Restrictions On Reporting From Gaza

  • The Israeli authorities are not allowing foreign journalists free entry into Gaza.
  • The Foreign Press Association recently held a lottery for the first eight foreign media organisations to be given access to Gaza. INL News did not win a ticket in this first round.
  • INL News, like other foreign media outlets, is relying on local Palestinian freelancers inside Gaza to give us the latest information.
  • Some military details may be subject to censorship by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).  This is standard for all media organisations operating out of Israel.

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The American Future: A History, by Simon Schama:

 What is an American?

While the 2008 presidential campaign is in full swing, Simon Schama travels through America to dig deep into
 the conflicts of its history to understand what is at stake right now,,,,

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Hi there....welcome to

Francis A. Boyle


University of Chicago, A.B. (1971) in Political Science.  One of seven students in my entering Class of 1972  elected to Phi Beta Kappa as a Junior; winner as a Junior of the Sigma Xi Certificate of Merit and Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Scientific Research in Biology for 1971 for The Differential Effects of Three Simulated Systems of Inbreeding on the Frequency of the tw Allele in Wild Populations of Mus Musculuson nomination of Richard C. Lewontin; graduated in three years.
Harvard Law School, J.D. Magna Cum Laude (1976).   Third year paper designated "Honor Paper" by Richard R. Baxter, and deposited in H.L.S. Library.  A+'s in Federal Income Taxation (Stanley Surrey), Soviet Economic Law and Law of Foreign Trade (Harold Berman), United Nations Law (Louis Sohn), Sociology of Law (Lon Fuller), and Jurisprudence (Roberto Unger).
Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Government, A.M. (1978) and Ph.D. (1983) in Political Science.  Awarded full Harvard Fellowship for all years of residence.  Offered Russian History (Edward Keenan), Soviet Politics (Adam Ulam), Modern Political Philosophy (Judith Shklar), and International Relations (Stanley Hoffmann) on Ph.D. General Examination.  Dissertation entitledRealism, Positivism, Functionalism and International Law under the supervision of Stanley Hoffmann.
Graduate Student Associate, Harvard University Center for International Affairs (1976-78) (elected to the Executive Committee for 1977-78).
Teaching Fellow, Harvard University Department of Government (1976-78) (international organizations, international law, international human rights).
Assistant Professor (1978‑81), Associate Professor with tenure (1981‑84), full Professor (from 1984), University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign; Professor, Unit of Criticism and Interpretive Theory (from 2010).
U.S. State Department, Scholar-Diplomat Program, Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs (1981).
Lecturer, Nuclear Weapons and International Law, 21st Senior Conference on Nuclear Deterrence, U.S. Military Academy at West Point (1983).
Lecture Tour of Libya (1985).
Lecture Tour of the Soviet Union on Nuclear Weapons and International Law for the Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy and the Association of Soviet Lawyers (1986).
Professor, U.S.S.R. Summer University for Jurists, Peoples= Friendship University, Moscow (1989).
Parhad Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary, Canada (2001).
Bertrand Russell Peace Lecturer, McMaster University, Canada (2007).
Licensed to practice law in Massachusetts (from 1977), before the U.S. Tax Court (from 1977), the U. S. Supreme Court (from 1984), and in several other U.S. Federal Courts.
Attorney, Bingham, Dana, & Gould, in Boston (1977‑78) (primarily in international tax and tax).  See Hart v. U.S., 585 F.2d 1025 (Ct. Cl. 1978) (en banc); Globe v. U.S., 620 F.2d 841 (Ct. Cl. 1980).
Counsel, Concerned Academics for Peace and Justice in the Middle East (1984-86).
Attorney for Plaintiffs, Ali Aidi v. Yaron, 672 F. Supp. 516 (D.D.C. 1987) (Sabra-Shatilla Massacre).
Legal Adviser to the Palestine Liberation Organization (from 1987) and the Provisional Government of the State of Palestine (from 1988) on the creation of the State of Palestine, its accession to the Geneva Conventions and Protocols, invocation of the Uniting for Peace Resolution, admission to the United Nations Organization, accepting the I.C.C.’s jurisdiction, etc.
Author, Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, Pub. L. No. 101-298 (1990) (adopted unanimously by both Houses of U.S. Congress and signed into law by President George Bush Sr.).
Counsel to Rep. Henry B. Gonzalez on H. Res. 34, 102d Cong., 1st Sess. (1991) (impeaching President George Bush Sr. for Gulf War I).
Legal Adviser to the Republic of Lithuania under President Vytautas Landsbergis (1991-92).
Legal Adviser to the Palestinian Delegation to the Middle East Peace Negotiations (1991-93).
Legal Adviser to the Syrian Delegation to the Middle East Peace Negotiations during their First Round in Washington, D.C. (1991).
Counsel to Libya, in Cases Concerning Questions of Interpretation And Application Of The 1971 Montreal Convention Arising From The Aerial Incident At Lockerbie (Libya v. United Kingdom) (Libya v. United States).  See Orders of 14 April 1992, 1992 I.C.J. Rep. at 3 and 114, 31 Int'l L. Mats. 662 (1992).
Special Prosecutor, International Tribunal of Indigenous Peoples and Oppressed Nations in the U.S.A., San Francisco (1992).
Author, Chicago MacBride Principles on Northern Ireland Ordinance (adopted unanimously by Chicago City Council on Feb. 10, 1993).
General Agent for the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Powers before the International Court of Justice by appointment of President Alija Izetbegovic (March 19, 1993 to January 12, 1994).  I won two World Court Orders overwhelmingly in favor of Bosnia against the rump Yugoslavia to cease and desist from violating the 1948 Genocide Convention.  See Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro)), Order of Provisional Measures of 8 April 1993, 1993 I.C.J. Rep. at 3; and Order of Provisional Measures of 13 September 1993, 1993 I.C.J. Rep. at 325.  President Izetbegovic then instructed me to institute legal proceedings before the International Court of Justice against the United Kingdom for violating the 1948 Genocide Convention and the 1965 Racial Discrimination Convention in order to break the genocidal arms embargo against Bosnia as well as to stop the genocidal carve-up of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the so-called European Union Action Plan.  SeeStatement of Intention by the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Institute Legal Proceedings Against the United Kingdom before the International Court of Justice (15 November 1993), U.N. Doc. A/48/659-S/26806, 47 U.N.Y.B. 465 (1993).  This lawsuit was terminated under duress.
Lawyer for President Alija Izetbegovic, Foreign Minister (later Prime Minister, then President) Haris Silajdzic, and all the Members of the collective Bosnian Presidency, as well as the Leaders of the Bosnian Opposition Parties, during the Owen-Stoltenberg Negotiations in Geneva (1993).  There I disrupted the Owen-Stoltenberg Plan to carve-up the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina into three pieces, destroy Bosnia's Statehood, rob Bosnia of its Membership in the United Nations Organization, and subject 1.5 to 2 million more Bosnians to "ethnic cleansing."  President Izetbegovic then instructed me to draft and negotiate the Bosnian counter-offer to Owen-Stoltenberg.
Consultant on Independence, Hawaiian Sovereignty Advisory Commission, State of Hawaii (1993).
On 12 May 1997 in a ceremony at the Bosnian Presidency in Sarajevo, President Alija Izetbegovic and Vice President Ejup Ganic awarded me a valid Bosnian Diplomatic Passport and Visa as well as a Decoration for my services to the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Serbian war of extermination against them.
On 17 May 2000 President Aslan Maskhadov appointed me  the Attorney of Record for the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria with Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Powers in order to conduct  their legal affairs. Acting pursuant to his instructions, on 1 August 2000 I sued the Russian Federation at the International Court of Justice for violating the 1948 Genocide Convention.  On 14 February 2004 the Chechen Foreign Minister Ilyas Akhmadov appointed me their Ambassador to Norway with instructions to open peace negotiations with the Russian Federation.

Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law at the University of Illinois, proposes that Iran sue the U.S. in the World Court to enjoin it against threats to attack Iran

Francis Boyle: Iran Should Sue to Stop US Attack Pt 1

Dr. Francis A. Boyle on Alex Jones Tv 1/3:State Sponsored - YouTube Jul 2009 - 11 min - Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel
Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. ...

Francis Boyle: Iran Should Sue to Stop US Attack Pt 1 - YouTube Jul 2008 - 7 min - Uploaded by justforeignpolicy
Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law at the University of Illinois, proposes that Iran sue the U.S. in ...

Dr. Francis A. Boyle on Alex Jones Tv 1/3:State Sponsored Terrorsim


Dr. Francis A. Boyle on Alex Jones Tv

Dr. Francis A. Boyle on Alex Jones Tv 1/3:State Sponsored Terrorsim

  • I was a student of Prof. Boyle in law school back in 1990 and was very inspired by him. Even now, 20 years later and a lot of living behind me, I still think he's absolutely right on politically. Unfortunately, I think his message would be more effective if his delivery were better. ..way to many "ahhs" and "ums" for the youtube world. Before a live audience.. it was not a problem.
  • It's the illiterate nature of all things public that encourage aggressive tax collection, and the welcoming of foreigners to overthrow anything smacking of Constitutional. There are many half-baked, queer recipes of unholy matrimony that have yet to be served up: group, incestuous, inter-species, inter-galactic, etc.
  • Here's another form of false flag terrorism: Go to my channel & see a recent, extremely hard hitting interview on the absolute fraud & danger of vaccines -- & about a simple tool to viralize the truth about vaccines. The more people that know the truth, the harder it will be to force these vaccines on those of us that would rather put our trust in God, eating right, our own immune systems, natural remedies, faith & prayer -- rather than on Big Pharma & their veritable witches brews.

Francis Boyle
October 22, 2012

Bush and Blair Wanted for War Crimes
by grtv
What the video of a prominent international lawyer discussion Bush and Blair wanted for War Crimes on this at
Kualar Lumpa War Crimes Tribunal Convicted George  Bush and Tony Blair and 
Bush,  Ashcroft, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for War Crimes

Francis Boyle
October 22, 2012

A prominent international lawyer says former US President George W. Bush, and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair stand guilty of crimes against peace, war crimes and torture, Press TV reports.
In November 2011, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, in which Francis Boyle, a professor of international law at the University of Illinois, led the prosecution team, convicted Bush and Blair of crimes against peace and humanity, and genocide over their roles in the Iraq war.
On May 11, 2012, the tribunal also found Bush, former US Vice President Dick Cheney and former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld guilty of the crime of torture.
"We will keep after Bush and Blair for sure for crimes against peace, war crimes and torture in general," Boyle told Press TV in a recent interview.
"We got them both convicted of a Nuremberg crime against peace," he added while referring to the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the principles of international law recognized in the Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal.
According to Principles of the Nuremberg Tribunal, planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances are crimes "punishable" under international law.
In September, Archbishop Desmond Tutu said Blair and Bush should be taken to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague over their roles in the Iraq war.
"We are making efforts now to do this," Boyle stated, adding, "We tried to get Bush in Switzerland, but his lawyers advised him not to go to Switzerland. I tried three times to get Bush in Canada, but unfortunately the Canadian government protected Bush."
"The wheels of justice might turn slowly, but they do turn."
Boyle also criticized the ICC for its failure to bring to justice US, UK and Israeli criminals.
"So far, they are just going after black thugs from Africa and not dealing with this wholesale mass murderers and criminals from the United States, Britain and Israel," he said.
Boyle condemned the Israeli regime for "inflicting outright genocide on the Palestinians in Gaza," adding that there will be hearings in November in Malaysia on the issue of Palestine.


2012 / 10 / 22
Rolland Miller says:
I am upset that our Canadian Government would protect Bush and Blair from arrest over War Crimes.
Both of them and their close suppoters should be taken directly to Jail, and be tried for War Crimes over Iraq.
2012 / 10 / 22
Luke says:
Another crazy american with a theory.
2012 / 10 / 22
Mike Corbeil says:
Luke says Francis Boyle is talking theory. What theory? Bush, Blair, et al, are guilty as charged and as described in the article provided with the video, and they're guilty of many other extreme crimes. There's nothing theoretical about that. It's all factual. Getting courts to accept to honestly and thoroughly prosecute these extreme criminals is sort of like theoretical, for it's based on the theory that courts that're corrupt can come to eventually change, improvably; but, it is possible, just that it isn't at the present time.
2012 / 10 / 23
Bea says:
I truly hope that those two, (although not only as I would actually began to investigate also crimes by Obama and Cameron) will be prosecuted and jailed during my life span. This is taking bloody long and I cannot get it as no one (no one) should be beyond the law.
2012 / 10 / 23
susan says:
I hope the day comes when those two smug, pompous, killers, get theirs, as in prison time. It is sickening that they are walking around like normal people after what they have done! This is so wrong!
2012 / 10 / 23
Vuki says:
Herman and Peterson state (major powers) operate in self interest (Victor’s justice.) when honesty and integrity should be the the norms. NATO nations define Genocide and war crimes for others differently than for themselves. When Medline Albright was told by her British allies that invasion of Serbian province of Kosovo was illegal she replied get new lawyers. She also stated that killing 500 000 in Iraq with sanction was worth the price. Lets add the NATO leaders who caused the Yugoslav wars to the list.

Employees of Romney family’s secret bank tied to fraud, money laundering, drug cartels and the CIA

Global Research, October 21, 2012
As previously reported in by the Columbus Free Press, the Romney family, namely Mitt, Ann, G Scott and Tagg Romney, along with Mitt’s “6th son” and campaign finance chair have a secretive private equity firm called Solamere Capital Partners. This firms ties to Romney’s campaign and bundlers is already well documented, along with its connection to the manufacture and distribution of voting machines. What is not as well documented is a subsidiary of that private equity firm hiring employees of a failed firm tied to a Ponzi scheme that has a long history of money laundering for Latin American drug cartels and to the Iran-Contra scandal.
As reported by ThinkProgress, Solamere Capital Partner’s subsidiary Solamere Advisors is a investment advisory group, providing advice to Solamere clients and boosting sales. Would-be corporate pugilist Tagg Romney is a director. According to the New York Times, all but one of its 11 employees came from the Charlotte office of the Stanford Financial Group, the US investment arm of convicted felon R. Allen Stanford’s offshore banking and fraud network that comprised a host of companies including the Stanford International Bank, Stanford Capital Management, The Bank of Antigua, Stanford Trust and Stanford Gold and Bullion. Three of these employees, Tim Bambauer, Deems May, and Brandon Phillips, received incentive compensation related to their direct sales of securities linked to a fraud that brought down this banking network.
Tim Bambauer has left his position as managing partner at Solamere Advisors. May and Phillips remain employed as partner and chief compliance officer respectively.
Allen Stanford is currently serving a 110-year prison sentence for convictions on 13 counts of fraud. His companies were placed in receivership. $8 billion of Stanford’s stolen money has yet to be recovered and the victims are in court to recover those funds and incentive pay bonuses to Stanford employees (including Bambauer, May and Phillips) for fraudulently getting people to invest in an operation that later bilked many of them out of their life’s savings.
Stanford’s shady history and criminality did not begin with the fraudulent investments that lead to his downfall, nor was it unknown at the highest level of United State’s Government. In a 2006 diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, the US Ambassador to Antigua advised “Embassy officers do not reach out to Stanford because of the allegations of bribery and money laundering. The Ambassador managed to stay out of any one-on-one photos with Stanford during the breakfast. For his part, Stanford said he preferred to conduct his business without contacting the Embassy, resolving any investment disputes directly with local governments. It is whispered in the region that Stanford facilitates resolution with significant cash contributions.”
Similarly investigations by the SEC, FBI and Scotland Yard into Stanford’s empire stalled or failed all the way back to the 1980s. The Independent Newspaper in the UK alleges that Stanford’s network was on the FBI’s radar for more than 20 years. Stanford set up his first offshore bank in 1986, just as Eugene Hausenfaus, shot down while gun running for the CIA in Nicaragua, was being connected to another company named Stanford, in this case the “Stanford Technology Trading Group” owned by Richard Secord, Albert Hakim, and 4 unknown other persons, perhaps including Allen Stanford. According to Iran-Contra Whistleblower Al Martin (Lt. Cmdr. USNR ret.) “Anything with the name Stanford on it belonged to Secord”. When finally brought to trial, Stanford employed the same defense attorney, Dick DeGuerin, as Iran-Contra defendant Oliver North.
As the Iran-Contra explosion crippled the CIA’s Caribbean bank of choice, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), Stanford’s offshore banking empire was using the same techniques and embracing the same moral category of clients. Stanford’s banks were known to have laundered money from the Juarez Cartel and alleged to have done so earlier for the Medellin Cartel, and one of his private planes has been seized by the Mexican government in a drug case.
On top of legal woes in the United States and Mexico, the London Daily Telegraph reported that Stanford’s Venezuelan offices were raided by Venezuela’s military intelligence over claims that its employees were paid by the CIA to spy on the South American country. When asked about this in a CNBC interview which was cited in a story by independent journalist Tom Burghardt, Stanford declined to comment on any involvement with the CIA rather than outright deny it.
All of the these dealings by Stanford, and the complicity of his employees in facilitating them, was public information before January 2010, when Mitt Romney addressed the first full meeting of Solamere’s investors. Yet his son Tagg chose to hire into his family these alleged white collar criminals as soon as Stanford’s criminal empire collapsed. The Romney family stands by the new employees associated with their secret bank, as evidenced by Tagg’s response to interview questions from ThinkProgress regarding Solamere’s ability to reign them in: “Hey guys, We’re done here”.

A Case Study In Capitalist Democracy: “You’ve been Trumped”

Review of Anthony Baxter's 2012 documentary

Global Research, October 23, 2012

If you have not yet watched the documentary ‘You’ve been Trumped’ (2012) by Anthony Baxter, you should try to. It’s a film about how money and power, with the collusion of politicians, the media and the instruments of state, have complete contempt for and ride roughshod over ordinary people. It’s a lesson in how capitalist ‘democracy’ functions.
Here is the synopsis.
A group of proud Scottish homeowners take on a celebrity tycoon. At stake is one of Britain’s very last stretches of wilderness. US billionaire Donald Trump has bought up hundreds of acres on the northeast coast of Scotland. Trump needs to get some locals to move out of their homes to make the deal come true. He is going to build two golf courses alongside a 450-room hotel and 1,500 luxury homes. The trouble is the land he has purchased occupies one of Europe’s most environmentally sensitive stretches of coast and sand dunes, described by one leading scientist as Scotland’s Amazon rain forest. The handful of local residents who reside there don’t want to move out or have the land destroyed.
Despite the local council rejecting the proposal, the Scottish Government overturns its own environmental laws to give Trump the green light. This causes much consternation as the area is a designated ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’. As the bulldozers spring into action to demolish the dunes and dig up the land, local residents’ water and power is cut off, land disputes erupt, and some residents have mountains of earth piled up next to their homes to try to force them out. Complaints go ignored by the police, who instead arrest the film’s director, Anthony Baxter. Apparently, filming in public constitutes a ‘breach of the peace’! The police are firmly in Trump’s court.
Adding insult to injury, Trump also gets an honorary doctorate from a local university, even as his tractors turn wild, untouched dunes into fairways.
‘You’ve Been Trumped’ encapsulates the chasm between the powerful, glamorous, jet-setting Donald Trump and a deeply rooted, relatively powerless Scottish community. For Trump, the golf course is just another money-making deal. For the residents, it represents the destruction of a globally unique landscape that has been the backdrop for their lives and an eventual influx of rich foreigners who will jet in and out for a quick round or two on their newly constructed millionaire playground.
The film raises issues that strike at the very heart of democracy. Seduced by Trump’s wealth, it’s the politicians, the media, much of the business community, a local university and the police that cow-tow to the billionaire. The police are his protector. Politicians overturn their own laws in the face of dubious promises of jobs, which are never genuinely investigated by them to see if they actually stand up to scrutiny.
Someone like Trump does not get to where they are without knowing how to play the media, or the politicians for that matter. The film shows his half truths, untruths, tacky PR gloss and ridiculous slurs against local residents who stand in his way are taken as facts by much of the media and many of those in authority. The rich have the knack of talking absolute rubbish, but say it with utter conviction that it becomes accepted as ‘fact’. That much was clear in the film.
‘You’ve been Trumped’ shows what most of us already know: money talks and officialdom – often ‘public servants’ – listens and looks the other way when the ordinary people they are supposed to serve end up paying the price.
The film is a depressing case study of how the ‘one per cent’ is able to control the world for its own benefit. Acting alone, the Trumps of this world exert enormous power.
But when they come together to forward a collective agenda, their influence is even more grotesque. Look no further than the International Crisis Group. Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, the Brookings Institute and any other number of bodies populated, funded or controlled by big corporate interests on behalf of supremely wealthy individuals. Forget about the power of one billionaire to exert his influence in Scotland. Forget about one Donald Trump ever becoming US president. We already have a plethora of multi-billionaire interests dictating national and international policies!
Although Trump now has his golf course, something positive can be taken from the film: the spirit of ordinary people and their fortitude in standing up to money, wealth and power and its corrupting influences. They may not have prevented Trump’s scheme, but residents stood firm in the face of intimidation and threats. And they garnered the support of thousands of local people who knew wrong when they saw it.
What happened in Scotland is on one level similar to what is taking place right now in other parts of the world, not least in India: the corruption of democracy by power and wealth.
Thousands of ordinary people have been protesting against the building of nuclear plants in India. Notwithstanding safety concerns, unconstitutional land grabs resulting in people being booted off their lands have acquired headline status. The full force of the state has been brought to bear on protesters via police and paramilitary violence and intimidation.
In South India for example, local people are peacefully protesting against the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant. More than 56,000 have been falsely charged, including 6,000 for the offence of ‘sedition’. 53 have been imprisoned.
Why? Again, because of the influence of money; because of unaccountable power.
India’s expanding multi-billion dollar nuclear sector represents rich pickings for the key players both within India and abroad. The Indian government has agreed to buy US$150 billion worth of nuclear reactors, equipment and other materials from the US, whose companies will benefit for decades from Indian orders for military equipment. It has also promised various other countries that their companies will receive lucrative contracts in India. The French company Areva, US companies GE Hitachi and Westinghouse and the Russian company Atomstroy export are all building nuclear plants in the country. In return, the US lobbied to allow India to engage in civilian nuclear trade, despite not being a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
What is happening concerning the expansion of nuclear sector is however symptomatic of the wider situation in India. Anti-nuclear activist Neeraj Jain says the Indian elite’s vision for the country is to freely allow Western multinationals to access the Indian market and hand over thousands of hectares of land to them to set up projects like mines, refineries, airports, shopping malls and expressways, while dispossessing people from their mineral-rich lands in rural areas, and demolishing slums in urban areas.
Some like to call this ‘progress’. Others choose to call it ‘development’.
But let’s state it for what it actually is: self-serving, powerful, wealthy elite interests acting in collusion with politicians and demonstrating utter contempt for democracy and ordinary folk.
Whether we live in Scotland, India or elsewhere, it begs the question: Are we  willing to be ‘Trumped’ on a massive scale?
Well, that all depends on us, the 99 per cent, and what we are prepared to do about it.
You’ve been Trumped trailer:  //

