting and disputes. Let us not forget the suffering and the killing of innocents during the World Wars. What are they trying to do? The World is in immense need of peace and tranquility, not another powder keg. What is the meaning of this latest attempt of awakening old disputes through media and cinema? Is there any thing constructive to be gained from opening two thousand year old files and bringing the events of the past to the present? This is not the way the last divine revelation, the Holy Qur'an, presents the issue. The Holy Qur'an has the potential to be the judge on this case as its miraculousness is proven forty-four times and is at our hands in its full originality. This is necessary in order to give an end to these disputes and to thwart the evil tendencies of believers of different faiths that result in enmities. The Holy Qur'an has this potential as it stands equidistant to both the Christian and Jewish traditions and as it esteems the believers of both faiths. On the issue of crucifixion the Holy Qur'an states: "But they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not. Nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself; and Allah is Exalted in Power and Wise." (Surah Al-Nisaa, 4:157-158) Apart from the fact that Jesus Christ was never really killed, the Holy Qur'an teaches us that no one is responsible for the sins of his forefathers. Even if the crucifixion as it is presented in "The Passion of the Christ" is accepted as historical fact, Jews of today cannot be held responsible for what people of Jerusalem did on that particular day. Every sheep is hung by its own leg. Let us leave the judgment of what had been done to the Almighty God and try not to ignite new disputes on what we do not know with certainty. The potential of the Holy Qur'an's mediation is not something that is just talked about theoretically. During a symposium organized by the Journalists and Writers Association of Turkey in April 2000 entitled "Patriarch Abraham: A symbol of hope in dialogue and a bond of faith", I had heard from a certain American academic about how the Qur'anic belief of the Crucifixion can facilitate dialogue and understanding between Jews and Christians. He spoke about a conference organized in the US where the bulk of the spectators were Christians, while some of the speakers were Jews and Muslims. As one of the Jewish speakers was presenting his speech an apparently Christian spectator shouted at him claiming that the Jews were traitors and that they had killed Jesus Christ and as a Jew he should not have dared to come to a conference and speak to Christian spectators. How such an offensive remark can influence the air in an academic conference is imaginable. As the American academic told me, one of the Muslim scholars stood up and spoke to the people with these words: "Dear friends! Nobody killed Jesus Christ and nobody is responsible for His death. Look, the Holy Qur'an is very clear on this point: "But they killed him not, nor crucified him!" says Qur'an. As a divine revelation that follows the Old and the New Testaments, the Holy Qur'an shall never err. As God is the judge, Jesus Christ is alive and risen. This shall leave no place for disputes." This Muslim scholar had saved the day and the conference had proceeded as scheduled. As Muslims we hope that fellow believers of the monotheistic religions shall lend an ear to what the Holy Qur'an says regarding what they have been quarreling about. We hope this for the sake of peace and tranquillity. 

The Vatican Cornerstone Society (12/7/2006)

Dont call it the Corner Stone Society call it the Vatican Corner Stone Society a place where the Vatican illuminati of the United Grand Lodge of England meet up to conspire against the world. The illustrius Freemason Julian Rees a friend of John Faerseth and the Ordo Templi Orientis is the guy in charge of this illuminati operation with the support of the illustrius Satanist the Pro Grand Master the Marquess of Northampton who delivers this speach we are publishing on our site. The Marquess of Northampton secretely financed with money stolen from the UGLE the Academy of the illuminati of Giuliano di Bernardo in Piazza di Spagna 20 (Rome). We have described in detail the Corner Stone Society elsewere on this site.

Leo Lyon Zagami



Pro Grand Master, Lord Northampton 

I start with the disclaimer that the views in this paper are my own and not necessarily those of Grand Lodge. 
As Pro Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, and therefore the most senior representative of 
the Grand Master, I am conscious that one of my responsibilities is to try and steer the Craft during my 
tenure of office in a direction which I hope will be beneficial for its future - hence the title of this paper. 

I begin with the premise that with nearly three hundred years of experience under our belt we must be doing 
something right, so why should freemasonry in, say, twenty five years be any different from the model we 
have today. Well we may be by far the biggest Grand Lodge in the world with a membership of 272,000 
individuals spread over the four quarters of the globe, but something is wrong with Anglo Saxon 
freemasonry. Having said that, I know an enormous amount of effort has been invested in our future both in 
London, our Provinces and Districts, and many brethren are working hard to recruit, retrieve and retain our 
members with various schemes designed for that purpose. But the overall picture is not a satisfactory one as 
the following figures will show. 

Although statistics were not available before and during the 80’s, it is clear we have lost at least 40% of our 
membership in as little as thirty years. Our recent losses are often blamed on the fact that we consecrated 
1000 lodges in the five years following the second World War to accommodate men returning from active 
service and wanting to join a fraternity. But that is not the whole story as most of those brethren have long 
since passed to the Grand Lodge above and we have continued to shrink at the rate of between 2-3% every 
year. While the decline has lessened in the past two years we are by no means out of the wood and with an 
aging membership we face an uncertain future. It is interesting to note that while our membership numbers 
have shrunk so dramatically, the number of our lodges has actually increased. The result is that we now 
have a very large number of lodges that are struggling to survive with very few members. The situation is 
made even worse when you factor in low attendance figures. It is not easy to see how we can correct this 
situation except by encouraging lodges to consider closing or amalgamating when their numbers drop below 
a viable level. 

The danger of having too few members in a lodge is that in their desperation to survive brethren may accept 
candidates regardless of whether or not they fulfil the conditions for initiation laid down in the ritual. Worse 
still, because at best they only manage to attract one new member each year, they rush the poor candidate 
through the three degrees without giving him any time to pause and contemplate what it all means. 
Candidates are often stewards before they are master masons and on the officer’s ladder as soon as they 
are raised. Six years later they are either in the Master’s chair or have made some excuse to drop out, never 
to return. A recent survey in Buckinghamshire showed that 30% of all master masons ceased attending their 
lodges within three years of being raised. I don’t blame them. The pressure of having to learn so much ritual 
in such a short time, before you have bonded fully with your peers and without any real understanding of its 
meaning, must test even our most committed candidates. 

This is not freemasonry as it should be practised, and only slightly better than the mass one day classes we 
all deplore in America. If lodges start to initiate men regardless of their suitability because they are desperate 
to increase their numbers, then we should be worried about any long term future for the Order. I have often 
said that the quality of our members is more important than their quantity, but it is of course possible and 
preferable to have both. There are plenty of ‘just, upright and free men of mature age, sound judgment, and 
strict morals’ in society, if we could only attract them to join us. So until we can find ways of increasing the 
size of our lodges, thereby giving more time for progression to the chair and more time to learn and 
understand the rituals, we must make do with encouraging lodges to share out much of the work among the 
master masons and past masters. In fact it often makes for more variety and therefore more enjoyment, and 
involves many more of the lodge members at every meeting. No brother should be made to feel he has let 
the side down by not doing as much as the past masters did when they were in the chair. A good mason 
does not necessarily have to be a good ritualist as long as he participates in the affairs of his lodge and his 
heart is in the right place. 

The final statistic we must add into the equation is the number of certificates issued by Grand Lodge. In the 
past ten years alone the number of men we initiate annually has fallen by 30% from just under 12,000 to 
8,400. It does not take a rocket scientist to work out that within the next twenty five years English 


Freemasonry could well have shrunk to as little as half its present size. This means one in every two lodges 
will have disappeared and even then we will not have increased the low numbers we may have in the 
remaining ones. The extra financial pressures on our members will become intolerable and there will be a 
corresponding knock on effect on our masonic charities and the 800 or so masonic halls we have in England 
and Wales. It is clear, therefore, that doing nothing now is not an option, but knowing what to do and how to 
do it is something on which we should all concentrate our minds. 

I believe that in order to plan for the future we must first look back at our roots and examine the reasons we 
were formed and have survived ‘the wreck of mighty empires’. We spend too much time worrying about 
‘when’ rather than ‘why’ we were created. What was in the minds of those men who started Freemasonry 
and what was the purpose behind it? 

Of course we know that some form of what we call Freemasonry was being practised in the late 16C in 
England long before our first recorded initiate, Elias Ashmole, was introduced to a lodge in Warrington by 
Henry Mainwaring in 1646. I have brought this chair from my house in Warwickshire which was originally in 
Canonbury Tower. Situated in Islington, the Tower, was built in the early 16th century and inherited by my 
family in 1608. The two panelled rooms at Canonbury were carved in oak in 1599. There are many symbols 
depicted in the carvings including levels and compasses. They are almost certainly connected to this chair, 
which is dated 1595. The initials, EM, which are visible on either side at the top are likely to be those of 
Edward Mainwaring, two generations before Henry, as the crest between them is that of the Mainwaring 

This was a period when certain men of great intellect were planning a future society as an utopian ideal. 
Francis Bacon’s book ‘the New Atlantis’ is full of masonic symbolism and describes an island where just such 
a perfect society existed. Unfortunately such a vision could not be grounded in Europe, with its political 
intrigue and religious intolerance, hence the attempt to do so in America through the Virginia Company - 
named after the virgin soil on the other side of the world which they believed would provide the perfect 
conditions for just such a society. Whether Freemasonry was influenced by this ideal of perfection is difficult 
to prove but it is certainly one of the main themes running through our rituals. 

So we can say with certainty that some form of philosophical fraternity existed in the late 16th century and 
part of its ethos was to counter political and religious intolerance. Freemasonry has retained that as part of 
its ethos to this day as it refuses still to allow any member, whether in lodge or in his capacity as a 
Freemason, to discuss or to advance his views on theological or political questions. This fraternity, which 
stood for freedom of expression and thought, had to be kept secret at a time when men were beheaded for 
holding different views to the Church and Monarch. Since that time the Order has gone through varying 
periods of openness and intense privacy but even in its early days the rituals were widely known through 
exposures of one kind or another. Nowadays we are just coming out of a period of privacy and are 
developing a more open approach with the popular world. 

For too long English freemasons have been criticised for their actions, based on ignorance and prejudice; 
the perception in some quarters is that we are a secret society who practise strange rituals behind closed 
doors. It is perceived that we only look after our own, and in a way which encourages profitable deals 
between masons from which non-masons are excluded. We have also been accused of protecting our 
members even when they break the law. Over the past twenty years or so we have tried hard to rid the Craft 
of those who do not live up to the high standards we set ourselves. Every organisation as large as ours is 
bound to have some rotten apples in its membership but it is quite wrong to blame Freemasonry for the 
failings of a few of its members. It would be equally wrong to blame the whole judiciary for one crooked judge 
or the whole medical profession for the failings of a single doctor. Nevertheless we promote ourselves as an 
organisation which teaches the importance of a high moral code of behaviour and we must expect to be 
criticised when our members transgress. The fact is that this is a brotherhood which was designed for the 
improvement of the soul of man, but however hard we try to show ourselves in a true light we are always 
faced with two questions – who are you and what do you do in your lodges? The answer has traditionally 
been that our members feel they will be discriminated against if it is known that they are masons, and what 
we do is private and nobody else’s business. Of course there are brethren who genuinely fear they will be 
discriminated against if their membership becomes known, but society now expects transparency in 
everything that it perceives may affect it adversely. We cannot hope to change our member’s fear of 
discrimination unless we change the perceptions which cause it and to do that we have to explain to the 
popular world the good things that Freemasonry stands for, and talk openly about the lessons that are taught 
in our rituals. 


It is now generally acknowledged that the ‘secrets’ of masonry are only the modes of recognition without 
which you cannot witness our ceremonies – the grips, tokens and words of the three degrees. They have 
been exposed on numerous occasions but all masons promise not to reveal them to the uninitiated, in part to 
keep cowans and intruders out of our ceremonies but also to show that we can be trusted to keep a promise. 
The ‘mysteries’, which we also promise not to disclose, are something completely different. Any member of 
the public can buy a copy of the emulation ritual book and tens of thousands of lady masons have done so 
over many years. The vast majority of the ceremonies are there in full for all to read, the main exception 
being those words which relate to the modes of recognition and the preparation of the candidate. So if 
anyone wants to know what we get up to in our ceremonies why not suggest they buy the ritual book and 
read it for themselves. Before anyone accuses me of betraying the brotherhood let me stress that you cannot 
discover the mysteries of Freemasonry by reading the ritual book. You have to go through the process of 
initiation to realise and unlock the mystery, because it is a felt experience. You can not understand it in any 
other way than by doing it; just as you cannot learn to swim by reading a manual of how to do it. 

We are the inheritors of an important initiatic system containing universal truths, some form of which has 
probably been in existence for thousands of years. During that time it has been a beneficial guiding influence 
on the evolution of humanity and our present day Freemasonry is no exception. The three degrees of 
masonry are like symbolic rehearsals for those major initiations that we must all take on our journey of Self 
discovery. Thus Freemasonry is a system which guides man in his search for the sacred. 
The three degrees equate to body, mind and spirit, the three essential parts of man. In the first degree the 
emphasis is on the physical and its objective is ‘from darkness to light’. It is symbolised by the rough ashlar 
and the working tools are those implements needed to work on the unshapen stones brought to light from 
the darkness of the quarries. The consciousness of the first degree is at the level of instinct and its pillar 
represents physical strength and is therefore crowned with the terrestrial globe. 

In the second degree the emphasis is on the powers of the mind and its objective is ‘from ignorance to 
knowledge’. It is symbolised by the smooth ashlar and the working tools are designed to perfect and prove 
the stone after rude matter has been brought into due form. The consciousness of this degree is at the level 
of intellect and its pillar represents wisdom and is therefore crowned with the celestial globe. In the third 
degree the emphasis is on spirit and the objective is to build the Temple, not made with human hands, 
eternal in the Heavens. Its symbol is the blazing star, its consciousness is at the level of intuition, the voice of 
Nature, and its pillar is that of Beauty. Beauty depends on balance and harmony. 
The objectives of the three degrees – illumination through the search for light, wisdom through the increase 
in knowledge, and transformation through the process of death and renewal – portray the story of the 
evolution of human consciousness leading ultimately to enlightenment. 

For most people enlightenment is a process of imparting or acquiring information or knowledge about 
something, like ‘That was an enlightening speech you made’. Historians call the ‘Enlightenment’ that period 
in 18thC Europe when a group of philosophers promoted a rational and non theological approach to the 
problems of philosophy and society. This is not however the meaning of enlightenment in the Eastern and 
Western mystery traditions, where light is not an abstract symbol but a living experience that is felt in the 
heart, the mind and the body. Enlightenment is not just a metaphor but rather an experience of ones own 
inner essence, and the realisation of the Self with a capital ‘s’. When defined as the rational acquisition of 
knowledge it deals with a very limited aspect of human transformation. The enlightenment we are dealing 
with in Freemasonry is that of ancient teachings. It is a process of seeing more clearly and having a more 
lucid awareness. This aspect of transformation, through which Freemasonry guides us, is a gradual process 
of moving from a state of unknowing to an ever increasing knowledge of one’s Self and ones true potential. 

Enlightenment plays a central role in the sacred literature and art of most religious and spiritual traditions. 
God’s invocation for creation was ‘Let there be light’, and science believes that the beginning of the Universe 
was an explosion of inconceivable force and radiance. The Christ is seen as the ‘light of the world’, and the 
vision of the Lord in the Bhagavad Gita is of a cosmic being ‘brighter than a thousand suns’. Solar deities of 
light and fire, like the Indian Agni, the Iranian Mazda, the Egyptian Ra, and the Greek Apollo play key roles in 
all the sacred mythologies. Jung called light ‘the central mystery of philosophical alchemy’. 

Ken Wilber reminds us in his book ‘Eye to Eye’ that medieval philosophers made a distinction between three 
kinds of light and three kinds of eyes. We have eyes of flesh which see with exterior light - lumen exterior - 
the physical world of sense objects and matter. Then we have an eye of reason, which sees with interior light 
- lumen interior - the truths of reason, mind, and knowledge. Finally, we have an eye of contemplation, which 
sees with higher or transcendent light – lumen superius - the ultimate reality of oneness, the ground of 
Being. It is these three lights that we need to consider in Freemasonry and the rituals clearly differentiate 


between them. The exterior light of the body equates to the light of Nature, described in the first degree with 
the words ‘restored to the blessing of material light’. This is distinct from the inner light of the mind which in 
the second degree is that of intellect. Emmanuel Swedenborg wrote ‘it has often been granted me to 
perceive and also to see that there is a true light that enlightens the mind, wholly distinct from the light that is 
called natural light. I have been raised up into that light by degrees; and as I was raised up my 
understanding became so enlightened as to enable me to perceive what I did not perceive before, and finally 
such things as I could not even comprehend by thought from natural light.’ Finally in the third degree the light 
of contemplation is described as that ‘Light which is from above’. 
The experience of enlightenment appears to be the sensing, feeling and knowing that the body, heart and 
mind are being infused, usually from ‘above’ with inner light of a spiritual nature. When talking about this 
illumination it is called ‘light from above’ as a way of describing the process by which it appears to come from 
a part of our being that is ‘higher’ than body or mind. Sri Aurobindo describes the process: ‘Into the 
consciousness with a fiery ardour of realisation comes a downpour of inwardly visible light. There is also in 
this descent the arrival of a greater dynamic, a luminous ‘enthusiasmos’ of inner force and power which 
replaces the comparatively slow and deliberate process of the mind by a swift, sometimes vehement, almost 
a violent impetus of rapid transformation’. 

With the coming of this inner light the recipient is initiated into a new and higher level of realisation. The light 
experienced in the different degrees of freemasonry is one and the same, only at different levels of the 
spectrum of consciousness. The experience of enlightenment often comes after an intense inner struggle, 
like a breakthrough between the opposites of good and evil; it brings an understanding which embraces both 
the polar opposites. It is often a struggle between fear and love. When the power of love finally prevails and 
light dawns in the heart, then the walls of fear dissolve and the heart opens. To lose any sense of fear, 
particularly that of dying, is to be free, and that of course is one important teaching in the third degree of 
Freemasonry. As Walt Whitman wrote in Leaves of Grass, ‘Not I, not any one else can travel that road for 
you. You must travel it for yourself. It is not far, it is within reach. Perhaps you have been on it since you 
were born and did not know.’ 

It is self evident that this is what the writers of our rituals had in mind when they developed the Freemasonry 
we know and love as a progressive science leading from darkness and ignorance to light and knowledge and 
culminating in wisdom and enlightenment. 

So how does any of this help Anglo Saxon Freemasonry in its present decline? 

The reasons why men persevere and enjoy their masonry are complex and will be different for each of us. At 
one end of the scale there are those brethren who are looking for companionship alone and Freemasonry 
provides them with a friendly and trusting environment; then there are those who value the contribution the 
Craft makes to charity, and are motivated by a desire to help those less fortunate than themselves, both 
masons and non-masons alike; some like the chance to perform the rituals and work hard to ensure high 
standards are maintained in our ceremonies; others make a study of freemasonry from an historical or social 
perspective; then there are those who choose to explore the inner and more esoteric aspects of the ritual in 
order to discover more about Freemasonry and themselves. It is for the latter that we need to give a better 
understanding of the inner meanings of the Craft; partly to encourage a better study of Freemasonry and 
partly to increase the amount of revealed light in the Order as a whole. The success of such a venture will 
only be judged by the effect it has on those who are interested in the mysteries, and want to deepen their 
knowledge of the true nature of the Order. 

Anglo Saxon masonry has strayed from its original purpose and no longer teaches its candidates the 
fundamental truths which underpin the Craft. That is why I support the initiative to start an Orator scheme to 
provide well written papers describing this masonic journey for delivery in lodges. Educating our members 
about the purpose of masonry should be a priority regardless of whether or not they wish to deepen their 
understanding of it. Much continental masonry, which continues to thrive, and Latin American masonry, 
which is the fastest growing masonry in the world, insists on the candidates becoming proficient in and 
having an understanding of any degree they have taken before allowing them to progress further. They have 
to write papers and answer questions on the ceremony they have experienced before they are allowed to 
move to the next degree. Do we consider the questions our candidates have to answer before being passed 
and raised really give ‘proofs of proficiency’ in the former degree? I think not. 
However, as well as educating our members I believe it is important also that we educate the public at large. 
We need to explain ourselves and what we do to non masons who show a genuine interest in us. We must 
explain in layman’s language the lessons we are taught in our lodges. As I have explained previously I do 
not believe we will be betraying any trust by doing so, nor can we be exposing the mysteries to the eyes of 


the profane. What we will be doing is encouraging men to join us in order to experience the transformatory 
process for which freemasonry was created. 

So to summarise, I strongly believe that the way forward for Anglo Saxon masonry is for its members to be 
encouraged positively to talk about the rituals. There are many men who would join us if they only realised 
what freemasonry was really about and it is up to us to tell them. Our teachings contain universal truths 
which need to be promulgated to all those who are interested. The days of reserving knowledge for the 
benefit of a few are over. I was invited two years ago to address some of the senior boys and monks at 
Downside, the Roman Catholic boarding school. I spoke for nearly an hour on Freemasonry, its symbols and 
its principles. I quoted passages from the charge after initiation to give an idea of what a candidate is taught 
in the rituals. I explained the working tools and how we moralise their uses in building our temple, not made 
with human hands. I stressed that freemasonry was just a system without dogma and doctrine which leads 
us through its three ceremonies on a progressive path from ignorance to enlightenment. I pointed out the 
benefits of the psychological changes that happen to a man as he passes from being an entered apprentice 
through the various offices to the Master’s chair - how he develops his intellect, leadership qualities, self 
confidence, tolerance, kindness, compassion, service to others, open heartedness, social responsibility, 
temperance and above all self awareness. By the time I had finished and taken questions I left them in no 
doubt that Freemasonry is a force for good in the world. Even the headmaster remarked how different my 
version of the Craft was from what he had been led to believe it was like. The only way we are going to 
dispel ignorance is through education. If we all made the effort to explain masonry to laymen in suitable 
terms we could really make a difference to the way we are perceived. Above all we must stress how 
enjoyable it is. The brotherhood will surely come to an end if it ceases to be fun. 

I have read many booklets which have been produced by different Provinces to explain freemasonry to their 
candidates. So many of them, however, deal with the form and etiquette of the Craft and do not give any real 
explanation of its purpose and content. As a result they convey knowledge but do not inspire the reader to 
want to explore further. As Michael Walker, Past Grand Secretary of Ireland, said in his address to our Grand 
Lodge last year, there is nothing wrong with the content of freemasonry but there is definitely something 
wrong with the way we package our product. We keep hearing that men today are searching for ‘spirituality’ 
in their lives free from dogma and doctrine. Freemasonry undoubtedly has an answer to that search because 
it is one of the reasons it was founded, but it fails to sell itself on the back of its excellent credentials. The 
truth is that the packaging of our product has become jaded. Society is very different to what it was even a 
generation ago but freemasonry has changed hardly at all. Is it any wonder that we appear irrelevant to our 
young candidates and so many of them subsequently leave us? I repeat my conviction that the time has 
come to talk openly and freely about our rituals with anyone who is interested, the only caveat being that we 
take care not to dilute the effect the ceremonies will have on future candidates. If as a result we inspire our 
members to make a daily advancement in masonic knowledge and attract men to join us because of its 
exciting message, we will be able slowly to turn the Craft in the direction for which it was founded. 

I would like to end by quoting some words I wrote for an after dinner speech during my recent visit to the 
Grand Lodge of Chile in Santiago. ‘We are all brothers on this same journey, a journey leading to self 
knowledge and ultimately perfection. The American poet, Emerson, described it as a journey of ‘ascending 
effort’. And as we climb higher on the path we are helped by those brethren who are ahead of us and in turn 
encourage those who are behind. Freemasonry is a system without dogma or doctrine which signposts, 
through the interpretation of its symbols, the journey we must all make. It is a template for the evolution of 
human consciousness and as such is a progressive science of becoming – becoming something greater 
than we are now. It has various set stages for our development. A high moral code of ethical behaviour is the 
essential condition on which our journey is founded, and that includes the need to be in control of our 
emotions, our passions and desires. This is followed by the importance of education and the training of our 
reason and intellect as a force for good in the world. When these conditions are fulfilled and we are truly 
centred as human beings, our hearts open to the great potential which is at once the birthright and destiny of 
the human race. For as we climb higher we become wiser and can see further and more clearly what is the 
purpose of our life, and what the Great Architect has planned for us. That is the great mystery of 
Freemasonry which all of us are destined to rediscover. 

Brethren, it is those inner spiritual realities underlying the outer symbolic forms which this Cornerstone 
Society was created to promote in our lodges, and long may it continue its good work for the future health of 
the Craft.


A police visit with a surprise offer... (12/7/2006)


Two police officers, one intelligence officer and one other defined as Social worker (childcare office) came and visit me at 10.30 pm and they said if I go on with my web site and my work I could lose the custody of my children!!! The illuminati phedophilia mafia is moving against me and my family . They are criminals in norway and I want to expose them further on Monday if they dont arrest me before that. Spread the News NAZISM IS ARRIVED OFFICIALLY IN THE USA AND EUROPE. To protect Vatican Satanism. My life is dedicated to God Im ready to die or be persecuted for him. THEY ARE CRIMINALS AND I WILL EXPOSE THEM ON MONDAY'S SHOW, I took out the documents I have against their governement and they shut up and left me alone but I will not give up even if i have to sacrifice my family for Allah. I want the help of true muslims ,of all true Christians, of all true Jews to help me now protecting my family against the Satan who wants to stop me spreading the truth about their satanic conspiracy . A conspiracy to take over the world and give into the hands of phedophile ring in Rome,THE VATICAN. 

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khlaed Saifullah Khan


Leo's post about the Knights of Malta (12/7/2006)

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The Illuminati dictatorship from ancient Rome (12/7/2006)

                                                                                                         Because ancient Rome stands as the bedrock of western civilization and pure fascism...

Because Roman Virtues mean more than Family Values as they say in their site Nova Roma...

Because the Gods of Roma are calling as the illuminati
say  also in the Nova Roma  site. Then you have to
check the illuminati creation of

a favourite amongst satanist and military officials
were the Cardinals of the Vatican rule following the
Ancient Tradition as High Priest,  and the other
members even elect Senators and play Gladiatorial
games from ancient Rome in their secret Lodges with no
protection until one them gets killed.,this is the
ultimate GLADIO organization.


Exposing the illuminati and Nova Roma is a must,they
have some of the best Academics and satanist  in
Europe within their secret structure of parallel
Government SPQR  working for the Vatican.

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

Balestrieri and NY Rotary Club (12/7/2006)


From my dear friend and Brother of the Propaganda 2 Lodge in New york Commandate Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri, one of the GLADIO Puppet Masters behind 9/11 and the New
World Disorder...


Messaggio inoltrato [ Salva file | Salva su Yahoo! Valigetta ]

Data: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 16:35:11 EDT

Welcome to the International Service Division of the Rotary Club of New York's Newsletter

 Welcoming Note and Listing of Articles:
The International Service Division of the Rotary Club of New York is delighted to present this newsletter in order to demonstrate the commitment and continuing support of Rotary to the United Nations and its Millennium Development Goals.This newsletter will also serve as a platform for information and dialogue between all Rotarians who are interested in the programs of the United Nations and in contributing towards achieving its goals. We invite you to share your experiences from collaboration in projects between Rotary and the United Nations. Also, all Rotarians are invited to attend the NY Rotary International Breakfast Meetings which are scheduled on the third Wednesday of every month and held at the German House located at 871 United Nations Plaza (49th St. and First Ave). These meeting provide an opportunity for Rotarians to stay informed regarding United Nation programs and to exchange views on related topics with UN officials and representatives of its member states.
Yours in Rotary Service
Com.te Dott. Giorgio H. Balestrieri




Vatican Illuminati and the pedophile rings blessed by Satan (12/7/2006)


( Skeletons in the closet )


Greg Szymanski said in the latest news that  It's been a bad couple of days for George H. Daddy Bush as, according to inside sources, his Illuminati financial empire is collapsing before his evil eyes while, at the same time, a photo recently surfaced showing him pictured with Johnny Gosch, a 1982 child kidnapping victim involved in the much talked about White House pedophile ring.

So I invite all the people out there to read this old article  by Jeffrey Steinberg that will explain to you better the real problem we are facing today with these Nazi  Phedophile Rings. Rings of pure satanic  power and perversion directely controlled by Washington and their evil Masters in the Vatican reppresented in the USA by Cardinal Spellman, the biggest criminal in the Vatican  illuminati elite.

By Jeffrey Steinberg

On February 5, 1999, in U.S. District Court in Lincoln, Nebraska, an extraordinary hearing occurred in Paul A. Bonacci v. Lawrence E. King, a civil action in which the plaintiff charged that he had been ritualistically abused by the defendant, as part of a nationwide pedophile ring linked to powerful political figures in Washington and to elements of the U.S. military and intelligence establishment. Three weeks
later, on February 27, Judge Warren K. Urbom ordered King, who is currently in Federal prison, to pay $1 million in damages to Bonacci, in what Bonacci's attorney John DeCamp said was a clear signal that "the
evidence presented was credible."

During the February 5 hearing, Noreen Gosch stunned the court with sworn testimony linking U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (ret.) to the nationwide pedophile ring. Her son, Johnny, then 12 years old, was kidnapped off the streets of West Des Moines, Iowa on
September 5, 1982, while he was doing his
early-morning newspaper deliveries. Since his
kidnapping, she has devoted all of her time and resources to finding her son, and to exposing the dangers that millions of children in American face from this hideous, literally Satanic underground of ritualistic deviants.

"We have investigated, we have talked to so far 35 victims of this said organization that took my son and is responsible for what happened to Paul, and they can verify everything that has happened," she told the

"What this story involves is an elaborate function, I will say, that was an offshoot of a government program. The MK-Ultra program was developed in the 1950s by the CIA. It was used to help spy on other countries during the Cold War because they felt that the other countries were spying on us.

"It was very successful. They could do it very well."

Then, the Aquino bombshell: "Well, then there was a man by the name of Michael Aquino. He was in the military. He had top Pentagon clearances. He was a pedophile. He was a Satanist. He's founded the Temple of Set. And he was a close friend of Anton LaVey. The
two of them were very active in ritualistic sexual abuse. And they deferred funding from this government program to use [in] this experimentation on children.

"Where they deliberately split off the personalities of these children into multiples, so that when they're
questioned or put under oath or questioned under lie detector, that unless the operator knows how to question a multiple-personality disorder, they turn up with no evidence."

She continued: "They used these kids to sexually compromise politicians or anyone else they wish to have control of. This sounds so far out and so bizarre I had trouble accepting it in the beginning myself
until I was presented with the data. We have the proof. In black and white."

Under questioning from DeCamp, Gosch reported: "I know that Michael Aquino has been in Iowa. I know that Michael Aquino has been to Offutt Air Force Base [a Strategic Air Command base, near Omaha, which was
linked to King's activities]. I know that he has had contact with many of these children."

Paul Bonacci, who was simultaneously a victim and a member of the nationwide pedophile crime syndicate, has subsequently identified Aquino as the man who ordered the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch. In his February 5 testimony, Bonacci referred to the mastermind of the Gosch abduction as "the Colonel."

A second witness who testified at the February 5 hearing, Rusty Nelson, was King's personal photographer. He later described to EIR anotherincident which linked King to Aquino, while the Army special forces officer was still on active reserve duty. Some time in the late 1980s, Nelson was with King at a posh hotel in downtown Minneapolis, when he
personally saw King turn over a suitcase full of cash and bearer-bonds to "the Colonel," who he later positively identified as Aquino. According to Nelson, King told him that the suitcase of cash and bonds was earmarked for the Nicaraguan Contras, and that "the Colonel" was part of the covert Contra support apparatus, otherwise associated with Lt. Col. Oliver North, Vice President George Bush, and the "secret parallel government" that they ran from the White House.

Just who is Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (ret.), and what does the evidence revealed in a Nebraska court hearing say about the current state of affairs inside the U.S. military? Is the Aquino case some kind of weird aberration that slipped off the Pentagon radar screen?

Not in the least.

Aquino, Satan and the U.S. military

Throughout much of the 1980s, Aquino was at the center of a controversy involving the Pentagon's acquiescence to outright Satanic practices inside the military services. Aquino was also a prime suspect in a series
of pedophile scandals involving the sexual abuse of hundreds of children, including the children of military personnel serving at the Presidio U.S. Army station in the San Francisco Bay Area. Furthermore, even as Aquino was being investigated by Army Criminal Investigation Division officers for involvement in the pedophile cases, he was retaining highest-level security clearances, and was involved in pioneering work in military psychological operations ("psy-ops").

On August 14, 1987, San Francisco police raided Aquino's Russian Hill home, which he shared with his wife Lilith. The raid was in response to allegations that the house had been the scene of a brutal rape of a four-year-old girl. The principal suspect in the rape, a Baptist minister named Gary Hambright, was indicted in September 1987 on charges that he committed "lewd and lascivious acts" with six boys and four girls, ranging in age from three to seven years, during September-October 1986. At the time of the alleged sex crimes, Hambright was employed at a child care center on the U.S. Army base at Presidio. At the time of Hambright's indictment, the San Francisco
police charged that he was involved in at least 58 separate incidents of child sexual abuse.

According to an article in the October 30, 1987 San Francisco Examiner, one of the victims had identified Aquino and his wife as participants in the child rape. According to the victim, the Aquinos had filmed scenes
of the child being fondled by Hambright in a bathtub.
The child's description of the house, which was also the headquarters of Aquino's Satanic Temple of Set, was so detailed, that police were able to obtain a search warrant. During the raid, they confiscated 38 videotapes, photo negatives, and other evidence that
the home had been the hub of a pedophile ring, operating in and around U.S. military bases.

Aquino and his wife were never indicted in the incident. Aquino claimed that he had been in Washington at the time, enrolled in a year-long reserve officers course at the National Defense University, although he did admit that he made frequent visits back to the Bay Area and to his church/home. The public flap over the Hambright indictment did prompt the U.S. Army to transfer Aquino
from the Presidio, where he was the deputy director of reserve training, to the U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Center in St. Louis.

On April 19, 1988, the ten-count indictment against Hambright was dropped by U.S. Attorney Joseph Russoniello, on the grounds that, while there was clear evidence of child abuse (six of the children contracted the venereal disease, chlamydia), there was
insufficient evidence to link Hambright (or the Aquinos) to the crimes. Parents of several of the victims charged that Russoniello's actions proved that "the Federal system has broken down in not being able to protect the rights of citizens age three to eight."

Russoniello would later be implicated in efforts to cover up the links between the Nicaraguan Contras and South American cocaine-trafficking organizations, raising deeper questions about whether the decision
not to prosecute Hambright and Aquino had "national security implications."

Indeed, on April 22, 1989, the U.S. Army sent letters to the parents of at least 56 of the children believed to have been molested by Hambright, urging them to have their children tested for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), because Hambright, a former daycare center worker, was reported to be a

On May 13, 1989, the San Jose Mercury reported that Aquino and his wife had been recently questioned by Army investigators about charges of child molestation
by the couple in two northern California counties, Sonoma and Mendocino. A 9-year-old girl in Santa Rosa, California, and an 11-year-old boy in Fort Bragg, also
in California, separately identified Aquino as the rapist in a series of 1985 incidents, after they had seen him on television.

Satanic subversion of the U.S. Military by Jeffrey

Softies on Satan

When the San Francisco Chronicle contacted Army officials at the Presidio to find out if Aquino's security clearances had been lifted as the result of the pedophile investigations, the reporters were
referred to the Pentagon, where Army spokesman Maj.
Greg Rixon told them, "The question is whether he is trustworthy or can do the job. There is nothing that would indicate in this case that there is any problem
we should be concerned about."

Indeed, the Pentagon had already given its de facto blessings to Aquino's long-standing public association with the Church of Satan and his own successor "church," the Temple of Set. This, despite the fact that Aquino's Satanic activities involved overt support for neo-Nazi movements in the United States
and Europe. On October 10, 1983, while traveling in West Germany on "official NATO business," Aquino had staged a Satanic "working" at the Wewelsburg Castle in
Bavaria. Aquino wrote a lengthy account of the ritual, in which he invoked Nazi SS chief Heinrich Himmler: "As the Wewelsburg was conceived by Heinrich Himmler to be the 'Mittelpunkt der Welt' ('Middle of the
World'), and as the focus of the Hall of the Dead was to be the Gate of that Center, to summon the Powers of Darkness at their most powerful locus."

As early as April 1978, the U.S. Army had circulated A Handbook for Chaplains "to facilitate the provision of religious activities." Both the Church of Satan and
the Temple of Set were listed among the "other" religions to be tolerated inside the U.S. military. A section of the handbook dealing with Satanism stated, "Often confused with witchcraft, Satanism is the worship of Satan (also known as Baphomet or Lucifer).
Classical Satanism, often involving 'black masses,' human sacrifices, and other sacrilegious or illegal acts, is now rare. Modern Satanism is based on both the knowledge of ritual magick and the
'anti-establishment' mood of the 1960s. It is related to classical Satanism more in image than substance, and generally focuses on 'rational self-interest with ritualistic trappings.'

No so fast! In 1982, the Temple of Set fissured over the issue of Aquino's emphasis on Nazism. One leader, Ronald K. Barrett, shortly after his expulsion, wrote
that Aquino had "taken the Temple of Set in an explicitly Satanic direction, with strong overtones of German National Socialist Nazi occultism ... One fatality has occurred within the Temple membership during the period covered May 1982-July 1983."

The handbook quoted "Nine Satanic Statements" from the Church of Satan, without comment. "Statement Seven," as quoted in the handbook, read, "Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often
worse than those that walk on all fours, who, because of his 'divine and intellectual development' has become the most vicious animal of all."

>From 'psy-ops' to 'mindwars'

Aquino's steady rise up the hierarchy of the Satanic world closely paralleled his career advances inside the U.S. military. According to an official biography circulated by the Temple of Set, "Dr. Aquino is High
Priest and chief executive officer of the Temple of Set, the nation's principal Satanic church, in which he holds the degree of Ipissimus VI. He joined the original Church of Satan in 1969, becoming one of its chief officials by 1975 when the Temple of Set was
founded. In his secular profession he is a Lieutenant Colonel, Military Intelligence, U.S. Army, and is qualified as a Special-Forces officer, Civil Affairs
officer, and Defense Attaché. He is a graduate of the Command and General Staff College, the National Defense University and the Defense Intelligence College, and the State Departments' Foreign Service

Indeed, a more detailed curriculum vitae that Aquino provided to EIR, dated March 1989, claimed that he had gotten his doctorate at the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1980, with his dissertation on "The Neutron Bomb." He listed 16 separate military
schools that he attended during 1968-87, including advanced courses in "Psychological Operations" at the JFK Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and "Strategic Intelligence" at the Defense Intelligence College, at Bolling Air Force Base in
Washington, D.C.

Aquino was deeply involved in what has been called the "revolution in military affairs" ("RMA"), the introduction of the most kooky "Third Wave," "New Age" ideas into military long-range planning, which introduced such notions as "information warfare" and
"cyber-warfare" into the Pentagon's lexicon.

In the early 1980s, at the same time that Heidi and Alvin Toffler were spinning their Tavistock "Third Wave" utopian claptrap to some top Air Force brass, Aquino and another U.S. Army colonel, Paul Vallely, were co-authoring an article for Military Review.
Although the article was never published in the journal, the piece was widely circulated among military planners, and was distributed by Aquino's Temple of Set. The article, titled "From PSYOP to Mindwar: The Psychology of Victory," endorsed some of the ideas published in a 1980 Military Review article
by Lt. Col. John Alexander, an affiliate of the Stanford Research Institute, a hotbed of Tavistock Institute and Frankfurt School "New Age" social engineering.

Aquino and Vallely called for an explicitly
Nietzschean form of warfare, which they dubbed "mindwar." "Like the sword Excalibur," they wrote, "we have but to reach out and seize this tool; and it can transform the world for us if we have but the courage
and the integrity to guide civilization with it. If we do not accept Excalibur, then we relinquish our ability to inspire foreign cultures with our morality. If they then devise moralities unsatisfactory to us,
we have no choice but to fight them on a more brutish level."

And what is "mindwar?" "The term is harsh and
fear-inspiring," Aquino wrote. "And it should be: It is a term of attack and victory-not one of rationalization and coaxing and conciliation. The enemy may be offended by it; that is quite all right as long as he is defeated by it. A definition is offered: Mindwar is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all participants in a war that we will win that war."

For Aquino, "mindwar" is a permanent state of
strategic psychological warfare against the
populations of friend and foe nations alike. "In its strategic context, mindwar must reach out to friends, enemies and neutrals alike across the globe ...
through the media possessed by the United States which have the capabilities to reach virtually all people on the face of the Earth. These media are, of course, the electronic media-television and radio. State of the art developments in satellite communication, video recording techniques, and laser and optical transmission of broadcasts make possible a penetration of the minds of the world such as would have been inconceivable just a few years ago." Above all else, Aquino argues, mindwar must target the population of the United States, "by denying enemy propaganda access to our people, and by explaining and emphasizing to our people the rationale for our national interest.
... Rather it states a whole truth that, if it does not now exist, will be forced into existence by the will of the United States."

And we also have this to show you more evidence of the direct connection of Lt.Col.Michael Aquino with the
 Monte Carlo Lodge :

Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 11:21:04 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Dr. Michael A. Aquino"  Add
to Address Book
Subject: Re: Universal Unity-Montecarlo *Ezio Giunchiglia 33o
To: "Ezio Giunchiglia"
 Dear Mr. Zagami and Mr. Giunchiglia,

Thank you for your kind invitation to meet with you in Monte Carlo. Please accept my apologies that current responsibilities will probably keep me stuck in California for the foreseeable future, though I can't think of a more pleasant escape than Monaco.

I took a look through your Statute and found its "Aims" admirable, though my impression was also that you may discourage readers with the extensive sections on organization/control. The Temple of Set has its philosophy in one area of documents, and its
organizational design in another (California Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws). We have found this works well for us.

I always admire utopian visions and efforts to better this poor planet, even as I confess I have little hope for their success. Applied-politically I am at best a Stoic and at worst an Orwellian. Upon considering your "Aims" I think that you might find the works of Raghavan Iyer interesting:

Raghavan was a good friend of mine for many years, as well as one of my most valued teachers. (He was Professor of Political Science at the University of California where I got my own doctorate in that field.) He was by no means an "ordinary Theosophist", but a brilliant theorist beyond any labels. In my own university teaching later, I regularly used his book _Parapolitics_, which contained a superb application of Plato to modern social problems.

Thank you for offering to send me a copy of your book.
The address is:

Dr. Michael A. Aquino
Post Office Box 470307
San Francisco, CA 94147

Michael A. Aquino

-----------------------And now these illuminati pigs try to take my children  in the Satanic Kingdom of Norway ,  well I never said that fighting Satan was  easy but these western infedels have lost the plot....






Knights of Malta secret document (12/8/2006)


This secret document we show for the first time in public was made for the SMOM intelligence gathering of the 24th of June 2006 in Malta . And was written by Leo Lyon Zagami under the supervision of Commandante Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri at the military Accademy of Livorno on the 4th of June 2006.


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Data: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 11:08:49 EDT
Oggetto: Edizione con punteggiatura italiana
Edizione  senza l'americano matto
Con un TFA



Mediterraneo Crocevia del Terrorismo

Salam Aleikum,

Fratelli e Sorelle di qualunque rito e credo, l’Islam nasce con la rivelazione fatta al Profeta Maometto (Pace e Benedizioni vadano su di lui) dall`Arcangelo Gabriele all’età di 40 anni, ma egli fu sempre uomo di Dio fin dalla sua nascita attesa dal suo popolo (quello della discendenza di Ismaele) che a quel tempo era purtroppo immerso in pericolosi culti pagani e pratiche di magia nera.

Egli venne già riconosciuto in giovane età dai Fratelli Ebrei che videro su di lui all’età di nove anni il simbolo dei Profeti quello dei veri credenti nell’unico Dio.

Mohammed riceve da Dio il Corano rivelazione ultima del vero monoteismo per i musulmani nato in epoca assai piu` remota dal Padre di tutti noi monoteisti Abramo (Pace e Benedizioni vadano su di lui), rinato poi all’ombra delle piramidi  con il Profeta  Mosè e la discendenza di Isacco e il popolo eletto degli Ebrei, che poi si espande al mondo Greco-Romano grazie al Maestro Esseno e Profeta Gesù (Pace e benedizioni vadano su di lui) e infine si rivela nella sua forma più pura per noi Musulmani alla discendenza di Ismaele e a quello che noi conosciamo come mondo arabo.

L’Islam porta quindi la credenza in un unico Dio a popoli pagani che non avrebbero mai accettato il Cristianesimo Pauliciano legato all’Impero Romano e al mondo Ebraico, e compie missione di fondamentale importanza nella restituzione di un sito sacro come la Mecca  ai  credenti nell’unico Dio. Il Profeta dell’Islam si reca da Medina alla Mecca dove la seconda moglie di Abramo aveva vissuto un esperienza di fondamentale importanza per i credenti di fede Islamica, e si libera una volta e per tutte degli idoli pagani con una manovra di tipo militare che restituisce questo sito a Dio e lo consacra alla fede Islamica, liberandolo dalle perversioni del paganesimo degenerato presente in questa sede. Notiamo quindi da questo breve passaggio un approccio di tipo Universale ma anche militare del Profeta Maometto (Pace e Benedizioni vadano su di lui) sia legato ai Profeti Ebrei del Vecchio Testamento che al Profeta Gesù (Pace e Benedizioni vadano su di lui) che viene visto da Maometto, come personaggio di fondamentale importanza nel Corano, è infatti il Corano a rivelarci ancora una volta che sarà Gesù a tornare alla fine dei tempi per il temuttissimo Giudizio Universale e non Maometto  che si è ormai innalzato ai livelli più alti dello Spirito Divino e si  trova al piano Superiore della Casa di Dio, li dove noi poveri mortali non siamo ammessi.

La religione dell’Islam predica nella sua forma originale la pace, la tolleranza e la libertà dei credenti nell’unico Dio e abbraccia il Dogma della Verginità della Madonna e l’importanza del Profeta Gesù la cui figura è riverita e presa d’esempio da tutti i mistici dell’Islam, I Sufi.

Gesù (Pace e Benedizioni vadano su di lui) la cui vera figura era quella di un uomo-Re portatore di luce e di pace nel mondo ci viene svelata sempre di più per quello che realmente era in questo periodo, sopratutto grazie a un approccio più scientifico e meno dogmatico che ha portato al ritrovamento e allo studio approfondito dei Vangeli gnostici e di tutti quei Vangelli proibiti dalla Chiesa di Roma che fortunatamente stanno riapparendo qua e la negli ultimi 50 anni a beneficio dell’umanità intera.

Egli Gesù (Pace e Benedizioni vadano su di lui) diviene purtroppo Dio solo nelle mani del corrotto Consiglio di Nicea diretto dall`Imperatore Costantino che in realtà compie un atto temporale più che spirituale. E a Nicea che viene deciso ai voti il futuro del Cristianesimo, il Dogma Trinitario Paulino e la creazione della figura Dio = Gesù che Maometto (Pace e Benedizioni vadano su di lui) ovviamente non accetta.

Nel Corano, e per i veri Musulmani, i Cristiani e gli Ebrei sono  Fratelli e le critiche rivolte a loro nel Corano sono solamente quelle costruttive di un Profeta e di un Dio che vuole riportarli sulla retta via, nel rispetto reciproco e con una tollleranza purtroppo d’altri tempi che mai avrebbe ispirato gli atti osceni del terrorismo Islamico contemporaneo.

Vi è infatti un rispetto totale verso i credenti di tutte le fedi da parte di coloro che rappresentano il vero Islam, quello che ci insegna per esempio  che se non vi è una Moschea nel paese in cui essi si trovano ci si può recare per la preghiera in Sinagoga o in Chiesa perché questi luoghi sono considerati sacri dal vero Islam e non luoghi da far esplodere, il Musulmano che muore in terra Cristiana viene addirittura invitato in mancanza di un cimitero Islamico ad usare la terra dei Fratelli Ebrei.

E allora miei cari ascoltatori qui pervenuti a Malta da tutto il mondo per questo summit di grande importanza per le nostre comunità da dove nasce questo fondamentalismo intollerante che troviamo nei cosidetti Martiri dell’Islam moderno?

Chi sono Questi terroristi - esseri perversi e pericolosi - in mano a falsi Profeti dell’Islam che si imolano con le loro bombe uccidendo vittime innocenti di una scuola per bambini rovinando il nome del vero Islam e la pace tra gli uomini?

La risposta ci viene da uno dei più grandi Maestri viventi del vero Islam, Fethullah Gulen, premio Unesco per la pace e il dialogo interreligioso quando dice che il 90% di Musulmani predica bene e razzola male, e Fethullah Gulen rincara la dose dicendo che non basta recitare le proprie preghiere e conoscere i rituali e le preghiere dell’Islam a memoria per essere un vero Musulmano ma bisogna conoscere la vera essenza dell’Islam per esserne realmente parte, quella essenza che fece dire perfino a Napoleone Bonaparte che il trinomio Fratellanza, Uguaglianza e Libertà sono contenuti nel vero Islam.

Fethullah Gulen li chiama “empty bags”, sacchi vuoti, i musulmani di oggi, perché recitano e si mostrano con atti esterni dei grandi credenti ma in realtà sono degli scellerati che sempre piu` spesso non capendo l’essenza del Sacro e Divino Corano danno il via a faide interne (vedi Sciiti e Sunniti)

ed esterne all’Islam come quella contro il mondo Cristiano ed Ebreo che nulla hanno a che fare con Dio e molto hanno a che fare con interessi umani di natura economica e geopolitica.

Fethullah Gulen e un discendente puro per via sanguigna del Profeta Maometto (Pace e Benedizioni vadano su di lui) e di lui miei cari amici ci si puo` fidare ciecamente, Fethullah Gulen viene infatti ricevuto nel nome della tolleranza e del rispetto reciproco  da sua Santità Giovanni Paolo II alcuni anni fa in un incontro memorabile per entrambi.

Nel mondo Islamico contemporaneo dove conta più la facciata esterna delle prostrazioni giornaliere che l’aver capito realmente cosa dice il Corano e molto facile purtroppo pilotare dei poveri ignoranti verso il terrorismo fondamentalista e il martirio inutile e perverso dei cosidetti Martiri dell’Islam contemporaneo, essi i terroristi pronti ad uccidere tutti e tutto nel nome di Dio non sono l’Islam ma una pericolosa degenerazione guidata da interessi inumani che li porta ad essere dei veri infedeli manipolati da Imam e Sceicchi corrotti  che non fanno parte della tradizione regolare e corretta del vero Islam, sono schegge impazzite di un sistema quello musulmano dove non esiste e non e mai esistita una Chiesa Centrale di riferimento come lo è il Vaticano per i Cristiani e dove i falsi Profeti pululano a bizzeffe.

E allora come riconoscere il vero Islam?

Oggigiorno  questo è un problema di fondamentale importanza per le comunità di intelligence di tutto il pianeta se vogliamo tornare a vivere tranquilli e senza problemi in un mondo dove regni la PACE, LA TOLLERANZA E LA LIBERTA’ per gli uomini e le donne di buoni costumi in tutto il pianeta terra.

Uno studio approfondito dell’Impero Ottomano dove coesistevano in pace tutte e tre le religioni monoteiste ci porterà sicuramente ad aiutare a risolvere questo incessante problema dell’era moderna.

Prima di tutto conoscere l’Islam attraverso quelle scuole regolari ed accettate legate alla famiglia del Profeta ed ai mistici dell’Islam i Sufi fino ai giorni nostri di cui espressione massima fu un altro discendente del Profetta Maometto il cosidetto San Francesco dell’Islam chiamato Rumi.

Egli visse molti secoli fa in Turchia ma il suo messaggio di tolleranza verso il Cristianesimo ed il mondo Occidentale di allora è di fondamentale importanza per noi ecco perché nei prossimi mesi celebreremo con l’UNESCO l’opera di questo grande uomo di Dio.

San Francesco ebbe numerosi contatti con i Sufi e si ispiro ai Sufi chiamati cosi per il loro abito di lana anche per il saio in uso presso il suo Ordine.

In effetti quando San Francesco si recò dal Papa dopo il suo ritorno dal medio oriente egli parlò dell’Islam con grande rispetto e non si converti apparentemente solo per non nuocere al suo nuovo Ordine nato per rigenerare il Cristianesimo corrotto di allora.

I Sufi lavorano all’interno di scuole conosciute come Tariq, esse vengono guidate se legittime da Maestri di altissimo livello spirituale collegati da sempre alla famiglia del Profeta e rispettose della tradizione del vero Islam.

