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Ready To Lose Those Pesky Pounds?
Want Your Favorite Jeans From High School To Fit
Comfortably Again? Wu-Yi May Be The Answer You
Have Been Looking For! The Solution Designed For
Successful Weight Loss By Someone That Knows
Exactly What Losing Weight Is All About Warning! Fraudulent! Do not order from this company! Internet

Phone:  866-449-5567

Warning! Do not trust this company! Do not order from this company! I cancelled my order after accidently hitting the wrong key. Called and emailed them repeatedly for a cancellation confirmation, this is within the 5 minutes following the internet accidental order. Phone disconnected, no response from company, ever. Product arrived, I returned it unopened. They charged my credit card of course, turned them over to my bank's fraud department. Customer service said they won't budge. They have my money and I have no product. Also cost is exhorbitant, cheaper to buy in any grocery store. Do not trust this company! Do not order from this company!

Niceville, Florida

Report: Wu-Yi Source/

Category: Weightloss Programs

Wu-Yi Source, Falsely promises refunds, Uses fake address, Charges credit card without authorization, Livechat with a representative, complete fraud Internet Internet

In a moment of weakness (late at night and feeling fat) I signed up for a free trial of the miracle Wu-Yi tea with a 'company' called Wu-Yi Source. Their site was cheesy, but the claims of being used by Oprah, mentioned on CNN, FOX, etc lured me in. The catch is that you have to pay $4.95 for shipping, which of course means you have to give them your credit card number, which I did. After signing up for the 'free trial' I did some research on the tea and instead of finding information, I kept finding Ripoff Reports about Wu-Yi Source. I immediately went back to the site and clicked on the live chat button and requested they cancel my order post haste (In the hopes that my credit card will not be charged $29.95 a month indefinitely).

I was promised cancellation and a refund of the $4.95 shipping fee within 5-10 days. I was also sent an email that promised me a refund in 2 weeks and it was signed by someone named Jesse Willms, the email address it was from was a gmail account, which seems kinda weird.

After I read the email I was really frustrated so I went back to the site for another live chat. Below is the transcript which speaks loudly for itself. Please notice that before I even mentioned anything about their address, that they responded with 'It's certainly not a Fake address & we are certainly a legitimate co. and are even talked about on NBC & BBC.' Smells fishier than a dead fish. They finally signed out of the chat session without even saying goodbuy - how rude! My 10 days/2 weeks has not passed but I'm not counting on a refund. I plan on disputing the charges and closing my account and opening a new one. Read the transcript, I think it's pretty entertaining.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Cyrus'

Cyrus: Welcome to Wu-Yi Source, I hope you have had a great day so far. I am happy to assist you with any questions you might have regarding the tea, which has helped countless people around the globe.

you: I have just read several reports that say this business is a scam/ripoff and that you won't refund money or quit charging people's credit cards even after they cancel their orders. I just signed up for your 'free trial' before I realized it was a scam. I was promised that my $4.95 would be refunded and that I wouldn't be further charged, but I am doubting this now after all the information I have read about your 'company'. What do you have to say to all this?

Cyrus: We are pleased to inform you that, the Wu-Yi is certainly not any scam and its enriched with Natural Anti-Oxidants and because of the natural concentration of polymerized polyphenols which would for sure help you lose your weight and prevent you from gaining fats back again.

Cyrus: But if for any reason you don’t find the product to be satisfactory, you can always go for the 60 days money back guarantee that we back our product with, to help you serve better with a diligent product & service for your money.

Cyrus: It's certainly not a Fake address & we are certainly a legitimate co. and are even talked about on NBC & BBC.

you: so you really do refund people their money when they cancel their order within 60 days?

Cyrus: Yes, We offer a 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee. If you don't experience the kind of weight loss you come to expect from what some people call 'The World's most powerful all-natural fat burner', then we don't want your money. You have two months from the time you receive the tea to try it for yourself risk free.

you: I am really finding this hard to believe. So you are saying all the fraud reports I just read are not true?

Cyrus: Yes, they all are false reports.

you: What about this one?

Cyrus: This all reports have been created by our imitators.

you: wow, you must really think I'm stupid

you: I guess I was if I fell for your offer

you: in the first place

you: where is your company located?

Cyrus: We are located in California, US.

you: ok, what is your address?

Cyrus: Wu-Yi Source

Cyrus: 5300 Ontario Mills Pkwy

Cyrus: unit 400

Cyrus: Ontario, CA

Cyrus: 91764

you: how long has your company been in business?

Cyrus: We have been in the US for a few years now, but our premium Wu-Yi has been a potent Chinese slimming tea for hundreds of years. It wasn't until recently that this ancient secret (said to be the reason that the people of Asia stay so slim) was discovered and brought to American soil.

you: why then, when i look up your address is it listed as 'AtLast Fulfillment, Innovative Outsourcing Solutions'

you: it doesn't say anything about Wu-Yi Source

Cyrus: That is our shipping company.

you: Oh, I thought you said it was your company's address

you: So if that is your shipping company's address, what is your address?

you: hello?

you: did you give up?

Cyrus: That is the our official address also.

you: oh i see, so your company operates out of a shipping warehouse? Is this correct?

Cyrus: No,

you: oh ok, would you please explain to me why that is your company's official address?

Cyrus: We have an office there.

Cyrus: Our office and shipping company both are there.

You are not currently in a chat session.

Lubbock, Texas

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