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 A Tool Of The Ruling Elite


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RT America: Published on Oct 20, 2018

On the latest episode of On Contact, investigative journalist Helen Buyniski exposes Jimmy Wales' egalitarian Wikipedia as yet another tool of the ruling elite. More from Helen here: http://helenofdestroy.com/index.php/4...

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ON CONTACT: Wikipedia – A Tool Of The Ruling Elite

Two Clintons

41 years

 $3 Billion


A Washington Post investigation reveals how Bill and Hillary Clinton have methodically cultivated donors over 40 years, from Little Rock to Washington and then across the globe. Their fundraising methods have created a new blueprint for politicians and their donors.

The Clintons have raised $3 billion in support of their political and philanthropic efforts over four decades. Nearly all the funds went to support six federal campaigns and their family foundation.

By Matea Gold, Tom Hamburger and Anu Narayanswamy - Published on Nov. 19, 2015

LITTLE ROCK — Over four decades of public life, Bill and Hillary Clinton have built an unrivaled global network of donors while pioneering fundraising techniques that have transformed modern politics and paved the way for them to potentially become the first husband and wife to win the White House.
The grand total raised for all of their political campaigns and their family’s charitable foundation reaches at least $3 billion, according to a Washington Post investigation.
Their fundraising haul, which began with $178,000 that Bill Clinton raised for his long-shot 1974 congressional bid, is on track to expand substantially with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 White House run, which has already drawn $110 million in support.

The Post identified donations from roughly 336,000 individuals, corporations, unions and foreign governments in support of their political or philanthropic endeavors — a list that includes top patrons such as Steven Spielberg and George Soros, as well as lesser-known backers who have given smaller amounts dozens of times. Not included in the count are an untold number of small donors whose names are not identified in campaign finance reports but together have given millions to the Clintons over the years.

Death by Medicine a film by Gary Null

The Progressive Radio Network

Published on Oct 23, 2015

Death By Medicine takes a hard examination at the dominant medical paradigm contributing to America’s health crisis. Based on Gary Null’s ground breaking book on the hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths caused by conventional medicine, the documentary looks at the medical industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industry’s usurpation of the nation’s medical schools, research, falsified drug clinical trials, peer reviewed scientific journals, and the complicity of federal health agencies to permit this to happen. The result is a medical system unfounded on sound science. Why is there a lack of oversight by government regulatory agencies and private interest lobbyists call the shots for national healthcare? From FDA and FBI raids on cherry and dairy farmers to the halls of Congress, we witness the hostile attack on the natural health industry. We witness what happens when a mercenary healthcare system and the failures of a just and fair healthcare policy leaves the US as the 37th healthcare system in the world. The result is the American medical system is broken and corrupted by money rather than scientific fact, and the answer is to create a new medical paradigm that addresses the health of people rather than raising of stock prices, careers and reputations. Don't let anyone fool you, so tune on http://prn.fm/ Run Time 1 Hr 33 Min Written and Directed by Gary Null Co-Directed by Valerie Van Cleve Produced by Valerie Van Cleve, Richard Gale Associate Producer Rachael Spratt Editor Bill DesJardins, Richie Williamson 3-D Graphics Corey Hanson, Donald Pearsall


Nonprofits & Activism

             Edward Snowden:

        Assange’s Arrest and the Mueller Report Show a ‘Two-Tiered System of Justice’

      In this week's CYBER podcast, we sat down with Edward Snowden to talk about his life in Russia, Julian Assange, and press freedom.



       Edward Snowden 

When Edward Snowden was stranded in a Russian airport, before the government of Vladimir Putin granted him asylum, he turned to WikiLeaks and their lawyers for help. Since then,     Snowden has inevitably been linked to WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange.

     Naturally, when Snowden sat down with CYBER host Ben Makuch, we asked him what he thought about Assange’s case. For Snowden, the story about Assange’s arrest should                focus more on Ecuador’s motivations, and the fact that Assange is being held to a different standard than president Donald Trump. The former NSA analyst mentioned the fact that             Ecuador got $4.2 billion in funds from the International Monetary Fund in early March as a sign the country was getting closer to the West, and in turn more inclined to give up                Assange.

     “Journalists who have been covering the story haven’t really been looking at that, because Julian as an individual is such a tragically flawed figure,” Snowden said.

    Snowden also criticized people who changed their minds about Assange after the 2016 election.

          “A lot of Americans now hate Julian,” he said. “Even though the sort of people who are on the center to the left part of the spectrum had been singing his praises during

                  the  Bush administration, now they’re on the other side because of his unfortunate political choices in the 2016 elections.”

Yet, Snowden defended Assange’s journalism work in the lead up to the 2016 elections, arguing the leaked emails, which major media companies covered, showed that the Democratic Party tried to favor Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. That, Snowden said, “had profound public interest.”

