Women Who Wank--
 a USA Weekly News 100 Star Award Winner
"….. ‘Women Who Wank’ is not only entertaining but quite informative and reaches out into your inner soul..... one of the most unusual, provocative, outrageous ... could say scandalous... but most of all one of the most professional and entertaining Fringe Shows we have seen for a long time at  any fringe festival form around the world .. ‘Woman Who Wank’ ... well earns its USA Weekly News 100 Star Award for being a fringe show which is way above the normal five star standard...."..USAWeekly News.

....Woman Who Wank is  a Show not to be missed at 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival-  
Free to Enter... may be more difficult to get out...or maybe you will not want to get out... 
Each night a new Dis-Covery Play -Theatre on at Cowgatehead- Venue CG- 1st Floor 3rd to the 25th August 2013 - 10.30 pm

Women Who Wank…

Bidden For,,, Comically tragic and tragically discovery play in search of intimacy, please and connection.. 
Enjoy the ridiculousness of the best worst kept secret and of disconnected egos rubbing themselves up. 
This is a Fool’s show by Joanne Tremarco and is suitable for all adults…


Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013                 

Another must see Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013 show..

The Tom Show- The Grand Tour..
USA Weekly News 100 Star Award Winner...
"....the Tom Shows is just one fun packed show that will keep you guessing and laughing all the way through...with sword swallowing, comedy, underwater escpae and a stunt bunny..what more could one ask for an hour show"...USA Weekly News

Join Tom ( Blue Peter, midweek best male actor nominee- reading Fringe Festival and Stu The Stunt Bunny ( Crimewatch, Britain's most wanted) for an incrediable hour of entertainment every night form 6/30 to 7.30 pm Venue 77- Club Rouge



Laughing Horse@ The Free Sisters. Maggies Chambers

 Venue 272… 1st to 25th August 2013 at 10.45am

Contains strong language and adult themes .... British Exist Theatre www.xist-theatre.couk

“The Dirtiest bar in Town … But we call it home…” Jess and Rob are running form home and running out of options.

They find themselves living and working in the dirtiest bar in town. They think they’ve got it all planned out, but soon they’ll find themselves out of their depth and searching for solutions..

“….One of the most progressive, entertaining and acted play written and acted by  two young actors that we have seen for many year at the fringe…  world class play and well worth a USA Weekly News100 Star Award for being way above the average five start standard …a real academy award performance…well done…. USA Weekly News

Recommended Show:

“ Don’t not miss Blaggards…. You will be sorry…. The next time you see it will be in New York at $200 a ticket…INLNews .com

“. A solid bit of younger theatre. Sit close to the front and give it the attention it deserves…” Fringe Review.co.uk

“The duo capture the voice of their young, streetwise characters in a way television often struggles to achieve..” The Scotsman

“Fast, Funny and Fiercely Entertaining..” Woking News

Gordon Sixpense- He Is Music!! Receives a USA Weekly News 100 Star Award at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival ...


 Gordon Sixpense- He Is Music!!.  has be name as one of the greatest shows at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival ....for professionalism, originality and entertainment....
Gordon Sixpense- He Is Music!!. ..... received the coveted the USA Weekly News 100 Star Award... for being a Frimge Show way above the normal five star stardard.. the USA Weekly News 100 Star Awards have become to be known as the Academy Award for Fringe Festivals around the world...

                       Gordon Sixpense- He Is Music!!. received the coveted the USA Weekly News 100 Star Award...

    "...one of the most professional and entertaining shows we have seen for many years at any fringe festival around the world... Gordon Sixpence- He Is Music!!... is a Fringe Show of International standard and class.. a must see at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival..”…..USA Weekly News..

                   Gordon Sixpense- The Story

The Sixpence Brothers
Legendary music publisher Stephen Squeak (born Arthur Sixpence) has died, leaving his multi-billion dollar fortune to his teenage seventh wife and not a penny to his struggling musician sons - Gordon, Dickie and Bernard. The Sixpence brothers, now bankrupted by their legal efforts to claim the estate, have been forced to make a bold shift in tactics.
They have hit the road and taken to theatres across the country to tell the world their story. That Gordon, the eldest and most eccentric of the trio, was responsible for writing every song that Stephen Squeak published. Almost every popular classic of the last fifty years was created by Gordon, secretly recorded by Stephen and then sold to the highest bidder.
They may be united in purpose but the brothers struggle to mask their dysfunction and squabble endlessly. Gordon is particularly troubled - easily confused and only able to communicate through his lyrics. And yet, he is the only one with the power to bring the family back together, to inspire them to perform at their best and to prove to the world, once and for all, that (to paraphrase a Gordon original made famous by Barry Manilow) "he is music and he writes the songs"!

2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme 

Don't Miss these shows at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Clare Harrisons 15 Inches of Fame
10.15 pm 1st to 16th and 20th to 25th August, 2013

In the Yurk Locker- Laughing Horse Free Festival
The Three Sisters 139 Cowgate Edinburgh EH1 1JS Venue 272 a Free Show

"..endearingly mad..." Clortle  "Its like Ann Widdecome with a sex drive... I laughed my flaps off..."
Clare Harrison is the Female version of Russel Brand... but a lot Zanier and funnier...
Clare had been chosen to be a host on The International Fringe Fest TV Show..
more commonly known as "The IF Fest TV Show"
Clare is simply the best.... a girl you will love or hate... or love to hate.. or.. hate to love.... come and see Clare Harrison and see which category you are in after watching the this wacky zanny performer ....at the Free Fringe before you have to start paying £200 a ticket to see Clare Live...