Ma esistono nel mondo moderno come abbiamo già detto delle espressioni corrotte e spurie come per esempio quella nata da un agente della CIA del programma MK-ULTRA per il controllo delle menti tale Ian Dallas un Texano che si è auto-nominato Sceicco contravvenendo ai principi fondamentali dell’Islam che hanno regole ben specifiche per arrivare a una carica di tale importanza.

Abbiamo poi i falsi Profeti come Osama Bin Laden che pur non avendo alcun contatto con la famiglia del Profetta Maometto (Pace e Benedizioni vadano su di lui) si propone come futuro Califfo di un ipotetico Islam senza esseere né un vero Said e neppure un vero musulmano, egli è solamente un mercenario al soldo di forze oscure e terribili che vogliono creare uno scontro frontale tra la civilta` Occidentale e il mondo musulmano uno scontro che va fermato a tutti i costi nel nome del VERO ISLAM che non si riconosce in FALSO PROFETA quale il Bin Laden.

Come disse Fethullah Gulen dopo l’11 Settembre: “Io non ho mai odiato nessuno al mondo, ma quell’essere spregevole di Bin Laden, IO LO ODIO e così lo odiano tutti i veri musulmani del mondo.

As Salaam Alaikum

Che la pace sia con voi Fratelli e Sorelle di qualunque credo, rito o religione in nome di quell`unico Dio, il Dio di Abramo, Isacco ed Ismaele.

Leo Lyon Zagami


E uomo di buona volontà  


The Paris accord of the Illuminati (12/8/2006)

Regular Grand Lodge of England (P2 GLADIO NETWORK) News 

Opening of the Grand Assembly of the Masonic High Council 


The Paris Accord: International Masonic Conference Federation of Regular Grand Lodges: The Masonic High Council the Mother HC/RGLE 

My Dear Brethren, I believe that in the last 60 years, we have never lived in a more worrying time than the present, where almost anything can happen. Pseudo-religious, pseudo-economical, pseudo-political, pseudo-ecological fundamentalist groups compete aggressively against each other and are responsible for destroying all that is beautiful on this planet at the expense of life, love, beauty and virtue. I do not believe that it is necessary to immediately analyse all the bad things that are happening around us, because in so doing it will divide the good ones from the bad ones according to personal evaluation of what is “right” and “wrong”. This will only cause division in the immediate future instead of working towards the real goal of understanding and overcoming the problems. I want to focus on an idea. The idea that evil, having arrived forcefully and uninvited, must be the catalyst to force each and every one of us to find the solutions to the problems in a well-balanced and harmonious manner. Therefore The Human spirit, which makes the good things in life today, is ill through infective viruses which have found their way uninvited into the fertile ground of Mankind. The viruses cause fanaticisms which are nourished by our own hypocritical weaknesses. Consequently we should not waste time by attempting to evaluate the degree of the sickness, but act together immediately in order to find the cure heal it. We should focus our minds on the cause of the problems that will then enable us to overcome them. Now, more than ever before, it is also most important that we re-build and sustain a form of Universal Freemasonry in full conformity to the Antient Landmarks and Traditions of the original thoughts so that we can become more united in Love and Harmony and aim our efforts, supported by Truth and Virtue, against the evil in the world. We are fortunate to possess such a diverse spread of intellectual prowess to enable us to work out the solutions required for our task. Today, November 4th 2006, from this International Masonic Conference of Paris, I wish to urge all of you who are part of our Confederation of the Regular Grand Lodges of the World, to be continuously engaged, through the Truth and Virtue I have already mentioned, in finding solutions to our problems. Let our diverse intellectual ability as Masons shine through during our daily works in everyday life, if only for a small but precious contribution towards our goal. World Freemasonry, our Freemasonry, must return to the basic principles taught to men in the beginning, enabling them not only to live a better life for themselves and their families, but also to spread the truth and warmth of our fraternity to those outside the Craft and thereby influencing Mankind in a most positive manner. No longer as spectators facing the events, ...........but more and more as ambassadors of the Craft. 

Pasquale Cerofolini MW GM of Italy, GOIF


The Universal Unity Statute


This is the Universal Unity Statute for for the illuminati Clubs of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico - Masonic Executive Committee (MEC). Founded by Licio Gelli, Ezio Giunchiglia and William Rosati.


Universal Unity

New statute 2005


Universal Unity is a no-profit association of free men, formed with the highest aims of moral and spiritual value. The Association adopts the following statute:


Art. 1- Denomination, registered office and duration of the association


The Free Association assume the name of “Universal Unity” (U.U.). The Association has unlimited duration and establishes its main registered office in Montecarlo, Principate of Monaco, 38 Av. Dell’Annonciade ( and its administrative office in Italy- Sanremo (18038) Str. Sen E. Marsiglia 131 (Murgia House- Tel and Fax: 0039 0184 557 508)


Art .2-Aim/s


The Association is anti-dogmatic and proposes the search of an inner balance amongst human beings, and the promotion of whatsoever initiative that promotes the Good for the Man and Humankind, thinking of a World without frontiers that is everyone’s country, without nuclear arsenals and chemical weapons, and possibly with the same monetary value as well.

In order to achieve its aims, the Association intends to include as members all human beings who share the above mentioned principles that the Association intends to apply with sovereign independency, with particular attention to Freemasons Brothers, active or dormant, in order to divulgate, within those principles, also the ideals of the Pure Universal Freemasonry, but without depending by any of the Great Lodges legitimately constituted which operates in every part of the World.


For what concerns the practical application of its aims and their achievements, the Association wants to expand all over the World and accomplish whatsoever operation that is deemed necessary, including financial investments, ownership and management of properties, as far as they remain no-profit.


The Association intends to manage the company “Universal Unity” editions, and utilise every other media in use with the help of the most advanced technology in order to promote, publish and divulgate the ideas of its Associates.


The association wants to organise periodical meetings and conventions among Associates, in order to actively exchange opinions and information, promoting free thought, always under the commandments of the moral law and just for the realisation of the above named principles.






Art.3 – Application for Membership


Individuals of both sexes of at least 35 years of age and with a good general culture are allowed to apply for membership, even if special circumstances can be considered.

Every member has the right to propose one or more persons for membership, but the admission will be deliberate just under the judgement of the Administrative organ of the Association. This judgement cannot be discussed.

The admission requires the applicant to fill in the application form, signed by the applicant and counter-signed by the member who introduces the applicant. The form has to include all the basic personal data of the applicant, together with a brief curriculum vitae.

The Council of Directors will examine the applications and, if they are accepted, a letter of confirmation will be sent to the applicant.


Art. 4- Members of the Association


The Associates will be recognised as follows:


a)     Full Members: they could not be more that 100 in number, equally distributed between both sexes, all eligible to social positions and having the right to vote in every Ordinary and Extraordinary Assembly.

The admission as Full Members will always be determined by the full unanimity of the Administrative Organ, but just after a year from the admission.

b)     Sympathisers and Aspiring Members: they can be of unlimited numbers and of both sexes, but they will not have the right to vote. They have to demonstrate to share the fundamental principles listed in the Statute.

c)      Honorary Members will not have the right to vote, and they can receive the honorary membership just through a deliberation in full unanimity of the Administrative Organ, whenever they are individuals who have achieved significant results both socially and culturally ( in music, poetry, literature, arts and sciences) or who have been invested with prestigious charges in Public Administration or Masonic Institutions.

d)     Support or Financing Members will be accepted through deliberation of the Administrative Organ with full unanimity. These members will be individuals who have achieved success in the civil society and have accomplished acts of generosity or conspicuous financial helps in favour of the Association.

Through the procedure planned in the present Statute the Association will be able to accept also individuals who are legally representing companies, societies or associations of various nature, who can take part in the Association’s activities, throughout the duration of their role and charge, via the structures and activities of the companies or societies represented by them. When their charge expires, they can apply for Membership through the normal procedure.


Art. 5- Membership fees  


Within 30 days from receiving the letter of admission, the Associate has to pay a Subscription of 100 Euros, and subsequently he/she will be obliged to pay 50 Euros for the Annual Contribution, except if changes in the procedure occur, as may be established by the Council of Directors.


It has to be said that every associate is free to contribute in a greater measure, with whatsoever act of generosity depending on his/her financial possibilities, in order to allow and promote the maintenance and improvement of the Association.


Art.6- Withdrawing from membership.


Every Associate will have the faculty to withdraw from his/her membership, at the condition that the payment for the current year has been regularly made.

The notice has to be communicated to the Council of Directors with a signed and dated letter.


Art 7- Members ‘ General Conventions


All members, including sympathisers and their relatives could meet up every three months in a General Conventions to be held on the first Saturday of the months of March, June, September and December of each year, during the Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice, the autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice.

The above-named conventions will be held to promote the knowledge and also the exchange of opinions amongst members, allowing the Council of Director to inform the members about the Association’s activities. During the conventions, the Consuls will be available to receive suggestions, requests, proposals and recommendations forwarded by every member who intends to do so.

Once a year, on the anniversary of the constitution of the Association, Full members will meet up in a General Assembly.


Art. 8- Organs of the Associations


The following bodies are Organs of the Association:

1)     Assembly of the Associates

2)     A Council of Directors, composed by two Consuls and a General Secretary

3)     A College of  Probiviri.


Art.9- Members’ Meetings


a)     The Ordinary Assembly will ask all the Full Members to participate, and they will be contacted via letter. The General Assembly has to be called once a year, in the month of June and the Council of directors will establish where it will take place. The General Assembly may take place together with the Annual General Convention in the month of June. The assembly is supposed to deliberate, with simple majority, on the following matters:


-  Election of the members of the Council of Directors and College of Probiviri, which will be in charge for 10 years.

-  Approval of the balances

-  Establish the single member’s contribution for the following year and subscription’s fee.

-  Any other matter of ordinary administration


The matters the assembly will deliberate upon have to be included in the letter of convocation sent to the Associates, which will include the Agenda for the day.

The members who can vote could represent other members by proxy, but each member will not be able to represent more than three other members.


b)     The Extraordinary Assembly will ask all the Full members to participate, and it is called to deliberate with simple majority, on whatever matter that is outside of the competency of the Ordinary Assembly. It can be called at any time and in any place which will be established by the Consuls as they will deem appropriate. It is competency of the Assembly to deliberate on modifications of the Statute, which have to be approved with at least two-third majority of the present and voting members. In case of declared urgency, convocation may be called via telephone or telefax, taking into account, where it is possible, of each member’s necessities.


Art.10- The Council of Directors


Three Full members having the right to vote, two with function of Consuls, which will legally represent the Association, and the third with the function of Secretary form the Council of Directors.

The Council can meet up at any time if at least two of its members deem that necessary and the meetings can be called in any place.

The Council of Directors can deliberate with simple majority for what concerns the admission of Sympathiser Members who have provided written application, on the admission of Full Members after one year from their admission, on the nomination of “Promoters” of “Clubs of Harmonic Creativity”, and also on the release of “Nulla Osta” for the building of such “Clubs”.


Art. 11 – Emanations – “Clubs of Harmonic Creativity”


The Associations establishes, in every part of the world, Study and Research Groups on spiritual matters, naming them “Clubs of Harmonic Creativity”.

The studies undertaken will concern Esotericism and researches on the Invisible World, together with other disciplines that imply a spiritual research.

The Clubs have different degrees of study and research, which will be divided by the date and duration or their meetings and that will be identified with the symbols and the “logos” of “the Four Kings”, starting with the last one, enlisted anti-clock wise.


The above named Clubs will be:


-         Of 1st degree with one-day long meetings, starting at 12noon on the 21st of March of each year, during the Spring Equinox;

-         Of  2nd degree with two-days long meetings, starting at 12noon of 21st of December of each year, during the Winter Solstice; 

-         Of 3rd degree with three-days long meetings, starting at 12noon of 21st of September of each year, during the autumn Equinox;

-         Of 4th degree with four-days long meetings, starting at 12noon of 21st June of each year, during the Summer Solstice.


Art. 12- Constitution and Composition of “Clubs of Harmonic Creativity”


The Association will promote the Constitution of the Clubs of Harmonic Creativity”. Every Associate obtain the membership of one of the Clubs or more, but not at the same degree and at the same time.

However, everyone who wants to apply for an affiliation to the Clubs, if they are not member yet of Universal Unity will have to apply at the same time for membership for the Association , including in the request a the presentation of the Associate who has contacted them. After the application has been accepted, and they have paid their regular dues (subscription and association quotes), they will be allowed to subscribe for the “Clubs of Harmonic Creativity”.

The Consuls will nominate the “Promoters” for each Club at every degree, choosing them on the ground of their aims and preparation, but also taking into account the studies they would like to undertake; the aim is to enable them to constitute the above named Clubs in their own town and region of residence, where they can choose and nominate new associates.

Each Club has to be formed by at least three members, but it should not overcome the number of 12 people.

Relatives will not be allowed to join the same Club. The same rule is valid for people having a relationship or strong affinities.

The Promoters, after their nomination, have to send as soon as possible to the Consuls the list of people they intend to affiliate to their Club, providing to communicate also the degree chosen and the name chosen.

 They will have also to provide the place and the time of the year when they like to start the works and they will have to ask for the “Nulla Osta” of the Association in order to be allowed to organise the conventions.

After this procedure has been accomplished, each Club will receive its own subscription number.






Art. 13- Activities of the “Clubs of Harmonic Creativity”


The promoters direct the Clubs they have formed and their works for the duration of their life, providing to arrange the location where the meetings are taking place.

They can establish and enforce specific norms and rules in their Clubs, if these rules are not contradicting the Statute of the Association and its basic moral principles.

After three years, or in case of permanent disability or death, the members of the Club have the faculty to elect another President chosen among them, at the condition that he has reached the Full Member status in the Association.

The Club members can always co-opt another member, or choose another member in case of death or permanent disability of one of them, always choosing him among the most illustrious Full members of the Association and taking into account that no Club will be allowed to include more than 12 members.

The conventions of the Clubs have to take place once a year, at any degree, in the date established for each degree. The conventions have to take place in isolated and quite environments, if possible in church-like structure, or places that at least can offer the place for the conventions but also rooms for the participants so that they will be able to reside there for the whole duration of the conventions.

Only the presence of the Club’s members, plus the presence of one of the Consul or a delegate will be allowed in the conventions.

During the whole duration of the conventions, which must have a minimal duration of eight hours per day, possibly with a break after the first four hours, (up to the President’s opinion), the participants cannot eat, smoke or drink alcohol, but only water. Moreover, they will have to avoid the use of telephones or mobile phones.

After the start up, at 12 noon of the established day, they have to continue with the meeting without interruption up to the end of it. Absences or delays are not allowed, with due exception for what concern serious circumstances involving family, health or work.

During the meeting the participants will be forbidden by expressing any judgement on other people present, as by asking information about their activities in the civil society outside of the Association and they are prevented to deal with matters related to these activities. In any case each participants has to pay maximum respect to the dignity and the honour of the other participants.

Smart clothing is deemed necessary, preferably casual, in case they have to move to sea or mountain locations. A diary where to write notes regarding they their thoughts and personal reflections about the meeting is also required.

It is strictly forbidden to reveal to the civil world, but also to other members of Universal Unity, the name of the participants to the meetings.

Each Club has to provide the designation of a representative who will maintain the contact of the Club with the Council of Directors of the Association. The representative will provide, at the end of each convention, to fill in a Report, which will contain the object and the nature of the interventions, with a conclusion regarding the works undertaken.

This Report has to be transmitted to the Council of Directors within 15 days from the end of the convention.

Periodical and informal meetings can be organised on President’s judgement, at the condition that the Council of Directors of the Association is informed about it, and that a Report similar to the one compiled for formal convention is prepared.



Art. 14- Offences of the Associates


All acts that undermine the dignity and honour of a member of the Association, or serious acts of disloyalty committed against a member constitute an offence that can be reported to the “College of Probiviri”.

Violations of the moral principle of the Association and violations of the present Statute, which can be also reported by the Consuls or by the Council of Directors, are considered serious offences.

The offences can be sanctioned depending on their seriousness, with Simple Censorship or Solemn Censorship. Fines may be imposed and, for the most serious cases, even a Suspension for a limited time, or the Expulsion of the member from the Association.

It is forbidden to involve a civil lawyer in the matter.





Art.15- The “College of Probiviri” and complaints of the Associates

Three members, who elect a President among them, form the College of Probiviri.

Every Full member can complain about other members, or Consuls or the entire Council of Directors in writing, providing to date and sign the claim, which has to be forwarded by any form to the Council of Directors, which will transmit it to the President of College of Probiviri no later than 10 days after having received it, including a brief report which will express its own perspective about the foundation of the complain, including, if it is the case, proofs in addition to those indicated by the claimant.

At the same time, and if it the case, the Council will provide to delegate a representative who will stand for the prosecution. The name will be communicated to the College, declaring the acceptance to anticipate the necessary fees for the process to take place.



Art. 16- The Judgement of “Probiviri”

The College of Probiviri can open a procedure every time receives a communication of complain by the Council of Directors, deciding the location where the hearing will take place.

The President examines in first instance the claim, and if it is considered groundless it is discarded, charging the claimant with a fine, if it is the case.

In every other circumstance the proceeding is opened and a Relator is nominated, who informs the accused, showing a copy of the complain and inviting him to present, within 30 days from the receipt of the communication, his written defence (which has to be deposited at the Office of the Council of Director), witnesses and proofs even before the dare of the hearing, if it is the case.

A specifically nominated Consul will sustain the prosecution.

The accused can provide self defence if he wants, or he can nominate a defendant, choosing him just among the Full Members of the Association.

The College of Probiviri will always judge ex bono et equo, deliberating every choice through a majority, judging the accused as being guilty or innocent, after both sides have been heard and every element has been evaluated.

The deliberation will happen during a secret meeting, at the end of which the decision will be read in front of the prosecution and the accused. The decision will be then deposited per extenso, within the following 30 days in the Office of the Council of Directors.

Judging on the claim, the College of Probiviri will decide on the expenses as well, charging them on the member who has been deemed guilty or, if the claim has been rejected or the accused has been considered to be innocent, on the claimant. The amount will be paid in favour of the Association.


It is not possible to appeal against the decisions of the College of Probiviri; however the Council of Directors can, upon request, submit the matter to an Ordinary Assembly of Members, who can confirm it or reject it.


Decided in Sanremo, the 6th of june 2005.


The Founders members:

Enzo Giunchiglia

Francesco Murgia

Gisella Treves



From my old Monte Carlo A.'.A.'. Illuminati Archive (12/8/2006)

FROM MY A .'.A .'. ILLUMINATI ARCHIVE in the Principaute de Monaco MONTE CARLO LODGE

According to the Bible ,God in his promise to Abraham made an association with the identity of Abraham's seed with that of Cosmic regions .He said "And he brought him forth abroad,and said look now toward heaven and to the stars,if though be abble to number them:and he said unto him,so shall thy seed be". (Gen 15:5). According to the history of Abraham and the Black Stone in Mecca ,it is reported that the Black Stone was originaly a light in the Heaven.Some report that when it fell to the earth it turned black,as it was burned while entering the earths atmosphere.The falling of this light from the sky served as a sign to Abraham as to where to build the Kaaba,the first House erected by man for the glory of ALLAH(God). There was a connection or union made bettween the heavenly object and the earth. Atlantis. Thoth came to Earth from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion with an energetic patterning called the Enochian Table, which is mathematically encoded into the plan of the Great Pyramid as blueprint to the Enochian Table. However the name Thoth became associated also with Hermes, the Greek God of Mercury (spiritualized mind), and Trismesgistus (meaning thrice great). Thoth is also associated with a combination of other souls as some 8particularly important for Freemasons ) known historical figures as Amenophis; Imenhotep; Hiram Abiff ; Merlin; Enoch (Idres in Arabic) particularly important for the illuminati of the R+C and John the Beloved/Divine. Thoth Adam Kadmon: Lord Melchizedek, who descended to Earth from Venus in the Lemurian period; Enoch; Thoth or Thoth; Imenhotep; architect of King Zoser; King David; Zachariah, father of John the Baptist; St. John the Beloved. Solomon Adam Kadmon: Noah, King Zoser of Egypt; Zarathustra; Samuel, a prophet and judge of Israel; the Melchizedek King of Salem, Salem is the old city of Ur Salem (Capitolas), today (Beit Ras / Irbed), King Solomon, son of David, Yeshua ben Josef (from the age of 12 to the Baptism.) Thoth also tells us that the star Sirius holds the key for transmutation of galactic karma. In fact, one of its ancient names in Lemuria was Magha. This is a word-form of the archetype Magda; as on Mary Magda-lene, who as we know represents the fallen galactic level within the fallen (Oritronic-Luciferic) universe. So here we can now begin to see the inter-relationship of galactic karma and the two key points on the Earth: Jerusalem and Mecca. They are the key geographical points which translate galactic level karma into our Earthen reality. Thoth reveals the deeper nature of this Jerusalem-Mecca / Sirius A & B dynamic: Thoth: The 'Heart of the Lion' is formed by Jerusalem and Mecca thus The DARK cube (Ka'bba) aligns with Mecca, and the STAR cube (Ormid) aligns with Jerusalem. The lemniscate (infinity eight loop) between the two is the 'field of the heart,' with the centre point being the actual 'Heart of the Lion.' This centre point is geographically located near Al Wadjih, Saudi Arabia. Here, buried beneath the sand is the ancient city of Merazhadec - the 'Lion of Melchizedek' or the 'Lion of Al-Khidr.' This city was also known in later times (but still very ancient by our standards) as Jiddi. The current city 'Jiddi' or 'Judah' next to Mecca was named after the more ancient Merazhadec / Jiddi that was located near Al Wadjih. The centre point at Al Wadjih represents Sirius C, a hidden star of Sirius, thus creating a trinity the ancients called 'Hebola': the name of the power triangle formed in Sirius by these 3 stars. In most ancient Egypt this Sirian trinity was also represented by the Royal Family of Osiris (Father-God: Sirius A), Isis (Mother-Goddess: Sirius B) and Horus (Son-Christ:Sirius C). So to summarize the main points which we have covered so far in this article: the Black Cube Ka'bba in Mecca holds the defiled 666 (Dark Cube) link to Sirius, which in turn holds a link to the transmutation of galactic karma. Jerusalem holds the 999 (cube of Stars - Ormid) link to Sirius. The two energetics of Jerusalem and Mecca must converge in 2012 through the 'gate' at the centre of the lemniscate (or figure eight infinity loop) near El Wadjih, thereby allowing the dynamic of the Metatronic Fulcrum to come into play which will initiate the inversion of the 666 to the 999, freeing bondage in matter and taking the complete 'Heart of the Lion' dynamic into the realms of the higher evolutionary worlds Mazaloth; thereby transcending our lesser solar cosmology. Professor Hilton Hoteman explain in his book THE MYSTERIOUS SPHINX, "Man contains within himself all the powers,systems,planets and globe of the universe . He is the Microcosm of the Marcocosm...the chemical elements of all bodies,from the star above to man below,are the same.They never change , never loose their indentity. They enter into composition of all things,and are always governedby the same cosmic law...The Masters taugt that the human body is definetely related to and linked with the entire universe and all its parts,and they are ruled by the same law. Imam W.Deen Muhammad explained : " In order to be able to work safely within any concept,yuo have to see it in its reality .Every concept is formed in the cosmic concept.Every animal,every plant, every human being ,every body,every stone,every crystal forms in the contaxt of the cosmic world...your narrow picture of your indentity makes you very small.ALLLAH says , " O' man think not that your reality is bigger than the external reality" . He patterned man's life and his reality on the pattern and order of the universe. We know that a seven years period of tribulations will start at the fall of the nations with the appearance of Jesus Christ when he appears as the Captain of the Army of the Lord fighting against the Antichrist. Thus, if we take seven years from 2027 we get 2019 but that is a Sabbath year and the years 2026 and 2027 are also both Sabbath years. The Law has to be read on these years. So, Christ has to be in position and the elect resurrected before or from the New Moon of Abib in 2019 to complete the seven cycles on a year for a day basis. However, we also know from Revelation chapter 11 that the Witnesses have to be in position 1263.5 days before Messiah is here, at the very latest. Thus we arrive at the year 2015 at the very latest. We know also that Judah will be converted and restored at this time and so there are even earlier requirements or timeframes to implement. Under the Law of God, the law must be read at the Sabbath years and 2012 is the next Sabbath year and Reading of the Law. It would follow that the Law of God is read in 2012 for the third and final time before the Witnesses deal with the nations. The law is read three times so that the third instance of rejection and rebellion is final under the law. We would expect that the Witnesses take up their positions from the reading of the law in 2012, either to read it themselves or to deal with the nations consequent to its being read. In any case, they must be in place between 2012 and 2015 for the Messiah to effect the subjugation of the nations within the time frame as advanced by Bible prophecy on a year for a days basis using the time sequences advanced from those prophecies. The year 2015 is the time frame for the end of the reign of the churches and the lampstands as they are under the seven angels of the seven churches. From there on the two lampstands of the Witnesses and the final Lamp of the Messiah are responsible for the illumination of the planet. Thus 27 CE was the jubilee year and forty jubilees or 2000 years ends in 2027. Thus, on a jubilee for a year basis, the Church was in the wilderness for forty jubilees as Israel was in the wilderness for forty years. The end of that period is the 120th jubilee. From the year 1975, the Church should have prepared for the jubilee and read the law in 1976 and 1977 and then went on to the procedures as laid down in the Bible. They did not do that and so came under judgment. At any rate the law had to be read a minimum of three times on three Sabbath years before the return of the Messiah. The Church in the Last Days also found itself coming under the Forty Years in the Wilderness from 1975. The period of the 1260 days between 2012 and 2015 mirrors the period allotted by the Church between 1972 and 1975 for their false prophecy of the trials and advent. The period of the Measuring of the Temple is another forty-year period that commenced in 1987. That forty years leads up to the Millennium and deals with the entire process of the restoration as it stands as the Temple of God. The process is detailed in the paper Measuring the Temple. In that period we see also the final twenty-one years begin in the year 2006 from 1 Abib of the 29th year of the 120th jubilee as the first year of the Sabbath Cycle. This period is for the Sanctification of the Nations That process mirrors the 21 days of the Passover sequence. It goes from the New Year, which commences the Sanctification of the Temple of God , to the Last Holy Day of Unleavened Bread. It places the years 2012 for the Reading of the Law as the equivalent of the 7 Abib and the Sanctification of the Simple and the Erroneous . 2015 is the equivalent of the 10th of Abib and the triumphal entry of Messiah to Jerusalem. The year 2019 is the equivalent of 14 Abib in the sequence. The subjugation of the nations mirrors the Fall of Jericho over the seven days of the Feast, which ends in 2026 at the Sabbath year and the declaration of the jubilee year at Atonement 2026 ending at Atonement 2027. Thus there are a series of sequences set up to occur for the different purposes of the plan of God within the last or 120th jubilee before the millennial reign of the Messiah. 

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan MR.COSMICO






Amookos the Knights of Shambala and a bunch of Tantrik perverts (12/8/2006)



"This really happened? Easy to manipulate? Good to hear, they can't be psychic then, I guess because they don't have conciousness in the same way we do or have the ability to have...

Anyway, where are these woods you're talking about?"

A friend from Norway

Easy for me my dear friend a specialy trained crook form the Monte Carlo Lodge not for everybody. I was specialy trained for the control of such puppets of the occult who know a few rituals and think they are ruling the world...they are illarious but very
dangerous,its literaly like playing with fire.
And regarding the place it was in 2001 and I didnt knew so well Oslo back then like I know the city now , but I remember we had to walk for 3 hours in the woods out of Oslo after taking the subway to one of the last
stations on the line that goes to Sognsvann. Me and Frater Big John another big fat secretary of one of these UK illuminati OTO Lodges of the Calpihate in the UK actualy got lost in the woods, and arrived when the
welcome buffet was already finished and Lon Milo Duquette had probably been eating everything in site, well needless to say Big John was very disapointed as he is a true satanist pig!
Well this gathering was in a nice place in the woods were only the residents could drive their car so Lon Milo had been going there by car directely from Torshov in Oslo were the Heimdall Oasis is located .
Thats it my friend the fat illuminati Masters need big cars for their movements and we instead had to walk in the woods...hi..hi...well it was funny tohugh to hear Big John talking badly about Nicholaj Frisvold Tantrik Lodge in Oslo Amookos during the whole journey (I think he was jelous he couldnt get any Tantrik action Amookos style).


AMOOKOS and the Nath Ganas are part of the illuminati occult practices connected with Indian Black Magic.

Fact Sheet on Tantra

'In the Shaivite tradition, the god's companions (kaulas) are described as a troupe of freakish, adventurous delinquent and wild young people, who prowl in the night, shouting in the storm, singling, dancing and ceaselessly playing outrageous tricks on
sages and gods. They are called Ganas, the
'vagabonds', corresponding to the Cretan Korybantes and the Celtic Korrigans (fairies' sons). Like the Sileni and Satyrs, some of them have goat's or bird's feet. The Ganas mock the rules of ethics and social
order. The personify the joy of living, courage and imagination, which are all youthful values. They live in harmony with nature and oppose the destructive ambition of the city and the deceitful moralism which
both hides and expresses it. These delinquents of heaven are always there to restore true values and to assist the 'god-mad' who are persecuted and mocked by
the powerful. They personify everything which is feared by and displeases bourgeois society and which is contrary to the good morale of a well-policed city and its palliative concepts.' 

From Shiva and Dionysus

by Shri Alain Daniélou 
What is Tantra!!??

The term Tantra is normally applied to a group of Hindu and Buddhist mystical texts which deal at length with the spiritual value of 'carnal knowledge', which taken literally means that gnosis obtained through the
whole body. ('Gnosis' is a key magical concept and can be defined as knowledge obtained by direct perception through magick, in other words the magical mind.)
Practitioners of Tantra are freethinkers known by various names including Tantriks (magicians), Kaulas (companions [of the gods]), Naths (Adepts) or Siddhas (powerful ones). Tantriks study and practice magick
and thus they find a great deal of common ground with western magical adepts. Tantra is also a religious inclination and pre-eminent amongst the deities worshipped within Hindu Tantrism are Shiva, Shakti the primordial goddess, but also the synthesis, child or
prince e.g. the elephant headed deity Ganesha. Genuine followers of Tantra believe that our psychological make-up has male and female components and attempt to realise the full potential of this bisexual nature
with their own lives and bodies. Following the popularity of the ideas of OTO Freemason C Jung this may not seem such a startling hypothesis, but it should be borne in mind that these ideas are in Asia over a thousand
years old. ..The Tantrik attempts to unify the male and female sides the mind/body and thus achieve what is acknowledged to be a primal state of innocence/gnosis that inreality means completely submission to their Master.
Magick and sometimes sexuality are used to bring about this transformation.
Tantrik texts almost always begin with a dialogue between Shiva and Shakti. One can infer from this that the human worshipper, whatever their gender, assumes the god-form of one of these, either Shiva or Shakti,
in order to participate anew in the flow of knowledge from the divine.

As a cult or sect Tantrism is difficult to pin down..well not realy but lets go on with the basics.
Like Hinduism it is really a collection of different practices and philosophical attitudes. To confuse things further some elements of Tantra can be found even amongst more orthodox worshippers. There are
eight characteristic practices or techniques found in Tantra: They are sadhana, mantra, mandala, mudra, nyasa, dhyana, puja and diksha. If one understands the meaning of each of these unfamiliar Sanskrit words, one has a fairly good idea of what being a Tantrik entails.

Tantrik Groups

There are many groups and individuals who claim to teach or practice tantrik methods of liberation. This fact-sheet was prepared by members of the Kaula Nath Gana (including AMOOKOS, the Arcane and Magical Order
of the Knight of Shamballa as it was also known in Himmler's SS.) This is an east-west magical tantrik group with a genuine line of initiation leading back to the Nath cult of Matsyendranath, who lived sometime
between the years 700 to 900 of our era.


To find out more about the Kaula Naths write to illustrius Freemason Dr. Nicholaj Frisvold a true servant of the Vatican and a secret Bishop of the Jesuits working for the New World Order in the Black Magic Department of pure evil, the Choronzon Club!

There are many books that can act as an introduction to the perversions of magical tantra and twisted Hinduism in the western illuminati for example :

Gods & Myths of India - Hindu Polytheism by Alain Danielou
(Inner Traditions).
Shiva and Dionysus by Alain Danielou (Inner
Tantra Sadhana (basic introductory practice to AMOOKOS
PDF version for $10. Contains documentation on the
1980s schism between AMOOKOS and the International
Nath Order - so you might like learn about all that sooner rather than later. (available from
Jan Fries book Visual Magick, although they are not written from the tantrik point of view, contains many useful techniques of Magick that can be applied within any style of magick.

For more information on books visit the 
Mandrake of Oxford homepage home of more illuminati propaganda!

Initiation and  Evil Training

Having looked at some or all of these books you may decide that you desire initiation...if you are ready for total manipulation by a group of dangerous
satanist playing Tantra. The Nath Gana is a small but growing band of initiates connected to the evil illuminati, about 200 throughout the world. There are one or two working groups and individuals in UK, Germany and America who can offer initiation and in
some cases instruction, based partly on the book Tantra Magick although not exclusively so. Before referring you to one of these groups, we ask that you complete a questionnaire (and what a questionaire! ).
 If you would like to pursue this option, it is recommended that you become an associate member or 'mitra'. Where possible you will
be told the name of a 'special friend' or sumitra, who will be a source of advice and information when you first join this illuminati cult. The mitra receives mailings and newsletters through the year. There is no formal membership fee for the Nath Ganas, and the costs for accommodation at retreats or for copies of instructional papers or books are charged at standard rates. However if you want your sumitra to write to you and also to receive newsletters and information about the activities of the Nath Ganas, then a small
regular donation may help things along
with these evil perverts.

Atha! Svecchacara

Fact-sheet prepared by members of the Nath Ganas...(a bunch of perverts!)

And write to Nicholaj Frisvold for more info on AMOOKOS dont forget.

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan
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The Foundation of the infernal Empire of Anton La Vey and George H.Bush (12/9/2006)

The Foundation of the infernal Empire of Anton La Vey and George H.Bush

In the fateful night of 8 August 1969,a black-clad group gathered in a candle-it chamber to launch this venomous curse upon the hippie movement: 'Beware you psichedelic vermin! your smug pomposity with its thin
disguise of tollerance will serve you no longer! We Know your mark and recognize it well.We talk the night as the villains no longer! Our steeds await and their eyes are ablaze with the fires of Hell'
The Ceremony ,entitled the 'The Rising Forth' was led by Anton LaVey High Priest of the Church of Satan and George H.Bush with the partecipation of young George W.Bush.
LaVey claimed this magical working was the trigger that set the Manson massacres in motion,a cerememonial knife in the belly of the love generation.The group's San Francisco Headquarters became known as the Black
House. They offered me the Black house after the death of Anton LaVey for 350000 dollars but I  kindly declined the offer made to me by Anton's friend and long time collaborator Carl Abrahamsson of the Swedish OTO. And I was not the only one who declined,they also
tried with another friend and High Priest of Anton our dear  Satanic Brother Marilyn Manson. But at the end the House was finaly brought down by two buldozers, thanks God.

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

Bush Sr.& Jr. Seen at Satanic Rituals in Castle 

When I was 10 years of age, I remember my parents taking me there.

I remember the Kimball Castle well many times and rituals being held there. The memories are like yesterday. 

I remember spending the night in one of the bedrooms that was very scary to me, in which I never sleep well when we did go there. It seemed most of the time very dark and with a musky smell about it. The rooms were big. 

My father Anton LaVey spent a lot of time there. I never liked going there at all. I remember being forced to watch rituals and I hated that too. For the most part I never could forget the Council of 13. Very wicked looking men.

When I reached the age 12 my father told me I had to go before them because of my rebellion and being opposed to what I was to do. That was the time I met these men. 

They warned me of what could happen to me if I did not do as they suggest.

George H.W. Bush Senior was one of these men. 

I stood before them and told them I was not going to follow their ways and I was not going to take my dad's place, and that there was nothing they could do to me.

My father was so embarrassed he cowered in his seat. I told them I believe in a higher power and that higher power said in his Word that no harm can come to me. So be it and I turned and left. They never said a word
back. I think they were all stewing or struck with shock. I know my dad said this was "out of the mouths of babes".

I also remember Scott Millman. We were all the same age. There where others but I don't remember them as well as I remember Scott Millman. I think it's because we talked to each other a lot. 

I do remember a tunnel under the building where Scott and I were taken one night and it was not good. To this day I freak a little talking about it. Some say there is light at the end of the tunnel, well, there was darkness at the end of this one, where Satanists come together and do unspeakable things. The acts are of a nightmare. 

The acts done to kids are unspeakable. To think that Bush and his whole family is a part of this kind of thing is hard for some people to believe. But the Lord warns us all about the dark one in sheep's clotheing. 

The whole Bush family are Satanists, run down the family lines. 

I have met Bush Jr. once when he came to a ritual at the castle once with his father. My thought when I met him is still the same as today. He is a very cold man for Satan. Like a lethal weapon.

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sent to us by :
Martin Lauchenauer
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The Satanic Millenium (12/10/2006)

Aleister crowley's grandson set to destroy earth...


"It is not less absurd,then see how some Men...wil not forebare to ranke True Magicians with Conjurors Necromancers,and Witches... who insolentely intrude themselfs into Magick, as if  Swine should enter into a faire and delicate Garden,and, (being in
League with the Devil) make use of his assistance in their workes, to counterfeit and corrupt the admirall wisdom of the Magi, between whom there is large a difference as between Angels and Devils."

(Elias Ashmole :Theatrum Chemicum Britanncum.

Brother Elias Ashmole was made a Freemasons on the 16th of October 1646 by his cousin, Col.Henry Manwaring who introduced Ashmole to a lodge of Freemasons in Warrington.After that Ashmole's life altered overnight as he became part of the masonic conspiracy and little he knew that seemingly innocent 
fraternity he joined back then was to fall into the hands of  the very same people he despized so much, the Black Magicians and Necromancer of contemporary Freemasonry ruled by a bunch of black magicians and degenerate individuals working for the Vatican/Israel
Empire of Satan who gave birth to the Satanic
Millenium is now!

Key satanist of today is Cardinal William Levada who is running the Congregation from the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) Piazza del S. Uffizio. Cardinal William Nevada was the Bishop of San Francisco were Anton Lavey use to have is Black House HQ's .
On the 13th of May 2005,  Benedict XVI announced Archbishop William J. Levada of San Francisco was his choice to head the CDF. Ratzinger held the post of CDF Prefect for close to 25 years under secret direct
Jesuit control. Levada, is the first American
illuminati in history  to hold such a senior position in the Vatican and he is not a distinguished academic theologian, unlike his predecessor but a good friend of the Jesuits since  Levada holds a doctorate from Rome's reputed Jesuit-run Gregorian University and has worked in the CDF for six years from 1976 to 1982. He was a member of the Vatican commission to draft a Catechism for the Catholic Church, a source book on the fundamentals of the faith, a bit scary the idea that these kind of people have control over the faith of millions around the world,especialy somebody who comes from San Francisco Satanic HQ's. . Since 2000, he has been a full member of the Congregation from the Doctrine the modern version of the Holy Inquisition.

Levada's asset is his rich pastoral experiences as a bishop for about 20 years. Levada worked with the California Catholic Conference of Bishops and the archdiocese of Los Angeles before being appointed as
Archbishop of Portland in 1986 and Archbishop of San Francisco in 1995. 

As Archbishop of San Francisco, the unofficial capital of Satanism and gay activism in the U.S., he has been in the forefront of opposition to same-sex marriages
mantaining the great ipocricy of the Vatican in these matters as the Vatican elite is (as we all know by now)  full of  gay men  and many deviant ones who like very much young children. So it seems that ipocricy is a must for the Catholic Clergy these days.

And with people like Anton Lavey the founder of the Church of Satan  first and Lt.col.Michael Aquino founder of the Temple of Set  after, the CIA and the illuminati of America mantain a close and intimate contact with  the Vatican clergy.These dangerous
criminals from the Satanic Vatican Mafia  participate in ritual sexual abuse of children all over the United States.  These satanist form and constitute togheter the most advanced weapon to submit mankind to a state of slavery using MIND CONTROL  something they love in their satanic and corrupt PSYOP departments loyal to the  Vatican Church  Satan.

So the new representative of the Congretation for the Doctrine of the faith had to be from San  Francisco, so  to honour in secret  their Past Satanic Master Anto LaVey and more important all the various evil practices done in the name of Satan in California since Crowley chartered is own  illuminati Lodge in
the early 1940s the U.S. based O.T.O. Lodge, Agapé, led by 'Jack' Parsons (1914-1952)
This  O.T.O. lodge  was the home of many evil things to come including the Scientology cult, Dianetics, and L. Ron Hubbard a proud disciple of the Beast A.Crowley and a IXo O.T.O. member!

Like the   "Invocation of my Demon Brother" a filmed ritual that Anton La Vey did  at the end of the 60's with infamous Kenneth Anger and Bobby Beausoleil at a mansion that used to be the Russian Embassy . 

Bobby Beausoleil soon after  became an evil puppet in the hands of is satanic illuminati Masters like Kenneth Anger so to manipulate the sheep towards satanism and terminate the  Hippiemovement once and for all . Thats why Frater Bobby got involved with the Manson Crew of brainwashed psychedelic puppets,  and
after that  became  one of the assassins of the infamous Manson killings.

Beasoleil who was arrested  wrote and performed in prison the music for the famous illuminati  satanic film "Lucifer Rising" of Kenneth Anger that was later edited  and mastered in the basement of the famous Rock musician Jimmy Page a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis/illuminati  who works these days  with the OHO of the O.T.O. William Breeze.

Breeze  participated to  a Black Mass in the Vatican with the General of the Jesuits in May 2000 e.v. with Alberto Moscato IXo OTO ,Massimo Introvigne XIo OTO/OTOA and Michela Mercenaro from the Order of Zion and a few other very important satanist.


Charlie Manson was a member of the Ordo Tempi Orientis Solar Lodge of Jean Brayton's , The 'Caliphate' often claims that Brayton's group was irregular in O.T.O. terms, but Phyllis Seckler, a protagonist in the founding of the 'Caliphate', has admitted that it was a genuine O.T.O. lodge. To exaggerate for a moment, you might say that without Manson the 'Caliphate' OTO would not even exist.

During Crowley's lifetime there was only one active O.T.O. lodge in the USA, the so-called 'second' Agapé Lodge in California, yes the place were all this evil started and the home of Cardinal  William Levada and his sick crew.  An insight into the prevailing spirit at the Lodge in the 1940s was given by Harry
Hay, the founder of the modern gay movement in California: during their performance of the Gnostic Mass, he was present sitting at a piano playing the tune "Yes, We Have No Bananas" and the gay catholic clergy present  apparentely liked it very much ; he
remembered thinking to himself that anyone who hadn't belonged to the O.T.O. would have had a very hard time not bursting out laughing at such a comical Mass but after all they were a bunch of illuminati pervets.

One of its members Grady Louis McMurtry, received some special instructions from Crowley which stated that in "case of emergency" McMurtry was to take over this
lodge, subject to the approval of Crowley's heir insofar as the O.T.O. went, a German called Karl Germer. Germer did not think much of McMurtry (calling him a "Minus" and saying that the US was a "spiritual desert"), and he closed Agapé on 7 September 1953.
Germer now favoured H.J. Metzger from Switzerland as his own O.T.O. successor. With that, McMurtry completely lost interest in the O.T.O. When he heard of Germer's death and the question as to the succession arose, on 25 October 1963 McMurtry stated "there is nothing I can do at the moment."

In the 1960's, a former member of Agapé called Mildred Burlingame "initiated" Jean Brayton with some of Crowley's O.T.O. rituals;

Brayton's Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. had existed well before the modern 'Caliphate' lodge did;  So what exactly did Manson do in the Solar Lodge? As witnesses have reported, Brayton began putting on "profane parties" to draw in recruits  for the illuminati from
the public, attracting people to the idea of a special, semi-secret organisation which performed magical rituals, and which involved "sex and strange doings and good drugs and groovy people." About fifty outsiders were involved, including Hollywood figures like Jerry Kay, who had been the art director on the film 'Easy Rider'. Kay left the Solar Lodge around August 1967, having done little more than take the 'Oath of a Probationer' (an A.'A.'. "degree"); the one thing he took with him on his departure was a copy of
the 'Book of the Law', which he decorated with illustrations, and later sold.

The most famous guest at Brayton's parties was Manson, who, like Brayton, believed he was the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley (another one...hi..hi..) and Sister  Brayton an agent of the illuminati gave Manson the possibility of being intiated to the highest
degree of this corrupt and sick illuminati Order the Ordo Templi Orientis .

McMurtry who was a key agent of the illuminati for their future satanic propaganda  informed on Brayton to the FBI to avoid the FBI investigating him ( a piloted move of the illuminati do get out of any
future reference ). He also provided the journalist Ed Sanders with material about the affair - and in return Sanders made no mention of McMurtry in his book "The Family" about the Manson murders. Now McMurtry,
together with his wife Phyllis Seckler founded a group called 'The Continuum', and started publishing Crowley material. 

The Continuum was the nucleus of the 'Caliphate' a new O.T.O. founded in 1977 for the purpose of receiving tax-free status as a religious body, and to benefit from the royalties generated by Crowley copyrights

The scandals surrounding the Solar Lodge happened at the same time as the Manson 'Family' was committing the murders of Sharon Tate and her friends - seven people in all - in August 1969; and both sets of events took place within a few miles of each other.
This, and the similar occult backgrounds of Manson and Brayton, made the tabloid press leap to the conclusion that there must be a direct connection between the Manson murders, and the Solar Lodge scandals - a highly tenuous connection, to say the least.

But there is one more dependable, if unusual link between the characteristics of the 'Family' and Brayton's Solar Lodge, and other O.T.O. groups. One member of Manson's 'Family' called Robert Beausoleil lived together with celebrated underground filmmaker and occultist Kenneth Anger. Before he became embroiled in the Manson affair, Beausoleil had acted the rôle of Lucifer in Anger's film 'Lucifer Rising'.
While imprisoned as a result of the murders,
Beausoleil occupied his time in composing a musical score for the film. Anger was also instrumental in founding Anton LaVey's 'Church of Satan' - and allegedly LaVey played the rôle of Satan in Roman
Polanski's film 'Rosemary's Baby' (which is in fact not true); Sharon Tate, one of the Manson murder-victims was Polanski's wife.

While Karl Germer had refused to accept Anger as an O.T.O. member, today, Anger is a close friend of William Breeze, the 'Caliph' or leader of the 'Caliphate'. He is an IX° and as a member of the VIII°-Areopagus has a say in this Order's fate. Breeze gave Anger the IX° for his knowledge and services, that is his so-called art and Crowley collection.

But who is realy  this disciple of A.Crowley known to the prophane as Major Grady Louis McMurtry  but to the illuminati as 


born on October 18, 1918 EV in Big Cabin, Oklahoma to Grady and Bee Ivery Puckett McMurtry. He became a member of Ordo Templi Orientis in June 1941 when he was initiated to the Oº and Iº at Agapé Lodge, Pasadena. His first profession was that of a soldier
and later intelligence officer; he served in the European theatre during WWII, enabling him to become a personal student of Aleister Crowley (with time off for D-Day, and the liberation of France and the low countries). In Fall 1943 he was initiated by Baphomet
XIº into the IXº O.T.O. It was also Crowley who suggested he take the name `Umenaios A (Hymenaeus Alpha), which in Greek gematria adds to 777. A.C. wrote many letters discussing him as a Caliph, a future successor. Crowley was guarding against the
possibility that Karl Germer (Saturnus Xº), his "heir apparent," might fail of an heir himself and endanger the continued existence of the O.T.O. 

In the late 1950's he worked as a management analyst for the State Department of Labor in Sacramento, moving in 1961 to Washington, D.C. to work for the Labor Department and the Washington Shakespeare Society. Karl Germer died in 1962 and did indeed fail of an heir-- McMurtry therefore returned to California
and used his emergency powers from 666 as Caliph and de facto head of the illuminati O.T.O., presiding over the rebirth of the O.T.O. In his last years he did battle once again--in a courtroom rather than a
beachhead. Here also his victory was complete--the world, as well as the Secret Master, acknowledged him King of this Templar Order. But the final victory of Grady McMurtry is yet coming as the Satanic powers and George W.Bush the grandson of A.Crowley are in charge of humanity . He died peacefully on July 12, 1985 EV in San Pablo, California home the new  Doctrine of the
Faith home of SATANISM !

Leo Lyon Zagami

How the Illuminati corporations control the food chain (12/10/2006)

Hello all ...

Twenty-five years ago when I was a national spokesman
for the British Green Party I was talking about the
plan by the corporations to monopolise global food
production from field to plate. Today, the crime is
almost complete.

This is even more significant when you realise that
those ’corporations’ are in fact one corporation
operating under different names. Behind the fake
directors and interlocking personnel the same force
dictates the policy and goals for them all. And one of
those goals is to control everything we eat and drink.

People talk about controlling oil to control the
people. But nothing, apart from air, is more
fundamental to human survival, let alone health and
prosperity, than food and water. If anything should be
exempt from the profit motive it should be water,
which is a most basic requirement for life in this
reality. But our water supplies are in the hands of
the same corporation that now controls food production
and sales across the world. This was all planned a
long time ago.

To achieve this control, diversity had to be
eliminated and this is why life has been made so
difficult for small and independent farmers. Almost
wherever you look suicide rates among farmers are some
of the highest in the population and often the stress
of battling daily to survive is a key, often
overriding, factor. The numbers of independent farmers
going bankrupt or selling up and leaving the land has
soared since the Illuminati war on the small farmer
began world-wide. It is a similar story with small
businesses of all kinds because the corporations want
to own and control everything.

The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini is alleged to
have said that ’Fascism should more properly be called
corporatism because it is the merger of state and
corporate power’. Whether he said it or not the
statement remains true, not least in Hitler’s Germany.
Today we see the gathering global fascism in the
merger of state and corporate power - with the
corporate far more powerful than the political. This
interconnecting web has allowed the corporations to
integrate their ambitions and manipulations into
political policy and never more powerfully than in the
hijacking of the food chain.

A perfect example was the sting played on European
farmers in the 1980s under the European Community’s
Common Agricultural Policy or CAP. At first, this
appeared to be the equivalent of winning the lottery
for farmers of all kinds. Basically, they were paid
for whatever they produced whether they sold it or
not. Imagine that, whatever you make you are
guaranteed the market rate courtesy of the European

I remember as a Green Party spokesman arguing against
the infamous CAP and facing the wrath of the farming
community who were lighting cigars and raising a glass
to the Genie and his magic lamp. But why wouldn’t
they, given the short-term thinking that infests the
human psyche ? All their dreams had come true.

The policy of we’ll-buy-what-you-sow led to massive
surpluses and the infamous ’food mountains’ and ’wine
lakes’ as the unsold production was stored in giant
warehouses across the continent. This was one of the
grotesque examples of the rich-poor divide highlighted
by Bob Geldof at the time of Live Aid in 1985. While
extraordinary amounts of food were being stored in
Europe, millions were dying from starvation.

But the Illuminati are nothing if not inhuman.

The CAP also devastated the countryside and the land
and soil in general as farmers cleared all impediments
to opening every square inch they could to more
production. Every sow was guaranteed dough and this
was without the need even to find a buyer or a belly.
They were also taking out big bank loans to buy more
land at the ever increasing prices fuelled by what was

Trees and hedgerows were uprooted and wildlife
plummeted with the loss of habitat and the poisons
provided by the pharmaceutical cartel to increase
yields in the short term while destroying fertility in
the long. Talking to farmers about the insanity of
this as a Green party spokesman was, appropriately,
the story of the seeds and the stony ground.

Then came the sting.

Opposition to the Common Agricultural Policy increased
until it was the major issue of the day because the
European taxpayer was footing the astonishing bill.
What’s more, the hidden forces behind the policy were
supporting and giving publicity to this public outrage
- ’something must be done’. Stage two was underway.

The European Economic Community, now called the
European Union, announced that it would have to change
the CAP in the face of public demand and the
’mountains’ of food left unconsumed. This ’change’ was
to stop paying farmers for everything they produced.
The gravy train had collided with the buffer stops.
Farmers across Europe were now faced with actually
finding buyers for their produce, but once the
subsidies evaporated prices slumped with so much food
and drink available both in production and storage.
Small and independent farmers went bankrupt on a
massive scale because they couldn’t pay their debts to
the banks that they increased dramatically through
land-buying and other investment in the manufactured

And who was waiting to buy the farms at a few cents on
the dollar ? The corporations who were behind the
whole thing via the Illuminati network in government.