As Motherboard reported last week, the Department of Justice says that it isn’t positive that Assange helped whistleblower Chelsea Manning crack a password hash in order to obtain cables related to the Iraq War, but that he’s being charged with that crime anyway. Snowden juxtaposed his treatment with that of Trump’s treatment in Robert Mueller’s report.

“Mueller says it didn’t actually result in obstruction because the people that Trump ordered to do this simply ignored him,” Snowden said. “The DOJ’s defense of not charging Trump is look he tried to commit a crime but he failed to actually do this. And at the same time they’re charging Julian Assange under precisely the opposite theory. Where they say ‘Look, Julian may not have actually cracked a password—we don’t have any evidence that he did, we’re not even going to try to prove that he did, we’re going to say that the agreement to try is enough.”

“So this is a real question of a two-tiered system of justice. Where if you’re the president and you try to commit a crime, you can skate,” he added. “Why is it that journalists are being held to a higher standard of behavior than the president of the United States?”

Finally, Snowden attacked the Department of Justice for charging Assange with conspiracy to crack a password, “a pretty low level infraction relative to the things Assange has been accused of in his life.”

Listen to CYBER, Motherboard’s new weekly podcast about hacking and cybersecurity

Got a tip? You can contact this reporter securely on Signal at +1 917 257 1382, OTR chat at lorenzofb@jabber.ccc.de, or email lorenzofb@motherboard.tv

Trump expresses anger after release of Mueller report


CBS News

Published on Apr 20, 2019

President Trump is on the defensive after the release of Robert Mueller's report.

This comes as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren became the first 2020 Democratic candidate to call on Congress to begin impeachment proceedings.

Niall Stanage and Jesse Weber joined CBSN to break down the week in Mueller news.


News & Politics


Masters of Money

Karl Marx HD



Published on Jan 30, 2016

Stephanie Flanders examines one of the most revolutionary and controversial thinkers of all.

Karl Marx's ideas left an indelible stamp on the lives of billions of people and the world we live in today.

As the global financial crisis continues on its destructive path, some are starting to wonder if he was right.

Marx argued that capitalism is inherently unfair and therefore doomed to collapse, so it should be got rid of altogether.

Today as the gap between rich and poor continues to cause tension,

his ideas are once again being taken seriously at the heart of global business.

Stephanie travels from Marx's birthplace to a former communist regime detention centre

in Berlin and separates his economic analysis from what was carried out in his name.

She asks what answers does Marx provide to the mess we are all in today.



Edward Snowden says the US government has access to your nude photos

“The bad news is that they’re still collecting everybody’s information -including your dick pics.


Apr 6th 2015,

US INTELLIGENCE WHISTLEBLOWER says that the US government can see nude photos on your phone.

The former NSA security contractor, who is currently exiled in Russia, sat down with English comedian John Oliver to explain US intelligence security.

The controversial Patriot Act, signed into US law in the wake of the September 11 attacks, is due to be reauthorised on 1 June.

Snowden says that he did not steal and leak the information on US spying to solve a problem.#

I did this to give the American people the chance to decide for themselves the kind of government they want to have.

“The NSA has the greatest surveillance capabilities that we’ve seen in history. They will argue that they don’t use this for nefarious purposes against American citizens. In some ways, that’s true.

“The real problem is that they are using this capability to make us vulnerable to them and then saying while they have a gun to your head “I’m not going to pull the trigger, trust me”.

He says that he joined the NSA because he feels that mass surveillance can be useful.

Spies are great when they’re on our side, but when they’re off the leash, they can be very dangerous.

When challenged by Oliver whether that decision can be made by the public who are uninformed on the issue, he agrees that the US public doesn’t care about foreign surveillance.

The comedian then reframes the issue, asking if people should be worried about their “dick pics” being seen by government agencies.

“Well, the good news is that there’s no program named, ‘The Dick Pic Program’.

The bad news is that they’re still collecting everybody’s information-including your dick pics.

“I guess I never thought about putting it into the context of your junk.”

He then explains how and why the US government can take the information, but says that Americans should continue taking pictures of their privates.

“You shouldn’t change your behaviour because a government agency is doing the wrong thing.

“If we sacrifice our values because we’re afraid, we don’t care about those values very much.”

The Snowden interview starts at 14 minutes.

British and American spies hacked company that makes Irish driving licences

Edward Snowden claims the NSA and GCHQ also targeted SIM cards used by companies including Vodafone and O2


Feb 25th 2015,

CONCERNS HAVE BEEN raised over Gemalto, the Dutch company at the centre of a new Edward Snowden leak, after it emerged that the firm provides Irish motorists with their new, credit card sized driver’s licences.

According to documents released by the whistleblower, the American National Security Agency (NSA) and British GCHQ (Government Communications HQ) together broke into the internal network of Gemalto beginning in early 2010.

