Magic Pussy

Hey, YouTube! Now that you’ve been acquired by the massive warlords known as Google, do you really need to be exhibiting such prude behavior as this?

Jessica Delfino went and made a perfectly fine song, called “My Pussy Is Magic.” And alas, her video—which features her magic singing, and, well, a whole lot of pussies—was shot off YouTube faster than Mark Foley shoots off over boys. The ban is not O.K. by Jessie, and it’s not O.K. by us. (Ironically, Jessica’s blog is hosted by Blogger—another company absorbed by Google.)

What’s wrong with vaginas? They’re healthy, they’re cute, and they’re fascinating to look at. Jessy understood this, and presented us with a montage of labia to ponder. As Jessica nearly accurately counters, “I came out of a vagina, and so did the makers of YouTube.” Yes, Jessica, you came out of a vagina. But the YouTube founders came out of a plastic bag filled with vinegar and water.

Ponder we did, and ponder we still will, since we’ll find a way to get this video somehow. And when we do, we’ll post a link. But if you get it first, let us know in a comment. That way we can all celebrate magical vaginas together.

In its place, we’ll post the famous video made by the magical rich dicks of YouTube after they were bought out for a googleplex dollars of stock.