In the United States, something similar has happened
in the last half century with a series of decisions by
the Illuminati-owned Federal Reserve leading farm debt
to soar. By the end of 2005, it was well in excess of
$200 billion and today in the United States, once a
nation of small farmers, only two per cent of the
population are involved. Illuminati corporations like
Monsanto in St Louis and the price-fixing
Archer-Daniels Midland in Illinois, have been major
beneficiaries of other people’s misery.

This has happened on every continent as the market has
been artificially suppressed in readiness for the ’buy
outs’. Where this has not yet happened the
corporations control the food chain by owning the
seeds, setting the prices and imposing ’free trade’.

Patenting seeds was unthinkable before the 20th
century and indeed Article One of the US Constitution
specifically excluded, for moral reasons, the
patenting of ’life’. In the 1930s, plant breeders were
allowed to patent seed varieties, but not to have
rights to subsequent seeds that were produced from
them by the growers. Then in 1980, the Illuminati
challenged these restrictions through the General
Electric Corporation and specifically one of its
employees, an Indian-born scientist called Dr Ananda
Chakrabarty. He developed a genetically-engineered
microbe to ’eat’ oil licks, which in the end proved
unusable. It was refused a patent by the US Patent
Office, but Chakrabarty made history when the US
Supreme Court awarded him, by just one vote, the first
patent for a life form. With that judgement, the
floodgates did swing.

During the Reagan-Bush years patents followed for
animals, human genes and body parts. The corporations
contend that if they own the gene in the animal or
plant, they own the animal and plant. So what about
the genetic engineering of the human body ? Yep,
according to this contention they would say they
therefore own the body. As Andrew Kimbrell, Executive
Director of the Center for Food Safety, said : ’It
actually means giving corporations, incredibly, the
power to own and control species of the earth’. It
means that if you own animals or seeds that have been
patented by the corporations you have to pay a royalty
for every new one produced. This includes the poorest
farmers of the ’developing world’.

From the mid-1990s, the Illuminati pesticide and
chemical producers, notably Monsanto and Dow, began to
buy the seed producers. Monsanto spent some eight
billion dollars alone and Dr. Charles M Benbrook,
former Board of Agriculture Director at the Academy of
Sciences, said : ’Basically, the US pesticide industry
bought the seed industry for all intents and

The intent and purpose was to control food production.

The law was changed still further to, wait for this,
allow the corporations to patent seed varieties that
they have not genetically engineered. The only
criteria were that no-one else had got there first !
This led to the corporations taking the seeds from the
seed banks designed to protect genetic diversity and
going to the patent office to register ownership. It
is reckoned that Monsanto alone owns more than 11,000

It has reached such ludicrous levels that even if
seeds they don’t own are contaminated by
genetically-modified seeds blown onto a farm from
elsewhere, even a passing truck, the corporations are
taking the farmers to court for illegal use of their
patented seed without a license. This is happening to
increasing numbers of farmers, including Percy
Schmeiser in Canada who was well-known for developing
his own seeds.

Monsanto went onto his land without his knowledge or
permission and then issued a law suit for his use of
patented canola seeds that had blown onto his land. It
didn’t matter how unjust and crazy it was, the court
gave the judgement in favour of Monsanto. Why ?
Because the corporations, through the Illuminati
network, control the courts as they control the
politicians who allowed all this to happen in the
first place. Percy Schmeiser was forced to destroy a
thousand pounds of seeds that he and his wife had
developed over decades because they had been
contaminated by the unwanted Monsanto variety. Percy’s
wife, Louise, said :

’Monsanto comes along when we have worked for all
these years and they just want to take it away just
like that ... they can just come and do anything to
the farmers, just like they own them, and it really is
upsetting. And I feel they have taken our rights away
and our privacy. And we are not the only ones they
have done it to, there are many others.

Why are they prosecuting so many of these little
farmers when they are only worth a couple a hundred
thousand, when they are such a multi-national company
- why ? Is it greed or is it that they just want to
control all the seeds ?’

The answer is both. It is another front on the war
against the independent producer and seed diversity.
The Schmeisers lost all their retirement money in
legal costs fighting the case and thousands of
innocent farmers just pay up when Monsanto come
calling to avoid crippling lawsuits.

Rodney Nelson, a farmer in North Dakota, was another
Monsanto victim. He said that every farmer he had
spoken to who had been targeted by Monsanto had told
the same story. Monsanto had arrived to test their
crop and those with nothing to hide thought little of
it until a year later when, to their astonishment,
Monsanto said they had found their patented seed
variety on their land. The delay of a year meant the
plants were not available for them to challenge the

Monsanto told Nelson that they had tested all 1,350
acres of his soya bean crop, but when it was pointed
out in the subsequent legal case that to do this would
have meant gathering one sample continuously every 20
seconds, they changed their story. They had, they
said, only taken a handful. In short, they were making
it up. But the Illuminati control the courts and
Rodney Nelson describes the judge’s ’view’ of this
incredible injustice :

’It didn’t matter how Monsanto’s genetic-altered
canola got into his field. Whether it cross-pollinated
or blew in by the wind, or by birds, insects or
animals or falling off a farmer’s truck, or carbine
and so on, it didn’t matter, if there were some plants
there I had violated Monsanto’s patent, even though I
didn’t want it in my field.

He ruled that any farmer that has a conventional
plant, it doesn’t matter what kind of plant, if it’s a
seed, a tree, if it gets cross-pollinated with
Monsanto’s gene against your wishes and against your
property, my plant becomes Monsanto’s property. Now
stop and think what that means for farmers all over
the world, farmers, gardeners, anything to do with a
life-giving form. That shows you the power of patent
law over farmers’ rights.’

One farmer suggested there is not a single field in
western Canada that has not been contaminated by
Monsanto’s GM Canola and that’s the whole idea. That
was the reason for the ’trials’ in the UK ordered by
Tony Blair, the biotech industries man in Downing
Street. Once they are established, the contamination
begins, followed by the lawsuit. One of the most
active funders of GM research, by the way, has been
the Rockefeller Foundation, which will surprise no-one
who has studied Illuminati history.

But the most sinister development of all are the
so-called ’terminator seeds’ that die after a single
use and cannot be re-used to produce seeds for the
next year’s harvest. The United States government has
been funding the research since the Reagan-Bush
administration in 1983 and, if you didn’t know the
true motivation, it would seem inexplicable that a
government would seek to develop a technology that
threatened to turn farmers and whole nations into
slaves of the seed corporations. Willard Phelps, a
spokesman for the US Department of Agriculture, said
the aim was to establish the widest possible use of
terminator seeds ’to increase the value of proprietary
seed owned by US seed companies and to open up new
markets in Second and Third World countries.’ Henry
Kissinger’s words in the 1970s capture the motivation
: ’Control the oil and you can control entire
continents. Control food and you control people ...’

Jackson Stephens ... if you emptied his pockets the
Clintons would fall out.

The ’suicide seeds’ were developed with taxpayer money
in a joint operation between the United States
government and a company called Delta and Pine Land
which was reported to have had a rather famous
investor - Queen Elizabeth II. The largest shareholder
has been the Stephens Group in Arkansas, controlled by
Jackson Stephens, the major bankroller of Bill
Clinton’s deeply corrupt political career. A chairman
of Delta and Pine has been Stephens Group
vice-chairman, Jon E.M. Jacoby, who once said of
Clinton’s alleged corruption in Arkansas : ’You see a
girl walking down the street. You can say, "There goes
a beautiful girl" or "There goes a whore". What the
hell’s the difference ? They’ve both got legs.’ Nice

Now the punch line : In August 2006 it was announced
that Delta and Pine had agreed a $1.5 billion deal to
sell its operation and terminator seed patents to ...

Running parallel with the creation of copyrighted
seeds has been the systematic destruction of the
alternatives. Ninety-seven per cent of the vegetables
grown at the start of the 20th century are now
extinct. There were once five thousand potato
varieties grown world-wide, now only four are grown on
any scale. This is extremely important because it
opens the way for those varieties that remain to be
destroyed by disease or genetic manipulation. In
Ireland in the 19th century when only a few varieties
of potato were grown, the consequences of potato
blight attacking those species was a million people
starved to death.

The fewer varieties we use the greater the danger from
disease and insects and this had led to the dependence
of chemical spraying - provided by Monsanto and co -
which have created the so-called super bugs and weeds
that have developed through mutation an immunity to
the poisons that killed them before. In my book, It
Doesn’t Have To Be Like This, published in 1989, I
wrote that the chemicals were ... ’creating
super-pests that have become resistant to the
chemicals so more and more pesticides are needed to
kill them. Where will it all end ?’ Nearly 20 years
later we are beginning to see. A report by the
California Policy Seminar, a joint program of the
university and state government, said :

’As a result of these practices worldwide, the number
of resistant pests is growing exponentially, the
authors point out. According to recent biological
research, the number of insects and mites that have
become resistant to chemicals since 1950 is up
10-fold, from less than 50 species to more than 450.’

All these things connect with the Illuminati plan to
control the good chain and, through that, to control
the people. Their ownership of the land and, by
lawsuit, the independent farmers, means they control
what and how much is produced ; by control of the
supermarkets and the commodity markets they dictate
the price it is sold for ; and by enforcing ’free
trade’ laws through the Illuminati World Trade
Organisation they prevent any country from blocking
imported produce to protect homes markets. All this
has created :

Dependency on Illuminati corporations for seeds.
Dependency on Illuminati corporations for the
pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers to make the
seeds grow or survive. Dependency on Illuminati
supermarkets which have destroyed independent stores
and dictate the price they will pay to farmers.
Dependency on Illuminati corporations for virtually
everything that we eat or drink. Dependency = control
and that is what this whole story is about.

To be continued ...

David OCTOBER 22nd 2006

Bush secretly permits Queen to steal U.S. gold (12/11/2006)


Sticking It To The Poobahs
News Hot Enough To Fry Radio Stations
by Sherman Skolnick & Lenny Bloom
Crowned Heads of Europe and The Queen
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The United States General Accounting Office (GAO) has repeatedly demanded of the White House and Treasury Dept. that they stop stonewalling and explain the disappearance since September 2001 of major traunches of gold.
A large horde of U.S. government gold, 2854 metric tonnes, according to the GAO has disappeared. The GAO says that it cannot certify the audit of the U.S. Treasury without the White House and Treasury divulging the whereabouts of the super-precious metal.
Knowledgeable sources contend that this gold is actually owned jointly by the U.S. and France. And Bush connived with the British Monarchy to hide this stolen gold now valued at thirty billion dollars to support derivatives which have the equivalent power of thirty quadrillion dollars to support the failing Pound Sterling.
In plain language, the United States Treasury, minus the certified audit, is insolvent and fighting to prevent an impending default of U.S. Treasury Securities.
Knowledgeable sources regard this alone, not the Arabs, as the core reason for the 9-11 highest levels of homegrown violence, treason and deception.
Furthermore, Bush has ordered his Chief of Staff, Andrew H. Card Jr. to arrange the arrest or even liquidation of Web Reporters daring to divulge these "State Secrets."

Martin Lauchenauer
Wiener Str. 16
A-3004 Riederberg
Tel. +43-2271-8256



The AntiChrist (12/11/2006)

He snorted cocaine ... He dodged the draft....His
friends knew him as an alcoholic womanizer with a bad
temper....a complete failure at business until his
wealthy friends rescued him. Yet within a few short
years he was elected Governor of Texas, and quickly
catapulted into the White House in spite of losing the
popular vote. Then he was re-elected with last minute
help from Osama Bin Laden, in spite of high
disapproval ratings. He still couldn't think his way
out of a wet paper bag without the advice of his staff
.....and yet he's been able to declare an endless war
and institute some of the most radical changes in
American history ....

....... How has
He done it?

George Walker Bush from the Skull and Bones is the
ANTI-CHRIST, the ultimate son of Satan , the Grandson
of the Great Beast 666.
The violence and destruction that began when Bush
first entered office, is now certain to culminate in
the apocalypse, as predicted in the Bible over 2,000
years ago.Be prepared for one of the key moments in
human history when the Messiah will revail himself to
his close friends and allies on the 21st of December
2012. This revelation will not be made public for
safety reasons, as the Messiah is as usual public
enemy number one. So this revelation made public only
in the year 2064 e.v. will be made in the meantime
only to his inner circle of close friends and trusted
Brothers and Sisters .
Hope we can all survive this tremendous ordeal in
front of us with the power of our prayers to God and
the will to front Satan with no fear in our eyes.

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

Yes Monsanto=666 (12/11/2006)


I actualy worked a couple of times for MONSANTO at the
end of the 90's in London for the Market Research
Department , and Im obviously not very proud about
it. But we used to get very good money to simply put
togheter different groups of professionals in my
spare time and ask them questions that were linked to
MONSANTO products and find the more clever way to
manipulate people into loving Monsanto products, or
at least to not feel scared about them. So I was indeed
a big sinner at that time (may God forgive me).
The main problem we usualy had was that we could not
find the right kind of professionals so we invented them by
calling in a few actors for the sake of this sick play that often was video recorded . MONSANTO and other big companies like BT,Motorola , CNBC and even Starbucks Coffee Company didnt mind how they will get these professionals for the Market Research because it was only a show all this marketing rubbish. After all the only important
thing was to have specialy trained people like me in
charge of the show , the so called trend setters of
the illuminati, to give them later the key info to go
forward in their materialistic satanic plot to rule
the world with all this rubbish and Jinn tecnology .
It was by the way my past time, and I made good money
from companies that have plenty of it and knew what
they were doing, but obviously I didnt receive yet
the light of Islam , otherwise I will never have
worked for these evil Satanist.

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

M   O   N   S    A   N     T   O

78  90  84 114   6  84  120  90 = 666


A=6, B=12, C=18, D=24, E=30, F=36, G= 42, H=48, I=54, J=60, K=66, L=72, M=78, N=84,

O=90, P=96, Q=102, R=108, S=114, T=120, U=126, V=132, W=138, X=144, Y=150, Z=156

Seed of destruction by F. William Engdahl

“We are bent to say that nobody will ever use these things with healthy human understanding - however everyone is not with healthy human understanding.” Steven Block, Professor for Biophysik, Stanford University

Within five to max. ten years the main parts of the global food chain will be in the hands of only four large global acting corporations. These companies hold exclusive patents on seeds, without which no farmer or farmer of the world can sow and harvest later. They are however not usual seeds. They are seeds, which became so genetically altered that they commit suicide “after the first harvest”. Thus it is to be guaranteed that seeds must again be acquired each year - a business, which the devil could not have better invented. If this development is not stopped, a new form of serfdom develops, which until now was not thought to be possible.

Three of the four private enterprises, which offer today genetically changed seeds, exhibit thereby a dire connection for many decades to the US war machine of Pentagon. Once they produced ”Agent Orange“, which killed ten thousands in Viet Nam and even today still causes damages. At present these companies, in co-operation with the US Government, exert an enormous pressure on Europe, so that also here fall all barriers against genetically altered seeds.

This book is not history over profit greed. It is rather a history over the dark side of power. Into the 1970er years explained Henry Kissinger: “Who controls the oil, is able to control whole nations; who controls the food, controls the humans.“  The book documents that the American Rockefeller foundation is the driving engine behind this development. Together with private research institutes and in accomplice with the US Government a small powerful elite tries to play God - with frightening consequences for the peoples of the world. The available work documents a gigantic conspiracy. This is however unfortunately no theory or speculation, but rather rapidly progressing reality.

Inform yourself, before it is too late

 ”The book od F. William Engdahl is deals with the large topic of the genetically manipulated organisms (GMO), which are abused for geo politics. It reads itself like a detective story of unbelievable extent, in which four large Anglo-American agrarbusiness enterprises are not frightened of crimes against mankind and want to win over GMO the food and thus power over our world. Engdahl analyzed with the utmost care exactly and the background and the large connections convincingly represented, so that the reader becomes deeply moved is force to think independently. Only if laws on international level avoid the Genozid with GMO, peace on our planet becomes possible - that is the conclusion. “ Dr. Anton Moser, professor for biotechnology, Graz, Austria and vice director of the Austrian institute for sustainable development

” If you want to know something about the sozio-political program - why biotechnology enterprises insist on spreading GMO seeds in the whole world - then you should read this book. You will learn, in which manner huge companies want to get control on all humanity and why we have to resist.“

Marijan Jost, professor for genetics and plant breeding at the Agrarian School Krizevci, Croatia


»Man kann nur hoffen, daß William Engdahls Buch seinen Lesern helfen wird zu erkennen, daß wir etwas tun müssen, um diese Einbahnstraße zum Wahnsinn und zur Zerstörung der Menschheit und unserer Welt zu verlassen.«

Dr. Arpad Pusztai, weltweit führender Experte in Sachen GMO


”One can only hope that William Engdahls book will help its readers to recognize that we must do something, in order to leave this one-way street to the insanity and for the destruction of mankind and our world. “ Dr. Arpad Pusztai, world-wide leading expert in relation to GMO


German book 280 sides, bound, numerous illustrations, 2006


You can order it here: 3738070&CFTOKEN=6785120&NOID=0&NUID=0&NUID2=0& rNav=ut&page=0


Weblink to William Engdahls Homepage:



From the president of Honesty International on Freemasonry (12/11/2006)

We want to show you the true face of contemporary
Freemasonry in the eyes of another ex Freemason :

"Sick and dying from Liver Disease"

I observed a fellow trying to sleep on the side of the
sidewalk in the rain Nov 15, 2006
Granville St and West Broadway. All some people have
left is privacy for their last days,
so I didn't take a picture of him, but several minutes
later, he was gone, so I snapped
a picture of his sign. He complained that even his
donations were being stolen.

This was a HALF MILE from the Grand Lodge, so tell me
all about the charity work being done. Tell me how
everyone chooses to sleep in the rain purely out of
preference. Tell me how you live with yourself while
every vermin up the ladder rakes in millions, or
billions. Maybe you feel like a noble knight, fighting
the "good fight", but exactly what fight is that? To
look good amid the carnage? To walk as a master mason
among the corpses?

About all I can do now is do what masons hate the
most. Namely PREACH. Preach to the best of my ability
in a goodless wasteland. Preach about scum in high
places, preach about ethics as I am able, and preach
about the banks and corporations that are doing
this... and will do more evil if everyone shuts up and
gets on the corporate gravy train.

Change is no longer an option, it is ESSENTIAL. I'm
working on a bit of a book now, and some small time
recording... and will continue posting rants and
digital copies of the old Al Fry stuff that tipped the
scales and kept me from falling for the lore of the
Greedtards and their MY$TERY $CHOOL$.

People can defend Freemasonry all they like, but where
do you find financial ethics among the elite? All I
see are false fronts, brainwashed people, desperate
people, and people dying.
ex first degree mason and 4th degree Rosicrucian.
12 years as President of Honesty International whatever.
Exploring most UNPOPULAR genre of info on the
internet: ETHICS

Michael Aquino, the second beast of the Apocalypse (12/13/2006)

Chapter 7
The Second Beast of Revelation 13

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon (Revelation 13:11).

We have the identity of the second Beast now its time to act.

Leo Lyon Zagami


Moloch and the Shriners (12/11/2006)


"let me answer partially to your questions :
first of all Islam does not have symbols sacred or non
sacred , Islam does not use symbols and does not give
any importance to them , so whoever claims that the
crescent or the sword is an islamic symbol is a plain
liare ...The shriners are not muslems , they are an
american massonic order that have nothing to do with
Islam , and they can claim for themselves whatever
they want ."
Mr X

I agree with Mr X and I want to add that the Shriner
Order are a bunch of perverts and they have been
kicked out of Mecca a long time ago for being judged
as total infedels .There exist two versions of the "illuminati"
Shriners in the US and Europe, as number two was
created to manipulate influential Black Americans
from what is defined as Prince Hall Masonry
(Freemasonry for blacks only). I can also confirm from
a personal experience that the Ritual of the Kissing
of the Black Stone made by the Shriners is the most
infedel ritual in the world, as these blasphemers
kiss the ass of the Master in the Lodge/Temple and
not the Black Stone at the Kaaba in Mecca this is
disgraceful and offensive ,
it is a direct mockery of that solemn
tradition in the life of all muslims.
These illuminati should be really punished for
such diabolical rubbish even if it helps a few

Nowdays the illuminati Shriners completely control
from their Temples the A.A.S.R. (Ancient and Accepted
Scottish Rite) Lodges as part of the illuminati
pyramid, they actually made a massive campaign to get
Freemasons initiated in basketball stadiums ...YES
6000 at the time ready to join the illuminati Satanic
The Shriners then lead to the History of the Hillbilly
Degree :

by Imperial Raban Harris

"Many years ago, shortly after I became a Shriner, I
was exposed to the world of side-line degrees. Now to
reach this point in life, a man must first become a
Mason. That is a member of the Masonic Lodge. This is
a very great organization, so like my father and
brothers, I was very proud to become a member.

Now that I was a Mason; I was promptly informed that I
must go on up." Some urged me to take the York Rites,
and some said take the Scottish Rites; some even said
to take both. This some of the best advice that I have
ever had that I followed. Now I was able to petition
and join the Shrine. Shrine Temples are in all areas
of North America and apparently these fellows have

So I became a Shriner. A Shriner is permitted to wear
the red fez and join in the many social and charitable
activities. He can join the Clown Unit, the Marching
Patrol, Oriental Band, or other groups and participate
in the colorful parades and be seen in many public
places. The social activities are many and always
proud to be helping support the Shriners Hospitals.
What could be finer than to have fun and help the
crippled and burned children at the same time?

At this point I was beginning to acquire a billfold
full of cards. Each of the Masonic organizations
issues their own annual card, and they soon add up.
Then the Temple issues a card; and each of the Units
also issues their own annual cards. Now a Shriner
becomes exposed to the world of side-line degrees.
Many Shriners loved to join as many as possible in
order to be able to display the membership
cards-sometimes dozens and dozens, and he is always
proudest if he has more than the other Shriner. It is
quite common to see Shriners have special card cases;
which they will flip out at the faintest hint to
unfold a strip of cards a yard or two long. This is
the world of the side-line degree.

Side-line Degrees came under many names: the Horse
Traders, Swords of Timbuktu, Yellow Dog, Mandarin, Mad
Dogs of Lebanon and many, many others. Often I would
wonder where the money that myself and others paid out
for these small pieces of cardboard [the valuable
membership card] was going to. Why I even joined the
Old Bastards. The money went and the number of
membership cards grew.

Slowly into my world of awareness came the realization
that all of this money paid out for the side-line
degrees was going to Shrine clubs, groups of
individuals and sometimes to single individuals. The
money paid for fine banquets and parties, material
objects, and sometimes went into an individuals
pocket. Furthermore, some of the Rituals left me
rather cold or in disgust. This could not be right.

What the Shriners needed was a new side-line degree,
one that had a new and interesting ritual, and above
all a purpose—namely that all profits would go for a
worthy cause, to help the children who were admitted
to the Shriners Hospitals. The members of this new
side-line degree must have some fun and enjoy the
activities so that he wanted his friends to also
participate, and help spread the word of the new
Degree. Rules must be drawn up to assure that all
profits went to help those crippled and burned
children of the Shriners Hospitals and for no other

After discussing side-line degrees with a friend one
day back in 1969, 1 decided to see if I could put
something down in writing to establish such a new
degree. I could only draw upon my own
experiences--born and raised in the Hills of West
Virginia and now living in the hills of Kentucky. I
could recall the outhouse moon; which closely
resembled the Crescent, a symbol held in the highest
esteem by all Shriners. This somehow reminded me of
corn cobs, moonshine, etc. So I sat down and wrote.
Slowly the new Degree took substance and form

Now the Hillbilly Degree did not take form in a few
days; it really took several months and several
rewrites. The truth is, if I had it to do over, there
are a few other changes I would make. However, it
finally looked pretty good. Much better than most of
the other side-line degrees that I had taken.

Then I wrote a Constitution to assure that no one made
any money from this Hillbilly Degree--all profits must
go to help those crippled and burned children of the
Shriners Hospitals. Now we are ready to go, and a
couple of friends agreed to help me try out the new

With the help of a couple of friends, it takes three
to put on the Degree work, we initiated a few of the
Shriners of El Hasa Temple in Ashland, Kentucky and
everyone seemed to enjoy it. So we realized that the
new Hillbilly Degree would be accepted at least as
well as the many other side-line degrees.

The next step was to obtain a copyright, so that no
group could come along later and put on this degree
and not abide by the rules that the profits must go to
help the crippled and burned children. This was what
it was all about. Thus copyright No. 23370 was
obtained in 1970 which can and will be renewed after
it expires. Now all that these first Hillbillies
received upon initiation was the membership cards. Now
we found a source for Hillbilly Hats, and everyone
started to wear their ‘Hillbilly Tuxedos," the
overalls to all meetings. The more worn and patched,
the better they were accepted. The Hillbilly Degree
was on the way, but we still thought of this as only a
local side-line degree for the El Hasa Temple area.

At the Imperial Shrine Convention in Miami, Florida in
1970 we decided to put the Hillbilly Degree work on.
Over a hundred joined from other Temples, and the
Shriners from Hejaz Temple in South Carolina wanted to
be authorized to put on this Hillbilly Degree and put
on the work in the name of their own Clan. This called
for some quick action.

Since it was apparent that The Grand and Glorious
Order of the Hillbilly Degree was a success, it was
important to tie up all the loose ends. A Trust
agreement was drawn up between the three officers
accepting the responsibility of control of any money
coming into their hands to be for the charitable
benefit of the crippled and burned children. Agreement
was certified and duly registered. An application was
filed with the Internal Revenue Service for exemption
from Federal income tax and was approved. Finally
approval was granted by the Board of Trustees of the
Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children to raise
money for the Shriners Hospitals.

Now, do you know of any other side-line degree in
Shrinedom that has received all of these approvals? If
you do, let me know so that I can apply for

An Application for Chapter was drawn up and the people
of South Carolina from Hejaz Temple were granted Clan
No. 2. Slowly the word went out and Kosair received
Clan No. 3. Beni Kedem in W. Va. asked for Clan No. 4
in 1971; and Syrian of Cincinnati received Clan No. 5
in 1972. Clan No. 6 at Nemesis of W. Va. was not set
up until 1974, Aladdin of Columbus, Ohio became Clan
No. 7.

No. 8 also went to Aladdin, the only Temple to have
two Clans. Then came Rajah, Bektash, Yaarab, Lulu,
Oasis, Murat, Kena, Al Koran, Acca and Morocco. Others
followed in Al Chymia, Crescent, Moslem, etc. to the
current total of 60 Clans as of Sept. 1981. Two are in


Imperial Raban Harris adds in a note
that there are 160 Clans at the beginning of 1999.

Future Clans will be duly noted in the Hillbilly News,
so you can follow history as it is made."


The Imperial Potentate
usualy joins the elite of the Hillbilly Order at the
Bohemian Grove...


A divinity worshipped by the idolatrous Israelites.
The Hebrew pointing Molech does not represent the
original pronunciation of the name, any more than the
Greek vocalization Moloch found in the LXX and in the
Acts (vii, 43). The primitive title of this god was
very probably Melech, "king", the consonants of which
came to be combined through derision with the vowels
of the word Bosheth, "shame". As the word Moloch (A.V.
Molech) means king, it is difficult in several places
of the Old Testament to determine whether it should be
considered as the proper name of a deity or as a
simple appellative. The passages of the original text
in which the name stands probably for that of a god
are Lev., xviii, 21; xx, 2-5; III (A. V. I) Kings, xi,
7; IV (II) Kings, xxiii, 10; Is., xxx, 33; lvii, 9;
Jer., xxxii, 35.

The chief feature of Moloch's worship among the Jews
seems to have been the sacrifice of children, and the
usual expression for describing that sacrifice was "to
pass through the fire", a rite carried out after the
victims had been put to death. The special centre of
such atrocities was just outside of Jerusalem, at a
place called Tophet (probably "place of abomination"),
in the valley of Geennom. According to III (I) Kings,
xi, 7, Solomon erected "a temple" for Moloch "on the
hill over against Jerusalem", and on this account he
is at times considered as the monarch who introduced
the impious cult into Israel, but we are not sure we
subsribe to this theory as Solomon is also a key
figure for
the faith of Islam.

And lets go back to the Ritual of the Black Stone for
a moment,I know its not a must to kiss the Black Stone
in the Islamic faith but the Shriners are making a
mockery of our religion in their Temple's and last
year complains were even filed and released in open
Lodge in London. This happened in front of the
Brethern of the Masonic High Council for England and
Wales on the 29th of September 6005
when Brother Rui Gabirro pointed out the illegal
activities taking place in Shriners Temple's in the

As Salam Aleikum

Leo Lyon Zagami
now a real muslim called Khaled Saifullah Khan

Leo Lyon Zagami and illustrius Brother Julian F.Smith the European representative of the Shriners, a very powerful illuminati.





The KAOS banning attempt


The KAOS banning attempt

KAOS 14 was first published online on July 22, 2002.
Since that time there have been a number of attempts
to get it taken off the Internet, so controversial do
its contents appear to be in the eyes of some.

On August 20, 2002, the KAOS supplement was
temporarily suppressed due to a complaint by a person
or organisation that did not wish this material to be
made public.

The 69-page supplement concerns 'The Black Lodge of
Santa Cruz', and is a remarkable personal testimony of
occult experience in a magical Order – the Caliphate
OTO, renowned for use of legal muscle against both
publishers and web hosting companies, much like the

For those who haven't heard of the now infamous 'Black
Lodge', until the publication of this important
document rumours abounded concerning a clandestine
initiatory body formed near the heart of the Caliphate
OTO in 1990, known as 'The Black Lodge of Santa Cruz'.
The supplement to KAOS 14 is written by a direct
witness and participant in these events, which
involved Enochian operations that threatened the power
base of the Caliphate.

We at KAOS, it has to be said, expected the work to be
controversial, but were surprised by the petty
strategies person or persons unknown used to try to
ensure no-one would be able to read it. Initially, the
supplement was moved to another server, while KAOS
itself remained on the original website unchallenged.

On October 17 2002, however, the entire KAOS website
was closed down by BT Internet and the account
terminated, either as a result of a further objection
by the original complainant or by someone else who
feels aggrieved by what I and others have written.

Forewarned by the initial partially successful
suppression attempt, we had taken the precaution of
setting up mirror sites and so when KAOS was closed
down we simply switched to a redirection URL and
pointed it at one of the mirrors.

This meant we could change the actual location of the
website at a moment's notice.

One wonders what those who wished KAOS 14 didn't exist
hoped to gain by making complaints about it. At the
time of the controversy I put together a couple of
pages on the background to this which may be of
interest, although I have decided not to update them
any longer, they remain as they were when the KAOS
website was closed down and are now archival material
(some of the URLs in this material no longer work):

The attempt to suppress KAOS

What a circus! – public opinion

Joel Biroco


Licio Gelli the worshipful master of the P2 (Propaganda 2) (12/13/2006)

latest video reveals the POET AND CONSPIRATOR LICIO GELLI

Brother Licio Gelli Past Worshipfull Master of the P2
proudly continues the piloted opening of his image
showing is photo with Hitler and Mussolini at the
begining of the interview, and later we see him
talking about the infamous pictures of the Pope
wearing a swimming suit ( a demented scandal of the
time involving the Pope half naked by the swimmming
pool) And last but not least Brother Gelli reveals
that Opus Dei is a Catholic form of Freemasonry .The
Brother Gelli starts talking about the Secret Services
of the Vatican, described by him as a a very powerfull
Secret Service for a very powerfull State...yes one of
the two HQ's of Satan in the end of times (the other
being Jerusalem).

Gelli says that the Opus Dei is defined also as white
freemasonry and P2 as black freemasonry( the dark side
of the force) .In a masonic Temple we find on the
floor white and black that symbolize the good and the
evil side of mankind, the Vatican and the Jesuits have
obviously control over what's good and what's evil as
they think they are God as I told you in earlier
But Gelli never mentions the SMOM and the Jesuits in
this video as such topics are considered off limits to
the prophane journalist.

In the State archive in Pistoia they have opened the
heavy door of the room dedicated to the affairs of
Licio Gelli at the begining of 2006 , he donated part
of his archive which was transferred from his home
called Villa Wanda.

It is an extraordinary archive containing letters of
illuminati agents Torquato Tasso, Napoleon Bonaparte,
Giuseppe Garibaldi, Adolph Hitler, Giuseppe Verdi, yes
a very sick collection indeed.

some say it’s a truly God-given gift for historians
and for expert archivist but in reality Gelli kept the
best bits of this collection for himself including all
the dirty work for the SMOM and his Jesuit Masters.Wel
lets see the video:

Licio Gelli the Worshipfull Master of the Lodge P2 is very sick with cancer so this will be probably the main reason why the illuminati want him to make is last show with his confessions of a poet and conspirator in his latest book “ Parola di Venerabile”. In this book journalist Sandro Neri interview's for hours Brother Licio  the Puppet Master of the most powerful Masonic Lodge in the world Propaganda 2.

From Leo Lyon Zagami


The Scandinavian Vatican Illuminati élite: The Swedish Rite (12/13/2006)

What is the Swedish Rite?

The Swedish rite is part of Scandinavian Freemasonry a
Christian fundamentalist Fraternity secretely linked
with the Vatican and the Jesuits.

The system is grouped into three divisions as follows:
St. John's (Craft) degrees:
I Apprentice
II Fellow Craft
III Master Mason
St. Andrew's (Scottish) degrees:
IV-V Apprentice-Companion of St. Andrew
VI Master of St. Andrew
Chapter degrees:
VII Very Illustrious Brother
VIII Most Illustrious Brother
IX Enlightened Brother
X Very Enlightened Brother (Very Vatican
On top of the system is
XI Most Enlightened Brother, Knight Commander of the
Red Cross
( Vatican illuminati Puppet Masters of Scandinavia )
There are approximately 60 freemasons in Sweden
currently holding the XIth degree. They are present or
past members of the Grand Council or Grand Officers.
In 1811 King Karl established the Royal Order of King
Karl XIII. It is a civil order, conferred by the King,
only to Freemasons holding the XIth degree with the
number limited to 33. It is, however, not a Masonic
Progression from one degree to the next is far from
automatic. A brother has not only to be regular in
attendance - he has to give proof of his proficiency
and of his knowledge of Freemasonry.
There is only one form of accepted ritual for each
degree, and deviations are not tolerated. The
presiding Master follows an accepted ritual manuscript
when working a Lodge.
The Swedish Rite is worked in Sweden, Norway, Denmark,
Finland and Iceland. It is also, in a German variant,
practiced in Grosse Landesloge der Freimaurer von
Deutschland (the Grand Lodge of All German

The only Nazi Vatican illuminati Grand Lodges in the
world working this so called Christian Rite with the
blessings and written approval of the Pope are :

In Sweden
In Denmark
In Norway
In Iceland

and obviously in Germany

Their Masonic Worldwide Network of mutual
recognition and collaboration includes the following :

- Gran Lògia d’Andorra

- Grossloge von Österreich
- Oberster Rat für Österreich der Freimaurer des AASR

- Grande Loge Régulière de Belgique
- Grand Chapitre de l'Arche Royale de Belgique
- Grand Prieuré de Belgique

- United Grand Lodge A.F.&.A.M. of Bulgaria

The Czech Republic
- Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic

- National Grand Lodge of Denmark (Den Danske

- Grand Lodge of Estonia

- Grand Lodge of F&A Masons of Finland (Suomen v. ja
o.m. Suurloosi)
- Grand Lodge of Mark Masters of Finland
- Royal Arch Grand Chapter of Finland
- Supreme Council 33° for Finland
- Great Priory of Finland
- Grand Imperial Conclave of Finland. Red Cross of

- Grande Loge Nationale Française
- Grande Chapitre de l'Arche Royale pour la France

- Grosse Landesloge der Freimaurer von Deutschland
- Vereinigte Grosslogen von Deutschland
- Oberster Rat für Deutschland der Freimaurer des
alten und angenommenen
Schottischen Ritus
- Orden der Tempelritter, Grosspriorat von Deutschland

Great Britain
- United Grand Lodge of England
- Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of England
- Supreme Council 33° of the Ancient and Accepted Rite
for England and Wales
and its Districts and Chapters Overseas
- Great Priory of England and Wales
- Grand Imperial Conclave of England, Wales and
Territories Overseas. Red Cross of Constantine
- Grand Lodge of Scotland
- Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland
- Supreme Council 33° for Scotland
- Order of the Temple, Great Priory of Scotland

- Grand Lodge of Greece
- Great Priory of Greece

- Symbolic Grand Lodge of Hungary

- National Grand Lodge of Iceland (Frímúrarareglan á

- Grand Lodge of Ireland
- Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland
- Supreme Council 33° for Ireland

- Gran Loggia Regolare d’Italia

- Grand Lodge of Latvia

- Grand Lodge of Lthuania

- Grande Loge de Luxembourg

- Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta

The Netherlands
- Grootoosten der Nederlanden
- Groot Kapittel der Nederland (Royal Arch Chapter)
- Opperaad voor het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (33°)

- National Grand Lodge of Norway (Den Norske

- National Grand Lodge of Poland

- Grande Loja Legal de Portugal
- Grande Priorado Independente da Lusitania
- Supremo Consehlno 33o para Portugal

- Gran Logia de España
- Supremo Consejo del Grado 33°
- Gran Priorado de España

- Schweizerische Grossloge (Alpina)
- Grand Prieuré Indépendant d'Helvétie
- Suprême Conseil 33° de Suisse

- Grand Lodge of Turkey


- Grand Lodge of Alberta
- Grand Lodge of British Columbia
- Grand Lodge of Manitoba
- Grand Lodge of New Brunswick
- Grand Lodge of New Foundland & Labrador
- Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia
- Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario
- Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island
- Grand Lodge of Quebec
- Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan
- Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the
Province of Ontario
- Supreme Council 33° for the Dominion of Canada
- Sovereign Great Priory of Canada

- Grand Lodge of Alabama
- Grand Lodge of Alaska
- Grand Lodge of Arizona
- Grand Lodge of Arkansas
- Grand Lodge of California
- Grand Lodge of Colorado
- Grand Lodge of Connecticut
- Grand Lodge of Delaware
- Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia
- Grand Lodge of Florida
- Grand Lodge of Georgia
- Grand Lodge of Hawaii
- Grand Lodge of Idaho
- Grand Lodge of Illinois
- Grand Lodge of Indiana
- Grand Lodge of Iowa
- Grand Lodge of Kansas
- Grand Lodge of Kentucky
- Grand Lodge of Louisiana
- Grand Lodge of Maine
- Grand Lodge of Maryland
- Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
- Grand Lodge of Michigan
- Grand Lodge of Minnesota
- Grand Lodge of Mississippi
- Grand Lodge of Missouri
- Grand Lodge of Montana
- Grand Lodge of Nebraska
- Grand Lodge of Nevada
- Grand Lodge of New Hampshire
- Grand Lodge of New Jersey
- Grand Lodge of New Mexico
- Grand Lodge of the State of New York
- Grand Lodge of North Carolina
- Grand Lodge of North Dakota
- Grand Lodge of Ohio
- Grand Lodge of Oklahoma
- Grand Lodge of Oregon
- Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
- Grand Lodge of Rhode Island
- Grand Lodge of South Carolina
- Grand Lodge of South Dakota
- Grand Lodge of Tennessee
- Grand Lodge of Texas
- Grand Lodge of Utah
- Grand Lodge of the State of Washington
- Grand Lodge of Vermont
- Grand Lodge of Virginia
- Grand Lodge of the State of West Virginia
- Grand Lodge of Wisconsin
- Grand Lodge of Wyoming
- General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons for U S A
- Supreme Council 33° for the Northern Masonic
Jurisdiction of the
United States of America
- Supreme Council 33° for the Southern Masonic
Jurisdiction of the
United States of America


- Gran Logia De la Argentina

- Grande Oriente do Brazil
- Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado de São Paulo

- Gran Logia de Chile


- Grand Lodge of India

- Grand Lodge of the State of Israel

- Grand Lodge of Japan


Australia and New Zealand
- United Grand Lodge of New South Wales
- United Grand Lodge of Queensland
- Grand Lodge of South Australia
- United Grand Lodge of Victoria
- Grand Lodge of Western Australia
- Grand Lodge of Tasmania
- Supreme Council 33° for Australia
- Great Priory of Queensland
- Great Priory of Victoria
- Great Priory of Western Australia
- Grand Lodge of New Zealand


We the People Will Not Be Chipped (12/15/2006)


We the People will not be Chipped - No Verichip Inside Movement, is based on the irrefutable fact, that we believe in mankind's inalienable human rights that are absolute and can not be debased, nor perverted. Human life can not be degraded to a 16 digit RFID chip number embedded under you skin under any circumstance. By uniting on this common ground, we can send a strong message to the IBM funded Verichip that we the people will not be chipped!

If you or your company/organization would like to get
involved with the We the People will not be Chipped -
No Verichip Inside Movement , we encourage you to get
in contact with us. We are looking for contributors ,
web designers, artists in all fields , printers,
multimedia experts, mailing houses, civil
libertarians, financial contributors, and freedom
fighters to help us take this message to the masses.
We will only be treated like inventory when
complacency becomes our drug of choice.

As history has a funny habit of repeating itself.
Study World War II closely on how IBM backed the Nazi
Regime utilizing the Hollerith Machine . The Hollerith
Machine was a punch card system that aided in
cataloguing the population. This IBM technology gave
the fascist, totalitarian state the much needed
technology boost to increase it's rate of human data
processing . The goal was simple, extreme nationalism
which called for the unification of all
German-speaking peoples and eradicating the enemies of
the state namely the Jews and other non-compliant
Fast forward to the year 2006 , we have IBM funding
the parent company of the Verichip namely Applied
Digital Solutions [ADSX] . The VeriChip Corporation is
both FDA approved and patented with the owner of
patent (#6,400,338) granted recently to VeriChip's
manufacturer, Digital Angel Corporation, with
worldwide patents pending.

In the re-active world's state of affairs, we are
seeing world governments tightening measures in regard
to identity protection, trumpeting our need to be
protected from the forces of evil. As we move into the
age of paranoia and fear these ideologies, supported
by propaganda campaigns, demand total conformity on
the part of the people.


Satanist Introvigne from the OTO talking about Satanism and crime in Sweden (12/13/2006)


How is it possible?
Well ask your local police and you gonna see what kind
of reaction you get when you start mentioning the
illuminati criminals from the Ordo Templi Orientis, or
Lt.Col Aquino the ultimate PSYOP Master of the Devil
and the guys from the Temple of Set. But at the end
of the day they are serving the Vatican Satan and
they are the evil secret police of New World Order as
we all know by now. Be ready to fight for your Freedom
when you have a Nazi Satanist like Introvigne doing
lectures to the National Council for Crime Prevention
in Sweden.
Did Introvigne lecture in Sweden to protect us from
From him?
This world is gonne completely insane so lets go with

the Swedish way to Nazism!
All the best,

The Gothic Milieu:
Black Metal, Satanism, and Vampires

by Massimo Introvigne - A slightly different version
of this paper was presented at the conference
"Rejected and Suppressed Knowledge: The Racist Right
and the Cultic Milieu" organized by the Swedish
National Council for Crime Prevention, Stockholm,
15-16 February 1997

The New Satanism by illuminati Massimo Introvigne XI
degree OTOA

In 1996 both Italy and France were shocked by criminal
cases related to Satanist groups. In Italy Marco
Dimitri, the young leader of the larger Italian
Satanist group, the Luciferian Children of Satan
(Bambini di Satana Luciferiani), was arrested twice in
the same year on charges of rape. In France graves
were desecrated in Toulon (and subsequently in other
towns in Southern France): four members of a small
Satanist band were arrested. Similar incidents took
place in Romania, Russia and other countries. The
media were taken by surprise, considering that by 1996
the Satanism scares of the 1980s and early 1990s had
largely subsided.

Modern Satanism appeared in the 17th century. Satanism
should not be confused with witchcraft. While
witchcraft is a popular and normally unorganized
phenomenon, modern Satanism is the worship of the
Devil within the frame of organized movements and
elaborate ritual. Modern Satanists -- unlike
participants in earlier witchcraft -- are largely
members of the middle and upper classes. Similarly,
Satanism scares are different from witch hunts. Unlike
the latter, the former credit Satanists not only with
bloody crimes and relationships with the Devil but,
more specifically, with the power to secretly
influence -- if not direct -- the life of whole
nations and the course of human history. Organized
Satanism and Satanism scares manifest themselves in
the history of the West in a cyclical way. Groups of
Satanists (normally quite small) are detected and
their activities are magnified by this modern
invention, the press (in later cycles, TV). As a
reaction, a Satanism scare arises, where
anti-Satanists usually grossly exaggerate both the
number and the power of the Satanists, insisting that
they are behind contemporary social movements they
perceive as disturbing. In a third phase,
anti-Satanism is disqualified by its own
exaggerations, becomes disreputable and opens the way
for new open activities of Satanists, thus for a new

The first important cycle starts with the activities
of a group of Satanists at the court of the French
King Louis XIV between 1662-1679. When the main
Satanists are tried for a number of crimes, press and
pamphlets guarantee an international notoriety to the
case. Between the end of the 17th century and the
beginning of 18th century a Satanism scare follows,
where anti-Satanists suspect Satanists (actually a few
dozens people in the French incident) to conspire in
the dark to promote Enlightenment skepticism and
anti-Christian culture and politics. Ultimately
anti-Satanist literature became so extreme as to be
easily discredited. This discrediting paved the way
for the occult revival of the years of the French

The Revolution, however (and the visibility of occult
and magical groups in the same years), prompted
another Satanism scare which lasted through the 1850s
and was revived in the 1890s. The Revolution,
Christian anti-Satanists argued, was so incredible
that it could not be a mere political phenomenon, and
a whole religious literature attributed it to the
conspiracy of secret societies such as the notorious
Illuminati or, more directly, to Satanists directed by
the Devil in person. Apparently, small groups of
Satanists were in fact active in France, Belgium and
possibly other countries in the 1850s. Their
activities caused the usual anti-Satanist

The Satanism scare (which tried to explain also the
surprising success of Spiritualism through Satanic
conspiracy theories) had a first scholarly phase where
Catholic intellectuals discussed theories on Satanism
and Satan’s influence. In a second phase -- after the
success of Joris Karl Huysmans’ novel Là-bas (1891)
had familiarized the public with Satanism and Black
Masses -- scholars were replaced by journalists. At
least two of the latter -- the notorious Léo Taxil
(1854-1907) and his co-conspirator Charles Hacks ("Dr.
Bataille") -- were clever frauds who, having spread
incredible tales about Satanists, later admitted to
have exploited the gullibility of certain Catholic
conservative readers for a variety of purposes. The
game could not go on indefinitely, and Taxil had to
admit the fraud in 1897. His confession discredited
the Satanism scares for decades and only after sixty
years a truly international scare manifested itself
again. A large sociological literature exists on the
Satanism scares of the 1970s-1990s, an over-reaction
to the visibility of contemporary Satanist
organizations dating from the foundation of
California’s Church of Satan in 1966 and a
manifestation of larger hostility to "cults".

By the early 1990s, the theory that underground
"generational" Satanic cults are widespread and prey
on day-care toddlers had been largely debunked by
social scientists and law enforcement agencies
throughout the United States and Europe. Memories
"recovered" in therapy of past "satanic" ritual abuses
are increasingly rejected as court evidence in both
United States and Europe. Only small pockets of
Christian counter-cult activists and fringe therapists
still believe in the factual reality of "satanic"
ritual abuses recovered during memory therapy.

Although the 1996 incidents have been greeted by these
groups with a we-told-you-so attitude, the scenario
was in fact quite different. The Satanism discovered
by Italian and French law enforcement agencies in 1996
is not the same Satanism exposed in the core books of
the anti-Satanist movement in the 1980s. It is also
different from "classic" Satanism of organizations
like Anton LaVey's Church of Satan or Michael Aquino’s
Temple of Set. The scenario introduced in the Satanism
scares of the 1980s postulated that Satanists are very
difficult to recognize. They are lawyers, doctors,
corporate executives. In fact, their activities are so
clandestine that they could be discovered only in
therapy by inducing their victims to recover
post-traumatic memories. The 1996 Satanists are, if
anything, too evident. Marco Dimitri and his followers
dress all in black, wear a plethora of Satanic
symbols, and have appeared as spokespersons for Satan
in popular Italian TV talk shows. While not as famous
as Dimitri, members of the Toulon gang also dressed
like a Satanist is supposed to dress.

Classic Satanism was born in California in the 1960s.
The Church of Satan was established in San Francisco
by Anton Szandor LaVey (1930-1997) in 1966 as a
development of an organization called The Magic Circle
that he co-founded in 1960 with Hollywood underground
film-maker Kenneth Anger. In 1975 most of the
leadership of the Church of Satan left LaVey's
organization and followed Michael Aquino into the
splinter group Temple of Set. The Church of Satan
became mostly a mail-order organization during the
1980s, but experienced a comeback of a sort in the
1990s through new leaders, the publication of the
newsletter The Black Flame, and the appearance of some
dozens of sister organizations throughout the world.
Although LaVey believed that Satan is only the
metaphor for a higher (and more selfish) human
potential, while Aquino maintains that Satan (or,
rather, Set) is a personal being, both are heavily
indebted for their worldviews and ceremonies to
British magus Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). While
Crowley did not believe in the personal existence of
Satan and despised Satanists, his rituals have been
adapted -- with the appropriate changes -- by almost
all modern Satanist groups.

At least before the mid-1980s members of classic
Satanist groups were typically middle class urbanites
in their forties and fifties. Except for ceremonies,
they would wear a jacket and a tie rather than black
leather "Satanic" clothings. This is certainly true
for European offshoots of classic Satanism such as the
two Churches of Satan based in Turin, Italy.
Additionally, their leadership needed to be rather
cultivated, since the magical works of authors such as
Crowley are not easy to grasp and require a solid
background in Western esotericism. The situation
somewhat changed in the late 1980s, when the Temple of
Set and some of the smaller groups inspired by the
Church of Satan realized that a sizeable youth
subculture potentially interested in Satanism existed
and tried, with mixed results, to get in touch with
it. The original Californian Church of Satan and the
Italian Churches of Satan, however, still largely
maintain the original character. By contrast the new
Satanist groups -- such as those "discovered" by the
police in Italy and France in 1996 -- are typically
lead by youths in their 30s, have as members mostly
teenagers, and it is extremely rare that their leaders
are well-educated in traditional Western occult lore.
They are much more interested in music.

The Gothic Milieu from the 1970s to the 1990s

The Gothic milieu (occasionally called the Dark Wave,
as a submilieu of the 1970’s New Wave) has largely
been created by rock music, although fiction, comics,
movies, Ã role-playing games and later the Internet
also had a relevant influence. Although the term
Gothic was created by outsiders, it was quickly
accepted by the movement, notwithstanding the fact
that the latter largely ignored 18th and 19th century
Gothic literature (with the possible exception of
Dracula, whose inclusion in the Gothic genre is
however disputed by contemporary critics). Gothic
music should not be confused with heavy metal. Metal
plays on the power of extreme human emotions and
feelings. Gothic concentrates on human reactions to
particular emotions associated with death, corpses,
blood, the macabre, and vampires. Although the Devil
is often mentioned, he is not always a key player in
the Gothic scene. Besides, Satan is mentioned in many
brands of rock music that are not Gothic (and so are
vampires, who make frequent guest appearances in heavy
metal music).

The origins of Gothic come from many different
sources. Gothic themes emerged around 1970 in England
and the United States with artists and groups like
Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath. Although these
musicians were not purely Gothic, fans of Alice Cooper
were largely responsible for introducing the Gothic
outlook, with its black-leather clothing and silver
earrings for males, in many European countries. In
1976 David Letts founded The Damned in England, a band
that was originally a punk group, but later focused
mostly on Gothic. Letts changed his name to David
Vanian (from "Transylvanian") and focused on the
vampire theme (although Nazi symbols were also
occasionally introduced). In the same year, Bernard
Sumner, Peter Hook, Ian Curtis (1957-1980) and Terry
Mason (later replaced by Stephen Morris) decided to
start a band in Manchester. Originally called Warsaw,
they changed their name to Joy Division in 1978 in
order not to be confused with a pre-existing London
punk group, Warsaw Pakt. The name came from the line
of huts were young deported women were forced to
prostitute themselves to German officers in Nazi
concentration camps. Notwithstanding the name, Joy
Division denied any Nazi sympathies and in fact
appeared at the Manchester Rock Against Racism benefit
concert in 1978. Although Joy Division occasionally
used Nazi paraphernalia on stage, its portrait of
Nazism was, if anything, sad, as evidenced from the
following lines of its hit "They Walked In Line":

All dressed in uniforms so fine,

they drank and killed to pass the time.