The Road Safety Authority has confirmed that it has contacted Gemalto about the breach, which experts have warned will have wide-spread implications.

The primary aim of the covert intelligence agencies appears to have been to steal the encryption keys on Gemalto mobile phone SIM cards – allowing spies to monitor the voice and text data of potentially many millions of customers throughout the world.

The Dutch multinational provides some 2 billion SIM cards a year to 450 companies worldwide – including Vodafone and O2/Three in Ireland – and it is not known exactly how many of these were compromised.

Inquiries by TheJournal.ie, however, have found that Gemalto is also the firm responsible for the new “Sealys” driver’s licence in operation in Ireland since October 2013.

A statement on the company’s website describes the importance of security in its roll-out of e-Passports, e-IDs, and Sealys drivers licences in countries including the UK, France, the Netherlands, India, Morocco, and many others.

Very often, it [the licence] also serves as an identity document, particularly in countries which do not have a national identity card program. This is just one more reason why it has to be highly secure.

The smaller, credit-card sized licences were introduced under then Transport Minister Leo Varadkar, following an EU directive to harmonise driver’s licenses across the continent.

A spokesperson for the Road Safety Authority (which oversees Ireland’s driver’s licences) would not say whether the RSA was concerned about the alleged breach, but issued this statement:

The RSA is, through the licence card producer, in touch with Gemalto who are undertaking an investigation into the allegations made around covert surveillance.

Fergal Crehan, a barrister and data protection expert, expressed concern at the reports:

If [the NSA and GCHQ] can hack into Gemalto to target SIM cards, there’s nothing to stop them hacking into Gemalto to breach driver’s licences.

‘We have their entire network’

Julian Assange shares advice for the Democratic Party

It has also emerged that Gemalto provides “additional security” to AIB’s online banking service, having signed a multi-year contract in 2011.

“Gemalto is delivering the complete, future-proof Ezio solution including strong authentication software, Ezio Club EMV card readers as well as consulting services,” said a statement at the time.

A spokesperson for the bank told TheJournal.ie they had been in contact with Gemalto, but claimed: “The alleged infringement relates to Gemalto’s SIM production network. We engage with Gemalto for a different product entirely.”

This does not, however, appear to be the case. One of the top-secret slides leaked by Snowden includes a statement by British spies that “We believe we have their entire network.”

Fergal Crehan told TheJournal.ie the alleged British-American hack was “a huge over-reach in what’s considered ‘offering aid to terrorists.’”

Gemalto employees were targeted simply for doing their jobs – because they had useful information. Does that mean everyone who works in a bank, or in the post office, is now fair game?

He added that the Irish government should raise such concerns with their British and American counterparts – pointing to “tough talk” among politicians from the Netherlands, in the wake of the revelations.

Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld last week said US and UK governments were “behaving like cowboys, and nobody is holding them to account.”

Information security consultant Brian Honan summed up the “very worrying” implications of the alleged hack.

It would mean that anyone using a SIM card made by Gemalto in their mobile phone or other devices, is at risk of mass surveillance by these agencies.

He also pointed to a certain double standard on the part of the US government, if the allegations are proved true.

The NSA allegedly hacked into the network of a commercial operator in a foreign country [the Netherlands.]But just a few months ago we saw the United States imposing sanctions on North Korea for allegedly hacking Sony to prevent the release of a film.

He also pointed to a certain double standard on the part of the US government, if the allegations are proved true.

The NSA allegedly hacked into the network of a commercial operator in a foreign country [the Netherlands.]But just a few months ago we saw the United States imposing sanctions on North Korea for allegedly hacking Sony to prevent the release of a film.

Three Ireland confirmed in a statement that they have “issued SIMs to customers that were manufactured by Gemalto,” but said they “have no reason to believe that any of our customers are at risk.”

Vodafone, for its part, told TheJournal.ie:

We have no further details of these allegations which are industry-wide in nature and are not focused on any one mobile operator.We will support industry bodies and Gemalto in their investigations.

Gemalto, for its part, on Wednesday confirmed that the NSA/GCHQ attack “probably happened,” but claimed that only the company’s “office networks” were breached.

Their week-long investigation concluded that the hack “could not have resulted in a massive theft of SIM encryption keys.”

The NSA may be able to listen to phone calls around the world

That’s according to Edward Snowden.


Feb 20th 2015

A DUTCH COMPANY that makes SIM cards for mobile phones says it is investigating reports that it was hacked by Britain’s electronic spying agency in cooperation with the U.S. National Security Agency.

Amsterdam-based Gemalto, which describes itself as the world leader in digital security, said in a statement that it could not immediately confirm the reported hack and “had no prior knowledge that these agencies were conducting this operation.”

The company produces two billion SIM cards a year.

A story posted yesterday on the US website The Intercept, based on documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden, said the hack was aimed at stealing codes that would allow both the U.S. and British governments to seamlessly eavesdrop on mobile phones worldwide.