GR Radio: 9/11 and the Afghan War – Eleven Years Later

GR RADIO: The Global Research News Hour

Become a Member of Global Research - Receive free books!
Global Research announces the launch of the first episode of The Global Research News Hour, broadcast weekly by CKUW News, 95.9 fm  out of Winnipeg, Ma. and on Canadian community radio networks. The weekly programme is available for download on the Global Research website. 
“There’s absolutely no evidence to the effect that Afghanistan actually attacked America on September 11, 2001.
-Michel Chossudovsky
October 7, 2001, marked the eleventh anniversary of the US/NATO military intervention in Afghanistan. The Bush Administration, within hours of the dreadful 9/11 attacks, declared that Al Qaeda was responsible. Afghanistan had provided a haven for Osama Bin Laden. Having invoked Article 5 of the NATO Charter which declared an attack on one member, in this case the United States, to be an attack on all members, the NATO countries launched attacks on Afghanistan in tandem with the Northern Alliance to overthrow the Taliban government and crush the terrorist network.
Michel Chossodovsky, director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, explains in this feature interview that there is absolutely no basis for the statement that Afghanistan in any way attacked the United States on September 11, 2001, making the NATO alliance attacks on Afghanistan an act of aggression, rather than self-defense under the doctrine of collective security.
Moreover, the enemy known as Al Qaeda is and always has been a US Intelligence asset. These proxies of US Intelligence have likewise been at work in Syria leading to counter-attacks by the governments of those countries. MIchel Chossudovsky concludes this interview with an anticipation of an international intervention in Syria, similar to the one in Libya, in the name of “protecting the people”.
Length: 59:13
Interview by Michael A Welch

Gladio – Death Plan For Democracy

Global Research, February 05, 2008
5 February 2008

In late January 2008, a secret paramilitary group (formerly?) allied with America was busted in Turkey.
 Thirteen members of a shadowy right-wing group in Turkey were charged with “forming an armed terrorist group in order to provoke members
 of the public into armed revolt against the government.”                                
“The detention in Istanbul last week of alleged members of a shadowy Turkish ultranationalist group has revived charges that elements
 within the Turkish security apparatus have long tried to destabilize the country through a campaign of bombings and assassinations. 
These allegedly include false flag operations that have been attributed to Kurdish separatists and violent Islamists… 
The Turkish media have claimed that the latest arrests follow intelligence reports that the gang was planning to carry out a series of high level assassinations…
what Turks call… deep state has its origins in what are commonly called Gladio operations “  
 – Mass Arrests Expose Operations of Turkey’s “Deep State” -  By Gareth Jenkins 
The use of proxy mercenary forces to terrorize nations into submitting to US political demands
 has been the cornerstone of American foreign policy since at least the era of the Berlin Wall, and it still is.  
 ”Terrorism – the use of violence and threats to intimidate or to coerce, esp. for political purposes.”             
According to this definition from, the government of the United States of  America is the primary source of state terrorism in the world.  
In Europe, the American government actively sought to eliminate political opposition to its fascist world plans through the use of open violent repression and covert terroristic “false flag” attacks upon popular patriotic resistance movements and their leaders.  Using ultra right-wing homegrown fascists, in both Europe and America, secret paramilitary militias were created, called “Stay Behind” forces at the end of World War II.  Since then, the CIA activated these groups to successfully quash anti-American liberal and social democratic popular resistance movements.  The agency denies this, but the series of exposes of their network in Europe since 1990 have proven the professed denials to be false. 
The secret American plans to turn dissent into a weapon for destroying democracy were applied equally, yet differently, in America and Europe.  Here, the procedure called for using more subtlety, as opposed to Europe, where everything would happen outside of the controlled environment of the corporate US media.  In Europe, so-called “pro-communist” forces could be fought more aggressively, using secretive groups like Gladio to physically attack the antiwar, Labor-oriented and liberal protest movements.  Behind the scenes, terror attacks were carried-out by anonymous sources to be blamed on the opposition party.  Using the extreme right-wing Gladio forces in this manner, as well as infiltrating and sabotaging leftist groups from within, proved devastating at the polls.  People ran away from the resistance in droves, seeking security in the waiting arms of the fascists and the all-powerful state.  But many people did also see through the BS of the “official story” of events like the bombing of a train stations in Bologna, Italy. 
The secret plans for Europe entailed large covert paramilitary units in every NATO nation, that were trained and ready to suppress all anti-American protests by liberals and social democrats.  The official name of the covert programs was “Gladio.”  The official cover story (and its original purpose) was that these right-wing paramilitary units were “Stay Behind” forces, which were created as copies of the French “underground” resistance, to be activated upon a Soviet conquest and occupation of Europe.  The Stay Behind/Gladio forces saw a change of mission in the sixties, when the European socialist/liberal alliance began to awaken strong nationalist movements in every NATO country.1     
The Timewatch investigation documents the secret formation of these neo-fascist units throughout Europe, highlighting individual local leaders and their personal testimony about participating in armed attacks upon government armories and supermarkets, as well as terror bombings, like the bomb that was detonated at Bologna’s train station, killing 85 and wounded over 200.  Other revelations from the video about the operation include a damning investigation of Gladio by the European Union, interviews with key Gladio players like neocon Michael Ledeen, shadowy Iran/Contra figures Gen. John Singlaub, CIA spokesmen like former Director William Colby and Ray Cline, as well as pivotal controversial documentation on secret Army participation.
In contradiction of CIA denials about the true purpose of Gladio and the scope of its operations and neoconservative lies that there was no Gladio, the following excerpt, from joint resolution (EP 22.11.90) of the European Parliament condemns actions of US and allied intelligence agencies involved.         
“Whereas in certain Member States military secret services (or uncontrolled branches thereof) were involved in serious cases of terrorism and crime as evidenced by, various judicial inquiries… these organizations operated and continue to operate completely outside the law…      whereas the various `GLADIO’ organizations have at their disposal independent arsenals and military resources which give them an unknown strike potential, thereby jeopardizing the democratic structures of the countries in which they are operating or have been operating…”  
This officially condemns the lame official excuses, like that given by former CIA Director William Colby (claiming on the video that these were small contingency plans for providing covert intelligence sources only, in case of Soviet occupation), while exposing the duplicity of stooges like neoconservative Michael Ledeen (who was implicated in the Gladio political action while working for a right-wing Italian news service), who falsely argues that Gladio was merely a Soviet disinformation program that was based:
“on an old forgery, designed to show that there’s some kind of… accusing the United States basically of what the Soviet union was doing in Italy, which was creating a secret underground paramilitary organization capable of organizing to subvert Italian democracy.”  
This, “there is no spoon” explanation echoes the equally lame counter-story given by alleged Gladio participant, Licio Gelli, Grand Master of super-secretive P2 Masonic lodge, that the dreadful Bologna train station bombing was a “transportation accident,” taking place in an open marketplace, where explosives were commonly sold, when “someone threw a cigarette away.”     
The “old forgery” that Ledeen referred to was a document known as “US Defense Training Manual 30-31B.  The State Dept. claims that the CIA “debunked” this document as a Soviet forgery, even though it is somehow listed within the classified sections of manual libraries .  
The allegedly forged document, signed by Army Chief of Staff Gen. W.C. WESTMORELAND, contained the following admission: 
“There may be times when host country governments show passivity or indecision in the face of Communist subversion…US Army Intelligence must have the means of launching special operations which will convince host country governments and public opinion of the reality of the insurgent danger… To this end, U.S. Army intelligence should seek to penetrate the insurgency by means of agents on special assignment, with the task of forming special action groups among the more radical elements of the insurgency. When the kind of situation envisaged above arises, these groups, acting under U.S. Army intelligence control, should be used to launch violent or non-violent actions according to the nature of the case.”   
Since this is a very precise description of the known activities of Gladio given by participants in it, we must assume that history has confirmed that 30-31B is real.  In Gladio operations, like those attributed to the “Deep State” group in Turkey, the plans for covert acts of terrorism  (which were theoretically intended to implicate the Communists or other enemies of the US, thus turning the population against them) were supposed to be activated at that moment in the national struggle where the Communist/liberal forces turn away from armed struggle, to embrace non-violent democratic elections, according to the  (CIA-alleged) disinformation known as “Army Field Manual 30-31B.”  But, as described so vividly in the BBC documentary, the right-wing terror attacks upon leftist leaders preceded the use of those tactics by the “pro-communist” forces.  In addition to staging false flag attacks meant to be blamed upon the leftists, an intensive effort was made to infiltrate those movements, in order to incite radicals within them into carrying-out their own copycat attacks. 
While Ledeen and the CIA try to claim that Gladio is a “legend,” fabricated by the  Soviets in an attempt to blame the US for their actions, the revelation of historical evidence is indicting America and the agency for introducing political terrorism to Western electoral politics.  Gladio is an ongoing operation by our government to savagely kill and wound thousands of our own allies, in order to blackmail them into supporting America’s fascist plans for the world.  “Political action” took on a whole new meaning at the hands of the CIA and its hidden allies.
Terrorism, as political action, became the driving force in American foreign policy, and any nation that sought our aid, or to become allied with us, had to accept this reality and the necessity to keep blaming others for our own commissioned attacks.  The historical record of “terrorist” bombings throughout the world is, for the most part, a record of our actions, done under the cover of layers of “plausible deniability,” created by the compartmentalization of terrorist strike forces into different secret levels.   
If the mercenary Gladio paramilitary forces could not provide a sufficient level of violence to satisfy the Company’s needs, then the agency could rely on its own paramilitary units, or on special troops from Defense Intelligence under the 30-31B provision.  If the work required an extra layer of “plausible deniability” then there were always criminal organizations for hire and the super-secret network of “rogue operators” like Ed Wilson, who were officially alleged to be “former CIA.”   In the book, Charlie Wilson’s War, former agent Wilson told President Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua that he could raise an army of 1000 “ex” agents to defeat anti-government rebels, for the right price. 
In America we have seen that same commitment to the use of political violence play-out within the CIA/corporate/Republican alliance, especially during the Nixon Administration as seen in bloody incidents like the Kent State massacre, where right-wing Republican Ohio Governor James Rhodes strove to impress his Republican masters by having young unsuspecting National Guardsmen fire live ammunition into a crowd of young unsuspecting college students.  Behind the scenes government provocateurs led radical movements like the SDS, the Weathermen and the Black Panthers into violent actions, intended to discredit and slander the antiwar movement.  With the empowerment of Reagan, Bush and agency director Casey, CIA involvement in American politics was out in the open. 
Co-opting the highly patriotic party Republican Party and the American right-wing in a subversive program to eliminate democracy by turning it into a weapon in this country was not a simple task.  It took a great deal of foresight, intricate planning and an enormous amount of cash.  In order to gain control over America’s right-wing as it had in Europe, the Company had to formulate a program of intricate deception, in order to gain their trust, as a first step to dominating their efforts.   
Since grassroots conservatism in this country is based on a conspiracy theory-based belief system, the agency had to promote the far-reaching conspiracy theories that were common to the movement.  This meant that the CIA had to promote evidence of all-encompassing theories, such as those concerning Jews, the “Illuminati” and international bankers, to win the trust of suspicious Republican bigots.   Undercover agents had to pose as movement leaders and researchers, who were committed to exposing the plots of our would-be “masters.”  The agency chose to play both the race card and the religion card, by making the “Zionist” plot to colonize Palestine (a real conspiracy) the cornerstone of the CIA/corporate plot against the world.  The agency promoted joint CIA/MOSSAD actions for the dual purpose of forwarding both US corporate plans for the world and Israeli designs to reclaim the land of “Greater Israel,” which were critical to conspiracy plans for the Middle East and creating a state of permanent war there.    
The master manipulators at the agency underwrote secret efforts by Zionist agents, who also served US interests, to undermine American democracy and simultaneously cuddling-up to the American extreme right-wing.  The Gladio-styled plan was to take over the ultra-nationalist right and to infiltrate and corrupt the anti-government left.  They helped to create secretive anti-Semitic organizations, as well as Zionist groups.   The two-pronged attack focused on exposing Zionist subversives, while working to build a popular wave of anti-Semitism as a national counter-reaction to Zionist crimes which they had helped to expose.   
The key to convincing the masses of conservative Republican voters of this vast covert conspiracy was found in the “big lie,” where the government agents chose to expose choice tidbits of its own massive brainwashing and social control campaigns, attributing them to agents of “Zion.”  The brainwashing science possessed by the government and applied through its foundations and institutes (such as Rand, Ford, Carnegie, Stanford and Tavistock Institute) dwarfs the alleged manipulative powers of any imagined conspiracy.  This proved to be extremely successful, especially when combined with spectacular fear producing terror attacks.   
In truth, mind control science, developed and implemented since World War II (largely by Jewish scientists and psychologists), is all CIA.  With the rise of former CIA director George Bush to the position of “vice president elect,” (and their “October surprise” obtained with a purloined speech prep book for the great debate) the agency began to apply those behavioral control techniques of Gladio to the political process. 
The political product of that behavioral research, which became known as “neoconservatism,”      was a deliberate attempt to duplicate the psychology of pre-WWII Europe  (especially that of Nazi Germany) here in America, based on the scientific research of the Jewish intellectuals, who had fled from there for their lives.  The recreation of a radical anti-Semitic political belief system here would be enhanced by popular resistance and reaction to the fascist neoconservative policies of Zionist dual-citizenship neocons.  Leaders were found who could inspire armies of individuals to believe that there is a powerful dark conspiracy afoot that can mobilize secret armies of millions, to control every aspect of every life, or nearly so.  The success of the brainwashing program can be measured directly by the number and intensity of individuals who believe in theories of “racial superiority,” whether they be believers in ideas of either “Jewish superiority” or in counter-theories of white or “Aryan” superiority. 
Today’s resistance movement of counter-reaction to neoconservative/Zionist fascism is under assault by dueling forces, who either want to silence the movement, or to misdirect and co-opt it.  If the movement is silenced by Zionists or divided by anti-Zionists, it will not be able to disrupt the neoconservative plans to launch nuclear war against Iran and thereby usher in a state of permanent war. 
The over-eager Zionist zealots who willingly became part of this conspiracy have unknowingly sealed Israel’s fate, as the intended target for the coming wave of anti-Semitism.  Little did they know that their Republican friends planned to drag-up Zionism’s historical record of utilizing anti-Semites in their secret plans to force the Jewish “Diaspora” out of Europe to forcefully colonize Palestine, as proof of a global “Jewish conspiracy.”  The intensive campaign of lies and subterfuge that have been used to hide fascist Israeli intentions to “ethnically cleanse” Palestine and the surrounding area of its Arab inhabitants, confirm all the negative stereotyping of the “Jewish state,” especially in light of “Israel lobby” plans to force America to fight Israel’s wars, even the ones started by Israel. 
The Gladio-centered US foreign policy, which was so successfully played-out in Europe, effectively countered the Soviet expansion at a high cost to European democracy.  The application of that policy to Islamic countries facing a Soviet threat, such as Afghanistan, helped to roll-back the Soviets, but at a terrible cost.  The training of Islamic paramilitary forces to carry-out terror attacks for political reasons, evolved into the unfolding nightmare known as the war on terror.  
In Afghanistan, the CIA armed, trained and supported Islamic “Gladios” who carried-out Brzezenski’s plans for staging terrorist attacks upon popular local Afghan tribal leaders, as a means to instigate the widespread tribal warfare which eventually lured the Soviets to intervene in December 1979.  (July 3, 1979, President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul.)  Reagan whole-heartedly supported the new terror politics as a weapon for attacking the Soviet empire, even expanding the Islamic militant form of Gladio to all member states of the Soviet Union and their allies, when he signed National Security Decision Directive 166 in March 1985.   In Central America, his Gladio-like duplication trained paramilitary armies and death squads.  
This policy became known as the “El Salvador option,” when George W. Bush embraced it in Iraq,
 making it the centerpiece of his strategy for the “war on terrorism.” 
1. The following three-part investigation from the BBC, entitled  “Timewatch – Operation Gladio” can be seen at either YouTube (part 1 of 15 is embedded below),
or at Google Video (in three parts).  You can download the Google videos here.<object width=”425″ height=”355″><param name=”movie” value=”
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Poverty, Unemployment, Homelessness in America: “Rage Against Austerity”

