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The American Future: A History, by Simon Schama:

 What is an American?

While the 2008 presidential campaign is in full swing, Simon Schama travels through America to dig deep into
 the conflicts of its history to understand what is at stake right now,,,,

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Every one is dancing at

getting ready for the 2009 New Year
after a successful 2008 year as

the leading PR company in the United Kingdom

Sebastian Diaz Artist-Director-Actor from Chile
with Dylan Brooks Actor from Melbourne
at the Tribeca Film Festival New York

Sebastian Diaz Artist-Director-Actor from Chile
Last Man Standing in 5th Avenue,
New York. New Yord State, USA

Sebastian Diaz Artist-Director-Actor from Chile

Dylan Brooks Actor from Melbourne


Crazy Mind by Sebastian Diaz

Alien Music 1,2 and 3 by Sebastian Diaz

72 Point achieves more national news coverage than any other PR agency in the UK

72 Point is the PR division of SWNS - the UK's largest independent press agency.

We have a unique and direct link to the UK press due to:

  • A 40 year relationship with national news editors
  • An EXCLUSIVE, in-house newswire service which every media organisation in the country subscribes to
  • An in-house team of over 100 trained journalists, feature writers and photographers
  • Journalists from the Telegraph, Sun and women's magazines working in the same office.
  • Access to global market research site which can sample thousands of respondents

No matter who you are or what you do - We can achieve positive exposure for you. An interesting, quirky news story is powerful. We know what will "make" in the newspapers and will aim to build a story which satisfies two key requirements:

a)It has strong news value
b)It gets your key brand messages across


72 Point - About Us

72 Point is part of the SWNS Group ? the UK?s largest independent press agency and newswire service.

Our relationship with SWNS secures our position as national news PR specialists.

No other agency has:

  • Direct access to a newswire which every media organisation in the country subscribes to.
  • A news desk which takes daily calls from editors on the hunt for stories - it could be yours on our list.
  • Journalists from the Sun, Daily Telegraph and women's magazines working in the same building.
  • Over 100 trained journalists, photographers and feature writers.
  • Direct access to - the UK's leading supplier of survey-based national news.

Click on the following links to see information about SWNS, 72 Point, and the other parts of our company?

South West News Service, the largest independent press agency in the UK

72 Point Ltd 
National News PR Specialists

72 Point Plus Ltd 
Specialist Media Relations, Communication Consultancy, Issues Management, Public Affairs, Event Management and more 
Global Market Research Specialists

Youth based Market Research Specialists (soon to come)

Ventutec Ltd 
Specialists in Website Design and Development, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click)

Click here to enquire about any of our Services
Or simply call us on 0117 9066 555.


72 Point - Why PR?

At least 15% of coverage in the national press on a daily basis comes from SWNS. Based in the heart of the South West, with key regional reporters working for both The Sun and the Daily Telegraph in-house and a team of dedicated news reporters, photographers and features writers - SWNS has been producing stories and pictures for the national press for over 40 years.

Most importantly - what makes in print leads the news agenda for all other types of media on any given day, be it online, radio or TV, with stories generated by SWNS fining their way literally around the world.

72 Point is the only PR agency in the UK that works hand in hand with a national news agency and the only PR agency specialising in national news.

Take a look at some 'Frequently Asked Questions' below:

Q: Why is PR important?

Q: Is PR cost-effective?

Q: Can PR improve my online search results?

Q: How can PR benefit my product?

Q: Can PR help with recruitment and other staff issues?

Click here to find out how we can help get your brand in the National Press and other Media.
Or simply call us on 0117 9066 555.

72 Point - Why 72 Point?

The comparisons below highlight exactly how and why 72 Point
continuously delivers high-impact PR Coverage in the national press.

The Benefits of using 72 Point over a Traditional PR Agency

Traditional PR Agency

Press releases are written by PR Executives.

Traditional agencies phone round a number of national journalists to get interest in their story.

The release gets sent out via email to news agencies / newsdesks / reporters.

The story gets sent out regardless of the days' news 


PR Executives might ring the news editors on the nationals throughout the day to receive feedback.