Gemalto says it “will devote all resources necessary to fully investigate” the reported hack.

Feb 20th 2015

Government silent as Snowden docs reveal access to Ireland's internet cables

It has been revealed that UK authorities have access to one Irish submarine internet cable.


Nov 29th 2014,

A NEW RAFT of documents released by Edward Snowden to a German newspaper allegedly details UK authorities’ access to Ireland’s internet traffic.

However, the Government has remained silent on the issue this morning.

The documents, published earlier this week by Süddeutsche Zeitung with the Irish connections identified by The Irish Times, revealed an extensive list of submarine communication cables that the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has access to.

One of these is SOLAS, a 232km cable that stretches from Kilmore Quay in Wexford to Oxwich Bay in the United Kingdom.

Owners of the cable contacted by The Irish Times denied any knowledge of the activity.

Two other cables, ESAT1 from Kilmore Quay to Sennen Cove and ESAT2 from Southport, also appear on a list of cables.

Part of the “partner cable” list published. Click here to view a larger PDF version.

Another cable that lands at Ireland, Hibernia, is on a list of to which there is no access to currently.

These optical fibre cables carry a range of data, from internet traffic to telephone calls.

When contacted by this website today, spokespeople for the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Justice had no comment to make.

View image on Twitter

Patrick Corrigan@PatrickCorrigan

Will Irish Govt respond or ignore? > UK spy base GCHQ tapped Irish internet cables http://iti.ms/1xV5KJd  @IrishTimes 


11:35 AM - Nov 29, 2014

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Twitter Ads info and privacy

Source: Patrick Corrigan/Twitter

Earlier this week, as part of an inquiry into the murder of UK solider Lee Rigby, it was revealed that UK authorities collect so much data that they are unable to access or monitor it all.

“However, the resources required to process the vast quantity of data involved mean that, at any one time, GCHQ can only process approximately *** of what they can access,” the report read.

As detailed in this inquiry earlier this week, some security services do have access to internet traffic to facilitate investigations.

UK spies can't handle all of the data they collect

This was disclosed by GCHQ during an inquiry into the investigation of Lee Rigby’s murder.


Nov 25th 2014

A REPORT PUBLISHED this morning on the investigation into death of British solider Lee Rigby has focused attention on how much data intelligence authorities can monitor online.

The Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament found that one of two men who murdered the Fusiller, Michael Adebowale, had discussed online his plan to kill a soldier with an individual overseas, codenamed FOXTROT.

Both had been tracked by MI5, with Michael Adebolajo considered a high-priority person of interest, but authorities failed to spot this conversation.


Adebowale and FOXTROT spoke “in the most graphic and emotive manner” of the plan, five months before murdering Lee Rigby, saying it was prompted by UK involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The finger of blame has been pointed at an unnamed US company. The committee’s chairman has gone so far as to say that they are ‘unintentionally providing a safe haven for terrorists’.

However, while this conversation was missed, intelligence agencies knew an awful lot about the pair – and everyone else.

One section of the report explains that Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, can target internet communication that travels over major internet cables.

While they say that they can only view a small level of internet traffic, the amount of data is so large they only have resources to access a certain amount of it at a time.

Here’s the section in full:

GCHQ also has access to communications as they move over the internet via the major internet cables. This provides the capability to intercept a small proportion of internet traffic: in theory, GCHQ can access around ***% of global internet traffic and approximately ***% of internet traffic entering or leaving the UK.

However, the resources required to process the vast quantity of data involved mean that, at any one time, GCHQ can only process approximately *** of what they can access.

This means that the odds of collecting the content of the communications of an individual who is not specifically being targeted are *** – even if their communications have met other selection criteria they are ***.

If GCHQ had unknowingly ‘picked up’ the exchange between Adebowale and FOXTROT using this collection capability, the fact that neither Adebowale nor FOXTROT were under active investigation at the time means that the communication would not have been selected for further analysis.

Facebook named as host of chat which described horrific murder plan for a soldier

After the solider’s death, an online discussion about killing a solider between one of the men and someone overseas was uncovered.


Nov 25th 2014

TWO ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS who murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby in a London street had been under scrutiny by intelligence services, a report has found, and one had expressed his intention of killing a soldier in an online exchange months before the attack.

The BBC has learned that the previously unnamed company ‘on whose system the exchange took place’ is Facebook.

The Silicon Valley firm has been accused of providing a safe haven for terrorists.

On the platform, Michael Adebowale said he wanted to kill a soldier and discussed plans to do so in the “most graphic and emotive manner”.

The UK’s Intelligence and Security Committee said Facebook believes it not does not have an obligation to identify conversations such as these.

The ICS says that if British spies had known of the declaration, “there is a significant possibility” they could have prevented the murder.

But the online exchange was only discovered after Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo killed Fusilier Rigby in May 2013.