The criminal class in Washington is bipartisan. Together they planned force-fed pain. They met secretly. They mandated poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and hunger during hard times.
They did it when vital help is needed. Officially it’s called “austerity.” Obama calls it “shared sacrifice.” In other words, ordinary people “sacrifice” to let rich ones “share.” Rape, pillage, loot, steal, or plunder best describes it.
The name of the game is shifting public wealth to bankers, other corporate favorites and wealthy elites already with too much.
It’s gone on for decades. Post-9/11, Bush and Obama took it to a higher level. They represent wealth, power and privilege. Serving them means throwing everyone else under the bus.
Robbing poor Peter to pay rich Paul is policy. Destructive neoliberal harshness defines it. Ordinary people bear extraordinary burdens. They’re oppressed by problems they didn’t cause. The usual IMF prescription is mandated.
Hammer people hard when they’re down. Preserve capital at all costs. Prioritize bankers most of all. Do it the usual way. Cut wages and benefits. Curb social spending.
Shift full-time good jobs abroad. Turn workers into wage slaves. Turn corporate predators lose to do what they please. Privatize, privatize, privatize, and crack down hard on resisters.
In the 1980s, it was called Reaganomics, trickle down, and Thatcherism. Post-Soviet Russia got “shock therapy.” In America and across Europe, it’s “austerity.”
Capital rights are pitted against humanity. Disposable workers are denied so Big Money gains. Moral depravity defines policy measures harming so many so much for so few.
How much human suffering is tolerable? Upper limits haven’t been tested. The worst is yet to come. It’s baked in the cake and agreed on. No one asked ordinary people how they feel?
Who cares! Dominant parties in America and across Europe plan trillions of dollars in social benefit cuts as far as the eye can see. Degeneracy has no limit. What’s most needed is eroding en route to being entirely lost.
Policymakers don’t care how many people lack jobs, can’t afford healthcare or college tuition, sleep on streets when homes are lost or rent is unaffordable, go hungry, or die young for lack of basic care.
Ordinary people are fair game. Western societies aren’t fit to live in. They’re being banana republicanized. American writer O. Henry (William Sydney Porter: 1862 – 1910) coined the term. His fictional Republic of Anchuria represented it.
It refers to a politically repressive country. Privileged few in it have inordinately high wealth. Diktat power lets them keep it and get more. Ordinary people are exploited, persecuted, and thrown overboard when no longer needed.
Workers bear enormous debt burdens. Make ‘em pay for corporate crimes and political corruption compounding them.
Kleptocracy is policy. Gangsterism rules. Ordinary people are left high and dry.
It’s happening in plain sight in America and across Europe. Western civilization hasn’t been this bad since 19th century harshness or perhaps the dark ages.
Personal freedoms are denied. Democratic values are illusory. Ideological extremism wages war on humanity. It’s soulless, morally depraved, anti-populist, anti-labor, anti-welfare, anti-government of, by and for everyone, pro-business, and pro-wars on one country after another without end.
What kind of leaders govern this way? What kind of society lets them? They claim democratic credentials. No one checked public opinion. No one took a vote on whether ordinary people are comfortable about shifting public wealth to corporate favorites and rich elites at their expense.
Pain is force-fed. Anti-progressivism is policy. Fascism bites hard. It inflicts suffering the old-fashioned way. Buck the system and feel its harshness.
Imagine daily life this way. Imagine things getting progressively worse. Imagine sacrificing humanity on the alter of privilege for society’s few. Imagine politicians telling people it’s for their own good.
No matter how much pain is inflicted, more follows. Take a stand and fight. Do it nonviolently. Do it because it matters. Do it because austerity is poison. Do it because no one will do it for you.
On October 27, attend United Front Against Austerity’s (UFAA) New York Public Assembly. Fight America’s existential threat. No matter who wins in November, “working families will be thrown over the proverbial ‘fiscal cliff….’ ”
Political bosses plan it “in the name of debt and deficits” reduction. It’s a hoax. It’s about greater wealth transfers. It’s about waging imperial wars without end.
It’s about empowering corporate bosses more than ever. It’s about elevating political corruption to higher levels. It’s about Washington harming ordinary people most.
“Cutting Social Security, Medicare and other threads in our fragile social fabric is not only grossly unjust – it won’t work! The so-called ‘Grand Bargain’ threatens to unleash a death spiral of unemployment and poverty which our nation is not certain to survive.”
UFAA calls on ordinary people to defend their economic rights. Mobilizing effective opposition is urgent. Agitate for change. Make Wall Street crooks pay for the mess they created. Build momentum for “a genuine political revolution of, by and for” everyone.
October 27 isn’t a conference. It’s an assembly. It a gathering of like-minded people. It’s about mobilizing for our common defense.‘s Eric Draitser launched UFAA. November 6 choices offer none at all. No matter who wins, ordinary people lose. It’s vital they “organize NOW” ahead of post-electoral war on working Americans.
Draitser calls October 27 “an organizing tool – one that is primarily focused on proposals (including economic recovery, organizing, leadership, demands, etc.) and floor debate, so that real strategy and mobilization can follow.”
Talking shop conferences accomplish nothing. Battle plans are needed followed by action. Two segments are planned:
(1) “(I)intelligence reports” will outline today’s threats. Domestic and international ones will be covered. Distinguished speakers will explain.
(2) Debate will follow proposals. Speakers and audience members will interact. At issue is reaching consensus. It’s much more than about what’s wrong. It’s about what do we do about it starting now.
Everyone is welcome to come, participate, or just listen, learn, and pass on information to others. Speakers are being scheduled. So far they include:
Everyone is welcome to come, participate, or just listen, learn, and pass on information to others. Speakers are being scheduled. So far they include:
  • Peace mom Cindy Sheehan
  • Black Agenda Report Executive Editor Glen Ford
  • Greek Political economist/SYRIZA founding member Yanis Varoufakis
  • African-American Studies Professor Tony Monteiro
  • Author/lecturer Webster Tarpley
  • Dr. Randy Short
  • National Jobs for All Coalition (NJFAC) organizer Eric Lerner
  • NJFAC’s public housing advocate Jay Arena
  • Community Progressive Radio founder Don DeBar
  • This writer will also participate.
  • “The time for whining and ‘waking people up’ has passed,” says Draitser. One option alone remains. “Organize to defend our economic rights.”
Doing it now is crucial. Join others cooperatively. Assemble at perhaps the most perilous time in world history:
United Front Against Austerity
Public Assembly
Saturday, October 27th (12-6pm)
56 Walker St.
New York, NY
Stand up. Turn out. Tell others. Build on Wisconsin and OWS. Fight for fundamental rights. Save what’s being attacked and destroyed. Do what’s important because it matters. Do what no one will do for you. There’s no other way.

The Colombian “War on Drugs”, A Family Affair

Teflon President? Noose Tightens Around Uribe as Former Death Squad Leaders Spill the Beans

Extractive Capitalism and the Divisions in the Latin American Progressive Camp

Last month’s capture of Colombian drug lord Daniel “El Loco” Barrera by Venezuelan police was hailed as a “victory” in the “War on Drugs.”
Barrera, accused of smuggling some 900 tons of cocaine into Europe and the U.S. throughout his infamous career, was described by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who announced the arrest on national television, as “the last of the great capos.”
But what of the “capo” who enjoyed high office, is wined and dined by U.S. corporations and conservative think-tanks, owns vast tracks of land, is a “visiting scholar” at a prominent American university (Georgetown) and now sits on the Board of Directors of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation?
When will they be brought to ground?
A Family Affair
To clarify the questions above, one need look no further than the kid-gloves approach taken by the media when it comes to former Colombian President, the U.S. “Presidential Medal of Freedom” recipient Álvaro Uribe.
Accused by human rights organizations over his role in the forced disappearance of thousands of Colombians during two terms in office (2002-2010), Uribe may still land in the dock as a result of ongoing investigations by Colombia’s Supreme Court into official corruption, drug trafficking and mass murder.
Recent arrests by Colombian authorities and revelations by the president’s former allies however, are beginning to draw a circle around Uribe and the U.S. secret state in some of the hemisphere’s worst human rights abuses of previous decades.
As the net tightens, members of the president’s own family are sharply focused in the cross-hairs of investigators. Back in June, Antifascist Calling reported on the arrest of Ana Maria Uribe Cifuentes and her mother, Dolly Cifuentes Villa on drug trafficking and money laundering charges. The U.S Treasury Department froze their assets last year.
Accused by the Justice Department of having trafficked some 30 tons of cocaine into the U.S. as business partners of Sinaloa Cartel boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, the women, members of the Cifuentes Villa crime family led by Dolly’s brother, Jorge Milton Cifuentes Villa, are prominent members of Colombia’s jet-setting narco-bourgeoisie.
According to the Justice Department, the investigation revealed that “the Cifuentes Villa drug trafficking organization was using sophisticated drug trafficking routes to distribute multi-ton cocaine loads from Colombia through Central America, for ultimate distribution in Mexico and the United States.” In 2009, some 8.3 tons of cocaine which the family were attempting to export to Mexico were seized by law enforcement officials in Ecuador.
Federal prosecutors charged that the Cifuentes Villa family owns or controls 15 companies operating in Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador involved in a variety of ventures that supported their narcotrafficking enterprise.
Among the firms targeted were Linea Aerea Pueblos Amazonicos S.A.S., a newly-created airline operating in eastern Colombia, Red Mundial Inmobiliaria, S.A. de C.V., a real estate company located near Mexico City, along with Gestores del Ecuador Gestorum S.A., a consulting firm located in Quito, Ecuador.
It is also worth noting that the Cifuentes Villa organization, as the Center of Public Integrity reported, have also profited from illegal mining operations that traffic rare-earth minerals destined for the world market.
Accordingly, the Cifuentes Villa clan employed the same smuggling routes that trafficked cocaine to move precious metallic ores such as coltan and tungsten, used by the communications industry and weapons manufacturers, onto the international market. When the Treasury Department placed family members onto its drug kingpin list they identified their mining fronts as “a money-laundering operation in support of a cocaine-smuggling enterprise.”
While U.S. media were mesmerized by the extradition of Sandra Ávila Beltrán, whom the press had dubbed “La Reina del Pacífico” (The Queen of the Pacific), over her lavish lifestyle and family ties to legendary Mexican drug lord Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, onetime godfather of the Guadalajara Cartel, Uribe’s relatives inexplicably “disappeared” from “court records and authorities were unable to pinpoint the pair’s whereabouts,” Colombia Reports informed us.
Imagine that.
For his part, the former president denied allegations leveled against his brother Jaime, who died in 2001, and claimed that unnamed “criminals,” who conducted “business” from his brother’s car phone had cloned it. He also “denied any knowledge of his brother’s relationship with Cifuentes or the existence of his niece, despite a birth certificate that was uncovered proving Jaime Uribe was her father,” Colombia Reports averred.
What Uribe continues to gloss over however, is the inconvenient fact that brother Jaime had been arrested and interrogated by the Colombian Army after investigators recorded calls \made from his phone to none other than Pablo Escobar, the Nuevo Arco Iris political research center in Bogotá disclosed.
Among the unanswered questions surrounding these recent arrests, investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker wondered: “Did Álvaro Uribe okay the loading of 3.6 tons of cocaine at an airport he controlled in Rio Negro Colombia onto a ‘former’ CIA Gulfstream (N987SA) jet from St. Petersburg Florida that crashed in the Yucatan in 2007?”
That fateful crash eventually led to the deferred prosecution agreement between the U.S. federal government and Wachovia Bank, fined $160 million for laundering some $378 billion for Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel, “business associates” of the Cifuentes Villa clan.
More pointedly Hopsicker asked: “Why did two successive U.S. Administrations lavish billions of dollars to stop drug trafficking on a President of Colombia who was himself involved in the drug trade?”
As the investigative net is drawn around the family of the former president, another Uribe brother, Santiago, “is facing a criminal investigation for the alleged founding and leading of a paramilitary group,” Colombia Reports disclosed.
Investigations into that group, the notorious death squad the 12 Apostles, again surfaced when The Washington Post revealed that a former police chief, Juan Carlos Meneses, charged that Santiago “led a fearsome paramilitary group in the 1990s … that killed petty thieves, guerrilla sympathizers and suspected subversives.”
Meneses, who fled to Venezuela with his family, disclosed that the “group’s hit men trained at La Carolina, where the Uribe family ran an agro-business in the early 1990s.” For services rendered, Meneses told the Post “he received a monthly payment of about $2,000 delivered by Santiago Uribe.”
The former police official said he came forward “because associates in the security services warned him he would soon be killed for knowing too much.”
“The revelations,” according to the Post, “threaten to renew a criminal investigation against Santiago Uribe and raise new questions about the president’s past in a region where private militias funded with drug-trafficking proceeds and supported by cattlemen wreaked havoc in the 1990s. The disclosures could prove uncomfortable to the United States, which has long seen Uribe as a trusted caretaker of American money in the fight against armed groups and the cocaine trade.”
“Uncomfortable” perhaps, but not surprising given the U.S. track record in support of drug-trafficking death squads, especially those which advanced corporate America’s geopolitical interests throughout Latin America.
“Meneses,” the Post averred, “is the first close collaborator of the 12 Apostles to speak publicly about the group’s inner workings. His declarations are also the most extensive recounting by a security services official of how Colombia’s militarized police and its army worked in tandem with death squads in one community–a model that investigators of the paramilitary movement say was duplicated nationwide.”
For his part, the former president accused human rights’ activists who have leveled charges against his family “of being guerrilla stooges who disseminate false accusations against his government.”
However, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, who was present when Meneses recounted his story during a taped interview in Buenos Aires, told the Post that the former police chief “‘incriminates himself and also the brother of the president who managed the paramilitary group, but also President Uribe’.”
Interestingly enough, Uribe’s appointment to News Corp’s board came while the former president is under investigation for illegally wiretapping human rights activists, journalists, Supreme Court justices and opposition politicians.
His former chief of staff is currently in jail awaiting trial on criminal wiretapping charges and his former secret police chief, Maria Pilar Hurtado, fled Colombia and sought asylum in Panama before similar charges could be filed against her.
And with two more senators now under investigation for suspected ties to paramilitary death squadsColombia Reports averred, Uribe’s teflon armor is slowly being chipped away.
Parapolitical Scandal
If, as Voltaire once said, “the history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than the history of crime,” what of the powerful actors who have looted entire nations and did so while serving the interests of their imperialist overlords?
Dubbed the “parapolitical scandal” by Colombian media, the investigation was set in motion when leftist opposition politician, Clara López Obregón, formally denounced and provided evidence in 2005 to the Supreme Court of links between drug trafficking organizations, the military/intelligence apparatus, right-wing death squads and members of Congress, including prominent officials of Álvaro Uribe’s then-governing coalition.
That investigation gathered steam when a laptop was seized by authorities in 2006 from Rodrigo Tovar Pupo, alias Jorge 40, a leader of the Northern Bloc of the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia(United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, or AUC).
The origins of the AUC can be traced to the take-down of the Medellín Cartel and murder of “cocaine king” Pablo Escobar by rival drug organizations, principally the Cali Cartel run by the Rodríguez Orejuela brothers, who were provided logistical support and firepower by the CIA and U.S. Delta Force commandos to eliminate the competition.
An umbrella group comprised of far-right militants and drug capos aligned with Colombia’s ruling class, the AUC and splinter groups such as the Águilas Negras, or Black Eagles, and the Ejército Revolucionario Popular Antiterrorista Colombiano (Popular Revolutionary Anti-Terrorist Army of Colombia, ERPAC), derive the bulk of their income from drug trafficking as they wage war against the leftist Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC), trade unionists and land reform activists.
Readers will recall that during the 1980s both the Medellín and Cali cartels were given a leg up by the Reagan administration’s CIA as funds derived from the drug trade were diverted to the Nicaraguan Contras as part of the administration’s anti-Communist crusade in Central America.
In fact, as the Agency was forced to admit in the wake of “suicided” journalist Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance” investigation, the CIA and Reagan’s Justice Department agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding that handed their dope-dealing Contra assets get-out-of-jail-free cards.
As political fallout from the latest “War on Drugs” scandal–the “gun walking” Fast and Furious affair that put thousands of high-powered weapons into the hands of cartel killers in Mexico–hovers like a radioactive cloud over the Justice Department, the old watchword of the 1980s, “drugs in, guns out,” is all the more timely.
And like the Contras, the AUC were more than simply an enforcement arm of Colombia’s narco-elites; they served as an unofficial though deadly instrument, to preserve the status quo. For Washington policy makers, this meant continued access by U.S. petroleum corporations, mining and agro-business interests to Colombia’s vast wealth. If thousands of tons of cocaine entered the United States as the price for stamping out “leftist subversion,” then so be it.
Along with incriminating evidence that linked Tovar’s gang to 550 murders, it later emerged that Tovar was a close political associate of Jorge Noguera, the former head of DAS, the Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad (Administrative Department of Security), the Colombian equivalent of the CIA.
Noguera’s links to Tovar came to light when his deputy, Rafael García Torres, DAS’s former chief of Information Technologies, was arrested and charged by Supreme Court investigators of accepting bribes from right-wing sicarios (assassins) and drug traffickers in exchange for erasing their criminal histories, along with those of the Cifuentes Villa clan, from the state intelligence database.
In his testimony, García charged that Noguera, a Uribe crony, collaborated with Tovar’s Northern Bloc in a coordinated move by the AUC to support local, regional and national candidates for office who supported their hardline against the left.
More recently, the not-so-hidden hand of the United States emerged.
The Washington Post reported that “American cash, equipment and training, supplied to elite units of the Colombian intelligence service over the past decade to help smash cocaine-trafficking rings, were used to carry out spying operations and smear campaigns against Supreme Court justices, Uribe’s political opponents and civil society groups.”
Post reporters Karen DeYoung and Claudia J. Duque disclosed that despite billions of dollars of aid supplied by U.S. taxpayers under Plan Colombia, “the DAS under Uribe emphasized political targets over insurgents and drug lords.”
In fact, Colombia prosecutors told the Post that the “Uribe government wanted to ‘neutralize’ the Supreme Court because its investigative magistrates were unraveling ties between presidential allies in the Colombian congress and drug-trafficking paramilitary groups.”
Based on “thousands of pages of DAS documents and the testimony of nine top former DAS officials, the prosecutors say the agency was directed by the president’s office to collect the banking records of magistrates, follow their families, bug their offices and analyze their court rulings.”
These black operations however, were not the work of a few proverbial “bad apples” but were a direct result of projects designed by the CIA.
“Some of those charged or under investigation have described the importance of U.S. intelligence resources and guidance,” the Post disclosed, “and say they regularly briefed embassy ‘liaison’ officials on their intelligence-gathering activities.”
“‘We were organized through the American Embassy,’ said William Romero, who ran the DAS’s network of informants and oversaw infiltration of the Supreme Court. Like many of the top DAS officials in jail or facing charges, he received CIA training. Some were given scholarships to complete coursework on intelligence-gathering at American universities.”
As with the previous Clinton and Bush regimes, the Obama administration vociferously denies any knowledge of corrupt practices by Colombian officials and in fact, “anti-drug” programs such as Plan Colombia “are viewed as so successful that it has become a model for strategy in Afghanistan,” thePost reported.
By 2012 however, some 139 members of Congress were under investigation; five governors and 32 lawmakers, including President Uribe’s cousin, Mario Uribe Escobar, a former President of Congress, were convicted of paramilitary ties and subsequently jailed.
In late August, former Colombian senator Jorge Visbal, a Uribe ally, “was charged with the promoting and financing of paramilitary groups, held responsible for tens of thousands of human rights violations,” Colombia Reports disclosed.
“Former AUC leader Salvatore Mancuso testified before Colombian prosecutors that Visbal had an ‘identical ideology’ to the extreme-right paramilitaries and, on behalf of the cattle ranchers, brought ‘information and suggestions’ to meetings with paramilitary leaders to secure the expansion of paramilitary power in the north of Colombia.”
Mancuso, who took over the AUC when Israeli-trained narcotrafficker and death-squad führer Carlos Castaño “disappeared” in 2004, said during recent court proceedings that Uribe was aware that the organization supported his campaign for president in 2002 “economically and logistically,” according to Colombia Reports.
Prior to his arrest, the human rights organization Equipo Nizkor reported that Mancuso, the son of Italian immigrants, along with being an AUC “godfather,” was also a member of the ‘Ndrangheta, “the powerful Calabrian mafia which according to Italian police, exceeds the Sicilian Cosa Nostra in both strength and size.”
In fact, when Italian anti-Mafia prosecutor Nicola Gratteri flew to Bogotá to investigate the‘Ndrangheta’s Colombian drugs network, Gratteri was told by Mancuso he had spied on him the entire time.
“I was in the center of Bogotá, with lots of security protecting me. I didn’t know that all the armored cars that I could see around my hotel belonged to Mancuso,” Gratteri told The Daily Beast. “He told me his protection consisted of 600 men! Not even the U.S. President has such an escort. Can you imagine how much money he had?”
Mancuso claimed Uribe was aware of the AUC’s backing. “There were previous meetings with members of Álvaro Uribe’s campaign, including those delegates that asked us to decrease military operations because it was affecting the campaign and image of the candidate,” Mancuso said.
During those same proceedings, another former AUC leader, Jorge Ivan Laverde, alias “El Iguano,” said that “no evidence exists of these financial transactions because the groups burned all of their paramilitary records before they demobilized.”
Rather conveniently, one might say.
“According to El Iguano,” Colombia Reports disclosed, “the support of the ex-president all began when the righthand man of AUC creator Carlos Castaño called all groups to give them the order that they must support the Uribe campaign and spend money where necessary.”
The former president denounced these claims and said he would launch “a criminal complaint against the former paramilitary for libel.”
However, former Congressman Miguel Alfonso de la Espriella, who was part of Uribe’s coalition government and later sentenced for ties to the AUC, told prosecutors in September that Uribe “knew he was receiving support from paramilitary groups during his 2002 election campaign,” Colombia Reports disclosed last month.
The now-disgraced politician said that Uribe “never objected” to meeting with the AUC-backed politicians, but “simply maintained a prudent silence.”
In a recent interview, de la Espriella told El Espectador that the AUC had donated some $134 thousand to Uribe’s 2002 presidential campaign.
The former senator told the paper that Mancuso said “our participation in the self defense forces was to seek a deal with his [Uribe's] government. He [Uribe] did not explicitly reject this possibility or the support. What he did say was that we wait and if he got elected we would talk again.”
More recently, Uribe’s jailed ex-security chief, Mauricio Santoyo Velasco, accused of illegally ordering driftnet surveillance over electronic communications and the forced disappearance of human rights workers in Medellín, “is willing to officially testify against his old boss and other senior officials,” according to Colombia Reports.
Santoyo is presently jailed in the U.S. for collaborating with the AUC and “previously acknowledged accepting bribes from paramilitary members in exchange for giving them information about police operations being carried out against them.”
According to “highly credible sources” cited by Colombia Reports, Santoyo “is willing to implicate the ex-president and other top officials,” in exchange for a “reduced sentence.”
Although U.S. prosecutors previously said that the Santoyo case was the “tip of the iceberg” and an opposition senator accused the former president of bringing “a criminal apparatus” to the presidential palace in 2002, the current director of Colombia’s National Police, General José Roberto León Riaño, denied that the U.S. is investigating anyone other than Santoyo.
“Yesterday I personally interviewed the toughest prosecutor of the United States on the matter of drug trafficking, Neil MacBride, who is running the case against [retired general Mauricio] Santoyo,”Colombia Reports averred. “He indicated: ‘there are bad apples in every institution, Santoyo is an apple that acted on his own, but that can’t affect the whole organization’.”
While evidence has yet to emerge that Uribe met with Mancuso as the former AUC chief testified, ubiquitous “facts on the ground” in the form of thousands of tons of exported dope, forced “disappearances” and the mass murder of peasants and left-wing activists tell a different tale and point to official complicity amongst Colombian elites and their U.S. “drug war” sponsors.
Back to the Future: U.S. Complicity and Cover-Up
The sordid history of collaboration between Colombian elites, drug gangs, the military and right-wing death squads was known for years by U.S. secret state agencies and federal prosecutors but was covered-up in the interest of “national security.”
In declassified documents published by the National Security Archive in 2004, we learned that then Senator “Álvaro Uribe Vélez of Colombia was a ‘close personal friend of Pablo Escobar’ who was ‘dedicated to collaboration with the Medellín [drug] cartel at high government levels,’ according to a 1991 intelligence report from U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officials in Colombia.”
Researcher Michael Evans revealed that the “newly-declassified report, dated 23 September 1991, is a numbered list of ‘the more important Colombian narco-traffickers contracted by the Colombian narcotic cartels for security, transportation, distribution, collection and enforcement of narcotics operations’.”
The former president, a “key U.S. partner in the drug war” and a major recipient of billions of dollars of taxpayer-supplied funds for Plan Colombia, “was linked to a business involved in narcotics activities in the United States” and “has worked for the Medellín cartel.”
Evans disclosed that “The document is marked ‘CONFIDENTIAL NOFORN WNINTEL,’ indicating that its disclosure could reasonably be expected to damage national security, that its content was based on intelligence sources and methods, and that it should not be shared with foreign nationals.”
One cannot help but ask: whose “national security” was threatened by the disclosure? Certainly not that of thousands of Colombian citizens murdered by drug-linked paramilitary gangsters or the hundreds of thousands of “drug war” victims incarcerated in American gulags for drug use or low-level sales.
“Uribe,” the Archive informed us, was “the 82nd name on the list,” and appeared “on the same page as Escobar and Fidel Castaño, who went on to form the country’s major paramilitary army, a State Department-designated terrorist group now engaged in peace negotiations with the Uribe government. Written in March 1991 while Escobar was still a fugitive, the report was forwarded to Washington several months after his surrender to Colombian authorities in June 1991.”
“Most of those on the list are well-known drug traffickers or assassins associated with the Medellín cartel,” Evans averred. “Others listed include ex-president of Panama Manuel Noriega [and] Iran-contra arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.”
Four years later in another release of previously classified documents, the Archive revealed that “U.S. espionage operations targeting top Colombian government officials in 1993 provided key evidence linking the U.S.-Colombia task force charged with tracking down fugitive drug lord Pablo Escobar to one of Colombia’s most notorious paramilitary chiefs.”
“The documents,” Evans wrote, “reveal that the U.S.-Colombia Medellín Task Force, known in Spanish as the Bloque de Búsqueda or ‘Search Block,’ was sharing intelligence information with Fidel Castaño, paramilitary leader of Los Pepes (Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar or ‘People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar’), a clandestine terrorist organization that waged a bloody campaign against people and property associated with the reputed narcotics kingpin.”
After Escobar’s take-down, Los Pepes morphed into the AUC and led to a strategic realignment “between Colombian intelligence agencies, rival drug traffickers and disaffected former Escobar associates like Castaño, the godfather of a new generation of narcotics-fueled paramilitary forces that still plagues Colombia today.”
“The collaboration between paramilitaries and government security forces evident in the Pepes episode is a direct precursor of today’s ‘para-political’ scandal,” said Evans. “The Pepes affair is the archetype for the pattern of collaboration between drug cartels, paramilitary warlords and Colombian security forces that developed over the next decade into one of the most dangerous threats to Colombian security and U.S. anti-narcotics programs. Evidence still concealed within secret U.S. intelligence files forms a critical part of that hidden history.”
In this context, as Peter Dale Scott observed in Drugs, Oil, and War, “The true purpose of most of these campaigns has not been the hopeless ideal of eradication. It has been to alter market share: to target specific enemies and thus ensure that the drug traffic remains under the control of those traffickers who are allies of the Colombian state security apparatus and/or the CIA.”
“Allies” like Álvaro Uribe.
Tom Burghardt is a researcher and activist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to publishing in Covert Action Quarterly and Global Research, he is a Contributing Editor with Cyrano’s Journal Today. His articles can be read on Dissident VoicePacific Free PressUncommon Thought Journal, and the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks. He is the editor of Police State America: U.S. Military “Civil Disturbance” Planning, distributed by AK Press and has contributed to the new book from Global Research, The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century.