The nationals have direct access to the client once the PR agency has issued the press release.

Research is commissioned externally, often using expensive suppliers/agencies.

Creative sessions are conducted by PR professionals only.

Photography is commissioned externally.

Photos are not available on immediate request and need to be commissioned externally in advance

Agencies often charge the client to produce lengthy documents and detailed PR plans according to client specifications.

They provide PR services and support for end user clients

Agencies tend to have a low national press success rate

72 Point Ltd

Press copy is written by trained national journalists/creative writers.

SWNS receive phone calls daily from 7:30am from national news reporters and editors to discuss what stories they have sourced, ready to go out that day.

The news copy gets fed via the SWNS newswire (Wordflow). All our client stories are guaranteed to be on the newswire on the agreed date. The newswire feeds the copy to the receiving news systems of named reporters/editors on the nationals.

Our newsdesk gives us the heads up if they hear of a busy news day, or sudden breaking stories. A PR story might be held back at the last minute if breaking news is likely to dominate the papers.

SWNS may well be aware of the reception of a story and wherever possible feedback is provided to the 72 Point team.

The nationals always liaise with our news team once the copy has been issued, enabling us to field any enquiries and act as liability insurance for the client.

Research is conducted using our low cost, quick turnaround in-house survey facility, which can also be accessed via the 72 Point website and affiliated survey sites. 1000's of different individuals have responded to our surveys over the past years and continue to do so, on a regular basis. OnePoll functionality is constantly evolving and panel membership numbers increase daily.

Creative sessions are conducted by a diverse team of experienced journalists, news editors, PR professionals and features staff.

SWNS have an in-house national news picture desk, with trained photographers who provide pictures for the national press every day.

If the newspapers request photos to accompany a story, we already have a database of over 500,000 images. If the appropriate pictures are not immediately available, one of our national press photographers can often take them within the hour.

We side-step the admin, and produce relevant newsworthy briefs within short timescales, based on the opinions of the news team

Provides PR services and support for end user clients and PR agencies.

We have an 80% success rate of national press coverage.

72 Point - Contact

Are your competitors enjoying more frequent or more targeted coverage than you? Curious to find out whether you could be communicating better with your key audiences? Or would you just like to know more about what we do?

Simply call us on +44 (0)117 9066 555 

or fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch ASAP.


72 Point - Clients

Over the years, 72 Point has worked with literally hundreds of clients, working on sustained awareness of huge corporate household names, through to new business start-ups wanting to break into already competitive markets.

We have also worked with PR Agencies of all sizes to support them with their own clients' activity - either as part of a larger campaign or sometimes simply to help out on a difficult brief or previously unsuccessful project. - Client List




  • Meningitis Trust
  • Texas Red
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Rethink Rubbish
  • Unite Group
  • Institute of Cancer Research

Heads of Fish by Sebastian Diaz


  • Morphy Richards
  • Comet
  • Bosch
  • Kenwood
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Siemens
  • Sharp Electronics
  • JVC
  • Sharp
  • GTech
  • Dixons
  • Hotpoint


Megatherion Indecente by Sebastian Diaz

Indio Violado

Step of the Ant Bear by Sebastian Diaz

Step of the Spider by Sebastian Diaz

 The Team

Andrew Young

Job Title: News Editor and Partner - SWNS

Joined 72 Point: 1984 and again in 1989 (break to work for Today for 3 years)

Click to read more


What he does: As News Editor, Andy has played a major role in the development of scores of young journalists' careers. He has also overseen many major stories, including the Fred West story and numerous Royal exclusives.

Before 72 Point: Andy has ink is his veins, as the son of the great Daily Mirror journalist Syd Young, he became one of the UK's youngest ever staff reporters when he landed a job on Eddy Shah's ground-breaking Today newspaper in the mid-80s. After three years with Today and having turned down a number of lucrative offers within the industry Andrew took up the offer of a partnership with SWNS.

Likes: Beer, cigarettes and pressure.

Dislikes: Fluffy PR Bunnies.


John Sewell

Job Title: Managing Director - 72 Point, 72 Point Broadcast and OnePoll

Joined 72 Point: Founding Director

Click to read more


Clients: Oversees all accounts.