Wearing the shame of all their crimes

with measured steps they walked in line.

They walked in line.

They carried pictures of their wives,

and number tags to prove their lies.

And made it through the whole machine,

with dirty hearts and hands washed clean.

They walked in line.

Joy Division eluded classification, but its haunted
and ghostly atmospheres had a deep influence on later
Gothic. On May 18, 1980, just before Joy Division was
to leave England for their first U.S. tour, Ian Curtis
hung himself in his kitchen. Without its talented
singer and lyricist, replaced by Bernard Sumner, the
group continued as New Order and remained influential
on the alternative (but much less on the Gothic) music

In the years when Joy Division was becoming popular, a
more cultivated version of Gothic was introduced in
England by singer Suzie Sioux, "Siouxsie". Sioux came
from punk, and was inspired by groups like the Sex
Pistols. She was also a friend of Genesis P-Orridge,
an Aleister Crowley enthusiast and the founder of the
Temple of Psychick Youth (TOPY). Orridge's music — the
first wave of industrial, or "industrial culture" --
was as far from Gothic as possible, but his contacts
with Sioux did much to introduce Crowley in the Gothic
milieu. Later, Orridge will become an inspiration for
the birth of the "second wave" or industrial music,
much closer to the Gothic and, in fact, occasionally
labeled "industrial Gothic". This further subgenre
will emerge in the late 1980s around the Wax Trax
circle in Chicago, will become well-known with the
Nine Inch Nails of Trent Reznor and their influential
album Pretty Hate Machine (1989), and will eventually
triumph with Marylin Manson. In the late 1970s Sioux
founded Siouxsie and The Banshees. Robert Smith, the
leader of a much more famous band, the Cure, worked
with Siouxsie and the Banshees in 1983-1984 following
four influential Cure albums.

Largely responsible for defining Gothic as a genre was
Bauhaus, whose leader Peter Murphy continued as a
popular Gothic musician after the dissolution of the
group in 1983. By 1983 -- the year when another early
Gothic group, The Misfits, also separated -- Gothic
music was experiencing a boom. New groups emerged,
including The Sisters of Mercy and later, in 1988,
Dark Theater whose leader, Vlad, wears portable fangs
and claims to actually drink blood (originally only
from his wife, Lynda, who later divorced him and now
proclaim herself a "lesbian Goth"). Blood-drinkers
are, at any rate, a small distinct subculture within
the Gothic milieu, perhaps closer to sado-masochism
than to teenage Gothic.

While classic punk was experiencing a crisis, Gothic
groups, including the 45 Grave, inherited some of its
features and its fans. By 1990 the Gothic scene was
truly international, with bands in countries such as
Japan, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, Poland, Italy, in
addition to Germany, the United Kingdom, and the
United States. By 1990, the Gothic subculture was well
established with specialized magazines, including
Propaganda (established in New York by Fred H. Berger
and perhaps the most important voice for the Gothic),
and Ghastly.

Non-Gothic groups such as the Iron Maiden and Kiss
felt compelled to issue at least an album with Gothic
themes. But readers of Propaganda and other members of
the Gothic subculture typically skipped the most
famous groups as being too commercial. They rather
regarded themselves as part of an elite subculture,
lionized less well-known groups and remained apart
from the larger world of rock fans. Being part of the
Gothic milieu for many was not a Saturday evening
concert affair, but a permanent lifestyle. "True"
Goths dress in black every day of the week, wear
peculiar jewelry and use their own jargon. Rather
macabre allusions and jokes -- whose meaning is often
lost to outsiders -- are a trademark feature of their

Around 1990 the Gothic milieu, born from music,
started to be increasingly defined by its literary
preferences as well. Two Gothic role-playing games
focusing on vampires -- Ravenloft, that emerged in
1990 from the fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons, and
Vampire: The Masquerade, introduced by White Wolf in
1991 -- had an important influence on the milieu.
Considering the Gothic milieu's love affair with
horror literature (including frequent allusions in its
music to such classics as Dracula), it is surprising
that references to Stephen King are virtually
non-existent. King is probably just too popular for a
subculture glorying in its minority status. He also
insists that his novels do not promote any kind of
worldview. By contrast, Anne Rice -- who occasionally
does claim that she is introducing a worldview, with
increasingly apparent Gnostic and Kabbalistic
references -- is immensely popular in the Gothic
milieu. Classics of Gothic and horror literature, from
"Monk" Lewis to Lovecraft, are largely ignored, with
the occasional exception of Dracula.

Gothic events, including the 1989 Theatre of the
Vampires held in Long Beach, California, musicians
such as Tony Lestat (a main participant in the 1989
event and singer of Wreckage), shows such as Tony
Sokol's La Commedia Del Sangue: Dances From A Shallow
Grave - The Vampyr Theatre, Gothic bands such as
Lestat, and the Italian Theatre des Vampires, fanzines
such as Savage Garden (published in English in Milan
and now renamed Wistaria) all borrowed their names
(and much more) from Anne Rice. Later, in 1992,
another New Orleans female horror writer, Poppy Z.
Brite, wrote a cult novel for the Gothic milieu, Lost
Souls, featuring the encounter of real undead vampires
with the Gothic subculture of a small American town.

As of the mid-1990s the very success of the Gothic
threatens its existence as a separate genre in rock
music. Contemporary rock is eclectic, and it is often
difficult to tell what genre a group is all about.
Such labels as post-punk, dark metal, doom metal,
garage rock and trash are difficult to define and
often include Gothic themes. If anything, some of the
new labels mean to convey a passion for the outrageous
and the extreme, and regard the Gothic bands of the
1980s as moderate. The most extreme subgenre which
emerged in the 1980s is black metal, mixing heavy
metal and Gothic. Black metal is both musically and
culturally less sophisticated than Gothic, but fans
may switch from one to another and still remain part
of the same Gothic subcultural milieu.

Generally credited with starting black metal is a
British band, Venom. Formed in 1978 and originally
named Oberon, Venom assumed its name in 1980 and
introduced Satanism and the cult of death as a main
heavy metal theme. Their song "Black Metal" (1982)
defined the subgenre and became an anthem for the

Black is the night, metal we fight

Power amps set to explode.

Energy screams, magic and dreams

Satan records the first note.

We chime the bell, chaos and hell

Metal for maniacs pure.

Fast melting steel, fortune on wheels

Brain Hemorrhage is the Cure (Venom - Welcome to Hell,

Proclaiming themselves the "Sons of Satan", Venom
called to:

Live like an angel, die like a devil,

Got a place in hell reserved for me,

Live like an angel, die like a devil,

Gonna burn in Hell, that’s where I’m gonna be"

["Live Like An Angel (Die Like a Devil)," 1981, in
Venom- Welcome to Hell 1997].

Another of Venom’s most famous -- and both Satanic and
vampiric -- hits was "In League With Satan" (1981):

I’m in league with Satan

I was raised in Hell

I walk the streets of Salem

Amongst the living dead

I need no one to tell me

What’s wrong or right

I drink the blood of children

Stalk my prey at night (Venom - Welcome to Hell 1997).

Specialists of metal discuss whether after Venom there
is a difference between black metal and death metal,
the latter being more brutal, more interested in drugs
and sex, and more faithful to Venom’s original
inspiration. One problem is that some of the most
famous bands have evolved through the years. Bathory,
started in Sweden in 1983, was originally very much
influenced by Venom but by 1987, with Under the Sign
of the Black Mark, started evolving towards a new
style, later called "modern" or "Northern" black
metal. In 1990, with Hammerheart, an element of Viking
romanticism started playing a key role. The Swiss
group Hellhammer between 1982-1984 was one of the
bands defining black metal; renamed Celtic Frost in
1984 they quickly evolved out of black metal and
continued until 1993 insisting that they were not part
at all of the black metal scene. The early albums of
the German band Sodom, established in 1983, were black
metal, while their later productions could rather be
classified as speed metal, a different subgenre. By
contrast, Florida bands such as Death (established in
1985), Obituary, Deicide and Morbid Angel (who came to
Florida from North Carolina) are usually classified as
death (rather than black) metal. Contemporary doom
metal may be regarded as a later development of death

Black metal has become popular in segments of the
Gothic milieu in a number of countries, including
Greece, Brazil, France, Poland, Norway and Sweden. A
frequent feature of black metal, particularly in its
"modern" or "Northern" form, is extreme hostility to
Jesus Christ and Christianity. The anti-Christian
theme keeps together different worldviews. Some black
metal groups are pagan; others are Satanist. Some are
not interested in politics, while others are overtly
neo-Nazi or promote a nationalism rooted in
pre-Christian Northern Europe. In Norway-- and
subsequently in other countries -- the anti-Christian
activities of some black metal groups took the illegal
form of "esoterrorism", or esoteric terrorism. Two
black metal groups -- Emperor and Burzum -- were
involved in burning Christian churches, including
historical monuments, and in desecrating Christian
cemeteries. Emperor one-time member, Bård Eithun,
killed a gay man who approached him at night in a
Lillehammer street in 1992. Vandalizing graveyards
seems to be a popular activity in segments of the
black metal milieu in a number of countries, including
Italy and France. Varg Vikernes ("Count Grishnackh",
or "The Count"), the leader of Burzum -- who somewhat
converted from Satanism to "a National Socialist form
of racialist Odinism" --, not only was involved in the
burning of at least ten churches, but was later
sentenced to 21 years of prison after killing in 1993
fellow black metal musician Oystein Aarseth,
"Euronymous". Although the press liberally described
the homicide as "Satanic" and "ritual" -- and Varg
himself claimed that the unfortunate Euronymous was a
"false Satanist" and a "communist" --, in fact the
main reason for the crime was a quarrel over money and
the management of the musical label Deatlik Silence.
Varg remains a popular character in the black metal
milieu, and continues to write music and articles for
the specialized fanzines from jail. In 1997 he
published his "sacred text", Vargsmål, and announced
that he had discovered a forerunner and (alleged)
pioneer racialist Odinist in Vidkun Quisling
(1887-1945), whose very name is synonymous of
collaboration with the Nazis, not only in Norway. From
a musical point of view, Mayhem -- Euronymous’ band,
started in 1984 and coming back in 1994 after
Euronymous’ death -- remains the most influential
model of "modern" Black Metal. In 1990 they recorded
Live in Leipzig which included one of their most
famous songs, "Carnage":

Witchcraft, blood and Satan

Meet the face of Death






(...) Winds of war, winds of hate

Armageddon, tales from Hell

The wage of mayhem, the wage of sin

Come and hear, Lucifer’s sings (Mayhem, "Live in

The earlier "Deathcrush" (1987) was not more

Demonic laughter your cremation

Your lungs gasp for air but are filled with blood

A sudden crack as I crushed your skull.

(...) Death, nicely crucified

Death, heads on stakes.

The barbecue has just begun.

Deathcrush - Deathcrush — Deathcrush (Mayhem,
"Deathcrush", 1987).

As the fate of Euronymous sadly confirmed, violence in
the Norwegian black metal scene was not purely a
matter of lyrics. Without burning churches, groups
such as Bekhira and Osculum Infame in France, or
Marduk in Sweden are not less anti-Christian. A 1995
CD of Marduk (evolving from a 1991 demo) is called
Fuck Me Jesus, and its cover shows a young girl
masturbating with a crucifix. A look at the catalogue
of the French musical distributor Osmose Productions
(specialized in black metal) shows bands with names
such as Impaled Nazarene (from Finland), Rotting
Christ (from Greece), Diabolos Rising (with musicians
from Greece and Finland), Fallen Christ (and a number
of references to Aleister Crowley). In France some
industrial rock bands, including Dissonant Elephants
and Non, have jumped onto the anti-Christian
bandwagon, although with a different musical style. In
1996 Dissonant Elephants released a CD, Our Eyes Like
Daggers, with liberal quotes from the ubiquitous
Aleister Crowley and a cover featuring Jesus Christ on
the cross with a clown-like red nose. The activities
of these groups are among the reasons for the
establishment of a Catholic Anti-Defamation League in
France in 1997.

On the other hand, it is important to note that black
metal is not really representative of the Gothic
milieu in general. It is a small segment, a subculture
within a subculture. There is a larger number of
musical and other groups inspired by Anne Rice, whose
worldview is not anti-Christian but rather a brand of
gnostic Christianity (as suggested in Rice's novel
Memnoch the Devil, 1995). Black metal is also
anti-Jewish, with frequent references in its fanzines
to the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, while
Rice's 1996 novel Servant of the Bones is a tribute to
Jewish esoteric culture. Black metal also emphasizes
Satanic and pagan symbols and has no colours but
black, while the mainstream Gothic subculture,
influenced by the glam rock music of Kiss, and by Tom
Cruise's movie portrait of Anne Rice's vampire Lestat,
increasingly includes elaborate and baroque ways of
dressing, quite far away from the old black leather

The Gothic Milieu as a Metanetwork and the Emergence
of Gothic Movements

The Gothic milieu is loosely organized. Its main
organizing agents are magazines such as Propaganda,
but more obscure fanzines with limited circulation
also have an important influence. It could be
described as a network, or -- more accurately -- as a
metanetwork, where participants in different networks
convene. There is, for instance, a recognizable
network of Anne Rice fans, and thousands attend the
yearly Gatherings of the Coven organized in New
Orleans by The Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat Fan Club
(established in 1988) and by the Louisiana writer
herself. Most of these fans dress like the vampire
Lestat only once a year, and have no contacts with the
larger Gothic milieu. Some, however, do adopt a Gothic
lifestyle. For them the network of Anne Rice fans is
the door to enter the larger metanetwork of the Gothic
subculture. Similar comments are in order for the many
fans of Gothic role-playing games such as Ravenloft or
Vampire: The Masquerade. (There are also darker
role-paying games for the black metal milieu, but
their following is not very large). Hundreds of
thousands of them certainly do not dress in black, and
are not even interested in Gothic music. But, again,
active involvement in these role-playing communities
(and their lively exchange over the Internet) may
become a door to access the Gothic metanetwork.

This does not mean that every fan of role-playing
games is on his or her way to become a Satanist. This
view is promoted by professional anti-Satanists such
as Pat Pulling who, after the suicide of her son Bink
in 1982, founded BADD (Bothered About Dungeons and
Dragons), claiming that role-playing games were
literally "stalking our children for Satan." Groups
like BADD are part of a larger Evangelical
counter-cult (and anti-Satanist) scene and seems to
have become less influential in recent years. At any
rate, it is when fans of Gothic music also become
interested in Anne Rice, and when Ravenloft players
start attending Gothic clubs and dressing in black
that the metanetwork really takes shape. As mentioned
earlier, participation in one of the Gothic networks
does not necessarily mean that one takes the next step
and becomes a participant in the metanetwork or part
of the Gothic milieu.

Further, being part of the Gothic milieu does not mean
that one joins a particular movement. Dressing mostly
in black, wearing silver jewelry with macabre themes,
and focusing musical preferences on Gothic groups not
well-known in rock's mainline market are the
trademarks of the Gothic milieu. In Stark and
Bainbridge terms, many or most participants in the
Gothic milieu only participate in audience or client
cults, not in cult movements. Occasionally, however,
movements emerge, but they only involve a minority of
those who participate in the milieu.

It seems appropriate to distinguish between
pre-existing movements recruiting in the Gothic
milieu, and movements born from the milieu itself.
Among the first are some "old" Satanist and neo-pagan
groups. As mentioned earlier, some classic Satanist
groups have realized that the Gothic milieu may be an
interesting ground for recruiting new members. The
Temple of Set has designed its Web page in order to
attract the Gothic subculture, and on February 1, 1997
Don Webb, High Priest of the Temple of Set, introduced
his movement at the Hellhouse of Hollywood, a (now
defunct) California bookstore typically catering to
Gothic clients. Classic Satanist groups are quite
small, and even the addition of a few new members
could be significant in order to preserve their very
existence. Their success in recruiting in the Gothic
milieu is not, however, spectacular.

Most Gothic bands are not particularly interested in
Satan or Satanism. Some black metal fringes certainly
are, but they typically scorn organizations like the
Church of Satan or the Temple of Set as "moderate" or
"liberal" Satanism. Uww, the founder of French black
metal fanzine Deo Occidi (published in English),
contrasts "liberal Satanism" and "fascist Satanism"
and embraces the latter. The "liberal Satanism" of
classic American movements is regarded as extreme
individualism and as a shameless apology for
capitalism. Uww also mentions that Anton LaVey is a
"moderate Jew". Additionally, classic Satanism is
accused of dealing only in words. Black metal prefers
actions and events, and clearly admire Scandinavian
esoterrorism. It is also against capitalism,
liberalism, democracy, and Judaism according to
classic European Nazi models. Small Satanist groups
catering to the black metal Satanist fringe include
the Black Order, the Order of the Nine Angles, the
Ordo Sinistra Vivendi (formerly the Order of the Left
Hand Path), and the Order of the Jarls of Balder. None
of them has more than fifty members and all belong to
a network called The Infernal Alliance. Although this
wing of Satanism had its most important centers in the
U.S. and New Zealand, combining fringes of classic
Satanism and black metal, it is now present in
European countries such as the United Kingdom and
France. Most of these groups are openly Nazi. In the
version of the Black Mass of the Order of the Nine
Angles, participants affirm their belief that "Adolf
Hitler was sent by the Gods to lead us into
greatness". In bad but not difficult to understand
Latin, they worship Hitler together with Lucifer. The
priest gives the cup to the priestess with the words:
"Suscipe, Lucifer, munus quod tibi offerimus memoriam
recolentes, Adolphus". All reply: "Hail Hitler".

Some neo-pagan groups have also attracted individual
members of the Gothic milieu. This is particularly
true for continental European and Scandinavian Odinist
movements (who have in turn attracted portions of the
black metal fringe), while the British and American
Wicca is largely remote from the Gothic style.
English-speaking neo-paganism and Wicca have matured
beyond their early anti-Christian phase, while it is
precisely the anti-Christian theme of continental
neo-paganism that may occasionally attract black metal

An interesting, if controversial, movement is the
Temple of the Vampire based in Lacey, Washington, and
not to be confused with the Order of the Vampyres
within the Temple of Set. The Temple appears to have
been created outside the Gothic milieu but with the
specific purpose of attracting members of it. Its
founder, Lucas Martel, is a former member of the
Church of Satan, and like LaVey's, his is a largely a
mail-order organization. It claims to continue an
ancient religion called Hekal Tiamat and to keep its
sacred book, the Shurpu Kishpu. The Temple is not
Satanist; it mostly teaches how to contact the Vampire
Gods through a ritual in seven steps. The crucial step
is the fourth, where the celebrant offers to the
Vampire Gods his or her own life force and the life
force he or she has captured from other weaker human
beings. Signs such as "ringing in ears" or "unusual
pulling sensations at the solar plexus" confirm that
the Vampire Gods have accepted the offering. The
Temple's worldview is also apocalyptic, since "we are
now approaching the Final Harvest", when "the human
stock shall be drained in a carnage of energy release
unlike anything seen before". The energy released by
killed humans would allow the Vampire Gods to descend
and rule on Earth with their faithful followers, the
initiates. "The humans shall (...) continue to serve
as slave and food" when "the Great Undead Gods shall
return to their mighty thrones of Power." Given the
popularity of the vampire theme, many in the Gothic
milieu check out the Temple of the Vampire. Few stay,
fearing that the mail-order scheme may simply be a
money-making business, or disagreeing with the brutal
worldview. After all, in contemporary literature
"postmodern" vampires are often depicted as not
entirely evil, but caring for humans (Chelsea Quinn
Yarbro's Saint-Germain) or at least psychologically
ambiguous (Anne Rice's Lestat).

Finally, a number of movements have really and
entirely originated from portions of the Gothic
milieu. While some of these movements are pagan and
anti-Christian but not technically Satanist --
including The Sacred Order of Emerald in France --
most claim to be Satanist. One of them, however, the
French Confrérie spirituelle sataniste les Croisades
de la Nouvelle Babylone, declares to promote the
"unification" of "Satanists, Luciferians, pagans and
neo-pagans." The larger Satanist group emerging from
the Gothic milieu has been, before its disruption by
the Italian police in 1996, Marco Dimitri's Luciferian
Children of Satan (Bambini di Satana Luciferiani -
BSL). BSL grew in the 1980s from Dimitri's precocious
interest in Aleister Crowley and classic Satanism. But
it proclaimed that classic Satanism was a thing of the
past, and that a new, bolder Satanism was required.
The history of BSL is a paradoxical tribute to the
power of the media. BSL was originally a small, local
group. It was only when, from 1989, it was targeted by
the Catholic milieu of Bologna (Dimitri’s city and
home to the largest Italian Catholic counter-cult
group, GRIS) and later by secular anti-cultists that
BSL attracted the interest of the national press. This
lead to Dimitri’s participation in some of the most
popular Italian TV talk shows as a spokesperson for

While classic Satanists in Italy have wisely avoided
the media (and criticized Dimitri for not following
their example), Dimitri was only too eager to oblige
talk shows host desperately in need of someone "from
the other side" to animate prime time shows on
Satanism which would be boring if limited to
anti-cultists and theologians. The "success" of some
talk show appearances as astonishing. True, Dimitri
was generally ridiculed by hosts and fellow guests
alike. But -- among millions of viewers -- he never
failed to attract a dozen or more teenagers who later
contacted him at his not-too-confidential Bologna
address. The Italian black metal milieu somewhat
adopted Dimitri as a fellow traveler, despite
reservations by some. By 1996 BSL had grown to some
200 members over North and Central Italy. In 1992
Dimitri was arrested for obscenity, but this was not a
serious matter. Much more serious is the prosecution
started against him and fellow members in 1996, citing
rape of a female follower unwilling to fully comply
with her sexual duties as priestess and the
participation of children in rituals. On 20 June 1997
a jury of the court of Bologna found all defendants in
the Children of Satan case not guilty of rape and
child abuse. The leader, Marco Dimitri, was however
found guilty of a minor tax offense. The prosecutor,
herself an active participant in Bologna’s anti-cult
milieu, appealed the decision, but lost again in 2000.
It is certainly true that the BSL book Vangelo
Infernale (Infernal Gospel) -- intended for private
circulation only -- at least symbolically suggests
that sexual abuse and pedophilia may be part of an
acceptable Satanic lifestyle. Vangelo Infernale is not
a particularly memorable esoteric text, and it is
unlikely that it may have attracted much interest.
Ultimately, there were the anti-Satanist campaigns of
secular anti-cult and Catholic counter-cult movements
that introduced the BSL to the media and made them
more well-known than they originally were.

On the other hand, the burning of churches in Norway,
and the profanation of cemeteries in Southern France,
confirm that, although small, some movements arising
from the Gothic milieu, particularly from some of its
black metal fringes, are indeed dangerous and may be
involved in criminal activities. Law enforcement
agencies are to be commended if they keep a watch on
these movements, particularly those combining Satanism
and neo-Nazism. Undue media emphasis on their
activities could, on the other hand, backfire and
induce copycat remakes of their most spectacular
deeds. It would surely be unfair to blame the
activities of a small group of movements, including a
few hundreds members throughout the world, to all
neo-pagan or occult organizations, whose activities
are normally carried out within the limits of laws. It
would be even more unfair to regard the most extreme
Nazi or Satanic fringe of black metal as
representative of the entire Gothic milieu (and indeed
of the entire black metal subgenre, where many groups
are neither Nazi nor Satanist). Although
unconventional in its way of dressing and lifestyle --
designed, as with previous movements, to shock adults
and express teenagers' independence -- the Gothic
milieu is not normally engaged in criminal activities,
nor primarily interested in Satan or Adolf Hitler. The
evolution of horror literature may also exert a
positive influence on the Gothic milieu. The heroes of
this literature, in its postmodern versions, are no
longer monsters who, like the Judeo-Christian Satan,
are totally evil, but psychologically complicated
characters -- epitomized by Anne Rice's Lestat --
caught in the middle of eternal dilemmas about good
and evil. One such character is Angel, the only
vampire portrayed sympathetically in the Gothic fad of
the late 1990s for teenagers, the TV series Buffy the
Vampire Slayer (which, of course, also has a
significant non-Gothic — and non-teenager --
following). The other role model in the series are
vampire slayers such as Buffy, or techno-pagans good
girls such as Buffy’s best friend, Willow, who
combines witchcraft and high computer literacy in
order to battle evil vampires and other preternatural
creatures. Following the evolution of its preferred
fiction, the Gothic milieu -- no longer dressed only
in black -- may simply become, as other previous
countercultural movements, a collective rite of
passage introducing teenagers to meaningful questions
about life and death.




Kevin Warwick: The ITWales Interview (12/20/2006)

by Sali Earls

Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics at Reading
University, is a well known and celebrated UK
scientist. His pioneering research into neural implants has led to him receiving his own implant which linked his nervous system to the internet, in effect making him a human cyborg.

Warwick delivered a public lecture at the recent
Christmas event of the South Wales branch of the
British Computer Society, organised by ITWales and
held at the National Waterfront Museum. In his
presentation to an audience of more than 200, Warwick
discussed his own implants and the ethical issues
surrounding the possible future of "upgraded humans".

Following the lecture, Professor Warwick spoke to Sali
Earls about his work, his media notoriety and his
plans for the future.

The idea of cybernetics sounds a bit like science
fiction to many. How would you define your subject?

Cybernetics is historically defined as controls and
communications in humans and machines, and for me in
the subject that really involves humans and technology
interacting in many ways. Particularly in biomedical
areas - the use of technology for medicine, and
helping people in one way or another - but also
looking at all sorts of technological entities from a
systems point of view, and how it operates when a
human is in the loop. So, this includes things like
robotics and artificial intelligence - one of my main

It does overlap with science fiction. I think science
fiction in this area particularly is looking to the
future, to the world of intelligent machines, and
questioning how that compares with human intelligence;
and the world of cyborgs - cybernetic organisms - part
human, part machine which is tremendously exciting and
something I'm keen to get involved with more and more.

In the lecture you talked about the implant you had in
2002 for three months. Why did you feel it necessary
to undergo such a procedure yourself?

It's one of those things, if you're trying something
like this for the first time, you need to experience
it yourself. We were sending signals down onto the
nervous system and up into the brain, and experiencing
it for yourself has perhaps two main features.

One is that it is of course very dangerous - I don't
perhaps make anything of that - and to be honest,
having one of the researchers or somebody else that
didn't need to carry out the experiment involved, and
something went wrong - which it could easily do - I
don't know how I could live with myself. If it goes
wrong and it's me involved, then OK. I made the
choice, I wanted to do the research, and if something
went wrong, so be it.

That's one aspect, but also looking at extra sensory
input for example, or communicating in a new way,
actually experiencing it for myself and understanding
what it feels like is tremendously exciting, and I
actually get to benefit from it.

You talk about the danger aspect of such an
experiment. I'm sure you know that a lot of people
would consider you to be a little bit nuts, but
perhaps many are not aware of the inherent danger that
goes with a lot of groundbreaking research.

Yes. This is a little bit "Jekyll and Hyde". From a
scientific point of view you don't know how it's going
to work out. If Dr Jekyll had succeeded, it would have
been a completely different story.

I've been lucky so far with the experiments we have
done, I've come out of them OK, but the next one may
not be so lucky. You have to take that risk, and some
people may ridicule what you're doing - if you get it
wrong they think you're an idiot, and if you get it
right they seem to disregard it. But so be it. I'm not
really bothered about that, I'm really interested in
doing the work - that's what gets me excited.

When you had the implant, your wife also underwent a
similar procedure temporarily and you and she
communicated nervous system to nervous system. Can you
explain what happened and how it felt?

I guess one of the things that I'd always been excited
by all my life were the first experiments that were
conducted by Sam Morse with the telegraph system, and
then with Alexander Graham Bell actually coming up
with the telephone system, and making that step
forward. So to be in the position later on to do
something, not only similar, but in some regards you
could consider it as surpassing that was a fantastic

We had my implant which linked my nervous system
electrically directly with the computer and onto the
internet, and my wife Irina, who also had electrodes
pushed into her nervous system to link her nervous
system to the computer and the internet, and we
essentially linked our nervous systems together
directly, electrically. We had an electrical circuit
which linked us directly, so that when she moved her
hand, the neural signals from her brain went from her
nervous system and appeared on my nervous system, and
therefore up to my brain.

So her brain signals travelled electrically to
stimulate my nervous system and brain, and when she
moved her hand three times, I felt in my brain three
pulses, and my brain recognised that my wife was
communicating with me. It was the world's first purely
electronic communication from brain to brain, and
therefore the basis for thought communication.

Do you think that over time, humans will develop a way
of interpreting these communications appropriately?
From what you've said, it seems as if you can
experience things via neural implants that you can't
entirely understand or verbalise.

In the first instance I think it will be quite
trivial, like a telegraphic communication, and maybe
even repeating a telephonic, almost a speech type of
communication, but without actually talking, just
going from brain to brain. That shouldn't be too
difficult to achieve.

It's then the big question of how much further we can
go, because if we're transmitting signals brain to
brain in a parallel way, it open up the possibility of
pictorial, graphical, colourful communication from
brain to brain. That's really going to be exciting as
people learn how to recognise those signals in a whole
new way.

It's very difficult to know exactly where it's going
to go, this is really just opening up a whole new
world of possibilities of communicating in a much
richer way. Just as 130 years ago, Alexander Graham
Bell opened up a world with the first telephone call,
I doubt he could have imagined that it would have led
to television, the internet, and communicating via
videophones. If we look 100 years into the future, it
would be difficult to imagine what this all might lead

One possible future that you touched on in the BCS
lecture, is the upgrading of humans to the point that
we end up with cyborgs being the norm, and remaining
humans as some sort of subspecies. Do you really think
this is likely, and what sort of timescale do you
think we're looking at?

I think it's a distinct possibility. This is an
exciting technology that will stretch humankind. I
don't think it will make the poor poorer, but it
certainly will give those that can afford it
intellectual abilities way beyond what they have. I
also think that it may not only stretch society, but
it may break it into two groups. It could happen very

We're looking at the first thought communication
experiments within a decade, so within ten years they
will have been conducted, if not by me they will have
been done by others - it is going to happen. Within
twenty years I would think that this could start to
become a commercial reality, so you can go and have a
little thing injected into your head, and communicate
with other people just by thinking. That will be
tremendously powerful, but those that don't have it
really will start to be left behind. I would have
thought that this two tier society could be with us
certainly by 2050. In a way, I don't really see a
problem with it - if people want to upgrade, why not?
Let's have more senses and a new way of communicating.
If people don't want to do it, then it's their choice.

If this happens, I guess a lot of it will come down to
the commercialisation of these technologies, and how
responsibly they are sold and used.

I think it does present enormous commercial
opportunity, and of course you have ethical questions
- 'should or shouldn't you do this?'. The commercial
opportunities have ethical questions in themselves, as
they bring in profit not only for the companies
involved but also within countries. So if it's a UK
company that launches a thought communication device
that takes off, they will make enormous sums of money,
which will be good for the country, which is what we
hope would happen. Ethical questions change from
whether this is a good thing or not to the fact that
it will affect humans in a very big way.

Staying with ethical concerns, in the lecture you
demonstrated very powerfully that people are currently
benefiting from implants in a therapeutic sense. Could
you explain the research in this area, and how
therapeutic implants evolve over time?

At the moment there is an implant that can be pushed
right into the middle of the brain - in the
subthalamic nucleus is one potential area - and it
provides a stimulation that counteracts the tremor
effects of Parkinson's Disease to the extent that many
patients can lead a normal life, and so they leave the
implant switched on all the time. The number of people
benefiting from that is now increasing - surgeon's are
getting very good and deciding which people can
benefit from it, the exact frequency of stimulation,
and the positioning of it. There is now research into
the long term effects of this therapy.

There is also research into neural implants and
epilepsy, which is looking extremely positive, and
there are all sorts of possibilities for applications
of this sort of implant. It could help people with
other types of dystonia or multiple sclerosis - there
is a whole range of diseases and problems that could
be tackled in one way or another.

When you look at implants it opens up the area of
paralysis, whether through an illness or as a result
of an accident, and they have lesions in their nervous
system. I think we're going to see in the very near
future, the possibility of bridging over the lesions
and at least restoring some of the original function,
and at the same time allowing the person who was
paralysed to control their environment to a certain
extent - to switch on lights or drive their car, just
by thinking. We're going to see those types of
technology coming into play.

The nature of your research has led you to have quite
a high profile in the media, and your work is often
discussed on sites like The Register, but they don't
seem to take you particularly seriously. How do you
feel about this, and what's the knock on effect on
your work?

The work does seem to have a high profile, which I
guess is understandable. I think that anybody
commenting on a regular basis on what I do must have
an interest in it. At least every month there is a
comment about me on The Register, and I think that if
they didn't think there was any value whatsoever in
what I do, there wouldn't be any comments at all.

It's understandable - I am doing some radical
experiments, and some people may think they are a
little bit strange, so it's good that sites like The
Register question what I'm doing and whether it's
right. It's another way of looking at it, that I think
is probably a very good thing, and I applaud it. I
love it that we live in a society where there are
opportunities for people to question in this kind of
way. At the same time, it does bring attention to the
work that I'm doing - people may look at The Register,
and find out more about my work as a result, then
perhaps come along to a presentation that I'm giving,
or have a look at one of my papers and find out that
there's a bit more to it than The Register was
probably implying.

I'm thankful to The Register for pointing out the
research I am doing. Perhaps most people that look at
the site have considerable technological nouse as it
were, and so for them to find out more about what I'm
doing is not a bad thing as far as I'm concerned.

What's next for Kevin Warwick?

I'm involved in a whole range of projects at the
moment. One of them that is now ongoing is culturing
neural networks - that is actually growing artificial
brains from biological tissue - and we're working on
that to control a little robot. So rather than have a
robot controlled by a computer brain, the robot will
be controlled by a biological brain. That to me is
tremendously exciting.

In the implant world, we're working with surgeons on
an improved implant for Parkinson's Disease that can
predict the tremors before they occur, and then
counteract them before they actually happen, so it's
not stimulating all the time and hence not using up
power constantly, it's just monitoring and then
stimulates when appropriate, so it has to be able to
predict what the human brain is doing.

For my own implant, I see that as being about seven or
eight years away. I do believe firmly that we can
carry out a first experiment in thought communication
involving brain to brain communication. It will
require a brain implant, and I am certainly on for it,
and I'm really excited and looking forward to it. I
really want to experience signals from somebody else's
brain appearing in my brain - I want to get there

Find out more about Kevin Warwick and his work at

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Us Sec of Navy admits they oversee mind control research (12/22/2006)

Omega-News: US Sec of Navy admits they oversee mind
control research


Sec of Navy admits they oversee mind control research

Here below is a link to a document, made available
on the web by the Federation of American Scientists,
in which the Secretary of the U.S. Navy admits in
writing that the Navy is the authority giving
approval for research in "severe and unusual
intrusions" on human subjects, such as mind control

Mind control is an important weapon in the 21st
century. Mind control includes electromagnetic
devices which can affect the brain and physical
functioning, some pharmaceuticals, some behaviour
modification "conditioning" and "chaining", and
regular hypnotic techniques. Some of these may be
used in conjunction with others.

Research into mind control has a valid defense
purpose, of course.

For example, the worst excesses of World War 2 could
all have been achieved from behind the scenes by
mind controllers. It is worth noting that mind
controllers get used to enjoying complete
concealment, and therefore never do the dirty work

Highly intelligent people, and highly telepathic
people, were early found to be easier to
mind-control (in the 1940s this would have included
Jews and gypsies, for example). These days, with
electromagnetic and pharmaceutical tools, almost
anybody can be susceptible.

It is an indictment of current governments that
young people are still not warned of this danger,
therefore are naive and susceptible, and cannot
protect themselves through knowledge from mind
control situations.

We will know we have honest governments when schools
routinely teach young people, "You can be controlled
against your will - watch for these danger signs and
be careful."

Crimes are quite often performed by a person who is
mind controlled and does not know he is committing
the crime. Afterwards he might be instructed to
forget and the amnesia might last many years. Other
crimes are often covered up using mind-control in

Physical assaults can be committed by knowing people
using mind control directly, too. As an example,
perhaps a victim is in the middle of conversation
when he is suddenly plunged into a trance state,
then something is injected into his body. When he is
brought back to conscious functioning he is unaware
he has been attacked. He may be conscious only of
experiencing a little difficulty in speech or
concentration for a few seconds.

Here following is the evidence that military
research is overseen in the USA by the Navy, in case
people have not seen it:

Page 9:

(2) The Under Secretary of the Navy (UNSECNAV) is
the Approval Authority for research involving:

(a) Severe or unusual intrusions, either physical or
psychological, on human subjects (such as
consciousness-altering drugs or mind-control


Lyn Milnes in New Zealand


Secret documents of the SRIA Illuminati revealed for the first time! (12/22/2006)

Note: copy and paste the images below and enlarge them in order to read them better




Eid-ul Adha (12/23/2006)

From : Ä°.Halili on behalf of the master
To : All brothers and sisters on the
path of Halveti Cerrahi
Subject : Celebration (EID-UL ADHA) 31
December 2006 / 10 Zilhicce 1427

This year, according to Istanbul local time, the
sunrise will occur at 07:21 (GMT+2) and
Bairam Prayer, (Prayer of Eid ul Adha) will be at
08:16 (GMT+2)

Es selamu aleykum wa Rahmetullahi wa barakatu-HU

Dearest brothers and sisters, may ALLAH (C.C.) keep
you in his mercy and fill our hearts with joy, love
and gratitude, blessed Bairam (Eid-ul Adha).

This year we are going to celebrate and imitate the
day of ARIFE (which is the day before Bairam) at the
tomb of Hz.PIR all together and do the prayers (DUA)
like Hz.PIR used to do at the place. (Outside of the
old city walls, where still there is a sign)

Hazrat-I PIR used to do the ARAFAT prayers at the time
of ASIR Prayer (ikindi namazi) like the pilgrims
(Hajj) are doing at ARAFAT. He did this for the people
who are not able to go to Mecque because of the
financial difficulties.

Thousands of people and Cerrahi dervishes used to pray
just behind Hz.Pir Kaddes Allahu Sirrahu ( K.S.) (May
Allah sacred his holy soul).As a miracle; the plain of
ARAFAT and KA'ABA were appearing to the all of them
and they were seeing themselves as being on the plain
of ARAFAT like they were in pilgrimage. So many poor
Muslims who could not afford to go far HAJJ were
enjoying being so at the Arafat and performing their
Hajj prayers.

This miracle of Hz. Pir (K.S.) became well known in
the hearts, so lots of people surrounded him ( K.S.)
in those days. But as usual, some of the more envious
and jealous people conspires to inform the Sultan of
the time, that there is a sheikh who was becoming very
powerful and getting thousands of people around him
and could be danger in the future.
Sultan ordered; commissioners, The Sheikh-ul MaShaikh
(The Chief of the Sheikh's Commission) and the
Sheik-ul Islam (the chief religious official in the
Ottoman Empire) to examine him and report what it
occurs at the time when the prayers start.
At the time they arrived at that holy place, Hz. PIR
(K.S) knew and was waiting for them, and as soon as
they arrived, he said: "ALLAHU AKBAR" and started the
prayer, all of them saw themselves like they were in
ARAFAT. As a result, most of them left their positions
in the employment of the Sultan and became dervishes
of Hz. PIR ( K.S.) and at a later stage; even the
Sultan became a dervish of Hz. PIR (K.S.).

And so, the tradition continued every year, at the
same place, during his life in this world. And after
he left this world, the tradition continued, every
year, at the same time, at the tomb of Hz. PIR
MUHAMMED NUREDDIN CERRAHI ( K.S.) we make this special prayer, emulating and enjoying this special memory.
Even if we are not able to see with worldly eyes
ourselves at Arafat but , ALLAH (C.C.) gives us the
happiness to pray and open our hands at the same time
as all the people praying in Arafat, and we feel that
our hearts are with them and close to ALLAH( C.C.) by
means of submitting our souls to his order saying:
"Labbaika Allahomma Labbaik. Labbaik La Shareeka Laka
Labbaik. Innal-Hamdah, Wan-Nematah, Laka wal Mulk, La
Shareeka Laka." ("Here I am at Thy service O Allah,
here I am. Here I am at Thy service and Thou hast no
partners. Thine alone is All Praise and All Bounty,
and Thine alone is The Sovereignty. Thou hast no

So, anyone who prays in same way, even though they are
not in the Asitane, who are thinking and praying for
those in Arafat, for all believers, we hope very much,
ALLAH ( C.C.) will bring us together, not only here,
but also in the other world, with those good people
who are beholding the Jamalullah (C.C.) and
Jamalurresulallah (S.A.V.) in Jannah. Amin.

What we do in the Asitane (at the house of Hz. PIR) at
the day of Arafah (the day before Bairam/Eid) and the
next day's early morning of first day of Bairam fest
and the fallowing second, third and fourth days as

a-Day before the Bairam (Eid) , which we call it
"Arafah"; it is the same day that all people in Mecca
for pilgrimage (Hajj) they all climb to this holy
place called ARAFAT Mountain, they all reach till
sunset, it is the most important obligatory part of
Hajj Programme, absolute Routine. (Farida). No one can
say that he becomes a "Hajji" unless he stays in
Arafat until sunshade; otherwise he can not say "I
accomplished all farida of my Hajj as an ATTENDENT of
HAJJ" according Qu'ran-i Karem.
It's the place where Hz.ADAM (A.S.) and HZ.EVE met
each other after they had been lost for long years.
Hz. ADAM was looking all around, praying for her in
very difficult conditions until he remembered the sign
of unity at the door of heaven – written:


After this prayer he did cried by heart, so ALLAH
(C.C.) let them meet each other at the Mountain of
Arafat. Al Hamdulillah.

The followings are the holy days&nights:
a) The lunar month of Ramadan, especially the
last ten nights.
The "Layl-at Al-Qadr" (Night of Power) is among these
ten nights. Praying on Layl at Al-Qadr is more
meritorious then praying for one thousand months.
b) The first nights of the two Bairams (Eid).
Whom spends these two nights in prayer and in
submission to God, will be rewarded and his request
c) The first ten nights of lunar month of Dhu
d) The day preceding the first day of the
Festival (Bairam) of Sacrifice (Eid ul-Adha)
e) The 15th night of the lunar month of Shabaan
f) The night of the lunar month of Shabaan
g) The night of the first Friday and the 15 th
and 27th nights of the lunar month of Radjab.
h) Friday nights. (The night connecting Thursday
to Friday)


The Arabic word for sacrifice is "Qurbaan" which comes
from the word "Qarib" means to be close to, like a
relative. Hz. Ibrahim ( A.S.) was ordered to sacrifice
everything in order to come close to ALLAH (C.C.).
Thus the intention used to make sacrifice (Qurbaan) is
CLOSE TO YOU". This is for His Ridza (Pleasure,
Acceptance) and "Yakeen" (Certainty).

The money that we have and spend for the qurbaan is
from Him and we are spending it, with the will He gave
us in His way of order. So we must submit to ALLAH (
C.C.) without thinking of any benefit and place
releases submit ourselves entirely in His Hands.

In former times when someone wished to become a
dervish of a sheikh, he/she used to offer a qurbaan
when taking hand (Beyat), as a symbol of initiation.
It means "I submit myself to your teachings and to
your orders. What ever you say I will never deny or
refuse according to the Quran."

It is also Wacib for a person who is charged for
giving Sadaqat-ul Fitr.

To sacrifice an animal means slaughtering an animal,
worth sacrificing, within three days of Eid-ul Adha
with the intention of worship.

These who can not to do slaughtering themselves, may
hold the hand of the person who will perform the
slaughtering and say: "I am giving permission to you
to sacrifice my sheep on my behalf." And the other man
has to accept this permission and say it.

The knife should be very sharp for not to give any
pain to the animal. (So it could cut in one stroke.)

The sheep has to be facing Ka'abe, eyes wide shut.

The man doing slaughtering has to say "BISMILLAH
ALLAHU AKBAR" just before the cut.

The skin of the animal should be taken out very
gently, and so on.

If the man is on abolition of course, as a good
believer, is much better.

Animals' worth to sacrificing could be only: Sheep,
goats, cows, oxen and camels.
Other animals are not worth to sacrificing.

Sheep and goats could be sacrificing by one person
only. Cows, oxen and camels could be sacrificed by 1
to 7 person.

These animals should be above one year old, in good
and health condition: legs, horns should not be
damaged or defected.

The worshippers are allowed to distribute all of the
sacrificed meat to poor people or to eat all of it
themselves. But it is meritorious to divide it into
three parts; such that the first part soes to poor
persons, the second part to the neighbors (even they
are rich enough) friends and relatives, and the third
part for the use of one's own family.

Live animals cannot be given to the poor as sacrifice,
because the flow of blood is essential.

The skin of the animal should not be sold and may be
given to the poor or to a charitable foundation.

By sacrificing an animal, the worshiper fulfills the
commandments of God and thus performs a good deed as
well as helping and assisting the poor and needy
people. It is a big sin to avoid.

This year, according to Istanbul local time, the
sunrise will occur at 07:21 (GMT+2)and Bairam Prayer,
(Prayer of Eid ul Adha) will be at 08:16 (GMT+2)


Christmas scandal with Licio Gelli and the Catholic Church   (2/1/2007)


This Christmas in Arezzo the Catholic Church and Licio
Gelli are making News again after the local Church of
Don Angelo Chiasserini as decided to arrange a charity
meal for the poor on the 1st of Jannuary 2007 with the
infamous leader of the P2 Licio Gelli, and two other
corrupt Grand Masters of Italian Freemasonry who are
part of the Vatican illuminati. One of them is Grand
Master Tiberio Terzuoli of the Serenissima Gran Loggia
Nazionale, and the other is Most Worshipfull Brother
Giuseppe Sabato of the Gran Loggia Massonica
Italiana.Obviously this is part of the massive new PR
campaign started this year by the Vatican illuminati
to clean up the image of their friend and illustrius
brother Licio Gelli, one of the most powerfull
illuminati Grand Masters we had in recent history . As
I said before Count Licio Gelli is about to die of
cancer and the illuminati want to rehabilitate him
before his death, but I have to admit Im still
shocked to see how Gelli is now openly supported by
two italian masonic Grand Masters and the even the
Catholic Church .We have to remember that the majority
of honest Freemasons in Italy hate Gelli because the
P2 scandal created in Italy the biggest crisis the
Masonic Order had since their official foundation in
1717, unfortunately many Grand Masters are still
secretly piloted by big Brother Licio Gelli who acts
on behalf of the Catholic Church Supreme Mafia the
Jesuits. Don Angelo Chiasserini officialy said to the
local press that we shouldnt judge Licio Gelli as the
first of Jannuary 2007 its simply a charity event.
Well Im not so sure the majority of Italians agree
with this dubbius choice of the Catholic Church in
Arezzo , as alot of people in Italy are still waiting
for the money compesation from the crack of the Banco
Ambrosiano caused by Gelli and his P2 friends who
killed Calvi . This was a huge scandal that as we all
know inolved the Vatican Bank and the Jesuits but Don
Angelo doesnt seem worried about the bad press,
because the Vatican wants Gelli back in action to
clean him up. And on the 1st of Jannuary 2007 in
Arezzo 60 very poor people can eat thanks to Licio
Gelli and the illustrius Vatican illuminati Tiberio
Terzuoli and MW.Bro.Giuseppe Sabato. These two are
high level members of the italian SMOM are secretely
directed by ex Italian President Francesco Cossiga a
proud member of the Knight of Malta elite division.
Cossiga was one the GLADIO Puppet Masters of the 11th
of September 2001 disaster in New York ,a evil show
directed by the Vatican ILLUMINAZI and the Zionist for
the ultimate control of mankind trough never ending
acts of terror and distruction by brainwashed muslim
puppets and illuminati agents.
But something is cooking for italian Freemasonry at
present and recentely a few italian Freemasons and
for the first time even a couple of Grand Masters of
minor Grand Lodges in Italy, are starting to finaly
react and distance themselfs from this evil Vatican
illuminazi NWO conspiracy . The anti clerical spirit
of illustrius Brother Giuseppe Garibaldi is slowly
coming togheter again against the eternal Vatican
enemy. The establishement of the Universal Fascism
ideal of P2 Brother Michael Leeden and the Bush
family, is not so popular after all with italian
masons of the lowest degrees and the ones on top
should also understand that before is to late. Poor
people are obviously in need of food and support in
Italy like the rest of the world and we obviously
support charity like all true believers should always
do, but is sinceraly disgusting to think that on the 1st
of Jannuary 2007 in Arezzo's Church 60 very poor
people will be used and abused by the Catholic clergy
and the corrupt illuminati of Freemasonry to
reabilitate the image of P2 Satanist Licio Gelli . We
now know for sure the true intentions of the Vatican
illuminazi in regards to the recent rehabilitation of
Licio Gelli's image , so lets hope they dont want to
make a Saint out of him as this is a truly sick
situation, especialy when we think about the acts of
crime commited by Licio Gelli during his many years
as leader of the P2. Licio was always serving the SMOM
and the Jesuit Puppet Masters of the Great Vatican
Satan with great loyalty. and great cruelty. At the
end of Jannuary for example in the special bunker of
Rebibbia in Rome their will be a special court session
session regarding the Esma process "Processo Esma"
about a concentration Camp in Argentina at Escuala
Mecanica e l'Armada ,a place that was defined by the
italian authorithies as the small Auschwitz. 5500
people went trought this place during the Fascist
period in Argentina supported by the P2 Lodge who
counted many key members in the argentinian military
establishment .And the Catholic church participated
actively with the argentinian soldiers in the killing
of most of these poor innocent victimis known as the
desaparecidos.They were given sleeping pills directely
by the Catholic priest after a nice confessions and
then directel in the sea in the Mar de Plata to die
in peace as the priest use to say. After the fascist
dictatorship in Argentina ended it was Vatican
illuminati Licio Gelli and the P2 elite who arranged
false documents for all these illuminazi argentinian
criminals who had to escape abbroad from their evil
past. So lets hope the 1st of Jannuary 2007 these
poor people can enjoy their meal in Arezzo but never
forget who Gelli,the Vatican and these corrupt
Freemasons realy are , they are all criminals like
most Freemasons or Priest these days . Infedels who
use charity to usualy cover up their dirty conscience
and their evil games of power in the establishment of
the New World Order. No wonder Villa Wanda the
official residence of this illustrius satanist called
Licio Gelli is still visited night and day by some of
the most powerfull people in the world, just like it
use to be until a few months ago in Via Portuense 956
in Rome were Marcinkus use to have his secret little
Castle given to him by the Vatican, something very few
people knew until now.

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan








The Satanic Cult of Military Mind Control "Psyop" and the Aquino legacy  (12/23/2006)

In the photo Michael and Lillith Aquino the daughter
of Anton LaVey
founder of the Church of Satan

The Satanic Cult of Military Mind Control "Psyop" and
the Aquino legacy

Background - Fox News is owned by NewsCorp. NewsCorp.
owns HarperCollins book publishers. Fox news has a
military analyst named Paul Vallely, a retired
general, as a military affairs commentator.

While in the US Army, he co-authored a tract with
Col. Michael Aquino, who his as we all know a
practicing satanist and leader of an offshoot of the
Church of Satan that created the so-called bible of
theirs. The title of the tract was Mindwars and was on
"deep psyops" directed at the target country's
civilian populations ... like ours, maybe?

From PSYOP to MindWar
The Psychology of Victory
by Colonel Paeul E. Valley with
Major Michael A. Aquino

The 12 page Army report is undated but it outlines the
use of "Psychotronics," intelligence and operational
weapons systems employing the use of mind control,
commonly known as Psychological Operations (PSYOP).


Sometime in late 1980, then Col. Paul E. Vallely, the
commander of the 7th Pschological Operations Group,
United States Army Reserve, Presidio of San Francisco,
Ca., co-authored a discussion paper, which received
wide and controversial attention within the U.S.
Military, particularly within the Special Operations

"From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory,"
presented a Nietzschean scheme for waging perpetual
psychological warfare against friend and enemy
populations alike, and even against the American

The "MindWar" paper was provoked by an article by Lt.
Colonel John Alexander, which appeared in the December
1980 edition of Military Review, advocating the
introduction of ESP,(extra-sensory
perception),tele-pathetic behavior modification,
para-pschology, pschokenesis(mind over matter), remote
viewing, out of body experiences, and other New Age
occult practices into U.S. Military intelligence. The
paper was entitled,"The New Mental Battlefield:Beam Me

But the subsequent paper co-authored by Vallely went
way beyond ESP and other paranormal techniques
advocated by Alexander. "Strategic MindWar must begin
the moment war is considered to be inevitable,"the
document stated.