The lawmakers concluded in the report published today that spy agencies had made mistakes, but that with the knowledge they had at the time they “were not in a position to prevent the murder of Fusilier Rigby”.

The two men, Adebowal and Michael Adebolajo, had appeared in seven different investigations by MI5.

A statement from the committee read:

There were errors in these operations, where processes were not followed, decisions not recorded, or delays encountered.

“However we do not consider that any of these errors, taken individually, were significant enough to have made a difference.”

While Adebolajo had been considered ‘high priority’ for MI5 investigations, “Adebowale was never more than a low level [subject of interest] and the agencies took appropriate action based on the rigorous threshold set down in law”.

However, if authorities had uncovered before that attack a conversation about killing a solider between Adebowale  and an individual overseas, ‘he would have become a top priority’.

US companies

The statement also notes that major US companies consulted during the investigation did not actively monitor and review suspicious content, and instead rely on user reports:

What is clear is that the one party which could have made a difference was the company on whose system the exchange took place. However, this company does not regard themselves as under any obligation to ensure that they identify such threats, or to report them to the authorities. We find this unacceptable: however unintentionally, they are providing a safe haven for terrorists.

They also did not feel compelled to comply with UK warrants, although new legislation has been brought in to amend this.

The chair of the report, MP Sir Malcom Rifkind, siad Rigby’s death “was first and foremost a tragedy for his family and friends”.

Our thoughts are with them today.

Additional reporting by Nicky Ryan and Sinéad O’Carroll 

Money, happiness and eternal life

 Greed (director's cut)

 DW Documentary

DW Documentary

Published on Jun 23, 2017

Can money and power ever make us happy? How much is enough? Our constant desire for more is part of our human nature. Some call it a useful dowry of evolution, others a fault in the human genetic make-up:

The old mortal sin Greed seems to be more ubiquitous than ever.

Why can't people ever get enough, where is this self-indulgence leading - and are there any ways out of this vicious circle of gratification?

 "People like to have a lot of stuff because it makes them the feeling of living forever,"

says American social psychologist Sheldon Solomon, who believes today's materialism and consumerism will have disastrous consequences.

Anyone who fails to satisfy his or her desires in this age of the Ego is deemed a loser.

But with more than 7 billion people on the Earth, the ramifications of this excessive consumption of resources are already clear.

 Isn’t the deplorable state of our planet proof enough that "The Greed Program,"

which has made us crave possessions, status and power, is coming to an end?

 Or is the frenzied search for more and more still an indispensable part of our nature?

We set off to look for the essence of greed. And we tell the stories of people who -

whether as perpetrators or victims or even just as willing consumers - have become accomplices in a sea change in values.

Check out our web special: http://www.dw.com/en/tv/greed/s-32898 _______

Exciting, powerful and informative – DW Documentary is always close to current affairs and international events.

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See Mueller’s Damning Criminal Obstruction Evidence Against Trump 

The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC



Published on Apr 19, 2019

Though Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not charge Trump with obstructing justice, his report reads like a roadmap to arrive at that conclusion. The report lists 10 key incidents analysed as potential obstruction by Trump- some ending with Mueller giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, and others with Mueller detailing the case against Trump. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber discusses how you don’t have to succeed at obstruction to commit obstruction of justice. » Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc MSNBC delivers breaking news and in-depth analysis of the headlines, as well as informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Hardball, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more.

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See Mueller’s Damning Criminal Obstruction Evidence Against Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


News & Politics

Julian Assange shares advice

for the Democratic Party


Fox News

Published on Jan 4, 2017

WikiLeaks founder explains on 'Hannity' why he feels the Democrats lost the 2016 election


News & Politics

The business of pain relief 

 DW Documentary

(Pharma documentary)

DW Documentary

Published on Nov 2, 2018

Pain relief medication is easily available over the counter in many countries.

Our documentary investigates the big business of painkillers. [Online until: 02.12.2018]

Millions of consumers in Germany and France are well provided for with cheap, fast-acting, over the counter painkillers without any significant side effects --

diclofenac, ibuprofen, aspirin and paracetamol.

At least, that’s how it looks.

But the pharmaceutical industry influences politicians and doctors and cover up fatal risks, as this investigative documentary shows.

More than 150 million packs of over-the-counter painkillers are sold in Germany and France every year.

But patients are rarely given enough information about what they are taking.

Over the counter pain relief worth more than half a billion euros are sold annually.

The investigative journalists behind the US website "Dollars for Docs" are following the money.

In the documentary, Pulitzer Prize-winner Tracy Weber explains how they come by the data of US doctors

who receive money from the pharmaceutical industry, in the form of lecture fees, consulting fees or vacation trips.

Some physicians earn as much as a million dollars a year in addition to their normal practice.

Questions about the independence of these physicians have now led to a new law in

the US that requires doctors to disclose the funds they receive from industry.