Earthquake-Causing Fracking to Be Allowed within 500 Feet of Nuclear Plants

No1 Earthquake Causing Fracking to Be Allowed within 500 FEET of Nuclear Plants
 Earthquake Causing Fracking to Be Allowed within 500 FEET of Nuclear Plants
Some plants are located in very high earthquake risk zones:

Nuclear Plants Vulnerable to Earthquakes
The American government has officially stated that fracking can cause earthquakes. Some fracking companies now admit this fact The scientific community agrees. See thisthisthisthis and this.
Earthquakes can – of course – damage nuclear power plants. For example, even the operator of Fukushima and the Japanese government now admit that the nuclear cores might have started melting down before the tsuanmi ever hit. More here.
Indeed, the fuel pools and rods at Fukushima appear to have “boiled”, caught fire and/or exploded soon after the earthquake knocked out power systems. See thisthisthisthis and this. And fuel pools in the United States store an average of ten times more radioactive fuel than stored at Fukushima, have virtually no safety features, and are vulnerable to accidents and terrorist attacks.And see this.
Indeed, American reactors may be even more vulnerable to earthquakes than Fukushima.
But American nuclear “regulators” have allowed numerous nuclear power plants to be built in earthquake zones:
And they have covered up the risks from earthquakes for years … just like the Japanese regulators didFor example:
  • The NRC won’t even begin conducting its earthquake study for Indian Point nuclear power plant in New York until after relicensing is complete in 2013, because the NRC doesn’t consider a big earthquake “a serious risk”
  • Congressman Markey has said there is a cover up. Specifically, Markey alleges that the head of the NRC told everyone not to write down risks they find from an earthquake greater than 6.0 (the plant was only built to survive a 6.0 earthquake)
  • We have 4 reactors in California – 2 at San Onofre 2 at San Luis Obisbo – which are vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis
For example, Diablo Canyon is located on numerous earthquake faults, and a state legislator and seismic expert says it could turn into California’s Fukushima:
On July 26th 2011 the California Energy Commission held hearings concerning the state’s nuclear safety. During those hearings, the Chairman of the Commission asked governments experts whether or not they felt the facilities could withstand the maximum credible quake. The response was that they did not know.This is similar to what happened at Fukushima: seismologists dire warnings were ignored (and see this.)
Yet the Nuclear Regulatory Commission doesn’t even take earthquake risk into account when deciding whether or not to relicense plants like Diablo Canyon.

Are They Fracking With Us?

American nuclear regulators are allowing earthquake-inducing fracking to be conducted mere feet from nuclear power plants.
As the Herald Standard reports:
Chesapeake Energy has a permit to frack just one mile from the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station in Shippingport. Whether that is cause for alarm, experts can’t say.
“Hydraulic fracturing near a nuclear plant is probably not a concern under normal circumstances,” [Richard Hammack, a scientist at the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory] said. “If there is a pre-stress fault that you happen to lubricate there (with fracking solution), that is the only thing that might result in something that is (seismically) measurable.”
That’s not very reassuring, given that “lubrication” of faults is the main mechanism by which fracking causes earthquakes. (Indeed,  the point is illustrated by the analogous fact that leading Japanese seismologists say that the Fukushima earthquake “lubricated” nearby faults, making a giant earthquake more likely than ever.)
And as Akron Beacon Journal notes, fracking is allowed with 500 feet of nuclear plants:
“We’re not aware of any potential impacts and don’t expect any,” said FirstEnergy spokeswoman Jennifer Young today. “We see no reason to be particularly concerned.”
[But] experts can’t say if the proposed well so close to two nuclear power plants is cause for concern.
DEP spokesperson John Poister told the Shale Reporter that there are no required setbacks specifically relating to a required distance between such shale wells and nuclear facilities, just a blanket regulation requiring a 500-foot setback from any building to a natural gas well.

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    Experts are looking for a reason behind Tuesday afternoon’s unlikely 5.8 magnitude earthquake that shook people up and down the East Coast, and some are saying that a recent rise in fracking could be the culprit.
    Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” is the man-made splintering of underground rocks to expedite the exploiting of natural resources.…
  2. In the Wake  of the Fukushima Disaster: "Problems" at  American Nuclear Energy Plants
    In the Wake of the Fukushima Disaster: “Problems” at American Nuclear Energy Plants
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission Finally Admits Safety Problems at American Reactors … But Doesn’t Go Far Enough
    As Reuters reported last month, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has publicly been saying American reactors are safe, while privately expressing doubts:
    U.S. regulators privately have expressed doubts that some of the nation’s nuclear power plants are prepared for a Fukushima-scale disaster, undercutting their public confidence since Japan’s nuclear crisis began, documents released by an independent safety watchdog group show.…
  3. Fukushima: Massive Radiation. Japan Admits TOTAL Meltdown at 3 Nuclear Reactors Within Hours of Earthquake
    Fukushima: Massive Radiation. Japan Admits TOTAL Meltdown at 3 Nuclear Reactors Within Hours of Earthquake
    For months, Tepco and Japanese officials refused to admit that there had been any meltdowns at Fukushima.
    Then they said there were meltdowns at reactors 1, 2 and 3 … but they might have only been partial meltdowns.
    Finally, today, they admitted the obvious: there were total meltdowns at all 3 reactors.…
  4. Are Most Nuclear Power Plants Vulnerable?
    Whenever there is a disaster, those responsible claim it was “unforeseeable” so as to escape blame.
    For example:
    It happened with 9/11
    It happened with the financial crisis
    It happened with the BP oil spill (see this, this, this, this and this)
    It happened with the Japanese nuclear accident
    The big boys gamble with our lives and our livelihoods, because they make a killing by taking huge risks and cutting costs.…
  5. radiation4
    Researchers Determine 23 Plants and 74 Active Nuclear Reactors Vulnerable to Effects of Tsunami
    By Madison Ruppert
    The dangerous reality of nuclear power is becoming increasingly apparent in the wake of the continuing (and “profoundly man-made”) disaster at Fukushima as well as studies which project similarly devastating disasters in the future.
    Yet nations including Japan continue to press forward with nuclear power in spite of the clear dangers and the widespread public opposition to the deadly technology.…
Mossad returned the favourto 'French Intelligence for their  huge role in 
the assassination of President Yitzhak Rabin by murdering  Diana
 The death of Diana: an update [Issue 39 - 2000]

FBI investigates Continental pilot's encounter with 'rocket'

Continental pilot startled by encounter with 'rocket'
CINDY HORSWELL, Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle | Monday, May 26, 2008

A Continental Airlines pilot reported being startled by what he described as a rocket that shot past his cockpit window Monday when the plane was about eight miles north of George Bush Intercontinental Airport.
The Federal Aviation Administration and the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force are investigating the incident, which occurred about 10:30 a.m.
"We don't know for sure what the object was. But we think it might be somebody doing model rocketing," saidRoland Herwig, an FAA spokesman. "The pilot saw the rocket and some people saw the rocket's trail (of smoke)."
Continental Airlines spokeswoman Kelly Cripe said Monday night that she could not discuss what was seen by the crew of Flight 1544. She would only say that the Boeing 737, with 148 passengers. left Bush at 10:17 a.m. and arrived in Cleveland, Ohio at 2:13 p.m.
She said the pilot made no diversionary maneuvers, and she added the plane was not damaged, and nobody was injured.
The FAA does not yet know how close the object came to the plane or what altitude it reached. "We will determine that by establishing a radar history," Herwig said.
FBI spokeswoman Shauna Dunlap stressed that it is "routine" for the FBI to look into suspicious activity involving an aircraft.
"We don't know if it was a rocket or what. We will interview everyone and determine the validity of what was seen," she said.
If it was model rocket, investigators want to know the type and who launched it.
"Building rockets is a legitimate hobby, but hobbyists have to let the FAA know what they're doing," Herwig said.
Robert Morehead, an engineer who is president of the Amateur Spaceflight Association in Houston, said the FAA would only need to be notified if a rocket would be entering controlled airspace.
He said the only danger to a plane might be if the rocket is ingested by a plane's engine.
"But their engines are designed to ingest birds and not come apart," said Morehead, who lives in Clear Lake. "The real question is if the rocket would tear up the engine instead of just shutting it off."
Model rockets can be made of cardboard and glue or have aluminum air frames, he said. Rockets also have no difficulty reaching the 30,000 to 40,000 feet, the altitude at which an airliner may cruise.
"There is a guy who claims his rocket has reached the threshold of space or 75 miles," Morehead said. "But there are lots of models that could fly as high as an airliner. You can do it with a 10- to 15-foot tall rocket and some little ones."
But Flight 1544 had recently taken off and might not have been flying that high, he said.
The models can be fueled with everything from black powder to ammonium percholorate and aluminum, he said.
"It's not rocket science when you use a kit," he said. His organization builds rockets from scratch to teach students the math and science behind it.
"We just built one using liquid fuel that had substantially more thrust than the models," he said.
Laura Brown, an FAA spokeswoman in Washington D.C., said the Monday incident is not the first time a rocket has crossed paths with an airliner. But so far, no plane has been hit by a launched model rocket.
"There are model rocket clubs operating around the country. This was a holiday weekend that would be good for a launch," she said.

Ron Paul: The Internet Revolution Is a Liberty Revolution

129 Responses
by on  October 22, 2012

Ron Paul: The Internet Revolution Is a Liberty Revolution

129 Responses
by on  October 22, 2012

Until the late 1990s, individuals interested in Austrian economics, U.S. constitutional history, and libertarian philosophy had few sources of information. They had to spend hours scouring used book stores or the back pages of obscure libertarian periodicals to find the great works of Mises, Rothbard, Hayek, and other giants of liberty. Local library and university collections ignored libertarian politics and economics.
Today, however, the greatest classics of libertarian thought, libertarian philosophy, and libertarian economics are available instantly to anyone with internet access. Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever before for liberty activists to spread news and other information regarding the evils of government power and the benefits of freedom. For the first time in human history, supporters of liberty around the world can share information across borders quickly and cheaply. Without the filter of government censors, this information emboldens millions to question governments and promote liberty.
This is why liberty-minded Americans must do everything possible to oppose– and stop– government attempts to censor or limit the free flow of information online.
One such attempt is known as “CISPA”, or the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. This bill will create a monstrous coalition of big business and big government to rob Americans of their protections under the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.
CISPA permits both the federal government and private companies to view your private online communications with no judicial oversight, provided they merely do so in the name of “cybersecurity.” But America is a constitutional republic, not a surveillance state– and the wildly overhyped need for security does not trump the Constitution.
“Cybersecurity” is the responsibility of companies that operate and make money in cyberspace, not taxpayers. Those companies should develop market-based private solutions to secure their networks, servers, cloud data centers, and user/customer information. The role of the US intelligence community is to protect the United States from military threats, not to provide corporate welfare to the private sector. Much like the TSA at the airport, CISPA would socialize security costs and remove market incentives for private firms to protect their own investments.
Imagine security-cleared agents embedded at private companies to serve as conduits for intelligence information about their customers back to the US intelligence community– while enjoying immunity from any existing civil or criminal laws. Imagine Google or Facebook reporting directly to the National Security Agency about the online activity of US citizens. Imagine US government resources being wasted on a grand scale to “assist” private companies in the global market. All of this would become reality under CISPA.
As of this writing, it appears that the House and Senate will not agree on a final version of CISPA this year. However, the Obama administration seems ready to impose provisions of this bill by executive order if Congress does not act soon.
The past five years have seen an explosion in the liberty movement, fueled in large part by the internet. Preserving that freedom is crucial if the liberty movement is to continue its progress. Therefore, all activists in the liberty movement have a stake in the battle for internet freedom. We must be ready to come together to fight any attempt to increase government’s power over the internet, regardless of the supposed justifications. We must resist voices from both the political right and left which alternatively seek to legislate morality or enforce political correctness with force. Copyright protection, pornography, cyberterrorism, gambling, and “hate speech” are merely excuses for doing what all governments have done throughout human history: increase their size, scope, and power.
Once we understand this, we understand the critical link between internet freedom and human freedom.

Poll: Who Should Ron Paul Endorse?

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by on  October 16, 2012

Who should Ron Paul endorse if he doesn't run for President as an Independent or Third Party candidate this year?
Disclaimer: This is a non-binding poll by and for Ron Paul’s supporters to express our opinions and make our voices heard. Obviously, the poll’s outcome has no binding effect on Ron Paul’s eventual decision.

Ron Paul: Real Unemployment Is at 22.8%

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by on  October 15, 2012

Last week, supporters of the current administration rejoiced over job numbers released by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS). For the first time since the administration came to power, the official unemployment number fell below 8%. Keynesian cheerleaders all claimed the numbers meant we are surely on the road to economic recovery, just in time for Christmas, and also, the election. Others saw through this ruse.
The situation on the ground looks nothing like a recovery. 23 million people are still out of work or chronically underemployed. This number is expected to rise dramatically next year.
The situation on the ground looks nothing like a recovery. 23 million people are still out of work or chronically underemployed. This number is expected to rise dramatically next year. The situation in Washington should not give anyone cause for optimism. Politicians refuse to look honestly and intelligently at the cause of our economic malaise, and so real solutions are not taken seriously or acted upon. It is much easier and less painful to simply recalculate the numbers and redefine the terms until a rosier picture is presented. There is only blind hope that at some point, for some reason, things might change. But nothing will change for the better if we only stay the course.
The truth is the long term solutions to our economic quagmire involve some short term pain. Re-evaluating the economic role of an institution as insidious and behemoth as the Federal Reserve will inconvenience some people, and those people happen to have a lot of power. Similarly, the idea of ending government programs and closing down superfluous departments will always upset someone because it means someone will stop getting a government check.
No one wants to upset the apple cart, even if all the apples are rotten.
Not all of the unemployed are counted in the BLS unemployment numbers. This is no secret. In 1994 government statisticians came up with the term “discouraged worker” to remove entire swaths of people from the unemployment statistic. Now all the government has to do to improve the unemployment numbers is discourage people from looking for a job.
Far more unintended consequences are created in Washington than jobs.
Ideally, the business sector should be able to depend on sound numbers from the BLS, but smart business leaders know that trust in these numbers leads to bad decisions and failure. In regards to the recent jobs numbers, investor Jim Rogers recently stated “I have learned not to take advice from the government, especially the US government, which frequently misleads its citizens.” He also noted the election just around the corner, suggesting timing as an extra incentive to keep fudging the statistics.
This is a difficult figure to accept as the actual truth. Perhaps if the politicians did, the people would finally demand real change and real solutions. 
The real drivers of the productive economy can’t afford to take risks based on false numbers. This is why economist John Williams created Shadow Government Statistics, utilizing more traditional methodologies and definitions to show business decision makers the real economic picture, warts and all. He shows the real unemployment rate to be a staggering 22.8%.
This is a difficult figure to accept as the actual truth. Perhaps if the politicians did, the people would finally demand real change and real solutions. Perhaps they would consider that all of the so-called stimulus spending, quantitative easing and mountains of regulation from Washington has only crippled the economy. Perhaps people would come to understand that fewer checks handed out from the public sector would mean more checks available in the private sector, and a return to real prosperity instead of just the appearance of it.