It must seek out the attention of the enemy nation
through every available medium, and it must strike at
the nation's potential soldiers before they put on
their uniform. It is in their homes and communities
that they are most vulnerable to MindWar."

Leaving nothing to the imagination, the document
concluded by emphasizing that MindWar should employ
subliminal brainwashing technologies, and weapons that
directly attack the targetted populations central
nervous system and brain functioning taking full
advantage of such phenomena as atmospheric
electromagnetic activity,air ionization, and
extremeely low frequency waves.

The "MindWar" paper was disturbing, for reasons beyond
its fascist and occultist content. Colonel Vallely's
co-author was a PSYOP Research and Analysis Team
Leader named Major Michael Aquino. Five years before
the circulation of the MindWar paper, Special Forces
Reserve officer Aquino founded the Temple of Set, a
Satanic organization which was successor to Anton
LeVay's Church of Satan.

Vallely and Aquino's MindWar scheme is remarkably
similar to the Total Information Awareness (TIA)
program launched by the Donald Rumsfeld Pentagon,
under the direction of Irangate figure Adm. John

The TIA global propoganda mega-mining plan was
reportedly scrapped after a series of negative news
stories, but Pentagon sources reported that the
program was merely,"taken into a black box."

On Aug.16,2005, The New York Times Philip Shenon
revealed that the super secret Pentagon "special
action program" called Able Danger had tracked
Mohammed Atta and three other Sept.11,2001 hijackers a
year prior to the attacks.

But, Pentagon lawyers with the Special Operations
Command refused to allow the information to be shared
with the FBI, for fear of exposing the data-mining
program to any public scutiny.

Reference Link ...
*Psychological Operations

Aquino and Psychological Warfare

Wrote Aquino, "In 1967 and 1968 alone, a total of
29,276 armed Viet Cong/NVA (the equivalent of 95 enemy
infantry battalions) surrendered to ARVN or MACV
forces under the Chieu Hoi amnesty program the major
PSYOP effort of the Vietnam War. At the time MACV
estimated that the elimination of that same number of
enemy troops in combat would have cost us 6,000 dead."

Aquino argued that the U.S. lost the war in Vietnam
"not because we were outfought, but because we were
out PSYOP'ed. Our national will to victory was
attacked more effectively than we attacked that of the
North Vietnamese and Viet Cong, and perception of this
fact encouraged the enemy to hang on until the United
States finally broke and ran for home."

The lesson, according to Aquino, was not to ignore
U.S. PSYOP capability, but rather to change it and
strengthen it "so that it can do precisely that kind
of thing to our enemy in the next war." To begin,
there would be a name change from Psychological
Operations to "MindWar." Noted Aquino, "We must reach
the people BEFORE they resolve to support their
armies, and we must reach those armies BEFORE our
combat troops ever see them on battlefields."

Aquino went on to compare his proposal with the
definition of Psychological Warfare first introduced
by General William Donovan of the OSS in his World War
II era "Basic Estimate of Psychological Warfare" in
which Donovan discussed the need to destroy the will
of the enemy. But an attendant 1947 letter stressed
the need for a "synonym which could be used in
peacetime that would not shock the sensibilities of a
citizen of democracy."

Aquino indicated contempt for the U.S. Army's
inability to accept PSYOP in its "most effective
configuration," adding that "the reluctance with which
the Army had accepted even an `antiseptic' PSYOP
component" was well documented.

Having read about General Donovan's "behavioral
control" program in the MKUltra book, I didn't
perceive it to be exactly "antiseptic." Aquino's
report, obviously written after the Vietnam war,
suggested that future MindWars should be fought
through "skillful use of communications media."

"MindWar," noted Aquino, "states a whole truth that,
if it does not now exist, will be forced into
existence by the will of the United States ... A
MindWar message does not have to fit conditions of
abstract credibility as do PSYOP themes; its source
makes it credible."

Aquino continued, " ... The MindWar operative must
KNOW that he speaks the truth, and he must be
PERSONALLY COMMITTED to it. What he says is only a
part of MindWar; the rest and the test of its
effectiveness lies in the conviction he projects to
his audience, in the rapport he establishes with it."

As I read the document it was difficult not to recall
Oliver North's diary in which he called his
associates, "The True Believers." Aquino noted that
the recipient of the statement by the MindWar
operative would judge such messages not only by his
conscious understanding of them, but also by the
mental conditions under which he perceived them.

"For the mind to believe its own decisions," wrote
Aquino, "it must feel that it made those decisions
without coercion. Coercive measures used by the
MindWar operative, consequently, must not be
detectable by ordinary means ..."

Aquino's basis for his report came from various
publications which were listed at the back of the
document. "More effective configurations" of MindWar
as noted by Aquino may well have included the
following (taken from the back of the document):

"ELF (extremely low frequency) waves (up to 100 Hz)
... are naturally occurring, but they can also be
produced artificially ... ELF waves are not normally
noticed by the unaided senses, yet their resonant
effect upon the human body has been connected to both
physiological disorders and emotional distortion.

Infrasound vibration (up to 20 Hz) can subliminally
influence brain activity to align itself to delta,
theta, alpha, or beta wave patterns, inclining an
audience toward everything from alertness to
passivity. Infrasound could be used tactically, as ELF
waves endure for great distances; and it could be used
in conjunction with media broadcasts as well."

So, the human brain can be aligned to infrasound
through media broadcasts. Was that technology used on
Manuel Noriega when he was forced to surrender in
Panama under blaring radio broadcasts? And hadn't the
Branch Davidians been subjected to loud music and
chants for extended periods of time?

Another section of the Aquino report noted that
"ionization of the air" could be used to control an
individual's emotions. "An abundance of negative
condensation nucleii (air ions) in ingested air
enhances alertness and exhilaration, while an excess
of positive ions enhances drowsiness and depression.
Calculation of a target audience's atmospheric
environment will be correspondingly useful."

After his retirement from the Army, Lieutenant Colonel
Michael Aquino, an ex-Green Beret, was later written
up in the San Francisco Chronicle as the head of the
Temple of Set, a satanic, devil-worshipping church.
The November 1987 headlines read as follows: "Army
Says Constitution Lets Satanist Hold Top-Secret Job,"
by reporters John Whittinger and Bill Wallace.

The story went on to say that "the high priest of a
San Francisco based satanic church is able to keep his
top-secret security clearance because his activities
are constitutionally protected, Army officials said
yesterday. "Lieutenant Colonel Michael A. Aquino, a
highly decorated Vietnam veteran, is the founder and
president of Temple of Set, a satanic church
headquartered in Aquino's Russian Hill home ...

"Aquino, a psychological warfare officer who has
worked in military intelligence, holds a top secret
security clearance that allows him to handle
information whose release would gravely damage U.S.
security, according to Defense Department regulations.

"He maintains the clearance even though he has
performed Nazi occult rites and has described himself
as the `Anti-Christ' in literature published by the
Temple of Set ..."

Temple of Set literature described a coming apocalypse
in which only followers of Satan would be saved.
Readers of the Temple of Set CIA experiment are
encouraged to read such works as "Mein Kampf,"
"Hitler: The Occult Messiah," and "The Occult Roots of

Aquino conducts to this day occult rituals patterned
on ceremonies performed by Nazi leader Heinrich
Himmler in a German castle once used by the Nazi SS
for black magic ceremonies during the Third Reich.
Nazis considered the black arts and satanic worship
part of an ancient Germanic tradition.

Aquino, in his book, "Crystal Tablet of Set," wrote
that he performed the rituals to recreate an order of
Knighthood for followers of Satan. He even encouraged
his followers to study the beliefs of the Nazi
terrorist group, the Vehm, the Thule Gesselschaft, and
the Ahnenerbe, two fanatic rightwing Aryan groups that
existed before and during Hitler's reign.

When the two reporters from the Chronicle inquired
about Aquino's security clearances, Major Rixon
declared that "to the best of his knowledge, there was
no part of the liturgy of his church that caused any
(security) problem." Aquino admitted to being involved
in devil worship for 22 years.

Ted Gunderson's box contained reams of literature
written by Aquino along with other documents
pertaining to identical subject matter. It was no
secret that Gunderson lectured on the subject of
Satanism, as I learned from a July 1993 Colonel Bo
Gritz newsletter which advertised Gunderson as a
featured speaker on one of Gritz's national radio

But it was not the Satanic aspect of Aquino's writings
that caused me to scrutinize his earlier writings for
the Army. Shortly after the Waco incident in Texas, a
secret "classified conference" was held at the Los
Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico.

An official copy of the speaking agenda for the
November 1993 conference, the subject matter under
discussion correlated with not only the original
Aquino Army report, but also with the MKUltra behavior
research underway during the 1950's and 1960's.

The title of the conference was "Non-Lethal Defense"
and just a few of the speakers included such
dignitaries as the Honorable U.S. Attorney General
Janet Reno; Dr. Edward Teller who had helped develop
the nuclear bomb; Dr. Milt Finger from Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory; Mr. Andy Andrews,
Non-Lethal Project Leader at Los Alamos National
Laboratory; LTG William H. Forster from Army Research,
Development and Acquisition; Dr. Clay Easterly from
the Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Dr. Henry Brisker
from U.S. Army Research Laboratories; Ms. Astrid Lewis
from the U.S. Army Chemical Research & Development
Command; Lt. General Richard G. Trefry, former
Military Advisor to President George Bush; and many

The most noteworthy "non-lethal" technology
presentations included the following: "High Power
Microwave Technology" "Application of Extremely Low
Frequency Electromagnetic Fields to Non-Lethal
Weapons" "Voice Synthesis" "Incremental Aggression:
Requirements for the Future" "Chemical/Biological
Anti-Terrorism" "Biological Challenges" "Non-Lethal
Research: Fracture & Dynamic Behavior, Biotechnology &
Structural Ceramics, and many more.

Interestingly, the opening address was given by
General E.C. Meyer (Ret.), former Chief of Staff of
the U.S. Army the very same General Meyer who had set
up the Department of Defense conference in which
Michael Riconosciuto had been the principal speaker
from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to a group of senior level
national security research and development officials.

The objective and scope of the 1993 Los Alamos
conference included exploring a non-lethal approach to
apply force against not only wartime enemies (the
Soviet Union had already fallen) but against
"terrorists" and "international drug traffickers" as

The introduction noted that the purpose of the
conference was to bring together "industry,
government, and academia to explore the potential of
non-lethal defense and identify requirements so that
the defense community can work together in leveraging
the non-lethal concept."

"Industry [law enforcement], particularly, will
benefit from a more precise understanding of
requirements and operational constraints regarding
non-lethal defense technologies," noted the
conference's sponsors, The American Defense
Preparedness Association.

Additionally, non-lethal defense was described as "an
emerging technological option being developed
conceptually with a sea of technical opportunity."

Based upon the technical presentations listed in the
brochure, it didn't appear to me that such technology
as acoustical, high power microwave, laser, ELF/RF
weapons and "psychotronic" systems were particularly
NEW in the field of military or intelligence
applications. Obviously, what was occurring at this
conference was the presentation of these formidable
weapons to law enforcement for domestic (U.S.)

In late November 1993, a letter discussed the
abovementioned conference. The letter had been written
to U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno by a former CIA
employee, Julianne McKinney, on letterhead stationary
originating from the "Association of National Security
Alumni, Electronic Surveillance Project, P.O. Box
13625, Silver Spring, Maryland 209113625."

Portions of the letter read as follows: " ... In
December 1992, when "Microwave Harassment and Mind
Control Experimentation" was published, U.S.
Government representatives routinely took the position
that directed energy technologies were nothing more
than mere figments of physicists' imaginations, still
on the drawing boards.

Shortly following publication of this report,
information concerning these technologies began to
appear in such noteworthy organs as The Wall Street
Journal, Defense News, Aviation Week & Space
Technology, Tactical Technology, Defense Electronics
and, most recently, The Washington Post.

"In a flurry of activity these past 10 months,
directed energy based surveillance and antipersonnel
systems have suddenly leaped off of physicists'
drawing boards into the world of reality, thus
obviating the criticism, it would appear, that the
attached publication [Los Alamos conference brochure]
concerns nonexistent technologies.

"Indeed, directed energy technologies appear to have
evolved at such a rapid rate that they are now being
promoted as the `Final Solution' to crime
preliminarily, at a classified conference sponsored by
the Los Alamos National Laboratory ..."

McKinney's concern focused primarily on future law
enforcement application of "psychotronic" tools, or
directed energy weapons technologies. "What, so far,
has prevented this government and its contractors from
testing these technologies on U.S. citizens under
involuntary circumstances?," she asked.

The letter went on to outline various instances in
which people had complained to her organization of
alleged symptoms of directed energy technologies in
such areas as the United States, England, Canada and


After reading "The Search for the Manchurian
Candidate," was Danny Casolaro subjected to some form
of hypnosis.

Any such far-reaching scenarios were outside the
boundaries of normal human experience, indeed no
mainstream journalist would pursue such a theory. But,
then Robert Booth Nichols, Michael Riconosciuto and
the CIA were not within normal human experience. And,
who would have believed, ten years ago, that the CIA
would be investigated by Congress in 1996 for drug
trafficking in Los Angeles?

At one point in time Danny had signed an agreement
with Nichols in which Nichols was to give Danny a
$25,000 loan against his home in Fairfax, Virginia.
Nichols had offered to take Danny overseas to find the
answers to his questions and Danny had needed the
money to make the trip. Where had they planned to go?
What possible motive could Nichols have had for
enticing Danny to go overseas for several months?

A private installation at Alice Springs, Australia
which Michael had visited with Nichols had upset
Riconosciuto to such a degree that he had become ill
and cut the trip short. Nichols later confirmed the
trip, and recalled that Michael had indeed become
anxious and ill, but would not discuss the purpose of
the trip.

The Australian installation was an underground
facility had been built during World War II to be used
as a bomb shelter. It was capable of housing thousands
of people and was completely self-contained.

Riconosciuto said he had, it was owned by a private
corporation; inside was a city of sorts, containing
sophisticated communications equipment, laboratory
equipment and other items which he would not define.
He chose not to discuss it further, but concurred that
what he saw made him realize that it was time to
terminate his relationship with Robert Booth Nichols.

Both men had confirmed that the Australian trip marked
the end of their 20-year association.
It was confirmed that the installation existed, that
it was leased by a private corporation, and that it
was heavily guarded, but no one seemed to know what it
was being used for.

by Mr. X


The double headed eagle (1/2/2007)

The Scottish rite Order of Freemasonry has its great
seal , the double-headed eagle with a
golden crown resting upon both heads.The double heads
represent the Masonic Empire of the East and the West.

Mackey tells us that the double �headed eagle was
first adapted in Freemasonry as a symbol in 1758. It
was in that year when the council of the Emperors of
the East and the West was established .It is also
believed that the double-headed eagle alludes to the
nature of man.The head that looks to the East is
symbolic of man�s spiritual vision , and the looking
towards the West refers to his material vision.

The Masonic order attempts to initiate or teach man
the material or human science and the spiritual
sciences in imitation of the ancient Egyptian Mystery
Sytems that taught man the �lesser� and �greater"

The eagle or bird has extreme symbolic meaning . The
thing that is most outstanding about a bird is its
wings ,which gives it the ability to fly and to glide
in the sky. The Creator revealed in the HOLY QUR�AN
these words, �do they not observe the birds above them
, Spreading their wings and folding them in ? Non can
uphold them except ALLAH ,Most Gracious : Truly it is
He that watches over all things.� (67:19)

In the Islamic call to prayer , the Adhan,the caller
(Muadhdhin) turns his head to the right and says , �
Come to prayer� (twice). Then he turns his head to the
left and says , �Come to prayer� (twice). Then he
turns his head to the left and says , �Come to
cultivation� (twice). This call has great meaning for
the life and education of man.It beckons man to refine
and cleanse his soul and spirit by praising the
Creator, and it reminds man of his duty to cultivate
his mind and his social life. The double headed eagle
is looking to the left and to the right .As we
mentioned,the eagle (bird) represents the spiritual,
and the East also reprensents a spiritual state.

The Muslim call to prayer , and twice to come to
mental and material cultivation. This gives us four
calls in total , two to the right and two to the left.
ALLAH says in the Qur�an that he is the Lord of the
two Easts and Lord of two Wests : �He is Lord of the
two Easts and Lord of the two West�. (55:17). The
Creator is the Lord of of the physical East and the
spiritual (nature), the physical West and the material
nature symbolized by the West. He is Rabb ( Lord) of
all the worlds.

The Qur�an also tells us that when Abraham asked ALLAH
to show him how the dead would be raised ,ALLAH told him to take four birds,train them and place them on
mountains, then call them and they will return (2:2).

The Muslim also ends his prayer by turning his head to
the right saying, � As-Salaam-Alaikum-wa Rahmatullah�
(Peace be upon you and the mercy of ALLAH); and he
turns his head to the left and repeats it . ALLAH says
, � Behold , two (guardian angels) appointed to learn
his doings (and note them),one sitting on the right
and one on the left � (H.Q.50:17).

In ancient times the great Pharaohs wore a double
crown,representing upper and lower Egypt.Some of them
had a double headed serpent.Upper Egypt was concerned
with the higher sciences of man and the universe;
while lower Egypt focused on the lower or concrete
rational sciences .


Interview with Leo Zagami, Part 1 (1/2/2007)

by "Ronnie Wilson" speaks to Leo Zagami Part 1

Hi Leo
My name is Ronnie
Once again my warmest thanks to you for agreeing to do an interview for, I�m touched by your courage and willingness to let truth be heard, I believe that one day we must all stand up and be counted so my prayer is that everyone who reads this interview will be blessed and have their eyes open and prepare themselves for the time to come.
My aim would be to do a 3 part interview with you if that would be possible this being the first..

Q:Your bloodline means that you are a Sicilian Don and a Prince of the Sacred Roman Empire. What does this mean to you.


Q:Did the world look like a strange place, knowing that your family and things around you are so powerful?

A: Well the world looks basicly like a global puppet show in the hands of the usual families of idiots , who usualy never change their ways century after century , during this time some try to rebel and end up as Saints or Martirs of the usual Roman Church Mafia . The Catholic Church is always ready to steal anything good if it comes up like they did with Saint Francis , but they are never ready to give up the
immense power and wealth they have accumulated in 2000
years of lies and what I can only define as organized crime. By being one of them you understand all this at quite a young age, if you are not completely brainwashed by their Church Propaganda, but what can any of the families involved do to change things in front of such evil ?
Its a big risk to challenge the real system of power that rules the elite for anybody who belongs to it so usualy for your own safety and the safety of the rest of your family , you stay silent even when you know is wrong very wrong whats going on.

Q: When and why did you join the illuminati and Freemasonry?

A: 13th of April 1993 I joined the illuminati of the Sacred Roman Empire Sicilian Freemasonry as a way of preserving and continuing a millenary tradition of the Di Gregorio family. A tradition that started in Koln Germany in 1018 , you can still find the heraldic symbol of the Di Gregorio on the floor in Cathedral of Koln.

Q: When did you sense that things were wrong and that you had to get away from these organizations?

A: A long long time ago but I never left because there is
usualy no way back from those kind of death oaths given between Square and Death as we say in irregular
illuminati freemasonry , but I also knew that by staying for a longer time in these organizations I could also have more chances surviving once you saw so much. The fact you and only you had access to certain documents concerning the Order , becomes after a while a very precious and powerfull weapon against your future enemies , a weapon Im using to save my own life now.

Q: At what moment did you feel that you had to go public with these revelations and why?

A: After the last meeting in Monte Carlo on the 1st of June and especialy at the Universal Unity illuminati gathering on the 3rd of June at the Convent of San Cerbone near Lucca , I started to realize they wanted to kill me . I got to know tihs thanks to some of my most close followers in the illuminati. The order had been given by ex italian President and Jesuit friend Francesco Cossiga to Comandante Balestrieri of the
GLADIO/P2 for my execution if I didnt follow the orders that Balestrieri was giving me at the Military Accademy of Livorno on the 4th of June . But they wanted me to do something against my new faith of Islam , something I couldnt do , so I went to Rome and Subiaco for some advice from my family and prayers and then when I came back to my wife in Norway on the 6th of June I started to send them by e-mail my true opinion on all their corruption and empty words in front of God , I said they were just slaves of the Zionist and the Vatican so I was out for good
this time . Soon after I started to receive phone calls from Ezio Giunchiglia , Balestrieri and even Rui Gabirro to shut up or be facing the terrible consequences of becoming a traitor of the Monte Carlo Commitee / Lodge and that means you are basically the next Roberto Calvi...if you know what that means. I got very stressed by all this as you can immagine ,
and at the same time I had a 8 months pregnant wife that was risking to loose the baby , a realy depressing and dangerous situation for me and my family but with the help of God and also some of the honest people of Norway, I am still here and my wife gave birth to a wonderfull 4kg baby on the 7th of July.

Q: You mention you openly want to challenge the decadent and corrupt aristocrats of Europe , including the corrupt English Royal family can you expand on this.

A: They know who they are and what they are realy doing
to people by stillsupporting the current situation of decadence and corruption in society in the year 2006 .
A evil situation deliberately created by the New World
Order establishment lead by the Vatican with Zionist support . They all know very well that all depends from Rome , Israel and the USA all in the hands of Satan, so why bother creating more Knighthoods dedicated to God and the various Saints every year ?
Why dont you just go public with your pagan satanic worship and your black magic you bunch of cowards , thats what I say to them. The European aristocracy has always been ruled by sourcery and black magic and people should know that , so lets change things once and for all for the benefit of mankind.

Q: Tim Cohen in his book (The anti �christ and a cup of tea) claims that Prince Charles is the Anti-Christ, What do you think.

A: Sorry if I say BULLOCKS to this one but Prince Charles with all my respect is just an idiot , do you honestly
think the AntiChrist will marry Camilla and divorce must be joking , eventualy the only guy who as been created for such evil purpose by the CIA ILLUMINATI OF THE SKULL AND BONES is GEORGE W.BUSH and you all should know that by now , so leave poor Charles alone he is pathetic, but at least he is
following the sufi teachings of Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani that will eventualy bring him to paradise.

Q: Have the aristocrat families of Europe always been involved in satanic rituals and corrupt activities or have they been infiltrated by demonic forces.

A: Yes rulers of the European Aristocracy have always
used black magic and evil forces since the ancient times as a military tool for domination and control over their own citizens , they learned these satanic ways from their Masters in Rome who got them in turn from the Greeks , the Egyptians , the Summerian...its a never ending tale of constant manipulation the history of mankind we have never been realy free untill the arrival of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) but Rome and Europe obviously didnt accept him because of this insane secret pagan worship always going on in high places. Remember what Mohammed (PBUH) did to the pagan idols in Mecca , immagine what he should have
done in a city like Rome to purify it by all this black magic.

Q: Do you believe that the Vatican and the massonic lodges know who the Anti Christ is. Many have said like �Malachi Martin in his book Wind swept house� that he the Anti Christ lives in the Vatican.

A: Yes we could say that George W.Bush spirit lives in the Vatican with his true Masters, the Jesuits and the Satanic Pope himself Ratzinger ,they have real control of the illuminati and their Comander in chief George W.Bush. Remember Skull and Bones is under Vatican control and George father his a slave of the Vatican and his evil Mentor. I believe the CIA wants people to think otherwise , but as an insider I can assure you that all true satanist love George W.Bush, and in the Masonic Lodges the power of his father is felt everywere . And any mention of his son George W. doing the wrong thing will automaticly bring you to expulsion from Freemasonry , the Rotary and even the Boyscouts.

Q: You are risking your very life by being so open and truthful, We here at 11-59 are at risk also by putting certain articles up on the site, however our drive and purpose is to inform the people of the evil that is seen and unseen ,what is your drive.

A: To Free Rome and the world from the Vatican and their
older Brothers in Jerusalem the Zionist . The world has
been controlled by them for 2000 years and the real Jesus suffered because of them , so its about time you all wake up and fight for your right to stay free under one God before they take complete control and start persecuting the true believers in the one God.
These are the end of times no joke...REVELATION AND
TRASFORMATION COMING UP get your swords and get ready to fight to defend your faith or perish with the

Q: Our sources tell us that between 2010-2012 there will be
1. Money crash
2. Mark of the beast (Microchip implants for buying and selling)
3. The Anti Christ will appear on the scene and bring a false peace to the middle east
4. I believe you call it �the great surprise in the end of times.�
Can you confirm these things or do you think we are being lead down the wrong road.


Q: In your opinion when did the Jesuit Order begin working towards a NWO and what is the end goal for them.


Q: Do you believe that soon we must die for our faith? In your article Shall feed the sheep amidst many tribulations... you ask the question  �ARE YOU READY TO DIE FOR GOD AND YOUR BELIEVE IN A POSITIVE CHANGE FOR THE WORLD OR ARE YOU ALL A BUNCH OF COWARDS IN THE HANDS OF THE DEVIL , JUST TALKING AND TALKING WITH NO SENSE OF REALITY�
Is this fight phyiscal or spiritual.


Q: It has been said that the Vatican know and communicate with Aliens and that The Nephilims still roam the earth is this true?

A: They are called JInns and they exist since the begining of time, and yes they have their HQ's in the Vatican but forget this alien bullshit , the Master of all Jinns is Satan as all Sufi know, and he has his own interest in the Alien mith. This was created by the US and SOVIET intelligence inspired by the Jesuits working for the Jinns. Its also true that the Jinns
have there own worlds and dimensions but personaly I
advice you to stay away fron them as much as you can for your own safety.

Q: Also we have heard stories from people like David Icke, who mention Shape shifting in the Royal circles and deep within the vatican changing from human to reptilian then back to human. is there any truth to these things.

A: David as a very funny way of interpreting these practices with the evil Jinns made by the Vatican and the aristocrats of all religions and faiths since the ancient times , but you should al know once and far all that a Jinn can become a reptilian or anything he wants. There are certain magical formulas given to the illuminati to control them ,and other formulas are given instead to get rid of them and so on , the
problem is usualy that Jinns can take over after a while and make you their slave ,thats when you are totaly in the hands of Satan and the evil illuminati.
Thank you for the interview and may God bless you all
wherever you are, its time to come togheter for the next step in the Science of God, that step is the final destruction of the United Nations working for the Vatican satan, and the creation of a true United Nations of God thats the only way we will have peace on this planet. From 2010 you will start feeling the big changes in the air more and more but in 2012 you will have the clear evidence of the end of this
civilization in front of your eyes , prepare , be good and pray.

Interview with Leo Zagami, Part 2 (1/3/2007)

by Ronnie Wilson

Q:We are so glad to welcome you back how was your time in Turkey.

A: It was very nice thanks, I realy like to go back to the roots of our spiritual tradition in the Western world and Turkey is one of the key places for all 3 monoteistic religions, Turkey is the natural land for real interreligious dialogue. I also went to Konya to visit the tomb of Sufi Master Rumi and got exorcized by my favourit exorcist from 57 Jinn/Demons sent by the usual suspects...and one was
quite big but we manage to put them all in the circle and freeze them to death.
The Jesuits and the evil illuminati are realy doing some big black magic to get rid of me so I always thank you for your prayers out there and I will continue getting rid of these evil Jinn if it happens again.

Q:In our last interview you seemed convinced that the Anti-Christ is G W Bush. To the world it looks as those he is a lame duck and losing his grip on power,do you still hold the same views if so why.

A: G W Bush is the son of the most powerfull man in the illuminati and he was built by his father and the CIA to become the ultimate Antichrist Vatican Zionist puppet and it doesnt realy matter if he is in the White House or not because the Bush will always rule in the present situation any future actor that goes in the White House now.
Remember Anton LaVey founder of the Church of Satan and Mind War controler of the CIA was a close friend of George H. Bush, and they planed togheter the satanic future of his son George W.Bush and the coming of the age of Satan after 9/11 along time ago when LaVey was still alive.

Q:Our sources tell us that Tony Blair is being lined up to head up the EU as a permanent president for 5 years instead of the current rotating policy if this is true then this would be a very powerful position for the Jesuits to have. Do you know anything on this?

A: Tony Blair is another top satanist who sold his soul to the evil Moloch in Bohemian Grove and nothing surprise me anymore with this kind of people around, they want the complete Nazification of the western world by 2010 to start defending their fragile positions and completely eliminate democracy (something we never realy had by the way ).

Q: Rev: 13:18 tells us that 666 is the number of the beast. This is a very much talked about subject in Christian circles. How do you see it?

A: 666 can be positive as well as negative because God needs good and evil at the same time, in our muslim tradition and not only in the muslim tradition as you may know dear Khalid this number is also the key to positive englightment in the Holy Quran. But for St.John the evangelist this was the secret key to warn the early Christians about the first of a series of Roman driven Antichrist...

Nero the Emperor of Rome.

Who is now the Emperor of today with the blessings of
good old Rome and their friends in Jesrusalem?
The President of the USA of course...

Q:In the book of Revelation 13.V:16-18 it says the He (The Anti-Christ) shall cause both small,great,rich and poor ,free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or their foreheads, and that no man might buy or sell except he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.

Do you think this mark is a micro chip and if so will his name be integrated into the chip itself?

A : 666 is everywere these days , the Hebrew equivalent of our "w" is the letter "vav" or "waw". The numerical value of vav is 6. So the English "www" transliterated into Hebrew is "vav vav vav", which numerically is 666. And you cant definetely have a business these days without a web site WWW, then we have the video surveilance and last but not least the microchipping coming up . The microchipping will be the ultimate Mark of the Beast and will put us fully in the hands of Satan and his evil controlers ready for Armagedon against the Messiah.
So we need to rebel before that to help the coming back of the real Messiah.

Q:The New World Order cannot be built on a foundation of politics and economics alone. To truly establish global control over all peoples and nations,its be said that the elite must also use the religious element..
Have the Illuminati worked behind the scenes to influence and control the Christian establishment. Not the Catholics (they are already under control) but evangelic/ protestants/Born again side of Christianity.

A:All religions are corrupt by the illuminati these days including most of Islam, the Jews, the evangelic, protestant and the Born again side of Christianity, all ruled secretely by Freemasonry, the intelligence services, the Knights of Malta and last but not least the usual Jesuits so genuine interreligious dialogue is almost impossible.

Q: Here are some examples of those who are under illuminati control, can you confirm if this is true.

1. Pat Robertson�s father, Senator Absalom Willis Robertson, a Democrat, was a fabulously wealthy Illuminist insider?

A: Another puppet of the usual show of course same
father same son...

2. Evangelist Author Tim LaHaye has been given large sums of money by occultist Reverend Sun Myung Moon?

A:Well satanist Reverend Moon as alot of money to give
away but he is not the supreme manipulator of his plot as you may know (far from it as you may know) he is simply working for the usual illuminati and the intelligence/Mafia of his country.

3.Paul Crouch, TBN founder, was outed by the Los Angeles Times as a homosexual?

A:His problem with God not mine thanks God , but this
kind of situation is typical of the present degeneration of values and principles in high places of our society where all perversions are allowed. So it becomes then more easy to blackmail them for the top levels of the pyramid if they are not so normal after all and realy open about their homosexuality.



Scambio di riconoscimenti tra massoneria e chiesa aretina (1/6/2007)

La Massoneria pone una lapide sul Duomo di Arezzo per
ringraziare dell'ospitalit� concessale dalla Chiesa al
pranzo organizzato il 1 Gennaio nel sottochiesa di
Piazza Giotto. Per l'occasione la citt� di Arezzo
intitola la ormai ex piazza Giotto al Venerabile
maestro Licio Gelli e ribattezza la statua che si
trova davanti al duomo al Massone Ignoto,
aggiungendogli il tradizionale cappuccio massonico.

La collaborazione fra questi due soggetti, massoneria
e Chiesa, nella vita sociale ed economica locale, si
materializza attraverso queste due targhe, apposte
come simboli rivolti alla citt� per ricordale la loro
effettiva comunione d'intenti.Un legame rafforzato
dall'ospitalit� concessa il Primo Gennaio alla
Massoneria che organizza un pranzo di beneficenza
proprio nei locali appartenenti alla Chiesa
(sottochiesa di Giotto).

Tra i promotori di questo pranzo appare anche il
Maestro Venerabile Licio Gelli al quale la citt� di
Arezzo intitola la piazza gi� "Piazza Giotto" con la
seguente motivazione: Licio Gelli emerito benefattore
dell'umanit� e riconosciuto universalmente quale
autorevole interprete della missione evangelica e
Si desidera a questo proposito ricordare le sue
imprese a favore del prossimo e dell'umanit� tutta:
Fu fascista, attivo prima e dopo il 1943 (RSI), in
seguito ha collaborato con la Gladio e nel 1970
avrebbe partecipato al fallito tentativo di Golpe

Alla sua Loggia massonica, la P2, sono stati iscritti
vari membri della sanguinaria giunta militare
argentina oltre a industriali, giornalisti e
personaggi facoltosi come il pi� volte Presidente del
Consiglio Silvio Berlusconi e Vittorio Emanuele di
Savoia.E' stato coinvolto nel processo per la strage
di Bologna del 1980, fu condannato nel 1994 a 12 anni
di carcere, dopo essere stato riconosciuto colpevole
della frode riguardante la bancarotta del Banco
Ambrosiano, istituto collegato alla banca del
Vaticano, l'Istituto per le Opere di Religione (IOR).
Scomparve mentre era in libert� sulla parola, per
essere infine arrestato sulla Riviera francese a
Cannes. La polizia rinvenne nella sua villa oltre 2
milioni di dollari in lingotti d'oro. Per alcune, e
solo alcune delle sopracitate "opere di bene", Licio
Gelli ha ricevuto un giusto riconoscimento dagli
organi competenti (Magistratura) . Condanna in via
definitiva per:

Procacciamento di notizie contenenti segreti di Stato;

Calunnia nei confronti dei magistrati milanesi
Colombo, Turone e Viola.
Tentativi di depistaggio delle indagini sulla strage
alla stazione di Bologna.
Bancarotta fraudolenta (Banco Ambrosiano).
Insomma ci pare un curriculum di tutto rispetto per
andare a braccetto con la Chiesa.
L'associazione A.I.N.O.R.I. continuer� a prendere in
giro il potere e i poteri forti per segnalare quanto ci sia bisogno di una insurrezione di neuroni e di intelligenze, libere da condizionamenti e paraocchi.

Alla prossima.
Associazione A.I.N.O.R.I. - Associazione A.I.N.O.R.I.















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We are working to restore as soon as possible the contents of our old Illuminati Confessions website previously hosted at which unfortunately has closed down under pressure from the Illuminati.



Another GLADIO member exposed: Gaetano Saya! (1/6/2007)

Italian Fascist Secret Police Network Uncovered
Italian History X. Gaetano Saya not a lunatic. He is
for real!

Profile: Saya's grandfather joined Mussolini's March
on Rome. Saya is estimed by shadowy fascist figure
Licio Gelli.

Saya was born in Messina in 1956 and was raised by his
grandfather, Matteo Francesco Gesuino, a member of the
pre-WWII Royal Army and a participant in Mussolini's
March on Rome. From the time he was a child Saya felt
attracted by the Movimento Sociale Italiano - Destra
Nazionale [fascist] and at the age of 18 enrolled in
the now defunct Guardians of Public Safety. Later, he
was hired by the NATO Secret Services as an expert in
ISPEG (Information, Sabotage, Propaganda and Guerrilla
Warfare) and specializing in counterespionaage and

Having rose to senior rank, Saya retired in 1997. In
1995 he was recruited into an exclusive Masonic Lodge
by SISMI General Giuseppe Santovito and achieved the
rank of Venerable Master in Lodge No. 1
(International). In November 1997, Saya served as
state's witness for the Italian Republic in the trial
of statesman Giulio Andreotti. After retirement, Saya
decided to launch a fascist political movement,
MSI-National Right, where he became the unchallenged
chairman. Saya holds a university degree in Criminal
Justice and Political Science and is a Knight of the
International Order of Peace. In December 2002, he was
named Honorary President of the National Law
Enforcement Union, the first labor union representing
inter-agency national police. He was recently given
the post of Director-General, Interagency Anti-Islamic
Terrorism Police, Department of Strategic Studies on
Terrorism -

In November 2004, he was charged with disseminating
literature promoting white supremacy and racial
hatred. The trial has been postponed until October

Negroponte. Ledeen. Boykin. North. These figures have
always made me queasy because nothing stands between
them and their goals, especially values and the law.
The murder of Il Diario reporter Endo Baldoni and the
hit on Giuliana Sgrena which killed Niccola Calipari
smell of the involvment of shadowy organizations
operating on the margins.

An Italian investigation has uncovered an underground,
parallel police network with possible links to the CIA
which may be involved in the slaying of Niccola
Calipari and Il Diario reporter Enzo Baldoni, the
extraordiary rendition of Abu Omar and Nigergate.

The investigation is ongoing. On the surface, it looks
like a scam. But somehow, it has the same perfume of
the deliberate quasi-legality we saw in Iran-Contra.

From Il Corriere della Sera:

Underground police network discovered in Italy.
Investigation by the Genoa Public Prosecutor's Office
reveals anti-terror police staffed by Freemasons and
shadowy CIA operatives. Two are arrested. Dozens of
police and security force personnel involved.
The network is discovered amidst an investigation into
an Italian security contractor slain in Iraq.

A parallel, covert antiterrorism police force has been
uncovered inside the Department of Strategic Studies
on Anti-terrorism. This is the conclusion of the DIGOS
[Divisione Investigazione Generali e Operazioni
Speciali, or Department of General and Special
Operations, a police investigative unit] of the Genoa
Public Prosecutor's Office. So far two individuals
have been arrested and 25 warrants have been issued in
ten regions across the country. Another 24 are being
investigated, including 12 members of the police.
Gaetano Saya and Riccardo Sindoca, both Freemasons and
DSSA directors with links to the extreme right and
intelligence organizations beyond the oversight of
Italian Parliament have been placed under house
arrest. Saya resides in Florence and Sindoca in Pavia.

Officials uncovered the network while investigating
the death of Fabrizio Quattrocchi, an Italian private
security contractor slain in Iraq in 2004. Chief
Public Prosecutor Giuseppe Lalla, Inspector Salvatore
Presenti and DIGOS-Genoa chief Giuseppe Gonan have
excluded any involvement of Quattrocchi with DSSA,
despite a claim in an Italian magazine last May.
Connection to any Italian political figure is also
excluded. It is likely that the name of Quattrocchi
was used by the organization to credential itself as a
parallel intelligence outfit. While investigating
private security contractors working overseas, agents
on Gonan's investigation team crossed paths with a
secret, illegal investigation by the DSSA using
shadowing, investigations, illegal use of badges and
insignia carried by legitimate police.

So far, no subversive activity on the part of the DSSA
in the strictest sense of the word has emerged but the
impression is that the aims of the investigation
launched by the Genoa Public Prosecutors Office is to
prevent further wrongful conduct by the organization
and to identify persons involved from law enforcement
acting as secret agents who even might have joined in
good faith. Saya and Sindoca have been charged with
conspiracy to commit crime and usurpation of public
office in law enforcement. In substance, the
investigation team believes that DSSA (an organization
which does not exist legally) intended to finance its
operations by using funds from domestic and
international agencies.

Four rifles, tasers, a knife, a sabers, machetes,
dozens of outdoor suvivial kits, ID cards, badges and
insignia were found by the Florence branch of DIGOS
during separate searches of the residences of seven
suspected DSSA members in the Florentine capital after
a search warrants were received from the Genoa Public
Prosecutor's office. The residence of Gaetano Saya,
placed under house arrest, was used for meetings of
the network. Among other suspects are a junior officer
with the Fiscal Police in Florence, two prison police
and three civilians, including a construction company
owner and a businessman.

Before the arrests, the DSSA ran a website (taken down
after the arrests) where it described itself as
follows: The Department of Strategic Studies on
Antiterrorism, a institute recognized by Republic of
Italy interagency law enforcement and police, offers
highly-specialized investigation and research support
to the personnel of organizations under a potential
terrorist threat.

Gaetano Saya and Riccardo Sindoca are founders of a
political organization called Destra Nazionale - Nuovo
Msi [The National Right - Italian Socialist Movement]
and claim to be ex-members of Gladio. This is a
right-wing terrorist outfit once funded by the CIA and
thought to be responsible for 1980 Bologna Railway
Station bombing which killed 87 and wounded 177,
including several US students on holiday].

From the website of G.Saya: The evil which has
descended upon us finds in men like George Bush in
America and Gaetano Saya in Italy, an impregnable
bulwark: God-fearing men, harded and pure individuals
who, enlightend by God, have descended into the valley
of the shadow of death to defend the Judeo-Christian
faith and the West. The righteousness which these men
represent will defeat the anti-Christ. God is on their
side. On the website, Saya affirms that his a member
of the exclusive P-2 Masonic Lodge and that in
November 1997 he was state's witness for the Public
Prosecutor of Palermo in the trial of Giulio Andreotti
[Andreotti was an Italian statesman accused of links
to the Mafia] in which Andreotti was accused of
ordering the murder of anti-Mafia investigator General
Dalla Chiesa. Saya testified that he was told that
this was so by fraternal [Masonic] companion and
friend Giusseppe Santovito, a former P-2 Lodge member,
who at the time was Director-General of SISMI
[Servizio Informazioni Sicurezza Militare, or Military
Intelligence Service].

From La Repubblica

The Department of Strategy Studies on Antiterrorism.
This is what the organization, which represented
itself as a parallel law enforcement agency combatting
terrorism, called itself. According to investigators,
the aims of the organization was to credential itself
with major domestic and international agencies,
including foreign intelligence, for funding.

In the early hours of this morning, the DIGOS of Genoa
carried out 28 searches in nine Italian regions
(Liguria, Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany,
Lazio, Molise, Sicily and Sardinia). 21 persons
belonging to the National Police, the Carabinieri,
Fiscal Police and the Prison Police are under
investigation. Two individuals who are not members of
law enforcement but who are know to be part of the
organization have been arrested: Gaetano Saya and
Roberto Sindoca, both well-known leaders of the
National Right, which is the present-day incarnation
of the organization MIUS. [Movimento italiano di unità
sociale, or Italian Movement for Social Unity, a
fascist organization] founded by Giorgio Almirante [a
notorious racist and anti-semite, member of
Mussolini's infamous Republic of Salò under Nazi
tutelage]. Saya, an former Freemason, was state's
witness in the trial of Giulio Andreotti. Considered a
figure close to Italian intelligence, he often boasted
of his ties to SISMI. Saya and Sindoca have been
placed under house arrest in Florence and Pavia,

Several members from law enforcement joined the secret
network in good faith. The DSSA carried out
surveillance and searches in airports with few
results. Some of the members had direct access to the
Ministry of Interior data banks.

The charges: So far there have been 20 separate
investigations. The crime in question is criminal
conspiracy using money from domestic and foreign

The unconfirmed aim of the organization, explains
Genoa Chief Public Prosecutor Giuseppe Lalla, was to
credential DSSA and to run a network which would
obtain financing from foreign nations such as the
United States and Israel or organizations such as
NATO. Among their boasted activities was the tracking
down of fugitive Italian terrorists living abroad,
ex-Red Brigades, or members of other organizations
such as the example of Cesare Battisti.

Several members may have joined the secret network in
good faith. The DSSA carried out surveillance and
searches in airports with little result. Some of the
members had direct access to the Ministry of Interior
data banks.

Name of Fabrizio Quattrocchi is mentioned. The Weekly
News had recently run a story saying mercinary
Fabrizio Quattrocchi, slain in Iraq, was a member but
investigators believe that this was not the case.
While looking into Italian mercenaries working abroad,
Deputy Chief Investigator, Giuseppe Gonan crossed
paths with an illegal investigation run by DSSA
employing shadowing, background investigation, and
illegal use of badges and insignia belonging to
legitimate law enforcement. Thanks to the complicity
of several of its members, the organization was able
to retrieve confidential information directly from
Ministry of the Interior databanks.

Weapons stash in Florence. Seven searches were carried
in the Florentine capital, among theme Saya's. Four
rifles, some tasers, a Rambo knife, sabres and
machetes, dozens of outdoor survival kits, IDs,
badges, insignia and police hats. It was at Saya's
residenc that DSSA held its monthly meetings. The
homes of a junior officer of the Fiscal Police, two
Prison Police and three civilians were also searched.

Searches in Rome. The Rome DIGOS are carrying out five
searches of homes belonging to two law enforcement
officers, two private security workers and a

Searches in Milan. Seven searches were conducted in a
parallel investigation. Milan DIGOS personnel worked
together with those of Genoa and found material
documents implicating Police and Carabinieri. The
persons investigated were a Deputy Superintendant and
two assistants working for the National Police, a
retired Carabinieri, a retired police officer, a
Carabinieri Marshal and one civilian.

The Milan Public Prosecutor's office is following a
line of investigation slightly different from that in
Genoa. DSSA members impersonated police, displayed
DSSA badges very similar to that of law enforcement,
and used police insignia and automobile lights.


Obviously nothing all this happened in Italy...nice
pizza, nice pasta and alot of Gladiators.

Mr X


The End Times Prophecy, 2012 and the London Olympics before war! (1/6/2007)



The End-Times Prophecy of the Great Pyramid of Giza an article from from Rare Insights actualy gives some interesting Insights in the Christian Gnostic Vision of the end of times , so I decided to put here a few extracts from this arcticle followed by some more in depth analysis on this very important subject :

The Giza Pyramid contains a chronology that embraces
approximately 6,300 years. It speaks thereby of two
consummations of fate, namely the fate of mankind in a
liberating sense, and the fate of mankind in a
decaying and destructive sense, because, as previously
mentioned, the same intercosmic radiations will give
rise to different reactions, both positive as well as

We are here posing a question regarding the immediate
fate of mankind on Earth; the fate of the conversion
or the fate of the aversion. If we react positively to
the intercosmic radiations - indeed, if we are able to
react thus - then they will lead us into the New Life
of which all the true prophets, seers and Avatars have
spoken; if not, then in one way or another we shall be
eliminated from the New Earth. So it is and so it
should always be with every true end-of-a-world-cycle
prophecy. Every analysis of the activity of the
intercosmic radiations is always twofold. For this
reason we may find the following facts expressed in
scripture in various ways: "Whenever the Son of God
appears and the light breaks open and the blessed are
raised up unto Him, then the Judgement immediately
follows; the masses who have not chosen to selflessly
serve the Divine Plan are cut off". Here is alluded to
the fate of those who have definitely refused to react
positively to the intercosmic radiations, or "God's

Early in the 21st century the epoch of the Great
Pyramid ends. However, it will not then become a thing
of the past, a monument that reminds one of former
times, but then it immediately begins anew from the
bottom up, because there are intercosmic currents and
radiations that have an orbit of 6,300 years.

So let us explore further the nature of God's Call.

God's Call is not one or another holy book, wherein is
recounted God's activities on Earth or about what God
wants from mankind! Neither is God's Call the voice
that sounds to us by means of a Gnostic order, or by
means of one or another ecclesiastic body. No, God's
Call is a radiative plenitude, an intervention of
divine Light via the medium of Christ. That is why in
the Holy Language it is stated that God is Light.

The Gnosis is a radiative intervention, and that
radiative intervention - that Light - is a reality
with direct relevance to every human being on Earth
today. We are born here into this emergency order to
understand the purpose of the fallen world and to
attain victory, or in other words in order to walk the
Path of soul-redemption. If we do not do this, if we
go the way of dualistic phenomena, then we will be
grounded amidst the disaster of the closing phase of
this cycle for Earth. In every new period of existence
or world cycle we receive a chance to answer God's
Call positively. If we refrain from doing this, then
we will be liquidated, then our microcosm - every
unrepentant personality - will be forcefully purified
and emptied through the astral Fire. Our Earth-field
will also be purged, recycled and reorganised, in
order to prepare it for a new Day of Manifestation.

The radiation laws work for us and with us all, yet
they know no pardon. With respect to these activities
there is no compromise. We have the choice between
positive reaction and subsequent Liberation and Glory,
or death. If we do not respond, then God's Mercy shall
give our microcosm another opportunity, so that at
some other time in some other place a personality may
appear in the microcosm who will respond positively.
Until this happens, God's Call will continue to sound
in the emergency order.

In the case of a positive reaction, that is to say, if
we surrender ourselves unconditionally to the higher
powers, then a new birth develops in our microcosm, a
transfiguration, the emergence of a new Man, who is
eternal and who is able to return to the House of the

If we react negatively and do not walk the Path that
is shown us, then the said radiation powers will empty
our microcosm of this non-responsive, resisting
personality by death, and they will repeat this as
long as is necessary. We have nothing to hold on to,
because our own little world is ever fated to be
periodically eliminated and recycled.

Our emergency order, being a dualistic one, will pass,
and we cannot prevent it. Everything arises and
everything fades away, only in order to rise up again.
Never can this emergency order, this dualistic nature,
be made permanent, for it is fundamentally apt to
change. Personality follows personality, each time in
a new aspect of the world and, thus, there is no end
to the fresh opportunities that the microcosm receives
for a return to the Promised Land. This process
continues life after life and death after death,
until, at the end of a Cosmic Day - a major world
cycle or sidereal year - a radiation law releases a
universal Force that wipes out every kind of fallen,
unintegrated life on Earth.

A Cosmic Night is now setting in during which the face
of the Earth will be entirely changed. Thereupon, as
has been the case cyclically for ages upon Earth, a
new Day of Manifestation dawns and, under altered
conditions, the process is started once more in order
that the remainder of humanity may now react in the
correct manner. Messengers of the Gnosis descend anew,
to once again show mankind the Path of Liberation.

Now, there are various kinds of cosmic nights and,
therefore, also various kinds of days of
manifestation. They can be distinguished in minor and
major days of manifestation; minor developments
relative only to the Earth and major ones bringing on
a number of phenomena and transformations, e.g., in
the whole of the solar system. The zodiacal system is
subjected to similar periods of a still larger extent,
and those reigning the totality of the Milky Way
galaxy even exceed the aforementioned periods.

When we speak of esoteric sidereal years, we mean
approximately 25,200 years. We distinguish in every
such sidereal year twelve periods of about 2,100 years
each, and the Gnosis divides those 2,100 years again
in three periods of 700 years. Every such term of 700
years brings an important change in mankind's
existence. A period of 2,100 years ends in a change of
greater significance and sometimes even in the turmoil
of destruction comprising every aspect of social life,
all mankind and also the Earth or part of the Earth.
Continents may disappear and new continents rise up,
and in this way various geological changes are
periodically taking effect.

The beginning of what we indicate as the Christian era
practically corresponds with the start of such a
period of 2,100 years, and as we are now living in the
year 2006, it is evident that we have entered the
closing phase in which we discover the lines of
situations and possibilities which prove that
destruction and renewal is on the approach.

According to the chronology of the Great Pyramid - to
be precise since the 20th of August 1953 - humanity
entered the period of destruction of this 2,100-year
cycle in which we now live. Since 1953 the rise into
liberation has to take effect, or destruction must
follow. We know that this rise has started and that
the process of destruction also shows in the world.

Now, the chronology of the Great Pyramid speaks of
radiations with a circular course of about 6,300
years, divided into three periods of 2,100 years.
After three such periods of 2,100 years - that is,
after 6,300 years - the developing disaster will be
more radical than after an interim period of 2,100
years; and because the end of such an epoch of 6,300
years is drawing near, we need not ask what fate is to
be expected for the world and for humanity.

But on the other hand, the powerful radiation crisis
that we are facing in these days is also of special
importance for the Gnosis; it will affect us in a
particular sense if our attitude toward this new
development is spiritually positive! The Gnostic
victory of the future years will, therefore, be
greater and more glorious than ever before in the past
6,300 years; in fact, it will be more significant than
any previous Judgement Day in the last sidereal year,
for we are now at the end of a major world cycle.

Let us now imagine that we had lived all through a
sidereal year of 25,200 years; that we were not 30,
40, 50 or 60 years of age, but that we spent 25,200
years in this existence. We would have lived with
humanity through many changes, through major and minor
cosmic nights and days of manifestation. We would have
experienced and suffered right through 36 minor
changes, 12 moderate changes of 2,100 years, and 4
major changes of 6,300 years each. A considerable
amount of knowledge would therefore be ours with
regard to the workings and the consequences (positive
and negative) of the radiation laws prevailing in the
universe; the radiation powers relating to the world
and mankind.

Nothing about the course of those radiations and the
results thereof would be hidden to us. We would know a
good deal about the powers active in the universe; at
any rate our knowledge of them would suffice and
enable us to analyse the next epoch of 2,100 years
with ease. When we would have lived through all the
twists and turns of time, urged by the radiation
powers of the Logos, it would - after a long, long
time - be very easy for us to determine when the new
courses would start; we would know in advance what we
were to expect. Having gathered so much experience we
would then be able to construct, for instance, a
monument like the Pyramid of Giza without a shade of
speculation, forecasting or fortune-telling.