Featuring both critics and advocates of the practice, the documentary looks at how physicians are involved

in the pharmaceutical industry. Meanwhile, Waldtraut Eicke’s case shows just how fatal faith in analgesics can be.

Years of analgesic use has made her a dialysis patient. Her kidneys no longer work -

known in the jargon as "analgesic kidneys.” _______

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#Assange #JulianAssange #wikileaks Julian Assange - Comments from Snowden, Chomsky, Varoufakis, Greenwald & Horvat (REWIND) 



acTVism Munich

Published on Apr 11, 2019 

In this video we compile past comments & analysis from experts that were interviewed on acTVism on the topic of Wikileaks & Julian Assange before Assange was arrested. They include in order: Edward Snowden, Yanis Varoufakis, Glenn Greenwald, Srećko Horvat & Noam Chomsky (video produced/recorded by The Press Project). We would like to emphasise again that the videos put together in this compilation were recorded before Assange's arrest. To view the interviews in full be sure to visit our YouTube Channel "acTVism Munich". FOLLOW US ONLINE: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acTVism/ Instagram: actv_munich Website: http://www.actvism.org/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/acTVismMunich YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/acTVismMunich/ Source for Noam Chomsky video embed @ 13:35: https://www.thepressproject.gr/en/ Author of YouTube featured Image: Cancillería del Ecuador #Assange #JulianAssange #wikileaks #freeassange



Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange:

 their unlikely love story | 60 Minutes Australia

60 Minutes Australia

Published on Nov 5, 2018

For two years Pamela Anderson has been visiting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy, where he has been granted political asylum. An unlikely friendship has blossomed from a foundation of political activism, and Anderson says the computer hacker desperately needs saving.

WATCH more of 60 Minutes Australia: https://www.60minutes.com.au 

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FOLLOW 60 Minutes Australia on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/60minutes9 For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories.

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Edward Snowden Live From Russia

UChicago Institute of Politics

Published on May 12, 2016

Pamela Anderson Talks About Her Relationship

With Julian Assange | Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain

Published on Sep 20, 2017

Subscribe now for more! http://bit.ly/1NbomQa Pamela Anderson talks candidly to Piers and Susanna about her relationship with Julian Assange, who has been held up in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012. Broadcast on 20/09/2017 Like, follow and subscribe to Good Morning Britain! The Good Morning Britain YouTube channel delivers you the news that you’re waking up to in the morning. From exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in politics and showbiz to heartwarming human interest stories and unmissable watch again moments.

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Julian Assange and The Wikileaks Files - Newsnight



BBC Newsnight

Published on Sep 7, 2015 

Whatever happened to Julian Assange? Yes, he's still at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. He's been there for three years now. One of the ways he's been spending his time is commissioning a series of essays, which have been put together as a book, The Wikileaks Files. He agreed to speak to Newsnight's Nick Hopkins on that - and that alone. Nick began by asking him why the book is important. * SUBSCRIBE to get out latest videos http://bbc.in/1iouM30 *


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MI6 Are The Lords of the Global Drug Trade By James Casbolt – Former MI6 Agent c. 2006  



  MI6 Are The Lords of the Global Drug Trade By James Casbolt – Former MI6 Agent c. 2006 