What he does: Internet, PR, marketing and helping people with problems.

Before 72 Point: John began his career with ICL, before being headhunted by Siemens to manage new business. After five years with the company he became involved as an Equity Partner with Exepos Software Solutions, a specialist software company.

Within its first year John negotiated a £500,000 software order with ASDA supermarkets. This was to launch the company towards a successful trade sale in 1996 for £3.6M to Lynx Plc, who were listed on the main London stock market.

After a two-year Sabbatical during which John helped raise his young family, he formed Phase 8, a company which specialised in investing in internet start-up ventures. Following the acquisition of a small number of internet infrastructure companies and after just 14 months trading, Phase 8 was sold to Namesco Ltd for £3.4M. He then approached SWNS to form 72 Point Ltd.

Likes: His kids, the internet, coffee, Redbull, Karaoke and George Best.

Dislikes: Decaffeinated coffee, the tube and museums.


Doug Shields

Job Title: National News and Creative Manager

Joined 72 Point: Sept 07

Click to read more


Clients: Works on all accounts.

What he does: Specialises In - Creative idea generation, copywriting, news generation and training.

Before 72 Point: Doug joined SWNS from college in 1994. During his six years as a reporter with the agency he broke a string of world exclusives including the divorce of Camilla and Andrew Parker Bowles. He also worked on huge news stories such as the death of Diana Princess of Wales and the House of Horrors murders in Gloucester.

He moved to The Sun in January 2001 and in 2002 was head-hunted to run Safeway's Pro-Active PR operation. He later became senior reporter at Closer magazine before taking over as news editor of lad's mag Zoo.

In May 2005 was made news editor on The National Enquirer in the United States. After a year at the Enquirer and six months as deputy news editor at Splash News and Picture Agency in Los Angeles he returned to England as assistant news editor at The Sun. He left The Sun in September to join 72 Point.

Likes: The buzz of a big news story, good food, Rioja and my family and friends.

Dislikes: Taxes, sarcasm, speed cameras and Marmite.


Libby Cottingham

Job Title: Account Director

Joined 72 Point: August 2004

Click to read more


Clients: Debenhams, Travelodge, WAYN (Where Are You Now?), Cornhill Direct, Cheltenham and Gloucester, Toyota, Green Flag and Thomas Cook. Ad-hoc clients include some of the UK's largest PR agencies such as Weber Shandwick, Taylor Herring, Freud Communications, Ann-Summers, Asda and Fleishman-Hillard.

What she does: Web based clients, Finance, Health and Beauty and Fashion.

Before 72 Point: Completed a degree in Public Relations and Media Studies in 2003 before working in the Press Office for a large technology company in Bristol.

Likes: G & T's, fast food, songs that have a dance routine, anything strangely small and a genuine love of killer heels.

Dislikes: Sport of any kind, people that call their cars names and queuing for anything.


Emma Elsworthy

Job Title: Account Director

Joined 72 Point: September 2002

Clients: Boots, Imperial Leather, Weight Watchers, Toys'R' Us, Ann Summers, Cheltenham and Gloucester and Coors.

What she does: Specialises in Health and Beauty, Insurance, Retail and Food and Drink.

Before 72 Point: 7 years In-house PR experience - having joined Hill House Hammond Press Office after University Emma quickly became responsible for generating coverage in national, regional and trade press.

She also became the face of the company internally; writing and running a successful internal communications course - teaching more than 3,000 staff members. Emma was head-hunted by 72 Point in 2002 and is now the company's longest serving account manager.

Likes: Singing, Coronation Street, big men, my children, cake, pyjama bottoms and mascara.

Dislikes: Coughing, Champagne and snobs.


James Coleman

Job Title: Account Manager/Business Development

Joined 72 Point: August 2005

Click to read more


Clients: Clerical Medical, Churchill and Travelodge (assisting Account Directors). Ad-hoc clients have included PR agencies such as Kavanagh Communications, Philips, BSkyB, Co-Operative Bank, Biss Lancaster and Seal Communications.

What he does: New business development, campaign research, data analysis and Account Management.