The builders of the Pyramid on the Nile were such
people with an Eternity-consciousness, and that
monument is an analysis in stone of what was to happen
in the period of 6,300 years following its
construction. A complete chronology has been laid down
in it by the usage of various kinds of stone, by the
scheme of construction and by the variation in the
heights and widths of its corridors and halls. The
Great Pyramid is, indeed, a prediction of everything
that was to occur in the next epoch of 6,300 years,
complete with dates, and all this definitely without
any speculation, for the builders constructed it for
that purpose on a strictly scientific basis, and they
were guided by millions of years of investigation!

When we had lived so long and had gathered so much
knowledge and experience in our being, then we would
probably be able, if not to build a monument, then
perhaps to write a kind of story about everything that
is going to happen in the approaching period. As a
means of expression, we could clothe this analysis of
time in some kind of garment; of a myth for example,
or some other romantic form that we could then present
to humanity or to a part of humanity. This would be a
rather lofty story, of course. It would nevertheless
be a record of happenings in many, many former periods
and, therefore, also of events in many times to come.
The recorded facts would be fictitious, but yet true,
for the story would be a positive analysis of the
science of radiation, the consequences and the results
of which had been verified in the course of millions
of years. In full and justified faith everybody could
accept this analysis, for the future would inevitably
provide the proof of the story's veracity.

This is the way in which every Holy Language was
shaped and scripture written. Besides the Pyramid of
Giza, the analysis in stone of the universal science
of radiation, humanity possesses the Holy Language,
which gives the same messages and information.

Every age had its holy tales and will have them for
all races and peoples as long as duality exists;
stories which, indeed, are analyses of past and future
contingencies, based on knowledge of the radiations;
and these stories will always prove to be alike, from
whatever races, peoples or periods they descend.

The central figure may be indicated as Moses, Krishna,
Jesus the Christ, Buddha or anyone else of the Very
Select, but in truth it is always the same analysis of
the universal science of radiation. The tales of all
races and peoples and periods will always be
fundamentally alike, because they are given to
humanity by liberated, absolutely redeemed Entities
who voluntarily assist the non-liberated part of
mankind. As members of the August Body of Christ, they
willingly serve the Divine Plan of Salvation.
Naturally, these Entities have full knowledge of the
universal science of radiation, and from this
knowledge they preach to the non-redeemed people when
a new period is about to begin, telling them how it
will and must be, how they must react in order to be
redeemed; to realise Deliverance.

Whoever forgets the information and advice of the
Select can always reach for the tale, for the storied
analysis of the science of radiation contained
therein. Undoubtedly you will now see the enormous
value of the Bible for all of us. This is why the
enlightened Rosicrucians said of the Bible: "Blessed
is he who possesses it, blessed is he who reads it,
blessed is he who understands it, but blessed above
all is he who comprehends it and obeys!"

The Book of Revelation in the New Testament is also a
revelation of the science of the cyclic radiations.

(end of the
article from RARE INSIGHTS)


Seismic and volcanic activity in the "ring of fire"
signal the beginning of the apocalypse prophecied for
the year 2012.

This earthquake was located in Indonesia, a country of
17,000 islands that make up the so-called Ring of Fire
around the Pacific Ocean basin where plate boundaries
intersect and volcanoes regularly erupt. Although
scientists cannot predict exactly when seismic events
will occur, seismologists had predicted this quake. In
the March 17 2005 issue of the journal Nature,
researchers at the University of Ulster-Coleraine in
Northern Ireland reported that stress was building in
the Sumatran subduction zone as well as in the
adjacent Sunda Trench. They warned that the stress was
likely to be released in another seismic event. The
faults are part of the Pacific "ring of fire," where
continental plates grind against each other and spark
periodic seismic shocks.
The Ring of Fire has been quoted in many prophesies as
being the first indicator of the end times when the
geologic upheaval begin to increase in frequency. Over
the last century, we have seen many severe
earthquakes, but the frequency in such a concise time
period has increased since the 1990s. Author Nina
Anderson based her novel, 2012 Airborne Prophesy, on
the prophetic Ring of Fire predictions, which alerts
the reader to possible human causes for the
acceleration of the earth’s instability. In the book,
she projects that present levels of wireless
technology are rising and this frequency saturation
will eventually create a harmonic disturbance that
could generate an instability of the earth’s crust.

In 2012 Airborne Prophesy we are warned that the
experiments with targeted ionospheric or subsurface
electromagnetic frequencies disregard any conclusive
evidence of safety to our planet. A illuminati
generated unexpected earthquake two years agol in
Colorado shook residents and stirred controversy. New
powerful ionospheric heaters are working to improve
communications with submarines and to be used as
subterranean radar to locate underground defense
facilities. These frequency-based devices created by
the evil tecnology of the demonic Jinns are unseating
the continental plates and spawning the rash of
earthquakes in the Pacific or and they are part of our
unfolding end-days prophecies.


The 2012 London Olympics have been plunged into
controversy by the discovery that the Games will clash
with Ramadan, the most holy month in the Islamic

The clash will put Muslim athletes at a disadvantage
as they will be expected to fast from sunrise to
sunset for the entire duration of the Games.

In 2012, Ramadan will take place from July 21 to
August 20, while the Olympics run from July 27 to
August 12.

An anticipated 3,000 Muslim competitors are expected
to be affected.

About a quarter of the 11,099 athletes who took part
in the 2004 Athens Olympics came from countries with
predominantly Muslim populations.

Because the Muslim calendar is based on a lunar cycle,
the ninth month of Ramadan - which runs from the
appearance of one new crescent moon to the next - gets
earlier by around 11 days each year.

The clash will be a huge embarrassment for Lord Coe,
Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell, and London Mayor Ken
Livingstone, who have been keen to ensure the Games
involve all Britain's ethnic communities.

Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the London-based
Islamic Human Rights Commission, said: "They would not
have organised this at Christmas. It is equally stupid
to organise it at Ramadan.

"It shows a complete lack of awareness and

"This is going to disadvantage the athletes and
alienate the Asian communities by saying they don't

"It's not only going to affect the participants it's
going to affect all the people who want to watch the

"They won't want to travel during Ramadan and they
won't want to watch sport. It's a spiritual time."

Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, an imam on the Muslim Council of
Great Britain, said: "I'm sure the athletes will seek
advice from their scholars.

"They are obviously going to be at a disadvantage
because other competitors will be drinking and keeping
up their energy levels.

"But they are athletes and I am sure they will train
their bodies to cope with this.

"A Muslim might feel it would have been nice to avoid
this month but life doesn't stop for Muslims during
Ramadan even though they are fasting.

"The best thing for a Muslim is to continue his or her
life as normal. This is the real test."

The British Olympic Association is now planning a
meeting with the organisers of London 2012 to discuss
how the timing will affect UK Muslim athletes.

And Muslim countries such as Turkey are calling for
the date to be changed.

Togay Bayalti, president of the National Olympic
Committee of Turkey, said: "This will be difficult for
Muslim athletes.

"They don't have to observe Ramadan if they are doing
sport and travelling but they will have to decide
whether it is important to them.

"It would be nice for the friendship of the Games if
they had chosen a different date."
n fo
The International Olympics Committee insisted the
Games take place some time between July 15 to August
31, giving more than a week either side of Ramadan.

IOC spokeswoman Giselle Davies said: "We give a window
to the five bid cities. The host city selects the
dates within that window.

"The Games bring together virtually every religion and
creed. How to deal with religious clashes is up to the

Joanna Manning Cooper, spokeswoman London 2012, said:
"We did know about it when we submitted our bid and we
have always believed we could find ways to accommodate

"We had lots of things to consider when we submitted
our dates, including the fact that transport will be
less crowded in the summer holiday.

"We also need 70,000 volunteers and this is the best
time to find them.

"We are working with the Muslim Council of Great
Britain to find ways to accommodate Ramadan during the
London Games."

These words by Joanna Manning Cooper show that the
illuminati and their London Brothers organizing
London 2012 are deliberetaly creating this conflict
for their evil psycological war against Islam
especialy in 2012...


On Raymond Mardyks’ website, (now unavailable), he
decodes the Great Seal of America, which appears on
every dollar bill the infamous seal of the illuminati
Order. The Seal shows a 13-step pyramid with the date 1776 in Roman numerals, on it. Just as the pyramid of Kukulkcan has 91 steps on each of the 4 sides, making 364 in all, plus the top level giving the number 365, the Great Seal pyramid also has an encoded calendrical meaning. Like some Maya pyramids, it has a date on it, but in the Gregorian calendar. 4 sides of 13 levels gives 52, which is the number of weeks in our year. However, 13 and 52 are also the key numbers in the Mayan calendar systems. 

In the Great Cycle, there are 13 baktuns of 20 katuns each; each katun consists of 20 tuns, so there are 5200 tuns in the Great Cycle. There are also 52 haabs in a Calendar Round. Some Mayan groups named cycles after end dates rather than beginning dates. They would also have seen a series of 13 katuns as a significant cycle. 1776 was not only the year that the Declaration of Independence was signed (on the 4th of July), but was also a special year in the Mayan calendar. Just as the last katun in the Great Cycle is “katun 2012”, the first katun in the cycle of 13 was “katun 1776”. In fact, the katun ended 33 days before the signing. So 1776 is the bottom level of the pyramid, where the date is actually inscribed – the top of the pyramid is therefore 2012. 

The top would also be 2012 if each level represented one of the 13 baktuns in the Great Cycle, with 3114 BC at the bottom. The top of the Great Seal pyramid shows as we know an eye-in-triangle, which has been associated with Sirius, God, the pineal gland, and the Illuminati. Mardyks goes on to point out that not only was the Egyptian calendar based on the rising of Sirius, but that “the Sun is astrologically conjunct Sirius every year on July 4 for the birthday of the United States of America”. Also, some Mayan groups froze their New Year to July 26, “when Sirius rises in that part of the world.” On January 1 at midnight, Sirius culminates, reaching its highest point in the sky, at the only time of year when it is visible all night long.

For the astrologically minded who understand that which is above is the same as that which is below, check out the links between 1776 and 2012 by the positions of Uranus & Pluto and get ready for some big events in the next 5 years culminating on the 21st of December 2012 in the GREAT WAR against what many of you describe today as the Reptilians that we know in the illuminati as evil Jinns the muslims call HABIS RUH. 

More on the coming war against the Reptilian HABIS RUH in my next article. 

Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan


Today Solana meets puppet master Kissinger (1/9/2007)

Javier Solana is meeting today with good old Henry
Kissinger.... (Check the time table of Javier Solana) applications/solana/index.asp?lang=DE&cmsid=246


Visit to United States
New York City

Meeting with European Ambassadors

Address to UN Security Council on the Democratic
Republic of Congo

Meeting with Henry Kissinger


The Leo Wanta affair: lawyer letters (1/9/2007)

Note: copy and paste the images below and enlarge them in order to read them better



New Grand Secretary at the United Grand Lodge of England (1/10/2007)

The MW The Grand Master has appointed Brother CNR
Brown to be Grand Secretary and Grand Scribe E with
effect from 1st February 2007.

Brother Nigel Brown was born in Lusaka in the then
Northern Rhodesia and was educated in Southern
Rhodesia. From the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst he
was commissioned into the Grenadier Guards, retiring
as a Captain. He then spent 15 years in senior
management, and for the past 12 years has been a
business consultant specialising in advising clients
on winning competitive global tenders.

He is married with two adult children, has been a
Freemason for 19 years and is currently serving as a
Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.


Big in Japan .'. (1/10/2007)

Dear Leo,
Thank you for your message and your requirement about
latest development of the Japanese Jesuit legacy.

However, for your information, please have a look at this article about Japanese Yakuza in which you can find a name of Ryoichi Sasagawa (already died) with Jean Paul II. This Sasagawa (war criminal) was a Knight of Malta. Together with Kodama, they were asset of CIA and as you may know, Japanese current ruling party, LDP was created and financed by CIA. Sasagawa created the Anti Communist League and their political influence is still big, especially via Unification Church of Moon. As for Opus Dei in Japan, they are "officially" active in Kobe since 1950s, but we cannot get much information about their real activities at present in Japan. var_recherche=YAKUZA%20KODAMA? var_recherche=YAKUZA%20KODAMA var_recherche=YAKUZA%20KODAMA? var_recherche=YAKUZA%20KODAMA

However, as you could see in the Spellman Code (or
Supelman like the one in Nostradums), there seems to be something related to the conspiracy with Opus Dei in Manila. The guy who was arrested after the kidnapping was married to Philipino woman and we believe he was CIA member, although the mass media hided it or even not
investigated his real identy or what was a real purpose.

The real purpose of this "kidnapping" was said money,
but we believe that it was to hide something or distract the people's attention from something or to communicate the content of that strange letter, which was composed by Japanese Hiragana, Kanji, and Katakana.
As anagram mania, we tried to decode the content using
the part of Katakana. In fact, it was a strange letter without
any important content and just very long. But the
first sentence in Roman alphabet showed us the
terrible content as I have shown and we are convinced
that there is an international network behind this
message to announce a kind of agenda for the future
to their members in Japan.
I have to mention the fact that just before the
kidnapping, Rothschild came to Japan and stayed in Tokyo for quite a long period and there was also an AEI meeting to discuss about future war between China and Japan (they said how to make war between Japan and China but not how to avoid it!). In spring, there was an annual meeting of
Trilateral Commission in Tokyo.

Immediately after the kidnapping, on 17.1.2006, the
police has suddenly investigated the company Live Door
and next day on 18, a guy related to the scandal (I
believe there was also money laundering behind
together with politicians) found dead in Okinawa, and
announced "suicide". Apparently he was murdered like
Hara-kiri by somebody else with soccer shirt of
JUVENTUS( which was also too strange because this
shirt disappeared after and I found there was also a
message in this Italian soccer team owned in the
past by Agneli of Fiat ).

Mass media never tells us the truth, but just
manipulate people with wrong information. This guy was told that he was doing some preparation of Casino project in Okinawa.
We found that Casino Austria International (of which
major shareholder is said Vatican), was also preparing
a huge project in Okinawa (was it a conflict of

The content in Japanese of the Spellman said "nikete
kudasai=nigete kudasai = please run away" and addressee from Sendai was Togu (it means otherwise Prince
Naruhito=mason). Run away from what? Run away from
future plots of Nuke terrorism or un attack in Sinai
prepared by Mossad and Queen? Who is Paul, how he
will get 10 millions, for what reason, using Opus Dei
Manila and death at Manila?

Are they all just a matter of coincidence?. No, I
believe, this is really a code for NWO agenda by somebody. Was it prepared by Opus Dei or Jesuit in Japan or coming from outside Japan (I believe so) ?

Most of message in these anagram have been realiyed so
far, such as attack by Israel in Lebanon, or Missile from North Korea etc, except Peking uses nuke on US( may be in a future "THEY" are preparing ??') But. why Duke of
Kent and why Nassau? (Prince Naruhito and Masako with
Aiko went to visit Holland's Royal Family this summer
and it was quite unusual for the royal tradition,
have they escape something ?)

This story of Spellman or Spellman has not yet
finished and we still continue to examine all aspects and I thank you for your important information about Gelli and P2 as well as the relationship between Duke of Kent ,Vatican and Opus Dei. It was a real key to understand the message in this code. We think there are "usual suspects" of
writer or commander but we don't know exactly who was
a commander.

So please keep this information secret and not tell
about it at this stage at your radio show, but for you only.
However, you can also discuss with your most confident
and serious people around you, because if these anagrams show the future plots of agenda for Armageddon, we have to be very careful and I think there is a network of money
laundering and terrorism such as
Mafia/Yakuza/Unification church /Jesuit or Opus Dei
or Vatican/CIA/P2/Mossad/Mason etc etc for promoting
NWO agenda.

I will continue to check for other events to know who
are the members of this network within Japan (I think most of mason politicians) and I will appreciate your information if you could find some hints or important news related to this code.

Sincerely yours,

Illuminati Confessions Correspondent from Japan


Between the demonic and the miraculous (1/10/2007)

Jesuit Athanasius Kircher and the Baroque culture of

In the photo the Sanctuary of the Mentorella dedicated
to the Black Mary (Isis) were many key Jesuits
including Athanasius Kircher got their heart burried
under the altar. It is a very important Santuary for
the Jesuits were all Pope's go in pilgrimage
including Ratzinger to worship the Great Mother Godess
and the heart of the Great Jesuit Master and
alchemist Athanasius Kircher.

Unabridged draft of essay published in abridged form
in The Great Art of Knowing: The Baroque Encyclopedia
of Athanasius Kircher, ed. Daniel Stolzenberg,
Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 2001, pp.

Introduction: Serious jokes

From the magnetic Jesus walking on water described in
his very first published book, the 1631 Ars Magnesia,
to the unfortunate cat imprisoned in a catoptric chest
and terrified by its myriad reflections shown to
visitors to his famous museum, the peculiar
mechanical, optical, magnetic, hydraulic and pneumatic
devices constructed by Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680)
continue to defy the analytical categories used in
both traditional museum history and history of
science.[1] Although Filippo Buonanni (1638-1725)
later attempted to reduce the machines of the
Kircherian museum to the status of mechanical
demonstrations, even adding some of his own[2], it is
clear that for Kircher and his immediate entourage,
these machines were, in some real sense, magical. Far
from being trivial addenda to a collection of
antiquities and naturalia, the documents suggest that
Kircher’s machines were utterly central to any
seventeenth century visit to the Musaeum Kircherianum.
But, from the point of view of traditional histories
of science, Kircher’s machines remain defiantly
perplexing. Their emblematic, ludic, and deceptive
connotations sit ill with any attempt to place them
within grand histories of “experimental science”
emphasizing the demise of Aristotelianism through the
triumph of an “experimental method” during precisely
the period in which the Kircherian museum enjoyed its
exhuberant heyday. From the point of view of the
history of collections, the machines accumulated by
Kircher and his disciples in Rome cannot merely be
treated as objects removed from circulation, or from
their original context of usage, as these machines had
no original context of usage, and did not circulate
prior to their display in the museum.[3] Rather, we
are dealing with purpose-built installations,
constructed ad hoc by Kircher and his changing body of
assistants, technicians and disciples in the Collegio

So what are we to make of these magical machines? This
article attempts to situate Kircher’s machines in a
Baroque culture of artificial magic. Using
contemporary accounts of visits to Kircher’s museum
and other documents, it aims to recover the purpose of
these devices, to understand how they worked, not only
by peering inside them to examine their secret
workings, but also by looking outside them at how
people responded to them, and at how Kircher and his
Jesuit companions placed this part of their output in
a rich tradition of artificial magic that has commonly
been overlooked or trivialised by historians of
science. We will argue that Kircher’s machines found
their meaning in a flourishing Baroque culture of
special effects. In the same way that “inside jokes”
confirm the identity of a particular social group,
while excluding the majority of people who are not
privy to the assumptions on which the joke is based,
the machines of Kircher and his disciples provided an
elite social group with self-defining puzzles and

The game of deducing the natural causes behind the
strange effects produced by Kircher’s magical
machines, such as a clepsydra apparently pouring water
upwards into a “watery heaven”, really caused by a
hidden mirror, was somewhat akin to fox-hunting or
golf in our society: if you could play the game, your
identity as part of a particular social elite was
confirmed. If you could not play the game, and had to
assume that demonic forces were responsible for the
strange effects you were witnessing, you were doomed
to the ranks of the vulgar masses. In this respect,
Kircher’s machines had much in common with courtly
emblems and enigmas, and the culture of “sprezzatura”
which countless behaviour-manuals vainly attempted to
divulge in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.[4]
Like many types of joke, Kircher’s machines are, we
argue, inherently conservative. They rest on a shared
mystery – the hidden causes behind the visible
effects. To challenge the received picture of the
causes operating in the natural world in response to
such a machine would thus amount in a strong sense to
spoiling the joke for everybody else.[5]

At the core of Kircher’s marvellous machines, then,
lies a robust epistemological conservatism. Kircher’s
machines thus offer us an alternative to conventional
stories of the inevitable collapse of Aristotelian
natural philosophy through direct experimentation, and
require us to refine our understanding of the roles
played by machines, experiments and instruments in
seventeenth century natural philosophy. The culture of
the elite audience for which Kircher’s machines were
designed is inscribed graphically on the machines
themselves – one need only consider such items as the
water-vomiting two-headed Imperial Eagle (fig. 1, see
also fig. 2), or the perspectival trick unjumbling an
image of Pope Alexander VII. Indeed, one could
arguably take this further and view the Musaeum
Kircherianum as a whole as something of a
self-portrait of an elite, primarily a Roman Catholic
elite centered around the twin poles of the courts of
Rome and Vienna. This elite was not a “given” quantity
when Kircher’s museum came into existence – rather the
museum helped to construct and consolidate the elite
while the elite helped to construct the museum by
corresponding with Kircher and providing him with
portrait medals, natural curiosities and other objects
for his collection.

At the centre of a vast correspondence network, and
increasingly famous through his lavishly illustrated
encyclopedic publications, Kircher wielded
considerable power to shape the social group
represented in his museum. Limited only by his
religious poverty, Kircher extended his network at
will to include powerful Protestants such as Duke
August of Brunswick-Lüneburg or Queen Christina of
Sweden, prior to her conversion. In a revealing letter
to Duke August’s librarian Johann Georg Anckel,
Kircher wrote that he had immediately had Duke
August’s portrait “framed in gold and put up in my
Gallery as a Mirror of the magnanimity, wisdom and
generosity of the high-born prince”, adding that “my
Gallery or museum is visited by all the nations of the
world and a prince cannot become better known in hoc
Mundi theatro than have his likeness here. And if the
expense were not so great I would do this for all
Germans, but I must cut my coat according to my

As well as holding up a trick-mirror to an elite
audience, Kircher’s museum also emblematized the
Jesuit order itself. Many of the curious natural
objects and artefacts of remote cultures present in
the museum were sent to Kircher by Jesuit
missionaries, who constitute the single most numerous
group of his correspondents. Some of Kircher’s
machines provide striking emblematic depictions of his
order – his universal catholic horoscope of the
Society of Jesus was a large sundial representing the
Jesuit order as an olive tree, with the different
Assistancies or administrative divisions of the order
represented as branches, and the different colleges
represented as leaves. Tiny sundials placed in each
province give the local time, and the shadows of the
gnomons of the sundials, when aligned, spelled “IHS”,
the abbreviated name of Jesus and symbol of the Jesuit
order, which appears to “walk over the world” with the
passing of time (fig. 3).[7] In Kircher’s museum,
visitors were also shown “a large crystalline globe
full of water representing the resurrection of the
Saviour in the midst of the waters”.[8] One of the
aims of this article is to understand the relationship
between such artefacts and Kircher’s position in the
Jesuit Collegio Romano. The moment of the creation of
the Musaeum Kircherianum coincided with a disciplinary
crisis in Jesuit education that led the superiors of
the order to condemn departures from Aristotle in
philosophy, including natural philosophy or physics,
and from Thomas Aquinas in theology. The works of
Jesuit authors on natural philosophy during this
period were closely scrutinized for anti-Aristotelian
views.[9] The exotic publications of Kircher and his
disciples seem to contradict this doctrinal
fundamentalism, but we will suggest that the
contradiction is only apparent. The treatment of
machines and instruments, even those associated with
criticisms of Aristotle, in the works of Kircher and
his Jesuit apprentices in magic was designed to avoid
conflict with fundamental Aristotelian principles.

The machines

Before taking a look at the the magical and
mathematical traditions from which Kircher’s machines
emerged and the functions, mechanical and social, that
they performed, it might be opportune to have a first
glance at the machines themselves. In 1678 Giorgio de
Sepibus (fl. 1678), Kircher’s “assistant in making
machines” published the first catalogue of the Musaeum
Kircherianum.[10] Little is known about De Sepibus,
from the Wallis (Valesia) canton in Switzerland, who
seems to have been an intermittent companion of
Kircher, and is first mentioned ten years earlier in a
letter from the Oratorian priest Francesco Gizzio to
Kircher. In 1670 Kircher sent De Sepibus to Naples,
where he brought a number of machines to perfection,
with the exception of a “versatile pulpit” that was
left incomplete. It is not clear when De Sepibus left
Kircher’s service, but by 1674 Kircher seems to have
feared him dead, so with all likelihood the catalogue
was completed well before its publication.[11] De
Sepibus provides us with a summary list of the
machines present in Kircher’s museum, which may serve
as our starting point:

1. Two helical spirals most skilfully measuring
cycles with the twisted coils of snakes. An organ,
driven by an automatic drum, playing a concert of
every kind of birdsong, and sustaining in mid-air a
spherical globe, continually buffetted by the force of
the wind.
2. A hydrostatic-magnetic machine, representing
the hours, zodiac, planets and the whole fabric of the
heavens. The hours are described by means of a very
simple motion, in which images of the Sun and Moon
alternately ascend and descend vertically. The
divisions of the hour are marked by the sympathetic
motion of the flight of small birds.
3. A magnetic-hydraulic machine displaying the
time all over the world, as well as the astronomical,
Italian, Babylonian and ancient hours.
4. A little fountain moving the globe weighing
down on the head of Atlas in a circle by hidden
5. A fountain lifts a genie fixed in the water up
and down, with a perpetual motion of tossing about and
6. A fountain in which the Goddess Isis, contained
in a crystalline sphere, is sustained, and greets
guests by spraying water everywhere.
7. A hydraulic machine that apes perpetual motion,
recently invented by the Author, consisting of a
clepsydra that flows out when it is inverted, and
again when it is turned the right way up, wetting a
watery heaven with its spray.
8. A hydraulic machine most skilfully representing
the Primum Mobile, and violently impelling a brass
snake resting on top of the water in twists and turns
by water.
9. A water-vomiting hydraulic machine, at the top
of which stands a figure vomiting up various liquids
for guests to drink.
10. A hydraulic clock urging or carrying globes or
genies up and down inside crystal tubes of five palms
in height, indicating the different times.
11. A hydraulic machine, which supports a crystal
goblet, from one side of which a thirsty bird drinks
up water, that a snake revomits from the other side
while opening its mouth
12. A hydrotectonic machine moving armed knights from
one place and a crowd returning from another by means
of continual drops.
13. A two-headed Imperial Eagle, vomitting water
copiously from the depths of its gullets.
14. A crowd of dancing genies driven by the silent
approach of water
15. The dove of Archytas reaching towards a
crystalline rotunda and indicating the hours by its
free flight.
16. The catoptric theatre, completely filled with a
treasure of all sorts of delicacies, fruits, and
precious ornaments
17. An architectural perspective representing the
arrangement of the rooms inside a magnificent palace.
18. A perpetual screw, the invention of Archimedes,
by which it is an easy matter to lift 125 pounds with
the strength of a very weak small boy.
19. A large crystalline globe full of water
representing the resurrection of the Saviour in the
midst of the waters.
Various thermoscopes, or thermometers which indicate
the daily growth of simples, the mutations of the air,
the ebb and flow of the tide, and the variation of the
winds, together with experiments on the origins of
An extremely large concavo-convex burning mirror, with
a collection of many mirrors, some of which show
ghosts in the air, others show objects unchanged,
others show them multiplied and others reconstitute
completely undetermined species from a confused series
into a beautiful form. Amongst these there is one
which reconstitutes the effigy of Alexander VII.
A large number of mechanical clocks, one of which
plays harmonious music by a concert of bells with an
elaborate movement, at any hour it plays the sound,
also every half-hour with a marvellous harmony of
notes and sweetness of sound it plays the hymn Ave
Maris stella. Another one indicating the time of day
by the movement of a pendulum. Another , finally,
giving the minutes and seconds of time. The part of
the world illuminated by the sun, the increase and
decrease of day and night. The current sign of the
zodiac, the astronomical and Italian hours, as well as
the ancient hours, or the unequal hours, which it
describes along a straight line by a singular
artifice. Many sundials.
Armillary spheres, and celestial and terrestrial
globes, equipped with their meridians and pivots.
Astrolabes, Planispheres, Quadrants, a very full
collection of mathematical instruments.
The Delphic Oracle, or speaking statue.

A Divinatory Machine for any planetary influence at
the circumference of two glass spheres by genies moved
uniformly by a mutually sympathetic motion. Twisting
themselves to the same degree at a large distance,
each of them in his sphere indicates the same point of
the sign.
Various motions of solid globes bearing a resemblance
to perpetual motion.
A hydraulic perpetual motion by rarefaction and
condensation, an Archimedean screw carrying globes up
with a continual motion through helical glass

This list is both illuminating and opaque – while
allowing us to form an idea of what some of the
machines may have looked like or sounded like, it
gives us little or no idea of how they were perceived
by contemporaries. Let us take one of them at random
-- “the Delphic Oracle, or speaking statue”, the
description of which De Sepibus leaves to the final
chapter of his catalogue of the museum’s contents,
stating that “we have rightly left the greatest
machination of art until the final course”. What was
this great “machination”? How did it work? Why was it
made? De Sepibus gives the following description of
the oracle:

Kircher has [sic, for “had”] a tube in the workshop of
his bedroom, arranged in such a way that the porters,
in order to call him to the door when business
demanded it, used not have to take the trouble to go
all the way to his bedroom, but merely called him in a
normal voice at the door that gave access to the
open-air garden. He heard their words as clearly as
if they had been present in his bedroom, and answered
in the same way, through the tube [...] Later he
transferred this tube to the Museum, and inserted it
into a statue in such away that the statue, almost
breathing life, is seen to speak with its mouth open,
and its eyes moving. He named this statue the Delphic
oracle, as it was in the same way, by the ingenious
trick of stuffing tubes into the mouths of idols, that
the ancient priests of the Egyptians and Greeks
deceived the people consulting the oracle and made
superstitious men give valuable offerings[13]

A manuscript draft of De Sepibus’ description (in
Kircher’s handwriting incidentally, suggesting that he
had a rather active role in the composition of the
1678 catalogue), is conserved amongst Kircher’s
manuscripts in the Pontifical Gregorian University, in
which he sometimes calls the machine the Oracle of
Apollo, but otherwise describes it almost
identically.[14] Kircher’s earlier 1673 work on sound
and acoustics, the Phonurgia nova, gives us a more
detailed account of the machine, and its changing role
in the Collegio Romano:

There was a repository in my Museum, between the wall
and the door. At the end of the repository was an oval
shaped window, looking out over the domestic garden of
the Collegio Romano, which is about 300 palms in
length and width. Inside this repository, or workshop,
I adapted a conical tube to the length of the space,
made from a length of 22 palms of sheet-iron, the
speaking hole of which did not exceed ¼ of a palm in
diameter. The tube, however, had a diameter of one
palm at its aperture that then grew gradually by
continuous and proportional increments in diameter so
that the orifice of the part extended out of the oval
window towards the garden had a diameter of three
palms. We have seen how the tube was made, now we will
also explain its effect.
Whenever our porters had to inform me of something,
either of the arrival of guests or of any other
matter, so that they would not be inconvenienced by
having to come to my Museum through the labyrinthine
corridors of the college, while standing inside the
porters’ lodge they could talk to me while I remained
in the remote recesses of my bedroom, and, as if they
were present, they could tell me whatever they wanted
clearly and distinctly. Then I too could respond in
the same tone of voice according to the demands of the
matter, through the orifice of the tube. Indeed nobody
could say anything inside the garden in a clear voice
that I could not hear inside my bedroom, and this was
a thing seen as completely new and unheard of by the
visitors to my museum, when they heard speech, but
couldn’t see who was talking. So that I would not be
suspected of some prohibited Art by the astonished
people, I showed them the hidden structure of the
device. It is difficult to say how many people, even
including many Roman Nobles, were attracted to see and
hear this machine.
It happened later that I was required to transfer my
Private Museum into a more suitable, and open space in
the Collegio Romano, that they call the Gallery. Here,
the tube that I have briefly described before was also
moved, and even now it is looked at and listened to
under the name of the Delphic Oracle, with the
following difference: the tube that previously
propagated clearly spoken words plainly into a distant
space, now acts secretly in ludic oracles and false
consultations with a hidden and quiet voice, so that
nobody present is able to perceive anything of the
secret technique of the reciprocal murmured
conversation. And when it is exhibited to strangers
even to this day, there are not lacking those who
harbour a suspicion of demons among those who do not
understand the machine, for the statue opens and
closes its mouth as if it was speaking, and moves its
eyes. Therefore I built this machine in order to
demonstrate the impostures, fallacies and frauds of
the ancient priests in the consultation of oracles.
For while they gave their answers through secret tubes
(described in the Oedipus), they urged the people to give offerings extravagantly, if they wanted their prayers to be answered. And consequently, by this fraud, they were able to greatly increase their wealth. In any case I would not deny that they also secretly involved demons in their works.[15] Kircher’s Delphic oracle reveals much about the role of machines in his Museum, and also much about the history of the museum itself. We are told that Kircher had a “private museum” before he transferred his collection to the Gallery of the Collegio Romano after the “official” founding of the museum with Alfonso Donnini’s 1651 bequest of his collection of antiquities to the Collegio Romano.[16] Where was this “private museum”? In the passage cited from the Phonurgia Nova, Kircher identifies it explicitly with his “cubiculum”, or bedroom in the Collegio Romano. So, even before Kircher was in charge of the Gallery of the Collegio, his own bedroom functioned as a museum, containing within it a storage area or workshop, from which his speaking-tube originally allowed him to communicate with, or occasionally eavesdrop on, people in the College garden and the college porters, who, one imagines, must have been pleased with this labour-saving device. In England, at around the same time, another prominent mathematical magician, John Wilkins (1614-1672), made a similar speaking-tube in the gardens of Wadham College, Oxford. One day, a certain Mr. Ashwell was strolling through the college, shortly after Cromwell had urged the Fellows of Oxford University to bring the Gospel to Virginia. As he passed the statue of Flora, he was astonished to hear it say to him “Ashwell goe preach the Gospel in Virginia”, in a Puritanical translation of Kircher’s Jesuit machine.[17] To return to Kircher’s multi-purpose bedroom in the Collegio Romano, however, it may appear strange that this domestic space also functioned as a museum, and clearly attracted enough visitors to warrant the development of an intercom system. In fact, there was a long tradition in the Collegio Romano before Kircher’s arrival of describing the bedroom of the senior mathematician of the college as the musaeum mathematicum. Christoph Clavius (1538-1612), famous for his commentary on the Sphere of Sacrobosco, and for his extensive activities as a Jesuit mathematical pedagogue, kept mathematical instruments, clocks and manuscripts in this space, a space that also served as the focus for the activities of the private mathematical academy of the Collegio Romano. Unlike the normal mathematics lectures that formed part of the College’s public curriculum in philosophy, often taught by a junior professor, the mathematical academy was founded with the specific aim of teaching mathematics professors for the Jesuit colleges in the different provinces of the Order. Generally, the bedrooms of Jesuits were not provided with keys, but, along with the rooms of the Superiors and the Procurator (responsible for the financial affairs of the College), the room of the senior mathematician of the College formed an exception.[18] The added security of a key meant that the mathematics professor could store valuable mathematical instruments in his domestic space. The musaeum mathematicum of the Collegio Romano then, formed a space for advanced level mathematical teaching and for the formation of close relationships between master and disciples, relationships which generally continued through correspondence after the apprentice mathematicians left to teach the mathematical disciplines in the provinces. When Christoph Clavius died, in 1612, his correspondence, manuscripts, instruments and position as the most senior mathematician of the Collegio Romano were inherited by the Tyrolese Jesuit Christoph Grienberger (c. 1564-1636). After Grienberger’s death in on 11 March 1636, the manuscripts collected by Clavius and Grienberger, their “archive” of correspondence, and their instruments seem to have all passed to Kircher. So, although Kircher only occupied the position of public mathematics professor for a short time, he inherited the musaeum mathematicum, a space in which the building of instruments and machines was already an established tradition. Indeed, Kircher’s far more modest predecessor Grienberger was rumoured to have invented a speaking statue himself.[19] We find ample references in the works of Kircher to the documents and objects Kircher inherited. In Kircher’s 1641 book on magnetism, the Magnes, for example, Kircher states clearly that “I have collected together many observations concerning magnetic declination that are not to be rejected [...] partly from the Archive that I possess of mathematical letters sent from the different parts of the globe to Clavius, Grienberger and my other predecessors as Roman mathematicians of the Society of Jesus”.[20] Emulating the private mathematical academy directed by Clavius and Grienberger before his arrival in Rome, Kircher gathered private disciples around him who were also able to avail of the instruments and documents that Kircher had inherited from his mathematical predecessors. While working as Kircher’s assistant in Rome between 1652 and 1654, Kaspar Schott (1608-1666) seems to have spent much of his time leafing through the papers of Clavius and Grienberger: “In the manuscripts of the most learned man Fr. Christoph Grienberger [...] that I found in the Clavius and Grienberger archive ”, he wrote in his Mechanica Hydraulico-Pneumatica, “I came across the following words about this Machine made by Bettini, and an opinion about perpetual motion”.[21] Describing a machine in which a sphere was suspended in the air and rotated about its centre, Schott wrote “I found the following machine amongst the papers of Fr. Christoph Clavius and Fr. Christoph Grienberger, once professors of mathematics in this Roman College of ours. However it was in the handwriting of neither of them, nor was it composed by them, as it smelled of neither of their lanterns. I suspect that it was sent to Clavius by one of the disciples of Francesco Maurolico, the Abbot of Messina, for it cites a small unpublished treatise of his. But, whomsoever’s manuscript it is, I have judged it fitting that it should be inserted here, since it can be applied to many things by an industrious artisan”.[22] Schott also borrowed items from the Clavius and Grienberger “mathematical archive” that he did not acknowledge – a demonstration of how to lift a golden earth using the force of one talent, using a system of toothed wheels published in his Magia Universalis is lifted directly from an unpublished manuscript by Grienberger that Kircher would have possessed, as is a passage extolling the powers of mathematics and the extraordinary achievements of Archimedes in the same work.[23] Schott and De Sepibus also inform us about instruments, experiments and machines that Kircher had inherited from Clavius and Grienberger, and subsequently transferred to the Gallery after 1651, such as a trick-lantern made by Grienberger that performed in the same way when filled with water as with oil, and a sample of water from the river Jordan that Clavius had sealed hermetically in a glass vial, perhaps the most undramatic of Kircher’s museum exhibits, demonstrating the incorruptibility of water by remaining forever unchanged. A wooden astrolabe made by Grienberger was also displayed prominently in the museum, though by the time Sepibus compiled his catalogue it had been almost completely eaten away by woodworm.[24] From all these examples, it should be clear that Kircher effectively inherited a space, complete with manuscripts, instruments and experiments, that already had a well-established role in the Collegio Romano – the musaeum mathematicum, and that many of the functions of this space did not change dramatically with Kircher’s arrival in Rome, when the space became his “private museum”. Indeed, it seems that most Jesuit colleges where mathematics was taught in the mid-seventeenth century had a mathematical museum of some description, which was normally the bedroom of the senior mathematician of the college where the mathematical instruments could be locked away, though most would have been far more modest than that of the Collegio Romano. An example is Valentin Stansel’s mathematical museum in Prague, where Jakob Johann Wenceslaus Dobrzensky de Nigro Ponte saw a hydro-magnetic fountain clock, that he described in his Nova, et amaenior de admirando fontium ... philosophia.[25] The descriptions of Kircher’s Delphic oracle quoted above also reflect on other aspects of his machinic installations. Kircher claims to have built the device in order to expose the “impostures, fallacies and frauds of the ancient priests”, so the ludic machine bears a moral burden. The corruption of the good magic given by God to Adam into a tool of deception and evil-doing in the hands of the post-diluvian Egyptians is a theme that crops up frequently in the works of Kircher and Schott, and we shall return to it. In the house of a certain Francesco Serra, Kircher and Schott had seen an example of an Egyptian speaking statue (fig. 4) designed to contain just such a speaking-tube as that hidden in Kircher’s Delphic Oracle, illustrated in the Oedipus Aegyptiacus.[26] The section of this work dealing with Egyptian mechanics contains many examples of the tricks employed by Egyptian priests to deceive worshippers, and many of the machines in Kircher’s museum relate to the debunking of Egyptian magic (see e.g. fig. 5, fig. 6). A “multimammary Goddess”, for example, spraying forth liquid from her multiple breasts (fig. 7), is described both in the Oedipus Aegyptiacus and in Schott’s Mechanica Hydraulico-Pneumatica, where Schott writes: “many thought that this work was constructed with the art of prestidigitation and of demons, but Fr. Kircher clearly showed that this was a devious machination of the priests [...] and he has a small machine in his museum that he displays to this end”.[27] Describing another Egyptian device, an altar on which small gods or demons dance (fig. 8), Kircher writes “A devious invention elaborately contrived by either Priests or evil demons in order to enslave the stupid and ignorant plebs in idolatrous servitude, so that nothing more effective or powerful could be devised for the cult of false gods”.[28] It is interesting that, while exposing the fraudulence of the magic of the Egyptian priests, Kircher will nonetheless not rule out their involvement with demons. One might have thought that the priests’ impressive technical skills would have removed any need for traffic with real demons. Regarding Kircher’s own performances with his Delphic oracle, we are also told that he was frequently suspected of involvement with demons by his less perceptive visitors, and that he explained the functioning of the machine in order to remove suspicions of him practicing “some prohibited Art”. Traffic with demons was no laughing matter in the mid-seventeenth century, at the height of the European witch-craze. One could well imagine that a less well-inclined audience might well view Kircher’s wonders in an altogether different light. Indeed, on one of the few occasions when Kircher performed in front of a larger audience, this was precisely what happened. Kircher, in his early twenties, had recently arrived in Heiligenstadt after being stripped of his clothes and nearly killed by heretical soldiers who recognised him as a Jesuit, and a legation sent by the Archbishop-Elector of Mainz was about to be received in the town. The following excerpt is from his posthumous autobiography: And because it was decided to spare no magnificence to provide an appropriate welcome for the legates, I was commissioned to arrange a theatrical performance. When I exhibited this, as they saw some things that went beyond common knowledge, the legates who witnessed the performance were so excited to great admiration that some of them accused me of the crimes of Magic, with some people say other things against me. In order to free myself of such an ugly crime I was obliged to expose the mechanisms of all of the things that I had exhibited. And when this task was discharged to everybody’s great satisfaction, so that they could hardly be separated from me, I also gave them a new collection of Mathematical Curiosities together with a laudatory panegyric in exotic languages composed in their honour, by which things resulted no small increase in their benevolence towards me.[29] It is clear from this episode that Kircherian magic flirted dangerously with the boundaries between technical ingenuity and the “prohibited art” of demonic magic. The Elizabethan magician John Dee (1527-1608), similarly came under suspicion of demonic magic in England when he constructed an automatic “scarabeus” that flew up to Jupiter's palace during a performance of a comedy by Aristophanes, when in fact the theatrical trick was achieved by "pneumatithmie" or by "waights”.[30] Perhaps this very flirtation with the black arts was a source for titillation for the princely and religious audience of Kircher’s wonders – an audience directly involved in the persecution of popular magic during the same period – allowing them to experience the “armchair-thrills” of magic without being morally implicated.[31] Jesuit theatrical productions during this period were particularly famous for their stage-machinery – convincing representations of hell were a speciality – and for their hard-hitting moral didacticism, both features that they shared with Kircher’s machinic-performances, as we have seen in the case of the Delphic oracle.[32] Other inventions of Kircher’s also appear to have come under suspicion of demonic magic, including the magnetic anemoscope that he built in Malta (fig. 9), while he was supposed to be providing spiritual guidance to Landgrave Ernst of Hessen-Darmstadt, relied, like many Kircherian machines, on a hidden magnet. The magnet, rotated by a wind-vane, caused a figure of Aeolius, the god of winds, suspended in a glass sphere, to point to the direction of the wind marked on the outside of the sphere. Some of the Knights of Malta who witnessed Kircher’s machine apparently suggested that it must contain a real demon, and Kircher, yet again, had to take pains to demonstrate that his brand of magic was entirely natural.[33] Anatomies of machines and mechanical anatomies By the time that De Sepibus’ catalogue was published, the Musaeum Kircherianum had entered a dramatic phase of decline, only to be resurrected through the efforts of Filippo Buonanni in the early years of the eighteenth century. The famous frontispiece of De Sepibus’ work, and many of its contents are misleading, as they represent Kircher’s museum as occupying a space that it had long abandoned, due to General Oliva’s decision to transform it into a library for the Jesuit “scriptors”, excused from teaching duties in order to devote themselves to writing works for publication. The frescoed lunettes and large windows of the space depicted and described in De Sepibus’ catalogue had long been forsaken for a dark corridor, much to the dismay of the ageing Kircher. The catalogue thus presents immediate problems as a historical document of Kircher’s museum. By 1678, Kircher, depicted on the frontispiece of De Sepibus’ catalogue warmly welcoming a pair of visitors to his museum, was nearing death, and spending almost all of his time in the Marian shrine of the Mentorella in the hills of Lazio, where his heart was soon to be buried.[34] De Sepibus’ catalogue of the museum, then, crammed with illustrations culled from Kircher’s other works, must be regarded as a monument to a dead, or at least dying and transfigured institution. In order to understand the magical nature of the machines on display in the museum, many of which had fallen into disrepair by 1678 we will have to look elsewhere. Long before De Sepibus published the catalogue, repeated attempts to publish a description of Kircher’s gallery had been made by Kircher’s close disciple Kaspar Schott.[35] Schott’s association with Kircher had begun in 1630, when he was studying in Würzburg, a city that both Schott and his master had to abandon with the onslaught of the Swedish troops of Gustavus Adolphus in 1631. Whereas Kircher fled to the South of France, arriving in the Jesuit province of Lyon along with 40 other Jesuit refugees, Schott made for Tournai, and then began a series of wanderings through Sicily, where he completed his studies and taught in a number of Jesuit colleges.[36] Between late 1652 and 1654, Schott was finally reunited with Kircher in Rome for an extraordinarily intense period of activity centered around the recently founded museum, a period that was to fuel his prolific output in the years that followed.[37] In addition to assisting Kircher in the museum, Schott performed a number of other tasks. While Kircher laboured to complete his monumental Oedipus Aegyptiacus, Schott patiently edited the third edition of Kircher’s Magnes. An anonymous foreword by the “Author’s colleague in literary matters” inserted into this edition gives a graphic picture of the conscientious approach taken by Schott to this task: I examined and emended all of the calculations and arithmetic tables with great care. I inspected the words in Latin, Greek and Hebrew of authors who were cited in the original sources and where they had been corrupted I restored them. I compared the magnetic declinations and inclinations, and other observations sent here to the Author (who had asked for them by letters) with the autographs, and eliminated typographical errors. I inspected the diagrams even engraved on brass or wood, and emended the mistakes, restoring the missing or erroneous letters, lines and signs. For several elevations I substituted more accurate ones. From time to time I eliminated words, or added them, or changed them, when I noticed that the sense was either false, altered or unclear. In arranging the Appendices, Paradoxes, Problems, and new Experiments and Machines written by the Author, or given to me to write, I conserved an order that altered the order of the previous editions as little as possible [...] I omitted, finally, no task that I felt would contribute to the splendour of the Work.[38] Modern editors may take note. As well as working as Kircher’s editor, Schott was deeply involved with the machines of the museum, and it is to his works that we will turn to attempt to situate Kircher’s machines in a magical tradition. Schott’s Mechanica Hydraulico-Pneumatica was published in 1657, shortly after his return to Germany. Apart from the appendix, which dealt with the new “Magdeburg” experiment carried out by Otto von Guericke to demonstrate the existence of a vacuum, Schott had composed the book while he was still in Rome with Kircher, as he explains in a “Notice to the Reader”, excusing himself for often writing as if he was still living in Rome. Schott writes that he plans “to compose a Natural Magic, collected from the printed works and manuscripts of the most learned man Athanasius Kircher, of world-wide fame, and also from all of his notes and loose pieces of paper that are in my possession, as well as from the works of other approved authors and the inventions of ours (i.e. Jesuits), composed in all trustworthiness and as the result of much study, established through my own experiments and those of others”. His promised work, subsequently published as the Magia Universalis Naturae et Artis, will contain “various, curious and exotic spectacles of admirable effects, wonders of recondite inventions, that are rightly called magic, free from all imposture and suspicion of the forbidden Art”.[39] In the meantime, Schott’s Mechanica Hydraulico-Pneumatica consists in an exhaustive description of the hydraulic and pneumatic machines found in Kircher’s museum. As he writes in the preface to the work: There is, in the much-visited Museum (that we will soon publish in print) of the Most learned and truly famous Author mentioned above (i.e. Kircher), a great abundance of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines, that are beheld and admired with enormous delight of their souls by those Princes and literati who rush from all cities and parts of the world to see them, and who hungrily desire to know how they are made, and so that I can satisfy their desire to know the construction of the machines, I have undertaken to show the fabric, and almost the anatomy of all of the Machines in the said Museum, or already shown elsewhere by the same author.[40] Schott promises to give his readers detailed instructions on how to make instruments “for garden pleasures, for the utility of houses, for the commodities, and ornaments, particularly of Princes, who derive greater pleasure of their eyes and souls from these things than they might expect profit for their estate. Neither will we be satisfied with delighting only the eyes, we also prepare a feast for the ears, with various self-moving and self-sounding organs and instruments, that we will excite to motion and sound only by the flow of water and the stealthy approach of air, with no less ease than skill”.[41] Schott’s Mechanica Hydraulico-Pneumatica, then, provides an eloquent “identikit” picture of the ideal audience for Kircherian wonders, a leisured, decadent class of princes and cardinals, quite happy to turn their minds away from pressing matters of church and state in order to delight their minds, eyes and ears with the sensual pleasures provided by Kircherian machines. From the rich study of the intellectual culture of the Habsburg monarchy carried out by R.J.W. Evans, we see that this description was entirely consonant with the consuming interests of the prominent members of the Viennese courts of Ferdinand III and Leopold I.[42] The wonders described in Schott’s work give us a vivid picture of how Kircher and his disciples went about satisfying the remarkable thirst for hydraulic and pneumatic curiosities of a Catholic elite on a daily basis. In one instance, Schott describes an incident in which the two Jesuit companions came across the marvellous spectacle of a “water-vomiting seat” in a Roman villa: Lately Father Kircher and I were wandering through the fields of Rome to take the air, and we went into a suburban villa, on the facade of which an elegantly made sciatheric sundial was painted. While we were looking at this curiosity, we were invited by a Noble Frenchman to inspect the building and garden more thoroughly. We entered, and first saw a most delightful pleasure-garden, filled with flowers and fruit, and ornamented with statues of all kinds. We then entered a most elegant house, ornamented with paintings, emblems, epigrams, and epigraphs in Latin, Greek and Arabic, and thoroughly filled with statues and artificious machines, so that even Pope Innocent X, as he was being carried through the same fields with the delight of his soul, entered the same house and garden, and was not reluctant to honour it with his presence. The villa belongs to Jean Laborne, a French Presbyter and Knight of the same Pope. Amongst the other things, by which I was most delighted, was a seat known as hydratic or water-vomiting because of its effect.[43] If we are to take De Sepibus’s list of machines as a guide, we are forced to conclude that the predominantly German princely audience of the productions of Kircher and Schott had a peculiar fascination with regurgitation. From the two-headed Imperial Eagle (fig. 1), belching water copiously from its twin gullets, to the “water-vomiting hydraulic machine, at the top of which stands a figure vomiting up various liquids for guests to drink”, not to mention the various birds and snakes ingesting and throwing-up water from goblets, the spectacle of retching, puking, and spewing seems to have been the very epitome of good taste and noble amusement for the visitors to Kircher’s museum (see e.g. fig. 10). Schott further confirms this impression of an “emetophiliac” Catholic elite. One of the most endearing machines of his Mechanica is a “cancer vomitor” (fig. 11), illustrated as a nauseous lobster, bending forlornly over the edge of a goblet in its unhappy state. One is left unsure whether sea-sickness or the drinking of the goblet’s contents is responsible. Like a number of the machines illustrated in Schott’s works, this device was adapted from the popular work by Daniel Schwenter (1585-1636), later expanded by Georg Philipp Harsdörffer (1607-1658), the Deliciae Physico-Mathematicae.[44] Perhaps the most graphic demonstration of the cult of emesis is in Schott’s description of a French visitor to Rome with an unusual talent: While I was writing this, Jean Royer, a Frenchman from Lyon, who is superior to all in the art that we have been discussing, arrived here. From his stomach he brought forth twelve or fourteen differently coloured perfumed waters, most perfect liquors, distilled wine that could be set alight, and rock oil that burned with a lamp-wick, lettuces and flowers of all kinds, with complete and fresh leaves. He also exhibits a fountain by projecting water out of his mouth into the air for the time of two Misereres.[45] The description of this technicolour spectacle is followed by a letter from Kircher, in which he reassures worried readers that the digestive system of Mr. Royer was entirely free of demonic interference, and that his stomach-churning feats were carried out purely through the manipulation of natural causes. Royer, it transpires, had even entertained the Emperor at Regensburg, also exhibiting his “art” before “five kings and many princes and learned men”. In Schott’s work, Royer himself is classified as a machine – “Machina VII”, included with other incontinent “hydropota”. Moreover, in order to ensure that his talent was entirely natural, Kircher had studied his act closely in the Musaeum Kircherianum itself, so he certainly earns his place in a discussion of the museum’s hydraulic machines.[46] The Miserere, incidentally, appears to have been a commonly used and even somewhat standardized unit of time measurement for seventeenth century Jesuit experimenters. Elsewhere, Schott describes one of his more dangerous experiments involving heating a sealed glass tube full of mercury, recounting that “after about the time in which Psalm 50, Miserere mei Deus, can be recited, it opened a way for itself with great violence and noise” When Schott performed this experiment in front of the son of the Duke of Holstein, the noise of the explosion brought the young nobleman’s servants running in fear of an assassination attempt. Jesuits describing Manfredo Settala’s burning mirrors in Milan remarked that “the smaller mirror, that burns at a distance of 7 braccie, works in barely an Ave Maria, whereas for the one that burns at 15 or 16 braccie, which works more slowly, you have to wait for a whole Miserere”. One can imagine the groups of Jesuits as they recite the rosary and sing hymns while incinerating objects with burning glasses, causing terrifying explosions or witnessing Jean Royer’s superhuman feats of projection.[47] The catoptric cat Robert Darnton has remarked that the torture of cats was a source of constant amusement in early modern Europe, and that the historical investigation of arcane forms of humour has much to offer our understanding of major historical transformations. His famous study of the “great cat massacre” carried out by a group of Parisian printer’s apprentices allowed him to investigate the social tensions that formed the historical prologue to the French Revolution.[48] More recently, Thomas Hankins and Robert Silverman have used Darnton’s insights in an original study of some of the more ludic machines and instruments produced by Kircher and others, in particular the sunflower clock (fig. 12) that Kircher displayed to Nicholas Claude Fabri de Peiresc in Aix, and the “cat piano”, a grisly musical instrument, said to have been invented by Kircher, that worked by prodding the tails of cats with spikes driven by a keyboard.[49] Whereas for Darnton’s Parisian apprentices, the torture of cats was a humorous means for an abused community of labourers to score a symbolic victory over their wealthy bosses, for Kircher and his princely clients the manipulation of animals and automata was arguably a symbolic means of reinforcing the political and philosophical status quo. Schott recounts that one of the most “artificious and delightful” machines in Kircher’s museum was a catoptric chest, presumably identical with the “catoptric theatre” described by De Sepibus (fig. 13). Two other catoptric chests existed in Rome, according to Schott, one in the Villa Borghese and the other in the “villa of some other Prince”, and both exhibited wonderful spectres of objects – forests of pine trees, cities, elegantly furnished houses, treasures of gold and silver vases and pearls and infinite libraries of books, that seem so real that even those who were knowledgeable in catoptrics were sometimes fooled, and less intelligent people frequently held out their hands and attempted to take hold of the “species of things”, to the great amusement of spectators. Kircher’s catoptric chest, however, far surpassed the competition, both in multiplying species and in displaying illusory scenes. It could display infinite colonnades, tables covered with all sorts of delicacies, inexhaustable treasures, to the great torment of avaricious visitors who often, according to Schott, attempted to make off with the infinite quantities of money contained in the chest, only to be left with a handful of air. “You will exhibit the most delightful trick”, Schott informs us, “if you impose one of these appearances on a live cat, as Fr. Kircher has done. While the cat sees himself to be surrounded by an innumerable multitude of catoptric cats, some of them standing close to him and others spread very far away from him, it can hardly be said how many capers will be exhibited in that theatre, while he sometimes tries to follow the other cats, sometimes to entice them with his tail, sometimes attempts a kiss, and indeed tries to break through the obstacles in every way with his claws so that he can be united with the other cats, until finally, with various noises, and miserable whines he declares his various affectations of indignation, rage, jealousy, love and desire. Similar spectacles can be exhibited with other animals”.[50] The catoptric chest, then, is an instrument for the manipulation and revelation of the passions. It is a theatre of social distinction, using visual illusion for the detection and display of baser human traits such as avarice and the instinctual passions of animals. An understanding of the magical art of catoptrics can allow one to trick people (and cats) into revealing their hidden natures. Kircher’s emotionally confused catoptric cat is thus very different from the pampered aristocratic cats slaughtered by the Parisian artisans described by Darnton. By making a spectacle out of incivility or popular superstition, devices such as the catoptric theatre, the Delphic oracle and the various vomiting-machines shown to visitors to Kircher’s museum contributed to a particular definition of early modern European civility.[51] Many of Athanasius Kircher’s machines were thus civilizing machines. Descartes’ Treatise on the Passions of the Soul, published in 1649, attempted to provide a manual to instruct his readers both to combat the effects of the passions on the soul and to dissimulate their outward manifestations.[52] The vogue for automata and machine-models of the human body in the seventeenth century was closely connected to the desire to exercise control over the body through discipline and manners. The Jesuit educational system, experienced by Descartes as a schoolboy at La Flèche, laid great emphasis on bodily comportment and behavioural discipline, epitomized by the choreographed movements of Jesuit ballet. The limits of the man-machine metaphor exercised a powerful fascination over Kircher’s contemporaries. While Marin Mersenne (1588-1648) theorized about mechanised musical ensembles, and instruments such as the “Archiviole”, allowing a single player to play multiple musical instruments simultaneously, and shortly after Justus Lipsius (1547-1606) had theorized about the well-disciplined army as a war-machine, Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) opened his Leviathan, published in the very year that the Musaeum Kircherianum was officially founded, with the famous metaphor of the commonwealth as a giant automaton, manipulated by a single monarch.[53] Peter Dear has recently evoked the close links between the mastery of the passions, the rise of European absolutism and the culture of automata in early modern Europe.[54] We have frequently been led to discuss the wonders produced by Kircher and Schott in magical terms. But just what was the magic practiced by Kircher, that he took such pains to distinguish from the illicit arts that invoked the aid of demons? What were its boundaries? How did it intersect with natural philosophy, and with the mathematical arts? How did it find a home in the bosom of the Jesuit order and, especially, in Kircher’s Museum? Kircherian magic: The roots of a paradigm Kircherian machines, we have suggested, like Jesuit rhetorical devices, emblems and learned orations, helped to draw a boundary between elite and vulgar. To mount an attack on the causal knowledge at the core of the Kircherian culture of machines on physical grounds was comparable to challenging the authenticity of the Corpus Hermeticum and the traces of the prisca sapientia contained in Egyptian hieroglyphics on philological grounds. Both challenges threatened the mystical core of a structure of political power in which the Jesuit order constituted the cement linking the Counter-Reformation Papacy to the Habsburg court in Vienna through a sophisticated network of intermediaries. The intellectual project of Kircher’s Oedipus Aegyptiacus, supported by Ferdinand III, cannot be separated from Kircher’s artificial magic.[55] Kircher’s marvellous machines took their place alongside his wooden reconstructions of Egyptian obelisks in the Musaeum Kircherianum. A letter from Schott inserted into the first volume of Kircher’s Oedipus Aegyptiacus gives us a revealing picture of the mutual legitimation that characterised Kircher’s close relationship with his Habsburg-linked clients: In Kircher’s archive, I discovered an enormous number of letters, many of which were sent by him at every moment by Princes of the Christian world, and the supreme heads of the Roman Empire, and the Most Wise Emperor FERDINAND III, the Most Serene and Most Wise Queen of Sweden Christina, many Most Eminent Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church, Most Serene Electors of the Holy Roman Empire, Most Distinguished and Illustrious Dukes, Princes, Counts, Barons and innumerable Nobles of the same Empire and other Nations, all of whom admire and praise Kircher’s learning, and thank him for the books he sent them and for his other enormous productions, they urge and solicit him to print other monuments to erudition, they offer him help and protection, they communicate secrets, and ask for arcana, and for the unravelling of arcane matters, they seek the interpretation of exotic languages, strange inscriptions, and unknown characters, and various questions. I would have appended here various long letters from Emperors, other Princes and almost all the learned Men of this century, showing singular affection and respect if the small space and the Author’s modesty had permitted and if I had not reserved that for a different time and place[56] While Kircher provided princes, young and old, with enigmas, puzzles, emblems and arcane knowledge that confirmed their social distinction, they provided him with financial support and conferred authority on his works. Elsewhere Schott tells us of a revealing dream that Kircher had in the Collegio Romano while suffering from a serious bout of illness. After requesting a strong sleeping-mixture of his own specification from the college pharmacy, Kircher fell into a deep sleep, and dreamt that he had been elected to the Papal throne and was overcome with joy. He received legations and congratulatory messages from all the Christian princes, applause from all peoples, and, in his dream-role as Pope, built colleges and churches in Rome for the different nations of the world, and established “many other things for the propagation of the Catholic faith”. Schott is particularly interested in the healing capacities of Kircher’s dream – the older Jesuit pronounced himself to be restored to full health the following morning. However, without too much imagination, his dream might also be seen as hinting at more than a modicum of personal ambition on Kircher’s part. Although some of Kircher’s other nocturnal visions were later transformed into reality, most dramatically a graphic vision of the imment destruction of the Jesuit college in Würzburg by the Swedish armies of Gustavus Adolphus in 1631, his narcotically-induced dream of the papal tiara was never to be realized, although one is tempted to wonder what directives he might have issued in this role.[57] Despite the fact that Kircher was never elected Pope, he was arguably the ruler of his own invented polity. The Oedipus Aegyptiacus contains no less than thirty-one separate letters of dedication for its different sections and provides us with a suggestive map of Kircher’s political universe. Prominent dedicatees include: the holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III, Pope Alexander VII, Ferdinand IV King of the Romans, the Grand Duke of Tuscany Ferdinand II de’ Medici, Johann Philipp von Schönborn, Elector of Mainz; Archdukes Leopold Wilhelm and Bernhard Ignaz of Austria, Johann Friedrich Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, and a host of other princes, cardinals, counsellors and confessors of the Holy Roman Empire. Kircher’s Oedipus Aegyptiacus provides an ancient pedigree of magic that justified its revival amongst his distinguished dedicatees and their peers, a pedigree echoed in Gaspar Schott’s Magia Universalis. In its broad lines, legitimate magic was first given by God to Adam, along with the other forms of knowledge. However, true magic was corrupted, through the “Cainite evil”, leading to the division between “licit” and “illicit” magic. The architect of the corruption of magic was, as Pliny recounts, Zoroaster. But which Zoroaster? A number of different Zoroasters appear in the history books. On this subject, many learned authors were in disagreement, but Kircher and Schott, aided by a manuscript of the apocryphal Book of Enoch studied by Kircher in the Greek library of Messina, are in agreement that Zoroaster is identifiable with Noah’s rebellious son Cham, who learned this art from the impious Cainites before the Flood and inscribed it on stones and columns so that it would not be destroyed in the deluge, transmitting it to his followers once the waters had abated. These columns were the very columns described by St. Augustine, when he wrote in the City of God that Cham, Noah’s son, erected fourteen columns bearing the canons of the arts and the sciences, seven made of brass and seven of bricks. After propagating his magic in Egypt, where he had settled after the flood and the linguistic confusion of the Tower of Babel, Cham left his kingdom to his son Misraim, and departed to spread the astrological and magical arts to Chaldea, Persia, Medea and Assyria, eventually obtaining the name “Zoroaster”, meaning “living star” as he appeared to be consumed with celestial fire in his zeal to spread magical knowledge.[58] What is magic? Schott tells us that magic is whatever is “marvellous and goes beyond the sense and comprehension of common men”. Common men because to “wise people or those who are more learned than the common people the causes of magical effects are normally apparent”. Natural magic, according to Schott, is “a recondite knowledge of the secrets of nature, that applies things to things, or, to speak philosophically, actives to passives, in the correct time, place and manner, by the nature, properties, occult powers, sympathies and antipathies of individual things, bringing about some marvels in this way that appear magical or miraculous to those who are ignorant of the causes”. An example of natural magic is asbestos that resists combustion in flames, as Kircher had demonstrated very frequently in Rome. Other examples of natural magic include the magnetic marvels described by Gilbert, Cabeo and Kircher, and the effects of music on the venom of the tarantula, also described by Kircher. However, one must beware, as not all magic said to be natural is truly so, the sunflower’s supposed capacity to make men invisible being an example of something that couldn’t possibly happen naturally. Schott’s encyclopedia of natural and artificial magic comprises four parts: Optics (“that is those things regarding sight and objects that are seen, and whatever in Optics, Catoptrics, Dioptrics, Parastatics, Chromatics, Catoptro-Dioptro-Caustics, Catoptrologics, and other similar sciences, arts, practices and secrets is rare, portentous and beyond the understanding of the common people, when they perceive rays directly, relected or refracted at the eye”), Acoustics (“that is, whatever pertains to hearing, and the object heard, and it will explain all of hearing, sound, the human voice, harmony, the Oeconomy of music, by analogy to the oeconomy of sight and vision, colours, lights, and their appearances, but only the rarer, less obvious ones that fall under praxis and operation”), Mathematics (“that is Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy, Statics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Pyrobolics, Gnomonics, Steganography, Cryptology, Hydrography, Nautical matters, and many other things, but only the rarer and more amusing and wonderful matters, and most of the practical things that come under human industry”) and Physics (“ whatever is wonderful, paradoxical or portentous in Nature. Of this kind are magnetism, sympathy, physiognomy, metallurgy, botany, stichiotics, medicine, meteorology, the secrets of animals, stones and innumerable other things”).[59] Natural magic has two branches in Schott’s system: operative and divinatory. The latter include such arts as physiognomy, allowing a person’s character to be determined by examining their features, colour and voice. Divinatory natural magic, however, cannot be used to find supernatural gifts or sins, as these don’t depend on nature but on free human will. Artificial magic, or operative natural magic, is, in Schott’s definition “an art or a faculty of producing some wonder through human industry, by applying various instruments”. Schott’s examples of this art, culled from an assortment of classical sources, include the glass sphere of Archimedes described by Cicero, which depicted the motions of the different planets (fig. 14), the flying wooden dove of Archytas, the small golden birds singing to the Byzantine emperor Leo, and the flying and singing birds and hissing serpents of Boethius. More recent pieces of artificial magic included the eagle of Regiomontanus that reportedly flew to meet Charles V when he was arriving in Nuremberg, and accompanied him to the gates of the city, and an iron fly also made by Regiomontanus that flew out of the hands of its artisan, and flew around the assembled guests, and a statue in the shape of a wolf that walked around and played a drum, that Schott had heard about from an eyewitness. The talking head reportedly made out of brass by Albertus Magnus was a further example of artificial magic for Schott. Whereas some claimed that this was a mere fable, and others suggested that it was the work of the devil, Schott disagreed, arguing that it was made by human industry alone. Kircher himself, Schott had just heard in a letter sent from Rome, was in the process of making just such a speaking statue for the visit of Queen Christina of Sweden to the Musaeum Kircherianum, “a statue that will have to answer the questions that it is asked”. The Delphic Oracle, then, places Kircher’s magical productions in a highly respectable historical series of artificial wonders, and rids Albertus Magnus of the suspicion of sorcery that allegedly led Thomas Aquinas to destroy his talking statue of Memnon.[60] The machines in Kircher’s museum occupy a central place in Schott’s exhaustive account of the licit magical arts. But what exactly were the boundaries of these arts? Where is the point of transgression? Schott’s answer is simple: illicit magic involves pacts with demons rather than the mere application of human industry and artifice to natural causes. Following the principal Jesuit authorities on the matter, the humanist Martin del Rio (1551-1608) and the philosopher Benito Pereira (1535-1610), Schott insists that demons are restricted to the manipulation of natural causes. Only God can effect miracles that go against the natural order. Demons are, effectively, just very good artificial magicians, manipulating natural causes with greater dexterity than even the most adroit instrumentally-enhanced human being.[61] But what exactly is the order of nature that even demons cannot pervert? Schott’s answer is unequivocal: demons are bound to obey the laws of Aristotelian natural philosophy! “They cannot create anything, as this exceeds the power of acting naturally. Neither can they derive a substantial form immediately from a subject, without a prior alteration, because this cannot be done naturally”. Demons cannot even create a vacuum, “as Nature abhors this and no experiment carried out until now proves that a vacuum has been made, as we have said in the Mechanica Hydraulico-Pneumatica”. If demons could not make a vacuum, what chance did Evangelista Torricelli, Valeriano Magni or Otto von Guericke stand of doing so? Schott’s account of the absolute limits of artificial magic reveals its staunchly Aristotelian core. The artificial magic practiced and described by Schott and Kircher relied on an unchanging body of assumptions about the normal behaviour of the natural world. Schott’s Mechanica Hydraulico-Pneumatica had opened with a list of the four fundamental principles underlying all hydraulic machines: the “attractive power to avoid a vacuum”, the “power of expulsion, avoiding the penetration of bodies”, the rarefactive power (i.e. the “expulsion or attraction of water by rarefaction and condensation”) and the weight of the water seeking equilibrium. The purpose of Schott’s work is not to investigate the truth of these principles, which have the status of axioms. Instead, his aim is to catalogue the surprising effects that can be obtained by combining these causes in different ways.[62] In discussing Otto von Guericke’s experimental demonstration of the existence of a vacuum using his antlia pneumatica, Schott remarks casually that of course, the plenitude of nature is invulnerable even to an angel, and thus Guericke’s device could never have produced a real vacuum. A refusal to allow the instrument to produce new natural philosophy did not put an end to Jesuit discussions of hydraulics. Instead, the device was removed from circulation in the philosophical domain and relocated within the context of the Wunderkammer. Schott's Mechanica-Hydraulico Pneumatica includes the experiments performed by Evangelista Torricelli and Gasparo Berti to demonstrate the existence of the vacuum in a section entitled De machinis hydraulicis variis, where they are surrounded by a ball made to spin in the air, a perforated flask for carrying wine known as the "Sieve of the Vestal Virgin ", and a "phial for cooling tobacco smoke". Unhealthy philosophical readings of Machina VI (the Torricelli and Berti tubes) are dismissed by Schott as the writings of "Neotherici Philosophastri" and "insolent and unmannerly braggarts proclaiming a triumph before victory".[63] To situate the Torricellian experiment in the context of trick fountains and water-vomiting seats was to insulate it from the Aristotelian philosophy taught in the classrooms of Jesuit colleges. In a strong sense, then, the Aristotelian physics at the basis of the artificial magic of Kircher and Schott was invulnerable, except to occasional Divine intervention. Machines combined a pre-established set of causes to produce surprising effects, leaving the spectators to attempt to decipher the combination of natural causes underlying the appearances. Schott’s accounts of natural and demonic magic drew heavily on the comprehensive treatment of magic composed by the Antwerp-born Jesuit Martin del Rio, the Disquisitionum Magicarum Libri Sex, first published in 1599. Del Rio was a scholarly prodigy before he joined the Jesuit order. At the tender age of twenty he published a work on the Latin grammarian Gaius Solinus, later attacked by Claude Saumaise. Shortly afterwards, he published a work on Claudius Claudianus that cited more than 1,100 authors. Before he joined the Jesuit order he occupied the important public offices of Senator of Brabant, Auditor of the army, Vice-chancellor and Procurator General. Del Rio’s three-volume treatment of magic was an enormously influential work, the influence of which was felt in witch-trials as much as in the scholarly arena.[64] Chapter IV of Del Rio’s work deals with artificial magic, which Del Rio divides into “mathematical magic”, deploying the principles of geometry, arithmetic and astronomy, and “prestidigitatory magic”, involving deliberate deception and sleight-of-hand. The former includes all the the famous mechanical marvels that Schott listed. Del Rio’s approach to magic is to build an impenetrable wall between supernatural phenomena, which are the prerogative of God alone, and artificial and preternatural phenomena, which can be produced by men, by demons and by angels. Preternatural phenomena are those which appear to most people to go beyond nature’s capacities, but are in fact achieved through the combination of natural causes by human, demonic or angelic agents. The belong not to the “Order of Grace”, the realm of true miracles brought about by divine intervention in opposition the laws of nature, but to the Prodigious Order, reserved for phenomena that resemble miracles, but are in fact carried out through the manipulation of natural forces.[65] Kircherian thaumaturgy, then, appears to transcend what can be achieved through the human manipulation of natural powers, thus leading some to view them as being produced by demonic means. Good angels do not collaborate in magical works, according to Del Rio, so any magical feat that goes beyond human capacities, such as the production of healing effects through incantations, must be due to the “ministry of bad angels”, that is to say the companions of Lucifer, as “no words have a natural power of healing wounds or illnesses, or driving away other injuries”.[66] Incantations employed by Catholic priests in sacraments and exorcisms did not work naturally, but through the concurrence of divine grace, and thus belonged to the Order of Grace, and are thus excluded from the natural order. Kircher’s machines ludically encouraged spectators to read them as wonders achieved through angelic or demonic concurrence. Many of the machines described in De Sepibus’ list even contained small genies, angels and demons, moved by occult forces to point at letters, scales and inscriptions, a miniature automated population that positively cried out to be interpreted as preternatural, and belonging to Del Rio’s prodigious order. While Descartes hypothesised a single evil genie to demolish the basis of scholastic metaphysics in the first of his Méditations Metaphysiques, Kircher and Schott employed an obedient army of them to uphold the core of Aristotelian physics (see figs. 8, 15, 16, 17). Benito Pereira, Schott’s other chief authority on magical matters, was one of the most influential philosophers of the Jesuit order in the late sixteenth century, despite coming under suspicion of heterodoxy for his sympathy for the philosophy of Averröes.[67] Pereira’s textbook on natural philosophy, De Communibus omnium rerum naturalium principijs & affectionibus, went through a great number of editions, and was widely used for teaching in Jesuit colleges. His widely read work on magic and divination, the Adversus fallaces & superstitiosas artes, id est, De magia, de observatione somniorum, et de divinatione astrologica, argued that demons could not pervert the natural order of the Aristotelian elements or create a vacuum, and this may have been the source for Schott’s similar assertions. Pereira insists that men skilled in knowledge of nature can work great wonders by natural magic, but those who are either wicked or ignorant may only learn this art from demons, “for scarcely any mortal or certainly very few indeed, and those men of the keenest mind who have employed diligent observation for a long time, can attain to such natural magic”.[68] Kircher clearly considered himself to be one of the latter, and offers us his own working definition of natural magic in his Magnes, a definition that is pretty close to those provided by Del Rio, Pereira and Schott: Here I call natural magic that which produces unusual and prodigious effects through natural causes alone, excluding any commerce, implicit or explicit, with the Enemy of humankind. Of this kind are those machines that are called for this reason “thaumatourgikai”, that sometimes transmit prodigious movements to an effigy from air and water contained in siphons by a subtle art, and sometimes blow spirits into an organ arranged in a certain way to make statues burst forth in speech, and similar things, that can seem like miracles to people who are ignorant of their causes.[69] Kircherian machines thus walked a tightrope between the demonic and the miraculous. To understand how the magical aspects of Kircher’s machines were experienced by contemporaries, it may be helpful to look at how Kircher’s Musaeum was visited. Visiting the machines The frontispiece of the fourth volume of the first edition of Kaspar Schott’s Magia Universalis depicts a crowned man pointing a magic wand at a flowerbed, making a clear visual link between social status and the practice of natural magic. The opening of Schott’s work provides a justification of magic that places Kircher’s machines directly in the context of aristocratic visits to the Jesuit Collegio Romano: In my various long journeys through Germany, France, Italy and Sicily, and in my frequent occupation teaching mathematics both in public and in private, I have always found that almost everybody, especially Nobles and Princes, not only youths, but also men conspicuous for their learning, prudence, worldly experience and dignity displayed a propensity towards those disciplines that promise and set forward things that are marvellous, curious, hidden and beyond the comprehension of the common people. I hardly ever saw anyone, who, when he had achieved a little mastery of these matters, or had examined devices constructed from their prescription, was not thereby incited to continual study and did not surrender himself entirely to this discipline, or wish to do so if other occupations had permitted. Witnesses to this, to omit other examples, are the whole of Rome, and the most celebrated Roman College and Athenaeum of our Society, the seat and residence of Athanasius Kircher, a man of great fame in the whole world. For, every day the inhabitants of both [city and college] look at and admire (as I myself beheld with amazement and delight of my soul when I was [Kircher’s] assistant in literary matters for a few years) those works that many people hasten at every moment to behold, excited by the fame of his learning and the desire of seeing the things that he displays in his famous Museum. These works, constructed from the recondite arts and sciences, are truly deserving of wonder. The visitors are drawn from the most illustrious ranks, in doctrine and dignity, including Royalty and Cardinals, foreigners as often as natives. How many of them are instructed privately by him, even if occupied by other most grave matters, particularly the sons of Princes, recommended by very polite letters, with profit flowing into their whole nations and even into the whole Roman Church as a result![70] Here Schott suggests that Kircher’s museum in Rome functioned as a powerful magnet for a Catholic elite, attracting princely visitors to the Collegio Romano, and encouraging them to send their sons to be privately educated in arcane matters by Kircher. Kircher’s aristocratic apprentices in magic would then return to their countries of origin, having acquired a taste for curiosity, and this would bring clear benefits both for their countries and for the Catholic church as a whole. Schott’s description of the social function of the museum is consonant with the apostolic goals of the Jesuit educational system, as developed since the mid-sixteenth century. Ignatius Loyola’s Majorcan assistant Jerónimo Nadal (1507-1580), famously remarked that “for us lessons and scholarly exercises are a sort of hook with which we fish for souls”.[71] In 1594 Christoph Clavius had argued that excellence in the mathematical disciplines would aid the Jesuits to gain precious ground on the Protestant pedagogues that were enticing aristocrats away from the Catholic church, writing that [T]here is no one who does not perceive how much it is central to every objective of the Society to have some men who are most outstandingly erudite in these minor studies of mathematics, rhetoric, and language [...] who would spread the eminent reputation of the Society far and wide, unite the love of noble youths, curb the bragging of the heretics in these arts, and institute a tradition of excellence in all those disciplines in the Society.[72] The creation of a private mathematical academy, along with similar academies for rhetoric, Greek and Hebrew, would, Clavius argued, create Jesuit experts in all of these disciplines, who, “when they are distributed in various nations and kingdoms like sparkling gems [...] will be a source of great fear to all enemies, and an incredible incitment to make young people flock to us from all the parts of the world, to the great honour of the Society”.[73] We have argued above that Kircher inherited Clavius’s musaeum mathematicum. Schott’s description of the function of Kircher’s museum as a magnet for a curious princely elite suggests that it had much in common with Clavius’s prophetic vision of the Jesuit educational apostolate. What was it like to visit Kircher’s artificial wonders? How did different visitors experience their magic? Arguably the most famous visit to the Musaeum Kircherianum was that made by the convert Queen Christina of Sweden. On 11 November 1651, Athanasius Kircher wrote a letter to Queen Christina in Stockholm: Your Majesty will know that our Society not only holds you in intimate affection, as is fitting, but also esteems and admires above all other things those rare and sublime treasures bestowed by heaven that divine bounty has hoarded up in your breast. This is especially true of this Roman College of our Society, both of the famous men and writers and of the novices, who have come from all of the nations of the world, where we speak 35 different languages, some native to Europe, Africa and Asia, the remainder to the Indies and America. And all of them are excited by the fame of your majesty's wisdom, and attracted by some unknown sympathetic magnetism, and their only ambition is to paint the extraordinary example of all virtues that your Majesty exhibits to the world in all the colours that it deserves.[74] Queen Christina's tour of the Collegio Romano in 1656 was the culmination of a lengthy process of rapprochement between the Queen and the Jesuit order which had begun in February 1652 when two Italian gentleman travellers, going by the names of Don Bonifacio Ponginibio and Don Lucio Bonanni, had arrived in the Royal court in Stockholm.[75] The two gentlemen, as Christina quickly divined, were in reality Jesuits, carefully disguised by long hair and beards. Paolo Casati and Francesco Malines, both highly trained in mathematics and theology, had set off from Venice on 8th December on their important mission to convert "Don Teofilo", as Goswin Nickel, the Vicar General of the order, had instructed them to call Christina in their letters. Christina had specially asked the General for mathematically skilled Jesuits, and spent as much time with her visitors discussing Galileo's Dialogo, atomism, and the latest books by Bartoli and Kircher[76] as the matters of faith that were the ostensible reason for the meeting. She received a copy of Bartoli's Dell'huomo di lettere[77] from her Italian visitors, and probably availed of their services to send a letter to Kircher in Rome in which she expressed a desire to have a chance to talk to the famous polymath more freely in the future.[78] Curiosity played a central role in Christina's abdication and relocation in Rome. The image of Rome which the Jesuit missionary mathematicians nurtured in the Queen's mind was one of a city in which the secrets of the natural world could be investigated under conditions of utter intellectual freedom, in stark contrast to the ascetic Lutheranism that reigned in Stockholm. Paradoxically, the very book that Kircher was to dedicate to Christina, the Iter Exstaticum, ran into serious difficulties on account of the atomist matter-theory which it sanctioned and which Christina also favoured.[79] The receptions of the Queen in the Collegio Romano were intended to further the image of the Jesuits’ showpiece college as the home of cultivated Catholic curiosity. On 18th January 1656, Queen Christina made her first visit to the Collegio Romano.[80] 20 Swiss guards were placed at the door, preventing anyone from entering the building except the pupils of the lower classes, who were all meant to await the Queen in their classrooms. When the Queen arrived, the bells rang twice, and all of the Fathers, wearing cloaks, lined up inside the main door to receive her. The Queen entered the college with her entourage and the door was closed. In each class that the queen visited a pupil came forward to recite an epigram, and then presented her with a piece of printed satin brocaded with golden lace. When she had finished visiting the classes, she returned to the entrance, and went to visit the Church, where she prayed to Saint Ignatius and at the altar of Blessed Aloysius Gonzaga, while musicians sang some motets. As she had been unable to see everything during this first visit, Christina returned to the college on 30th January. She entered by the side door, where she was received by the General, the Roman Provincial, the Rector of the College and other members of the order. Her subsequent perambulations are described in detail in Galeazzo Gualdo Priorato's biography of the queen, and we cite from the 1658 English translation: She quickly went into the Library [...] Here her Majesty entertaining her self for some time, in viewing the many volumes, took pleasure too in looking on the Modell and Platforme of the City of Jerusalem, which was left by Father Villalpando, with the description of the streets, and holy places, consecrated by the journeys and passions of our Lord Jesus Christ. She then, going about the other sides, discovered some Greek and Latin Manuscripts lying open on a Table, and could judge of the Authors, shewing very great learning. She went thence into the gallery, that was near, where Father Athanasius Kircherus the great Mathematician had prepared many curious and remarkable things, as well in nature, as art, which were in so great a number, that her Majesty said, more time was required, and less company to consider them with due attention. However she stayed some time to consider the herb called Phoenix, which resembling the Phoenix grew up in the waters perpetually out of its own ashes. She saw the fountains and clocks, which, by vertue of the load-stone turn about with secret force. Then passing through the Hall, where she looked on some Pictures well done, she went through the walkes and the garden, into the Apothecaries shop, where she saw the preparation of the ingredients of herbs, plants, metalls, gemms, and other rare things, for the making of Treacle [i.e. Theriac] and balsome of life. She saw them distill with the fire of the same furnace sixty five sorts of herbs in as many distinct limbecks. She saw the philosophical calcination of ivorie, and the like. She saw extracted the spirits of Vitriol, Salt, and Aqua fortis, as likewise a jarre of pure water, which with two single drops of the quintessence of milke, was turned into true milk, the only medicine for the shortness of the breath, and affections of the breast. In fine being presented with Treacle [i.e. Theriac] and pretious oyles, she went into the sacristy, where they opened all the presses, where they keep the Plate and reliques of the Church, with the great candlesticks, and vases given them by the deceased Cardinall Lodowick Lodowiso the founder of the Church. She honoured particularly the blood of St. Esuperantia a Virgin and Martyr, which, after a thousand and three hundred years, is as liquid as if newly shed. Then going into the Church she heard Mass, and at her departure, gave testimonies to the Fathers of her great satisfaction and content.[81] The accounts of Christina's visits to the Collegio Romano resonate with the image of the College as both a theatrum mundi and repository of universal knowledge suggested in Kircher's letters to the Queen before her departure for Rome. Although Christina's case is conspicuous for its dramatic charge, the pattern is far from unique, and there are innumerable other examples of monarchs and aristocrats, Catholic and Protestant, being enticed into metropolitan Jesuit colleges throughout Europe rather as Chinese literati were initially enticed into Matteo Ricci's house, by the promise of arcane knowledge, curiosities, maps and mathematical instruments.[82] A manuscript chronicle of the Collegio Romano describes a large number of such ceremonial visits.[83] The transformation of the Collegio Romano into a theatre of curiosity had numerous precedents throughout the century. During the festivities to mark the canonization of Saints Ignatius and Francis Xavier in 1622, the College was transformed into ancient Rome, to echo the solemn ecclesiastical rites with "erudite allusion and ancient Apotheosis".[84] The Atrium and entrances of the Collegio were decorated to represent the Roman forum, while the Aula Magna became the Campus Martius, scene of the apotheoses of the Roman Emperors. Two large globes, at the main entrance, represented the old and new worlds, divided into thirty-four Jesuit provinces, with their colleges and houses marked on tesserae. Plays representing important events in the lives of Xavier and Ignatius were staged by the Parthenian academicians of the College and the members of the Roman seminary. The mathematics professor Orazio Grassi (1583-1654) staged an opera in the transformed Aula Magna for the occasion, the Apotheosis of Saints Ignatius and Xavier, set to music by Kapsberger, with elaborate stage-machinery.[85] Grassi also provided geographical demonstrations (ragioni Geografiche) that St. Francis Xavier was responsible for a larger amount of territory than any apostolic preacher, much as he had provided public mathematical demonstrations for the supra-lunary location of the comets of 1618.[86] By the time of Christina's visit in 1656, as Gualdo Priorato's account reveals, the College could boast two further sites of courtly display: the College pharmacy and the Musaeum Kircherianum. Building of the college pharmacy commenced on 5 July 1627, shortly after the commencement of work on Orazio Grassi's church of St. Ignatius[87], but the existence of Spetiali is evident from the Catalogues of the College back to 1598 and beyond.[88] In 1609 the category becomes "Aromatarius"[89], before the title of pharmocopolae was bestowed upon Francesco Vagioli and Francesco Savelli in the Catalogi of 1624-5.[90] The walls of the pharmacy were decorated with a series of (surviving) frescoed lunettes by Andrea Sarti and Emilio Savonanzi in 1629, depicting Galen, Hippocrates, Mesue, Andromachus and other authorities in medicine, botany and pharmacy. A painted panel at the centre of the ceiling depicted the patron saints of medicine, Cosmas and Damien, in the company of Saints Francis Xavier and Ignatius and the Madonna and child, a grouping lent legitimacy by the coincidence that the bull of foundation of the Jesuit order (27 September 1540) fell on the feast day of the medical saints.[91] A manuscript ground-floor plan of the Collegio[92] apparently dating from the mid-seventeenth century depicts the pharmacy as occupying at least five rooms. As well as producing the balsam of life, theriac and various other precious substances that could be distributed to potential patrons of the order[93], the numerous books of secrets that survive suggest that the pharmacy was used for alchemical operations as well as the production of candle-wax and even substances for combatting "carnosità", or carnality, clearly a dangerous enemy to Jesuit collegiate life[94] . As a site of display, the pharmacy played a part in a visit made by Urban VIII to the Collegio Romano as early as 1631.[95] The enormous spagyrical furnace shown to Christina was depicted graphically in Kircher's Mundus Subterraneus,[96] where it bolstered Kircher's attack on alchemical charlatans. On Vincenzo Carafa's first visit to the college after his election to the position of Father General of the Jesuit Order in 1646 he was shown a large parchment bearing the recipes of the theriac and other medicines produced in the Jesuit pharmacy.[97] On the same visit, Carafa was brought to Kircher’s “private museum”, where he was shown the “universal horoscope of the Society of Jesus” (fig. 3) that we have described above. In its original form this device was cruciform in shape.[98] A less famous, but perhaps more observant visitor to Kircher’s museum was the English traveller Philip Skippon.[99] Skippon, travelling in the company of the botanists John Ray, Francis Willughby and Nathaniel Bacon as well as two servants, visited Kircher’s museum in 1664. He gives the following very detailed description of his visit: We visited father Kircher, a German Jesuit, at the Collegium Romanum (which is a very large and stately building belonging to the Jesuits). He shewed us his gallery, where we saw all his works, some of which are not yet printed; he hath translated an Arabick book into Latin; wherein the virtues of plants are discoursed. He said Johnston, the printer at Amsterdam, offered him 2000 for all his writings. His Roman medals were fixed within a wire grate on a turning case of shelves. This pope's picture seen in a glass that reflects it from the plaits or folds of another picture. An organ that counterfeits the chirping of birds, and at the same time a ball is kept up by a stream of ait. The picture of the king of China. A picture of father Adam Schall, a German Jesuit, who is now in great favour with the king of China, being his chief counsellor; on his breast he wears the mark of his honour, which is a white bird, having a long bill, and red on the crown of its head. The picture of Deva Rex Davan Navas. The picture of Michael Rex Nepal. The rib and the tail (flat and broad) of a Syrene, which Kircher said he saw at Malta. A cross made of 300 small pieces of wood set together without glew, nails &c. Painting of Raphael Urbin on earthen dishes. A microscope discovering fine white sand to be pellucid, and of an elliptical figure; and red sand pellucid and of a globular figure. A China shoe. Two Japan razors. A Japan sword, wherewith some Jesuits had been martyr'd. A China sword, or rather a mace. Corvus Indicus, a red bird. China birdsnests like white Gum. Canada money made of little pieces of bones, and a medal of the same, which faintly represented the figure of a man. Medals of the hieroglyphical obelisks in Rome. A cabinet door that first opened upon hinges on one side, and then upon hinges on the other. A flat and broad hoop that moved to and fro, on a declining plane, without running off; within it having a weight at A.. Water put into the glass BC, and by clapping one's hand at B, without touching the water, forces the water out a good heighth out at C. A perpetual motion attempted by this engine. D is a cistern with water, which runs down the channel E, and turns the wheel from G to F. At i the axis of this wheel is a handle that lifts up the sucker H, that forces up the water out of the cistern K K into the pipe L into the upper cistern D. A sphere moved regularly by water that falls on the aequinoctial line which is made like a water wheel. An image that spewed out of its mouth four sorts of water, one after another. A serpent vomiting water, and a bird drinking out of the same dish. The perpetual motion we saw at Milan. The heat of a man's breath or hand, expelled water out of a glass, that afterwards turned a wheel. A brass Clepsydra made after this manner. A and B are two cisterns for water. When that in A is uppermost it falls down thro' thee four tubuli, which are the supporters into the lower cistern B, and there it springs up like a fountain, a pretty height for an hours's space; and so vice versa when B is turned up. A notable deceptio visus in the pyramidal spire C. D. being turned one way it seemed to go up, and moved the other way it appeared as if running downwards. These and many other inventions are described in Kircher de Magnete. Birds-nests, that are earen by the Indians, which Wormius p. 311, calls Nidus Ichthyocollam referens. The figure of a woman he called the oracle with a hole in her breast, which applying one's ear to, words and sentences are plainly understood, though whispered a good way off. Flies and a lizard within amber. A paper lizard with a needle stuck in it, ran up and down a wooden pillar, being moved by a loadstone. The magnet moved several figures hanging within glass globes. One figure was moved by the loadstone, thro' wood, glass, water and lead. A cylindrical glass of water with a glass figure in it, which rises or falls as you press the air at the top of the glass with your finger; the air being pressed in the cylinder, presses that in the figure into a narrower room, and so water comes in and weighs the figure down, which rises upon lessening the pressure at the top of the cylinder. Avis Guaria, p. 308 Wormii, was seen here.[100] Skippon’s meticulously detailed description betrays little emotion – we are not told whether the English naturalists were frightened by the Delphic oracle. Indeed, if anything Skippon even suggests a certain tedium in the face of Kircherian wonders – “the perpetual motion machine we saw at Milan”. His curt, “objective” style also has much to do with the developing genre of the travel journal, however, and there is ample evidence that English circles were utterly enthralled by Kircher’s natural and artificial wonders, and were doomed to repeated frustration in attempting to repeat Kircher’s experiments in Restoration England. The vegetable phoenix, admired by Queen Christina in Kircher's museum, immediately the object of great interest amongst English natural philosophers, illustrates the difficulty Kircherian wonders experienced in travelling beyond the walls of his museum. In 1657 Henry Oldenburg planned a trip to Italy, hoping to bring back to England news of Kircher's "vegetable phaenix's resurrection out of its own dust by ye warmth of ye Sun", along with other Kircherian secrets and "remarquable things, one might have the satisfaction to be punctually informed about"[101] Oldenburg never made the trip, and the next news about Kircher's phoenix had to wait until Robert Southwell encountered an English traveller returning from Italy. Southwell reported to Oldenburg "[H]e gives me some incouragement yt when I come to Rome I shall be able fully to satisfy you concerning Kerchers plant. he told me he was wth him and remembers to have seene in a glasse half as bigg as his head (close luted) a plant glowne up ye length of his finger with a kind of asshes at ye bottome but I found he had not beene Curious in the observation of it".[102] On accomplishing his mission, Southwell brought disappointing news about the phoenix: "As to the flower growing from its ashes, he had such a thing, but it is now spoiled; he made it not himself, but it was given him".[103] Southwell nonetheless acquired "the receipt thereof, upon a swop, wrote with his own hand; it is long and intricate, and of a nice preparation".[104] We have no record of whether the Royal Society suceeded in reproducing the vegetable phoenix[105], but generally attempts to replicate Kircherian wonders in London and Oxford met with little success. The trouble was not limited to England. John Bargrave recounted in graphic terms the price of failure for a Nuremberg optician: I bought this glass of Myn Here Westleius, an eminent man for optics at Nurenburg, and it cost me 3 pistolls, which is about 50S English. This gentleman spoke bitterly to me against Father Kercherius, a Jesuit at Rome (of my acquaintance), saying that it had cost him above a thousand pounds to put his optic speculations in practice, but he found his principles false, and showed me a great basket of glasses of his failings.[106] Kircher’s net drew in too much, according to unsympathetic English commentators in the 1650s. Robert Payne's remarks on Kircher qua Jesuit in 1650, while complaining about an experiment on roasted worms reported in the Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae emphasize precisely this point: The truth is, this Jesuit, as generally the most of his order, have a great ambition to be thoughte the greate and learned men of the world; and to that end writes greate volumes, on all subjects, with gay pictures and diagrams to set them forth, for ostentation And to fill up those volumes, they draw in all things, by head and shoulders; and these too for the most part, stolen from other authors. So that if that little, which is their owne, were separated from what is borrowed from others, or impertinent to their present arguments, their swollen volumes would shrink up to the size of our Almanacks. But enough of these Mountebankes.[107] In similar vein, on sending Descartes a copy of Kircher's Magnes, Constantijn Huygens had remarked that the former would find in it "more grimaces than good material, as is normal for the Jesuits. These scribblers, however, can be useful to you in those things quae facti sunt, non juris".[108] Sir Robert Moray (1608-1673), later one of the prime movers in acquiring a charter from Charles II for the foundation of the Royal Society and its first president[109], entered into close correspondence with Kircher in 1644, after admiring the Magnes.[110] While in the services of the French army in Germany, Moray consumed Kircher's books avidly and discussed their contents with Jesuits in Cologne and Ingolstadt.[111] On his return to the royal court in Whitehall, he informed Kircher of the foundation of the Royal Society, and continued to send scholars, such as the mathematician James Gregory, the naturalist Francis Willughby and others to seek Kircher's company in Rome.[112] Moray was confident that Kircher's agglomeration of information could be filtered, or threshed, to separate the wheat from the chaff: Whatsoever Mr. Hugens & others say of Kercher, I assure you I am one of those that think the Commonwealth of learning is much beholding to him, though there wants not chaff in his heap of stuff composted in his severall peaces, yet there is wheat to be found almost every where in them. And though he doth not handle most things fully, nor accurately, yet yt furnishes matter to others to do it. I reckon him as usefull Quarries in philosophy and good literature. Curious workmen may finish what hee but blocks and rough hewes. Hee meddles with too many things to do any exquisitely, yet in some that I can name I know none goes beyond him, at least as to grasping of variety: and even that is not onely often pleasure but usefull.[113] Moray changed his tune in his following letter to the secretary of the Royal Society, demonstrating the increasing fragility of Jesuit scientific credibility, and linking the failure of an experiment involving the focusing of moonbeams on substances with a powerful burning-glass to Kircher's membership of the Jesuit order explicitly, writing that “hee does but lyke other birds of his feather”.[114] Boyle wrote to Oldenburg in 1665 to complain about the problem: I suppose Sr. Rob. Murry has told you, that the Expt about Salt & Nitrous water exposed to the Beames of the moone did not succeed as Kircher promises, but as I foretold. And for the same Author's Expts with Quicksilver & sea water seald up in a ring, though the want of fit glasses will, till the commerce with London be free, keepe mee unable to try: yet besides it is at most the same, but not soe probable as that wch he publishd in his Ars Magnetica, 20 or 30 year ago. I cannot but think it unlikely that it will succeed at least in our Climate, where by concentrating the Beames of the Moone with a large Burning-glasse, I was not able to produce any sensible Alteration, in Bodys that seeme very easily susceptible of them.[115] Commenting to Boyle on the unhappy results of attempts to repeat Kircher’s experiments, Oldenburg wrote darkly that "'Tis an ill Omen, me thinks, yt ye very first Experiment singled out by us out of Kircher, failes, and yt 'tis likely, the next will doe so too".[116] The replication of the wonders displayed to visitors to Kircher’s museum and described in his published works was difficult. Kircher’s performances and demonstrations were apparently meant to be beheld, admired and believed, but not to be repeated outside the preternatural realm of the museum of the Collegio Romano. Miracle-machines For Kircher, as for other early modern natural magicians, art is nature’s ape. Or, to turn the metaphor on its head, nature is God’s work of art, and thus the natural magician bears a relationship to his technical productions that is analagous to the relationship God bears to the whole of Creation.[117] Kircherian machines can thus be compared to miniature, artificial universes, bearing encrypted messages from a playful creator. The perpetual motion machines and emblematic clocks displayed in Kircher’s museum display the microcosmic character of Kircherian machines most evidently, sometimes even bearing zodiacal and planetary symbols to make the analogy unmissable (e.g. fig. 14). The “user intervention” required by machines such as Kircher’s sunflower clock (fig. 12), that so frustrated Nicholas Claude Fabri de Peiresc when the instrument was demonstrated to him in Aix-en-Provence in 1633 was not a failing in Kircher’s instrument, but rather a rhetorical demonstration of the limits of the analogy between the human magus and his omnipotent forbear.[118] Other machines, as we have argued, were miniature moral universes, the catoptric chest (fig. 13) being a striking example. We have argued that Kircherian machines were jokes that occupied a ludic space between the demonic and the supernatural realms. What, then, are we to make of the following machine listed by De Sepibus: “a large crystalline globe full of water representing the resurrection of the Saviour in the midst of the waters”?[119] How could Kircher dare to make a joke of the central mystery of Christianity? How could he place the resurrected Christ in a glass sphere, alongside genies, water-vomitting snakes and pagan Goddesses? Surely to place the Resurrection in this mechanical context was tantamount to reducing it to a secret combination of natural causes and denying its miraculous status? The problem is even more striking when we look at Kircher’s first published book, the Ars Magnesia, published in Würzburg when he was twenty-nine years old. Launching into a description of the various machines that can be constructed with the aid of the magnet, Kircher describes a device “to exhibit Christ walking on water, and bringing help to Peter who is gradually sinking, by a magnetic trick”. “Carve statues of Christ and Peter from the lightest material possible”, Kircher’s description begins, “When a strong magnet is placed in Peter’s breast, and with Christ’s outstretched hands or any part of his toga turned toward Peter made of fine steel, you will have everything required to exhibit the story. With their lower limbs well propped-up on corks so that they don’t totter about above the water, the statues are placed in a basin filled up to the top with water, and the iron hands of Christ soon feel the magnetic power diffused from the breast of Peter. The magnet drags the statue of Christ to it with equal motions, and insinuates itself into Peter’s embrace. The artifice will be greater if the statue of Christ is flexible in its middle, for in this way it will bend itself, to the great admiration and piety of the spectators”.[120] Despite Kircher’s claims, the steel-handed bending Jesus floating on a cork and drawn to a magnetic Peter does not strike us as a particularly pious artifice. Indeed, his demonstration almost seems to carry the heretical suggestion that what appeared to be miraculous was merely carried out through a clever piece of natural magic, reminiscent of James Bond’s magnetic encounter with the metal-toothed villain Jaws in the film Moonraker. But that can hardly be the real thrust of Kircher’s demonstration. Rather, the clue to Kircher’s intention can probably best be gleaned from his own definition of natural magic: feats of natural magic can resemble miracles to those who are ignorant of their true causes. Again, as in the case of the perpetual motion machines, the analogy is limited. 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Kircher would seem to demonstrate that the lines between courtly and clerical traditions are perhaps not so clear-cut as both Knox and Elias suppose. On civility see also Jacques Revel, The Uses of Civility, trans. Arthur Goldhammer, in Roger Chartier, ed., A History of Private Life, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1989, Vol. 3, pp. 167-205 [52] René Descartes, Les Passions de l’âme, ed. Geneviève Rodis-Lewis, Paris: J. Vrin, 1966. [53] Marin Mersenne, Harmonie Universelle, Paris: S. Cramoisy, 1636 (facsimile repr. Paris: CNRS, 1963), sig. A iiij recto (on the Archiviole), Justus Lipsius, De Militia Romana, Antwerp: Plantin-Moretus, 1598), Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, London: A. Crooke, 1651. For the court of Louis XIV at Versailles as a “machine”, see Apostolidès, Le roi-machine: Spectacle et politique au temps de Louis XIV, Paris: Editions de Minuit, 1981. 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Latest from the Vatican (1/12/2007)

In a volume the documents from 1966 to 2005 of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, concerning 105 texts of decisive importance for the "Magistero Ecclesiale".

VATICAN CITY, thursday, 11 January 2007 ( -
A volume recently published collects all documents emanated from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since Council Vatican II until 2005. The work is
composed of 662 pages, the greater part of which is written in Latin.
Moreover, of the 105 present documents 52 are signed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, which was "Prefetto" of this Congregation from 1981 until 2005.

According to what is asserted from the Cardinal William Levada, Prefetto of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and author of the introduction these documents "interventi magisteriali" “that, rejecting the objections and deformations of the faith, propose with new authority
deepenings of the revealed doctrine, they can accompany and they can help the theological search”.

The Cardinal Levada remembers moreover that “it's not
enough to denounce the error” but that “it is necessary to recall the elements of the tradition and the other elements of the Christian faith that can illuminate the way”.

The Congregation, explains the porporato, does not mean to replace the task of the theologians: “It's not a question to replace the work of the theologians, neither to propose only one normative and particular theology”.

What the Ministry of Vatican pursues is “to propose again
disregarded elements, which are indispensable for the elaboration of a healthy catholic theology”.

“Documenta. Inde a Concilio Vaticano Secundo Espleto
Edita (1966-2005)” is published from the Publishing Vatican Library ( and costs Euro 40. This is a modernized edition in respect to the previous one, published in 1985 and that collected documents from
1966 to 1985.

The last document is the “Note regarding the Minister of the Sacramento of the Unzione of Infermi”, signed from the Cardinal Ratzinger 11th February 2005, in which it is remembered that this unction can be only given from the
clergymen (Bishops and presbiteri) and that therefore
whichever perform such act if not part of the mentioned category it constitutes a “simulation of the sacrament”.

The Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of
the Faith, the Archbishop Amato Angel, SDB, emphasizes that in these documents the “high strongly radicated theological quality is mirrored in the great tradition of the Church”.
The book show at the end an index (Index rerum notabilium) that in alphabetical order report the various arguments, from the abortion (abortus) until Virgin Mary (Virgo Maria) and to the rising life or procreation (Vita
nascens ET procreatio).

One of the apparata with greater information is the one dedicated to the reduction to the laical state (reductio to statum laicalem), and that also reference to weddings (matrimonium) and to the doctrinal errors.