 It may be a revelation to many people that the global drug trade is controlled and run by the intelligence agencies. In this global drug trade British intelligence reigns supreme. As intelligence insiders know MI5 and MI6 control many of the other intelligence agencies in the world (CIA, MOSSAD etc) in a vast web of intrigue and corruption that has its global power base in the city of London, the square mile. My name is James Casbolt and I worked for MI6 in 'black ops' cocaine trafficking with the IRA and MOSSAD in London and Brighton between 1995 and 1999. My father Peter Casbolt was also MI6 and worked with the CIA and mafia in Rome, trafficking cocaine into Britain. My experience was that the distinctions of all these groups became blurred until in the end we were all one international group working together for the same goals. We were puppets who had our strings pulled by global puppet masters based in the city of London. Most levels of the intelligence agencies are not loyal to the people of the country they are based in and see themselves as 'super national'. It had been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the CIA has been bringing in most of the drugs into America for the last fifty years (see ex LAPD officer Michael Rupert's 'From the wilderness' website for proof). The CIA operates under orders from British intelligence and was created by British intelligence in 1947. The CIA today is still loyal to the international bankers based in the city of London and the global elite aristocratic families like the Rothchilds and the Windsor's. Since it was first started, MI6 has always brought drugs into Britain. They do not bring 'some' of the drugs into Britain but I would estimate MI6 bring in around ninety percent of the drugs in. They do this by pulling the strings of many organised crime and terrorist groups and these groups like the IRA are full of MI6 agents. MI6 bring in heroin from the middle east, cocaine from south America and cannabis from morocco as well as other places. British intelligence also designed and created the drug LSD in the 1950's through places like the Tavistock Institute in London. By the 1960's MI5, MI6 and the CIA were using LSD as a weapon against the angry protestors of the sixties and turned them into 'flower children' who were too tripped out to organise a revolution. Dr Timothy Leary the LSD guru of the sixties was a CIA puppet. Funds and drugs for Leary's research came from the CIA and Leary says that Cord Meyer, the CIA agent in charge of funding the sixties LSD counter culture has" helped me to understand my political cultural role more clearly". In 1998, I was sent 3000 LSD doses on blotting paper by MI5 with pictures of the European union flag on them. The MI5 man who sent them told my father this was a government 'signature' and this LSD was called 'Europa'. This global drugs trade controlled by British intelligence is worth at least £500 billion a year. This is more than the global oil trade and the economy in Britain and America is totally dependent on this drug money. Mafia crime boss John Gotti exposed the situation when asked in court if he was involved in drug trafficking. He replied "No we can't compete with the government". I believe this was only a half truth because the mafia and the CIA are the same group at the upper levels. In Britain, the MI6 drug money is laundered through the Bank of England, Barclays Bank and other household name companies. The drug money is passed from account to account until its origins are lost in a huge web of transactions. The drug money comes out 'cleaner' but not totally clean. Diamonds are then bought with this money from the corrupt diamond business families like the Oppenheimers. These diamonds are then sold and the drug money is clean. MI6 and the CIA are also responsible for the crack cocaine epidemic in Britain and America. In 1978, MI6 and the CIA were in south America researching the effects of the natives smoking 'basuco' cocaine paste. This has the same effect as crack cocaine. They saw that the strength and addiction potential was far greater than ordinary cocaine and created crack cocaine from the basuco formula. MI6 and the CIA then flooded Britain and America with crack. Two years later, in 1980, Britain and America were starting to see the first signs of the crack cocaine epidemic on the streets. On august 23, 1987, in a rural community south of Little Rock in America, two teenage boys named Kevin Ives and Don Henry were murdered and dismembered after witnessing a CIA cocaine drop that was part of a CIA drug trafficking operation based at a small airport in Mena, Arkansas. Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas at the time. Bill Clinton was involved with the CIA at this time and $100 million worth of cocaine was coming through the Mena, Arkansas airport each month. For proof see the books 'Compromise' and 'Dope Inc'. On my father's international MI6 drug runs, whatever fell off the back of the lorry so to speak he would keep and we would sell it in Britain. As long as my father was meeting the speedboats from Morocco in the Costa del Sol and then moving the lorry loads of cannabis through their MI6, IRA lorry business into Britain every month, British intelligence were happy. As long as my father was moving shipments of cocaine out of Rome every month, MI5 and MI6 were happy. If my father kept a bit to sell himself no one cared because there was enough drugs and money to go round in this £500 billion a year global drugs trade. The ones who were really paying were the people addicted. Who were paying with suffering. But karma always catches up and both myself and my father became addicted to heroin in later years and my father died addicted, and poor in prison under very strange circumstances. Today, I am clean and drug-free and wish to help stop the untold suffering this global drugs trade causes. The intelligence agencies have always used addictive drugs as a weapon against the masses to bring in their long term plan for a one world government, a one world police force designed to be NATO and a micro chipped population known as the New World Order. As the population is in a drug or alcohol-induced trance watching 'Coronation Street', the new world order is being crept in behind them. To properly expose this global intelligence run drugs trade we need to expose the key players in this area: 1- Tibor Rosenbaum, a MOSSAD agent and head of the Geneva based Banque du Credit international. This bank was the forerunner to the notorious Bank of Credit and Commerce international (BCCI) which is a major intelligence drug money laundering bank. 'Life' magazine exposed Rosenbaum's bank as a money launderer for the Meyer Lansky American organised crime family and Tibor Rosenbaum funded and supported 'Permindex' the MI6 assassination unit which was at the heart of the John F. Kennedy assassination.

 2- Robert Vesco, sponsored by the Swiss branch of the Rothchilds and part of the American connection to the Medellin drug cartel in Columbia. 

3- Sir Francis de Guingand, former head of British intelligence, now living in south Africa (and every head of MI5 and MI6 has been involved in the drug world before and after him). 

4- Henry Keswick, chairman of Jardine Matheson which is one of the biggest drug trafficking operations in the world. His brother John Keswick is chairman of the bank of England. 

5- Sir Martin Wakefield Jacomb, Bank of England director from 1987 to 1995, Barclays Bank Deputy Chairman in 1985, Telegraph newspapers director in 1986 ( This is the reason why this can of worms doesn't get out in the mainstream media. 