Before 72 Point: BA Honours PR degree at Bournemouth University with a placement year at 72 Point and sponsorship for the final year.

Likes: Current affairs, cycling, running and all things sporty.

Dislikes: Sitting down for too long, slow walkers and unnecessary noise.


Kevin Smith

Job Title: Web and Research Manager

Joined 72 Point: January 2007

Click to read more


Specialises in: Survey and web site management

What he does: Kevin plays a pivotal role in co-coordinating web-based activities and projects for 72Point and OnePoll.

Before 72 Point: Golf course management, leisure club management and event management.

Likes: Poker, Hawaii, Apple products and tennis.

Dislikes: Cheats, white van drivers and Kerry Katona.


Katie Price

Job Title: Sales & Surveys support

Joined 72 Point: May 2008

Click to read more


Specialises in: Generating new business and providing database support to the sales team.

Clients: Waitrose, Choices Videos, Halifax, Co-op Financial Services, MBNA, CLS, Skipton Building Society, SKY, Jamjar cars, Weber Shandwick (Manchester), Green Flag, Chelsea Building Society, Airtours,Littlewoods, Asda

What she does: Initially brought on to develop new accounts, Mary now heads up the company's northern division. She is responsible not only for business development but ensuring ongoing accounts run smoothly. She regularly travels up and down the country in search of new and challenging briefs from small web based companies to large Corporates, Financial Institutions being just one of her favorites!

Before 72 Point: After completing a BA Hons from London University in History, Mary worked in Sales/ Marketing and PR or KP Foods in London. She was then promoted to HQ United Biscuits working in National Accounts.

Moving on to Esselte Letraset to work in International Publicity, after 3 years she joined WH Smith Group working in Sales and Marketing where she continued to be successful. After taking time out to have three beautiful boys, Mary resumed her career in 2001 when she joined 72 Point.

Likes: Jewelry; especially diamonds and pearls (shame she can't afford them) wine, James Bond movies, politics, shoes and handbags.

Dislikes: Pretentious intellectuals, Big Brother, bad language and bad manners.


Simon Russell

Job Title: Managing Director - 72 Point Plus

Joined 72 Point: May 2006

Click to read more


Clients: Distell ( South Africa's largest drinks group), National Association of Cider Makers, Constellation Europe (world's biggest wine company) and projects for businesses including NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland and Nokia.

What he does: Media Relations in specialist sectors including Food and Drink; Financial Services; Sports; Utilities and Science and Technology and also a specialist in Training, Public Affairs and Crisis Management.

Before 72 Point: In-house Communication Manager for over 12 years.

Likes: Playing, watching and talking about football; pubs and seeing the kids happy.

Dislikes: Bad manners and worse bad beer.



Kathy De Mattia

Job Title: PR Account Director

Joined 72 Point: February 2008

Click to read more



Clients: Aston Manor, the National Association of Cider Makers, Distell Wines and Bristol Rugby.

What she does: Working in the PR department, Kathy manages campaigns for various national clients. Her role is to make her clients famous through both the trade and consumer media.

Before 72 Point: Kathy worked in London for various high profile brands, including Pepsi, Mars and O2 Mobile.

Likes: Alan Carr, playing golf, New York and the fall of Kerry Katona!

Dislikes:Meetings about meetings, people who don't say thank you or sorry and lime chutney.


Paul Walters

Job Title: Picture Editor and Partner - SWNS

Joined 72 Point: 1984

Click to read more


What he does: As Picture Editor, Paul has overseen this department's phenomenal period of progress and success over the last decade.

Before 72 Point: Joined the Bath Chronicle in 1988 as a photographer before carrying out shifts for every national newspaper.

Likes: Checking bank statements.

Dislikes: Fluffy PR Bunnies.


Jay Williams

Job Title: Chief Creative Consultant

Joined 72 Point:2001

Click to read more


Clients: Works on all client accounts.

What he does: Creative idea generation, copywriting, news generation and training.

Before 72 Point: Jay's career in journalism began in 1981 when he landed the job of assistant news editor on the legendary music magazine Sounds.

