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Update6: Check out the Iraqi people celebrating in the streets.

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Major Update: The uncensored video of Saddam being hanged is now online. I have it.

Update3: I suppose that it shouldn’t surprise me, but the arab world isn’t particularly happy about the death of the murderous dictator. BBC News brings us a story:

Although the news of Saddam Hussein’s execution was widely anticipated in the region, it has been greeted with a mixture of surprise and anger in some quarters - and notable silence in others.

For many ordinary people in the Arab world, Saddam Hussein was admired if not particularly loved.

He was an active and strident supporter of the Palestinian cause and many regarded him as a strong leader who dared to defy both America and Israel. Images of the former leader having the noose pulled around his neck will shock many.

Libya has declared three days of national mourning.

Lawmakers and members of the militant Palestinian group, Hamas, have condemned the execution, with one calling it “a political assassination” that “violated international laws”.

This is revealing who our enemies are. Despite Libya giving up Weapons of Mass Destruction, they are not in any way, supporters of the United States our War on Terror. Hamas is and will always be classified as a terrorist group, and for good reason. The moment we recognize them as the actual government of Palestine, it’s the moment we’ve lost our will to fight. Saddam is dead, the Islamofascists can’t handle it.

Update2: The entire execution isn’t online yet, but there is video of Saddam being prepared to death. The picture below, with his noose fitted, is seen in the video. Misha has the video.

Update: Drudge has updated his site, and he has a picture of the tyrant ready to hang.




First off, from me, let me say, this is an end to a brutal dictator’s life. It is normal to feel that celebrating someone’s death is morbid, as God has instilled most of us with a respect for life. The Bible however says, thou shalt not murder, and there is a distinct difference between murder and justice. Today, as a tyrant has hanged, we can feel confident that we were on the right side of this moral argument, as we were carrying out justice, and doing so righteously. A new age will dawn in Iraq soon, where people can fully live in peace, and years from now, parents will tell their children what it was once like, under the Hussein regime. Those kids will never appreciate their freedoms as much as their parents are appreciating them now. A tyrant is dead, and we can rejoice.

Euphoric Reality has asked the question we’re all wondering about, “Where’s his 72 virgins?” She also shares with us the same familiar graphic and a “music video” about Saddam Hussein.

Drudge brings us a picture from the execution scene. I sense video coming before the night is out, or by tomorrow night at the latest. I’ll be bringing it to you as soon as it hits YouTube (that is, unless the idiots there decide to ban it because it’s “vulgar”). No matter what, I’ll find a way.

Misha is celebrating, and already there are plenty of comments discussing the event. His thoughts?

Break out the bubbly & the candy! It?s time to celebrate!

Meanwhile, Iraqi-Americans here in the states are celebrating. Let’s hope that the Arab world sees that not all Muslims are radical Saddam-supporting terrorist ass-wipes. They even prayed for Saddam’s death. Mighty nice of ‘em, huh? From the Houston Chronicle comes the following:

DEARBORN, Mich. ? Dozens of Iraqi-Americans gathered late Friday at a Detroit-area mosque to celebrate reports that Saddam Hussein had been executed, cheering and crying as drivers honked horns in jubilation.

Dave Alwatan wore an Iraqi flag around his shoulders and flashed a peace sign to everyone he passed at the Karbalaa Islamic Educational Center in this suburb of Detroit, a city that has one of the nation’s largest concentrations of people with roots in the Middle East.

“Peace,” he said, grinning and laughing. “Now there will be peace for my family.”

See? And liberals say there can’t be any peace through superior firepower. We came, we bombed, we captured, we went through a trial, and we executed. How hard was that? Ok, yes, it was really hard, and meant a lot of sacrifice, but that’s what happens when we want to win a war and bring peace to peoples’ minds. This is the payoff for it all.