Between the other voices discussed in the volume, figure those relative to the excomunication (excommunicatio), the omosexuality (homosexualitas), the forbidden books (index librorum prohibitorum), to the masonry (massonica associatio) and to the private revelations (revelationes privatae).


Freemasonry, Jesus and Constantine the pagan worshipper (1/12/2007)

Many of the Christian preachers and leaders of today have been initiated into the so called secrets of Freemasonry. And they know that the story of Jesus Christ, as it is understood by the masses of the people, has its origin in mythology and paganism;yet they will not educate their following to this
truth.The Hiramic legend is perhaps the most important story in the Masonic teachings.In order for a Mason to be considered a Master,he must first be accepted and initiated into the third degree wherein he is made to imitate the legendary Hiram Abiff (who is refered to as the Widow's Son). Once the Mason reaches the 32dn degree, he finds out, among other things,that the story and life of Jesus which is derived from the Osirian legend or myth, as well as other ancient legends and pagan ideas. According to the Masonic Ritual, the story of Hiram Abiff is symbolic.In the 32nd degree (called the Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret),it is said that the symbolic mystery of the death of Hiram Abiff represents Jesus Christ. The three blows which were given to Hiram by Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum at the three gates,actualy allude to the three points of condemnation against Jesus by the High Priest Caiphas,Herod and Pilate. "It was from the last that he was led to the most violent and excruciating death". They said three blows with the square,gauge and gavel,are symbols are of the blow of the cheeck,the flagelation and the crown of thorns.The Brethern assembled around the tomb of Hiram is a representation of the disciples lamenting the death of Christ on the Cross. The "Master's Word", which is said to be lost since the death of Hiram Abiff is the same that Christ pronounced on the
cross,and which the Jews did not comprehend: " Eli,Eli,lama sabaethani?" ("My God,my God,why has thou forsaken me?"); instead of which the words of a Master Mason , " Mah-hah-bone" (Welcome) were substituted. The false brethern represent Judas Iscariat,who sold Christ.
The sprig (of acacia) is the figure of the cross because from this wood was the cross made". (Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry p.198). Hiram being buried on hill refers to the supposed crucifixion of Jesus on the top of a hill.The resurection of Hiram alludes to the resurection and ascension of Jesus.
There is much more evidence wich shows that the birth, death and resurection version of Jesus version was accepted officialy only after the Council of Nicea in A.D.325 ,this version was connected to the ancient mythology and paganism previously practiced in the Roman Empire. J.D.Buck informs us that "Constantine the Emperor who with his soldiers ,environed the Bishops at the first Council of Nicea A.D.325,and dictated terms of the deliberations ,applied for initiation into the Mysteries, and was told by
officiating priest that no purgation could free him from the crime of putting his wife to death,or from his many perjuries and murders." (Mystery Masonry p53).
Costantine being a pagan worshipper himself, introduced and incorporated many of the pagan ideas and customs into the teachings of their false monotheist Church. We need to be honest and find the true Christianity not the lies of the Roman Catholic Mafia, we need to discover the true Jesus before is too late as a listener said to me and Greg on our last Radio Show together.Lets promote the real Jesus that
will bring together all true believers.

Leo Lyon Zagami












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Assanation  fo JFK The State of the Evidence, The Evidence of the State  by Edward Jay Epstein

Evidence, by its very nature, can be controverted. If it could not be, it would not be evidence but an act of faith. Any document can be a forgery, any witness can give false testimony, and any object can be either fabricated or misidentified. Nevertheless, some evidence is better than other evidence. And when the best evidence is examined, tested and placed in the proper context, it provides the best way we have to establish the facts.

In the case of the assassination of President Kennedy, the central facts have been investigated and re-investigated for nearly three decades. The evidence-testers have included the FBI, the Treasury Department, the Warren Commission, the Rockefeller Commission, the House Select Committee on Assassination, the Department of Justice, independent coroners and forensic experts, and assassination researchers. Consider, for example, the much disputed autopsy findings of President Kennedy. Although the autopsy examination itself was badly handled by the Navy, and insufficiently probed by the Warren Commission, many of the problems were resolved the re-examination of the X-rays and photographs of the President's body by the panel of nine independent pathologists (including one Warren Commission critic) appointed by the House Select Committee. These findings, not those in the Warren Commission (or my criticisms of the original process in Inquest) constitute the best evidence.Since as imperfect as the process has been, it has resulted in filling in much of the reality of what happened on November 22nd, 1963. I believe that the seven following questions now can be answered-- or at least narrowed down to finite possibilities.1. Where did the bullets come from that hit President Kennedy and Governor Connally?The best available evidence on the nature of the discernible wounds inflicted on Kennedy is, first, the photographs and X-Rays of the President taken during the autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital and, second, the fibers of the President's clothing.Although the photographs and X-Rays were not examined by the Warren Commission or its staff, leading to considerable doubt as to the validity of the Commission's conclusions, they were subsequently examined ,first, by a panel of three pathologists and a radiologist appointed by Attorney General Ramsey Clark in 1981, and then more thoroughly in 1976 by the nine man panel appointed by the House Select Committee. The members of this latter panel had between them experience in performing over 100,000 autopsies. The House Select Committee, moreover, established the authenticity of these photographs by having forensic dentists compare them with Kennedy's pre-mortem dental records and medical X-rays.All these pathologists agreed, without any dissent, that all the detectable wounds in the photographs and X-rays of President Kennedy had been caused by bullets fired from behind and above him, confirming the conclusions of the doctors who had performed the autopsy itself as well as those of the FBI and the Warren Commission. They also agreed unanimously from a reconstruction of the medical evidence that Governor Connally's multiple wounds had been caused by a bullet fired from the same direction. The path of the first bullet to hit the President was further established by the President's shirt and jacket fibers. The FBI analysis, as well as the re-analysis, showed that they were pushed inward, not outward, by the projectile which could only have happened if the President was shot from behind.The path of the bullet that hit Governor Connally was also confirmed by Governor Connally's testimony that he was certain he was hit from behind.The panel also unanimously concluded from the X-Rays that the fatal bullet had entered the rear of the President's head near the cowlick area and exited from the right front. None of the nine pathologist, including Warren Commission critic Dr. Cyril Wecht, were able to find any medical evidence that this massive wound was caused by a bullet fired from in front or side of the President's car. To be sure, a frame-by-frame analysis of the film of the assassination made by Abraham Zapruder shows President Kennedy's head at the time of impact moving backwards, not forward as might be expected. But this is not the evidence it seems to be because, depending on the neurological reactions to such a wound, the head can snap in any direction after being shot. Wound ballistic experts demonstrated this counterintuitive point to the House Select Committee through a filmed experiment that clearly showed that, when hit with a rifle bullet from the rear, the head could move either backward or forward. So there is not necessarily a relationship between the direction that the head moves and the direction from which the bullet strikes the head.By tracing the trajectory of the bullets from the path of the wounds, an analyst from the National Aeronautic and Space Administration was able to plot all three shots to their source the upper floors of the southeast face of the Texas Book Depository. This was the same building that five witnesses --Howard Brennan, Amos Lee Euins, Carolyn Walther, Arnold Rowland and Barbara Rowland-- claimed to have seen a rifle protruding from a South-eastern window at about the time of the assassination (Brennan told police he actually saw the rifle being fired and reloaded before the suspect was apprehended). While it is possible that numerous other shots may have been fired from other locations and directions and missed their target, we know from the best evidence, the autopsy photographs, that the shots that caused all the discernible wounds came from the a high window on the south eastern side of the Texas Book Depository.2. Did the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle found by police on the sixth floor of the Texas Depository fire these shots?The best evidence for identifying the assassination weapon is the two bullet fragments found in the President's car and the nearly whole bullet found in a stretcher in Parkland Hospital in Dallas. In 1964, FBI experts ballistically matched this bullet and fragments to the rifle barrel of the Mannlicher-Carcano by microscopically comparing of the markings in the barrel with those found on the bullet and fragments. A firearms panel of independent experts appointed by the House Select Committee re-examined this evidence in 1977 and re-confirmed that the bullet and fragments had come from that Mannlicher Carcano rifle.In addition, the House Select Committee employed a very advanced form of neutron activation analysis to match the recovered bullet and fragments to the ammunition used in the Mannlicher Carcano. In this technique, traces from the ballistic evidence are bombarded by neutrons in a nuclear reactor so that the precise composition of elements-- antimony, silver, and copper-- can be measured by their emissions on a gamma-ray spectrometer to an accuracy of one-billionth of a gram. The composition of traces from the bullet and fragments were thus compared to that of the unfired bullet found in the chamber of the Mannlicher-Carcano and found to exactly match. This analysis convincingly showed that all the ballistic material that was recovered, and could be tested, came from two bullets, and both bullets identically matched in their composition the ammunition for the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle.Although questions can be raised about the general accuracy of the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle found in the depository, there can be no doubt that the particular weapon can be fired with deadly accuracy at a target 100 yards away-- the distance from the depository to the President's car. After the assassination three different FBI agents fired this exact rifle and scored bull's-eyes two out of three times.
Although the suspicion has been raised that the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle was "framed" as the murder weapon by a conspirator who planted the nearly-intact bullet on a stretcher in Parkland Hospital, it lacks any reasonable persuasiveness because i) the conspirator would have no certainty that he could recover from the hospital, car, autopsy and crime scene the "real" bullets that presumably would not match the Mannlicher-Carcano; ii) the fragments found in the car and Governor Connally's wrist match the Mannlicher-Carcano ammunition; iii) it would be pointless to frame the Mannlicher-Carcano, which the conspirators would have had to have in their possession anyway to leave at the murder site, since it was a weapon perfectly capable of hitting its target. So why not use it?We thus know that the Mannlicher Carcano found in the depository fired at least two of the shots at the President's motorcade.3. How many snipers fired at the President's motorcade?The best evidence of the sequence of events remains the ten-second long film taken by Zapruder. It fixes the earliest time Kennedy could have been first hit in the back, the latest time Connally was wounded, and the exact moment the President was shot in the head. From an analysis of this film, the Warren Commission staff determined that the interval between the time Kennedy and Connally were first shot was not long enough for a single rifleman to have fired two shots: therefore either both men were hit by the same bullet, or there had to be two riflemen. This conclusion was confirmed by the more sophisticated photographic analysis of the House Select Committee's photographic evidence panel and of independent researchers.Despite the crucial implications of this photographic evidence, the issue of whether Kennedy and Connally were hit by the same or separate bullets has not been satisfactorily resolved. The FBI concluded it was separate shots, the Warren Commission begged the question as "not relevant" and the House Select Committee, which went most thoroughly into this evidence, was unable to reach a definitive conclusion because members of its 9-doctor panel irreconcilably disagreed. Eight doctors believed it was possible, though not necessarily probable. that the bullet recovered had caused both Kennedy's back wound and Connally's, multiple wounds; one doctor, however, Cyril Wecht concluded from the photographic and medical evidence that it was absolutely impossible for those wounds to have been caused by a single bullet. Since Wecht marshals considerable evidence to support his view (as will be recalled from Epilogue I), we are left with two possible scenarios.A. The Single Bullet ScenarioOne rifleman fired three bullets from the Mannlicher Carcano in the depository. The first bullet missed the motorcade entirely and incidentally wounded a bystander, James Teague. The second bullet hit Kennedy and Connally and was recovered from Connally's stretcher. About three seconds later, the rifleman fired a third bullet which killed Kennedy, abandoned his rifle, and fled the depository.B. The Separate Shot ScenarioOne rifleman fired the first shot that hit Kennedy in the back from an unidentified rifle. The bullet exited the car and was not recovered. He then fired a second shot that went astray and nicked bystander Teague. About one second after the first rifleman fired, a second rifleman, using the Mannlicher Carcano, hit Connally; and, with his second shot, hit Kennedy in the head. While the first rifleman left the depository with his rifle and shell casings, the second rifleman left his behind.Both scenarios are consistent with the testimony of eyewitnesses-- one of whom saw a second person near the sniper's windows-- and the fingerprints found on the boxes arranged at the site. So we can conclude that either one or two riflemen participated in the assassination and that the one with the Mannlicher Carcano killed Kennedy.4. Whose Mannlicher-Carcano was it?The best evidence that identifies the ownership of the murder weapon is the handwriting of the person who ordered the rifle under the name "A. Hidell" from a mail order house in Chicago in March 1963 and rented the post office box in Dallas to which it was shipped.It was Lee Harvey Oswald.FBI and Treasury Department experts determined in 1964 that Lee Harvey Oswald had signed the name "A. Hidell" on both the purchase order for the rifle and the post box application. A half dozen other documents found in his possession, that Oswald used the alias "Hidell". The House Select Committee panel of questioned document experts, after re-examining the signatures, unequivocally agreed. So Oswald had ordered the murder weapon-- and it had been shipped to his post office box from Chicago on March 20,1963.PossessionMarina Oswald confirmed that Oswald had received the rifle in late March, and four other witnesses--George De Mohrenschildt, Jeanne De Mohrenschildt, Alexander Taylor and Gary Taylor-- saw that Oswald had a rifle in either late March or Early April.The best evidence of Oswald's actual possession of the Mannlicher- Carcano, however, is the much disputed photographs of Oswald holding the rifle in his hand that Marina Oswald said she took on Sunday, March 31, 1963 in the backyard of their house in Dallas. Oswald claimed after his arrest that the photograph had been faked by superimposing his head on the rifleman's body but this theory is contradicted by three pieces of evidence established by the House Select Committee. First, De Mohrenschildt produced in 1976 an inscribed copy of the backyard photograph which Oswald had given him in April 1963. The Committee's questioned document panel authenticated the signature-- which meant that Oswald had signed (and dated) the photograph he later claimed was faked. Second, by examining the negative with enhanced analytic techniques, the Committee' panel of photographic experts found a unique random pattern of wear on the rifle in the photograph which corresponded exactly to one on the Mannlicher-Carcano Oswald had purchased. Since the experts agreed this could not be faked, the rifle in the photograph had to be Oswald's. Third, by microscopically examining the scratch marks that Oswald's Imperial Reflex camera distributed on all negatives pulled through it, which are the equivalent of camera fingerprints, the panel established unequivocally that the backyard photographs could only have been taken by Oswald's camera, just as Marina had testified. Moreover, using digital processing analysis and stereo optic viewing techniques that did not exist in 1963, the panel concluded there was no signs of having been faked. Even two experts who had previously disputed the authenticity of the photographs (using copies, rather than the original) now agreed that the photograph was genuine. In light of this evidence, there can be no serious doubt that Oswald possessed the murder weapon at the end of March 1963.
UseMarina Oswald testified to the Warren Commission that when Oswald left their house on April 10,1963, he left her dramatic instructions in Russian about what she should if he were arrested, killed or had to go into hiding, and when he returned late that evening, he explained to her that he had just attempted to kill General Edwin Walker with his rifle. Her testimony is corroborated by three elements of evidence.First, the Russian handwriting in the note has been unequivocally identified as that of Oswald by the questioned documents experts of both the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee. The note, which contains details that date it, confirms that Oswald expected to be killed, arrested or a fugitive the week of April 10th 1963.Second, photographs of Walker's house taken from the position were the sniper fired at Walker were found among Oswald's possessions after the Kennedy assassination. Photographic experts established these photographs were taken with Oswald's imperial reflex camera. By referring to construction work in the background, the FBI was able to determine that the photographs were taken on March 9th or 10th (which was just about the date Oswald ordered the Mannlicher Carcano). Such photographs show that Oswald had reconnoitered Walker's house.Third, the previously-discussed Neutron Activation Analysis done in 1977 exactly matched the metallic elements found in the bullet that was recovered in Walker's home to the batch of Mannlicher-Carcano ammunition used in Oswald's rifle in the assassination of Kennedy.So we know the murder weapon was purchased, delivered and shown off in an inscribed photograph, and used in a prior attempted assassination by Oswald. 5. Was Oswald at the sniper's window on the sixth floor of the depository where the murder weapon was found.The best evidence here is three palm prints (which are as uniquely identifiable as fingerprints) found on the boxes stacked in front of the window to support the rifle and the nearby paper sack which was long enough to accommodate the Mannlicher Carcano. FBI experts matched them to Oswald hands. ( A fourth palm print, found on one box, belonged to an unidentified individual). The House Select Committee's fingerprint panel unanimously confirmed this evidence. Since the "freshness" of palm prints is of limited duration, it was further determined that Oswald had handled those boxes and paper sack either the day of the assassination or the preceding day. Moreover, two witnesses testified he carried the paper sack into the depository that morning. So we know Oswald arranged the boxes used by the sniper and handled the paper sack within 24 hours of the assassination and, if the witnesses are correct, brought the sack to the sniper's window the morning of the assassination.6. Was Oswald framed?Whereas there is no doubt that Oswald's rifle was used to shoot President Kennedy, the possibility exists it was used by another party to frame Oswald. If Oswald was totally innocent, his activities after the assassination would reflect his lack of knowledge and involvement in the event. Instead, the evidence is persuasive that he fled the building after the assassination, changed his clothing, armed himself, fatally shot a policeman resisted arrest by attempting to shoot another policeman, and, after his arrest, lied repeatedly to his interrogators about owning the rifle, appearing in the backyard photograph with the rifle, and using the alias "Hidell" (which he purchased both the rifle and pistol).The best evidence that he shot the policeman, J.D. Tippit, is that the cartridge cases found at the murder scene matched the firing pin of the revolver taken out of Oswald's hand when he was arrested. The FBI determined no all other weapon could have ejected these cartridges-- and these conclusions were reaffirmed by the Select Committee's firearms panel. Oswald admission that he had decided only on the spur of the moment to fetch this weapon effectively rules out the possibility he was framed since no one but Oswald could have known he would be carrying it.In addition, five witnesses identified Oswald from the police line up as either the person who shot Tippit or the person who fled from the scene with a gun in hand. The House Select Committee produced an additional witness who testified he saw Oswald stand over the downed policeman and fire a bullet into his head.His post-arrest actions, especially his mendacity in consistently denying ownership of the rifle to representatives of the FBI, Secret Service, Post Office, and district attorney, further indicate consciousness of guilt about owning the rifle. This would not be consistent with the behavior of a framed and innocent man -- who believed his rifle was still wrapped in a blanket in a friend's garage.While none of this evidence is unimpeachable-- no evidence is-- and none of it proves that Oswald was the only person involved in the shooting of Kennedy, Tippit or General Walker, it convinces me that he was involved in the assassination.The Conspiracy QuestionOne question, perhaps the only one that still matters, cannot be answered by the state's evidence: was Oswald part of a conspiracy? As we have seen, the re-investigations of the assassination have left unresolved the issue of whether or two shooters were involved but, even if they had definitively established, as the Warren Commission attempted to do, that a lone gunman had fired all the shots on November 22nd 1963, it would not logically diminish the possibility that the assassination resulted from a conspiracy.Conspiracies do not necessarily require more than one rifleman to accomplish their purpose. In many cases, such as the highly-sophisticated Rightist conspiracy in France to assassinate President Charles De Gaulle, a single "Jackal" rifleman was employed. One accurate rifleman might be preferable to a conspiracy when it is expected that the intended victim could be protected by his bodyguard immediately after the first shot is fired, because each additional snipers would increase the chances of detection, both before and after the act, but not necessarily increase the probability of success. Moreover, if multiple gunmen are captured (or killed), it would be difficult to divert the investigation away from the conspiracy, whereas a lone gunman, especially if killed himself, can be dismissed as a lone lunatic.The larger issue then is: was Oswald, whether firing alone or in tandem, acting at the behest of others.Oswald was not, to be sure, the sort of well-adjusted individual with whom most people would want to associate. He was wantonly self-destructive (e.g. his suicide attempt in Moscow); militantly hostile towards symbols of authority (e.g. the threat he made to blow up the FBI headquarters in Dallas); contemptuous of legal restraints (e.g. his plan to hijack an airliner to get to Cuba) and homicidal (e.g. his brutal murder of Tippit). As early as 1960, he expressed a cold-blooded willingness to commit political murder in a letter he presciently wrote his brother from Moscow: "What I say now I do not say lightly or unknowingly ... I would kill any American who put a uniform on in defense of the American Government, Any American". The one position that such unrestrained aggression would not exclude a person for employment would be a political assassin.In this context, the bullet Oswald coolly fired at General Walker was, whether he meant it to be or not, an advertisement of his willingness to kill or be killed for a political cause. Less than a week before he went out to assassinate Walker he distributed an inscribed photograph of himself to De Mohrenschildt (and perhaps others). It showed him dressed in black, armed to kill with a rifle and telescopic sight, and holding in his hand the radical newspaper, The Militant. When he went to Mexico to offer himself to the Cubans, he brought with him the tell-tale photographs of Walker's house to establish his bona fides as a revolutionary. Was his have gun, will kill message picked up of any antennae that summer? Just as De Mohrenschildt and Marina learned of his assassination attempt, so may have others in pro-Castro, anti-Castro and other fringe groups he was active with in the summer of 1963 (not to mention the various intelligence and police agencies monitoring his movements).There couldn't be that many potential assassins hanging around the militant peripheries of the Cold War with Oswald's perverse virtues: a convenient defector background, military training, complete disregard for human life, including his own, and possession of a rifle he was more than ready to use. Here was as assassin awaiting a mission. Did anyone pick him up as a shooter-- or, lacking a sponsor but finding an opportunity, did he act alone?

A Primer of Assassination Theories
The whole spectrum of doubt, from the Warren commissioners to Ousman Ba

Esquire, December 1966, pp. 205 ff.



Proponents: A 4-3 majority of the Warren Commission (see chart). And most Commission lawyers, notably Arlen Specter, who developed the theory in March, 1964, and Norman Redlich, who advocated it as the only alternative to a two-assassin theory.

Thesis: The first bullet wounded both Kennedy and Connally. A second bullet hit Kennedy in the head and killed him. Another bullet missed the car entirely and was never found.

Selling Point: This is the only theory that explains the assassination in terms of a single assassin. Why? Because films of the assassination show that a maximum of only 1.8 seconds could have elapsed between the earliest point at which Kennedy was first hit and the latest point at which Connally was first hit. Since the bolt of the murder rifle cannot be operated in less than 2.3 seconds, it could not possibly have been fired twice during the time in which both men were hit. Either both men were hit by the same bullet or there were two assassins.


This precise bullet path is essential to the Commission's theory 
that the first bullet went through Kennedy and then hit
 Connally (Exhibit 385). Any slight difference would 
rule this out and thereby suggest a second assassin.

Drawback No. 1: The single-bullet theory is tenable if and only if the three F.B.I. reports (November 26, December 9 and January 13) are completely wrong on their statements of the autopsy. Why? Because these three reports all state that the first bullet did not go completely through Kennedy and therefore it could not have gone on to hit Connally, who was seated in front of Kennedy.

Retorts: 1. The Incompetent F.B.I. J. Lee Rankin, at the time the Commission’s general counsel, and Norman Redlich, his deputy, have said—after the December 13 F.B.I. Summary Report was published in Inquest—that the “so-called F.B.I. Summary Report” (which the Commission considered of “principal importance”) was “evaluated and discarded” during the inquiry. Redlich further said “the Commission study used the actual (November 26) reports of the F.B.I. investigative agents, not just the summary.” (However, the actual report, just recently found in the National Archives, corroborates the Summary Report.)

2. Time magazine proposes that the F.B.I. was completely wrong on all reports and has long since publicly admitted these errors. (However, the F.B.I. told The Washington Post that its Summary Report was accurate as of when it was prepared, implying the doctors later may have changed their opinion. The F.B.I. declined comment to The New York Times in June, 1966, on the question of whether or not its reports were erroneous. Even to Commission champion Fletcher Knebel, the F.B.I. would only admit that it was possible that their initial reports did not reflect a subsequent decision by the doctors.)

3. The Commission’s Post-Report, reported by Fletcher Knebel, holds that the day after the autopsy, on receiving further information about the throat wound from the Dallas doctors, the autopsy doctors reached the conclusions that the bullet exited from Kennedy’s throat. Aside from the fact that this theory contradicts the version of the autopsy given in The Warren Report, it still leaves unresolved the problem of the bullet wound “below the shoulder” (reported by the F.B.I.), that later apparently moved up to the back of the neck.

Drawback No. 2: Photographs of the President’s shirt and jacket support the F.B.I. report that the first bullet struck Kennedy below the shoulder. If the bullet fired from above did enter below the shoulder it is highly unlikely that it exited through the throat.

Retorts: 1. The Creeping Shirt. Norman Redlich has suggested (after the F.B.I. photographs were published in Inquest) that the President’s shirt somehow rose up a few inches so that the bullet hole in the shirt coincided with a hole in the rear of the neck. Experimentation indicates, however, that raising the shirt over the collar line entails doubling it up, which would produce two holes in the back of the shirt.


Exhibits 59 and 60 indicate that the bullet entered lower than the Commission said it had.

2. Newsweek magazine suggests that Kennedy may have been bent over so far that his shoulder was higher than his throat. But the films of the assassination show that Kennedy was sitting erect, and his back brace, according to the Warren Report “tended to make him sit up straight.”



This photograph of the F.B.I. restaging, which appeared in several editions 
of the Warren Report, not only contradicts the Commission's placement 
of the bullet path but shows that if the bullet entered where the hole in the 
jacket is, and then went on to hit Connally, it would have come out 
Kennedy's chest, not his throat. And Kennedy had no chest wounds

Drawback No. 3: Governor Connally says it is in conceivable that he could have been struck by the same bullet that hit Kennedy. He remembers that after hearing the first shot he turned to his right but could not see the President. He then began to turn to his left, and was hit. His story is corroborated by Mrs. Connally.

Retort: Connally was confused. The Commission brushed aside Governor Connally’s testimony (and his wife’s) by declaring that in view of the circumstances he could hardly be expected to recall clearly what happened.


Proponents: The F.B.I.

Thesis: 1. The first bullet hit Kennedy below the shoulder and penetrated “only a distance of a finger length.” This bullet was “expelled” onto the President’s stretcher when the Dallas doctors applied external heart massage. 2. The second bullet struck Connally. 3. The third bullet entered Kennedy’s head and fragmentized. (The impact of the shot sent a tiny fragment of bone through Kennedy’s throat, causing a small throat wound.) All shots came from the Book Depository.


Exhibit No. 397, the autopsy sketch drawn by Dr. Humes, shows 
a bullet wound lower than the Commission's Exhibit 385 does.

Selling Points: 1. An entry wound below the shoulder would explain the shirt and jacket holes being about six inches below the top of the collar. It would also serve to explain the autopsy sketch showing a wound well below the collar line. And it would explain the Secret Service testimony that it was six inches below the collar.

2. The supposition that the bullet also fell out of Kennedy’s back accounts for the bullet found on the stretcher. (See Planted-Bullet Theory.)

3. The tiny bone fragment accounts for the small throat wound. Also, a bone fragment would explain the absence of metallic traces on the holes in the front of the shirt.

Drawback No. 1: The F.B.I. Theory, by positing that Kennedy and Connally were hit by separate bullets, leads to a two-assassin theory. As one Commission lawyer bluntly put it: “To say that they were hit by separate bullets is synonymous with saying that there were two assassins.”

Drawback No. 2: The Fourth Bullet. Late in the investigation, it was discovered that a bystander, James Tague, had been wounded by one of the shots. The F.B.I. Theory holds that all three shots hit inside the President’s car. Yet it was unlikely that Tague was wounded by any of these shots since he was standing about 260 feet away at the time of the fusillade. This raises the possibility that Tague was wounded by a fragment from a fourth bullet. But only three shells were found in the Book Depository.

Drawback No. 3: If the F.B.I autopsy report is accurate, then the Commission’s autopsy findings had to be purposely falsified. The implications of this are almost too disturbing to imagine. Yet, the fact that the autopsy surgeon, Commander Humes, burned “certain preliminary notes” has given rise to the theory that the “preliminary notes” actually contained the earlier version of the autopsy referred to by the F.B.I. This question is unresolved.

One of the main stimuli for theories that shots came from someplace other than the Book Depository is an amateur eight-millimeter film of the assassination taken by Abraham Zapruder. In ten seconds of color film, virtually the entire sequence of events is recorded. The Zapruder film shows the motorcade proceeding down Elm Street with the President smiling and waving, then suddenly he reaches for his throat, apparently hit. About a second later Connally grimaces with pain and begins toppling over. A few seconds elapse, then a bullet visibly strikes the President’s head. From the film. the Commission judged that the President was first hit between film frame 210 and 225, and the fatal head shot occurred on film frame 313. By determining the shutter speed of the camera (18.3 frames per second), the Commission ascertained: 1) a maximum of 5.6 seconds elapsed from the first to the final shot; and 2) no more than 1.8 seconds elapsed between the time Kennedy and Connally were first hit. This time bind led directly to the Commission’s Single-Bullet Theory (see above). The Zapruder film also led to four other interesting theories.


Proponent: Vincent Salandria, a Philadelphia lawyer.

Using two slide projectors, and superimposing frame 316 over frame 313, Salandria finds that after the fatal head shot, Kennedy’s head moves sharply backward and to the left, a direction inconsistent with shots from the Depository. Salandria extrapolated the trajectory from the direction in which the head moves and concludes that the shot came from behind the picket fence or the arcade on the grassy knoll. Salandria also suspects that, because of the massive devastation, this second wound, unlike the first, may have been caused by a dumdum bullet—which couldn’t have come from Oswald’s rifle.



A group of California theorists has used the Zapruder film to show that the first shot hit Kennedy between film frames 190 and 210. If true, this would be significant because the Commission established that during this interval the line of sight from the sixth-floor window in the Depository was obstructed by the foliage of an oak tree; therefore the shot must have come from elsewhere.

Harold Weisberg also uses the Zapruder film to prove the Early-Hit Theory. Since Zapruder testified that he saw Kennedy hit, and Zapruder’s view was blocked by a traffic sign between film frames 205 and 225 (by which time Kennedy had already been hit), Weisberg concludes that Kennedy was hit before film frame 205.


The fact that film frames 208 through 211 have been deleted from the black-and-white frame-by-frame photographs published by the Warren Commission (Exhibit 885) and from the color slides of the Zapruder film at the National Archives—and the fact that frames 207 and 212 show obvious splice marks—has led a number of theorists to suspect that Kennedy was shot during that interval and that the four missing film frames were suppressed deliberately.

Drawback: Life magazine owns the original film and according to those who have seen it, the film is complete, no frames are missing, and Kennedy does not appear to have been hit in the sequence. The Archive’s frames may just have been damaged innocently.


David Lifton, a U.C.L.A. graduate student, claims that he can detect stress marks coming from the traffic sign starting at frame 212 and continuing until frame 221. He interprets these as shock waves caused by a bullet hitting the sign. This shot, he figures, could not have been the same one that Oswald is supposed to have fired because of the timing. And strangely, right after the assassination the sign was removed.


Proponents: Mark Lane, Thomas Buchanan, Joachim Joesten, et. al.

Thesis: Early statements were made by Dallas doctors suggesting that the throat wound was made by a bullet entering the throat. Since films of the assassination firmly establish that the President’s car was past the Book Depository when he was shot, a bullet entering the throat must have come from a point well in front of the Depository. “In front” was at first interpreted to mean the railroad overpass; however, when the Commission showed that a bullet did not in fact pass through the limousine’s windshield, as was believed by the proponents of this theory, “in front” was then interpreted to mean the grassy knoll. Mark Lane states in his latest version that Kennedy was directly facing the knoll when he was shot in the throat, although none of the films indicates this to be the case.


Selling point: The entry-wound theory explains the Dallas doctors’ early statements and the relatively small diameter of the wound, although the doctors later testified that under certain conditions an exit wound would have the same appearance as an entry wound.

Drawback: The entry-wound theory does not explain what finally happened to the bullet that entered the throat. Since no exit wound was found in the President’s back (and no bullet was in the President’s body), the entry-wound theory depends on the assumption that the autopsy and other evidence was changed.


Proponents: Maurice Schonfeld, U.P.I., Jack Fox, U.P.I., Burt Reinhardt, U.P.I. In the United Press-International film library, a New York hobbyist found an eight-millimeter color film of the assassination made by Orville Nix. One of the frames of the Nix film particularly interested him because it showed an object behind the wall on the grassy knoll. He then employed a film specialist to blow the frame up, and it became clear that the object was in fact a vehicle. On the roof of the vehicle, he discerned a man aiming what appeared to be a rifle at the President’s car. He immediately took his photograph to Dallas and asked eyewitnesses about it.

U.P.I. editors, apparently impressed with the photograph, sent reporter Jack Fox to Dallas to interview witnesses to the assassination.

Lee E. Bowers, Jr. told him that the photograph was “exactly what I saw.” S. M. Holland, who was standing on the overpass and had one of the best views of any eyewitness, told Fox there were four shots: “…the first came from the book building and hit the President. The second came from the same place and hit Governor John Connally….The third shot came from behind the picket fence to the north of Elm Street. There was a puff of smoke under the trees like someone had thrown out a Chinese firecracker and a report entirely different from the one which was fired from the book building…”

According to Holland, the fourth shot came from the Book Depository. When Holland reached the fence he found a station wagon and a sedan. On the bumper of the station wagon there were two muddy marks “as if someone had stood there to look over the fence.” At least seven other witnesses on the overpass saw smoke rising from the same area, and many other witnesses thought the shots came from behind the picket fence. One Dallas policeman, J. M. Smith, even claimed to have “caught the smell of gunpowder” behind the wooden fence.

The Nix-U.P.I. film and partial blowup.


Eyewitness accounts of the assassination are perhaps the most popular source of two-assassin theories—virtually any armchair student of the assassination, given the Report’s twenty-six volumes of testimony, can develop an interesting theory as to where the shots came from. Right after the twenty-six volumes were made public, Harold Feldman, a writer on the psychology of assassins, counted up the various sources of shots reported by 121 eyewitnesses. His tally revealed that 38 gave “no clear opinion,” 32 thought the shots came from the Book Depository, and 51 though the shots came from the grassy knoll area. Largely on the basis of this analysis, Feldman advanced the theory that there were two assassins: one on the grassy knoll and one in the Book Depository.

Drawback: Eyewitness recollections often conflict: which means that somebody has to be wrong.


The following six theories name Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin.


Proponent: The Warren Commission. The Commission did not reach a final conclusion as to why Oswald killed President Kennedy. Instead, it listed five “factors” (which, a Commission lawyer said, read like clichés from a TV soap opera). They were:

  1. hostility to his environment;

  2. failure to establish “meaningful relationships”;

  3. desire for a place in history;

  4. a commitment to Marxism and communism (a “factor” inserted at the insistence of Commissioner Gerald Ford);

  5. a capacity to act decisively without regard to the consequences.

According to this theory, Oswald had no motive; he acted out of blind resentment.


Proponents: Some Commission lawyers and members of the C.I.A.

Since Oswald spent considerable time in a Soviet hospital, a few Commission lawyers entertained the theory that Oswald might have been brainwashed and conditioned as a “sleeper” assassin; then he went haywire (i.e., he was accidentally turned on). The Commission decided to send a letter to the C.I.A. requesting information on the “present status of Soviet ‘mind-conditioning’ techniques.” A few weeks later, a C.I.A. agent replied that this possibility was still “a main school of thought” at the C.I.A. on the assassination, and although such techniques were still in a relatively primitive stage, this form of conditioning could be induced by drugs. The theory, however, was not further developed.


Proponent: Representative Gerald Ford.

Commissioner Gerald Ford, in his book, Portrait of the Assassin, suggests that Oswald was still hedging on the eve of the assassination when he returned home to see his wife, Marina. She spurned him. Oswald then went to the garage. He got his rifle.


Proponent: Marina Oswald.

In her final testimony before the Commission, Marina Oswald advanced her own theory of Lee’s motive. She said she believed her husband was actually trying to shoot Governor John Connally, and missed, and by a horrible accident he killed the President.


Proponent: Dr. Renatus Hartogs, coauthor of The Two Assassins.

Dr. Hartogs, a psychiatrist who evaluated Oswald as a thirteen-year-old boy, has recently advanced a theory explaining the assassination in terms of Oswald’s repressed lust for his mother. Hartogs observes that Oswald slept in his mother’s bed long after he should have had a bed of his own, and suggests that inner guilt feelings may have led him to kill President Kennedy. Dr. Hartogs finds it significant that Oswald shot at both Kennedy and Tippit three times, since the number “three” in psychoanalytic thinking symbolizes the masculine genitals. However, Sylvia Meagher points out in her review of Hartogs’ book that Tippit was shot four times.


Proponent: John J. McCloy.

In a secret colloquium between the Commission and three psychiatrists, Commissioner McCloy advanced the “killer-instinct” theory. He noted that Oswald had killed two men and had attempted to shoot at least three others (Governor Connally, General Walker, and the police officer who tried to arrest him). McCloy reasoned that this indicated a pattern of innate violence. By the time the report was written, however, McCloy’s hypothesis seems to have been lost in the shuffle.

The following four theories are based on the belief that Oswald was innocent, that he was framed for both the Kennedy assassination and murder of officer J. D. Tippit by the real conspirators who planted evidence against him before and after the assassination. The logic of these theories inevitably leads to a high-level conspiracy involving law-enforcement agencies. For example, to believe that Oswald did not kill Tippit, it is necessary to assume: a) shells from Oswald’s revolver were planted at the scene by the real murderers; b) the revolver then was planted on Oswald by the Dallas police (the plot obviously could not have depended on Oswald going home and conveniently fetching his pistol; and c) Oswald’s admission that he had his revolver with him when arrested was fabricated.


Proponent: Mark Lane.

Thesis: A 7.65 caliber German Mauser was found in the Book Depository, and later Oswald’s 6.5 caliber Italian Mannlicher-Carcano rifle was substituted for it. This theory is based on testimony (and an affidavit) indicating that the three Dallas law officers first described the rifle as a Mauser. The problem with this theory is that the bullet fragments found in the President’s car ballistically match Oswald’s Carcano, proving that it was employed in the assassination (no matter where or when it was found).


Proponents: Professor Richard H. Popkin, Professor Josiah Thompson, Sylvia Meagher, Vincent Salandria, Léo Sauvage, Harold Weisberg, Mark Lane and Ray Marcus.

Thesis: A bullet, which the Warren Report states was found on Connally’s stretcher, was fired from Oswald’s rifle sometime prior to the assassination. Then, after the assassination, it was planted on a stretcher in the Dallas hospital where Kennedy and Connally were treated, thereby framing Oswald.

This theory is based on the fact that evidence developed by the Commission precluded both Kennedy’s and Connally’s stretchers as possible sources for the stretcher bullet. The Commission’s autopsy report stated that the bullet exited Kennedy, therefore it could not have come from his stretcher. And Drs. Finck, Humes, and Shaw testified that more fragments were found in Connally’s wrist than were missing from the bullet, thus ruling out Connally’s stretcher as a source for the bullet. Furthermore, in missing tapes of the doctors’ press conference, which was held after the stretcher bullet was found, Dr. Shaw supposedly says that a nearly whole bullet was lodged in Connally’s thigh. The theorists thus deduce that the bullet must have been planted on the stretcher. The fact that no blood or other organic material was found on the bullet reinforces their argument. Professor Thompson further points out that the only bullet similar in appearance to the stretcher bullet was obtained by firing Oswald’s rifle into a long tube of cotton. He believes that this test indicated that the stretcher bullet was probably obtained by firing the bullet into cotton.

The Commission claims this bullet pierced Kennedy's neck and 
Connally's shoulder, ribs, wrist and thigh. Theorists say it's a fake.

The Commission claims this bullet pierced Kennedy’s neck and Connally’s shoulder, ribs, wrist and thigh. Theorists say it’s a fake.


Proponents: Léo Sauvage, Harold Weisberg, Sylvia Meagher, (See also Popkin’s Two-Oswald Theory).

Thesis: Before the assassination, someone impersonating Oswald planted clues that would incriminate Oswald in the assassination. According to this theory, the impersonator made himself conspicuous at a nearby rifle range, brought a gun into a neighborhood gunsmith, cashed large checks, and acted suspiciously. The impersonator probably took part in the assassination.


Who is this man? A C.I.A. report on Lee Harvey Oswald arrived at the F.B.I. field office in Dallas they day of the assassination. It revealed that Oswald had visited the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City on September 27, 1963, and included a photograph taken by a secret C.I.A. camera of the man identified as Oswald leaving the Embassy. After the assassination, a problem developed; the man in the C.I.A. photograph was not Oswald! Oswald’s mother added to the confusion by claiming the man in the photograph was Jack Ruby. (Obviously, it isn’t.) Commission lawyers, attempting to find out if the man in the photograph was associated with Oswald or impersonating him, were never able to identify the mystery man. All the C.I.A. would say was that it was a “mix-up.”


Proponent: Joachim Joesten

Thesis: That the assassination was the work of a conspiracy involving some officers of the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. as well as some Army figures and some reactionary oil millionaires. The conspirators used Oswald as a “fall guy, a red herring, to draw attention while the murderers escaped.” The F.B.I. for reasons of its own, completed the frame of Oswald and covered up evidence of the real conspirators.

The next three theories explain how the second assassin escaped from the grassy knoll.


Proponent: Sylvia Meagher.

Dallas policeman J. M. Smith ran to the parking lot behind the grassy knoll immediately after the assassination. He suddenly encountered a stranger and pulled his gun. The stranger identified himself as a Secret Service agent and showed Smith his credentials (although Smith later could not recall his name). Smith’s account is corroborated to some degree by two other law officers—Deputy Constable Weitzman and Sergeant Harkness.

Sylvia Meagher, an independent researcher, made a meticulous check of Secret Service records and found that no Secret Service agent was on or near the knoll area at the time that Smith encountered the “agent.” Mrs. Meagher suggests that the assassin may have escaped by using fake Secret Service credentials.


Proponents: S. M. Holland, Richard H. Popkin.

Soon after the shots were fired, S. M. Holland rushed to the picket fence behind the knoll (where he thought he saw smoke) and found a station wagon and a sedan parked near the fence (see Over the Fence Theory). Muddy footprints led from the bumper of the station wagon to the sedan and then mysteriously ended. Holland said: “I’ve often wondered if a man could have climbed into the trunk of that car and pulled the lid shut on himself, then someone else have driven it away later.” Other theorists, like Professor Popkin, have thought it more likely that the knoll assassin simply hid the rifle in the car, then fled on foot.


Proponent: Lillian Castellano.

Mrs. Castellano, a California accountant, located what appeared to be a storm drain in a photograph of the grassy knoll taken at the time of the assassination. However, it could not be located in later photographs of the grassy knoll. Through a contact in Dallas, Mrs. Castellano obtained a chart of the sewer and drainage system surrounding the grassy knoll. Apparently, the drain was filled in after the assassination. Mrs. Castellano suspected that it could have been part of an escape system.


According to Secret Service report 767, Alonzo Hudkins, a Houston reporter, told the Secret Service that he had heard from Chief Allan Sweatt of the Dallas sheriff’s office that Lee Harvey Oswald “was being paid two hundred dollars per month by the F.B.I. in connection with their subversive investigation” and that “Oswald had informant number S-172.” The Commission never called Hudkins or Sweatt to testify.

There are a number of other interesting circumstances surrounding Oswald’s possible relationship with the F.B.I.

  1. Warren De Brueys, an F.B.I. agent who covered both the New Orleans and Dallas beat, asked Carlos Bringuier to furnish the F.B.I. information about the activities of his Anti-Castro group. When Bringuier refused, De Brueys threatened to send an under-cover agent to infiltrate the group.
    Later, Lee Harvey Oswald came to New Orleans from Dallas and tried to infiltrate Bringuier’s group by pretending he was an Anti-Castroite. Bringuier, at first, did not think this was a coincidence.

  2. When Oswald was arrested for fighting with Bringuier, he asked to see an F.B.I. agent. An F.B.I. agent visited him in jail and questioned him about the activities of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

  3. Oswald’s address book contained the address and license plate number of Dallas F.B.I. agent James Hosty. It was later deleted from the police list of Oswald’s addresses.

Drawback: J. Edgar Hoover categorically denied that Oswald had any connection with the F.B.I. and offered the F.B.I.’s file on Oswald to the Commission. (The Chief Justice refused it, however, on the grounds that it might contain secret information.)


Proponents: Mrs. Marguerite Oswald and Norman Mailer.

Mrs. Oswald suggested long before the assassination, and is still of the belief, that her son was a C.I.A. agent. His trip to Russia was a C.I.A. mission, and so were his later activities. If Oswald was involved in the assassination, Mrs. Oswald suggests, “Now it could have been that my son and the Secret Service were all involved in a mercy killing,” explaining, “If he [Kennedy] was dying of an incurable disease, this would be for the security of our country.”

Norman Mailer, on the other hand, believes that it is quite possible Oswald was an undercover agent for not one, but a number of espionage services (who “tend to collect the same particular small agents in common”).

Mailer wrote in Book Week: “It was all but a comedy of the most horrible sort, but when Kennedy was assassinated, the espionage services of half the world may have discovered in the next hour that one little fellow in Dallas was…a secret, useless little undercover agent who was on their private lists; what nightmares must have ensued.” Oswald was then liquidated by one of his employer-agencies. According to Mailer’s scenario, we hear an Ivy League voice cry out in some unknown council-of-war room: “Well, can’t something be done, can’t we do something about this man?”, and a little later a phone call made and another, and finally a voice saying to our friend Ruby, “Jack, I got good news. There’s a little job…”


Proponent: Richard H. Popkin.

Thesis: Professor Popkin (Chairman, Philosophy Department, University of California at San Diego) has advanced a rather ingenious theory to explain certain discrepancies in the Commission’s findings. Certain witnesses claim to have encountered Oswald prior to November 22 in places where he could not possibly have been. To explain these anomalies, Popkin suggests that there were actually “two Oswalds”; the second “Oswald” closely resembled the real Oswald. The real Oswald’s role was to be a decoy—that is, he would lead the police astray by becoming the prime suspect. The escape of the second Oswald, who actually fired the shots from the Depository, was thus facilitated. When Oswald’s trial came up, he would undoubtedly produce a surprise alibi, and the evidence would be so confused by the second Oswald’s pre-assassination maneuvers that the Oswald-on-trial would be acquitted. What went wrong, however—and here the theory becomes a mite complicated—was that the real Oswald met Officer Tippit, who knew the second Oswald, and waved him down. In the ensuing confusion, Oswald panicked and shot Tippit.

This theory differs from the Oswald Impersonator Theory in one important way: here, the real Oswald is guilty.

Drawback: The sightings of this “second Oswald” all occurred before it was even known that Kennedy would be coming to Dallas. Thus it seems unlikely that a carefully deceptive plot cold have been underway.

Retort: Oswald and his double were only one of many pairs of assassins being set up all over the country on a contingency basis, should the opportunity for action arise.


Proponents: Penn Jones Jr. and Mark Lane.

Penn Jones, the editor of the Midlothian, Texas, Mirror, notes that a number of key witnesses have died under “clouded circumstances” since the assassination and he suggests the theory that people who know too much about the assassination are being silenced.

For example, Jones cites a meeting at Ruby’s apartment at which two newspaper reporters, Bill Hunter and Jim Koethe, were present. Bill Hunter was later killed by the “accidental discharge” of a policeman’s revolver in a police station in Long Beach, California. Jim Koethe was killed by a “karate chop” in his Dallas apartment. The murder is still unsolved. Ruby’s lawyer, Tom Howard, also attended the meeting. He later died of a “heart attack” (Jones notes “no autopsy was performed”). Jones suggests that some important information was divulged at the meeting, and those who heard the information had to be disposed of.

Moreover, Jones’s paper has maintained a death-count on other relevant individuals.

  1. Hank Killam, whose wife was a waitress at Ruby’s nightclub and whose friend lived in Oswald’s rooming house, was found on a Florida street with his throat cut.

  2. Dorothy Kilgallen, the only journalist who was granted a private interview with Ruby, died. Jones points out (erroneously) that her death occurred on the night of the “strange” Northeast Power Blackout. (Jones missed the connection that the announcer of What’s My Line, John Daly, is the Chief Justice’s son-in-law.)

  3. William Whaley, the cabdriver who took Oswald home after the assassination and possibly talked to him, died in a car crash—the first cabdriver to be killed on duty in Dallas since 1937.

  4. Karen Bennett Carlin, another performer at Ruby’s club and the last person to talk to Ruby before he shot Oswald, died of gunshot wounds in Houston, according to Penn Jones. This seems quite strange since she testified to a Commission lawyer after the reported date of her death.

  5. Earlene Roberts, the housekeeper at Oswald’s rooming house who claimed she saw a police car stop in front of the house about ten minutes before Oswald encountered Tippit, also died.

Mark Lane adds the case of Warren Reynolds, a witness to the Tippit shooting, who was shot through the head (but survived); Nancy Money, a former stripper in Ruby’s nightclub who also provided an alibi for the man accused of shooting Reynolds, hanged herself in the Dallas jail; and Lee E. Bowers, Jr., a bystander who saw a car making a getaway from the grassy knoll, was killed in a car accident to which there were no witnesses.


Proponents: Léo Sauvage, Hans Habe (author of The Wounded Land).

Sauvage, an American correspondent for Figaro, suggests the theory that Kennedy could have been killed by a conspiracy of Southern racists to prevent him from carrying out his civil-rights program. To turn blame away from themselves and onto Leftists, they methodically framed Oswald (by impersonating him and by planting evidence against him). Oswald’s murder, however, was not part of the racist conspiracy, but a separate plot instigated by the Dallas police to prevent a trial in which he might be acquitted of the crime


Proponents: Izvestia, Trud, Joachim Joesten, Barbara Garson, Don B. Reynolds, Jack Ruby and others.

Thesis: Although not one shred of hard evidence has been uncovered to prove them right, many people have taken the “Who benefited?” line of pursuit and point an accusing finger at Lyndon Johnson.

The Soviet Government newspaper Izvestia, after condemning The Warren Report as slanderous to Russia, hinted by sly innuendo that President Johnson may have been implicated in the assassination. They cite the soon-to-be published works of Joachim Joesten (seven volumes to be sold by subscription for $200) which argues that Johnson has been covering up. The next day, Trud, the trade-union paper, made the accusations more forcefully.

Californian Barbara Garson has written a satire, based on Macbeth, called Macbird in which L.B.J. and Lady Bird take the parts of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in the murder of J.F.K. and Adlai Stevenson (the Egg of Head).

In January of 1964 the Warren Commission learned that Don B. Reynolds, insurance agent and close associate of Bobby Baker, had been heard to say that the F.B.I. knew that Johnson was behind the assassination. When interviewed by the F.B.I., he denied this. But he did recount an incident during the swearing in of Kennedy in which Bobby Baker said words to the effect that the s.o.b. would never live out his term and that he would die a violent death. Reynolds also vaguely suggested that Governor Connally may have called long distance from Washington to Lee Oswald who was staying in a Dallas Y.M.C.A. He had no proof.

A number of letters allegedly written by Jack Ruby and smuggled out of jail were auctioned off by New York autograph dealer Charles Hamilton. Penn Jones, Jr. bought one and published part of it.

"I walked into a trap the moment I walked down the ramp Sunday morning. This was the spot where they could frame the Jew, and that way all of his people will be blamed as being Communists, this is what they were waiting for. They alone had planned the killing, by they I mean Johnson and others.”

“…read the book Texas Looks at Lyndon and you may learn quite a bit about Johnson and how he fooled everyone.”

Drawback: In a letter to J. Lee Rankin, J. Edgar Hoover wrote, “I have not received any information to implicate President Johnson or Governor Connally in the assassination.”


Proponent: Thomas Buchanan.

According to Buchanan’s theory, “Mr. X,” a right-wing Texas oil millionaire, had to eliminate Kennedy and Khrushchev to gain world domination of the oil market. He decided to assassinate Kennedy in such as way that Khrushchev would be discredited. Oswald was to be framed as the assassin, then executed by Tippit. With Oswald dead, the Soviet Union would be blamed for the assassination. Oswald, however, outdrew Tippit and was captured alive later. The conspirators then induced Ruby to kill Oswald as a means of silencing him for good. Aside from Mr. X, Buchanan names the following “additional conspirators”:

  1. The assassin on the bridge. (He hints this was Ruby.)

  2. A second assassin in the Depository who was wearing a police uniform.

  3. A police officer involved in Oswald’s arrest (who was, next to Mr. X, the key conspirator).

  4. Tippit.

  5. Oswald.

  6. One of the policemen who missed Oswald as he left the building.


Proponent: Fidel Castro.

About a week after the assassination, Castro suggested that the conspirators intended that Cuba be blamed for the assassination. According to this theory, Oswald may have been one of the riflemen, but his prime role in the conspiracy was to ghost a trail that would lead directly to Cuba. Thus, a few m