Ron Paul: We Must Fiscally Restrain Our Government

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by on  October 8, 2012

The media insists on characterizing statements about dependency on government handouts as controversial, but in truth such statements are absolutely correct.  It’s not that nearly half of Americans are dependent on government; it’s actually more than half.  If one includes not just people on food stamps and welfare, but also seniors on Medicare, Social Security and people employed by the government directly, the number is more like 165 million out of 308 million, which is 53%.
Some argue that Social Security and Medicare benefits are a right because people pay into these programs their whole lives, or that we need a government safety net in place for people who fall on hard times.  However, this all becomes a moot point when the funds people depend on become worthless due to government default or rampantinflation.
This is less an issue of dignity or dependence on government, and more about thedeceitfulness of government promises.
The Fed recently announced that it plans to keep interest rates near zero and keep buying near worthless assets from banks indefinitely.  This enables Congress to spend without having to take deficits or the debt seriously and there is every indication they intend to spend with impunity until the system collapses.  There are no brakes on the runaway train.  The federal debt ceiling law does nothing to limit spending. The ceiling will have to be raised yet again perhaps before the year is out.  What is happening in Greece with austerity measures and riots in the street will happen here within a decade according to some realistic estimates if we do not find some way to fiscally restrain our government.
There is little point in a debate about being entitled to healthcare or food or shelter from fellow taxpayers if the whole system has collapsed.  And, with the way our politicians have taken over and mismanaged vast amounts of resources, collapse seems almost unavoidable.  Yet the number of Americans who have significant dependency on government is dangerously high, and I honestly fear for them.
Worse, corporate welfare is also at an all time high with no signs of diminishing.  Though it is hard to quantify, Tad Dehaven at Cato has estimated that the government spends nearly twice as much on corporate welfare than on social welfare.  Both parties are equally guilty.  More and more, the business sector is learning to rely on taxpayer largesse in one form or another.  They used to be solely concerned with providing a better product to the consumer at a better price.  Now, success on Wall Street depends entirely too much on having the best lobbyists on K Street.  If one includes the employees of “private” businesses who depend on government contracts, grants or bailouts, there are even more people dependent on government in some way.
Government does not create resources when it taxes people and prints money; it merely redistributes the wealth, while supporting a massive, wasteful bureaucracy along the way.  Government is a giant, blood-sucking parasite on our otherwise healthy economy.  For too long we have entrusted too much economic power and influence to irresponsible politicians in Washington.  It’s the chaos that ensues after they run the system into the ground that will be so painful for so many people.  But realigning our economy with the free market and away from government mandates and handouts must happen in order for it to thrive again.
The answer is not to keep asking government to do more.  The answer is to extricate our economy and ourselves from the grasp of Washington DC as much as possible now, before our dependency becomes our downfall.

Memorable Quote

“Inflation, indeed, throws a veil of illusion over every economic process. It confuses and deceives almost everyone, including even those who suffer by it. We are all accustomed to measuring our income and wealth in terms of money. The mental habit is so strong that even professional economists and statisticians cannot consistently break it. It is not easy to see relationships always in terms of real goods and real welfare. [...] Inflation is the autosuggestion, the hypnotism, the anesthetic, that has dulled the pain of the operation for him. Inflation is the opium of the people.”— Henry HazlittEconomics in One Lesson
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Sir Francis Boyle

Francis Anthony Boyle (born 1950) is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law.[1] Boyle received a A.B. (1971) in Political Science from the University of Chicago, then a J.D. degree magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, and A.M. and Ph.D. degrees in Political Science from Harvard University. He also practiced tax and international tax with Bingham, Dana & Gould.

Background and legal work

Boyle serves as counsel to Bosnia and Herzegovina and to the Provisional Government of the Palestinian Authority. He also represents two associations of citizens within Bosnia and was involved in developing the indictment against Slobodan Milosevic for committing genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over his career, he has represented national and international bodies including the Blackfoot Nation (Canada), the Nation of Hawaii, and the Lakota Nation, as well as numerous individual death penalty and human rights cases. He has advised numerous international bodies in the areas of human rights, war crimes and genocide, nuclear policy, and bio-warfare. From 1991-92, Boyle served as Legal Advisor to the Palestinian Delegation to the Middle East Peace Negotiations. He also served on the Board of Directors of Amnesty International, as a consultant to the American Friends Service Committee, and on the Advisory Board for the Council for Responsible Genetics. He drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, that was approved unanimously by both Houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush.[2]

[edit]Activism and views

[edit]Amnesty International

As member of the board of Amnesty International USA at the end of the 1980s and early 1990s, he claimed that Amnesty International USA acted in ways closely related to United States foreign policy interests. He stated that Amnesty, along with other human rights organisations in the US, failed to sufficiently criticise the Sabra and Shatila Massacre inLebanon.[3] Boyle stated his suspicion that the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, based geographically in London, UK, was also subject to this bias. He attributes the alleged links between Amnesty International and US and UK foreign policy interests to the relatively large financial contribution of Amnesty International USA to AI's international budget, which he estimated at 20%.[3] Boyle also stated that Amnesty international was instrumental in publicizing the "Iraqi soldiers dumping children from incubators in Kuwait" hoax.[4] Boyle also claimed that aspects of organisational continuity and survival came ahead of human rights aims in Amnesty International. He stated "Amnesty International is primarily motivated not by human rights but by publicity. Second comes money. Third comes getting more members. Fourth, internal turf battles. And then finally, human rights, genuine human rights concerns."[3]

[edit]US foreign policy since 9/11

Boyle was a harsh critic of the foreign policy of former American President George W. Bush. In 2007 Boyle denounced the "ongoing criminal activities perpetrated by the Bush Jr. administration and its nefarious foreign accomplices in allied governments such as in Britain, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Georgia, etc." He also claimed that the Bush administration "would welcome the outbreak of a Third World War" and "is fully prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons against Muslim and Arab states and peoples." He also claimed that American treatment of Muslims and Arabs since the attacks of September 11, 2001 is "almost to the same extent that America inflicted upon the Japanese and Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor." He concluded his speech by calling on American lawyers to "lead the fight against the Bush Jr. dictatorship."[5]
Boyle has requested that the International Criminal Court Prosecutor obtain International Arrest Warrants for George W. BushDick CheneyDonald RumsfeldGeorge Tenet,Condoleezza Rice, and Alberto Gonzales.[6]

[edit]Federal Government of the United States

In October 1992 Boyle participated in the International Tribunal of Indigenous Peoples and Oppressed Nationalities in the United States of America that convened in San Francisco. Boyle, acting as a "Special Prosecutor," petitioned the Tribunal to issue the following:
In the conclusion of a 37-point legal brief, Boyle proclaimed that:
"[the Federal Government of the United States] is hostis humani generis: The enemy of all humankind! For the good of all humanity, this Tribunal must condemn and repudiate the Federal Government of the United States of America and its grotesque vision of a New World Order that is constructed upon warfare, bloodshed, violence,criminalitygenocideracismcolonialismapartheid, massive violations of fundamental human rights, and the denial of the international legal right of self-determination to the Indigenous Peoples and Peoples of Color living in North America and elsewhere around the world."[7]

[edit]Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement

In 1993, Boyle gave a speech in which he called for Hawaiian independence from the United States.[8]
In December 2004, Boyle stated that the United States is illegally occupying the state of Hawaii and has encouraged Native Hawaiians to press for independence and, if necessary, unilaterally proclaim their own state. In a three-hour speech entitled "The Restoration of Hawaii's Independence," Boyle claimed that the United States has conceded it unlawfully occupied the Kingdom of Hawaii and that fact alone "gives the Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) the entitlement to restore their independent status as a sovereign nation state." Boyle argued that, like the Palestinians, Hawaiians should "exercise their right of self-determination," instead of asking the permission for it. Boyle stated that "the plight of the Hawaiian people is generally well known in the world and there's a great deal of sympathy." He concluded his speech by stating that "Hawaii should send the strongest message to Washington it can. Letters carry no weight. The number of people in the street do. Gandhi threw the mighty British out of India with peaceful, nonviolent force. People power, submit to it."[9]
Boyle, who has been advising Hawaiian independence groups since 1992, has argued that "The legal cause for the restoration of the kingdom is air-tight," In addition to devising a draft constitution for one group, the Nation of Hawaii, Boyle also filed suit in the US Supreme Court in 1998 to demand the restoration of Hawaiian independence and reparations "for all the harm inflicted on the Kingdom of Hawaii". The court later determined that the kingdom "was a non-recognised sovereign that does not have access to the US courts". Boyle susbsequently stated that Hawaiian independence groups will "have to wait until the Kingdom of Hawaii has achieved substantial diplomatic recognition and then I could file something in the international court of justice." Boyle further stated that "Native Hawaiians operate in accordance with the Aloha spirit, which is similar to Mahatma Gandhi's Satyagraha force, and I take the position that if Gandhi can throw the mighty British Empire out of India with Satyagraha, Native Hawaiians can throw the mighty American empire out of Hawaii with Aloha." In 2008, Boyle expresses confidence that Hawaii will at some stage achieve independence.[10]


Boyle has urged Iran to sue the United States in the International Court of Justice in order to discourage a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities and prevent the imposition of newsanctions by the U.N. Security Council. He has also offered to represent Iran and recommended that Iran begin drafting lawsuits for presentation to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).[11][12]


Boyle is a harsh critic of IsraelZionism, and American foreign policy towards Israel. In May 2008, Boyle offered to "represent Iran in an international tribunal for trying the Zionist regime on charges of genocide of Palestinians", and reportedly demanded that his proposal be submitted to Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.[13][14]
In 1986, Boyle filed a lawsuit against Israeli General Amos Yaron for alleged involvement in the Sabra and Shatila massacre on behalf of several relatives of victims, but lost when theUnited States State Department claimed that Yaron could not be tried due to the diplomatic immunity he enjoyed as a military attachè to the United States. Boyle countered that under the Nuremberg Principles, there are no privileges and immunities for suspected war criminals, but the court decided that since President Reagan had given Yaron a "formal certification", "this was a political question and the court could not do anything to the contrary". Boyle has since followed all lawsuits against Israelis internationally, and blames "Zionist control and domination of the American judiciary" for the failure of these lawsuits in the United States. Boyle also proposed that the United Nations General Assembly set up the "International Criminal Tribunal for Israel" (ICTI) as a "subsidiary organ" under Article 22 of the United Nations Charter. His suggestion was endorsed in the UN by Malaysia and Iran, and supported by several dozen Arab and Muslim countries.[15]
Boyle has campaigned for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions on Israel since first calling for the establishment of the movement in 2000.[15]
Boyle has referred to Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip as "genocide", and the Gaza War as a "massacre", claiming that Israel's actions raise the element in the Genocide Convention"of murder, torture, and things of that nature", and urged the Obama Administration to force Israel to lift its blockade.[15] In January 2009, Boyle wrote that "Israel’s genocidal policy against the Palestinians has been unremitting, extending from before the very foundation of the State of Israel in 1948... Zionism’s “final solution” to Israel’s much touted “demographic threat” allegedly posed by the very existence of the Palestinians has always been genocide."[14] Following the Gaza War, he advised Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to file a declaration under Article 12, Paragraph 3 of the Rome Statute, requesting the prosecution of Israeli officials.[15]
Boyle has referred to Israeli settlements as "clearly illegal and criminal", and stated that "all these so-called settlers are committing war crimes, except the children, who are obviously not old enough to formulate a criminal intent".[15]

[edit]Views on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

In interview which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on October 26, 2010 (as translated by MEMRI), Boyle sharply criticized Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, stating that
"when it comes to US foreign policy to oppress the Palestinians, nothing has changed. Obama was bought and paid for by Zionists. That's why Rahm Emanuel was his chief-of-staff, until just recently, when he decided to run for mayor of Chicago. Emanuel was bought and paid for to be put in there, the same way with [Dennis] Ross and the White House. Mrs. Clinton sold her soul to the Zionists in New York to get elected as senator from New York."[16]

[edit]Statements on US Media and Higher Education

In interview which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on October 26, 2010 (as translated by MEMRI), Boyle claimed that:
"all the major US news media sources are Zionist – every one of them. Likewise, higher education, here, in America, has become predominantly Zionist in its orientation."[16][17]

[edit]Views on Alan Dershowitz

Boyle is a sharp critic of pro-Israel scholar Alan Dershowitz, author of The Case for Israel. In a February 2010 interview, Boyle stated that:
"Dershowitz is not a trained international lawyer; he's not a trained human rights lawyer...Dershowitz is a {prima facie} war criminal, who should be prosecuted would be great to get him out of Harvard Law School - my dis-alma mater - and ship him over to Israel with all the other war criminals over there."
In the same interview, Boyle expressed support for other critics of Dershowitz and Israel such as Norman Finkelstein and Israel Shahak.[18]

[edit]Prediction of the collapse of Israel

In an article published in Veterans Today, Boyle stated that "God had no right to steal Palestine from the Palestinians and give Palestine to the Jews to begin with. A fortiori the United Nations had no right to steal Palestine from the Palestinians and give Palestine to the Zionists in 1947." In the same article, Boyle predicted that the state of Israel "will continue its rapid descent into pariah state status" and that "When Israel collapses, most Zionists will have already left or will soon leave for other states around the world...Palestinians will then be able to claim all of the historic Mandate for Palestine as their State, including the entire City of Jerusalem as their Capital."[19]
Regarding a potential peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, Boyle wrote that "The only thing that could save Zionism in Palestine is for the Palestinians to conclude any type of so-called comprehensive Middle East Peace treaty with Israel...There is no reason for the Palestinians to give the Zionists a new lease on life in Palestine by signing any sort of peace treaty with Israel...The Palestinians must sign nothing and let Israel collapse!"[19] Boyle has also written that "the Jewish Bantustan (will) collapse of its own racist and genocidal weight over the next two decades if not much sooner. In the meantime, the Palestinians must stall and delay the so-called peace negotiations until then. Time is on their side".[20]

[edit]Israel as a "Jewish Bantustan"

In interview which aired on Al-Jazeera TV, October 26, 2010 (as translated by MEMRI), Boyle stated that Israel is "nothing more than a Jewish Bantustan, set up by the Western colonial powers, in the Middle East, to control and dominate the Middle East at their behest. It is that simple...The British, the Americans, and the French created Israel as a Jewish Bantustan and stuck it there in the heart of Palestine and the Arab world to control and dominate that region of the world."[16]

[edit]"Jewistan" suggestion

In an article published in several sources, including the Atlantic Free Press, in October 2010, Boyle suggested that Israel change its name to "Jewistan - The State of the Jews"[21]because:
"Israel has never been anything but a Bantustan for Jews setup in the Middle East by the White racist and genocidal Western colonial imperial powers in order to serve as their racist attack dog and genocidal enforcer against the Arab and Muslim world. From the very moment of Western imperialism’s genocidal conception of Israel in 1947-1948, Israel has historically always functioned as Jewistan...Israel might as well change its name today to Jewistan, own up to its racist birthright, and make it official the rest of the world to acknowledge."[22][23][24]
He concluded the article by stating:
"The Palestinians should sign nothing with Jewistan/Israel and let this Bantustan for Jews collapse of its own racist and genocidal weight. Good riddance!"[22][23][25]


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[edit]External resources



  • Romney 2012
  • Romney 2012
  • Romney 2012
  • Romney 2012

Mitt Romney campaigns in Derry, N.H. (AFP photo)

Houston Chronicle endorses Mitt Romney for president

Sunday, October 21, 2012
US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney boards his plane at Love Field airport in Dallas,Texas on September 19, 2012. (NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP/Getty Images)
For those of you who missed today’s print edition of the Houston Chronicle, here is a copy of the newspaper’s presidential endorsement.
The Chronicle’s backing of Barack Obama in 2008 broke a 44-year string of endorsing Republican candidates for president. Like so many others, we were captivated by the Illinois senator’s soaring rhetoric and energized by his promise to move American politics beyond partisan gridlock and into an era of hope and change.
It hasn’t happened. Four years later, President Obama’s deeds have failed to match his words, much less his specific vows to cut the national debt by half and bring the nation’s unemployment rate to 6 percent. As Texans, it is a particular vexation that this president’s attitude toward the interests of our state has occasionally bordered on contempt, particularly in decisions relating to the NASA budget and the energy sector. The hurtful symbol of this attitude of insensitivity to Texans’ feelings was the administration’s choice to deny Space City’s bid to become home to one of the retired space shuttles.
We do not believe four more years on the same plodding course toward economic recovery is the best path forward for Texas or the nation. And so we endorse the Republican team, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, in the belief that they can do better by Texas and the nation.
Starting with energy and continuing with NASA.
Concerns about the economy consistently register at the top for most voters, and for obvious reasons: Nearly 23 million Americans are unemployed, underemployed or have given up the job search. And national unemployment rates remain stubbornly high, especially among African-Americans and Hispanics.
There is a launching pad to reignite the national economy: It is the abundance of affordable domestic energy that has revealed itself so dramatically over the past several years. We refer primarily to the resources of natural gas and oil from shale rock that have become available through the technologies of horizontal drilling and fracturing.
These resources offer us a clear path to prosperity and energy security. This is a Texas story, to be sure. The state has huge shale resources, and they’ve been unlocked in large part due to the pioneering work of Houstonian George P. Mitchell.
But it is a national energy story, as well. Shale resources extend from Texas through Oklahoma and Kansas, east to Mississippi and north through West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York state. The picture of abundance is further enhanced by the riches in North Dakota’s Bakken oil formation that has transformed that state into a major energy center and given it the nation’s lowest unemployment rate. Add to this the upward revisions of reserves in the Gulf of Mexico and the potential for East and West coast offshore development, as well as in the Arctic.
Such a gift.
President Obama’s failure to identify the economic opportunities these resources offer is mystifying. In our 2008 endorsement we cautioned the president against demonizing the energy sector – good advice that he has never heeded (see Keystone XL Pipeline). By contrast, Gov. Romney has listed energy atop his five-point plan to rejuvenate the economy.
It can. Let us count the ways:
Jobs: The abundance of clean-burning domestic natural gas has raised the prospect of a manufacturing renaissance across the Rust Belt in the Midwest.
National security: Increased reliance on domestic fuels will lessen our dependence on oil and gas from unstable, unfriendly countries. With each passing day, the volatility across oil-producing areas in the Middle East becomes more apparent.
Balance of payments: Producing our own energy at home will stanch the flow of dollars to nations such as Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, while expanding the revenue base for governments at every level in this country through job generation.
Transportation: Conversion of fleet vehicles to natural gas is already well under way, but much broader use can be made as infrastructure is expanded for refueling automobiles and long-haul 18-wheeler trucks.
Cleaner air: Natural gas burns 50 percent cleaner than coal, the fuel traditionally used by electric utilities and heavy industry.
In the development and expanded use of these resources, utmost care must be exercised to protect air and water resources. We join many other Texans in insisting on that. We also view this windfall as the logical bridge to a sustainable energy future for the country.
The other launch pad ignored by President Obama is the literal one – NASA, and specifically the Johnson Space Center.
It has been an insult to the memory of American heroes like Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride to allow manned spaceflight to languish in the country that put men on the moon. The notion of paying $50 million a seat to Russia for commercial taxi service to the International Space Station is galling.
Obama has failed to articulate a bold vision of his own for the agency. That failure forsakes a legacy of scientific achievement that has showered benefits on the nation. This approach to NASA has abandoned the American imperative of lighting out for the territory and exploring new worlds. NASA’s legacy must be reclaimed.
In recent days we have seen a welcome return of popular enthusiasm for space exploration, thanks to the success of the Mars rover Curiosity. When NASA stuck the landing in a tour de force of technical precision, the international excitement was palpable. Let’s seize upon it.
That will require more effective presidential leadership.
Our endorsement of Mitt Romney is not unqualified. He must address the perception that he tailors his message to suit any given audience. And his economic plans lack specificity. There’s a lot of concern that his tax and budget proposals won’t add up without gutting our social safety net. “Trust me” is not good enough. Between now and Nov. 6, Romney needs to go to the blackboard and show us the math.
Let us stipulate: The Mitt Romney we are endorsing is the Massachusetts moderate who worked successfully alongside an 88 percent Democratic majority in the state Legislature to produce what the Obama administration says became its model for national health care reform.
Romney’s ability to negotiate successfully across party lines in the Bay State stands in contrast to the president’s baffling disengagement from the national health care debate. Obama’s decision to leave essential details to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, together with his failure to step in and insist that the Republicans’ version of health care reform have a fair hearing in the House of Representatives, needlessly polarized the process. Reports from his own staff that Obama is uninterested in process are troubling.
Should Romney be elected, we expect him to make good on his promise to negotiate in good faith with congressional Democrats on two major issues:
Health care: Chief Justice John Roberts’ Supreme Court opinion on the Affordable Care Act clearly left room for a political solution beyond the act. That solution is self-evident: It should combine the best elements of the Democratic plan signed into the law – coverage of pre-existing conditions, mandatory participation by all, coverage of children up to age 26 – with strengths in the Republican plan that were not included, such as freedom to purchase health insurance across state lines. There is room for debate over whether the tailoring of health care reform should be left to individual states. Texas is not Massachusetts.
The deficit, debt and spending: Forging a solution will require both cuts in government spending and additional sources of revenue. The opportunity for meaningful tax reform is within reach if the two sides will take it. As president, Romney would have specific responsibility for bringing true believers in the tea party wing of the GOP toward workable compromise. The challenges of the next four years leave no room for partisan triumphalism.
Gov. Romney impresses us as a focused, task-oriented problem solver, both by inclination and by experience – a “fix-it” guy.
A lot needs fixing in America, from a broken economy to a broken-down political system. Mitt Romney offers the leadership we require from the White House.