Don't Miss these shows at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe festival

News At Kate -Kate Smuthwaite presents a new hour of left wing satirical comedy about the news, being in the news, being on the news..
omn at  Cia Roma - Venue 148- 64 South Bridge Street, Edinburgh - 3rd to 24th August at 8.20pm

The News At Kate 20130 World Inaction

3.40 pm at Cannon’s Gate ( Venue 78) 3rd to 25th August 2013 ( not 13th)

Trouble With Comedy- Ian Cognito   10.30 pm each night at the City Cafe, 19 Blair Street, Edinburgh -Picking the scabs off the comedy business, Ian Gognito returns to the fray with a drop of the hard stuff..
A rough house comic moralist of rare distinction…”- The Independent.... "Just Stunning.." The Guardian..

Simon South and Fluer

Uneasy Alliance- Really? Really?
9pm at the Dram House 37 Guthrie Strteet Edinburgh

Cat Flap of Opportunity 
at the Street, Venure 158 2B Picadilly Place, Edinburgh at 5.15 pm

Simon in Wonderland
- Magic- Cafe Camio Venue 65- 64 South Bridge Street, Edinburgh

Chris Cross
- Seeing Is Not Believing- Cabaret-11pm The Dram House, 37 Guthrie Street Edinburgh,  A late night cabaret show with a twist from the Fringe's favourite showman! Expect off-the wall magic, contortion and escapology stunts! It fee but not shit!.. A Must See Show (The Stage) 100 Star USA Weekly News Award in 2007...

Jennifer Wong
 : Laughable- Comedy - 10 pm - The Dram House Upstairs ( Venue 299) 37 Guthrei Street, Edinburgh, Fantoosh 3rd to 22nd August 2013
Ride a carousal of pun trick ponies and sparking one-liners with one of Sydney Morning Herald's Top 10 New Comics to Watch...

Comic On Duty - Benjamin Crellin 6.45 pm 1st to 25th August, 2013- City Cafe- 19 Blair Street, Edinburgh Free Festival-Laughing Horse..
Crellin's solo show is a shotgun blast through a world full of ignorance.."Three Weeks.."

David Mills
: 5.30 PM - The Hive- Niddry Street, Edinburgh. David had Been selected to perform in the IF Fest Road Show  _International Fringe Fest Road Show.... more commonly known as the 
IF Fest.. David is going straight to to top of the international comedy world..

             2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival gets underway





                                                                          Performers try to sell their shows to punters on the Royal Mile - at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.              

   Performers try to sell their shows to punters on the Royal Mile - at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Photograph: Murdo Macleod- From the Guardian


The Edinburgh Fringe Festival - regarded as the world's biggest arts festival - gets underway today with a record number of acts ready to entertain audiences. Comedians, musicians, dancers and actors from more than 40 countries will take to the streets and stages of the Scottish capital between the 2nd and 26th of August.

Felicity Edmond and Johnathan Elders promote the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013 programme at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire

Organisers revealed that 2013 will be a record year with 2,871 shows set to be performed by 24, 107 artists in 273 venues - an increase of 6.5 per cent on last year's programme.

Plenty of famous faces continue to return each year with Jason Manford, Russell Kane, Reginald D Hunter and Jenny Eclair among the more established names set to perform throughout August.

Jason Manford. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Archive
Reginald D. Hunter. Credit: EMPICS Sport
Russell Kane. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

The annual festival has a reputation for uncovering new acting and comedy talent.

The festival is incredibly lucrative for Scotland, contributing over £142 million to the economy each year.

The annual festival has a reputation for uncovering new acting and comedy talent. Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire/

Ticket prices vary with both established and unknown acts performing, but organisers said there were over 713 free shows this year.

The Chief Executive of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, KathMaitland, said the event was a "festival of discovery":

You never know what you're going to get with the Fringe, that'sthe beauty of it, what we do know is that tens of thousands of artists arealready descending on the city to bring the best work they possibly can toaudiences.

What the response will be we don't know and I guess that'sthe excitement of it, it's a festival of discovery really.

– Kath Maitland



Dance at Edinburgh fringe festival

Sluts Of Possession | Ménage Á Trois | Squish | The Lock In

  The Guardian,
Sluts Of Possession
Sluts Of Possession

The fringe opens its doors to the usual uncategorisable mix of the established and the experimental, with new venues making for an even wider range of work across the city. Among the most familiar names to launch this week are choreographers Claire Cunningham and Rosie Kay. The latter's new work Sluts Of Possession (Dance Base, to 23 Aug) is a duet with Guilherme Miotto (pictured with Kay), in which she explores the world of trance and possession. A collaboration with film-maker Louis Price, the work promises to frame vibratingly intense choreography with images from anthropological archives. Cunningham's Ménage à Trois (Paterson's Land, Fri to 25 Aug) is another collaboration – with video artist Gail Sneddon – and focuses on the two crutches Cunningham has had to use for the past 20 years. It offers a darkly comic portrait of the difficulties of finding love when there are "already three of you in the relationship". The emotional dramas in Squish (Dance Base, to 17 Aug), are framed within the game of squash; it's a high-energy piece in which dancer Tony Mills channels issues of choice and competition within the intense footwork and cut and thrust of the sport. Finally, a delicious clash of cultures is created in The Lock In (Zoo Southside, Sat to 16 Aug), as the conceit of a late-night drinking session brings together rival groups of breakdancers and folk singers. It's a modern culture clash, performed by dance company Breaking Tradition and folk group The Demon Barbers.



Marcus Brigstocke hospitalised over Edinburgh Fringe Festival injury

Comedian MARCUS BRIGSTOCKE will have to perform the rest of his shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on crutches after injuring himself on stage. Mon, August 5, 2013#


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