In 1985 he moved into mainstream journalism, running the Newcastle bureau of CNA News Agency where he was one of the first reporters on the scene of the 1988 Lockerbie air disaster.

Jay joined SWNS in 1990 and was quickly promoted to Chief Reporter. After heading the reporting team which broke the Fred West story amongst numerous others, he was made SWNS Partner in 2000 and later went on to set up 72 Point Ltd with John Sewell.

Likes: Elvis, and his son Alfie's band Phoenix Cult - "the best unsigned band in the UK".

Dislikes: Stalkers, surly non-smokers who make him step off the pavement, Richard Gere, wine bars.


Harriet Crosse

Job Title: Business Development Manager

Joined 72 Point: May 2001

Click to read more


What she does: Harriet manages 72 Point's highly driven business development team. She is responsible for sales, marketing and business relations. As a founding member of 72 Point, Harriet has contributed significantly to the company's growth.

Before 72 Point: Completed a degree in Media Studies at Edinburgh University.

Likes: Jon Snow, weird movies and Stella Artois.

Dislikes: Corporate spiel and Keira Knightly.


Annabel Iles

Job Title: Account Director

Joined 72 Point: April 2006

Click to read more


Specialises in: Fashion, Travel and Leisure, Health and Beauty and Event Management.

Clients: La Senza, Toni and Guy, Debenhams, Travelodge, Thomas Cook, Julian Graves Alberto Culver and GE Money. Ad-hoc clients include some of the UK's largest PR agencies such as Trimedia Harrison Cowley, Biss Lancaster, BMA Communications and Bray Leino.

Before 72 Point: 8 years In-house PR experience. Annabel started working life in the luxury travel industry before re-locating to Bristol in 2001 to join At-Bristol, the city's new Landmark visitor attraction.

She initially set-up the brand communication for the corporate events division before being appointed PR Manager - achieving continual national, regional and trade coverage for the attraction as well as organising regular high profile film/exhibition launches, royal visits, photo shoots and national TV/radio campaigns.

Likes: Johnny Wilkinson, champagne, log fires and the great outdoors.

Dislikes: Baked beans, tequila and Smart cars.


Gemma Francis

Job Title: Account Manager/Copywriter

Joined 72 Point: October 2006

Click to read more


Specialises in: Copywriting

Clients: Hi-Tec, Quorn, Jobs2view, Yourpropertyclub, Family Relatives and Legoland Windsor

Before 72 Point: Gemma worked as a local newspaper reporter where she went on to complete a Diploma in Journalism. As the only reporter on a weekly newspaper in Somerset she was solely responsible for chasing stories and writing page-ready news copy to strict deadlines.

Likes: Take That, Speedway and vodka and lemonade.

Dislikes: Flying and multi-storey car parks


Nicky Marks

Job Title: Business Development Executive

Joined 72 Point: March 2006

Click to read more


Clients: Debenhams, Thomas Cook, HMV and Superdrug.

What she does: As a senior member of the sales department, Nicky is highly involved in all sales and marketing processes. She is our first point of contact for new business calls.

Before 72 Point: Managed a small telemarketing company in Bristol.

Likes: Poker, Reggae and Cosmopolitans.

Dislikes: Horses and men that wear flip-flops.


Jo Sansom

Job Title: Office Manager

Joined 72 Point: October 2006

Click to read more


Specialises in: Administration, Accounts and Event Management.

What he does: Jo deals with financial management, recruitment and HR issues.

Before 72 Point: Engineering and Management Consultancy background.

Likes: Thailand, running, wine and her dog.

Dislikes: Pete Doherty, rude shop staff and people who mumble.


Julia Woda

Job Title: Business Development Executive

Joined 72 Point: February 2006

Click to read more


Specialises in: Generating new business and providing database support to the sales team

Clients: Legoland, Lego, Seddons Solicitors, ZPR, Momentum Pictures

Before 72 Point: Career break to raise children, prior to that worked in executive support functions at Cisco Systems and Psion PLC.

Likes: Wine, yoga, films of Anthony Minghella, good jokes and wine.

Dislikes: Big Brother contestants, yob culture, public transport


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