Operation Gladio

Operation is an example of a false-flag terror operation that remained secret for decades.
e x c e r p t
title: Sword Play: Attacking Civilians to Justify 'Greater Security'
author: Crhis Floyd
This was the essence of Operation Gladio, a decades-long covert campaign of terrorism and deceit directed by the intelligence services of the West -- against their own populations. Hundreds of innocent people were killed or maimed in terrorist attacks -- on train stations, supermarkets, cafes and offices -- which were then blamed on "leftist subversives" or other political opponents. The purpose, as stated above in sworn testimony by Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra, was to demonize designated enemies and frighten the public into supporting ever-increasing powers for government leaders -- and their elitist cronies. 

First revealed by Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti in 1991, Gladio (from the Latin for "sword") is still protected to this day by its founding patrons, the CIA and MI6. Yet parliamentary investigations in Italy, Switzerland and Belgium have shaken out a few fragments of the truth over the years. These have been gathered in a new book, "NATO's Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe," by Daniele Ganser, as Lila Rajiva reports on 

Originally set up as a network of clandestine cells to be activated behind the lines in the event of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe, Gladio quickly expanded into a tool for political repression and manipulation, directed by NATO and Washington. Using right-wing militias, underworld figures, government provocateurs and secret military units, Gladio not only carried out widespread terrorism, assassinations and electoral subversion in democratic states such as Italy, France and West Germany, but also bolstered fascist tyrannies in Spain and Portugal, abetted the military coup in Greece and aided Turkey's repression of the Kurds.
On November 22, 1990 the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning Operation Gladio.
e x c e r p t
title: European Parliament resolution on Gladio
Joint resolution replacing B3-2021, 2058, 2068, 2078 and 2087/90
A. having regard to the revelation by several European governments of the existence for 40 years of a clandestine parallel intelligence and armed operations organization in several Member States of the Community,
B. whereas for over 40 years this organization has escaped all democratic controls and has been run by the secret services of the states concerned in collaboration with NATO,
C. fearing the danger that such clandestine network may have interfered illegally in the internal political affairs of Member States or may still do so,
D. whereas in certain Member States military secret services (or uncontrolled branches thereof) were involved in serious cases of terrorism and crime as evidenced by, various judicial inquiries,
E. whereas these organizations operated and continue to operate completely outside the law since they are not subject to any parliamentary ontrol and frequently those holding the highest government and constitutional posts are kept in the dark as to these matters,
F. whereas the various 'Gladio' organizations have at their disposal independent arsenals and military ressources which give them an unknown strike potential, thereby jeopardizing the democratic structures of the countries in which they are operating or have been operating,
G. greatly concerned at the existence of decision-making and operational bodies which are not subject to any form of democratic control and are of a completely clandestine nature at a time when greater Community cooperation in the field of security is a constant subject of discussion,
1. Condemns the clandestine creation of manipulative and operational networks and Calls for a full investigation into the nature, structure, aims and all other aspects of these clandestine organizations or any splinter groups, their use for illegal interference in the internal political affairs of the countries concerned, the problem of terrorism in Europe and the possible collusion of the secret services of Member States or third countries;
2. Protests vigorously at the assumption by certain US military personnel at SHAPE and in NATO of the right to encourage the establishment in Europe of a clandestine intelligence and operation network;
3. Calls on the governments of the Member States to dismantle all clandestine military and paramilitary networks;
4. Calls on the judiciaries of the countries in which the presence of such military organizations has been ascertained to elucidate fully their composition and modus operandi and to clarify any action they may have taken to destabilize the democratic structure of the Member States;
5. Requests all the Member States to take the necessary measures, if necessary by establishing parliamentary committees of inquiry, to draw up a complete list of organizations active in this field, and at the same time to monitor their links with the respective state intelligence services and their links, if any, with terrorist action groups and/or other illegal practices;
6. Calls on the Council of Ministers to provide full information on the activities of these secret intelligence and operational services;
7. Calls on its competent committee to consider holding a hearing in order to clarify the role and impact of the 'Gladio' organization and any similar bodies;
8. Instructs its President fo forward this resolution to the Commission, the Council, the Secretary-General of NATO, the governments of the Member States and the United States Government."



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QUAKE AND ANOMALY NEWS [NICDR - No Initial Casualties or Damage Reported].
  • Mormon secret ritual video helps to expose weirdness of Mitt Romney.
COUNTRY FOCUS OF THE DAY: Cuba. Fidel Castro is alive and well.Rumors of his death sprout from same source who claimed Hugo Chavez had only a few weeks to live. The same source that Dan Rather used to spread the false story. Castro on the media: "Although a lot of people in the world are taken in by the organs of information, almost all of which are in the hands of the privileged and the rich that publish these stupidities, people are increasingly believing less and less in them." Viva Fidel!


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German court rejects attempt to ban neo-Nazi party

  • John Hooper in Berlin
  • The Guardian,  Wednesday 19 March 2003
  • The German government's efforts to curb the neo-Nazi right were thrown into disarray yesterday when the country's top court blocked its key initiative - an attempt to ban the skinhead-dominated National Democratic party.
    If the decision was an embarrassment for Gerhard Schröder's centre-left administration, the reasons for it were doubly so. The judges ruled that the government's case rested largely on the statements and actions of NPD members who had been shown to be agents of the German intelligence services.
    Indeed, the party was, in part, responding to the government's dictates, the court said. "The presence of the state at the leadership level makes influence on its aims and activities unavoidable," it concluded.
    It said evidence from the government showed that in recent years about 30 of the NPD's 200 top officials were secretly paid by the government. Eight of the spies have been unmasked in the two years since the case was brought.
    They include a former deputy chairman of the party and author of an anti-semitic tract that formed a central part of the government's case. A number of other intelligence services' agents remain undetected.
    Three of the court's judges said the issue of informants had blurred the government's case irreparably.
    The reliance on informers created a "lack of clarity that can no longer be overcome", the presiding judge, Winfried Hassemer, said in announcing the narrow decision. Only three of the seven judges voted to reject the government's case, but the court would have needed a two-thirds majority for the case to proceed.
    The centre-right opposition lumped the blame for the fiasco on to the interior minister, Otto Schily. The Christian Democrats' parliamentary home affairs spokesmen said in a joint statement: "Schily bungled." But that conveniently ignored the fact that the initiative to ban the NPD originated with a Christian Democrat, Bavaria's interior minister, Günther Beckstein, and that both houses of parliament voted for the move at a time when sentiment against the far right was at a high.
    The authorities singled out the NPD as a target after a spate of attacks on disabled people and immigrants. In so doing, they ignored advice from the intelligence services and other experts in the field, who argued that outlawing the party would drive its members underground, into the arms of more extreme movements whose activities would be difficult to monitor.
    Attempting to outlaw the party also ran up against a deep-seated reluctance in Germany to keep parties out of the democratic arena. Only two have been banned since the end of the second world war: a successor to the Nazis in 1952 and the Communist party in 1956.
    The NPD won only 0.4% of the vote at the last general election and does not hold any seats in the national or state legislatures. But one of the government's reasons for pressing ahead was to bar it from access to television advertising and public funding.
    In an unusual move, Mr Schily argued yesterday against the judges' decision. He said the agents were not employees of the state and had been recruited rather than infiltrated as agents provocateurs. He said the verdict was "very much to be regretted".
    The NPD leader, Udo Voigt, said his party would now "press ahead energetically with its political work", starting with a campaign for a boycott of US products in protest at plans for war against Iraq.
        Riot band members Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova during their court hearing
    Pussy Riot band members Maria Alyokhina (left) and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova sit in a glass cage during their court hearing. Photograph: Natalia Kolesnikova/AFP/Getty

    Pussy Riot band members sent to remote prison camps

    Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova to serve sentences in Russia's 'harshest prisons' in Perm and Mordovia
    Two members of the anti-Kremlin punk band Pussy Riot have been sent to remote prison camps to serve their sentences, the group has said.
    Maria Alyokhina, 24, will serve the rest of her two-year term at a women's prison camp in Perm, a Siberian region notorious for hosting some of the Soviet Union's harshest camps. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, has been sent to Mordovia, a region that also hosts a high number of prisons.
    "These are the harshest camps of all the possible choices," the band said via its Twitter account on Monday.
    Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova were convicted of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred for performing an anti-Putin "punk anthem" in a Moscow cathedral in February. They argued that their conviction was part of a growing crackdown on free speech and political activism in Russia.
    They are expected to serve the rest of their sentences, which end in March 2014, in the camps, where conditions are reportedly dire.
    A third member, Yekaterina Samutsevich, was released earlier this month after being given a suspended sentence. Pussy Riot's supporters have argued that her release was designed to give the appearance of mercy from the authorities.
    Confusion reigned on Monday as relatives and lawyers tried to assess exactly where the women were sent. Both Perm and Mordovia host several prison camps, some of which comprised the Soviet-era gulag system. Prison authorities declined to comment on the women's whereabouts.
    Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova had petitioned to serve their sentences in Moscow, arguing that they wanted to be close to their children. Alyokhina has a five-year-old son named Filipp, while Tolokonnikova has a four-year-old daughter named Gera.

    Pussy Riot member uses freedom to resume protests against Vladimir Putin

    Yekaterina Samutsevich promises band mates, who remain in prison, she will continue struggle against president
    Yekaterina Samutsevich
    Yekaterina Samutsevich vows to continue taking part in Pussy Riot’s anonymous performances. Photograph: Max Streltsov for the Guardian
    Yekaterina Samutsevich, the Pussy Riot member freed by a Moscow court this week, has promised to continue taking part in the band's anti-Putin protests, saying she would be "more careful and more clever" to avoid another arrest.
    On Friday, in her first newspaper interview, Samutsevich said her parting words to the two band members who remain in jail were that she would continue their struggle against the president. But she expects state pressure on her to grow despite her new-found freedom
    "They didn't overturn the verdict, they didn't say I'm not guilty – they gave me a suspended sentence. If I do the slightest thing [wrong], even an administrative violation, they can send me back to jail," she told the Guardian.
    The three women were sentenced to two years in a prison colony on charges of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" following their anti-Putin "punk prayer" in a Moscow cathedral. Samutsevich was unexpectedly freed by an appeals court on Wednesday after successfully arguing that she didn't fully take part in the performance.
    "I didn't expect it," Samutsevich said, sitting in a central Moscow cafe wearing the same jeans and white sweater she wore to the appeal hearing. At her feet lay a canvas sack and large plastic bag filled with clothes, letters and books. She had just collected her belongings from the southern Moscow detention centre that still holds her bandmates, Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.
    Samutsevich described how the three friends had prepared themselves for prison during the appeal hearing. "In court, we were talking about how we would go to the prison colony, what it would be like. When they took us back into the courtroom, we said: that was a very short deliberation, they probably won't change the verdict." (A panel of three judges deliberated for just 40 minutes before announcing Samutsevich's release.)
    She struggled to explain the judges' thinking. "Maybe the authorities wanted to imitate the independence of the court system," she said. "But it is just that – an imitation."The case against Pussy Riot was one of most high-profile political trials in Russia since Putin first came to power 12 years ago. The president has condemned their performance and their name, while Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister, said he was "nauseated" by the group's action.
    Samutsevich said Putin stood behind the decision to prosecute the band. "Such decisions don't happen without the president," she said. "It was either motivated by personal hate or it was a political step." The appeal judges held a rare press conference on Thursday to press that they made the decision independently and with no pressure from above.
    "They're trying to marginalise us, to say we're not normal people," she said. "We were jailed for our political beliefs."
    Pussy Riot formed after Putin announced late last year that he planned to return to the presidency – a move that prompted mounting discontent to spill into the streets with a growing protest movement which vowed to prevent a return to totalitarianism.
    The arrest of the three band members in early March was seen as a signal to other protesters. The Duma, Russia's parliament, has since adopted a series of restrictive laws imposing fines on illegal protests and broadening a law on treason. "Putin is a person who doesn't want to listen to the citizens of Russia," Samutsevich said. "People complain and he ignores it all. Instead his government adopts awful laws – that's his answer to citizens' attempts to talk to him," she said.
    Samutsevich said she would continue taking part in Pussy Riot's anonymous performances. She does not worry that she is now recognised, often by people on the street.
    "When a person is in a mask and a dress, she can become anonymous again," she said. As for the fear of getting caught, she said: "I will be more careful and more clever."
    She thought Russia's security services would step up their surveillance. "I must live imagining that everything is listened to, everything is read."
    Samutsevich said Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova were happy with her release. As they hugged goodbye inside the courtroom's glass cage, her fellow band members said: "Finally, one of us is free." Samutsevich recalled: "They said: keep going with the group and I said: of course."
    Alyokhina, 24, and Tolokonnikova, 22, both mothers to young children, are expected to be sent to distant prison colonies to serve the rest of their sentence until March 2014.
    "Masha [Alyokhina] especially is suffering for her child," Samutsevich said. "It's a big blow for her– for Nadya too. They have hardly seen their kids."
    Samutsevich described her seven months in pre-trial detention as a time of cold isolation in which the system exercised "total control". Wake-up came at 6am and lights out at 9pm. In between, there were three meals a day – porridge for breakfast, soup or a potato for lunch, and porridge or soup for dinner.
    Once a week, she was allowed 30 minutes of privacy for a shower. Otherwise, she was led everywhere by a guard.
    She shared her cell with three women, all charged with economic crimes. They were subjected to random searches, as guards hunted for banned items such as mobile phones. "That's what they said, but they always read my letters." Samutsevich said she would get around a dozen letters a day from supporters.
    Sometimes she read classics from the prison library, turning especially to Nikolai Chernyshevsky, the philosopher who wrote Russia's classic revolutionary novel, What is to be Done? Other times, she watched television in her cell.
    At first, her cellmates treated her with suspicion. "They didn't understand who I was or what we did," she said. That changed as reports on the Pussy Riot case started to run on television. "Then they started to support me, and by the end they really took care of me," she said.
    Samutsevich said she was sorry to leave Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova – but added that even in jail they were unable to spend time together: each one was held on a separate floor. "I miss them. But I missed them [in prison] too – we could never talk.
    "We could only talk when we were driven to court and back during the trial," she said. "Those were the best times in the whole seven months. We had time to talk about different subjects – films, books, articles, and, of course the case, our thoughts about the day."
    The three women were deprived of information from the outside world, but kept informed of events by their lawyers.
    "One day in court, the lawyers showed us photos. We didn't understand what it was. Then they explained it was Madonna, with writing on her back supporting us," she said.
    That was when she understood the whole world was watching. Madonna was one of a handful of artists who performed in Moscow, and who came out in support of the jailed band.
    "All this solidarity meant we were understood in modern cultural society," Samutsevich said. "That was very important to us."
    She has spent her two days of freedom shuttling between Russia's few independent media outlets, hoping to keep the spotlight on her two jailed friends.
    Asked if she could repeat the church performance, she hesitated for just a moment. "Yes, I would probably do it. It was important for us to do it, to express our opinion.
    "I saw the system from the inside," she said of her time in prison. "I saw how this punitive system doesn't work, how it doesn't acknowledge personal dignity."
    Asked about performing with some of the western artists who have come out in support of the band, she declined. "Our group is made for unsanctioned concerts," Samutsevich said. "The symbol of the group is still a girl in a balaclava."

    Pussy Riot nomination for free speech prize divides Reformation town

    Council recommends Russian punk band for award named after Martin Luther, angering many German churchgoers
    Pussy Riot
    The Pussy Riot members Yekaterina Samutsevich, Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova in court. Samutsevich was freed on Wednesday. Photograph: Natalia Kolesnikova/AFP/Getty Images
    The town where the Protestant Reformation was launched 500 years ago has come under sharp criticism from churchgoers over its nomination of the Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot for a freedom of speech prize.
    The town council of Lutherstadt Wittenberg recommended Pussy Riot for the national prize named in honour of Martin Luther, who nailed his 95 theses to a church door in 1517 and was excommunicated by the Catholic church when he refused to retract them.
    Town authorities said the moral courage shown by Pussy Riot was similar to that demonstrated by Luther. But the decision has angered many Germans of various religious convictions who argue that they cannot support the decision to fete a band who protested in an Orthodox church.
    Three members of Pussy Riot were convicted this summer of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred after staging a "punk prayer" in Moscow's Christ the Saviour church, where they urged the Virgin Mary to banish Vladimir Putin from Russia. One of the three was freed on appeal on Wednesday; the two others are serving two-year prison sentences.
    The theologian Friedrich Schorlemmer accused the band of blasphemy and said giving the band the prize would be an insult to Christians. "It would send a horrendous signal if Pussy Riot won this prize," he said. "Yes, support these young women, but not for the rubbish they were singing in a church. If that kind of performance had taken place in the cathedrals of Magdeburg or Cologne, imagine what the response would have been."
    Heiner Friedrich List, one of the Wittenberg town council members who opposed the nomination, said he would now fight for it to be quashed. He described the band members as "chaotic shrews" who after breaking into the church wearing masks "made bigoted and insulting statements".
    However, Volkmar Joestel, a local historian who has written several books on Luther, said the band's stand against the overly powerful Russian state was very much in the spirit of Luther. "Just that alone deserves every honour," he said.
    A final decision will be taken in November by delegates from 16 towns with links to Luther. Previous Luther prize winners have included journalists from the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, a Muslim woman attacked for not wearing a headscarf, and a policewoman who fought rightwing extremism.

    Lance Armstrong loses titles as UCI president lashes out at 'scumbags'

    • Armstrong to be stripped of his seven Tour de France titles
    • Whistleblowers Landis and Hamilton savagely criticised
    Link to this video
    Although Lance Armstrong was finally and definitively cast out of his sport and stripped of his seven Tour de France titles on Monday, the cycling world will have to wait a while longer to discover whether or not new winners will be declared for the races held between 1999 and 2005.
    Pat McQuaid, the president of the UCI, the international cycling union, announced at a press conference in Geneva on Monday that the governing body has accepted the verdict of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (Usada), which concluded that Armstrong and his US Postal and Discovery Channel teams colluded in what it called "the biggest doping conspiracy in the history of sport" and handed the Texan a lifetime ban.
    The UCI will not be appealing against Usada's 1,000-page "reasoned decision", with McQuaid making it clear that he would now like to erase the former seven-times champion from cycling's history.
    "Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling," McQuaid declared. "He deserves to be forgotten."
    McQuaid was equally severe in his condemnation of Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton, two former Armstrong team-mates who tested positive, vehemently denied the charges, served suspensions and then wrote books in which they admitted guilt and turned whistleblowers.
    "Landis and Hamilton are being made out to be heroes," he said. "They are as far from heroes as night from day. They are not heroes. They are scumbags. All they have done is damage to the sport."
    On Friday his management committee will meet to decide whether the runners-up to Armstrong in those seven Tours will be retrospectively handed a winner's yellow jersey or whether those races will be deemed to have had no winner. The complication of elevating riders from second and third places is that so many of them have subsequently been implicated in doping scandals.
    The committee will also discuss whether or not Armstrong will be made to refund his $3m of Tour prize money, as was requested on Monday by ASO, the race's owners. Traditionally the winner's cheque is divided between all the riders of his team, many of whom testified against him to Usada.
    SCA Promotions, an insurance company, has said that it will demand repayment of $7.5m in bonuses and on Monday Armstrong lost the last of his big personal sponsorships when Oakley sunglasses announced that it was following Nike, RadioShack and Anheuser-Busch by terminating its relationship with the cyclist.
    McQuaid denounced the claims made by Landis and Hamilton that their team leader had given more than $100,000 to the UCI in order to persuade it to cover up an alleged positive test for EPO at the 2001 Tour de Suisse. The money was said to have been used to buy a blood analysis machine to increase the effectiveness of the UCI's dope testing programme.
    While admitting that Armstrong had indeed made two donations, one of $25,000 in 2002 and another of $100,000 promised in 2005 and paid in 2007, McQuaid said that any suggestion of a cover-up was "absolutely untrue". In similar circumstances, he said, he would accept further donations from riders – "but in a different way".
    Friday's committee meeting will also consider the possibility of setting up some sort of truth and reconciliation process on the lines of that utilised by the South African government in the wake of apartheid, including the notion of an amnesty. "The trouble is that amnesty means different things in different languages," Philippe Verbiest, the UCI's legal advisor, said on Monday. "It's not something that you can figure out in one day."
    The idea of an amnesty does not, however, appear to extend to journalists. McQuaid confirmed that he and his predecessor, Hein Verbruggen, will be continuing their legal action for alleged defamation against the Irish journalist and former rider Paul Kimmage, one of a handful of reporters who showed the persistence and courage to pursue the Armstrong story through years of veiled and explicit threats.
    "It's a straight defamation case," McQuaid said. "He called us corrupt." Supporters of Kimmage, whose book Rough Ride, published in 1990, was the first to expose systematic doping in the modern peloton, have raised a significant sum of money to help with his defence.
    The World Anti-Doping agency said on Monday night it was "encouraged" that the UCI felt it could use the case as a "catalyst" to thoroughly clean up the sport. But it also warned that the governing body needed to act on evidence of doping, no matter how long ago, and said it would await "with interest" the decisions the UCI planned to take on Friday.
    "The fact the World Anti-Doping Code only came into force in 2004 is not a valid excuse for an organisation failing to act on evidence of widespread doping, and nor is the Statute of Limitations contained within the Code an excuse not to investigate evidence of doping that dates back longer than eight years," said Wada's president, John Fahey.
    The organisation will have three weeks from the end of the month to decide whether to appeal against the UCI's verdict.
    Fahey added: "It will announce that decision in due course, and will continue to examine the evidence encouraged by the fact that the biggest doping scandal in the history of sport is close to reaching a correct conclusion."