The people who are perpetrating these crimes control most of the mainstream media. In America former director of the CIA William Casey was, before his death in 1987, head of the council of the media network ABC. Many insiders refer to ABC as 'The CIA network.) 6- George Bush, Snr, former President and former head of the CIA and America's leading drug baron who has fronted more wars on drugs than any other president. Which in reality is just a method to eliminate competition. A whole book could be written on George Bush's involvement in the global drug trade but it is well-covered in the book 'Dark Alliance' by investigative journalist Gary Webb. Gary Webb was found dead with two gunshot wounds to the back of his head with a revolver. The case was declared a 'suicide'. You figure that out. Gary Webb as well as myself and other investigators, found that much of this 'black ops' drug money is being used to fund projects classified above top secret. These projects include the building and maintaining of deep level underground bases in Dulce in New Mexico, Pine gap in Australia, Snowy mountains in Australia, The Nyala range in Africa, west of Kindu in Africa, next to the Libyan border in Egypt, Mount Blanc in Switzerland, Narvik in Scandinavia, Gottland island in Sweden and many other places around the world (more about these underground bases in my next issue). The information on this global drugs trade run by the intelligence agencies desperately needs to get out on a large scale. Any information, comments or feedback to help me with my work would be greatly welcomed.   


Journalist Glenn Greewald gives

 the inside story of Edward Snowden

CBC News: The National

Published on May 13, 2014

Glenn Greenwald gives dramatic insider details about how he stumbled on what is perhaps the biggest leak of American intelligence in history,

nformation he received from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.


News & Politics

Julian Assange at

the Wheeler Centre 

Published on Oct 18, 2015



Published on Oct 18, 2015

ounded by Assange in 2006, WikiLeaks came to international prominence in 2010 with the release of more than 250,000 top-secret cables leaked from the US State Department. The results of this were far-reaching indeed, exposing human rights violations and covert operations. WikiLeaks and Assange have never been far from the spotlight in the intervening years, hitting the headlines again and again, especially with regards to Edward Snowden’s mass surveillance disclosures and Assange’s ongoing legal battles. To coincide with the release of a definitive new book on the State Department cables, The WikiLeaks Files: The World According to US Empire, Assange will discuss the historical significance of that release and what the cables reveal about the United States as a 21st century superpower. Join Julian Assange, host Andrew Fowler and the Wheeler Centre for a riveting discussion on secrets, surveillance, imperialism and justice.

Edward Snowden Exclusive

 The Deep State &

How You Can Make a Difference

acTVism Munich

Published on Jul 14, 2017

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Julian Assange in conversation with

Slavoj Zizek moderated by

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman

Frontline Club

Published on Aug 1, 2012

02/07/2011 - Frontline Club Exclusive: Julian Assange in conversation with Slavoj Žižek moderated by Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman Last year, whistleblower website WikiLeaks released three of the biggest ever leaks of classified information in history: the Iraq War Logs, the Afghanistan War Logs and Cablegate. Since then the world has undoubtedly changed. Ambassadors have resigned amid scandals exposed by leaked cables; the UK government has ordered a review of computer security; and, at the same time, a huge wave of protest has swept the Middle East and North Africa -- in part fuelled, some believe, by WikiLeaks revelations. Discussing the impact of WikiLeaks on the world and what it means for the future, for this very special event WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange will be in conversation with renowned Slovenian philosopher, Slavoj Žižek. Focusing on the ethics and philosophy behind WikiLeaks' work, the talk will provide a rare opportunity to hear two of the world's most prominent thinkers discuss some of the most pressing issues of our time. It will also mark the publication of the paperback edition of Living in the End Times, in which Žižek argues that new ways of using and sharing information, in particular WikiLeaks, are one of a number of harbingers of the end of global capitalism as we know it. The event will be chaired by Amy Goodman, the award-winning investigative journalist and host of Democracy Now!, a daily, independent news hour which airs on the internet and more than 900 public television and radio stations worldwide.


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"You're Being Watched": 

Edward Snowden Emerges as

 Source Behind Explosive Revelations of NSA Spying

Democracy Now!

Published on Jun 10, 2013

http://www.democracynow.org - Former CIA employee Edward Snowden has come forward as the whistleblower behind the explosive revelations about the National Security Agency and the U.S. surveillance state. Three weeks ago the 29-year-old left his job inside the NSA's office in Hawaii where he worked for the private intelligence firm Booz Allen Hamilton. Today he is in Hong Kong--not sure if he will ever see his home again. In a video interview with the Guardian of London, Snowden says he exposed top secret NSA surveillance programs to alert Americans of expansive government spying on innocents. "Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you're being watched and recorded," Snowden says. "And the storage capability of these systems increases every year, consistently, by orders of magnitude, to where it's getting to the point you don't have to have done anything wrong, you simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody, even by a wrong call, and then they can use this system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you've ever made, every friend you've ever discussed something with, and attack you on that basis, to sort of derive suspicion from an innocent life and paint anyone in the context of a wrongdoer... The public needs to decide whether these programs and policies are right or wrong."

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