Ray Manzarek on the death of Jim Morrison

Under the cover, Morrison Hotel - the Doors

So why is "Strange Days" playing?
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C Synch
Fair to say Manzarek was the adhesive that kept the band focused and motivated.
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You can stand in the cover of "Strange Days" in New York City----Go to the southwest corner of 36th St and 3rd Avenue, and walk west up 36th toward Lexington Ave. Before you go 50 steps, look left and you'll see a gated little alley called Sniffen Court, that's it. A famous 1800s sculptor lived there and you can match all its features to the album cover. It was also the home of crazy Prof. Irwin Corey!
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Jim Morrison looks depressed in lots of the photos
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The hotel building is now fenced off waiting for its fate with the wave of gentrification sweeping LA right now. Jim would be horrified if he saw Skid Row now. Entire city blocks with the sidewalks covered in tents, tarps and homeless people shooting up drugs, crapping and peeing all over the place. 58,000 homeless in LA right now.
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Dave Whalen
Used to walk past Morrison Hotel every week to get to church on Broadway and Olympic!!
Randy R
I have been by a number of times and it is a very seedy area. Not a good area to be at alone
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dave d
Jim looks like an old drunk in the making.
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The HardTruth
There would be no Hard Rock Cafe's around today ... without the Doors
Jenna A
I found this poem about Jim Morrison in a book I ordered on amazon titled:  "Midnight Writings by a Distant Mind Lost in Time"  "Through The Breaks" A wild child like the calm before the storm, a mesmerizing danger stirs up the world with a whirlwind of words. A lizard king waits in the sun among the desert lords, a spirit and mind mixed together with a poetic nature, steps through the breaks of time opening the door to the other side. Between this world and the next, his voice will be heard forever echoing from the beyond, tune in or tune out, however you can hear the songs. "RIP Jim Morrison"
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Ruben Delgadillo
Jim would be dead in a year.
Listeners Paradise
I'm wondering why he/they were wearing coats and long sleeves so often. I rarely find a need for them. Even with historical temp changes about as low as you go in the day would average 70 back then.
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Chris Porter
Hands down -One of the best albums ever!
John Houlgate
I remember driving by the old Morrison Hotel in downtown LA during the 70s when I was in college. It was still there then and I believe it was there during the 80s. In 2011 I moved to Portland, OR and another Morrison Hotel on Morrison Street just East of the Morrison Bridge. As an Uber Driver, I drove up and down Morrison Street a lot in 2015 and kept seeing that window, which looked very similar to the one on the album cover. A few months later, the building changed and the Morrison Hotel was no longer there.
senatorlou II
Ray seems like a big bullshitter. Everytime I've heard an interview with him over the years it's always left me with the sense he's embellishing. Not completely genuine that is...
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Gregory Krug
The building where the was is still there. It is a market of some sort. They were at the wrong location.
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Tony Dee
Thank you.
shane adams
Jim truly did suffer for his art, he was too preoccupied with death and the dark side of live which combined with his drinking excess would have made him unhappy. He would of been better off sticking to the straight and narrow he could of had a happy family life, he even once said in an interview he would of been happy just pottering round in a garden
Cintia Mor
The Doors!❤
Dura Saxon
Yeah! This was a really interesting video. I certainly enjoyed it and I'm glad you presented it to us, [ Doors Fans]. I figured the Morrison Hotel was a real place. Of course it seemed to work just fine for The Doors. Thanx!!!
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Brian Inglis
jim morrison in his element with the drunks of skid row. if he had lived he would have become an old bum like the rest of them.
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Roadhouse Blues
amazing story thanx 4 the upload!
Jim looked a little under the weather. Was he feeling alright? My favorite Doors album BTW ; )
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Daniel  Castillo
The Hard Rock Cafe is now a market. They went to the wrong place.
chris mccord
Does anybody know is that Jim's friend Babe walking around with Henry Diltz?
Da Bears 85
This is awesome, thank you for sharing.
Very interesting. Seems like ive seen this clip before here or on TV. Wow now i want to see this entire DVD. Thanks for uploading.
Thank you for this,  I truly love it.  The Doors meant the world to so many of us who considered ourselves to be friends and peers  :)  We never expected Jim Morrison to pass so young!  It was a groovy time to be young~  Kay  ((*_*))
Major Mazzaroth
This is my doors evening
Tonchi Miha
You are depresed
Jedediah Laub-Klein
The second song Peace Frog is the only one on Morrison Hotel. The first and fourth songs are on Strange Days while the third one is off of the debut album...
Clancy Coburn
my brother made a point of disliking the doors. he just doesn;t get it or understand.
Jim got fat in the face here
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Joseph David
Morrison Hotel CD by The Doors is in my collection and it happens to be on my 5 CD changer that is full of only The Doors CDs. The Doors and Jim Morrison, the Lizard King, is all I hear. A teacher once said that I looked like a lizard back in 1971. Maybe I caught Jim's spirit that year '71.
big Mac
Jim looks terrible. Pale, puffy and clearly hungover as hell.
Greg Maggio
Looking long in the tooth, except RM, a man who left his hippie ways behind..
Axis: Bold As Love
Thematically - no matter how astute it may seem - "Strange Days" does not work here...
polar bear
Someone please get this woman a dam car with a app
I doubt Jim was unfamiliar with skid row in L.A.
I don't think 4 musicians could look cooler in pose than on Morrison Hotel.
Daniel Whiteknact
It’s right near Tech Noir on Pico! From The Terminator! Lol
Greg Rohs
You play strange days about Morrison Hotel?
Raymond Dobos
60's memorabilia-- in a high school meanwhile,w/guitar and hillbilly principal caught them here..
Opaque Visions
What a great video.
Clint burton
This title irritates me.
jose mora
Pretty sure L.A. womens better ��
Mojo Risin
Pretty neat, pretty good, alright
Raymond Dobos
All the guys rush the stage...sorry Ray
Anok Stone
4:57 What's he drinkin?
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Perhaps The Doors and crew could have RESCUED the stray dogs.