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Mossad returned the favourto 'French Intelligence for their  huge role in 
the assassination of President Yitzhak Rabin by murdering  Diana

22. The death of Diana: an update [Issue 39 - 2000]

... 'Spy chief comes out of shadows', The Guardian 26 February 1999, p.10. Barry Chamish, an Israeli journalist who has investigated the assassination of President Yitzhak Rabin, has been quoted as saying that 'French Intelligence had a huge role in Rabin's hit...Mossad returned the favour with Diana.' (Posting by Geths to alt.conspiracy.princess-diana discussion forum, April 2000.) I have been unable to find any corroboration for this claim so far. Chamish does have his own website at

... ...providing details of guest movements, enabling the photographers to be in position to snatch pictures of the celebrities.'(53) Richard Tomlinson believed that he was an MI6 informer paid to spy on Diana and Dodi. Other sources claim that Paul was also a Mossad agent and an informant for the French foreign intelligence service. As Head of Security at the Ritz, Paul would have been ideally placed to observe and monitor the comings and goings of the guests. Regular reporting to the security services may also account for the money ...

... occupation of West Germany and established the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany); the first meeting of the Bilderberg Group; an unprecedented and thorough audit of the U.S. gold reserves at Fort Knox; and the establishment of a partnership agreement between the CIA and Mossad. Amounts substantial enough for Indonesian President Sukarno to consider using it as financial backing for the establishment of an international non-aligned bank. One of Guyatt's sources claims that the idea for the bank was planned in secret at the Bandung Conference of 1955. Sukarno was eventually ...

... 7) Another casualty of the Iraqi involvement was Gerald Bull, designer of the so-called 'supergun', whose murder remains unsolved. Eleven days after sections of the 'gun's' barrel were found at Teeside docks, Bull was shot in Brussels. Rumours circulated that it was Mossad- but no evidence accompanied them. For four years the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has been persecuting Gerald James, former chairman of Astra, and three former directors of the company- but not the Astra director named Stephan Kock- trying get ...

... US military and intelligence personnel who were involved in, or claim to have been involved in, the various intelligence scandals of the Reagan/Bush years: October Surprise, Inslaw, BCCI, the arming of Iran and Iraq. And so Stich begins to learn about Mossad operations; factions within the CIA; assassination squads; drug dealing on a massive scale; corrupt politicians, judges etc. etc. He lists dozens of alleged CIA operations, personnel and front companies. This third section is the most interesting- and least satisfactory ...

Harassment by the state [Issue 45 - 2003]
... repeatedly broken into and articles left, taken or rearranged. No matter how often she changed the locks the break-ins continued. She had been to the police and MI5- large amounts of documentation on this- with no result. She assumed she was being harassed by MOSSAD. For reasons that I now cannot recall, we didn't really get on. But having come across similar stories before I said I would write something about her. She wanted to see it first, didn't like it when she did, and insisted I not ...

 Israel's Edwin Wilson [Issue 16 - 1988]
... (c) (Issue 16) June 1988 Last¦ Contents¦ Next Issue 16 Israel's Edwin Wilson David Teacher The 14th May 1988 issue of Middle East International carries an interesting article on the rise (but not yet fall) of a former high-ranking MOSSAD officer who, like Edwin Wilson, has turned his previous clandestine experience into profit through shady arms dealing. Mike Harari, leader of MOSSAD's Munich revenge hit-squad exposed in 1973 after the Lillehammer bungle, resurfaced in Panama in the late 1970s as security advisor to General Noriega's ...

Magazines/Articles [Issue 8 - 1985]
... assassination and conspiracy news. Subscribe to the following: Critique. A Journal of Conspiracies and Metaphysics. Explores high-tech murders, Gnostic Gospels, psychic warfare, global Elites, Russian spy schools, weather warfare, mind-control, anomalies, secret societies, UFO's, Sufis, Mossad, ideological indoctrinations, Nazism& the Occult, Assassinations, the Middle East,& cosmic mysteries. Send for free literature or send $5.00 for a sample issue (200 pages). CRITIQUE, POB 11451, Santa Rosa, CA 95406. USA. ...
Magazines/Articles [Issue 8 - 1985]
... assassination and conspiracy news. Subscribe to the following: Critique. A Journal of Conspiracies and Metaphysics. Explores high-tech murders, Gnostic Gospels, psychic warfare, global Elites, Russian spy schools, weather warfare, mind-control, anomalies, secret societies, UFO's, Sufis, Mossad, ideological indoctrinations, Nazism& the Occult, Assassinations, the Middle East,& cosmic mysteries. Send for free literature or send $5.00 for a sample issue (200 pages). CRITIQUE, POB 11451, Santa Rosa, CA 95406. USA. ...

SAS [Issue 5 - 1984]
... 'Tamil Tigers'. The five former SAS officers arrived in January from Oman to begin a year's programme training 300 men. The mercenary group has its headquarters in the Channel Islands and also runs operations in London and Oman. (Sunday Times 24th June 1984). Mossad, Israeli Intelligence, are also involved setting up an intelligence organisation. This involved David Mantani who set up a 'special interests section' in the American Embassy.*** Possible 'SAS in Vietnam' report from Beirut that Robert Thacker (28) was shot ...

... worth examining the source of what should have been absolutely critical information. Jon Kimche was the long-standing Middle East correspondent for the Evening Standard with a reputation for insider contacts. This was no accident. Kimche's brother, David Kimche, was a then senior figure in the Mossad and from 1981, Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry and chief negotiator in the 1983 Israel-Lebanon accords.( [16]) However, notwithstanding the significance of source and detail in Matthew Smith's speculation here,( [17]) it seems more likely ...

... examples could be multiplied 10, 20-fold. This book is mostly junk, mere propaganda. I had it with me to read on the train when I visited Colin Wallace. I showed him the list of contributors and mentioned the Jonathan Institute. "Oh, a Mossad front, you mean", he said, and put it down. A Mossad front? I don't know. But misinformation at worst, wilfully partial at best, this sort of crude propaganda can only do the Israeli state harm in the long run. ...

... useful for laundering money as the Mob. When Hank Greenspan, the local semi-liberal and 'crusading' newspaper editor died- he was as close to an opposition as Las Vegas ever developed- it was discovered that he was not only on the CIA books but those of Mossad as well. His sizeable FBI file revealed not only his various corrupt business relationships, stretching over twenty years with everyone from Siegal to Howard Hughes and Frank Sinatra but also his other career as an arms smuggler. Mossad gave him posthumous recognition. Denton and Morris ...

Searchlight again [Issue 26 - 1993]
... added to the text by me refer to the points below. It had to happen. Larry O'Hara, who for more than two years has been slandering anti-fascists and accusing Searchlight of being the centre of a web of intelligence intrigue, in league with British intelligence, Mossad and probably the Salvation Army, has found his way into the arms of the very same MI5 he is alwasys going on about. Searchlight first ran into this now very paranoid "researcher" back in 1988. Since then he has found his way into the ...

Secrets from Germany [Issue 15 - 1987]
... are reprinted from American publications- on Vernon Walters from Covert Action Information Bulletin, and on John Singlaub from National Reporter (formerly Counterspy). Perhaps the most interesting article is "Gunning for Libya- anti-Libyan operations in West Berlin" by Peter Niggl. Niggl investigates Mossad involvement in assassinations of Libyan officials and in operations designed to ensure that terrorism remains on the front page of the Western media, thus souring Arab-European relations. He refers specifically to operations aimed at incriminating Syria and Libya in terrorist activities, such as the case of 

... . alt.illuminati Items on implants, conspiracies, the 'UFO uncoverup' (claims of future government revelations). alt.freemasonry Pro and anti freemasonry. Bilderberg, CFR and Trilateral Commission sci.skeptic 'Alien autopsy', remote viewing, CSICOPS, Randi and debunking, Geller, firewalking. MOSSAD Israeli secret intelligence organisation d/ Site set up by an ex-Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky. Menu includes organisation, recruitment methods, liaison (covert and overt) and spycraft. Censorship/Civil liberties Electronic Frontier Foundation http

... ...providing details of guest movements, enabling the photographers to be in position to snatch pictures of the celebrities.'(53) Richard Tomlinson believed that he was an MI6 informer paid to spy on Diana and Dodi. Other sources claim that Paul was also a Mossad agent and an informant for the French foreign intelligence service. As Head of Security at the Ritz, Paul would have been ideally placed to observe and monitor the comings and goings of the guests. Regular reporting to the security services may also account for the money ...

 The View from the Bridge [Issue 28 - 1994]
... The author then states, inter alia, that 'intertextualism is itself an imperfect yet apt surveillance practice applied to the intelligence text'. Maybe so. More important- and more interesting- is the partial confirmation here that the so-called Bulgarian connection was the CIA (and Mossad?) disinformation campaign Edward Herman, Covert Action and all the others on the spook-wise American Left concluded at the time. How appropriate, what kharmatic insouciance, that the damned story blew back into the domestic intelligence process to the point where the Secretary of State ...

... boy in our compound here at Mt. Carmel was talking to one of his Jewish friends about how Christ was crucificed for our sins. Upon learning that Jesus himself was a Jew, his friend's eyes widened in surprise and exclaimed, 'Well, where the fuck was Mossad?' Last¦ Contents¦ Next ...

... , it does nothing to bring the 'secret state' back to life. That Rothschild did reactivate Wright is beyond doubt; his aim was to vindicate his own reputation, which had suffered after the exposure of his friend Anthony Blunt, not to mention his association with MOSSAD. Unfortunately Wright seized the opportunity to pursue his own vendetta against Roger Hollis, who is now known by all honest men to have been innocent of any involvement with the Soviets. This is, perhaps. the only merit of this tedious book: it does ...

David Mills revisited [Issue 50 - 2005/6]
... became a respectable citizen giving millions to charity. He continued in business there, numbering among his partners and associates, General Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, the former Israeli tourism minister and ex-chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces. Other business associates included Danny Yatom, who headed Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency. Gaydamak also employed Avi Dagan, Mossad's former head of intelligence gathering. As this article was being written, David Mills, along with Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi and others, is threatened with prosecution by the Milanese magistrates on charges of money ...

... still following his old vocation, but now in Khomeini's SAVAMA. The CIA curried favour with Fardust by providing information to SAVAMA on left-wing opposition in Iran, chiefly on the Fedayin and the Tudeh Party. It was from this cooperation that the triangle between the CIA, MOSSAD and Speaker Rafsanjani developed: the arms deals began and Irangate came into its own. Opperskalski's article goes into depth, naming names on all sides, promising much for his forthcoming book on the subject with Kunhanandan Nair, CIA: Murder Club. But the real ...

... he brought Uri Geller to SRI in 1972. Throughout his career in this field CIA was interested in Puharich, partly due to his previous research findings in line with the CIA's work in mind control, and partly due to Uri Geller's participation in psychic research experiments. Mossad had provided SRI with an intelligence report on Geller's abilities.(26) At SRI the most notable individual subjects were Ingo Swann, Patrick Price and Uri Geller; the important projects were SCANATE [CIA-NSA] and Grill Flame [DIA].(27) ...

After Iraq: some FCO/SIS issues [Issue 48 - 2004/5]
... towards coordination with 'foreign' allies has grown because, unsurprisingly, the spooks cannot guarantee consistency in their officers, agents, sources and associate partners world-wide( 11) Therefore, the world is being divvied-up among confreres including, say, the CIA in South America, Mossad, or today's equivalent of the KGB, with each taking, in PR jargon, 'lead agency status' in their own areas. 'Coordination' will, of course, unravel. It always does. CIA imperatives, much like President Putin's, do not serve ...

Web Update [Issue 34 - 1998]
... initiation into the very real world of some of the more secretive government and military organisations in the UK.' e.g. MI5, MI6, GCHQ, SAS, SBS, others. Basic stuff but all we have at the moment; and links e.g. to Mossad, Seals, Green Berets, Special Forces and counter-terrorism site. Unofficial NSA Page Menu includes: history, facilities, operations, organisation and functions, budget and personnel, plus many links to related resources. CIABASE ...

... annual budget of $32 million. For many decades they have been gathering information on U.S. citizens, using public sources as well as paid infiltrators, informants, investigators, and liaison with local law enforcement and the FBI. There is also evidence of connections with Mossad and South African intelligence. As a private agency the ADL enjoys no oversight, no requirements for probable cause prior to political spying, and no Privacy Act or Freedom of Information Act responsibilities to the public. By contrast, the FBI, CIA, and some ...

... Air Ministry backing Sinclair would not procede with the scheme. Such a project would have at least avoided the embarassment faced by CIA when their U2 pilot Gary Power was shot down. It was all the more galling when Young was tipped off by the Israeli intelligence service Mossad that they had detected very high-flying planes taking off from Turkish airfields and disappearing into the blue. He guessed what they were but at the time preferred to say nothing. It was a year or two before the Americans came clean. He got on well enough ...

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  •  WMR Aug 08 "Rather then appear, pursuant to a subpoena, before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on his role in Justice Department prosecutions, including that of Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman, Rove was winging off to Yalta to speak at a conference sponsored by the YES Foundation of Ukrainian billionaire steel tycoon Victor Pinchuk, considered one of the wealthiest of the Jewish Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs who amassed their fortunes after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Past participants in annual Yalta conferences have included Ukrainian neocon President Victor Yushchenko, who came to the aid of Saakashvili with military and political support after Georgia's attack on South Ossetia; International Monetary Fund President Dominique Strauss-Kahn; and, more interestingly, Georgia's Saakashvili." The presence of Rove and Saakashvili in Yalta at a conference sponsored by a billionaire pal of George Soros, have many observers suggesting that Rove helped engineer, along with Soros, the Georgian attack on South Ossetia as a way to prop up the sagging political fortunes of GOP presidential candidate John McCain. More interesting is the fact that McCain's top foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, is a lobbyist for Georgia who has received hundreds of thousands in fees from Saakashvili's government and has lobbied McCain on 49 occasions over an almost four year period on behalf of his Georgian client.  ...   Pinchuk's YES Foundation and Pinchuk Foundation have worked with Soros to establish "legal clinics" in many eastern European nations that have experienced Soros-initiated themed revolutions, including those in Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus (the last two having been unsuccessful). Pinchuk is the only Ukrainian member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the International Crisis Group. The latter includes such anti-Vladimir Putin ideologues as Soros; Ken Adelman; Zbigniew Brzezinski, a top foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama; and imprisoned former Yukos boss and Putin opponent Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Pinchuk's Interpipe company is also the only eastern European company on Richard Holbrooke's Global Business Coalition Against HIV/AIDS. Holbrooke was one the Democratic Party stalwarts who advocated taking a tough stand against Russia in its confrontation with Georgia. Pinchuk also supports local Jewish communities in eastern Europe and the Caucasus, including Ukraine and Georgia. Pinchuk and Soros also attended last January's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where Soros spoke on a panel sponsored by Pinchuk.  ...  full story
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  • The Spy Who Billed Me  R. J. Hillhouse, " I've long been skeptical of the Director of National Intelligence's emphasis upon "Excellence in Acquisition," but the recent contracting experience of a green badger has me convinced it might not be such a bad idea after all. And no, this is not a joke or parody. I'm business as usual in the wacky world of intel contracting.
  • Mytown These matters are much more complex that we are told. There are coincidences piled on coincidences. Now 
  • Indira Singh has found that Palfrey’s web site was tied to European pedophilia sites through a company owned by a ranking Mormon.  
  • Forward America   how the New Republican Coalition came about and what its impact has been.
  • notes: Litvinenko, Putin critic, 
  • notes "Two weeks ago, 84-year old Ben-Ami Kadish, an accused longtime spy for the Israelis at the US Army Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, was arrested. FBI agents are trying to get Kadish to spill the beans on high-level Israeli spies inside the government. Israel’s Mossad and its allied assets inside the Russian- Israeli Mafia, have retaliated with a vengeance, according to WMR’s US intelligence sources."   .... Rigorous Institution reprints Madsen article.
  • Wikipedia  Russian mafia
  • Global Research  "The links between Litvinenko, Scaramella, Boris Berezovsky, and other elements of the weapons smuggling Russian-Israeli Mafia and Litvinenko's poisoning on Nov. 1 in London, just a week prior to the November 7 elections in the United States, may indicate that a much larger plot was afoot than in just the corporate media fantasy that Vladimir Putin silenced a political opponent. If Litvinenko and Scaramella were involved in the smuggling of dangerous radioactive material for an early November "surprise" designed to influence the American election and an "accident" arranged by Russian intelligence resulted in the plot's failure, President Putin, if he is knowledgeable at all about the case, deserves the utmost thanks and gratitude of the American people for helping to expose what may be a key operational element of a failed attack on the U.S. or U.S. interests abroad and other false flag operations directed against the United States, including 9/11.
  • WMR There is a cancer that is growing within America. The Bush-Cheney administration has allowed to flourish in the United States a ruthless and brutal organized crime syndicate that has its roots in Russia and Israel and festers in its criminal dens in Brighton Beach, New York; Miami; London; Houston; and other cities.  WMR has previously reported the shooting death of retired CIA agent and later CIA contractor Roland Carnaby by Houston police on April 29 was the result of a high-stakes turf war between Israeli intelligence agents livid over the CIA's and FBI's renewed take down of an old Israeli intelligence network operating deep within the bowels of the U.S. government and the CIA and FBI, which have joined forces to rout out Israeli intelligence moles.  Two weeks ago, 84-year old Ben-Ami Kadish, an accused longtime spy for the Israelis at the US Army Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, was arrested. FBI agents are trying to get Kadish to spill the beans on high-level Israeli spies inside the government. Israel's Mossad and its allied assets inside the Russian-Israeli Mafia, have retaliated with a vengeance, according to WMR's U.S. intelligence sources.   more search terms:  full article
  • Austie Patricia McCrackenCIA Project Director  Austie Patricia McCracken, 62, former project director for the CIA's Counterintelligence Center, died Feb. 14 at her home in The Woodlands, Tex. The cause of death is under investigation by the Montgomery County, Texas, justice of the peace office.  ...  Ms. McCracken joined the Central Intelligence Agency in 1967 and worked there for 23 years in field positions overseas as well as in the United States. She rose to personnel-evaluation management officer, directorate equal employment opportunity officer, and the branch and deputy branch chief before becoming the Counterintelligence Center's project director in 1989.  ...  When she retired in 1991, she received a Career Intelligence Medal and Citation, which noted that she was "known as a problem solver who possessed a phenomenal memory, keen insight and excellent judgment."  ...  She was born in Hempstead, N.Y., and graduated from East Texas State University in Commerce, Tex. After her retirement from the CIA, she moved to Orlando. She moved to Texas in November 2007.  ... Her marriage to Paul Dale Roche ended in divorce.  Survivors include two brothers.  Washington Post
  • AfroCubaWeb, reprints Madsen article:  Diamonds, Dubai, the Russian-Israeli Mafia and bin Laden 5/6/2008 Wayne Madsen: published 3/06 - "Osama was a rich man, a millionaire, but spend a lot on the Afghan war and reconstruction. While he was in Africa in exile, the Israelis approached him to take over the diamond business from the Lebanese in West Africa. (background: Muslims provide the strong arm for the raw diamond trade in West Africa, and it required a respected and tough Muslim like Osama to wrestle the trade away from the Shi'ites from southern Lebanon. The Israelis could not stand the thought of their Antwerp diamond industry financing suicide bombers in south Lebanon)." "With the diamond trade under his control, Osama became a billionaire (repeat), a billionaire . . . The diamonds were sent to the Russian mafiyah, who then sold to Antwerp."
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  • WayneMadsenReport "The London luncheon for McCain will place the GOP candidate amid the very same syndicates that have tainted and infiltrated the Bush-Cheney administration. Lord Rothschild lords over a number of European companies and entities, including the umbrella RIT, Ltd. (formerly Rothschild Investment Trust), which is invested in Lukoil, The Economist, Atticus International, Royal Dutch Shell, and Getty Images. The Rothschild Foundation built the Israeli Knesset building and the Israeli Supreme Court, the latter known for its unique design of a pyramid with an eye atop of it that juts through its roof.  Lord Rothschild also received the shares in the Yukos oil company of jailed Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, shortly before his arrest for tax evasion. Rothschild is close to wanted Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky, Henry Kissinger, and Rupert Murdoch.  The Rothschild connection to EADS, as reported by The Independent (UK), is through Diligence, a business intelligence firm chaired by former Conservative Party leader Michael Howard and founded in 2000 by ex-MI5 and Special Boat Service agent Nick Day and former CIA agent Mike Baker. Former Senior Bush chief arms control negotiator and Assistant Secretary of State Richard Burt was also a major force in the formation of Diligence. A Nathaniel Rothschild investment firm called JNR was reported by The Independent on February 18, 2007, to be involved in acquiring a stake in Diligence from a South American private equity firm. Diligence also attracted investments from the Republican lobbying firm Barbour [Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour], Griffith & Rogers. Diligence counts former CIA and FBI director William Webster and Carlyle Group managing director Edward Mathias among its advisory board members, along with Howard. Last, but not least, Diligence's clients have included Halliburton, Dick Cheney's old firm.  The link between Diligence and EADS is through Burt, who, in addition to being a major player in Diligence, is a member of EADS North America's Board of Directors, an international director of Barbour, Griffiths & Rogers, and an adviser to the Carlyle Group. The Chairman of EADS North America's Board is Ralph Crosby, Jr., former President of the Integrated Systems Sector of Northrop Grumman, EADS's tanker contractor partner. Significantly, another EADS North America board member is retired Admiral T. Joseph Lopez, a close confidante of Cheney when he was Secretary of Defense, later the Commander Naval Forces Europe/Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces Southern Europe, and then appointed by Cheney, after his retirement, to be Senior Vice President and Global Director of U.S. and Foreign Government Operations for Kellogg Brown & Root, the division of the Halliburton.  The McCain-EADS-Diligence- Rothschild connections have taken advantage of the emaciation of the 1933 Buy America Act, designed by President Herbert Hoover to force the federal government to buy from American firms to help propel the country out of the depths of the Great Depression. McCain and his foreign cronies have facilitated federal contracts with foreign firms to replenish McCain's campaign coffers. Currently, 45 countries are exempt from the Buy American Act. They include France (home of Airbus), the United Kingdom (base for McCain's Rothschild friends), Israel, Singapore, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Aruba, Switzerland, Sweden, Egypt, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Ireland, Estonia, and the Czech Republic." full story
The threat to a fistful of petrodollars By Liam Halligan (Filed: 23/04/2006)
From Russia, you might say, with love. This weekend, Alexei Kudrin, Russia's finance minister, dropped a bombshell in Washington.  Attending the annual meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, Kudrin caused his American hosts discomfort by openly questioning the dollar's pre-eminence as the world's "absolute" reserve currency.
The greenback's recent volatility and the yawning US trade deficit, "are definitely causing concern with regard to its reserve currency status," he said. "The international community can hardly be satisfied with this instability."  Kudrin's intervention coincided with another meeting, also in Washington, of finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of Seven - which doesn't include Russia.
Top of the agenda: the effect of ever-rising oil prices on inflation and interest rates.  G7 countries are worried the spiraling price of crude - which closed at $72.79 a barrel on Friday and which has now trebled in three years - could inflict real economic damage. The US Federal Reserve, in particular, has been forced to take drastic action - raising interest rates 15 times since June 2004 to keep inflation in check.
Given that fragility, it is significant that Kudrin is now wondering aloud if the long-standing dollar hegemony can last. For him to do so is to highlight that America is vulnerable should that status be lost. That's because Russia, with its awesome oil and gas reserves, could kick-start a challenge to the dollar's supremacy.  Most nations stockpile their foreign exchange holdings in dollars. The US currency accounts for more than two thirds of all central bank reserves worldwide.
This reserve status means that the dollar is constantly in demand, whatever the underlying strength of the US economy.  And now, with massive trade and budget deficits to finance, America is increasingly reliant on that status. The unprecedented weight of US liabilities means a threat to the dollar's dominance could result in a currency collapse, plunging the world's largest economy into recession.
That won't happen immediately. The dollar has sat astride the globe for some time now - in fact, for most of the last century. But this statement from Russia - a country of growing financial and strategic significance - still caused the dollar to slide. It also fuelled speculation that central banks could increasingly diversify their holdings away from dollars.
Kudrin's statement followed news that Sweden has cut its dollar holdings, from 37 per cent of central bank reserves to 20 per cent, with the euro's share rising to 50 per cent. Central banks in some Gulf states have also lately mooted a shift into the euro. Such sentiments helped push the dollar to a seven-month low against the single currency last week.  But Russia's intervention will have raised eyebrows in Washington because the backbone of the dollar's reserve currency status - the main guarantee that status continues -is the fact that oil is traded in dollars. And that is something the likes of Kudrin can directly affect.
For historic reasons, the dollar remains the world's "petrocurrency" - the only currency for the settlement of oil contracts on world markets. That makes the EU and Russia dependent on it. But with central banks switching to euros, the logical next step would be for fuel-exporting countries to start quoting oil prices in euros too.  The EU is Russia's main trading partner. More than two thirds of Russia's oil and gas is exported to the EU. That makes Russia a strong candidate to become the first major oil exporter to start trading in euros. Such a scenario, in recent years, has become theoretically possible. But now, with these latest comments, Kudrin has thrust that possibility into the open.
The G7 meeting was dominated, of course, by concern over Iran's nuclear programme. The threat of military action against Iran, itself a major crude exporter, is one reason oil prices are now testing record highs.  It is worth noting that Tehran has ongoing plans to set up an oil trading exchange to compete with New York's NYMEX and with London's International Petroleum Exchange. In the light of Kudrin's comments, it is significant that the Iranians want to run their oil bourse in euros, not dollars.  Were the Iranians to establish a Middle-East based euro-only oil exchange, the dollar's unique petrocurrency status could unravel. That, in turn, would threaten its broader dominance - which, given America's groaning twin deficit, could seriously hurt the US economy.
Some cite this as the real reason the US wants to attack Iran: to protect the dollar's unique position. I wouldn't go that far, but the prospect of a non-dollar oil exchange in Tehran is certainly an aggravating factor.  The opening of Iran's new oil exchange has recently been delayed. But, having spoken with numerous officials in Tehran, and western consultants who've been working with the Iranians for several years, I think it will go ahead. The exchange entity has already been legally incorporated in Iran and a site purchased to house administrative and regulatory staff.
The reality is that as long as most of Opec's oil - read Saudi Arabia - is priced in dollars, the US currency will retain its hegemony. But the opening of an oil bourse in Tehran, which now looks likely, will signal at least tacit Saudi consent for euro-based oil trading. The US knows this, which is why it is nervous about the dollar's status being questioned.  From the G7's fringe, Kudrin has now touched this raw nerve. This weekend's meetings have been dominated by questions of global financial imbalance - in particular, America's huge deficits.
Kudrin's missive comes as central bankers, and currency dealers, start to conclude the only way to resolve the massive US external deficit is a somewhat weaker US currency. As the IMF itself warned yesterday, a "substantial" dollar decline may be needed.  One way to bring that about would be for the euro to enter the global oil trading system. This is unlikely to happen soon. It might not happen at all. But the idea is now not only realistic but firmly on the table in Washington. Perhaps not with love, but it was placed there by the Russians.
Liam Halligan is Economics Correspondent at Channel 4 News
The Secrets Behind ‘State Secrets’: How Turkey's Mafia-like 'Deep State' (and its Neocon Friends) Penetrated the American Government
by an internet researcher
French filmmaker Mathieu Verboud is set to release a new documentary for European television this fall, which will reveal important new insights into the case of former FBI translator and president of the National Security Whistleblower’s Coalition Sibel Edmonds.  Edmonds, a Turkish-American whose wrongful termination lawsuit was suppressed by the government’s invocation of the all-too-common “state secrets privilege”, reported to her superiors espionage and deliberate mistranslations on the part of fellow Turkish translator, Melek Can Dickerson.  It seems Ms. Dickerson had relationships with targets of FBI investigation working at the Turkish Embassy and the American Turkish Council, a fact which meant that anything she translated was likely to be false.  However, instead of receiving a promotion for bringing Ms. Dickerson’s’ espionage to the attention of her bosses, Edmonds was fired after she went in frustration to the U.S. Senate.  The FBI refused to investigate Edmonds’ claims, at least in part, because the contract linguist had discovered quite a messy scandal: the content of the mistranslated documents revealed that some very powerful people in the U.S. government, including House Speaker Dennis Hastert, were connected to foreign organized crime.  Even worse, these foreign criminals connected to the high and mighty in the U.S. were also connected internationally, through the heroin trade and associated money laundering, to international terrorist organizations like al Qaeda. 
Okay, take a deep breath and take a step back: it’s not a pretty picture.  According to what we know so far from Sibel Edmonds’ many interviews and from the groundbreaking story on her case from Vanity Fair“An Inconvenient Patriot” , Edmonds found that within the U.S. a nest of Turkish spies, some working at the Turkish embassy, others affiliated with namely the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA), the American Turkish Associations (ATA) and the American Turkish Council (ATC), were involved in espionage, bribery, illegal lobbying, drug trafficking and the infiltration of U.S nuclear research labs.  Separately, from a former CIA Counterterrorism official, Phillip Giraldi, who himself was once based in Turkey, we know that some arms sales meant for Turkey and Israel were actually meant for resale to countries like China and India- and perhaps even to international terrorists- using fake end-user certificates.  So we have Turkish nationals at the Embassy and NGOs stealing U.S. secrets for sale to the highest bidder, re-selling arms meant for Turkey, bringing in drugs from Europe, and pouring money into bribes and lobbying activities. 
To understand how these activities fit together- Americans must first understand what Europeans call the Turkish ‘deep state’.  In 1996, a car crash in a town called Susurluk revealed “link between politics, organized crime and the bureaucracy” in Turkey.  As it turns out, its crippled economy in the 1990s meant Turkey had become the European equivalent of Colombia- a state almost completely dependent on the Turkish mafia and by extension, the Southwest Asian Heroin trade.  Which is where the Turkish ‘deep state’ comes in- it becomes very difficult to determine where the ‘government’ ends and the ‘mafia’ begins.  What we do know from Sibel Edmonds and other sources is this:Turkey’s secular establishment, including the Turkish military and intelligence services (MIT), as well as political parties associated withformer Prime Minister Tansu Ciller, appear to have been more connected to the Turkish mafia than the Turkish Islamic Parties thatWashington abhors.  Furthermore, it appears from reading into some of Edmonds’ statements that the Turkish mafia was partnered with Osama Bin Laden’s al Qaeda network in the drug trade- meaning Turkey’s secular establishment was more connected to al Qaeda- pre/9-11- than were the Islamists in Turkey.  Which is quite ironic, to say the least. 
If you think this story sounds too convoluted to be true, and you feel the instinct to dismiss Edmonds’ claims, think again.  Every investigation into the whistleblower’s charges- from the Senate Judiciary Committee to the Department of Justice’s Inspector General Report, has found that Edmonds’ story is corroborated within the FBI, which means her translations, not those of Melek Can Dickerson, were the correct ones.  This also means that the aforementioned Turkish organizations, and certain Turkish diplomats, were indeed underFBI investigation.  And all this put together means that people like Dennis Hastert probably were- and perhaps still are- on the payroll of Turkish ‘deep state’ interests.
recent article published in the U.K. Guardian about the well-connected Kurdish Baybasin clan also gives important backing to the former translator’s story.  The article details how Europe’s “Pablo Escobar”, Huseyin Baybasin, has “alleged that he had received the assistance of Turkish embassies and consulates while moving huge consignments of drugs around Europe, and that Turkish army officers serving with NATO in Belgium were also involved." This information, of course, dovetails most precisely with what Sibel Edmonds has been hinting at for over 3 years now; that targets of FBI investigations linked with the Turkish embassy and Turkish organizations were involved in narcotics trafficking.  It is clear the Baybasin gang and the secular factions in Turkey had a seemingly symbiotic relationship, with the government providing the traffickers diplomatic passports and thus free reign to travel around the world without fear of prosecution.  Also involved in the scandalous Turkish drug running are the very notorious, Pope-killing Grey Wolves, a fascist organization connected to human rights abuses in Turkey.
As for who else besides Hastert might have been on the payroll of Mr. Baybasin and friends- we turn next to the Executive Branch.  In an interview with Chris Deliso of, Edmonds hinted at key roles played by some powerful unelected officials-important Neoconservatives like Marc Grossman of the State Department, and Richard Perle and Douglas Feith, formerly of the Defense Department.   If we hit the rewind button and go back to a CBS 60 Minutes’ interview in October, 2002, we remember the ex-contract linguist stated that Turkish targets of FBI investigation had spies inside the U.S. State Department and at the Pentagon in order to “obtain the United States military and intelligence secrets.”   It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that Grossman, Feith and Perle might have been the persons to whom she was referring in 2002.  Furthermore, the language specialist has repeatedly stated in past interviews that investigations into pre-9/11 terrorist financing activities were blocked “per State Department request”, leaving open the question whether it was Mr. Grossman, then Undersecretary of State for European Affairs, who actively hindered investigations into the Turkey-Bin Laden link. 
Perle and Feith are an interesting case in this hidden scandal.   Their consultancy, International Advisors (IA), has done extensive work for the Republic of Turkey, though it is questionable who is paying the invoices.  Ms. Edmonds rhetorically asked the question of Phoenix radio personality Charles Goyette in January 2006, “For what [were they paid]?  One could imagine, hypothetically, that passing state secrets might be one “service” provided to the Turkish mafia/government by IA.  But would Perle and Feith have gone beyond that?  Would they have introduced the Turkish mafia types to Denny Hastert, and counseled “deep state” interests in how to skirt U.S. campaign finance laws?  After all, the Turks were reported to have made their initial payments from 1996-1998 through “unitemized (less than $200) contributions”, after which they allegedly delivered suitcases of cash to the Speaker’s front door.  Someone had to teach them the intricacies of campaign finance law: was it IA?  What we do know is that Perle was a key architect of the Israeli/Turkish alliance forged in the late 90s, and that Edmonds case also is connected to the AIPAC spy scandal- leaving lots of room for speculation on how the rest of the story pans out.
As messy and ugly as this, for lack of a better phrase, “Turkish DeepState Gate” scandal appears, the consequences of continuing to do nothing about it- of allowing the government’s outrageous use of ‘state secrets’ to insure Dennis Hastert, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Marc Grossman and others are never investigated, could be horrific.  Ms. Edmonds plans to take petitions to the Senate Judiciary Committee in the coming months to finally force full and open hearings on her case.  She will try to do the type of lobbying that does not involve foreign bribery or ill-gotten gains.  This will be the simple type of petitioning guaranteed of every citizen in the Constitution under the First Amendment, a long forgotten portion of the Bill of Rights.  Americans aware of the situation can only hope, and do everything in their power to insure, that Ms. Edmonds’ type of lobbying prevails. 
Bob Woodward, book, The War Within: A Secret White House History 2006-2008, According to Simon & Schuster, Woodward's book "takes readers deep inside the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, the intelligence agencies and the U.S. military headquarters in Iraq.  ....   traces the internal debates, tensions and critical turning points in the Iraq War during an extraordinary two-year period"  ...  release date: Sept 8, 2008, Robert "Bob" Upshur Woodward, assistant managing editor, Washington Post, investigative reporter, ... Carl Bernstein, search terms: uncover Watergate,  Nixon, resignation, 12 best-selling books, Pulitzer Prize, served in the Navy as an aid to Chief of Naval Operations, Moorer, met Mark Felt, FBI Assistant Director, deepthroat, inside source on Watergate, book 'The Secret Man', DNC convention, 1972, wrote All the President's Men, Redford Hoffman movie, Ben Bradlee, editor, reporting on 'Nixon dirty tricks, Woodward interviewed Bush 43 four times, books: Bush at War, Plan of Attack, State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III, with Dan Balz, Camp David, Worldwide Attack Matrix, too close to Bush, Kerry, involvement in Plame scandal: deposition to Fitzpatrick, told him senior administration official leaked Plame identity to him in June 2003, November 2005 article revealed his special knowledge, casual, offhand by Armitage, part of confidential conversation of a 'source', asked Libby questions about Armitage, interview on CNN Larry King, junkyard dog prosecutor, consequences of Plame outing not that great, Downie, inaccuracies, inconsistencies, exaggerations, fabrications in books: John Dean and Ed Gray: Felt not the only deepthroat, also Donald Santarelli. Brad DeLong: in Maestro and The Agenda, The Choice, Clinton Whitewater inconsistencies, abandon critical inquiry to maintain access to high-profile actors, for glory, stenographer to the rich and powerful, At the Eye of the Storm, see Maureen Dowd, and The Brethren, and his sitting on information for publication of a book,The Commanders ...Powell opposed Operation Desert Storm, published after war voted for in Congress,  and Veil  he did not reveal that William Casey knew of arms sales to the Contras until after the investigations, and see Martin Dardis ... Watergate burglars, and Committee to Re-elect the President, ...and accused of fabricating deathbead interview with Casey, ... Reagan called him a liar, for whatever that's worth, and other books: Wired, Shadow,
Aug 19: buzz: likely to propel re-examination of the Iraq War into the headlines, for fall presidential campaign, Hadley encouraged participation, interviews with Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gates, ... publisher: Simon & Schuster, Amazon, Alice Mayhew, and see CBS, Viacom, 496 pages, 900,000, red, white, blue, gold cover, administration infighting, will be best seller, he'll be on 60 minutes, Sept 7, How does Woodward, Miller, Cheney, Libby fit with declassifying classified information to hype the war?.. Woodward was leaked Plame info in June 03, but sat on it for years, ... John Bolton, Marc Grossman are the neo-con links to Turkey, and Plame / Edmonds working on uncovering WMD proliferation, black market activities of Bushco.
Seymour Hersh, on Chain of Command  NYTimes  "We now have two major accounts of the road to war in Iraq, Hersh's ''Chain of Command'' and Bob Woodward's ''Plan of Attack.'' Hersh is the anti-Woodward. Woodward is official scribe to the inner sanctum, and his access -- to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Powell -- gives his account real authority, but at a price. In Woodward's world, everything is what the principals say it is. In Hersh's world, by contrast, nothing the policy elites say is true actually is.
SourceWatch  Lt. Gen. David H. Petraeus is "the top American military commander in Iraq, part of a broad revamping of the military team that will carry out the administration's new Iraq 'surge' strategy." [1][2] Petraeus replaced Gen. George W. Casey, Jr., who was confirmed February 6, 2007, by the U.S. Senate, as Army Chief of Staff.   ...   Petraeus, who has "served two previous tours in Iraq", "sees the need for additional troops in Baghdad." He "helped oversee the drafting of the military’s comprehensive new" Counterinsurgency Field Manual published December 2006. [3]   ...   On September 8, 2005, Lt. Gen. Petraeus left Iraq "after handing off command" of the Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq, which he had commanded for 15 months. [4] He most recently served as Commander of the U.S. Army Combine Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. [5]
New York Sun Aug 26  ".... speculation is surging that it will portray the latest phase of the war in Iraq as a success, credited to the recently departed commander of forces there, General David Petraeus.   ...    one source familiar with an early draft said Mr. Woodward had extensive access to General Petraeus and his deputies, known in the military as the "Jedi Council." Mr. Woodward also interviewed the head of the Anbar Awakening, Sheik Ahmad al-Rishawi, who took over the Sunni Arab uprising against Al Qaeda in Iraq after his brother was assassinated last September."
Examiner "Woodward is also known for his Pulitzer Prize -winning reporting with fellow Washington Post writer Carl Bernstein . In the 1970s, they collaborated on the groundbreaking stories of the Watergate scandal that helped bring down  Richard Nixon and on two best sellers about the Nixon administration, "All the President's Men" and "The Final Days."  he can pry the facts from the most unlikely sources.

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  • Wayne Madsen Report "As a member of the West German Bundestag, Gedat brought about the cancellation at the Cannes Film Festival of the showing of a movie about a family of Jewish refugees from Prague during the Nazi regime. At the same time, Gedat was one of three of Vereide’s International Council for Christian Leadership (ICCL) representatives in Europe. The other two were also Nazis, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (married to Queen Juliana) and German Prince Max von Hohenlohe. The latter served under SS head Walter Schellenberg and, according to SS documents captured by the Soviets, Hohenlohe engaged in direct negotiations during the war with Allen Dulles of the OSS. Like Vereide and Buchman, Dulles was a strong anti-Semite who saw Communism and Jews through the same lens. Through the OSS’s and CIA’s "Rat Line" program, such infamous Nazis as Klaus Barbie (the "Butcher of Lyon"), Nazi "mad scientist" and butcher Dr. Joseph Mengele, concentration camp vaccine "tester" Kurt Blome, and SS Commander Adolf Eichmann, escaped from Europe to South America with the assistance of Opus Dei collaborators in the Vatican. These same Nazis were used to establish terror cells throughout Western Europe (the "Gladio" or "Stay Behi